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Format of the Bibliography Cards for books

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Format of the Bibliography Cards for books

Bibliography. Bibliography What is a bibliography? A bibliography is a list of books and articles about a particular subject that you have used a sources.

bibliography cards examples

Bibliography and Note Cards

bibliography cards examples

How to Write a Works Cited/Bibliography. For a Book or Textbook Author’s Last Name, First Name. Book Title (be sure to underline). City where the.

bibliography cards examples

Note Taker Digital Note Cards. HeadingSub-Heading Source NoteComment Note Type Page Heading 1.

bibliography cards examples

MLA Bibliography Format. Purpose of the Annotation Describe the content of the source Describe the usefulness of the source Describe the intended audience.

bibliography cards examples

Bibliography Cards Use index cards of a different size or color from your note cards Use a separate card for each bibliography entry Write in ink Be sure.

bibliography cards examples

In APA Style Title: Throes of democracy : the American Civil War era, Author: McDougall, Walter A., Publisher: Harper, Pub date: c2008.

bibliography cards examples

Documenting Sources APA Format. Using & Documenting Sources Citation: giving credit for an idea or fact in the text of your report Documentation: giving.

bibliography cards examples

To learn how to write a correct bibliography for:To learn how to write a correct bibliography for: –Books –Magazines –Encyclopedias –Internet Sources.

bibliography cards examples

CITING YOUR SOURCES Using MS Word to help! by Mrs. Betzold 2011.

bibliography cards examples

Session 3: How to Cite Internet Sources. Citing Your Sources Citing your sources means telling people where you got your information. Just as you list.

bibliography cards examples

Mrs. McNeill’s Language Arts and Honors English Classes

bibliography cards examples

Citing Sources. Wading Through the Web 3. How to cite your sources Citing Your Sources – Citing your sources means telling people where you got your information.

bibliography cards examples

Citations Redlands Middle Schools Mrs. Zinner

bibliography cards examples

WHO SAID THAT??? or Bibliography. Disney, Walt. My Life with a Mouse. Orlando: Rodent Press, Inc Print.

bibliography cards examples

How to take notes for a research paper:

bibliography cards examples

Copyright for Kids. What is Copyright? Copyright is a United States LAW that protects the works of authors, artists, composers and others from being used.

bibliography cards examples

Research Source Cards Source cards contain all information about the source of your information.

bibliography cards examples

Methodology Page. Tells steps to complete project Example: –Complete title page –Write thesis statement –Write purpose page –Do research –Complete outline.

bibliography cards examples

MLA Works Cited Formatting

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How to Make Bibliography Cards

Organizing your research can make the research paper writing process easier. Nowadays, you may keep track of your research electronically through your word processing program, an electronic spreadsheet or other means. An older method is to use 3-by-5-inch bibliography and note cards to organize the sources you find and the information in them. Your teacher may assign these cards to teach you how to do research and cite your sources.

Citation Information

The bibliography card includes the citation information, which you will later use to create your research paper’s bibliography, or Works Cited page. Create a new bibliography card each time you find a new source. Write the author’s last name, followed by a comma and first name, and then the title. If the source has no author, start with the title. Lastly, add publication information, such as the city of publication and the publisher of a book or the journal’s name, volume and issue. For example, to cite a book in MLA Style, use the following format: Author, Name. Title of book (italicized). City: Publisher, Year of Publication.

Location and Summary

The front of the bibliography card should also include the location of the source. For library sources, write the name of the library and the call number. If you found the source online, write the URL. This brief location information should help you easily find the source again. Then, on the back of the bibliography card, write a brief summary about the source so that you remember why you chose that source for your research paper.

Note Cards and Organization

The bibliography card also helps you organize your notes from the source on the note cards. Each note card includes one fact from the source. It may be a quotation, a paraphrase or a summary. To organize and keep track of your research, write a letter on each bibliography card, and then, on each note card for that source, write the same letter and a number. For example, if the bibliography card is "A," then the first note card is "A1," and the second is "A2."

Final Tips and Advice

Instead of 3-by-5-inch cards, you could also choose 4-by-6-inch cards if you need more room, but always use the same size for both the bibliography and note cards so you can keep them together more easily. You could also use different colors for different types of sources or information. Write clearly and neatly so you can read the information long after you have written it. Mistakes can be costly, so proofread each card. For example, an error in the bibliographic information can cause you to make a mistake on the Works Cited page.

Melissa McDonald has been writing about education since 2006. Her work has appeared in “AdjunctNation,” “JCW” and “Honor Cord” e-zine. She holds a Master of Arts in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and currently works in higher education as a writing consultant. Beyond her work as educator and writer, McDonald volunteers as a judge in both local and national writing competitions for high school and college students.


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    bibliography cards examples

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    bibliography cards examples

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    bibliography cards examples

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    bibliography cards examples

  5. Bibliography Cards

    bibliography cards examples

  6. Bibliography Cards

    bibliography cards examples


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