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Understanding Cultural Relativism In a Multicultural World

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International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding

Yohannes Eshetu

The aim of this review article is to reveal the cons and pros of ethical relativism, especially conventionalism. This article is written with the intention of showing some of the practical upshots of conventionalism without totally denying some of its virtues in a world where diversity of cultures and customs is apparent. The article inquires the question: Is ethical relativism tenable? The review article relies on reviewing secondary sources. What I am arguing in this article is that despite the attraction of ethical relativism as an intellectual weapon to fight against ethnocentrism and cultural intolerance, the view still goes against the idea of intercultural comparison, criticism and moral argumentation, so that it would have serious disastrous implication on practice, especially on the universal character of human rights and shutters all together any sort of moral progress and reform. The article concludes that we can set forth certain objective moral codes, discovered through...

cultural relativism essay pdf

Seungbae Park

Joseph E. Davis

Antti Kauppinen

Stephen Stich and his colleagues have recently argued that moral judgment is not a psychological natural kind, because the features that are supposed to distinguish moral from conventional judgments – authority-independence, generality, and grounding in harm attributions – do not form a nomological cluster. In particular, surveys show that people judge harmful actions to be morally acceptable in certain cultural contexts and under certain de facto rules. I argue that there is an alternative, independently plausible moral signature pattern that is consistent with the available empirical data. According to my Intuitive Deontologist Hypothesis, authority-independence and generality judgments are not driven by harmfulness but by disrespect: we judge actions to be wrong regardless of authority or place when we take them to express objectionable attitudes toward others. Crucially, which attitudes are expressed by actions depends on cultural context, including prevailing de facto norms. This is why the Intuitive Deontologist Hypothesis predicts that harmful actions that in our cultural context express disrespect are not judged to be wrong in sufficiently different cultural contexts, in which they predictably express different attitudes. It also predicts that harmless actions are judged wrong when they are taken to express disrespect or perverse attitudes.

touseef alam

Philadelphia: Rosado Consulting for Change in Human …

Caleb Rosado

One of the most misunderstood concept is the concept of cultural relativism. Yet, in today's multicultural global society, there is no more important understanding to have in light of the interconnectedness of our global village. This article seeks to challenge some of the misunderstandings behind the concept and provide a framework for creating a world that is sage for differences. The understanding provided is one that is essential for students and persons engaged in international markets so as to avoid cultural faux pas.

Maria Baghramian

Peter Critchley

A brief look at the view that 'one man's meat is another man's poison'.

Melese Zeleke

Sonia Sikka

This paper criticises the concept of culture as deployed within debates on moral relativism, arguing for a greater appreciation of the role of power in the production of a society’s purportedly ‘moral’ norms. The argument is developed in three stages: (1) analysis of the relation between ideology and morality, noting that the concept of morality excludes self-serving moral claims and justifications; (2) analysis of the concept of culture, drawing attention to an ambiguity in its usage and to the hierarchical social structures within which the actual bodies of cultures are produced and reproduced; and (3) contention that (1) and (2) provide the basis for a radical and socially effective species of immanent critique: the exposure of existing norms and institutions purported to be morally justified as masks for the self-interest of elite groups.


Kpanie Addy

Current Anthropology

Michael F Brown

The Southern Journal of Philosophy

yitzhak benbaji

David Alvargonzález

Principles of Health Care Ethics

Mark Sheehan

Muhammet Enes Kala

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Menachem Fisch

Jonny Ututalum

Gordon Hemsley

Journal of Business Ethics

Bruce Seaton , Philip Shepherd

Daniel Guerriere

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

Matti Häyry

Shella Gettings

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Decision Sciences

Marion Chiattello

Richard Kulczak


dasarathi bhuyan

Melanie Vauclair

Polish Psychological Bulletin

Seth Oppong, PhD

Anthropological Theory

John T Metts

Journal of Family Therapy

James Mensch

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What's Wrong with Relativism

H.G. Callaway

J. A. Colen

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Elizabeth Ivwurie

Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Carlo Alvaro, Ph.D.

James R Beebe

Chenyang Li

The writer noordan

Journal of Anthropological Research

Elizabeth M Zechenter

New English review

Larry Howard

Hagop Sarkissian , David Tien

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