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Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Argumentative essays are written pieces through which an author can expound the details of an issue by providing evidence and examples in the form of literature, life experiences, and history. Known as persuasive essays, argumentative essays give the authors perspective about certain things and go ahead to justify and defend the issue.

When you sit down to write an argumentative essay, you must start with a superlatively pacesetting topic. The topic acts as the face of the contents of your essay, and as you know, if the face looks hogwash, readers may not read. It’s the topic that attracts the attention of the readers, and so, if it does not resonate well with their interests, you may never get a read.

You are authoring the piece because you want to pass the message to the right audience. And I am sure you wouldn’t want a situation where people wouldn’t read your content. You want to write an argumentative essay that will be accepted and approved by the lecturer as well as the readers. So, make the title as captivating and impressive as you can. We know selecting an excellent argumentative essay topic doesn’t resonate well with most writers, and that’s why we’ve given you these free argumentative essay topics on religion to guide your writing.

  • Does Islam have more followers and power than Hinduism?
  • Is atheism a big deal in modern society?
  • Are polygamous marriages a blessing in Islam?
  • Does the freedom to choose one’s preferred religion affect the society negatively or positively?
  • Is the Bible the most potent tool in a Christian’s life?
  • Is it right for people to change their religion whenever they want?
  • Should schools have religion as a curriculum a main subject?
  • Do priests really play their role well in helping humanity?
  • Is abortion a crime as per Hinduism and Islamic doctrines?
  • How do Christians perceive absorption, and it is right as per the law of nature?
  • Does the belief in God strengthen and empower one spiritually and mentally?
  • Do terrorists undergo severe punishment once they are dead?
  • Does modern society really fulfill the intended role of religion?
  • An argumentative essay on religious tolerance in modern schools
  • How do Christians view and judge same-sex marriages?
  • Does being affiliated to certain religions make you a fulfilled human being?
  • Is praying in faith a safer alternative to conventional medicines to those suffering from incurable diseases?
  • What effects do interfaith families have on the lives of the children?
  • Does religion really work in modern society?
  • Can love and friendship coexist?
  • Should the roles of the church being outlined in a state’s constitution?
  • How do religious people view cloning? Do they consider it inhumane?
  • Should religions set rules from which religions one can marry?
  • Should the modern church accept and officiate gay-marriage, and why?
  • Does the church play its golden rule of promoting morality?
  • Is religion the leading cause of most historically recorded social and political conflicts?

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Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics about Religion

What is an argumentative essay? It’s a kind of academic paper that demands profound researching of a certain topic, gathering evidence and establishing your point of view on a peculiar problem. The essence of the argumentative essay is in your ability to choose trustworthy facts that can confirm your point of view.

Writing an argumentative essay about religion can be quite complicated, because it’s very important to choose an appropriate topic. Your essay will be good and interesting only if you are interested in the problem. Besides that, the research should be based on other work dedicated to the same issue. This means that in choosing a topic, you should make sure that there is enough information available for you to use as arguments.

If you need a good topic for your essay, you can turn to the Internet where there are numerous websites with lists of good topics for winning projects. As well, below you can see a list of interesting suggestions that you can use as you like.

  • Are religions the cause of all wars?

Recall the most prominent wars in the history of humanity and research the role of religion in them.

  • Do religions divide people, causing conflicts?

Analyze how religions do or do not divide people and the role of this division in grave conflicts among confessions.

  • It’s not only a religion that causes wars.

Try analyzing the reasons for wars and determine the place of religion, people’s beliefs and the way they interpret their sacred commandments.

  • Religions are often used as an excuse for military conflicts.

Are religions normally used to excuse wars nowadays? What was the role of religions in ancient wars?

  • It’s not a religion that causes a war, but people who practice it and abuse it.

Analyze the way people often use religions as an excuse for armed conflicts and, the underlying causes of such wars.

  • Religious intolerance often causes conflicts.

Analyze the level of intolerance towards other faiths certain religions inspire. Can it be a cause for war?

  • Wars based on religion are sometimes justified.

Can a war for freedom of faith can be justified?

  • Religions do cause wars.

Which wars were caused by nothing but a certain religion?

  • Religions should be blamed for their crimes.

Should religions be blamed for crimes of inquisition, stoning of people, ritual execution, etc.?

  • Should criminals be judged in a particular way if they excuse committing crimes by their religion?

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100 Religion Essay Topics

Table of Contents

Topics on religion are among the best themes to write a paper on. This subject is related to various disciplines like cultural studies, history, and political science, among others. Moreover, religious subtopics are helpful since they enable students to study their origin, faith, and life. Thus, major themes of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism are mastered by studying religion.

However, it is still important to consider choosing the preeminent topic on this subject. Topic selection is an important step in any writing process, not only for religious essays. This article includes a collection of 30 topics, 10 questions, and 5 ideas on religious essays.

Unique Tricks on How to Select the Best Religion Essay Topic

Even before skipping directly to the 30 topics, it is important if we consider how an excellent topic can be selected. Choosing the best topic will enable students to find the most comprehensive information for your essay.

The most preferred trick for these types of essays is trying to draft your thesis statement and finding the relevant information from scholarly sources first. This means that you should conduct some preliminary research and see if you can collect useful sources from recommended books, journals or articles. If you can get relevant and credible sources for your paper, then don’t leave out that topic in your selection.

Our Well-researched List of Religion Essay Topics for Learners

Since you have now known the tricks to select your topics, it’s now time to review our list of the 30 best topics about religion. Our topics are as follows:

  • Purposes of religious movements
  • The history of Jesus Christ as a true legend
  • The Origin of Buddhism religion
  • The foundation of Islamic society
  • Major themes discussed in the Genesis book
  • Comparison and contrast of Islam and Christianity
  • How different religions worship their gods
  • The different types of gods in most famous religions
  • Construction pillars of the Islamic religion
  • Faith definition from different religious perspectives
  • Character traits of individuals known as saints
  • Elements copied in all religions
  • Christmas celebration in Christianity
  • Analysis of the book of ‘Exodus’ in the Bible
  • The importance of mosques in the Islamic faith
  • Importance of religious societies in the community
  • The relevance of global peace unions
  • Participation of the church in maintaining international peace
  • The relevance of religious education in colleges
  • Prominent characters in the Christian faith
  • Origin of polygamy in the Islamic faith
  • Gay marriages from different religious perspectives
  • The ideology being multiple gods
  • Different religious practices conducted for more than a century
  • Religious movements in the Islamic religion
  • Reincarnation in different religions
  • Traditions and religious practices of the Israelites
  • Faith perspective of the pyramids in Egypt
  • Sacred tales in the Christian religion
  • Debate on Christianity and Science

20 Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is the concept of God necessary for morality and ethical behavior?
  • Is religious extremism a threat to global peace and security?
  • Should schools be allowed to teach religious studies as part of the curriculum?
  • Should religious organizations be exempt from taxes and government regulation?
  • Is the religious freedom of individuals more important than the rights of the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Should the government have a say in the religious practices of its citizens?
  • Is atheism a valid belief system or just a lack of belief in God?
  • Should public officials be allowed to use their religious beliefs to influence policy decisions?
  • Is the concept of heaven and hell necessary for the existence of religion?
  • Should religious institutions be held accountable for cases of sexual abuse and misconduct?
  • Is it ethical for religious organizations to engage in missionary work in foreign countries?
  • Is the use of religious symbols and iconography appropriate in public spaces?
  • Is religious pluralism a viable solution to religious conflicts and tensions?
  • Should religious rituals be protected under freedom of expression laws?
  • Is the belief in divine intervention compatible with the scientific method?
  • Should religious leaders be involved in political affairs?
  • Is the Bible a reliable source of historical information?
  • Should the state recognize and support religious holidays?
  • Is it ethical to force children to adhere to a specific religion?
  • Is the concept of fate and destiny compatible with the belief in free will?

Science and Religion Essay Topics: Traditional & Innovative

  • Can one believe in both science and religion?
  • What is the Bible, and why are its tales still taught?
  • Discuss radical religions. Should they be allowed?
  • Should religious parents be able to deny medical care for their children?
  • Discuss the theme of peace between religions.
  • Does someone have to be religious to have morals? Why or why not?
  • How do extremists taint the image of religions?
  • Should people be able to convert from one religion to another multiple times?
  • How has religion impacted society?
  • Should there be an age limit on children attending bible school?
  • Can science and religion coexist, or are they fundamentally incompatible?
  • How has the relationship between science and religion evolved over time?
  • Is it possible to reconcile religious beliefs with scientific facts and discoveries?
  • How have religious beliefs influenced scientific developments throughout history?
  • What are the ethical implications of using science to manipulate the natural world, according to various religious perspectives?
  • Are religious explanations for natural phenomena valid, or are they superseded by scientific explanations?
  • How has the rise of modern science impacted traditional religious beliefs and practices?
  • Are there certain scientific discoveries that challenge or contradict religious beliefs, and how do believers respond to them?
  • Can science provide evidence for or against the existence of God , and how do different religious traditions approach this question?
  • How do religious beliefs and scientific knowledge inform our understanding of the origins and purpose of life?

Religion and Politics Essay Topics

  • Should religious leaders be allowed to hold political office?
  • Is there a place for religion in the public sphere, or should it be strictly relegated to the private domain?
  • How do religious beliefs influence political attitudes and voting behavior?
  • Should the government support or fund religious institutions and organizations?
  • What role should religious beliefs play in shaping public policy decisions?
  • Is it ethical for politicians to use religious language and rhetoric in their campaigns and speeches?
  • Should politicians be held accountable for their religious beliefs and affiliations?
  • Is secularism a threat to religious freedom and expression, or is it necessary for a democratic society?
  • How do religious minorities navigate the political landscape in countries where their beliefs are not the majority?
  • Should religious exemptions be allowed for laws and regulations that conflict with religious beliefs?
  • How do different religious traditions approach issues like human rights, social justice, and economic inequality in the political sphere?
  • Should religious organizations be involved in providing social services and welfare programs?
  • How do political leaders balance the needs and interests of their constituents with the demands of their religious beliefs?
  • Is the separation of church and state an absolute principle, or are there circumstances where religion and politics can overlap?
  • How does the relationship between religion and politics vary across different cultures and societies?
  • Is the political influence of religious groups a positive or negative force in society?
  • How do religious beliefs shape attitudes toward foreign policy and international relations?
  • Is it possible to have a truly pluralistic political system that accommodates diverse religious beliefs and practices?
  • Should religious leaders and organizations be subject to the same laws and regulations as other groups in society?
  • How do political leaders balance the competing demands of religious freedom and the need to uphold laws and regulations that promote public health and safety

10 Easy Religion Essay Questions for Students

Below is a list of ten easy-to-answer questions about religion. You can use scholarly bases to gather essential information about these specific questions.

  • Are Bible tales true?
  • What are the common goals in different faiths?
  • Is it correct to change religions ?
  • Is it correct to conduct violent demonstrations due to religion?
  • Has peace been attained by having multiple religious’ societies?
  • What the major lesson about faith drawn from the Bible?
  • Who is Jesus Christ in Christian theology?
  • What is the origin of the Islamic religion?
  • How do preachers embrace religions in modern society?
  • Is Judaism dissimilar compared to other religions?

Awesome Religion Essay Ideas to Use

You can easily generate good topics about religion if you’ve mastered certain key thoughts. These awesome concepts are:

  • Evolution of theological studies. Evaluate how the study of religion has changed over the past few decades.
  • Creation theories and evolution from the perspective of the Christian religion. Discuss the three accounts of creations portrayed from the Genesis book.
  • The start of negotiations and arguments between various religious leaders. Evaluate how different churches started and how religious leaders have influenced the foundation of different faiths.
  • Origin, development, and importance of religious gatherings. For instance, you can discuss the influence of crusades and major movements led by religious leaders in history.
  • Different religions around the globe and how they were started. Evaluate how the Christian, Islam etc. faiths started.

Are you still looking for expert essay writer to offer assistance when it comes to topic selection for your upcoming religion essay? Do not worry because you can hire a professional service to do it for you. Additionally, college essay writers will write a high-quality paper based on the instructions you will provide. In that case, consider calling us today to get affordable and quality editing, proofreading and writing services.

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Engaging Religion Essay Topics That Can Be Talked About Openly

argumentative essay religion topics

How to choose a topic?

Best Themes

How to Write

Final Words

Religion has always been and will be one of the most complicated topics for students to discuss. It is not a surprise that the subject of religion has often been the reason for disputes and even wars between nations. Therefore, experts often advise not to start conversations about beliefs in official circles. Still, to enrich general education, it is important to understand and distinguish the peculiarities of different religions, whether ancient greek religions, biblical Christianity, or the history of the roman catholic church.

Tasks related to religious teachings often cause embarrassment and difficulty for students. Indeed, even experienced specialists usually do not dare to take on such controversial subjects for their research. However, with this article, you can be calm because we did half the work – here, you can find the most interesting religious topics for your future essay.

How Not To Be Mistaken and Choose Appropriate Religion Essay Topics

Before proceeding to the practical part of the work, it is necessary to get acquainted with some theoretical recommendations and scientific methods. To select the topic that will be both interesting for you and appropriate for the professor, stick to the following suggestions.

First, ensure the characteristics and statements you want to give have no prejudices or myths and correspond to the current situation. Thus, compile a list of reliable educational sources you will refer to while writing. Conducting comprehensive research is crucial if you want to make your work scientific.


Second, do not choose a subject you find boring. Personal assessments and judgments are unacceptable in publications. Separate them from the facts in the materials of analytical and journalistic genres.

Third, think of the topic that interests you the most. For instance, if history is your subject of interest, you can dive into the chronological development of a particular religion or contact to history essay writer . On the other hand, if you are more into cultural studies, choose beliefs central to national cultures and values.

The list you will find below covers all the possible religion paper topics that are interesting for a contemporary reader. Investigate it and find inspiration for your research. Finally, develop a thesis statement that can instantly hook your readers.

Academic Essay About Religion: Best Themes to Consider

‍The article's topic should always be interesting to read the text to the end. Especially when you want to impress your professor. Students tend to choose bland themes and therefore get lower grades.

So, it would be best if you directed all your efforts to making up the essay's title. Of course, you may also ask for help or say, ' write my paper ' PaperWriter experts, and get a perfect piece complete. But do not start to worry in advance – we will help you to find excellent religious paper topics and improve your academic performance!

  • Church and state in the modern world
  • Religion and politics as forms of spiritual and practical development of the world
  • Religion as a means of ideological influence
  • Features of religious life under different political regimes
  • Church symbolism: an explanation of the most significant symbols
  • The rift between science and religion
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Church and education: Recognition of Theology.
  • Features of modern religious movements
  • Comparing the moral ideals of different world religions
  • The causes of the spiritual and moral decline of humanity in the XXI century
  • Studying rational and irrational sides of religions
  • Theocratic states of the modern world
  • Semantic and life values ​​of a believer
  • Consequences of secularization of modern social life
  • World religions and their attitudes towards women
  • World religions and their attitudes towards cloning
  • Conflicts between different religions in Europe
  • Polytheism vs. monotheism
  • Psychology of religion: how it affects a person's life and views
  • Atheism, deism, and agnosticism – explaining the difference
  • Features and examples of religious fanaticism
  • Religion and the science of the origin of man and society

Humans are curious creatures, so asking a question and trying to find an answer to it is the best strategy for writing a high-quality academic essay:

  • Will religions ever disappear?
  • Do all religions lead to God?
  • Who are Masons and what do they believe?
  • Why don’t all people believe in God?
  • What is paganism, and how do other religions perceive it?
  • Are psychology and religion incompatible?
  • What do well-known scientists say about faith, God, and the Church?
  • Does the Church participate in public life?
  • What is the purpose of sacrifices?
  • Is it possible to change religion temporarily?
  • Religious education in secondary schools
  • Spiritual life in Roman Empire

Christianity is one of the most significant religions in the world today, so take a look at the most engaging Christianity essay topics:

  • Difference between Christianity and other western religions
  • Christianity and homosexuality
  • Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism as the main branches of Christianity
  • Ancient Christianity in academic writings
  • Christian doctrine and cult
  • The issue of Schism
  • Jesus Christ as a Christian messiah
  • Religious perspectives of Christianity
  • The role of the holy spirit in the Christian religion
  • The figure of Jesus Christ for modern people

Topics to Illustrate the Buddhist Religion in Academic Papers

  • The features of the Buddhist holidays
  • Buddhism and vegetarianism
  • Buddhism and philosophy in studying
  • Studying the main teachings of the Buddha
  • Buddhism as a spiritual path
  • How is Buddhism different from Hinduism?
  • Is Buddha a god or not?
  • What does Buddhism say about heaven and hell?
  • Is Buddhism a Pessimistic Religion?

Topics for College Students to Understand Islam Better

  • Shiites and Sunnis: the difference between branches
  • Fundamental principles and pillars of Islam
  • A detailed explanation of Sharia, Muslim law
  • Debunking the myths about Islam
  • The study of the modern geographical spread of Islam
  • What are the Muslim holidays?
  • How do Muslims perceive other religions?
  • What are the biggest sins in Islam?

Topics for Covering Christian Religion and Other Former and Existing Religion Systems

  • Historical types of religious beliefs and modern religious systems
  • Technological development from a spiritual perspective
  • Understanding of religion from materialistic and idealistic value systems
  • Fundamental dissimilarities between Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam
  • Religion in British literature
  • Fetishism, totemism, animism, and magic – are there still people who adhere to these beliefs?
  • Learning the origins and consequences of the Reformation
  • The influence of Christianity history on Native Americans

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argumentative essay religion topics

How to Write About Religion Avoiding Controversy

There is no doubt that religion is the most delicate phenomenon to discuss. Thus, in choosing religious topics for essays, a student must avoid discrimination, hate speech, and prejudice.

The golden rule says – you can not criticize or ridicule the meaning of beliefs, rites, or traditions of other nations. Moreover, avoid offensive definitions, negative stereotypes, and baseless labels in your academic paper. It is unacceptable to make a comparison of religions, from which it can be concluded that one prevails over the other.

Writing an essay about religions can turn out to be a real challenge for a student. Still, employing all the recommendations correctly is a direct way to creating quality and informative content. If this topic is still too complicated for you, you can contact our writing paper service .

Make Sure You Have Found an Appropriate and Interesting Topic for Your Paper

Hopefully, this article has helped you to get rid of that eternal student burden: what should I write about? The list we provided above is comprehensive yet inexhaustive. You are free to pick any topic and either extend or narrow it to your taste. Even if that doesn’t help and you are still confused – our experts are ready to provide their assistance.

In case you need professional help on choosing suitable religious essay topics, you can apply on the site and get feedback immediately. Just tell us "I need help writing my paper ". Specify the requirements for your academic research, give more details about your preferences and the style of writing – and you will get a personalized selection of the best topics.

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Essay Writing Techniques

List Of Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

Have you got to write this type of assignment? What with other pressing worries like homework, and whether whatsit fancies you, it’s possible you are feeling rather flummoxed at knowing how to proceed. Well, first and foremost, you will need to simply relax. Then you can move on to the first step, which is: selecting the subject to be debated.

Religion has obviously always disagreed to minor and major extents, so there are certainly a vast number of issues to choose, whether from a modern day perspective or a historical one. But with so many areas to select from, you could be feeling completely overwhelmed.

This being an argumentative essay, remember you get to voice your own opinion, so you should most certainly pick an area of interest that you’re passionate about; although you need to make sure you can back up your claims if you’re going to persuade your reader to your side of the fence. Cite plenty of sources from different people and institutions to argue for and against, whilst making a case for your own plea, and you can’t fail to go wrong.

So, what sort of subjects could you choose? Here are twenty helpful suggestions to get you thinking:

  • The world doesn’t need religion: why atheism should be embraced.
  • By the definitions given to religion, could we call atheism the same?
  • Why Judaism, Christianity and Islam should unite, seeing as they all technically worship the same god.
  • Faith is a personal thing, so theological matters don’t need to be debated.
  • Why the writings of Josephus are a fake.
  • When sharia law becomes dangerous: why change is needed.
  • Why women should be allowed to choose to wear the burqa in countries where Islam is a minority.
  • The Christian missionaries paved the way for the destruction of native tribes.
  • Why Buddhism is a religion and not a philosophy as generally supposed.
  • The Vatican should change its position towards homosexuality.
  • Jesus Christ was based on earlier demi-gods like Mithras and Dionysus.
  • The Gnostic texts show that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
  • Why there’s good reason to believe that there is a code in the Torah.
  • Why it is vital to not confuse Islam with extremism.
  • The rights of Muslim women need to be changed.
  • Why religion and politics should never mix.
  • Why the Dead Sea Scrolls change our accepted views of Jesus and Christianity.
  • A Jewish perspective on why Jesus was not the messiah.
  • Why Yahweh is the only true god.
  • How Christianity singularized god from the original pantheism and why.
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Argumentative Essay on Religion

Here you have an argumentative essay on Religion with Pdf. Let’s Start!

Religion has been given different interpretations over time. Webster defines it as “the cause, principle, or principle of the beliefs held by zeal and faith”; Tyler (1871) describes it as belief in spiritual things. McNamara put it bluntly in the definition of religion in his statement, “Try to define religion and create conflict.” No matter what the number of meanings they have, all words have the same meaning in their meaning. It affects a personal way of life, sometimes meaning that it is part of one’s life and religion. This effect is due to a positive lifestyle, lifestyle, and energy, rather than being a barrier to religion. One can see this in the three major religions, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

A summary of the history of the three religions shows how restrictive and oppressive it was for one follower. For both Catholics and Christians in the time of Jesus Christ, public declaration of one’s faith can be dangerous. Lyes (1998) states that Christians were considered criminals even though few understood why. Too often, Catholics separate themselves from practicing their faith. Says Haywood (2006), “Catholics had to practice their faith secretly, and priests were often smuggled from house to house, trying to get ahead of those who wanted the priesthood.” This situation referred to a time much later than that of Jesus Christ, when the people of England hunted for priests. The penalty for arrest is as severe as persecution.

The Muslims did not face such harsh punishments as the Christians. However, they were always considered goats, or those who should always be blamed for something unusual. This is due to the increase in population for Muslims, that Muslims are linked to terrorism, and so on. In the meantime, Buddhists have never faced such discrimination in their history. Stahl (2006) points out that Buddhists have never encountered what they call “missionary zeal” compared with other religions. Because of the specific punishments brought by faith, people find it difficult to express their feelings, such as finding peace and comfort in the personal sense of the word. Religion was restricting your freedom of speech and action.

As mentioned, religion helps to develop personal ability rather than hinders it. Soon in modern times, religious followers have been able to elevate themselves. Indeed, times have changed, though admittedly, religious discrimination still exists but not to a great extent. Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims alike are already using religion as a power source. Apart from being empowered, all religions have a human value, agreeing that each individual should be respected. Christians now have a strong belief in God and heaven, and the goal is to reach him. To achieve this goal, a person must be sensitive to their actions. In their belief in reincarnation, Buddhists have been used to treating one another with respect and dignity, fearing that the reincarnation will occur after their death. On the other hand, Muslims believe in Paradise being their partner and heaven. They think they must please their God, Allah, to enter Paradise.

Following their beliefs has helped shape each follower’s actions, regardless of religion. Vernon (2012) stated in his article that based on recent research, faith practices positively affect a person’s health. It empowered them to do good rather than evil. Fulfilling their full potential for believers can help in their spiritual lives. People’s faith in their religion, no matter how different, has become stronger and stronger, especially in modern times, despite the dark history of each religion. Times have changed dramatically, as religion plays a vital role in people’s lives.

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210 Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion, Music, Feminism, etc.

The picture provides introductory information about argumentative essay requirements.

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where you need to prove your point of view using evidence and facts. You also should consider counterarguments to overview an opposing claim.

The structure of an argumentative essay comprises an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The topic of your argumentative essay can cover some debatable issues. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them nowadays. Our experts have prepared an up-to-date compilation of the sharpest social issues of 2023. Check them below.

  • ⚖️ Choosing a Controversial Topic
  • 🛐 Topics on Religion
  • 📚 Philosophy Topics
  • ⚔️ WWII Topics
  • ♀️ Feminism Topics
  • 🚼 Abortion Topics
  • 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Topics
  • 🎼 Topics on Music
  • 😈 Topics on Bullying
  • 🥦 Food & Obesity Topics

👻 Funny Controversial Topics

⚖️ choosing a controversial topic for an argumentative essay.

But first, let’s quickly revise the critical aspects of coming up with a good argumentative essay topic.

  • It should be interesting for you . But don’t make it a discussion of personal matters. Also, ensure that the issue you describe is familiar to other people.
  • Consider how much information your topic covers. It should be broad enough to let you find suitable sources. It should be narrow enough, so there is no impression that something is missing.
  • Make sure your topic is relevant but not overused. To check it, just search how many scholars have already discussed your question. If you have any doubts, ask your instructor about your choice.
  • Use mind maps and brainstorming. These tools help very well with choosing the focus. Just write down all ideas you have and pick the best one.
  • There should be counterarguments to your arguments. The topic should imply that you will describe more than one opinion in your paper.
  • Think of a specific question to form your title. In addition to expressing your opinion, there should be an answer to the question posed at the beginning.

The picture provides six tips for choosing a good argumentative topic.

🛐 Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Religion has always been a very controversial topic. It provokes many discussions and disagreements. That is why religion gives plenty of space to write an argumentative essay. Be careful when formulating your thoughts on this topic not to offend anyone.

Take a look at these essay titles on religion:

  • Does being religious mean that you have higher moral standards?
  • Does religion interfere with scientific progress ?
  • What is the role of Christianity in history?
  • Does Islam promote aggression towards other religions?
  • Is there only one true religion?
  • Why do people choose to believe in God?
  • Should children be educated on religion at school?
  • Should parents impose religion on their children?
  • Do religions have a positive or negative impact on modern society?
  • Can atheism be considered a belief or a religion too?
  • Do any religions promote or justify violence?
  • Do religions interfere with politics in the United States?
  • What is the correct definition of the word “religion”?
  • Should there be any control over religious clothing worn in public?
  • Can you believe in God but don’t belong to a particular religion?
  • Does Islam discourage women empowerment in Arab culture?
  • Should religious organizations pay taxes in the United States?
  • Can anyone create their own religion and worship their Gods?
  • Do atheistic societies tend to be more economically developed?
  • How can you define when a belief system becomes a religion?

📚 Philosophy Argumentative Essay Topics

There are so many questions that have been puzzling humans for centuries. We know that you thought about them at some point too. An argumentative philosophical essay will help you explore your inner world while drafting your paper and doing research.

Here is our selection of Philosophy essay titles.

  • Can you say that some people are good and some are evil?
  • Are you born with your character featured, or do you develop them ?
  • Does every person have their destiny or mission?
  • Do you believe that there are “white lies”?
  • Can you break the rules of morality to do something good?
  • Is being honest always the best decision?
  • Should people have a legal right to euthanasia?
  • Can you entirely separate your public and private lives?
  • Does it mean you will succeed in life if you are a good student?
  • Is being egoistic beneficial for a person?
  • Is time traveling potentially dangerous?
  • Is cheating justified if you succeed in the end?
  • Is it possible to achieve total equality among humanity?
  • Would you like to be immortal?
  • Is it possible to help everyone who is in need?
  • Will there be a time when people no longer need to work?
  • Do social media make us lonelier and more anxious?
  • Should there be stricter censorship on the Internet?
  • Does society shape our personalities, or do we do it ourselves?
  • Is it possible to change your character just because you want to?

⚔️ WW2 Argumentative Essay Topics

Regardless there are tons of information, World War II still provokes many debates. It is a perfect topic for exploration in your history or anthropology class.

This is our list of topics on World War II:

  • Was there a way to prevent World War II?
  • Should Japanese ministers pay their respect to the Yasukuni shrine?
  • Was releasing the Land-Lease Act the right decision?
  • Was bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki a necessary measure?
  • What are the main causes of World War II?
  • Did World War II affect gender equality in Europe?
  • What influence did Holocaust have on the world?
  • Is Adolf Hitler to blame for World War II?
  • Was it possible for soldiers to get back to everyday life?
  • What role did propaganda play during World War II?
  • Was it possible to save more civilian people during World War II?
  • Why were the Normandy landings successful?
  • Did World War II affect the rights of African Americans?
  • Are there any positive outcomes of World War II?
  • Did World War II stimulate science and new inventions?
  • Was World War II the most crucial war in history?
  • What was the role of the Soviet Union in World War II?
  • When was the right time for the United Kingdom to declare war on Germany?
  • Was World War II the main cause of the Cold War?
  • Was it right to keep neutrality during wartime for the United States?

♀️ Feminism Argumentative Essay Topics

It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, or a non-binary person. The feminist movement affects your life. As gender equality is such a sensitive issue these days, it gives a great chance to write a worthy paper. There is also a wide choice of research on this topic. Check our new article about Feminism & Women Empowerment to learn about the ongoing discussion.

Here are some essay titles on feminism:

  • Is feminism a gender issue or a humanity issue?
  • The roles of men and women in raising their children.
  • Do we still need the feminist movement in the United States?
  • Women empowerment helps to fight poverty.
  • Should a woman take a man’s surname in marriage?
  • Is it possible to change the patriarchal society in Islamic countries?
  • Why is there more violence against women than against men?
  • Why do we need to educate children on feminism?
  • Does feminism imply hatred of all men?
  • Why do women need feminism in Asia?
  • Should famous feminists be role models for girls?
  • The reasons why it is harder to build a career for a woman.
  • What historical figure made the most impact on feminism?
  • Is feminism beneficial for the global economy?
  • Does feminism have a positive effect on men?
  • Do feminists believe women are better than men?
  • What characteristics and reasons differentiate feminine roles in families?
  • Should we consider Scandinavian countries a standard of feminism?
  • The reasons why there should be equal educational rights for men and women.
  • Is radical feminism dangerous for society?

🚼 Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

Abortion can be a question of morality, health, and gender equality. Many people don’t share the same opinion and are mainly divided into pro-life and pro-choice camps.

Choose your essay topic from the list here:

  • Is making abortion the same as committing murder?
  • Is abortion dangerous for women’s fertility?
  • Why do we need to educate teenagers on contraception?
  • Does legalizing abortions reduce the birth rate?
  • Should late-term abortions be banned completely?
  • Are abortions harmful to women’s mental health?
  • Should abortion be illegal in the United States?
  • Is a fetus a separate human or a part of a woman’s body?
  • Are abortion laws in China justifiable?
  • What are the main factors that force women to have abortions?
  • Is abortion a morally wrong decision for a woman?
  • Does banning abortion stimulate illegal abortions?
  • The main reasons why women should have a right to abortions.
  • Are you pro-choice or pro-life , and why?
  • Should abortions be done only with the consent of a father?
  • Do rape victims have an exclusive right to abortion?
  • How does the right to abortion apply to gender equality?
  • What are the main reasons for banning abortions?
  • What can happen if abortions are banned in the United States?
  • How and why abortion became a political rather than medical issue?

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Argumentative Essay Topics

While the LGBTQ community becomes more prominent and influential, there are still many issues to address. People have strictly opposing opinions on this matter, and the debate never ends. You can use this controversy to write a relevant argumentative paper.

Here are some topics on the LGBTQ issue:

  • Are people born with particular sexuality or develop it in their lifetime?
  • How does growing up in same-sex families influence children?
  • What is the right way to support a child who makes a coming out?
  • How to stop bullying of LGBTQ children at schools?
  • Is it real to influence and change a person’s sexual orientation?
  • Why are some people still homophobic in the 21 st century?
  • What problems do LGBTQ people face in the labor market?
  • What is the best way to eliminate discrimination against the LGBTQ community?
  • What are the main challenges LGBTQ people face?
  • Is there still a need for binary toilets?
  • Should same-sex marriages be legal?
  • Is life harder for non-binary people?
  • From what age should people have an opportunity to change their gender?
  • Why should people become more tolerant of the LGBTQ community?
  • How to fight LGBTQ discrimination in Arab countries?
  • Why do LGBTQ activists need more support?
  • Is it possible to be a religious LGBTQ person?
  • Does the media portray LGBTQ people in the right way?
  • What anti-discrimination laws do we need to ensure equality?
  • Is it dangerous to make a public coming out?

🎼 Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you an eager music fan? Or do you just listen to music from time to time? In any case, you can always write about music. Many controversies surround musicians, song lyrics, fame, and tastes. As music never loses popularity and always has something new to offer, it is an excellent choice for a paper.

Pick one of these music essay titles:

  • Does music taste say a lot about a person?
  • How does music influence a person’s mental health?
  • Are stereotypes about fans of certain kinds of music true?
  • What is the most controversial music band of all time?
  • What is the most contentious song that you know?
  • Do people who listen to heavy music tend to be aggressive?
  • Should there be any age restrictions for music?
  • Have you ever judged a person by their music taste?
  • Is it hard to be famous as a musician?
  • Can music influence your life view and moral standards?
  • What happened to Kurt Cobain on the day of his death?
  • Why are some famous and rich musicians unhappy?
  • Do you need to create a specific image of yourself to be successful in the music industry?
  • Why are some people intolerant of others’ music tastes?
  • Can you naturally shape your music taste?
  • Is popular music becoming better or worse than before?
  • Why do some popular songs become classics, and some are soon forgotten?
  • Why is music taste a private issue to some people?
  • Why do famous musicians become role models for kids?
  • Is live or studio music better?

😈 Argumentative Essay Topics on Bullying

We all have heard about it. We all have seen it with our eyes. We all want to fight it. However, it still is a problem not only in every school but even among adults. That is why we need to draw attention to this issue. Writing a paper is one of the ways to popularize the discussion.

Choose your essay topic on bullying here:

  • How can we stop bullying in high school?
  • Why do children become victims of bullies?
  • What are the main signs that can reveal a kid being bullied at school?
  • Is bullying among adults an issue in modern society?
  • Why are children afraid to tell their parents about bullying?
  • Is bullying harmful to a person’s mental health?
  • What is the right way to educate children on bullying?
  • Is bullying different from harassment or conflict?
  • At what point can jokes become insulting?
  • What is the best way to protect children from cyberbullying ?
  • Why do people bully each other?
  • Is it possible to be bullied without knowing it?
  • What kind of punishment should there be for bullies at school?
  • How much do parents know about their children when it comes to bullying?
  • What should you do when you witness bullying?
  • Is it possible to defend children from bullying in the family?
  • Is physical bullying worse than emotional one?
  • What should you do when someone bullies you?
  • Can children protect themselves from bullying without adults’ help?
  • Can bullying among children be unintentional?

🥦 Food & Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

Nutrition concerns everyone. Whether you’re unsure what kind of diet to follow or what dressing is the best for your dish, you think about food.

Use one of these topics to write an argumentative essay on food and obesity:

  • Are there any foods and drinks that make you fat?
  • Can you eat healthily and still gain weight?
  • Is being vegan or vegetarian better for health?
  • Do you need to spend much money to eat healthy?
  • Is junk food always more delicious than healthy food?
  • Is body mass index the best way to tell if you are overweight?
  • Are superfoods healthy, or is it just marketing?
  • Is thinking about food constantly harmful to your mental health?
  • What is the main reason for obesity in the United States?
  • What is the best way to gain knowledge on proper nutrition?
  • Do you need to give up junk food completely?
  • Is sugar dangerous for your health?
  • Is total control over your diet a good idea?
  • What is the best way to fight obesity in the United States?
  • Do obese people create discomfort for others?
  • Is body positivity a healthy movement when it comes to obesity?
  • Why do healthy women think they are overweight?
  • Is it more difficult to find a job for obese people?
  • Is obesity a physical or psychological problem?
  • Should any laws fight obesity in the United States?

Well, there is always some place for humor. Why not write an argumentative essay on a funny topic? It is your choice about how serious to be when you look for the topic. However, remember to look for proper facts supporting the opinion in this case.

Here are our best funny topics for an argumentative essay:

  • Can you assume that a hotdog is a sandwich?
  • What is the best Batman comics adaptation?
  • Is Harry a better spouse for Hermione?
  • What is the worst movie of all time?
  • What was the worst acting that you have ever seen?
  • How many towels should there be in a bathroom?
  • Does mayo make food better or worse?
  • What movie did not meet your expectations?
  • Is Pepsi or Coca-Cola better?
  • What is the most stupid thing you wanted for Christmas as a child?
  • What is the strangest job that you would like to apply to?
  • How often do you need to wash your clothes?
  • What TV show has the most disappointing ending?
  • What kind of fashion is the most ridiculous?
  • What is the strangest dish that you truly enjoy?
  • Can a person agree that they have a bad sense of humor?
  • Is procrastination always bad for you?
  • What is the best meme you can find online?
  • Why do people find their pets amusing?
  • What is the best way to annoy your friends?
  • How to make people think that you are always busy?
  • Why should you drop out of college?
  • What is the most pointless thing you have ever bought?
  • Who was the celebrity crush of your childhood?
  • What do your pets do when you are not at home?
  • Why are some sports cool and some not?
  • Does every person think that they have good taste?
  • Who is the best person to match on Tinder?
  • Why are fail videos so funny and popular online?
  • What is the worst thematic party you can ever imagine?

We are sure that you have found a good topic and plenty of inspiration!

If not, try our Free Essay Topic Generator. This tool is made to provide students with any kind of essay topic.

Good luck with your essay!

very good post, i undoubtedly adore this website, continue it

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Selection of compelling argumentative essay topics about religion and belief.

If you are asked to pick a topic related with religion or belief, you should select the most challenging one and showcase your thoughts for or against it. Furthermore, you should support the text with brilliant examples and evidences too from history, literature or your own life. If your topic revolves around religious beliefs, you should present your view point with appropriate defense.

Check out a list of compelling essay topics on religion and belief-

  • Are people losing belief in spirituality day by day?
  • Should church allow teen marriages?
  • Should religion be introduced in school curriculum as a subject?
  • Is the existence of God is merely our myth or it’s a reality?
  • Why Bible according to Christians is their most popular spiritual scripture?
  • People change their religion very often and with optimum ease. Is it right?
  • Is Islam more powerful than Hinduism? Why?
  • Should religious communities be allowed to interfere with government rules? Why, why not?
  • Should cloning of saintly personalities be allowed? State your belief in terms of religion.
  • Does God really shower his blessings on us when we perform the reverence?
  • Most of the people do prayers just for the sake of doing it. Should they continue this practice even if they can’t meditate?
  • Which is the best religious place in India? Why?
  • Is the role of priests enough for the well fare of humanity?
  • Can religious activities bring powerful change in the society? Will this change be positive or negative?
  • Is Polygamy marriages in Islam should be considered as right?
  • Who is more powerful personality- the one who has a firm faith in God or the one who does not have any belief in any religious activities?
  • What according to you abortion is a sin?
  • Should the child be allowed to enter this world even if his parents do not want to take any of the responsibility?
  • Are terrorists punished by God after they are dead?
  • Is terrorism on the name of God is a sinful act? Will they be blessed or punished in the other world?
  • Which religious community is more powerful- That of a village or of a modern state?
  • Is the purpose of religion getting fulfilled in the present day life?
  • Is the freedom of choosing a religion is making people strong from inside or is making negative ailments powerful?

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Argumentative Essay On Religion

Religion is a major controversy in modern society. Some reach a final conclusion early on that there is no God or Supreme Being; instead they believe that there is life and then nothing more. Others have so much faith that they are actually willing to die for their religion. It could be viewed as drastic but it is also reality. As a soon to be missionary I see the benefits of religious views and the impact it has on people for their well being. For my religion , I am willing to serve two years of my life to teach other the joy of the gospel while sacrificing my time away from my friends and family. An apostle of my church once said "The most effective missionaries, member and full time, act out of love… If we lack this love for others we should pray for it." -Elder Dallin H. Oaks. This quote just reminds me of why I am so willing to want to go out and serve The Lord. I will do it because of his love for me. But not to be biased of my own personal religion, I want to show that believing in something and having faith is better than nothing. Atheists are people that have a belief that there is nothing more after this life to me would seem to have really nothing to live for believing that they are just here to die which is a sad message. So in this essay I would like to describe why religion is so important and such an amazing thing. "A mission to serve costs seven thousand two hundred dollars for a lady, and nine thousand six hundred dollars for a man"(Smith 1). That isn't including to cost of all the things needed such a luggage, clothes, and all other things needed. "The monthly allowance missionaries are given is designed to cover food, lodging, transportation, and other mission related expenses."(Smith 1) These young men and w... ... middle of paper ... ...the only differences is people with religion have a greater outreach on living because they believe in something better to come. Again those without religion aren't any worse they just don't have that extra piece to the puzzle. There is nothing wrong with that but it would be better for their well being to have hope for something else. "everyone is born with a choice to believe what they want"(Kaminer 2) This is also true and no one can deny them of that. In closing I just want to reiterate what a great thing it is to have religion in my personal life. I have something to look forward to in the end. Religion is a worldwide topic and it is shown in many different forms. It is truly a beautiful aspect to look at in life. It brings joy to myself and to billions of others and I just want to close saying that religion is needed in modern society and the future to come.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that religion is a major controversy in modern society. they describe the benefits of religious views and the impact it has on people for their well-being.
  • Opines that a missionary's monthly allowance is designed to cover food, lodging, transportation, and other mission related expenses.
  • Analyzes how the movie "the best two years" portrays the importance of standing by your own personal views no matter what they are.
  • Explains that joseph smith, the founder and first prophet of our church, prayed to know which church was true and which ones weren't. he received a direct answer from heavenly father and jesus christ.
  • Explains that utah's polygamy law is unconstitutional due to the 1st and 14th amendments.
  • Explains krista kafer's view on religion being taught in schools and the great effect it would have worldwide.
  • Analyzes how beth rosenthal argues that society doesn't need religion. without proof of a god or something not of this world, people tend to believe the truth will ultimately prevail.
  • Opines that people without religious views aren't any better than people with them. people with religion have a greater outreach on living because they believe in something better to come.
  • Opines that religion is a worldwide topic and it is shown in many different forms. religion is needed in modern society and the future.

Click here to unlock this and over one million essays

DBQ Essay On Religion

In today’s society, there are roughly around 4,200 religions that exist on this planet. Some define "religion" as a cultural system of behaviors and practices that help people make important decisions in life. Out of the many religions, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism have many similarities that connect them to one another. Themes of morality, justice, love are found through both the Buddha's teaching and the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

Religion And Cinema Horror, By Russell T. Mccutcheon

When I was younger, my parents gave me some advice: “When talking in public, avoid discussing religion.” I took this advice because I didn’t want to offend anyone or cause drama. Overtime, I’ve grown and realize this “controversial” topic can bring about the best conversations. Talking about religion has allowed me to explore my faith, along with other peoples’ faith. Signing up for Religion and Popular Culture this semester allows me to understand a common query: What is religion? Shortly after the first week, I learned there isn’t a set definition, along with comprehending other elements of religion in different points of view.

Studies of Religion Essay

Life is full of frustrations and confusion. There are times that questioning the purpose of one’s life to be living at all from their belief and faith in the one they believe. Christian Adherents are faced with these issues and are misguided by the loquacious talk of philosophers and scientists that seem to argue that the existence of human beings have been derived by something else other than God. These are illustrated through various forms of media and deem to be very convincing for most. However, there are people and ideas of the Christian Religion to comply back with what is said against it. Pope John XXIII was a significant role model for the Christian Religion as he showed true belief and faith to God through his deeds. Topics in debate of Bioethical issues are in question and the practices of the Christian belief are fact to the individual of the means of questioning the purpose here on Earth. Regarding the letter from Paul to the Corinthians, it says “Be on guard; stand firm in faith; be men of courage, be strong.” Its significance to believers is that they can be deceived in time of desperation and at times of hardship but God tells them to stay strong in faith and in courage no matter the distress they are facing.

Viking Religion

"RELIGION, A BRIDGE OF HOPE: Why Religion Is so Important." World around Us. Accessed May 29, 2014.

Religion In Australia

Religion is known to be a set of values, beliefs, and the understanding of life. Every religion has its own different set of beliefs and values. This essay will show how much religion has decreased, why people do not practice religion, and how secularism and the media have played a role in the decline of religion.

Argumentative Essay On Civil Religion

The point and purpose was to promote the great nation of the United States, and

Religion in the American Public School

Throughout history, religion has impacted the lives of millions whether at school, work, with friends, or by some tragedy. Religion can change the way people view their existence. Religion also plays a big role in the infiltration of values into the loves of many young people today. In a recent pole printed in the USA Weekend Paper, “34% of respondents [said] Religion plays a powerful role in their everyday lives.” These student respondents “cited religion as the second-strongest influence in their lives outranked only by parents.” Religion also surpassed the world-renounced media as an influence in their lives (Lerman. 1).

Argumentative Essay

What makes a good person good? According to WikiHow, "We should learn to define our own morals ourselves. One of the simplest ways to do so is to love others, and treat them as you would like to be treated. Try to think of others before yourself. Even doing small things daily will greatly enrich and improve your life, and the lives of others around you." This quote shows us what we need to do in order to be what society thinks as, “good". In order to be a good person, you have to do good and moral things in your society consistently. However people might think that by doing one good thing once in a while will automatically make you a “good person”, but in reality it doesn’t.

Religion Essay

Religion, in many forms, has had the most profound influence on human society throughout history. It’s been the basis for many human traditions, value systems, and conflict throughout the history of human civilization. Understanding religious traditions, relationships, and foundational beliefs enables humans to understand their differences and better prepare themselves to make decisions regarding religious interactions in the appropriate context. Religions are considered to be reliable and important in answering the most profound questions of human existence; where do we come from? What should we do while we are here? Since religion is so important so are the holy texts, because they put into words/ writing of guideline of what that religion is all about. In this essay I will attempt to explore and discuss a passage from Gospel of Luke 10:25-37 “The Good Samaritan” and “Surah Ar Rahman” from 55th Sura of the Qur'an and their relation to that particular religion.

“Man masters nature not by force but by understanding. This is why science has succeeded where magic failed: because it has looked for no spell to cast over nature”. From the beginning of time man and nature has been in conflict with one another because, as a whole, there is no cooperating. Each one tirelessly wants its way. The Man is fighting for dominance and nature w never yielding its authority. In American Literature, many authors illustrate this theme in their writing. Specifically the writers Jack London in The Law Of Life, Stephen Crane The Open Boat and Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Fin. Each explores the relationship between humans and nature but with slightly different methods. Mark Twain uses nature in a realistic way, Jack London in a naturalistic way and Stephen Crane constitutes a combination of both.

As far as mankind’s history can date, religion has had quite an intimate relationship with people. Although maybe it hasn’t always been identified in the same way as we identify religion today, spread across the world we have the remains of pyramids, temples, and even written in ancient texts from centuries ago dedicated to god, to the afterlife, to what lies on the other side. And up to today’s times, religion has grown along with man.

Argumentative Essay On Islam

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world but it is still one of the most misunderstood religion by many. The Non-Muslims who are unfamiliar with the faith tend to have misunderstandings about its concepts and teachings. These misconceptions misguide Non-Muslims from learning what Islam really is about. Islam simply means submission to God and peace, but many believe that it promotes terrorism, oppression of Muslim women, and that the religion has too many restrictions.

Can Religion Make You Happy?

Throughout history, religion has helped form the basic fabric of society. From an early age, religion provided the answers to any unexplainable natural phenomena. The question of why the world worked in a particular way was easily answered with “because [name of deity] made it that way.” Religion was everywhere; everyone had their own ideas about how the world worked and what their role was in the universe. Each likeminded group held that their religious beliefs were the root cause of their happiness and general satisfaction with life. Centuries of religious dominance eventually gave birth to a widespread idea that strong religious beliefs are essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. Even today, in a society dominated by scientific advances, religion finds a niche in catering to people’s spiritual needs. Indeed, despite the societal changes that have occurred in modern times, religion has remained largely unchanged since its early days. The belief that religion factors heavily into one’s life satisfaction and happiness has also remained much the same, despite today’s complex and ever-changing society. The problem lies where religion is viewed as a major way to achieve happiness, and this perspective can lead to blind acceptance of religion solely on the basis of its supposed universal benefits. Basically, a new way of looking at religion is needed: seeing it not as the end-all happiness tool, but as a small factor in a complex web of happiness and well-being.

Argumentative Essay On Religion And Religion

INDTRODUCTION “Sex and Religion”? Those two don’t really go hand in hand,” commented a freshman student from UF. Like this student, numerous people around the world believe this misconception to be true. Whether people argue for or against the importance of gender in religion, more than just what goes on in the bedroom has been heating up lately. Many debates have sparked due to the negative connotation associated with sex when confronted about its position in religious cultures.

religion essay

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are alike in many ways but they also share many differences. Judaism and Christianity use the bible in their holy scriptures, while Islam does not. Jesus Christ is a part of all three religions as Christianity and Islam developed from Judaism. Many believe that the three religions worship, pray to, and focus on the same god. They believe this as many of the prophets are they share much in common as they share many beliefs. However, the followers of the three religions pray differently and in different places. the religions believe that their god created the world and everything in the world. The three Abrahamic religions have different histories, yet they share many similarities and difference.

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Faith Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

62 samples of this type paper writer service proudly presents to you a free directory of Faith Argumentative Essays designed to help struggling students tackle their writing challenges. In a practical sense, each Faith Argumentative Essay sample presented here may be a guide that walks you through the essential phases of the writing process and showcases how to compose an academic work that hits the mark. Besides, if you require more visionary help, these examples could give you a nudge toward a fresh Faith Argumentative Essay topic or inspire a novice approach to a threadbare subject.

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Argument Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay, sample argumentative essay on young goodman brown and how his faith was tested, classic english literature, modernism and fundamentalism in islam faith argumentative essay sample.

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Argumentative Essay On A Critique Of Dawkins Point Of View On Religion

Ways in which modernization has impacted the development of judaism, islam, and argumentative essay, the violent bear it away argumentative essay examples, deweys relevance of religious belief for democracy argumentative essay, introduction, role of religion argumentative essay sample, example of gender and sexuality in the modern middle east argumentative essay, can one be moral and not believe in god argumentative essay example, muslims in america argumentative essay examples, example of the victorian age, tennyson and browning argumentative essay, analysis of “in memoriam, a.h.h.”, ecumenical development with the coptic churches argumentative essay, personal belief argumentative essay, accepting our historys flaws argumentative essays examples, religion argumentative essay sample, religious movements: waldensians, humiliati and robert of arbrrisel argumentative essay examples.

The formation of the Christian movements namely Waldensians, Humiliati and Robert of Arbrrisel was driven by a common cause. This explains why they may share some characteristics. They most probably stemmed from the Catholic Church and their doctrines were founded on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Argumentative Essay On Characters In Camus The Plague

Albert Camus’ novel The Plague uses characters and their relationships quite heavily in order to provide a character-based reaction to the epidemic they are dealing with in the town of Oran. In the book, numerous characters have different reactions to death, some shying away from God and others embracing it. Some choose to turn their life around, others lose their minds even further.

Proper Argumentative Essay Example About The Greek Deities Versus The Norse Pantheon

Good argumentative essay on mediocre, example of argumentative essay on alvar nunez cabeza de vaca, free sharia law implementation in indonesia argumentative essay sample, hell-hounds and beasts argumentative essay examples.

Mary Rowlandson’s View of Her Indian Captors

Hell-hounds and Beasts:

Order 235877115 France Banned Symbols/Religion Of Islam: Argumentative Essay You Might Want To Emulate

Definition of power argumentative essay examples, good argumentative essay about do christian scholars conduct cross-cultural quantitative research differently from other scholars, discussing quantitative research and qualitative research, the problem of evil and the existence of god argumentative essays example, pseudoscience vs science argumentative essays examples, free william james the will to believe argumentative essay sample, please type your name here.

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Good Example Of Has Religious Rhetoric Been Instrumental In The Shaping Of The Modern World Argumentative Essay

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Example Of Does God Exist Argumentative Essay

Example of do major world religions share a common purpose argumentative essay, do major world religions share a common purpose, example of an argument between nietzsche and a critic argumentative essay.

Nietzsche Friedrich is a German Philosopher borne in 15th October 1844.His works of art were mainly based on critics of religious studies, contemporary culture, and morality. He focused his energy on life forces. The key focus of his work was related to the objectivity of the morality of truth and values. He criticized any value that is related to the source of life .He strongly criticized morality and religious issues.

The 1890s: Wilde, Arnold, Pater And Swinburne Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay on americans and the trend of oversimplification, transformation in shadow of the galilean argumentative essay, teaching creationism in public schools argumentative essay.

The issue of whether creationism should be taught in schools is one of contention. Many people believe that as many people believe in creationism, it should therefore be part of education and, in particular, part of science lessons in schools. However, there is strong opposition to this, mainly with the argument that creationism is not based on scientific fact and therefore should not be part of a science lesson. Overall, it appears that creationism should be taught as a world view in religious education classes, but not in science subjects.

Example Of Argumentative Essay On Politics And Religion Should Be Mixed

Example of the main concepts in modern world history argumentative essay, sample argumentative essay on “many gods objection” and pascal's wager, the elusive quest for growth by william easterly argumentative essays examples.

Compare and contrast the most important points to development that William Easterly, Jeffrey Sachs, and Susan George & Fabrizio Sabelli Give in their books

This paper analyzes the vital points to development in the books by William Easterly, Jeffrey Sachs, and Susan George & Fabrizio Sabelli. I will examine the three books one after the other, highlighting the similarities and differences. Importantly, the three books have diverse views about the developmental aid offered by the World Bank and the IMF. However, they all advocate for the establishment of stable, transparent and credible governance in the underdeveloped countries.

Good Argumentative Essay On Phil 100: Schnee

Sid: 00000000, penalties for attempted and actual murder should be same- order 229755148 argumentative essay examples, free argumentative essay about religion and politics, whistle blower act argumentative essay samples, free argumentative essay about terrorism, al qaeda and terrorism, defend what christians should mean by 1 tim 2:3-4 argumentative essay example, importance of salvation to christianity, free argumentative essay on all forms of culture are of equal value, sample argumentative essay on robert heilbroner the two realm of capitalims, good example of understanding the main characters of black boy and christ in concrete argumentative essay.

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Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia: Assisted Suicide Or A Helping Hand

Example of argumentative essay on reaction paper: matthew 21:1-7 jesus' conveyance into jerusalem, example of argumentative essay on theory of drama, collapse of the great roman empire and prevention of collapse argumentative essay examples, argumentative essay on the woman question: finding a writing niche in a male world, exchange among elizabeth barrett browning, george eliot, and mary wollstonecraft, comparing and contrasting protestant reformers: martin luther, henry viii and john argumentative essay examples, religion in school argumentative essay sample.

My essay looks into the intention of the implementation of the First Amendments Clauses regarding religious matters, the actual implementation, and the impacts of the implementation. I analyzed the pros and cons of the First Amendments Clauses implementation, and came up with a recommendation.

Gay Marriage In America Argumentative Essay Examples

Same-sex marriage is the legal union between people of the same sex. The debate concerning the marriage rights and benefits to gay couples has been intense since early 1970s. In 1996, the then US president Bill Clinton, signed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) into law (Pinello 12). This Act gives a legal definition of Marriage as a legal union between one woman and one man. However, this enactment gave the definition of marriage for federal law purposes only and gave authority to the states to make their own rulings concerning the matter.

Are Ghosts Real Or Imagined Argumentative Essay Example

Argumentative essay on national pride a bad thing.

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