cheer dance essay

Cheerleading Essay: Sport Or Dance

Cheerleading Essay

Magnificent kind of sport – cheerleading

Cheerleading is a kind of sport that combines both, elements of a show and spectator sports (such as dances, gymnastics and acrobatics).

Cheerleading is a bright kind of sport, in which sportsmen support each other and unite the fans and supporters of a team regulating their emotions.

With the help of cheerleading you may organize children’s leisure time and also make interesting sport events and competitions.

The main terms of cheerleading

Cheerleading is a kind of sport that combines elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, choreography and basic cheerleading moves.

Cheerleaders are sportsmen girls and boys, who go in for cheerleading.

Stunt is a figure in which one person is raised or thrown upward.

Pyramid is several connected stunts.

Spotters are very important people for making stunts and pyramids, they are responsible for the safety during the performance of complex elements, they secure flyers.

Flyers are sportsmen who form the upper parts of the pyramids and the stunts.

Base consists of the sportsmen who are the ground (basis) of the pyramids and the stunts, they support, throw and catch the flyers.

Cheer is the catchy chants addressed to the team and spectators.

Chants are yells that the spectators repeat after cheerleaders for several times.

Cheer-dance is a short dance of a cheerleading program composed of the basic cheerleading moves.

Who made it up?

American students. The most popular girls of a school , college or university are honored to become a member of a cheerleading team, which before basketball, baseball or soccer matches, where the teams of their educational establishment play, encourages players and fans. However, in the very beginning cheerleading was a task of odd players, who while sitting on a bench were supporting their fellows with pom-poms made of plastic bags. Today cheerleading is popular not only in the USA, but also in many countries of Europe. In Japan cheerleading is a part of a curriculum. There are World cheerleading championship and European cheerleading championship. Probably it will become one of the Olympic sports soon.

How to start cheerleading training

Cheerleading is a popular kind of sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships among people, such as kindness, mutual help, understanding and trust. Cheerleaders come to the playgrounds to create the atmosphere of beauty and attractiveness. Cheerleading teams can perform on their own cheerleading competitions and participate as a supportive team in other sports competitions.

Beginning cheerleaders should start their training with learning the basic rules of Cheerleading Code of Conduct that are the same and obligatory for all cheerleaders in Europe and world. Here are some of the code rules:

  • Always show respect and be polite towards the coaches of other teams, cheerleaders and fans.
  • Remember about the discipline responsibility not only during but also after the competitions.
  • Do not criticize the coaches of other teams, cheerleaders and fans in public.
  • Do not use rude and offensive language (profanity).
  • Strive to be humble when winning and good when losing.

Support team

It only seems that cheerleaders just fill gaps in sport matches. In fact their main task is to encourage the players of their favourite team, and also to get rid of fans’ aggression and give them optimism.

For this purpose cheerleaders:

wave their shining pom-poms to attract the spectators’ attention;

clasp their hands over the head (holding pom-poms of course) to show the fans an example;

dance, striking the imagination of the spectators with difficult acrobatics;

chant yells and chants addressing to the fans to support the team;

shout chants to raise fighting spirit of the sportsmen;

inform the spectators about the match news with the help of different posters and pictures.

Sport or dance

Cheerleading consists of two directions, they are Cheer and Dance.

Cheer is pyramids, acrobatics, jumps, ringing and clear chants, pom-poms and amazing dynamics.

Dance is beautiful dancing moves, unusual choreography, splits, live energy.

Cheerleading sport component

Cheerleading appeared in the United States in the 1870s and gained most widespread by the middle of the XX century.

Cheerleading can be divided in two main directions:

  • Team competition program, prepared in accordance with special rules;
  • spectators (fans) attraction to the stadiums and playgrounds in order to promote physical education and sports, healthy lifestyle;
  • creation of a favorable moral and psychological climate in the stadium, reducing aggressive mood of the fans, creation of an atmosphere of “positive fanaticism” and fans’ emotions control;
  • support of the players that participate in match;
  • activation and a variety of advertising and branding work at sporting events

International Federation of Cheerleading

International Federation of Cheerleading was established in 1998, in which except the countries-members of European association was accepted Japan. In 2001 in Tokyo was held the first World Cheerleading Championship.

Countries-members of the IFC: Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Venezuela, Germany, Hong Kong (China), Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Norway, Panama, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Philippines, Finland, France, Montenegro, Chile, Sweden, Ecuador, South Africa, Japan.

Cheerleading equipment

There are certain rules of the cheerleading costumes.

Classic suit – it is a short skirt or shorts that do not disturb to move freely and a vest or a top made of non-slip material and without any loose and detachable parts.

Shoes – light and comfortable sneakers.

Required cheerleading attribute is bright and fluffy pom-poms.

How to create cheerleading program

According to the cheerleading rules the program should include certain required elements: stunts, pyramids, jumps, acrobatic elements, chants and cheer-dances. All this, especially cheer-dances, should be made on the basic hand positions. All the required elements can be used in the program in random order.

Now let’s discuss in details most typical for cheerleading elements (comparing with other sports), these are stunts, pyramids and chants.

Stunts and pyramids. When cheerleaders have already learnt the technique of the basic moves, they can start learning more difficult elements, such as stunts and pyramids.

The main danger is injuries and trauma, so it is extremely to know the prevention of accidents!

One of the simplest stunts is a “stand on the hip”.

There are more difficult stunts and pyramids, technique of which can be learnt by enhanced training under the guidance of cheerleading coach.

Chants. To make the chant trainings more interesting and diverse you can make a chants contest.


Cheerleading is separate independent sport. The competitions on cheerleading are held on European and world level. Cheerleading championships are held in several categories:

Cheer is the elements of sport gymnastics and acrobatics, pyramids construction and dancing moves accompanied by the sonorous chants.

Cheer-dance is sports dances with elements of gymnastics, with plasticity, good choreography and grace, amazing synchronous moves.

Cheer-mix is performance of mixed teams (women and men).

Partner stunts.


A child can star going in for cheerleading trainings when he / she is 9 years old. You will have to train 2-3 times a week for 2 hours during the academic year. Cheerleading team compete on local level and then the winners participate in international competitions.

Not only sportsmen need cheerleaders, but show business as well. Cheerleaders are often invited to different TV broadcasts and shows.

So as you can see this cheerleading is a sport essay proves that cheerleading is not only sport but dance as well. If you want to share your thoughts on this issue, visit our website . Also if you face problems in essay writing we are ready to help you. All you need is to contact our team.

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Cheerleading and Dance

High school and all star cheerleading essay.

I have done both high school and All-Star cheerleading. I know first hand how each practice goes, and I have gone through the competitions, training, games, and practices. The first big difference between the two levels of cheerleading is the practice and training. At a high school cheerleading practice, every practice is usually the same. The practice starts out with the everyone circling up and stretching and laughing, it’s not taken very serious. After we stretch, we would usually train for twenty minutes. Training involved seeing how many push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks we could do in a minute. Then, we would run a single lap around the football field, but most of the cheerleaders would walk. After training was over we most likely would practice cheers and chants for thirty minutes, dances for thirty minutes, and then stunt if we were lucky. We rarely stunted for the simple

Cheer Captain Essay

Being a cheerleader to me isn’t just about cheering on the football or basketball team. Cheerleading is more than that. Cheerleading is a group of girls who have the passion and the trust with each other to catch them and trust that they will do their part. Cheerleading are being a family and not being able to have your own space. Priorities of cheerleading are; making your toes pointed, having a good attitude, making great facial expressions, and having those little girls that look up to you, have a great role model. These are just some reasons why I love to

Informative Speech On Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a sport that many people don’t support in a way that they support the popular sports in most schools, like football and basketball. Cheering can open many doors and create an ample amount of job opportunities. By cheering you can also receive full ride athletic scholarships from many schools. A cute skirt and pompoms is not the only thing you have to work for when it comes to cheering. Just as any other sport you have to have a certain grade point average to try out for your cheerleading team and also you are held accountable for maintaining your grade point average with also being held accountable for remembering cheers, games day dates and events that you will have to attend with your team. Cheer teaches you many things other than being able to tumble and shout! As a cheerleader, you learn to encourage anyone that needs that boost of encouragement, we learn how to work together with other people. Your cheer team members will become your family!

Essay on Cheerleading is a Sport

  • 7 Works Cited

When most people think of cheerleading, they think of the spirit squads that attempt to pump up the local crowd at high school basketball and football games. People are not aware of what these athletes are doing when they are not in front of these crowds. Strangers to cheerleaders who do not follow the sport extensively do not know the exact involvement of the athletes in this sport, at all ages. Cheerleading requires athleticism like all other sports as you must be in shape and at a great fitness level to be involved in most circumstances. Cheerleaders have to know what they’re doing at all times; while knowing what everyone else on the team is doing as well, which involves a high level of mental preparation. Cheerleading, high school or

Argumentative Essay On Dance

Along with other sports, dance involves physical exertion and requires skill. It can be inferred that when athletes undergo physical activity, they push themselves to their limit, which results in them becoming sore, and possibly even injured in some cases. This also pertains to dancers. Dancers can pull a muscle by overstretching or by not stretching enough. They can also break any bone by doing turns, flips, jumps, and tricks. In Ronald Smith’s article, he proceeds to explain

Cheerleading is Not a Sport Essay

  • 4 Works Cited

In cheerleading athleticism is not required and competitions are not held. Cheerleaders participate in athletics as bystanders. They are there to support and entertain their school.

How Cheerleading Is A Sport

Right before a game, football players huddle up as a team and they get “hyped-up” to win. The coach of the team gives them a game plan and they follow it. This same thing applies for the cheerleaders right before they take the mat. Their “game plan” is the routine that a choreographer made for them. Coaches change the routine to make them win. Cheerleaders have to act as a team. (you build a bond with your teammates practicing so much together.) At competitions, all the cheerleaders match from bow to toe. Cheerleaders always encourage their teammates when they are discouraged or feel failure in not being able to complete a stunt.(they

Cheerleading Essay

The sport of cheerleading has been around for a long time; since 1884 in fact! In the beginning, cheer was a sport dominated by college men. Since, women have taken over, and in 1967 the first ranked college cheer competition was held. Both school and competitive cheerleading offer many rewarding opportunities. Though they are a part of the same sport, the two types of squads are actually quite diverse. School cheer is undeniably a worthwhile and respectable sport, but competitive teams often provide a more challenging approach, and are more suited to experienced cheerleaders.

Process Essay: The Competitive Sport Of Cheerleading

The competitive sport of cheerleading is not all about jumping up and down and yelling “Go team, go!”. It’s about using your strength to perform a variety of skills that form together to make a routine. These routines are performed by many teams to be judged during competitions. Practice is required to do well at competitions. In order to become a cheerleader, you need to have tumbling skills, endurance, and flexibility.

Cheerleading Is A Sport

One component cheerleaders also must have is flexibility. “Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints or the ability to move joints effectively through a complete range of motion. Flexibility training includes stretching exercises to lengthen the muscles” (VeryWell). Flexibility must be present in order for flyers (the girls that are lifted into the air) to pull positions in midair, for the whole team to perform various jumps, and also helps in tumbling, which is a very important skill to have when participating in competitive cheerleading. “Tumbling is a form of gymnastics that requires athletes to use their bodies to flip, twist, roll and jump” (OmniCheer). Tumbling can take years to develop and isn’t an easy skill at all. Some girls work their whole life to just master simpler areas of tumbling and only the best of the best can do some of the hardest tumbling, which incorporates twists while flipping in midair. The last skill that cheerleaders must have is coordination. There is a lot of dancing whenever it comes to cheerleading. Dancing can be considered easy but not when it must be sharp and synchronized with all of the other teammates, along with adding in facial expressions, which appeal to the judges. These aspects take loads of time to perfect and some of these skills take years to even begin learning how to do.

Should Dance Be Considered A Sport Essay

Dance demands the same physical skills that are required in other sports. Flexibility, strength, and endurance are key characteristics that most dancers need to posses. As with other “athletes,” most dancers are not born with these abilities but must establish them through practice and repetitive training. Similar to traditional sports practices, dance rehearsals are extensive and require diligence, dedication, and patience from the dancers as they will have to repeat exercises and stretches to perfect their technique and stay on

Dance is a sport Essay

a) Many ask, “How can dance be a sport? You can't judge on time and the scoring is subjective!” Just like figure skaters, competitive dancers are judged on many criteria: technique, posture, timing, line, hold, poise, togetherness, expression, presentation, power, and foot or leg action. Dancers have a lot on their minds while performing. They are constantly asking themselves, am I extending correctly? Is my technique right? Is my head facing the right direction?

Essay on Cheerleading Through the Eyes of a Cheerleader

From an outsiders perspective one may see brainless and beautiful robots, which scream and perform neat tricks. This is not the case from the inside; cheerleading is so much more than that. Many people are under the impression that cheerleading is not a sport. I am the voice of reasoning that will let you in, and I will show you that cheerleading, in fact, is a sport. Cheerleading requires much physical demand from the body just as any other sport would. Cheerleading, in general, is a team effort. There are many sides to cheerleading, which make it a versatile sport. When it comes to cheerleading there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

The History Of Cheerleading

A cheerleader is a person who is a member of a group who shout out special songs or chants to encourage sports teams. (“Cheerleading”. World of SportsScience. Ed.K Lee Lerner and Brenda Wilmoth Lerner. Vol 1. Detroit: Gale,2007.139-141 Gale Virtual Reference Library. 9 Nov. 2016). Cheerleading began in the late 1800s at the University of Princeton, in New Jersey. (“History of Cheerleading.” iSport Online.Cheerleading.iSport 9 Nov. 2016 Cheerleading was in fact created by men at this time. The men who started cheering were called “yell leaders.” Women did not start cheering until 1923, and since then women have dominated cheerleading. Cheerleading started to evolve

Persuasive Essay On Teamwork

Teamwork is an integral part of cheerleading. Cheerleading is a team sport therefore; it requires people to work together as one cohesive group. This is something people learn quickly in

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Cheerleading 1 Pages 312 Words

             As she completed the round-off back-handspring full twist the crowed went wild in amazement. The crowd went wild because tumbling and stunts are most enjoyed by the fans. Cheerleading is a very athletic sport. Cheerleaders have to remember chants, cheers, and dances. They have to condition and practice just about every day. And they have to take tumbling classes so they can improve on the tumbling skills.              Cheerleaders have to remember cheers, chants, and dances. Most of are cheers are performed in between basketball games and at are competitions. All of their chants are performed during Football and basketball games. They learn difficult dances that challenge them to get them down and perfect before competitions.              Practicing almost everyday of the week involves remembering chants, making up cheers, and improving jumps. Conditioning makes them stronger and better at cheerleading. Their jumps would not be higher, their motions would not be tighter, and their ability to cheer would not be superior.              Tumbling is physical part of cheerleading. When u first start tumbling you have to begin with the basics. Such as cart-wheels, hand-stands, back-bends, and a round-off. These elements of tumbling help you for when you move on to bigger skills. After you have got the basics you can learn how to do back hand-springs and back flips. These skills take lots off time to complete that is why u should start tumbling when you are at a young age. After you have reached hard and challenging skills all you would have to do is keep improving them till they are perfect.              Cheerleading is a competitive, physical, and time consuming commitment abut in the end it can be fun and exciting sport. Tumbling and be exciting for the fans to watch as cheerleaders flaunt their skills and abilities. Fans can enjoy this a all year round sport at any basket or football game.              ...

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Cheerleading vs. dancing.

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                          Cheerleading and Dancing are two very similar types of sports, but at the same time, they are quite different in their own ways. Many might think of them as the same sport, but after noting the differences, they can be clearly seen as two different sports. They have many characteristics that are closely related, but to me they are unique individually. As a former cheerleader, I know that cheerleading and dancing are not the same sport. .              Cheerleading originated to be used to get the crowds and players pumped for the game. They are "spirit bunnies," as we once called them at Westwood, and are determined to provide spirit to players and fans. Dancing, however, is a sport that is mainly for show. The dancers use their talent to give a performance for others to watch. They aren't necessarily there for others, sometimes it's just because they like to dance. The dancing is a form of art for the dancers. Cheerleading, in a way, has originated from dancing because cheerleaders use a lot of dance in cheer. They also pump the crowd up at Pep Rally's or at pre-games with dances. Dancers can provide a show to pump people up, too. The Super bowl halftime show is an example of this and NBA basketball games.              Another characteristic of the two sports that makes them similar is the fact that they both require lots of energy. Participants must be physically fit for both sports since either a dancer or cheerleader are constantly moving. Dancing is strenuous on the body. In cheerleading, stunts need a lot of strength in both the upper and lower body. Discipline is also an important factor because of the seriousness of the sport. Stunting can be dangerous, and that is why a cheerleader must be in good shape. .              Cheerleading is a sport composed of cheering, dancing, and stunting. The combining of these characteristics is what makes it different from dancing. In dancing, the sport mainly consists of a choreographed dance routine to perform for others.

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Personal Narrative: Cheerleading

Cheerleading A jolt of energy rushed through my body and hit my heart when they call me up to get the team trophy. Not fourth, third, or second, but first place for the third year in a row. Being a captain of a team is an amazing experience. You get to see your team physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for competition. It's a lot of hard work, but if you try your hardest, make all the practices and have a passion for cheerleading its worth it. Every year we take a few weeks to build a competition routine, the out come is incredible, but the celebration is the best part. Preparing for competition is easier said than done, you need a passion to complete the task. Competition is extremely stressful, but amazing at the same time. It?s a process of mixed emotions, not knowing if it?s importance will have a meaning in the end. Having practice six times a week allows us to work on our jumps, cheers, dances, tumbling, and the most difficult, stunting. Just the counts and lifting people in the air is traumatic enough, but repeating it over and over again it gets strenuous. Dancing is relaxing when you have counts to them, but when you have to learn the dance to the music people get confused and don?t know when to leave to the next formation. Team members start getting fed up with each other at the closing stages of practice, it?s just a natural human reaction after practicing with the same fifteen to twenty girls for three hours. At last we had brought all our practicing skills into work at the final stages. After working hard for three solid months it all paid off, the competing mat was beneath our feet. It was as if I could almost hear the girl?s hearts thumping before we walked onto the mat. I couldn?t stop smiling, I had the biggest grin on my face as if I were the cat who just ate the canary. Only when I thought that was enough, my facial expressions were amazing, all the nights I spent in front of the mirror or watching my self through the reflection of the glass door in my kitchen. It?s hard to go first because watching all the other teams compete makes you think, how did I do?

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that being a captain is an amazing experience. they get to see their team physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for competition.
  • Opines that preparing for competition is easier said than done, but it's a process of mixed emotions.
  • Describes how they were proud of their team, not only for winning first place, but also for making it all the way there.
  • Narrates how the last game was very arousing for the reason that everyone was splitting up. some girls stayed on the team and some went to high school and joined the jv or varsity team.
  • Opines that winning first place in competition makes you have stronger feelings for your team.

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Cheerleading Personal Statement

Next year, as I embark my first year at university, I hope to fully integrate myself into the community by getting involved in the Students' Union, joining the cheer team, volunteering where I can and making many new friends along the way. At university, I hope to maintain a high grade point average, granted that my education is extremely important to me and that I am extremely ambitious about achieving my goals.Therefore, I will commit lots of my time to my studies in hopes of being a successful student. Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to being a part of the community by devoting my extra time to helping those around me. In classes, I intend on being an active learner, a respectful student, and a helpful classmate; someone who is always willing to lend a hand to others. Through engaging in my community, I hope to bring joy to others around me by spending my time supporting local events, volunteering for fundraisers, and helping plan and organize campus activities.

Personal Essay About Competitive Cheerleading

I’ve been doing competitive cheerleading since the third grade. Competitive cheerleading being the third most dangerous sport in the world, I was going to get injured at one point or another; it just depends on when and how bad the injury is. Most cheerleaders hide injuries from coaches and other athletes to continue with the season, like if the athlete has a broken rib, jammed finger, sprained ankle, or wrist. Some injuries just cannot be ignored, like a torn ACL, achilles, obvious broken bones, concussions, or a jammed back. No athlete wants to be injured, but sometimes that’s the best thing that can happen to them.

Competitive Cheerleading Research Paper

While we headed down to the mat, I could see all the other cheerleaders nervous as can be. Because all the teams in the arena had to go down on the mat, it was very crowded and hot. When my team found a spot on the mat, we danced like animals along with the music that was playing. After all the teams got on the floor, we all sat down and listened quietly while we heard the announcer announce the awards. Because of all the teams in each division, the announcer only announced the top three so it will go faster. After a while, it finally got to the division that my team was in. As we bow our heads and hold each other's hand tightly, we listen carefully. As each name was called, I got more and more nervous. After the last team name was called we let go of each other’s hand and looked around and cheered for everyone who did make it in the top three. Even though we didn’t make the top three, we were still excited for the other

Cheerleading Essay

Over the years it has been debated many times whether or not cheerleading is a sport or a club so what is the verdict? Is cheerleading a sport or is cheerleading not a sport? Truthfully, there are two types of cheerleading, sideline cheerleading and competitive cheerleading. There are multiple distinguishing factors of competitive cheer and sideline cheer. The hours of practice, the level of skill, and the end goals of the two types are what set them apart. While there is a lot of heavy debate on the topic it is obvious that competitive cheerleading is a sport and is one of the most difficult sports to do well and sideline cheerleading is not.

High School Cheerleaders Essay

It’s a time out, all of those Friday night lights, shining in your face as you toss your best friend into the air as she kicks and twists and lands right back in your arms. Football season, every high school cheerleaders favorite season. Down on the track, lined in perfect lines, they yell at the crowd, “Are you proud to be a Tiger?” and the immediate reaction from the football fans in unison was, “Yes we are!” Most people say they’re at the games for the attention during school, but if you’d take the time to ask the cheerleaders why they do what they do, you’d get the same answer that I got from my sister when I interviewed her. She took the time to explain to me why she became a cheerleader and then progressed into saying, “I stick with it [cheerleading] because

The Discourse Community that I am a part of is the Lake High School Cheerleading Team. I was on Varsity for all four years of high school for football and basketball seasons. We are not your typical high school cheerleading team however; we stunt, tumble, and compete. We break the status quo of being dumb blondes and we work hard to be the athletes that we are. The crisis of the Lake High School Cheerleading Team is the stereotypes that our high school students and administration makes towards us. This crisis is important because we, as cheerleaders, take offense when people tell us that we are something we are not. We are tired of having these false accusations made towards us, so we want to let our audience

Narrative Essay About Cheerleading

Movies portray cheerleaders as the popular girls that everyone likes and aspires to be. But when reality hits at Salem High School, it’s a completely different story. Cheerleading was taken as a joke by the other athletes and even students. It was considered a hobby, but to me it was a passion and something I worked hard to be. Being on the cheer squad in high school was difficult to deal with in school because we were constantly being snubbed by the other athletes and students in our school ever since we were kids in junior high which should not happen because everyone has the right to do what they love and they should not be judged for it being different than everyone else. It was always us versus them up until my junior year of high school when we finally earned the respect of our peers.

Personal Narrative: The Ultimate Cheer Marathon

Imagine you see something or someone you thought you would never see before. I had that experience it before at the Ultimate Cheer Marathon. It was so breathtaking watching my favorite cheer squad face-to-face inside the big stadium, where the audience roared as they stepped on the mat. You seen amazing tumbling, perfect choreography, and the concession stand had excellent refreshments. Watching cheer in real life is such a fantastic experience. You should give it an attempt.

Cheerleading: My Life

It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life. - One Tree Hill

Personal Narrative: Tryouts

Tryouts. Tryouts. Tryouts. Tryouts were in five days for one spot on the varsity basketball lineup. All I could think about twenty four seven was about how I needed to perform on thursday. I was freshman at Calvin Christian high school. If I was able to get on the team I would be breaking Calvin Christian history; never has a freshman been pulled up to varsity before the season. It was sunday afternoon and when most kids are watching football on tv, I had my mom drive me to MVP. MVP is a sports complex in cascade. I had basketball training session at 4:00 with Abdou my trainer.

Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With Team Sports

Sweat, aching muscles, and green spread out before me. I’d been practicing, I went hard and did my best to improve in every possible aspect. I worked not only on my form, my precision, and my power, but also on my mind; my mental game. I had to tell myself I could do it, I had to be confident in myself, no reassurance from others. I was told I had no chance, how could I win. I was expected to lose, and I thought I would.

Informative Essay: The Sport Of Cheerleading Today

Beep, the buzzer has gone off, now all eyes are on you. You and your teammates pull all the tricks you know. One girl is being lifted by three others, standing on one leg high in the air. Another is hurling her body through the air flipping across the ground; a thud is heard every time her hands or feet meet the floor. You have a large megaphone in your hands and you are yelling through it with everything you have. This is cheerleading. It is a place to compete, but there is also a place on the sidelines. It is a place for friendship and teamwork. Cheerleading of yesterday is nothing like cheerleading today. Cheerleading may not have started as a sport, but now it has grown into a full-fledged sport that is enjoyed by many.

What Cheerleading Means To Me Essay

Cheerleading has affected many lives in a positive way and proven that sports can help build character and change a person for the better. I have been an all-star cheerleader at Cheer Extreme all-stars for the last two years but have participated in all-star cheerleading since I was three years old. Through this sport, I have become a summit champion, triple crown champion and bronze medalist at the 2017 world championship. While these accomplishments may have seem important at the time, I quickly learned that cheerleading is about more than the jackets and the rings. Winning has become a huge part of any sport but in a survey of seven cheerleaders they revealed the true meaning of the sport. When asked the

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My hands get clammy and emotions are running wild. When they call my team we all run out frantically and realize there's one last chance with this team, one last chance with this routine, some athletes final shot at the state championship! The lights gleam bright and it is time to do my job and put faith in my team to do the same. Two minutes and thirty seconds go by and that's the end of it all… walking off the mat knowing I did the best I can do and the rest is in the judge's hands. Sitting at awards, waiting desperately as they call each team third, second, and first place goes to Carrollton high school! The drop of my stomach and the tears that ran down my face. I was so shocked all the fame and victory made all the hard work worth

Cheerleading Competition: A Tale of Fear and Triumph

October 25th, the day of the 2014 Beach District Cheerleading Competition and our chance to go to Regionals. I woke up that morning with a knot in my stomach because I knew our time had come. We worked so hard those past three months to perfect our routine; we knew we were ready to win. As we were in the waiting area for our team to get called, my heart was pounding in fear and excitement. While watching the other teams on the projector, which I would prefer not to do. In a cheerleading competition I worry if the performing team is perfect, because the competition is more serious. Just my luck, it's our turn to warm-up. At that point, I'm terrified, my body became numb. I hate when my body does that because I feel as if I would pass out. Our

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Cheer and Dance

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Do you think that cheering and dance are similar? Cheering and dance do have many things in common. When people think of cheering and dance they think they are total opposites, but in reality they aren’t. In some ways cheering and dance are not similar. In dance you have different motions there is one major difference which is cheerleaders cheer. The number one thing that cheerleaders and dancers have in common is there attitudes. Both dance and cheerleading require positive attitude. Having a positive attitude lets them deal with criticism and allows them to take the advice and improve their mistakes. Also having and showing a positive attitude goes a long way in improving their performances. It allows them to keep their energy up and shows that they are very serious in what they do because if you make one false move, or one wrong step, the consequence could be serious. The consequence could lead to injuries or low scores at competition. Positive attitudes let people see their energy and enthusiasm. Incidentally, cheer and dance are different in their own way. They both have a routine choreographed with music and have some type of dance. In dance there are variety types of dance moves. Ballroom, jazz, ballet, hip hop, belly dancing, break dancing, and lyrical are just a few dances. Cheerleading sometimes borrow moves and techniques from dances. Both cheer and dance compete in competitions. Dancers usually perform at recitals. At recitals there is no competition so no one is scored; on the other hand, there’s not a winning or losing team. Cheerleading and dance teams often perform at halftime shows during a sporting event. Cheerleaders also perform on the sidelines at sporting events. As much as we have our differences and similarities, cheering and dance are alike in numerous ways. People often think that they have nothing in common but in reality they do.

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Why cheerleading should be considered a sport.

...Did you know that many of our Presidents were Cheerleaders? Including Franklin Roosevelt, George W. Bush, and Dwight Eisenhower. Another I interesting fact is that there are 4 million cheerleaders in the world. Cheer should be considered a sport. One reason cheerleading is a sport is because it has a purpose and a set of rules. The purpose of cheerleading is to win first place at all your competitions, get payed bids, and make it to worlds or state to be crowned the champions. In the 1980's more stunts were added to competitive cheerleading. Another reason cheer can be a sport is because it must have a set of rules. For example one of the rules are you can't pass/step on the white tape on the mat or that will be a deduction according to IRCA....

Words: 370 - Pages: 2

Informative Essay, softball, did ballet. Basically every activity my mom could possibly put me in. All of those activities were okay, but cheerleading became something that was special to me. I first began cheering in middle school for the Hazelwood West Junior Wildcats. I cheered on the team throughout middle school literally dedicating all of my free time to cheerleading. I lived, ate, and dreamed cheer. I went on to continue cheering throughout my high school career, cheering for all Hazelwood West athletics, including: soccer, football, basketball, and wrestling. I was a hardcore dedicated athlete, and I had spirit like no other. From traditional sideline cheerleading to competition cheerleading I have really done it all. Being a top- notch cheerleader did not come easy at all though. It took dedication, practice, and determination. In cheerleading the most important thing is motion placement. As noted by the National Cheerleading Association, motions must be sharp, strong, and neat. (National) These motions come into play in more than just cheers and sidelines you perform. They are in the dance move that you will execute and the stunts you intend on hitting. Proper arm placement is also a must. You want to avoid things like cocked wrists, bent arms, and overextension of the arms. The basic motion of a cheerleader is the ready position, which is hand behind your back with your feet shoulder width apart, along with a big smile on your face. The next motion is a lunge. This is......

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Rules and Guidelines in Cheer Dancing

...FAIRVIEW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Subang Jaya) RULES and GUIDELINES in CHEER DANCING 1. There shall be a minimum of ____________ and a maximum of _____________ cheer dancers per year level. (Spotters/lifters can be boy or girl) Dancers (boys and girls); Pep squad (mixed; maximum of 20 members) 2. There shall be no limit on instruments (tape, drums, guitar, keyboard, etc.) to be used in the cheer dancing presentation, as well as in the number of props (except for hazardous ones). 3. Only light apparatus are allowed for the cheering presentation such as ribbons, dumbbells, small flags and the like. 4. A number shall include choreography of the following: * More or less 20% for gymnastic skills (basic positions, stunts, floor skills, tumbling, pyramid building, etc.) In pyramid building, the highest level can only reach up to 2nd level including the base. Basket tossing is not allowed. * More or less 80% for dance skills (aerobics, jazz, modern dance, social dances, etc.) 5. Criteria for the performance in cheer dancing are as follows: * Choreography - 45% * Overall Impact/Projection - 15% * Synchronization - 10% * Costume - 10% * Voice Quality - 10% * Clarity of Cheer - 10% 100% 6. The duration of the presentation will be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes including the entrance and exit sequences.......

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Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

...When most people hear the word “cheerleading,” they think of teenage girls walking around school in their uniforms, and doing cheers while walking down the halls, right? Well, normally, that’s only in movies. Thankfully, the group I myself take part in is a competitive, extreme, sport. Don’t think of it as just a ‘hobby’ truly, people dedicate their time and lives to this sport. Honestly, it all matters on which group of cheer you join. Cheerleading originally started in 1898 when a student decided to cheer on their team at a football game. A student with the name Johnny Campbell, gathered a group together to start yelling and cheering for their team. People often say cheerleading is ‘girly’. Believe it or not, after cheerleading became an official sport, this was a sport only men were allowed to participate in. It wasn’t until 1923 that women were allowed to take part in this sport. (Site Page) Why exactly is cheerleading not considered a sport? The Women's Sports Foundation makes it clear that “any physical activity in which relative performance can be judged or qualified can be developed into a competitive sport.” (site page) Cheerleading meets all the athletic specifications too. It must be a “...physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass. ‘Contesting’ or competing against/with an...

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How to Do a Cheer Routine Well

...How to do a cheer routine well! Many people stereotype cheerleaders as the pretty, popular airheads who stand on the sideline to look good, but that is farther from the truth than you could ever imagine. Cheering at football games may seem very easy, but it takes a lot to memorize over a dozen cheers with hand motion and footwork. Being a sideline cheerleader isn’t the only kind of cheering that there is. There’s also competition cheering. Competition cheering includes dance, tumbling (gymnastics), jumps, stunting, and of course the cheer part. Competition cheering takes place in the winter when basketball would. If you play basketball, you obviously enough have to be in shape. In cheering it’s the same kind of idea. Cheerleaders for a competition team aren’t running up and down a court for four quarters, but they do have a fast, strenuous, and exhausting routine that they have to perform in two minutes or under. In the routine you have to have three jumps, a tumbling sequence, five stunts or tosses, a dance, and a cheer. Can you imagine doing all that in two minutes? People may think that cheerleaders can’t score points, so therefore, it’s not a sport, but that’s not true. In cheerleading competitions, you are scored on your routine and how well you do. It’s like gymnastics, gymnasts are judged on their different events. At a competition when you do something good, you get points and if you do something bad, you lose points. Even though your not shooting a ball into a......

Words: 376 - Pages: 2

Who I Am Today Analysis

...Who I am today is not who I was a couple years ago. My perspective of reality made a dramatic turn at the end of my eighth grade year. I was the shy, quiet, awkward girl who wanted to be of all things ... a cheerleader. Tryouts first started May, I missed the first day of practice so I had only one day to learn the dance and then tryout out in front of the coach and other girls I did not know. I felt lonely and afraid but determined to get my spot on the team. After I went to practice, quickly learned the dance and sidelines, and got compliments on being a fast learner, I knew I began to grow more and more confident in myself more than I have ever been. After school I ran quickly to Stockdale High School and changed into my preppy cheer...

Words: 636 - Pages: 3

...Many people stereotype cheerleaders as the pretty, popular airheads who stand on the sideline to look good, but that is farther from the truth than you could ever imagine. Cheering at football games may seem very easy, but it takes a lot to memorize over a dozen cheers with hand motion and footwork. Being a sideline cheerleader isn’t the only kind of cheering that there is. There’s also competition cheering. Competition cheering includes dance, tumbling (gymnastics), jumps, stunting, and of course the cheer part. Competition cheering takes place in the winter when basketball would. If you play basketball, you obviously enough have to be in shape. In cheering it’s the same kind of idea. Cheerleaders for a competition team aren’t running up and down a court for four quarters, but they do have a fast, strenuous, and exhausting routine that they have to perform in two minutes or under. In the routine you have to have three jumps, a tumbling sequence, five stunts or tosses, a dance, and a cheer. People may think that cheerleaders can’t score points, so therefore, it’s not a sport, but that’s not true. In cheerleading competitions, you are scored on your routine and how well you do. It’s like gymnastics, gymnasts are judged on their different events. At a competition when you do something good, you get points and if you do something bad, you lose points. Even though your not shooting a ball into a net, you can still score. I think the reason people......

Words: 320 - Pages: 2

Personal Narrative-High School i’m good at. Being a sophomore in cheer I gained more Leadership skills from teaching and guiding the underclassmen. I learned many new cheer Stunts at camp. A newer, better version, in my opinion, of Jumanji came out this year, starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. It was hilarious! Thor: Ragnarok also came out this year and they ruined his perfect hair by cutting it off!! I made sure that I did not miss out on any of the fun at the four high school Dances this school year. My mom threw me a surprise Sweet 16 Birthday party this past fall. “Daaaang, shorty let me get them digits!” is what Roylin said after seeing a very hot guy while shopping after cheer camp. “7/11” by...

Words: 1273 - Pages: 6


...placed fourth at the IHSA competition and was lucky enough to get to go to state. We also qualified to move onto the ICCA championship. Oblong is in the small varsity division due to our enrollment of under 660 students in our high school. There are also other divisions such as medium, large, and co-ed. The small varsity division consists of twelve or less girls or eleven girls and one guy. The medium division can have thirteen to sixteen girls or less. The large varsity can have seventeen or more on the floor, but also like the other divisions, they can have less. The co-ed division may have two or more males on the squad. A routine can be up to three minutes or less, but each squad tries to do their best to reach three minutes. Our cheer coach, Mary Patchett, hires a choreographer to make up a routine for our competitions. Picking a choreographer is trial and error and you find out a lot about them by word of the mouth. A coach never knows very much about him or her until...

Words: 894 - Pages: 4

Persuasive Essay on Cheerleading

...The Truth About Cheering Many people stereotype cheerleaders as the pretty, popular airheads who stand on the sideline to look good, but that is farther from the truth than you could ever imagine. Cheering at football games may seem very easy, but it takes a lot to memorize over a dozen cheers with hand motion and footwork. Being a sideline cheerleader isn’t the only kind of cheering that there is. There’s also competition cheering. Competition cheering includes dance, tumbling (gymnastics), jumps, stunting, and of course the cheer part. Competition cheering takes place in the winter when basketball would. If you play basketball, you obviously enough have to be in shape. In cheering it’s the same kind of idea. Cheerleaders for a competition team aren’t running up and down a court for four quarters, but they do have a fast, strenuous, and exhausting routine that they have to perform in two minutes or under. In the routine you have to have three jumps, a tumbling sequence, five stunts or tosses, a dance, and a cheer. Can you imagine doing all that in two minutes? People may think that cheerleaders can’t score points, so therefore, it’s not a sport, but that’s not true. In cheerleading competitions, you are scored on your routine and how well you do. It’s like gymnastics, gymnasts are judged on their different events. At a competition when you do something good, you get points and if you do something bad, you lose points. Even though your not shooting a ball into a net,......

Words: 486 - Pages: 2

Cheerleading Research Paper

...couldn’t do dances for halftime, or do any of the varsity cheers, or basically hangout with the varsity cheerleaders which wasn’t fun because they thought they were better than jv “junior Varsity”. The first day of the information meeting was the scariest day of my life because a lot of girls are trying out for basketball cheer, which means a lot of girls are getting cut, and I thought maybe I would that person to get cut. The three days of cheer were the most exhausting days of my life because I didn’t exercise over the summer;so all the conditioning...

Words: 469 - Pages: 2

Personal Narrative: Cheer Should Not Be Considered A Sport

...You always hear of people rambling on and on about their favorite sports, and how they get so involved into a game they aren't even playing. Well have you ever put into thought as to how many sports there really are? Thinking as a high school student it's hard to open the idea that there are many other sports to play other than high school sports seasons. Well, all around the country and even world many pass the time by engaging inan activity suited for them. Now, I've always been a cheerleader, that doesn't mean I haven't participated in other sports, it's just the fact my body was more suited to be in cheer. Many believe that cheer should not be considered a sport, I mean why should they? The only parts many outsiders get to witness is our...

Words: 395 - Pages: 2

...a walked into the door. I told her what had happen and she was extremely disappointed. She explained the benefits of being a cheerleader and how it would help me get out of my shell. Fortunately, Diana’s words stuck with me the next day. I went to try-outs with a new mind set. For the next two weeks, I gave all that I could. On September 21st I tried out for Hallandale High School’s cheerleading squad. On September 22nd I was apart of the cheerleading squad. A new chapter of my life had begun. Essay Part B: Describe how you overcame this challenge. Tell us how it has shaped you as an individual. (250 to 500 words) While trying out I felt like I was an apple trying to be an orange. It didn’t feel right. We had to learn 10 cheers and two dances. Being a slow learner, I struggled to keep up. I never did anything like this in my life before. Cheering was like a foreign language to me. You had to be stiff like a rock...

Words: 811 - Pages: 4

Free Argumentative Essays: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

...Benefits of Cheerleading Cheer is a sport that brings to mind young girls and women wearing outfits, waving poms, performing intricate dance routines and leading crowd cheers. Cheerleading can actually be a very beneficial sport to consider. It requires a lot of skill put together. Cheerleading becomes a legitimate sport when it comes to competitive cheer. There are a few different benefits girls or boys can gain from competitive cheerleading. One main benefit to cheerleading is having the scholarship opportunity. The article “Scholarships and Benefits” states, “At the University of Mississippi, in addition to a $1,000-a-year scholarship for all cheerleading squads, Ole Miss pays all cheerleading expenses, including summer camp fees” (Valliant). This shows that going to a big school like Ole Miss benefits scholarship wise and helps to get through some payments. Also written in this article Valliant says “Most cheerleading scholarships range between $500 and $600 a semester, or $1,000 to $1,200 a year” (Valliant). This proves that people will benefit from some more even if it is not a whole lot but when it comes to college it better than nothing. It doesn’t really matter how much is...

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Is Cheerleading a Sport

...with cheering on the sidelines at games, most cheerleading squads participate in heated competitions to show their athleticism. Although it is not officially defined as a sport by the NCAA, it obviously should be for many different reasons. defines a sport as "an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature. Cheerleading is defined as” the action and skill of a cheerleader.” So what is a cheerleader? A cheerleader is’ a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering at a pep rally and athletic events. Cheerleading definitely fulfills this criteria maybe even better than other activities commonly called sports. I interviewed a young lady named Schae who used to cheer for Kenmore High School. She is now a senior and attends a different school. When she cheered for Kenmore she thought that the team was a wonderful team and cheerleading was something that she always looked forward too. . She loves...

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Essay on Cheerleading

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100 Words Essay on Cheerleading

What is cheerleading.

Cheerleading is a lively activity where teams cheer for their sports team and entertain audiences. It combines dance, jumps, cheers, and stunts to lead the crowd to support their team. Cheerleaders wear matching uniforms and use pom-poms.

The History of Cheerleading

Cheerleading started in the United States around 1898. It was first an all-male activity, but now it is mostly females. Over time, it has become more complex with difficult stunts and gymnastics included.

Types of Cheerleading

There are two main types of cheerleading: school cheerleading and competitive cheerleading. School cheerleaders cheer for their school’s sports teams, while competitive cheerleaders compete against other teams.

Skills Required

Cheerleaders must be fit, strong, and flexible. They need to work as a team and have the ability to perform under pressure. Being positive and energetic is also important to be a good cheerleader.

Benefits of Cheerleading

Cheerleading teaches teamwork, discipline, and confidence. It also improves physical health. Most importantly, it’s fun and allows cheerleaders to make friends and enjoy school spirit.

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250 Words Essay on Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a lively activity where teams shout out special cheers and perform high-energy routines to support sports teams and entertain audiences. It includes dance, jumps, tumbling, and stunts. Cheerleaders wear bright, matching outfits and use pom-poms, banners, and megaphones to grab everyone’s attention.

Cheerleading started in the United States around the late 1800s. It was first an all-male activity, with men leading crowds at football games. Women joined in when most young men went to fight in World War II. Since then, cheerleading has grown a lot and is now a mostly female sport, though men still participate.

Competitions and Teams

Cheerleading isn’t just about supporting other sports. Teams also compete against each other. They work hard to create perfect routines that they perform in front of judges. The judges look at how well they do their stunts, dance, and tumbling. The teams try to be the best and win trophies.

The Importance of Teamwork

Being a cheerleader means you have to work well with others. Team members must trust each other, especially when doing dangerous stunts. Everyone has a special role, and they must all practice a lot to make sure their routines are safe and look good.

Cheerleading is a fun and exciting sport that helps people feel the spirit of a game and entertains them. It teaches teamwork, dedication, and athleticism. Whether cheerleaders are lifting the crowd’s spirit or competing, they bring energy and joy wherever they go.

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500 Words Essay on Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a lively activity that combines dance, acrobatics, and chants to support sports teams and entertain audiences. Often seen on the sidelines of football and basketball games, cheerleaders use pompoms, jumps, and cheers to get the crowd excited and cheer on their team. It’s not just about shouting and clapping; cheerleaders practice hard to perform their routines with energy and precision.

Cheerleading started in the United States over 100 years ago. It began as an all-male activity at university football games, with students leading the crowd in cheers to support their team. Over time, cheerleading transformed and women became the majority. Now, it’s a sport that both boys and girls enjoy all over the world.

There are two main types of cheerleading: sideline and competitive. Sideline cheerleading is what you see at sports games, where cheerleaders lead cheers and perform routines to support a team. Competitive cheerleading is different. Teams compete against each other, showing off their best jumps, stunts, and dance moves. They work on a routine, set to music, that they perform at competitions.

The Skills Needed

Being a cheerleader takes a lot of different skills. Cheerleaders must be strong and fit to lift their teammates and perform jumps and stunts. They also need to be able to dance and move to the beat of the music. Timing is important because all the moves need to be done together, as a team. Cheerleaders also need to be loud and clear when they lead cheers so the crowd can follow along.

Teamwork is at the heart of cheerleading. Each member of the team has a role to play, and they must trust each other to perform stunts and routines safely. They practice together for hours to make sure everyone knows the routine perfectly. When they perform, they rely on each other to do their part so the whole routine looks smooth and impressive.

Safety in Cheerleading

Cheerleading can be risky because of the high-flying stunts and complex moves. That’s why safety is very important. Cheerleaders use mats when they practice stunts, and they learn how to fall without getting hurt. They also have coaches who teach them the correct way to perform each move. By practicing safely, cheerleaders can avoid injuries and have fun.

In conclusion, cheerleading is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, teamwork, and spirit. It has a rich history and continues to evolve. Whether on the sidelines of a game or in a competition, cheerleaders work hard to perfect their routines and lift the spirits of those around them. It’s a challenging and exciting activity that brings people together to support and motivate their teams.

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Being A Cheerleading Essay

Kansas city athletic cheerleading research paper.

Competitive cheerleading has been my passion ever since I was six years old, but not until I became an athlete at Kansas City Athletic Cheer did I fall in love with it. Being a part of the highest level team at Kansas City Athletic Cheer, Platinum, meant that cheer would become my entire life. I lived for the hard practices, competing in front of thousands of spectators around the country, and most importantly being a part of something that was bigger than myself. This place was filled with coaches and teammates that unfailingly brightened my day. Whenever I had a bad day or just felt down, it was always my place to go to escape reality and release stress.

Competitive Cheerleading Comparison Essay

Cheerleading is a sport that often goes unacknowledged for its athletic demands and time commitment required from its athletes. There are two main types of cheerleading today: high school cheering and competitive cheering. The main difference between the two is the amount of athleticism each athlete needs to obtain. Another difference is the time requirement for each. With both comes different financial demands and travel obligations.

Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

When it comes to competitive cheer, there is a lot more than yelling chants. Cheerleading requires sharp/quick motions, strength, along with perfect timing. Cheerleaders have to have the ability to throw 100+ pound girls in the air and be able to catch them. In conclusion, cheerleading is dangerous, competitive, and takes time and dedication. These are all the components of what society considers a “true sport.”

Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

Cheerleading isn’t a real sport When people think of sports they think of homeruns being hit, touchdowns being thrown, goals being kicked, hockey players beating each other up, and hearing the swish of the net. Not a bunch of girls running back and forth doing flips and tricks. I believe cheerleading is not a sport for one of many reasons. First of all when a sport is being played whether it’s Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball there’s always periods, halves, quarters and the game usually takes about 3 hours. With cheerleading, they perform for about 3 minutes to a song in front of a couple judges.

Informative Essay On Cheerleading Stereotypes

If you want to learn more steps buy my DVD. Step One: In order to be a cheerleader, you need to fail all your classes and act dumber than you are because everyone knows that cheerleaders aren't that smart. If a teacher asks you a question,

Persuasive Essay: Why Cheerleading Should Be A Sport

Cheerleading should be a sport because of the requirements, definitions, and the dangers. You could go from point flyer to having to communicate by blinking an eye. Cheerleading meets the Woman’s Sport Foundation Requirements. One requirement is it must be a Physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass. Stunting, cheerleaders hold and throw other people into the air and push them up with their arms and legs.

Cheerleading Accomplishments

Many people have good and bad experiences about the sports or hobbies they love. For myself, cheerleading is one of those that I have excelled in due to the amazing coaches that have taught me. It is not only a skill, but a respectable title in my eyes. Although I have grown a love and passion for cheer, it was not easy at first glance. Unfortunately, failure came before success.

Satire On Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are fascinating. They flip, jump, throw people up in the air, and seem to be perfect while doing it. They have their own little world. Their own little lingo, which only other cheerleaders understand.

Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

The word sport is defined as "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. Cheerleading isnt a sport but people are working really hard for other people to accept it as a sport. Cheerleading is an activity where you make a routine and perform it for points, and even win awards at competitions. When you perform you are against many teams in your division. Cheerleaders take a lot of time to train and prepare for the competition, also cheerleading is more physically demanding than other sports, lastly cheerleading meets all the requirements to be a sport.

Informative Speech About Cheerleading

We’re not here to show you high school cheerleading. We’re here to show you the young women and men putting all of their free-time into a stuffy old gym. Trusting each other with their lives and defying gravity. We’re not here to show you the average athlete.

Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Cheerleading

Cheerleading can not be done by one person, but with the help of several athletes. School cheerleading is also done to show sportsmanship and spirit. Cheerleaders are a reflection of their school, and must act like it. I promise to always represet the school in a positive way and to always show righteousness to each an every athlete. Cheerleading is not always seen as a “sport” by everyone.

Essay On Cheer Captain

Being cheer captain is a very important job not only is it important, but it comes with many responsibilities. Cheerleading itself is a very special privilege that people all around the world get to have the opportunity to do. Making the cheer team is one of the most exciting times of one’s life but becoming captain would be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that would be a pleasure of anyone. Becoming cheer captain would give me the opportunity to be a good image to the squad, showcase my leadership abilities, and motivate my squad to spread spirit all throughout the school. When I think of a cheer captain I think of someone who gets along with every member of the team and is well liked by every last person on the team to include the coaches.

What is Cheerleading? Many may think it’s a sport that you dress up, apply makeup, slick your hair with a bow, and simply put on a smile, and yell as loud as you can to keep the crowd pumped. Cheerleading includes all those easy and pretty factors, but it is also a sport that you stunt, tumble, and jump. Jumps and tumbling may seem really easy to many people, but there’s more work done than most might think is possible. Stunting is also a major element in cheer, and that’s what really pleases the crowd, but stunting takes tons of work.

Why Cheerleading Is Important To Me Essay

Pom pom’s, short skirts, and lipstick. This is probably what first comes to your mind when you hear cheerleader. However, there is a lot more to cheerleading than that. Throughout these past four years Columbia athletics hasn't just taught me my physical strength, but also the values of commitment, hard work, dedication, leadership, and trust. These values have shaped me into the person I am today and I will continue to use these skills to guide me through my future life.

Being A Cheerleader Essay

As a cheerleader, we represent the High School and our positive and spirited attitude is important because it is seen as a reflection of the school and the cheer team. Little boys and girls, parents and peers, look to us to make a positive difference at school events and in the community. As cheerleaders, it 's our job to be positive role models. From the school hallways to the community, from the sidelines to the classrooms, our dedication, commitment, and a positive

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Cheerleading Routine Essay

cheer dance essay

Show More When people think of cheerleading they are more focused on who is out there and not what is actually incorporated into each routine cheerleaders do. There are many steps into making the routine people see on a competition floor. It is not all about a girl jumping around in short skirts, it takes a lot of muscle and hard work to do a routine. The parts of a routine are: tumbling, stunting, jumping and dancing. This is what cheerleaders put all their hard work into to make a routine that shows off all their skills and to make the crowd amazed by what they can do. Tumbling in a routine is a huge part of a routine and it shows off the skills that people who can tumble have. An example that will be used will be a level 3 team. In level 3, tumbling must originate to and from the performing surface. This means that when tumbling on a level 3 team all tumbling must start and end on the floor. They are not allowed to tumble over, under or through a stunt, but in clarification they can rebound over an individual. Standing tumbling, a cheerleader may not do any flips or twisting while airborne. With the exception of round-offs and front or back handsprings. Running Tumbling, when a cheerleader in doing there running tumbling they are allowed to do back flips, however, it must be in a tuck …show more content… When, we take each part from the tumbling, dancing, stunting and jumping we are creating something amazing that most people would probably be too scared to do in their life, but in reality this is a sport and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a routine the way it is. There are many different way people might see cheerleading and what they think consists of it and until they learn the different parts they are not going to know what it takes to be a cheerleader. When, a cheerleader is putting their all into a routine there is no telling what can be

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Cheerleading is a dumb sport essay.

From doing cartwheels that could snap ankles to flips that could land themselves on their head. In high school cheerleading, a cheer related injury causes the cheerleader to be out for an average of 28.8 days. It’s more than any sport in high school. There are endless risks that take place in cheerleading and the abnormal stunts they perform put more of risk that could really injure themselves. Some cheerleading squads go to the levels of creating human pyramids that could collapse and cause serious injury to the cheerleaders.…

Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

When a person defines a sport, most think of a physical activity with rules and regulation to follow, a team or person that has to practice and have serious risk when playing. Nonetheless, cheerleading is a sport and with time, it may become a well-known sport like football and basketball. Hence, competitive cheerleading is a sport as it takes the same practice to improve as in any other sport. Rules like in many other sports must be followed, and risk of injuries and health are still affected. Altogether cheerleading should be recognize in the same category when defining a sport it still has it far share of…

Why Is Cheerleading Taught Me Essay

Human beings are difficult to understand and that is because we are all different. Though for many, it is easy to say that many of us have a passion that we all pursue. I, too, have a hobby that dwindle upon as well. Up until my freshman year of highschool, I never quite been active until I joined cheer.…

What Does Cheerleading Mean To Me Essay

Many say “Cheerleading isn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life”. If you said that to me four years ago, I would have never believed you. Now, there is no question in my mind that this is true. I was on the varsity cheer team at my high school from freshman to senior year.…

Argumentative Essay: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

The second type of cheerleading is ‘competitive,’ with competitive cheer, you have tumbling and non-tumbling. The debate of whether or not cheerleading is a sport dates back to 1869 when cheerleading first began. By definition competitive cheerleading is a sport and here is why.…

Argumentative Essay: Is Cheer A Sport?

They have to be able to pick up each other and hit very difficult stunts. They also do very complicated tumbling in their routines that is dangerous. So if cheer is as competitive and dangerous as football, why can’t it be considered a sport as well? I don’t think people look at the competitive side of cheerleading. It is not just standing on the sidelines at games.…

All-Star Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

There are multiple types of cheerleading that have several purposes and emphasize on different elements of cheer. Sideline cheerleaders main purpose is to keep the crowd full of energy and chant cheers to motivate the athletes. All-Star cheerleaders main purpose is to compete against other teams. They compete by performing a high energy two minute and thirty second routine that is composed of jumps,motions, tumbling, dance, and stunts. All-Star cheer is more focused on competing against other gyms.…

Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

Cheerleading is much more than just being strong and having coordination. Cheerleader’s have a time limit that they must meet, make sure there spacing in their formations are correct, and they have to keep a high energy level at the same time. According to Julia Angelen Joy, her daughter must watch the things she eats, workout, and attend extra tumbling classes. Despite football being a skillful sport, cheerleading, when taken seriously, can be just as skillful. Some believe that cheerleading is not as much of a sport as football.…

Essay On Why Cheerleading Is Considered A Sport

No one ever knows how difficult it is until they participate in it. Competition cheerleading should be considered a sport, because of the knowledge, athleticism, and intelligence it required to be a serious competitive team. First, cheerleading requires an abundant about of knowledge. There are numerous certifications that are mandatory for coaches to have just like every interscholastic…

Should Cheerleading Be Considered A Sport

It’s known that if cheerleading was indeed considered a sport there would be less injuries because of the better equipment they would be using. Many arguments go across America on whether cheerleading should be considered a sport or not. You can search the web and find a variety of different websites on whether cheer is considered a sport or not and why. Since cheerleaders in high school are not considered a sport, they do not get the proper coaching techniques that they should have. The girls come together and plan everything themselves.…

The mental challenge comes into play during a stunt or a routine which requires many movements happening all at the same time. A cheerleader must be alert and prepared at all times so that no one gets hurt. They must believe in themselves and have self confidence to perform at the best of their ability. So strength building whether physically or mentally is a huge part of cheerleading, just as it is any other…

Is Cheerleading A Sport Essay

The answer to that is more difficult than one would think. Though many people might gossip about how cheerleading is precisely considered not a sport, it is actually one of the most burdensome sports out there. Cheerleading is most definitely a sport due to the fact that it fulfills the requirements needed in the definition “sport”, has many different safety associations/ rules for every type of cheerleader and because parents spend mounds of money due to their son/daughter participating in the sport of cheerleading just as any other guardian would any other sport. When you look up the definition of a sport, the website defines a sport as “an athletic activity that requires physical prowess or skill and often a competitive nature.” Though what it does not incorporate is the trust and the teamwork required for any sport.…

Persuasive Essay On Competitive Cheerleading

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Though still new and misunderstood, competitive cheerleading is a sport and should be treated as one by society. It not only requires an undeniable amount of endurance and strength, but it also fits the definition of a sport perfectly. When it is considered a sport, the amount of injuries will drastically decrease, protecting the lives and bodies of our sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. Cheerleaders defy gravity and look good while doing it. Their teammates are their brothers and sisters, and their coach is their second mom or dad.…

Essay On Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

Cheers the same, same flips. They could just be one big group that doesn’t do anything. But yell and throw their legs in the air. Cheerleaders don’t even support most sport teams they support football and sometimes boys basketball. They don’t support girls anything, they`re a spirt group for a reason, and they`re not even good at doing that.…

Free Argumentative Essays: Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Additionally, cheerleading has the same amount of injuries as any other sport. Cheerleaders can break bones just like anyone else, which why the dangers of cheerleading let’s cheer qualify as a sport. Cheerleaders can get hurt as many times as football player. Cheerleaders are bound to…

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