essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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Essay on the Importance of the English Language for Students

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  • Updated on  
  • Oct 14, 2023

essay on importance of English language

The English language is one of the most popular spoken languages across the world. Because of this reason, more and more people are investing their time in learning the English language. Learning a language is like gaining knowledge with tons of benefits. This blog includes an essay on the importance of the English language for students will help you get a better understanding of the same.

This Blog Includes:

Essay on the importance of the english language in 100 words, essay on the importance of english language in 200 words, reasons to learn the english language, conclusion of the importance of the english language.

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Language is a major means of communication. It is the way by which we share what we want to such as our thoughts with other people. Another purpose of any language is to convey emotions, sentiments, perspectives, attitudes, etc. The English language is the one that serves both the above-mentioned purposes, hence, it is regarded as the first global language ‘Lingua Franca.’

English Language opens a vast sea of opportunities in the world for those who speak this language. It has eventually turned into an essential requirement in various fields such as computing, medicine , business, etc. Hence, we can say that in today’s fast-evolving world, the English Language has become a storehouse of various knowledge.

As today’s world is progressing in all aspects and fields, the English Language is becoming extremely important. Most of the transactions, legal documents, official communications, conversations, etc. are done in English. The information available on the internet is mainly in English, hence, we can say that the English Language is the language of the internet.

Furthermore, The English Language can be of great advantage in getting a job easily. Since it is the language used in various fields, it automatically increases the chances of an individual landing a good job in a well-reputed company. As the English Language is the official language of 53 countries, it helps an individual connect with new people without language becoming a barrier.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, it doesn’t matter. The Engish Language benefits everyone. Especially for students who wish to study abroad , should definitely learn the English Language. A lot of countries, even the ones where English is not even an official language, encourage students to learn English as a secondary language. Learning the English Language will definitely help you in various business endeavors that you may choose to pursue. With the numerous benefits and reasons mentioned above, and countless unnamed ones, it is clear to say that the importance of the English Language is more than meets the eye, and learning the same would open doors to countless opportunities.  

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Essay on the Importance of English Language in 300 words

In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, fit into society, and be future-ready, it becomes essential to learn the English Language, such is the importance of it. It automatically becomes essential because, from the very elementary level, the mode of education itself is English.

The English language is becoming more and more popular each day. As a result of the same, many people are dedicating their time to learning the English Language, as their secondary language. Its true values lie in the ability to help remove various barriers from our day-to-day lives.

  • Travel Purposes: The English language is the official language in approximately 53 countries. More than 1.35 billion people in the world speak English for purposes like tourism, jobs, business meetings, casual visits, etc. English comes in handy in all aspects.
  • English on the Internet: It is clear that English is the language of the Internet. It plays an important role in promoting and spreading the same throughout the world.
  • English for Communication: As mentioned above, English is the Official Language in many countries. Hence, it becomes essential for good communication as well.
  • Use of English in Education: It has become a major language to impart education and explain various concepts to the students in the form of written text, tools, materials, etc. Hence, for students or people involved in activities related to academics, learning English is of utmost importance. 

People all around the world use the English language for various purposes, be it education, or simply communication, English Language is gaining value more than any other language and has become a necessity for almost every individual to learn. Although it might not be the most spoken language in the world, it certainly is used by a major fraction of approximately 400 million people around the world. Hence, we can say that learning the English Language will be extremely beneficial and will open doors to many new opportunities for the individual. 

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The English Language has become a major language to impart education and explain various concepts to the students in the form of written text, tools, materials, etc. Hence, for students or any studying individual, learning English is of utmost importance. 

Language is a major means of communication. It is the way by which we share what we want to such as our thoughts with other people. Another purpose of any language is to convey emotions, sentiments, perspectives, attitudes, etc. The English language is the one that serves both the above-mentioned purposes, hence, it is regarded as the first global language “ Lingua Franca”. English Language opens a vast sea of opportunities in the world for those who speak this language. It has eventually turned into an essential requirement in various fields such as computing, medicine, business, etc. Hence, we can say that in today’s fast-evolving world, the English Language has become a storehouse of various knowledge.

The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. This is leading to more people dedicating time to learning English as their secondary language. The true value of English helps remove many hurdles from our lives. In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, fit into society, and be future-ready, it becomes essential to learn the English Language, such is the importance of it. It automatically becomes essential because, from the very elementary level, the mode of education itself is English. With the numerous benefits and reasons, and countless unnamed ones, it is clear to say that the importance of the English Language is more than meets the eye, and learning the same would open doors to countless opportunities. 

For more information on such interesting topics, visit our essay writing website and follow Leverage Edu .

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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essay about benefits of learning english

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Importance Of English Language Essay


500 Words Importance Of English Language Essay

The English Language is becoming more and more common in the world. As a result, increasingly people are dedicating time to study English as their second language. In fact, many countries include it in their school syllabus to teach children this language from a young age. However, the true value of this language is that it helps remove many barriers from our life. Whether it is to find a new job or travel the world. In other words, it helps to progress in life both on a personal and professional level. Thus, the Importance of English Language Essay will help you understand all about it.

importance of english language essay

Importance Of English Language

Language is our major means of communication; it is how we share our thoughts with others. A language’s secondary purpose is to convey someone’s sentiments, emotions, or attitudes. English is one such language in the world that satisfies both the above purposes. English has been regarded as the first global Lingua Franca. It has become part and parcel of almost every existing field. We use it as the international language to communicate in many fields ranging from business to entertainment.

Many countries teach and encourage youngsters to acquire English as a second language. Even in nations where English is not an official language, many science and engineering curriculum are written in English.

English abilities will most certainly aid you in any business endeavours you choose to pursue. Many large corporations will only hire professional employees after determining whether or not they speak good English. Given the language’s prominence, English language classes will be advantageous to you if you want to work for a multinational organization and will teach you the communication skills needed to network with professionals in your area or enhance your career.

The English Language opens an ocean of career opportunities to those who speak this language anywhere in the world. Similarly, it has turned into an inevitable requirement for various fields and professions like medicine , computing and more.

In the fast-evolving world, it is essential to have a common language that we can understand to make the best use of the data and information available. As a result, the English Language has become a storehouse of various knowledge ranging from social to political fields.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas  

Reasons to Learn the English Language

As the importance of the English Language is clear now, we move on to why we must learn the English Language. First of all, it is a global language. It is so common that one out of five people can speak or understand this language.

Further, learning the English Language can help in getting a job easily. As it has become the language of many fields, it automatically increases the chances of landing a good job in a good company.

In addition, it helps with meeting new people. As it is the official language of 53 countries, learning it helps to break the language barriers. Most importantly, it is also the language of the Internet.

Another important reason to learn this language is that it makes travelling easier. Being a widely used language globally, it will help you connect with people easily. Similarly, it is also essential in the world of business.

It does not matter whether you are an employee or employer, it benefits everyone. Students who wish to study abroad must definitely study this language. Many countries use their schools and universities. So, it can offer a good opportunity for students.

Why and where do we need the English language?

  • Use of English on the Internet – Because of the tremendous rise of information technology, particularly the internet, English is the language of choice for Internet users. The internet has also played an important role in promoting and spreading the English language throughout the world, as more and more people are exposed to it, and English has also become the language of the internet.
  • Use of English in Education – English has become one of the majorly used languages to understand, learn and explain concepts from various fields of knowledge. The majority of instructional tools, materials, and texts are written in English. The global educational systems at colleges all over the world need English as a foreign language.
  • Use of English for Travel purposes – As we all know, English has been named as the official language of 53 countries and over 400 million people in the world speak English, the English language comes in handy for communicating with everyone when anyone travels around the world be it for tourism, job opportunity, settlement, casual visits, etc.
  • Use of English for Communication – The most important function of a language is to allow people to communicate effectively. For many years, English has been the most widely known and valued language on the planet. In other words, English becomes an efficient tool for communicating with people all over the world.

Conclusion of Importance Of English Language Essay

We use the English Language in most of our international communications. While it is not the most spoken language in the world, 53 countries have named it their official language. Moreover, about 400 million people globally use it as their first language. Thus, being the most common second language in the world, it will be beneficial to learn this language to open doors to new opportunities.

FAQ on Importance Of English Language Essay

Question 1: How does the English Language help you get a job?

Answer 1: the  English Language is the language of many things like science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Thus, if you know English, it will increase your chances of landing a good job in an international company.

Question 2: Does the English Language help in connecting with people globally?

Answer 2: Yes, it does. It is because English is the official language of 53 countries and we use it as a lingua franca (a mutually known language) by people from all over the world. This means that studying English can help us have a conversation with people on a global level.


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  • "Why Should I Learn English?" – 10 Compelling Reasons for EFL Learners

boys reading dictionary in class

English has been described as “the language of opportunity”, and by the time you get to the end of this article, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

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  • 20 Weird and Wonderful English Idioms and Their Origins

If you’re currently in the throes of trying to pick a language to study at school, or you fancy taking on a new language in your spare time, we’re willing to bet that the English speakers of this world would join us in giving you the following words of advice: if you have to choose one additional language to learn during the course of your years at school, make it English. Why? Let us count the ways…

1. English is one of the most widely spoken languages

Although it comes second to Mandarin in the total number of speakers, English is the language you’ll be able to use most widely, as it’s spoken in more countries than any other language. That means that English is the language that will give you the best return for your efforts; after all, intellectual challenge aside, there’s little point putting a huge amount of time and effort into learning a language that you’ll hardly ever have the opportunity to use.

As well as the UK, a whopping 60 of the world’s 196 countries have English as their official language:  the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, to name but a few. It’s the language of diplomacy and the official language of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and the European Free Trade Association, not to mention many Commonwealth countries. What’s more, English is the commonly adopted second language of people in a great many more countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland. In total, around 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide – and another billion are in the process of learning it. Will you make this number even bigger by learning it yourself?

2. English will open up more opportunities for you

Image shows a black and white photograph of two tourists on a road in the desert, themselves taking photographs.

Being able to speak English allows you to communicate effectively in numerous countries, and this opens up lots of possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to seek work in one day – not to mention travel to as a tourist. You won’t have to worry about getting lost when you travel to an English-speaking country, as you’ll easily be able to ask for directions, and taking guided tours, ordering food and chatting to the locals will no longer be a source of stress.

What’s more, careers that involve lots of travel or international exposure , such as the airline, tourism and film industries, use English as their official language, and many employers in these sectors are likely to require evidence of a certain level of proficiency in English before they will consider employing you. This means that if you can speak English, you’ll find that you have a greater number of possible careers to choose from after you finish at university.

Study EFL with Oxford Royale

3. english will make you more desirable to employers.

Being fluent in a second language clearly demonstrates a powerful brain and reflects someone who has put in the huge amount of time, resources and commitment needed to master another language. But while being bilingual is impressive full stop, no matter what combination of languages you speak, adding English to your CV will be particularly useful. Not only is it an especially complex language to get to grips with, a fact that reflects well on you for having mastered it, but as we’ve seen, it’s also an incredibly useful language to learn because so many countries speak it. You’ll be in a much stronger position to apply for jobs overseas if you’ve reached a good level of fluency in English.

English has been referred to as “the language of business”, and it’s not hard to see why. If you have ambitions to become an international businessperson, it’s essential that you’re able to speak English fluently; business conducted internationally is done in English more often than not. Even if you’re not thinking of living and working abroad, that doesn’t mean you won’t find English a helpful language to put on your CV. There may well be plenty of English-speaking multinational corporations with offices in your home country. What’s more, English skills are just as desirable to employers in your own country and language as they are to employers in English-speaking countries. Here are just three examples to give you an idea of the kind of situations in which English may come in useful in your own country:

  • Business meetings – being able to speak English puts you in a position to be able to attend or hold international business meetings. Where several languages are represented, the chances are that the meeting will be conducted in English – and if you’re the only one in your team who can speak English, you may find yourself being put forward to attend important meetings, advancing yourself up the career ladder in the process.
  • Customer service and sales – you’ll be able to help with any English-speaking customers your employer may have – and sell to them. This gives you the chance to build relationships with overseas customers, and the ability to build relationships is an important business skill that puts you at an advantage over non-English speaking fellow employees and makes you more valuable to the company you work for.
  • Marketing and communications – if the company you end up working for markets its products or services to English-speaking countries, or releases other sorts of communications such as press releases to these countries, your knowledge of English may come in handy for translating marketing materials or communications with customers or sales prospects. The cultural knowledge you’ll acquire through learning English may also come in handy in knowing how to pitch products and ideas to English-speaking nations.

4. English gives you access to some of the world’s best universities

Image shows the entrance of Christ Church, Oxford.

English is widely regarded as the language of higher education. Oxford, Cambridge , Harvard and MIT are just a few of the famous universities that occupy the lofty heights of the top of the world education league tables, and you’ll need to speak English fluently for access to any of these, as they’re all English-speaking. It goes without saying that if you are able to study at one of these institutions, you’ll start your career with an illustrious name on your CV – and the benefits of that speak for themselves. If English isn’t your native language, you’ll need to take an English test during the admissions process to prove that your level of English is up to scratch for the demands of the academic environment. If you have your sights set on a top university, the effort you put in to study English as early as possible in your school years will be rewarded when it comes to the choice of universities to which you can apply.

5. English is the language of some of the world’s greatest literature

If you learn English, you’ll be able to enjoy works by some of the world’s most famous writers , in the language in which they were intended to be read or heard. The works of Shakespeare will take on a new meaning when you’re able to speak English, and you can look forward to enjoying such influential classics as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and her sister’s Jane Eyre , George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm , Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and many, many more. Translation rarely does a writer true justice, so the only way to appreciate a classic literary work properly is to read it in its original language. Even better, through doing so, you’ll deepen your knowledge of English by enriching it with new words and sentence structures.

6. English allows you to get more from popular culture

Image shows Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter.

The world’s highest-grossing movies are made in Hollywood, and needless to say, they are made in English. How many times have you been to see an American blockbuster and been frustrated by having to keep up with fast-paced subtitles? And how many times have you hummed a favourite pop song, but not been able to sing along because it’s in English and you don’t know the words? There’s a solution… Kiss those annoying cinema subtitles goodbye and get more out of the music you enjoy by learning English.

7. English allows you to attend international conferences and events

Major sporting events such as the Olympics are held in English, and so are international conferences, so competitors and delegates will need to be able to speak English to be able to get the most out of taking part. You may find yourself needing to attend conferences as part of your chosen career, so learning English now will be of enormous benefit to you in years to come. Not only will you be able to understand the talks, but you’ll get a lot more out of the networking opportunities that come with such events if you can talk effectively in English. You never know – there may be a new employer or client among the crowds of fellow delegates, so make sure you can communicate with them!

8. English has a simple alphabet and everyone’s equal

Image shows a disorderly pile of Scrabble tiles with various letters on them.

The English alphabet is straightforward, making it easier to master than the symbols or pictures that make up some languages. If you’ve struggled to learn more complex alphabets, you may find you make more progress with English, which shares an alphabet with many other languages.

There are no complicated symbols and characters to get to grips with in English, either; even in French, which essentially uses the same alphabet, there are several accents used on certain letters that alter the pronunciation. Not so in English. Furthermore, not matter how important they are, everyone is addressed as “you” – there are no polite and informal variants to agonise over (as there are in French with “tu” and “vous”, for instance), so you won’t need to worry about inadvertently creating social awkwardness by being overly familiar. And unlike many European languages, there are no masculine and feminine words to remember – it’s “a dog”, not “le chien”.

9. English gives you wider access to knowledge

Did you know that 55% of the world’s webpages are written in English? This absolutely dwarfs that of any other language, with the next most widely used language on the internet being Russian (which constitutes just 6% of pages). Knowledge of English therefore allows you to tap into far more of the world’s intellectual resources.

English is also the language of science. If you learn English, you won’t just have access to a greater proportion of the vast amount of knowledge available on the web; you’ll be able to educate yourself still further by being able to read scientific books and papers. English is, of course, essential if you intend to pursue a scientific career. Within the Science Citation Index, compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information, an estimated 95% of articles are written in English despite only around half being from English-speaking countries. According to the Open University , “At Oxford University two thirds of post-graduate students come from outside the UK. The students in the university’s chemistry research lab admit that working in English is a key attraction.”

10. English is a fantastic intellectual challenge!

Image shows a couple sat side-by-side, both reading.

English is undoubtedly one of the harder languages to learn . Full of nuances, unexpected pronunciations, odd rules and infuriating exceptions to rules, it takes dedication and perseverance to reach a good level of fluency. If you’re on the lookout for a new challenge, learning English may be just what you’re after. Not only that, but because it’s so widely spoken, it opens you up to a huge number of new cultural experiences, which will help you develop life skills, meet new people and grow your confidence in handling new situations.

Have we convinced you yet? If you’ve been inspired to learn English, consider enrolling on one of our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses   and develop your English skills in the company of like-minded students in the beautiful city of Oxford and Cambridge.

Image credits: banner ; tourists ; Christ Church ; Hogwarts ; scrabble ; reading . 

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essay about benefits of learning english

Gurulab | Reimagine English Education

Why Learning English Is Important Essay: Points You Can Use & A Sample Essay

essay about benefits of learning english

Image by Amy Humphries

Students around the world are learning English as a second or third language just like you. Have you ever wondered why is it so important to learn English? In this article, find out the many uses of the English language and how it can give you an edge in life. 

Besides being a source of motivation for you to continue improving your English, this topic is also one that might appear as an essay question. So keep on reading and check out a sample essay on why learning English is important below!

Why Learning English Is Important - Beyond Just Essays

1) language of the world.

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world which makes it an important medium for communication. If you want to speak to someone from another country, chances are you’ll be using English to communicate. A lot of information out there whether online or offline is also available in English no matter where you are which is why learning English is so important. 

2) Study abroad

If you have dreams to study abroad, you must have a good command of the English language. Many prestigious schools and universities are also found in English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, and the US which will require you to demonstrate your English proficiency before being able to study there. Even in non-English speaking countries, English is also often used as the language of teaching and learning at the tertiary level.

3) Better job opportunities 

essay about benefits of learning english

Image by Eric Prouzet

Having a good grasp of English will give you an advantage when looking for jobs. In fact, some jobs will only consider candidates with good English as it is the default or official language used by businesses in many countries. Therefore, English speakers have more job opportunities available to them. For those who plan to work part-time jobs while studying, English will be useful as you will be able to easily interact with customers from various backgrounds. 

4) Access to resources 

Many websites and content on the internet are in English. Therefore, English speakers will be able to access more resources to help them in their studies and work. Simply go on Youtube and you’d find tonnes of English videos explaining various topics that you’d find in your textbooks! Besides gaining more knowledge, you will also have greater exposure to new developments and current events that are happening globally as a lot of updates are shared in English. 

5) Enjoy English entertainment

Are you a fan of Marvel movies? Do you love the Harry Potter books? Can’t wait for another Taylor Swift album? We all know that a lot of great movies, books and music are published or produced in the English language. Enjoy the best of English entertainment without having to rely on subtitles, voiceovers, or translations. Watching or reading English stories will help you to improve your English too. What a fun way to learn!

6) Connect with diverse people 

Knowing English makes it easier for you to make friends from different backgrounds and nationalities. This will also enable you to also learn more about other countries and cultures. Many online spaces and platforms are also populated with English speakers so you can also find people with similar interests and hobbies to interact with.

7) Make travelling easier

Whether you’re checking into a hotel in Morocco or asking for directions on the streets of London or ordering food in Thailand, English will be the common language shared by you and the people in those countries. Most information for tourists such as maps and audio guides is also often available in English. That’s why learning English is important for those who love travelling abroad as it makes planning easier!

essay about benefits of learning english

Image by Brooke Cagle

Why Learning English is Important: Sample Essay 

If you ever come across an essay question asking you to justify why learning English is important or asking you to share the advantages of learning English, here is a sample essay that you can refer to as a guide. 

Sample Essay On Importance Of English Learning

Many people around the world are dedicating time to learning English. Most students will study English as a second language in school. So why is learning English so important?

Firstly, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. Even in countries where it is not an official language, English is often taught and used widely. Hence, English has become the main language for people from different countries and backgrounds to communicate with each other. When you understand English, the world is your oyster as you’re able to connect with people across borders and cultures. 

In addition, a good command of English will increase your chance of getting a good job in a good company. In fact, these days, many employers from various fields consider English language skills as a necessary requirement. You’d find that there are more job opportunities available for English speakers both locally and abroad. 

Besides that, English helps to break down language barriers which means it’s easier for you to meet new people and make friends from different cultures and nationalities. Travelling abroad will also be more convenient as most tourist information will be available in English no matter where you go. You will also be able to interact with the locals as the common language between both of you would likely be English.

In conclusion, there are many more advantages to learning English. Students should realize the importance of mastering this international language for their future.

How GuruLab Can Help You Master The English Language

While learning any foreign language is always good, those who are able to communicate in English will gain additional benefits. The reasons outlined above have demonstrated why learning English is important beyond writing essays and passing exams in school. We hope that it has given you an idea of the many uses of English and will inspire you to take your English skills to the next level. 

With GuruLab’s online English lessons, you will be guided by a team of experienced tutors to help you improve your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Be on your way to success and master the English language with GuruLab today!

11 Types Of Punctuation Every Student Needs To Know

How to ace your healthy lifestyle essay.


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  • I'm a learner
  • For industry
  • Insights & ideas

Learning English has personal and professional benefits, experts say

June 23, 2021, 11:16 , 11:16

Exploring English language learning possibilities, and where it can take learners both personally and professionally, and the added benefits of learning the world’s language — hint: it’s healthy for your brain. Read more.  You might have heard of English being referred to as a lingua franca, which is a fancy way of saying that English is becoming the world’s language of communication among non-native speakers.     This is because it’s estimated that almost 2 billion people speak English across the globe, making English the largest language by number of speakers, and the third largest language by number of native speakers. By many standards, English has become referred to as the world’s language.    Given the fast-changing expectations of today’s employers, the ability to collaborate effectively across cultures, borders and languages is a non-negotiable skill — this is where English language skills are key.     Simon Young, Pearson Asia’s BTEC Portfolio Manager, says now that supply chains and customer bases are global, multinationals have identified English language proficiency as a requirement, not a nice-to-have skill.      “It seems that English has become a key skill for communicating in business in any role. So, in countries such as [those in Southeast Asia] where you might see a strong local workforce, the interaction with other divisions does require a strong ability to communicate in English. English has become the global communication medium.”    While English helps to enhance your career possibilities and professional growth, being multilingual makes you a sharper learner — the cognitive benefits of being proficient in another language is healthy for your brain.     And for English language learners specifically, experts say that multilingual learners  score higher on standardised tests , which is likely due to learning different grammatical rules and vocabulary, as well as the ability to focus on relevant information while paying less attention to the details that hold less value.    When learning English  coupled with another subject , it’s a far more effective way to learn a language. The two-for-one approach adds context to what you’re learning and encourages the development of workforce skills. For Dr Tran Huong Quynh, Head of English Linguistics Division, Faculty of English at Hanoi National University of Education, English is now considered a tool to open the door of knowledge for today’s learners.     “It’s learning [that matters], and students want to learn something that is useful for them, instead of just purely focusing on English itself. For example, students can learn English and science, English and geography, or even English and learning how to present or other skills relevant in the 21st century.    “You should learn English in context, and you need to be exposed to the language every day, whether in a professional or task-based context, or daily life conversations with a clear purpose of learning. So, learners should have a chance to learn the English that people are using in the real situation, not just the language based on the textbook,” she says.    Learners should identify why they want to learn English to ensure their goals are set correctly and that their focus is in the right area. Dr Quynh notes that to build English proficiency, learners must understand the differences between general, academic and business English, and then approach their learning patterns accordingly.    “For me, building proficiency should be to refer to all three areas, so that means academic English, business English or real-world English. Each of them focuses on one aspect of English that language learners need to use English appropriately in different settings. So, academic English is the type of English you need in the world of research, study, and teaching.     “For business English, learners can use English in a professional setting and the ability to communicate at work. For example, the ability to write emails, to understand them, and to respond to them using appropriate language, they should have the ability to deliver presentations or participate in business meetings in English,” she says.    For Quynh, the value in learning English lies in having an understanding and a level of proficiency in all three English variations to get the most out of their learning journey. She says that to truly unlock professional and personal potential, learners should strive to have the ability to communicate across all variations of everyday life settings.    “We’re all familiar with real-world English – it is the ability to communicate in general and in society. So, learners should have the ability to communicate confidently for everyday life in English, wherever they are — for example, at home or at work, traveling or socialising in everyday situations.    “To unlock the career opportunities and enhance employability, I think learners should know what kind of English they need by looking at what they really want to use English for -- do they need English for their job or for socialising and communicating outside of work?” she says.

  • Future of learning
  • Learning outcomes
  • Global impact of learning

Continue reading: Episode 13 — Academic English, business English, real-world English—what's the difference?

English | ไทย | tiếng việt | filipino | indonesian.

essay about benefits of learning english

Open a world of possibilities by learning English and gaining the skills you need to thrive today

essay about benefits of learning english

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The Importance of Learning English

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About this sample


Words: 627 |

Published: Sep 16, 2023

Words: 627 | Page: 1 | 4 min read

Table of contents

1. access to educational opportunities, 2. global business and career advancement, 3. enhanced communication, 4. cultural enrichment, 5. travel and tourism, 6. technological advancements, 7. international diplomacy and politics.

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essay about benefits of learning english

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The Benefits of Learning English as a Second Language

  • ESL Courses
  • December 19, 2022

ESL Courses

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the ability to speak English has become more and more critical. For many people, learning English is a prerequisite for getting ahead in their careers.

But there are also many personal benefits to learning English as a second language. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top reasons why you should learn English, even if it’s not your first language.

By the end, you’ll see that there are plenty of good reasons to start learning (or continue learning) ESL!

Read More: Why Is English The Language Of Business?

Learning English can help you get a better job

In the modern global economy, learning English can be an invaluable asset in helping you to get a better job. With a basic ability to speak and read the language, you will vastly expand your employment opportunities, unlocking positions that would otherwise be out of reach.

Not only do an increasing number of companies require a working knowledge of English for potential employees, but it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, giving you access to international markets.

Additionally, having English skills listed on your CV can make recruiters take notice – many multinationals and organizations look for individuals who have a good level of proficiency. If you want to demonstrate that you are capable and employable, consider learning English: it can help greatly in your attempt to secure more lucrative work.

It can improve your communication skills

There is a direct correlation between the way we communicate and our overall success in life.

Most of us can likely recall a time when well-chosen words resulted in better outcomes at school, work, or even in our personal lives. As such, it pays to invest in developing strong communication skills.

Doing so can help you make powerful connections, construct persuasive arguments, and understand complex topics more easily.

Before becoming proficient in any language, you must first practice communicating with clarity and brevity. The more conversational situations that one finds themselves immersed in, the quicker one’s language skills will improve.

Additionally, reading literature is another natural way to develop these skills. You can tailor your vocabulary by understanding diverse terminology or simply become accustomed to new phrasings that you can use in everyday speaking.

The key takeaway is that communication should never be underestimated – by investing time and effort now, you will reap the rewards of an improved ability to express yourself both logically and effectively later on down the line.

It can help you understand other cultures

Learning about other cultures is an invaluable part of developing a global perspective. Whether it be exploring the art and literature of another country, or attending a language class, each experience offers us a chance to broaden our view of the world.

Ultimately, it helps us build stronger relationships with those around us and challenges our perspectives on humanity itself by making us consider how we are all interconnected. Understanding other cultures is a crucial part of being able to relate with others effectively, no matter where they come from or what their professed beliefs may be.

We begin to understand how different backgrounds and beliefs shape one another’s opinions and open up to more diverse points of view. Additionally, it offers us an opportunity to reflect on our own values and customs. By studying another culture, we can get a better sense of where we stand in relation to other people outside our home environment.

It fosters greater trust, and appreciation, and ultimately empowers us all when faced with navigating differences between one another.  As such, learning more about various cultures is an incredibly beneficial investment toward taking charge of one’s worldview and growing more tolerant as an individual in today’s ever-changing society.

It can make traveling easier

When it comes to traveling, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Not only is it important to have the correct travel bag and clothing, but having the right accessories can make your trip much smoother and easier.

For example, having a good-quality folding umbrella can ensure that you’re prepared for unexpected rainfall while out on vacation. Or if you’re going somewhere with slippery surfaces, a pair of good grip shoes or boots can provide added security while you explore new places.

These seemingly small things might seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference in how your journey unfolds. Other items such as noise cancellation headphones or multi-taskers like a combination USB charger and flashlight can help to keep all your electronic devices running smoothly and stress-free when out of town on vacation.

Quality travel accessories are essential tools for making any traveling experience more convenient, manageable, and enjoyable!

It can give you a competitive edge in school or college applications

Choosing to undertake an extracurricular activity can provide a student the all-important edge when applying for college or university, and help to create a memorable impression. It shows that you have gone the extra mile not just to get good grades but also to develop specific interests and build character.

Furthermore, by participating in co-curricular activities, you gain valuable skills such as working as part of a team, communication, problem-solving, self-discipline, and leadership skills, which may otherwise be difficult to show on paper. Employers are also attracted to students who have developed interests and actively taken up challenges.

Therefore taking part in an extra-curricular activity helps provide future tangible benefits by allowing the presentation of unique abilities not just in your educational qualifications but also through your life experiences.

Ultimately, choosing to pursue an active interest beyond academics can prove invaluable when it comes to gaining entry into higher education or acquiring celebrated jobs.

You’ll be able to enjoy more TV shows, movies, and books

In this time of social distancing, many people are looking for ways to occupy their downtime. One way to ensure you won’t run out of entertainment is to explore all the TV shows, movies, and books that are available.

You can browse specific streaming services to find a wide variety of selections from various movie genres, watch live TV programs from different countries and cultures, and read great works of literature from around the world. Studies have shown that reading regularly has a calming effect on the brain and is soothing for the soul.

Plus, if you’re looking for knowledge or enrichment, there are plenty of educational materials available as well. To ensure maximum enjoyment from your free-time pursuits in this era of staying at home, expand your horizons by exploring all the amazing content out there – you’ll never be bored again!

Dreamers $4499 Scholarship

Improving your English

Learning English has a lot of benefits that can help you in many different aspects of your life. If you’re looking to improve your job prospects, communication skills, or understanding of other cultures, learning English is a great way to do so.

It can also make traveling easier and give you a competitive edge in school or college applications. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy more TV shows, movies, and books!

If you’re interested in learning English, contact Northwest Career College to talk about our ESL Program. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Experienced, Efficient, and free for students

The benefits of taking an  ESL course  are clear. By improving your English skills, you gain better access to education, greater earning potential, a better social life, and even better results from healthcare.

We here at our trade school are committed to enhancing our students’ lives, which is why we are proud to offer our ESL courses free of charge to our students and extend that offer to their families.

Our seasoned language teachers are experienced in working with international students from all over the world and are there to help you get the most from your classes. 

To help your lessons fit in with your work and home life, we also offer day and weekend classes. If you are interested in taking advantage of this excellent opportunity, then call one of our ESL councilors today at  (702) 403-1592.

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What is ESL and Why is it Important

What is ESL and Why is it Important?

January 8th, 2024

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English 100

14 Benefits of Learning English: Top Advantages!

In today’s world, it is important to be fluent in more than one language. There are multiple reasons for this, from building a network of connections to simply increasing your knowledge. In the 21st century, learning English is a necessary skill for many professions. Learning English has been shown to improve cognitive function, increase your life expectancy, and help you save money. Also, there are quotes about learning languages . With this article, we hope to show you the hidden benefits of learning English.

Advantages of learning English

The English language is widely spread and used nowadays, and it is getting more popular by the day. Here we will show you why is English important and how learning this language can improve your daily life:

Advantages of English language

There are numerous advantages of English language. Read below to discover them:

1) You Can Travel To More Countries

This image talks about benefits of learning English.

The world is gradually becoming smaller, especially when dealing with international travel overseas or simply visiting a country for the first time in modern history. Today many people from different countries do meet each other, however, their means of communication do.

So learning English can let you live in any country that speaks English like the United States (Hollywood movies land) for example.

2) The social benefits of learning English

Being more fluent in English can open your interactions with people from different countries. You can have meetings or use Skype or have phone calls while traveling around the world at a very low cost!

This will benefit you greatly because it is possible to progress socially while staying loyal to one social circle. Not everyone likes meeting others of different origins, but if this interest does carry on into befriending then it only makes the journey that much easier after learning English extensively.

3) The economic benefits of learning English

In today’s modern life, knowing English is a very important factor to obtain the highest amount of benefits from your studies. In fact, some countries have social security programs that do not give service if one doesn’t know basic conversations in their native languages.

Also, there are global companies surrounding this issue as well and they require employees to understand spoken English so they can assist customers more effectively.

4) It is the best way to employment opportunities

Regardless of where you are from, if your country was to undergo a crisis and the economy were to plummet like England did in 1914-1918, there is still an opportunity for English-speaking personnel to make some quick cash without any other barriers. After all; we’re pretty much dealing with customers almost everywhere which means people need help to receive services or sell their products.

So your chance to get a job will be wider than before if you know English! This is a great chance to find your dream job with no issues and prove that you’re the best candidate even though there may be English speakers in front of you already.

5) Helps in learning other new languages

Although some people view learning English as just being there for conversational purposes, it is also the main skill to learn other native languages fluently like French. If you know how to speak and comprehend something then this will help your comprehension of any spoken language.

This allows you not only to communicate with others but read them more efficiently by knowing the words they are speaking in another language.

6) Gives you access to educational benefits such

Although many people hold the common notion that learning English just for purposes of language skills makes no sense, it does have relevance in obtaining educational benefits or scholarships to attend colleges.

Through taking ESL classes you are able to kick-start your path towards establishing academic success and getting yourself off on the right track even if English isn’t your first language. This also allows you to access e-books not only at home but also online through libraries.

7) Learning English as a second language is useful in emails and the internet

Besides the benefits mentioned above, ESL offers you another chance in life. Whether it is emails or internet courses; when one has a foot in both the worlds of English and non- speaking English countries, he gains access to an interesting arsenal of academic knowledge, skills and language options. The world becomes so much more accessible to him which means there are many opportunities for business dealings including taking advantage of his country’s trade relations.

8) Can make subtitles, news, and TV shows more interesting

Subtitles in movies and TV shows which are often clunky and out of understanding, when analyzed from an ESL perspective, present a very realistic depiction of the text. In movie scripts, for example, they don’t spell things correctly or mix up words because it is difficult to understand them in their entirety. Just giving off transliterations isn’t that fun; we can make our world better by learning English as a second new language.

9) Cognitive benefits of learning English include better attention span

Looking at learning English as a second language (ESL) in the future, it is really hard not to smile because of all the cognitive benefits one can get while studying this. Aside from improving concentration and focus thus creating an easy path to success; there are significant advantages like improved problem-solving abilities which will make you able to think quicker than usual. Learning new things also impacts your brain into more mental clarity, therefore, making life easier.

10) Can improve your confidence

Resolving those recurring moments in our lives to find the right word or phrase which are often difficult, stressful, and not fun to do can be somewhat off-putting especially at times when you are alone. However, by learning English as a second language one sets aside to worry about how to properly convey his thoughts. This makes him confident enough for even academic readings because he is no longer apprehensive but possesses enthusiasm that allows him not only to focus more but to be effective.

11) Explores and widens your knowledge

An experience that anyone can understand is the discovery of new information. Hence by English learning , one makes use of this opportunity to explore his knowledge and personal interests more than he could originally imagine.

Through books or movies on history or science; ESL learners are able to gain better results because they have something including the motivation behind answering questions for extra credit assignments in colleges even if their grades won’t really benefit from it directly.

12) It keeps your brain sharp and active

Learning English will keep you sharp in the long run away from Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia Being able to read emails just proves that one listens more, communicates better plus has exceptional memory power so by improving your daily skills with this language, one can pass all his tests and decisions easier than before.

One also learns new words which are applicable otherwise not only is it necessary but prevents finding slow solutions when asked any question relating to learning or vocabulary even if they have been examined before.

13) It is a way to understand the classical culture

Studying a particular group of society’s life and culture will give an individual better views on the world or society as history is like knowledge. If one found out by reading books about English speaking countries, politicians, classes how these fellows work together whilst understanding more.

14) Learning English is an international language to international business

Nowadays, it is very important that one studies English as soon as possible just for this reason. As today globalization has increased with 30 years whereby US society influences most countries through business things especially when working on international projects corresponding to the nature of each event which is sometimes facilitated by sudden demands or necessities including bidding wars handled in an urgent manner especially during trade exhibition period where international exchange underlined above all means goods and services will be negotiated locally

So as mentioned above learning English can be useful in job opportunities, other language learning, science, and medicine since it is the official language used in most of these domains. If you are a native speaker or a second language learner, English will help you a lot.

Whether you are looking for a new job or planning to travel the world, studying English can help you progress in life both personally and professionally. 1

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The benefits of learning english.

There are numerous benefits of learning English, both personally and professionally. Firstly, it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, making it an essential language for international communication. It allows you to connect with people from all over the globe, and opens up opportunities to travel and work in different countries.

Additionally, learning English can boost your career prospects, as many multinational companies require employees to have a good level of English proficiency. It also allows you to access a wealth of information and resources that are only available in English, such as academic journals, books, and online content.

Furthermore, learning a new language has been proven to improve cognitive function and memory, and can enhance your overall brain health. Overall, the benefits of learning English are numerous, and it is a valuable skill that can improve your personal and professional life. However, learning English keeps us motivated and advanced.

Benefit of studying English

There are 100 benefits of learning English, or we can say that there are countless benefits to studying English. Firstly, it is the most widely spoken language in the world, making it a valuable tool for communication in both personal and professional settings. Moreover, English is easy to learn.

Learning English also opens up a world of opportunities for travel, education, and employment, as many countries require English proficiency for immigration and job applications. Additionally, studying English can improve cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

It can also enhance cultural awareness and appreciation, as English literature and media are widely accessible and influential worldwide. Overall, studying English is a valuable investment in personal and professional growth.

English language plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. 2

10 benefits of learning English language

There are countless benefits of learning English, both personally and professionally. Firstly, being able to speak English opens up a world of communication as it is the most widely spoken language globally. This means that you can connect with people from all over the world, both online and in person. Secondly, it can improve your career prospects as many companies require English proficiency, especially in international business.

Learning English can also broaden your cultural horizons and make travelling or studying abroad easier. Additionally, English language media such as books, movies, and music are widely available, which can improve your entertainment options. Being able to speak English can also help you understand and navigate technology, as many software and websites are in English.

Finally, learning English can boost your confidence and cognitive abilities, as it requires focus, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

A great advantage of learning English

This image talks about benefits of learning English.

A great advantage of learning English is that it opens doors to many opportunities in both personal and professional life. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and is considered as the language of international communication.

Learning English can help individuals to communicate with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. It can also enhance career prospects as many companies require employees to have a good command of English.

Furthermore, learning English can broaden one’s access to information, as a vast majority of books, websites, and other educational resources are in English. Overall, learning English can provide numerous benefits and can greatly enrich one’s life.

Why is learning English important?

There are many topic benefits of learning English. Firstly, it is the most widely spoken language in the world, making it a global language of communication. Knowing English can help you communicate with people from all over the world, which is essential in today’s global economy. Secondly, English is the language of international business, science, and technology.

Most academic and research publications are written in English, and most multinational corporations use English as their official language. Thirdly, English is the language of the internet, and knowing it can give you access to a vast amount of information and resources. Finally, learning English can also open up new opportunities for travel, work, and education in English-speaking countries. Overall, learning English is a valuable skill that can provide numerous benefits both personally and professionally.

1. What are some advantages of learning English?

  • Learning English opens up more job opportunities.
  • English is the most widely spoken language in the world, making it easier to communicate with people from different countries and cultures.
  • Access to a wider range of resources, such as books, movies, and online content.
  • Improved cognitive function and brain development.

2. Why learning English is important in our life?

  • English is the most widely spoken language in the world, making it essential for communication in many fields.
  • Knowing English can open up job opportunities and increase earning potential.
  • English is the language of international business, making it necessary for global trade and commerce.
  • Learning English can also provide access to a wealth of information and cultural resources available in English-speaking countries.

3. What is the benefit of learning English?

The best benefit of English is the ability to communicate with people from all over the world. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and knowing it can open up a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Whether you want to travel, study abroad, or work in an international setting, being able to speak English fluently will give you a competitive edge. Additionally, learning English can improve cognitive function, enhance cultural awareness, and foster personal development. It is a valuable skill that will benefit you in countless ways throughout your life.

4. What are the benefits of English language?

  • English is a global language, allowing for easier communication with people from different countries.
  • Learning English can improve job prospects and career opportunities.
  • English is the language of science, technology, and business, providing access to valuable information and resources.
  • Learning English can broaden cultural understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

5. Name the most wanted advantages of English learning?

There are many advantages to learning English, but some of the most wanted include better job opportunities, the ability to communicate with people from all over the world, and the opportunity to access a wider range of information and resources.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and many international companies use it as their primary language for business. For this reason, being fluent in English can open up doors to better jobs and career advancement.

Additionally, English is the language of the internet, and knowing it allows you to access a vast amount of information and communicate with people from all over the world. Finally, learning English can also improve your cognitive abilities and even enhance your cultural understanding.

6. What are the benefits of studying English?

  • Learning English can improve career opportunities.
  • It can enhance communication with people from English-speaking countries.
  • It can provide access to a wider range of literature, films, and music.
  • It can boost cognitive function and improve memory retention.

In conclusion, the advantages of learning English are numerous and wide-ranging. From improving career prospects to enhancing cultural experiences, mastering the English language offers a wealth of benefits. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply looking to broaden your horizons, investing time and effort into learning English is an investment in your future success and personal growth. So why not take advantage of the many resources available and start your English language journey today?


  • British Study Centres. (2023b, April 3). The importance of the English language: 10 reasons to learn English . BSC (EN).
  • Why is English Important for Students . (n.d.).
  • Essay (Composition)

Essay on the Importance of Learning English: Essay-Composition

Essay on the Importance of Learning English: Essay-Composition

After reading this article, you can write 1. The importance of learning English Essay/ Composition 2. The necessity of Learning English Essay or composition- suitable for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Essay on The Importance of Learning English

The Importance of Learning English Essay Composition: We know that English is a global language. For lots of reasons, English has got the status of an International Language. In today's ICT and hi-tech communication, learning English is a must. Everyone knows that the present age is an age of globalization. Anything produced, or discovered in any part of the world gets global character or recognition very rapidly. To keep balance with the progressive world, we need to learn English. And also the globalizing process requires a common language for international communication.

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For various reasons, English has achieved the prestige of the global language. Today over 300 million people speak English as the first language. And over 350 million use it as a second language. It is the official or semiofficial language in more than 60 countries of the world. Besides, many international organizations use English as a primary language. International organizations held their meetings in English. It is the most spoken language all over the world. When people of two different languages meet, they communicate in English. Again when two people of different languages need to communicate, they usually use English for better mutual understanding. For its widespread use and acceptance, the English language plays the role of the common language well. That's why English is called Lingua Franca or a common language. The international business community widely uses the English Language

For communication across national borders, English is essential. For maintaining correspondence with overseas business parties or professionals, English is a must. Again English is important for higher education and also for specialized training. Because all the important courses are in English. Even most of the books on any subject are written in English. The English language is the medium of any instruction in most universities. If we want to go to a foreign for higher education, we need to know English. It is essential for getting a good job and also for better salaries. Many multinational business organizations and many international corporations want people who have knowledge of English. Even job advertisements in the local market also want English knowing people. English is a must for maintaining international relations and communication with foreign countries. It is the language of diplomacy, international politics, meetings, and conferences.

Read more> Newspaper Essay & Composition

In the technological world, English is essential for getting access to any information. Almost any information is available in English. English is the language of IT and the internet. Without knowing English, anyone cannot find out information from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. English is important for getting access to world media & entertainment. Satellite channels around the world telecast news & views in English. All kinds of games and sports are telecast live and their commentaries are also broadcasted in English. Cinemas, cartoons, and other media productions are available in English. Knowing English gives easy access to the vast resource of English literature. World's famous books, novels, histories, stories, and poems are available in English. Besides, English helps to know about the cultures of other people, discoveries, inventions, and lifestyles of other nations.

The importance of English cannot be denied. Knowing English is like having an international Visa. Anywhere in the world, English is useful and helpful. So, learning English is very important for everyone.

Importance of Learning English Essay/ Composition

Write a short essay or composition on the importance of learning English in all stages of life.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Gandhi (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Language is a method of contact by which we can exchange our thoughts with each other. Among thousands of languages, English has occupied the place of international language. We are living in a world where we can't think of our day without English. English has numerous importance in everyday life.

Firstly, English is an international language. That means it is used as a common language among people all over the world. If we go aboard for educational purposes, we must know English cause English is the medium of higher studies. Books of higher studies are written in English. Moreover, a student can find a rich collection of lectures related to his study on the internet in English. After completing the study, anyone can find a job in a multinational company if he/she has a good command of English.

English helps to meet new people as it is a lingua franca (common language). If a person from a non-English speaking country travels to another country, he/she may face a troublesome situation communicating with others if he/she doesn't know English. If anyone wants to do any research, he/she needs to read the research paper published previously related to his/her topic. But most research papers are written in English. So English is essential to do any research.

"Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going." - Rita Mae Brown (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Most of the prominent media telecast their show based on English. Besides this, if anyone wants to enjoy world-class movies or dramas without subtitles in his native language, he/she must know English. It will also help a person to cope with different cultures and literature. In this internet-based modern world, we must go to the internet for information. But half of the content of the internet is written in English. Businessmen must know English for international trade and commerce. People should learn English for making a place in this modern world. But it is unfortunate that students of our country fear English.

"I know grammar by ear only, not by note, not by the rules." -Mark Twain (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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They think that English may be very hard to learn. It is because our education system fails to demonstrate English properly to our students. So, the education ministry should take proper steps in this regard. Then our students can make them compatible with the world.

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Duties of A Student Composition & Essay- for all class students

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8 Benefits of Learning English in 2023

8 Benefits of Learning English in 2023

In today’s globalised world there are many reasons to learn a foreign language, and many benefits to studying English specifically.

Currently, there are around 1.5 billion English speakers around the world , which represents a fifth of the world’s total population. English is spoken in some of the most economically and culturally influential countries globally, and over the centuries has become the main language not only of international communication , but of international business , academia , medicine , science , technology and law .

When you consider this, it’s no wonder that so many people select to learn English as a way to enhance their life and the opportunities available to them, as well as exercise their brain!

In this article, we’ll look at eight of the many advantages that learning English will give you in 2023.

Benefit #1: Improve & Widen Employment Prospects

Benefit #2: Explore the World With Confidence

Benefit #3: Access World-Class Education Systems & Establishments

Benefit #4: Increase Cognitive Ability

Benefit #5: Start a Life in an English-Speaking Country

Benefit #6: Improve Communication Skills

Benefit #7: Open Up a World of Entertainment & Popular Culture

Benefit #8: Improve Your Confidence

Benefit #1: Improve and widen employment opportunities

As the primary language of communication across the globe, proficiency in English is a highly sought-after skill in the international workplace and one of the benefits of learning English is therefore that it significantly boosts your job opportunities.

Job applicants with fluency in English on their CV/resumé are statistically proven to have increased hiring potential . This may prove especially important in 2023 as many countries experience economic downturn and unemployment, partly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

essay about benefits of learning english

It is also widely recognised that those with second language fluency, whether they are bilingual or have studied a foreign language, can generally expect a higher salary (up to 10% – 15%) than those without.

It’s worth noting that some global professions have a particular need for English speakers, given that the main language within them – and global communication conducted within their communities – is English.

The business world and international trade are, of course, known for their use of English, and English has, for example, also become the international language of science and medicine since the mid 20th century. English is also the main language of the internet . An estimated 565 million people use the internet every day, and an estimated 55.5% of the world’s most visited websites are displayed in the English language.

American companies such as IBM, Microsoft and other tech pioneers were the ones who invented the first programming languages, and English is still the most widely used and therefore most important language in the world of programming and coding.

Benefit #2: Explore the world with confidence

Travel and exploring the world are once again on many people’s agendas.

As well as countries where English is the main language, such as the UK, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia , there are scores of different countries which also list English as an official language! These include Malaysia , Singapore , Fiji, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius and the Philippines .

essay about benefits of learning english

Knowledge of English equips you with the tools to travel and communicate more effectively in so many parts of the world, which, in turn, allows to you to explore and travel more confidently and to learn more about the countries and cultures you visit.

Benefit #3: Access world-class education systems and establishments

Another reason to study English is the access it can give you to some of the best education systems and institutes in the world.

Many of the world’s best universities are either situated in the UK and the USA, or use English as the main language for their courses, and English skills are therefore key when it comes to applying.

essay about benefits of learning english

If you aspire to study at an English-speaking university, including the likes of Harvard , Stanford , Oxford , Cambridge or MIT , then achieving English proficiency is essential.

Benefit #4: Increase your cognitive ability (aka, brain power!)

Learning a second language is proven to be one of the best ways to keep your brain challenged and active. Studies have shown that the brain undergoes changes in electrical activity and even structure and size while learning another language; changes which do not occur when learning any other type of task or skill.

No matter what age you start at, there are benefits to learning a new language in addition to your native language.

It is now known that people who speak more than one language fluently have better memories and are more cognitively creative than those who don't, and in addition, studies suggest that the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are diagnosed later for bilinguals than for monolinguals, meaning that knowledge of a second language can help us to stay mentally healthy for longer.

Find out more

Benefit #5: Start a life in an English-speaking country

Another benefit of learning English is that it can offer you the chance to move to an English-speaking country. Often, to become a citizen in an English-speaking country, you must achieve a certain level of English proficiency.

Speaking and understanding English will also improve your chances of finding employment, and will help you converse and communicate successfully with those around you – whether it’s at the supermarket, the doctors, or with new friends and neighbours.

Benefit #6: Improve communication skills

essay about benefits of learning english

When you learn English as a second language, you are also learning new ways to think and express yourself both verbally and through the written word.

Learning multiple languages can help you communicate more clearly in any language as you learn more about how language itself works and how to use it to communicate with others in all kinds of social, educational and professional settings.

Benefit #7: Open up a world of entertainment and popular culture

essay about benefits of learning english

Many of the world’s most iconic film and TV shows have been produced in the English language, much of it in Hollywood, and English fluency will offer you the chance to enjoy and appreciate them in their original form — either with or without subtitles.

The same applies to literature, and with so many world-famous works produced originally in the English language, you will have endless options to enjoy. From JK Rowling to Shakespeare , there is something to suit all tastes!

Watching and reading English language media will also enhance your language skills, in particular your listening skills and reading skills. Familiarity with this type of world-famous pop culture will open up endless topics of conversation when you come to practising your speaking skills too!

Benefit #8: Improve your confidence

Being able to speak a foreign language is a sought-after and much admired skill, no matter what your motivation for learning. A final benefit of learning English, or any other foreign language, therefore, is the pride and self confidence that comes with knowing your language skills can help you work and travel in different parts of the world, and communicate with people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds.

Self-confidence can take you far in the world of today, and mastering a new and useful language will certainly help you achieve it.

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essay about benefits of learning english

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Essay Benefits Of Learning English

Over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more dependent on each other and new technologies help to be better in every sector of life. Learning English is the crucial part of the life because it has academic benefits to students, helps for better cultural and relationship understanding, and enhance in economic development. The study of English is important in the academic areas of the student’s life. Researcher shows that the students who have studied the English language in their elementary school perform better in the different aspects of study like tests in reading, language arts and mathematics as compared to those students who are not (Ginsburg, H. and McCoy, I. (1981).). Learning English also helps to enhance …show more content…

(1997). Modern culture Journal 71, pp. 381-387). It reflects values and concepts that are the most important by a culture. Learning English as the second language helps people to study different culture in the world, due to this we can easily expand our knowledge about different cultures and learn about the people of different communities. More-ever learning English also helps to improve the relationships between our loved ones. If we in a new environment and we know multiple languages, it is very helpful for people to communicate with different people and learn or share our views with the local and international students. However, with this, you can easily express their views or concerns about their problems to people easily without any difficulty what you say, and you think. In addition, language helps to understand about culture, so learning a language helps you to understand how other people think, and it also helps you to get a general understanding of people and their cultures. Another importance of English is that you can use these skills to do work in different part of the world. In today modern world most of the people learn the English language for better communication and understand one another. In most companies, English is the primary means of communication. Because of this, companies are looking for those employs who can speak several languages easily.

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Explain Why America Should Form An Official Language Essay

I feel that it is important for children who do not speak English to learn it if they want to become prosperous in this country. It would also be beneficial for those who speak English to learn a second language. We have so many Spanish speaking individuals in our country that learning to speak their language could be beneficial for future generations to come. Children should also learn about other cultures

Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

The author discusses how people that have their second language be the common language is harder to get work that pays well. The author has experienced this kind of thing where we are judged base on the way you speak a language.

Reflective Essay Titled 'National Honor Society'

As a foreigner who has English as a second language, English had majorly let me down in Academics. Usually, I found myself lost during class and did not understand anything, but when I reviewed in Korean, it was easy. Therefore, I figured out understanding English is key to success. To improve my english, I start to talk more to other people, revise same essay over and over again, and studied same thing in korean, and back to english. It took more time than others of course, however, I manage to

English Should Be America's Official Language

Understanding English helps immigrants find better jobs, reducing poverty and increasing the nation’s economy. Upon immigration to any country, one of the first things one must do is find a job. However, if one cannot speak the language of their new country, many employers find it disadvantageous to hire foreigners who are not English proficient. In Blackwell 's article “English Should Be America’s Official Language” he says that “[people] who can speak English can compete for better jobs, with better pay,” as they have one of the most basic skills required for most jobs in America (par. 10). In fact, some employers are even requiring their employees to only speak English while on the job.

English Literacy In America

Inside their homes, mostly the top three languages other than English that are spoken are Spanish, Vietnamese, and Urdu. These statistics show that America is made up of many different people and that English doesn’t come very easy for everyone. In many households, growing up English isn’t the first language so when it’s time for school, children struggle with literacy. Most college students nowadays have done a test and realized that the average American college graduates English literacy has declined. The National Assessment of Literacy was given and the test found low English in Hispanic culture.

Learning A Second Language In Australia Essay

It is also becoming more common to study, work and live overseas nowadays, knowing foreign languages is definitely an asset of oneself. Learning a foreign language certainly impresses more than a few people around you, it is also a rewarding experience and it can help building confidence of oneself. You will be able to understand other languages and communicate with foreigners. With the knowledge of a foreign language, and to be exposed to an entirely new culture and world view is surely one of the ways to become an open-minded, understanding individual. You will be able to gain

Advantages Of English As A Global Language

English as a global language We can’t deny that English has become an international language for communication between all mankind , it is the common language between most of the countries , English is a global language which is spoken as a native language and a second language in most of the countries , and we noticed that people who use English as a second language are way more than people who speak it as a native language , it is taught in every country in this world , it is using as a medium language of understanding between the teacher and the learner , you can see it in banks , supermarkets , in road signs and in international web pages, it is the language that you see and hear every day, so speaking English become a must , also we can’t ignore the fact that English is the language of global communication at medical , tourism , trade and other elements of language use , So English is so important in our various lives aspects. So in this essay I am going to discuss the reasons of how English become a global language and is it a good or bad thing? and what is the advantages and did advantages of spreading of English? There is a lot of reasons that helped to make English a global language and one of the most important reasons is policy , the west colonization for the countries had helped English to spread and distribute by imposing the language and the west culture on the colony countries , so we can say it is all because of the strength that the west had on the world

Importance Of Learning Foreign Language Essay

It is encouraged for students to learn foreign languages as it has numerous benefits. Most countries have introduced foreign language starting from the early age. Today, the high school graduates are required to study foreign language in schools as it becomes a requirement for them to graduate from certain college with minimum of two years of learning foreign languages. Hence, the students are encouraged to learn on other language. Basically, foreign language is a native to another country and it is also a language which is not spoken in the native country of the person referred to.

Advantages Of Bilingual Education

To have the ability to communicate in more than one language is like having a world passport. Employment opportunities for bilinguals are increasing every day. The 2006 census for the USA shows that 20% of the population speak a language other than English. When you add in the millions of visitors to the USA, the international businesses that operate there, and you can see that there is a big demand for employees who speak another language in addition to English (Balderrama, 2008). “Globalization and improvements in communication technology also provide opportunities for the multilingual worker.

Literature Review On Second Language Literacy

These authors consider that literacy has a real connection with second language acquisition processes; because, reading is the foundation of language education and the most powerful tool for increasing vocabulary and the abilities to read, write, spell, and comprehend in a second

Benefit Of School Essay

The benefit and purpose of school is to gain new knowledge and socialize with other people. The importance of school is taken to consideration as it helps you to meet the grades that you need to go further in life, and the skills/knowledge that can be accomplished and improved. School opens up a lot of opportunities for young people because it is the one place where they go to get new life skills and experience. School is somewhere where young people are able to practice their techniques/learning and form social bonds with other students. School is not just for learning but also for young people to help from in a way that they can also build their social skills and attributes when interacting with other students.

Reflection About Language

Thanks to my department, I had a chance to improve my English. Learning a language is a long-term process and if LAD (Language Acquisition Device) is activated, the process becomes easier. Learning a second foreign language is no that an easy process

Essay On English Language Learners

The United States is a place of freedom. We are a mixing pot that unifies as one. Many religions, cultures, and languages make their home in the Unites States. Many foreigners see the U.S. as an opportunity to seek better lives and education, but when it comes to foreigners and native-born non-English speakers that do not yet know English, it becomes a little more difficult to go about an average day let alone make a better future. Children in school often become English Language Learners, or ELL, to assimilate to the American standards.

Advantages Of Bilingualism Essay

Being bilingual has got many advantages. It has been debated that bilingualism has multiple advantages such as cognitive, cultural, academic benefits as well. Cognitive benefit reveals that being bilingual help to facilitate human brain. People who are bilingual have two language systems which are working simultaneously. These systems don’t create hindrance in individual’s performance and ensure brain’s functioning of both cognitive aspects (Bialystok, 1999).

Misunderstanding In International Communication Essay

Introduction: Languages and interactions are two principal concepts in present days. Being master in using and perceiving the modern methods of communications at works furnishes us with intellectual tools which we cannot afford to reject. With the expanding of organizations in the world and working internationally the needs of understanding other cultures and new ways of dealing with others become a key aspect of competitive advantages for any organization. Any organization regarding to meet its objectives and goals; assigns some written or not written norms, values, culture and behavioural patterns which should be understood and pursued by all the co-workers. This will create an employer image in labour market locally as well as in the international business market.

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Benefits Of Learning English Essay

Why good english is good for you summary.

As society begins to change so do other aspects that are within that particular society. Within the articles “Why Good English is Good for You” by John Simon, “Do You Speak American” by Robert MacNeil, and “Lost in America” by Douglas McGrey, each author gives their own insight as to how social changes have impacted the language within America, as well as the implications of those changes. While they each argue different views on how those implications have benefitted or hindered the language, they all agree on the fact that the language is ever-changing.

Benefits of ESL and Bilingual Education Essay

In order to help those non-native people to be successful in the United Sates, there should have some kind of programs to help them to learn English effectively, but also to maintain their native language. Bilingual Education and ESL programs are systems that developed since the mid 1900s in the United States to reach the goal of helping non-native people with the language. There has been the argument of whether these programs are effective and necessary to maintain to help the non-native speakers. Therefore, it is important to find a way to secure the Bilingual Education and ESL programs are helpful to non-native people to learn English and maintain their native language. According to the overall practice of these programs in the

English as an Additional Language Essay

Many of their learning needs are similar to those of other children and young people learning in our schools. However, these learners also have distinct and different needs from other learners by virtue of the fact that they are learning in and through another language, and that they come from cultural backgrounds and communities with different understandings and expectations of education, language and learning”. (NALDIC, 1999).

Language : A Reader For Writers Essay

Many kids in school are wanting to learn a new language away from their native language but many students are wondering what language is going to help them the most in the future. English is the clear answer for these students that are wondering what new language to learn for a number of reasons. Through different articles through the book “Language: A Reader for Writers” it discusses how language is the most successful and most useful language to speak. College students who want to learn a second language, that have not learned English, should learn English because it is the most widely used language in the world and it is the most useful language to learn.

Reasons Why High School Students Should Learn A Foreign Language Essay

“One of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time”, Federico Fellini once stated that “A different language is a different vision of life” and I, in my turn tend to say that he was perfectly right. A person who speaks more than one language can experience multiple personalities, visions and reflections consisting which language is he speaking. High School students should comprehend the real benefit of speaking a foreign language. Being a multilingual myself and speaking fluently four languages and studying another two, I consider that I am qualified enough to persuade that my argument is strong, plausible and not ultimately-right. In the following paragraphs I am going to address the following three reasons why should other High School students learn at least one foreign language? Firstly, learning a new language enhances performances in the academic domain and makes you smarter. Secondly, knowing a new language is a high estimated and a very valuable characteristic in your professional CV. Thirdly, international travel is more pleasant through knowing a foreign language.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians And Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Just look at the documentaries that are able to provide a visual aide to the subjects that they discuss using film. Due to this learning about history, science and other topics has never been more exciting. Even shows and movies whose main point isn’t to teach has benefits as well. Most if not all storylines have some form of positive moral or take away message that the viewer can then apply to daily life. Media also provides a more simple way to learn a new language. It’s a common practice nowadays to watch movies and television shows produced by native speakers of the language you are attempting to learn. This provides an easier way to make sure you have the correct pronunciation and hearing the words in a storyline context makes it easier for you to learn. Even if you watch the foreign made media with subtitles you’ll still have a very realistic way to learn more about another culture. Television and movies can also inspire. Many of our greatest engineers, scientists, and astronauts of today first discovered their passion by watching programs such as Star Trek and Star Wars and now use it to contribute to

Advantages Of Learning To Read And Write Essay

Discrimination will always be in the world and when it comes to schools its even worst. We cannot even go to school without some type of racial slur being said to you. The Justice Department here in society can investigate these types of action against someone not getting into school based on their skin color or national origin.

Strengths Of Writing Essay

Ever since day one children are told everyone is different and unique in their own way. In writing one can learn every single writer has their own style just like humans not one is the same. Some are fantastic inspiring writers and one can see that by reading their work. Others strengths can be in other subjects such as math, and as previously stated one can see that in their work as it lacks some of the passion, creativity, and structure that great writers have.

Sofia's Family Learning Experience: Video Analysis

Learning any language can always be tricky depending on how you’re taught. Sofia created a video showing that learning a language at a young age is an effective way to become fluent. Sofia started the video by introducing us to her family and expressing to us that she comes from a cultural family who's primary language is Spanish. She also showed us how she and her brothers learned English in various ways that fit each of their needs. As the video came to a close she showed the effectiveness of these specific learning habits they were introduced to, which lead to there fluency in the English language.

Importance of English Class Essay

Taking an English class during college is important for a fundamental education, because regardless of the major I chose, I must able to communicate well in written and spoken words. After all, in the future, when I try to obtain a job, the corporations will most likely base their decision on my ability to express ideas and opinions in a sophisticated and correct manner. Therefore, increasing my knowledge and skills in English will increase my opportunities to success. Yet, currently, many students try to avoid taking English class due to the great amount of practice and dedication that requires. This, in the long run, decreases their abilities to analyze, express and critique ideas.

The Benefits Of Standard English

In today’s society, there are many reasons why people in the world need to know the fundamentals of using Standard English. When working in a business environment, we as employees need to know how to use Standard English to compete in the world and become successful. Many opportunities and rewards can come from learning how to use proper Standard English. There are many reasons why people should use Standard English in an office or workspace frequently, and using non-standard English can lead to many effects on your outlook as a professional.

My Statement Of Purpose For Learning English

My interest in learning English is due to the fact that I have always liked to challenge myself. Even though many of my friends and family warned me from majoring in English, as it would be difficult for me, I have accepted the challenge. I have always felt that learning English would increase myself confidence and have people around me impressed. This interest has also grown through my passion in learning about languages, cultures, and traditions. Where I come from, Saudi Arabia, a big number of people came from different countries and spoke different languages. I have realized that English could be a means to interact with a lot of people speaking different languages. I have also realized that English is the lingua franca of today’s world with no close rivals. Learning English actually

Importance of Grammar Essay

  • 10 Works Cited

It is not uncommon to say that grammar instruction plays an important role in language teaching. Regarding the status and importance of grammar teaching, a variety of opinions have been made. Batstone (1994) states that “language without grammar would be chaotic: countless words without the indispensable guidelines for how they can be ordered and modified” (p. 4). More vividly, Wang (2010) makes two similes. She compares grammar to the frame of a house, which is a decisive factor to ensure the solidness of it. Additionally, she regards grammar as a walking stick, whose function is to help and support students to learn English. Thus, the nature of grammar instruction manifests its own significance as it helps students

Essay On English As A Foreign Language

If we want to learn English as foreign language there are couples of method with the help of we can learn foreign language. There are following methods that plays important role to teaching foreign languages.

The Importance of Teaching English Essay

     “In the world were over seven thousand languages have exisisted, one language had become dominate. This dominant language is English.” “In the majority of countries throughout the world speak English as their second or first language, no longer just America or England.” English has taken many forms, American English, the Queen’s English, Australian, Canadian English, and several others. Even American English has taken several types of English, Jersey English, East Coast English, West Coast English, Southern English, slang English, and Ebonics. All of these languages have major variants between them, but are all of them are still understood aboard. Without English the world couldn’t operate,

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The Benefits of Learning English

The Benefits of Learning English

The Benefits of Learning English English, is an international language in the world. Most people are using this language on the daily life. It is an important language because we use this language to communication with other country’s people. We also use English in many places. For example, it is used in the international business, computer language, movies, and so on. As a result, many people think learning English can get big benefits. Why we say learning English can get big benefits? Because you can become an international person, because you can communicate with any people in

Therefore, it can let you gain more and more knowledge for studying English. English is a common language and you can use English to become an international person. So, learning English is a good way to communicate for foreign people. Besides, many companies need good office employees to do international business. Finally, you can think one thing the is how many benefits you gain for learning English? . Second, you should understand other countries for using English. In addition, you can know many friends in the world. If you study very hard, you will get more and more benefits.

So we need someone who will read, speak, listen, and write English very well. English is an international language. First, you could get the news faster than the others could. When you play the computer, you will use English took to other people. the world, and because you can improve the changes in the job. When we know the benefits of learning English, we should study very hard. In conclusion, we will know learning English can get three major benefits, which are becoming an international person, communicating with any people in the world, and improving the changes in the job.

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What are the benefits of learning english.


English is a widely spoken language worldwide, with over 360 million native speakers (Nationalencyklopedin, 2010) and 750 million non-native speakers (Future of English?, 2011). It has become a global language and an invaluable tool in today's world. Despite the belief that learning English may not be essential in non-English speaking countries, it is important to

My Difficulties With Learning English Coming From an English Speaking Family

Learning English

Learning a new language can be quite challenging for many people. Personally, I had a difficult time adjusting to life in America where English is the primary language. This was because I grew up in a Spanish-speaking family and lived in a country where Spanish is dominant. Dealing with unfamiliar words and dialects felt overwhelming

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Understanding the importance of learning a foreign language becomes evident when communicating with people who speak a different language. Language is the use of organized sounds or symbols to exchange information, and being able to speak another language offers both social and professional benefits. By interacting with speakers of the new language, we can improve

The Benefits and Limitations of Resources in Inclusive Learning and Teaching

It is truly an emancipators process. ' This unit will be using critical reflection in relation to key aspects of resources, as identified below. AAA) Review the benefits and limitations of resources in the delivery of inclusive learning and teaching Due to the diversity in the range of resources that can be used to deliver

An Analysis of the Benefits of Lifelong Learning

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Introduction Learning is an important thing in our life; certainly, we can learn a lot of skills in our lifelong experiences. So what is the "Learning" mean? Learning can be defined as an experiential process resulting in a relatively permanent change in behavior hat cannot be explained by temporary states, maturation, or innate response tendencies (Klein

Assess the impact of key influences on the personal learning process on own learning

Assess the impact of key influences on the personal learning process on own learning - There are several factors that have and still do influence on my own individual learning process. However some have impacted greater than others and they are as followed: Learning Style Motivation Attitude and Self Discipline Aspirations Previous educational experience It’s important

The Difference Between Learning Styles and Learning Modalities

Learning styles are simply the way a child learns best. Learning styles theory says that there are different learning modalities and that individuals have a preferred modality. A consequence of this theory is that effective teaching should present a variety of teaching methods which cover all three learning modalities so that different students have equal

How Does IBM Transform Individual Learning Into Organizational Learning?

IBM transforms organizational learning into organizational learning by realizing that in order to promote organizational learning; you have to first achieve individual learning and collectible knowledge. I will show how they accomplish that. IBM knows that individuals need constant training in their jobs and they ensure that each individual are given every opportunity to excel

Can Distance Learning Replace Traditional Learning

Distance learning is simply learning from home (Hurlbut, 2018). A student be able to learn without physically attending an actual classroom. The distance learning idea can be viewed from the 18th century where a short hand educator made an advertisement in the Boston Gazette seeking students who preferred to learn by having lessons mailed to

essay about benefits of learning english

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Importance of Learning English | Paragraph Writing in 100, 150, 200 Words

English is being a really important part of our daily life. Here are a few paragraphs on the Importance of learning English for school and college students.

In This Blog We Will Discuss

Importance of Learning English: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

English is an international language and all across the world, most of people understand this language. There is so much importance in learning English. If you are a good English speaker, you can communicate with anyone internationally which will help you to learn more and explore more.

Suppose you are visiting a foreign country due to study or tour. It is not possible to learn every single country language, but if you know English, you can communicate with them. Most of the people in this world understand English. Without good skill in English, you can’t pursue a higher education degree. Therefore, it is high to time take to take up an online English course in London .

Benefits of Learning English: Paragraph (150 Words)

Benefits of learning English is so much. As you know it’s an international language and spoken as the first language in lots of countries and the second language in most of the countries in the world. If you are a business owner who wants to take his business out of boundary dealing internationally, you just need to have good English speaking skills.

You know the internet is full of English content and videos. Maybe there is not much information in your local language but you will find everything in English. So if you can read and understand English, it will be easier for you to learn anything from the internet.

English is a mandatory subject in the school and colleges that indicates the importance. So if you want to get a good grade and want to pursue your dream academic degree then you need to be better in English. There are many more benefits of learning this particular language.

Importance of Learning English: Paragraph (200)

It is not possible to describe the importance of learning English in words. The entire world is now using this special international language. English is mainly spoken by the British, Americans, Australians, etc nations. But now it has been a major language in big countries like India , Brazil, Pakistan , Bangladesh, etc.

So if you want to build an international relationship or want to be connected people out of the border, then you need to learn English. Nowadays, without having good skill in English, you won’t get a better job. Workplaces are really hard for them, who are weak in English.

So you need to keep learning English every day. In this time of globalization, every business is focusing on the internet and online. So they need candidates who are experts on handling stuff like web design, English content writing, etc. You can understand very well that you can’t compete with this competitive world without having good English speaking or writing skill.

If you can speak properly in English, you can do an online job working from home. That will help you to make money without getting hired for a real company. They will hire you online, you will work for them online and they will pay you online. But if you want to become eligible for that position, you need to communicate with them; you can do this when you are good in English.  

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Benefit of Learning English

essay about benefits of learning english

You May Also Find These Documents Helpful

How to tame a wild tongue analysis.

Knowing the English language can make you more desirable to employers when going for a job interview. For example Latinos who talk very little English make 31% more money than a Latino who knows no English (xxxx). But a Latino who can speak fluently English will make up to 67% more then one who does not speak the language at all (xxxx). English is used in all schools in the US to teach children so for parents to know English makes it easy to communicate with their children and the teachers since they bounce back and forth between their primary language at home and using English when in school. If you learn English, you won’t just have access to a greater proportion of the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet; you’ll be able to educate yourself still further by being able to read books and newspapers…

Importance of the English Language

As one of language in the world, English is considered and applied as international language. Since then, it is very popular and has been spoken and learnt by almost people in the world. There are some reasons why English is important and many people attempt to learn it. Some of them are: for finding job, traveling, interacting one each other, doing business, taking examination, doing research, writing in the foreign language, etc.…

What Are the Benefits of Learning English? Essay Example

English is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world, with more than 360 million native speakers (Nationalencyklopedin, 2010) and 750 English second language speakers (Future of English?, 2011). It has become a global language and very useful tool in the modern world. Although, some people think it is not important learn English as long as they live in a non-English-speaking country, they are not thinking of all the benefits that they can obtain. English can change their life by improving it in several aspects: business, relationships, and personal satisfaction.…

Importance of English Speaking

English is a universally accepted language. A man who doesn’t know to speak n English is likely to be put alone in the Sahara desert as he is that useless in this period. There are so many advantages for you if you try to speak or communicate in English, they are :…

The Key to Survival and Success

Learning English is extremely important to a person who wants to survive and excel in this world. First of all, English is the universal language. People learn English so that they may convey certain messages, information, or even their innermost feelings to others. Being the current lingua franca, people from different parts of the globe are able to communicate with one another. It is one key to survival. For example when there is an emergency that requires the knowledge of the English language and it is in the matter of life and death, it proves learning English is really necessary. As a tourist it is useful to know English because people worldwide use it. In this case, speaking to someone from the place you’re visiting becomes less stressful because you already have a language, which you both understand. Can you imagine how countries would interact and communicate with each other if they don’t know the English language? Problems between countries without a language they would both understand will not be solved properly and well. Learning English also plays a vital role in the International business industry. If your business is international, you would be more efficient in managing your business if you know the English language well. You would have one step ahead if you know the English language. If you are not an entrepreneur, knowing English will open a vast number of job opportunities around the world. People who know the English language well is needed around the globe. We can see here in the Philippines that a handful of Koreans have migrated here for the purpose of learning English. Being one of the richest countries on Earth, the English language to them is one of the keys…

Importance of English

Learning to speak and write in English is important. Everyone must have a taste of this language and it plays an important part in all our lives. Wherever we go in the world we can hear people speak in English.…

The Importance and Advantages of English

The importance of English is not just in how many people speak it but what it is used for. English is the major language for news and information in the world. It is the language of business and government even in some countries where it is the minority language. It is the language of international air traffic control and maritime communication. American popular culture, primarily movies and music carries this language throughout the world.…

low english proficiency

“Proficiency in English influences one’s ability to communicate effectively, and to articulate ideas and solutions well. It also affects self-confidencethe , ability to work in a team and excel, and so on,” said Chook.…

The Reason People Study English Essay Example

Whatever the reason you have to learn English, you will never regret to have done it. English is one of the most widely language spoken around the world as well as the most taught. Many people learn English as their foreign or second language and it is the lingua franca of business. If you learn English, you will be able to get ahead professionally. Employers usually value their employees who handle many foreign languages. The following list shows some of the main reason why learn English language is very important today.…

The Causes of Stress

On the other hand, as I said there are causes when people learn English language there are also the effects of it. First, people can development knowledge from different countries through gaining knowledge different of traditions and cultures when they travel to different countries. Furthermore, it’s easier to find jobs because nowadays when you search a jobs, the majority of people knows two or three languages to communicate with customers, so if you know English language it easy to find it. For example, in some countries there are many different nationalities, so if employer knows English language he will can understand the foreign customers and help them for any things they require. In addition, people can solve some problems from some countries are speaking different from themes such as solve cross cultural problems and social problems like Wars If any countries…

importance of tourism

Language plays and important role in human life. Out of all the languages in the world, English is considered as the international language. The main reason to study English is to sound educated and literate. In order to advance in…

English is the most important language in the world

English is one of the most important language and talk around the world. Such language is relevant to work, in the daily and social life in my country and various parts of the world’s trade. Learning English can access to better education no limited to universities. It is also important because it show other cultures, style life and different ways to think. It will give you this way to see yourself with other eyes, and perhaps discover it or aspects of your culture in which had not considered before. Now in days speak ingles help in many ways for example: English opens the door for better opportunities of work, more communication with the family and be more social life. To learn English could improve your life and personal a satisfaction.…

speech of increasing habit of speaking english at school

English is important for us as the International Language. In this globalization era, we are connected to many people from any parts of the world. It is impossible for us to learn every language used in this world so that we use the international language. When we are able to use English, we won’t get difficulties in communication.…

Essay-The Importance Studying English.

Other than that,it will also help you a lot when you travel.Through the UK,US,Canada,travelling and shopping are often made easier to understand and speak in English.The most important is, you can explore their regions and more easily communicate with locals to learn about places when you travellig.So,knowing English can also benefit when travelling in locations and you can go travel the world without worrying because if you get lost, you can speak in English clearly.…

Psychology and English

First, English helps you to improve friendship and maybe include our knowledge around the world. Nowadays, many people have a wider friendship around the world. So learning English is an important way to communicate with friends from another countries. Absolutely, learning English can help you to make more friends, we can exchange with a lot of people, improve our relationships. From that, we can learn more, open our knowledge world. Every year, there are lots of teenagers go overseas to learn for themselves, to improve every important, to bring every new thing from another countries to our country.…

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Benefits Of Learning English Essay

essay about benefits of learning english

Show More Benefits of English If you ask people whether they want to own any foreign language, most of them respond positively. Only some people prefer to own only one language. They may say that the most valuable from a literary point of view has already been translated into Russian, and everything else is not worth it for the sake of this study a second language . But if they do not know it, they are not able to truly appreciate its benefits. Especially that only ignorance of any language is flawed, not possession. Each language has its own characteristics - this we know from childhood, but how language can change our world - it is currently not everyone. The fact that each language reflects the …show more content… International business community often uses it to communicate. Speak and understand the English language allows a person to easily communicate with others and find more job opportunities not only in the country but also around the world. There are also many professional information publications produced in English, so the language is necessary for those who work in science or conducting research. For many people, the benefits of learning English include increased employment opportunities, since it is often used in business. People who speak two or more languages are often ideal candidates for foreign trips in international business. Many government agencies and employers offering work with the public, for example, law enforcement agencies or for health care are often looking for multilingual candidates. Many people see the opportunity to communicate and talk to others as one of the main advantages of learning English. Even outside of the professional environment, people often like to say to the world. Many people see social and cultural opportunities, they are looking for pen pals from other countries, and the Internet makes such communication is quick and easy. Knowledge of English can extend the range of persons with whom we can communicate, whether by email or on internet forums. A huge number of websites are available mostly in English, and anyone who does not understand the language, may have difficulty in using

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My experience of moving to the united states.

Have you ever wondered what is like for a no English speaking person to come to the United States for the first time? Let me walk you through my experience as a Hispanic moving into the United States. Is an experience I will never forget; I was in middle school in Puerto Rico when my mother told the family the news of us moving to Connecticut do to her finding a better career opportunity. It seemed like the idea of starting a new school in a new state was not enough considering it was not a Spanish speaking school. I was terrified.…

Being Bilingual Research Paper

The United States is an extremely diverse country, which is why learning another language is such an important responsibility. Having the knowledge of another language allows for people to be more culturally accepting, and more intrigued to learn about different lifestyles. To be able to communicate with people from different countries and understand their first language gives the body, brain, and mind a self-esteem and power boost. Being bilingual has numerous opportunities; meeting and developing new relationships is one of the many benefits from knowing another language. To be able to get close to someone who speaks a different language means that there is an endless and continuous amount of learning about each person.…

How To Tame A Wild Tongue Analysis

The United States of America is the home of millions of people from various parts of the world. Throughout this country we can find a miscellany of culture and languages. Language has been around since the beginning of time and in todays society there are innumerable benefits of speaking various amount of languages. In a present day world it possesses an ordinary ideal for individuals to know more than a singular language in which he/she has full control over their first or native language but are also articulate in a foreign language as well.…

Code Switching Research Paper

These benefits give people a more understanding and interpersonal connection with others. It allows for individuals to open their minds to new ideas and enriches their lives. The social experiences are more diverse and challenging for those who live in a code switching and bilingual world. Moreover, language defines us and shapes identities, since what you say gives an insight in your beliefs and thoughts. There are often subtle hints seen in the specific vocabulary used and grammar that can show who you are.…

Research Paper On Immigration Language

Language Across the World. Immigration Language in America has changed the way Americans live today. Many different languages can help kids in many ways, like these. In schools different languages can expand kids and adults knowledge, and can get them teaching other kids like themselves, foreign languages. Another reason immigration language has changed America today, is because it increases income by building businesses and letting people know more about the culture, which can draw attention to businesses.…

Persuasive Speech On Foreign Language

I will start by talking about how it affect your performance in school and then reasons that make you more intelligent. Second language is a great skill for young kids to develop and should be taught to children as early as possible. According to the article “Foreign Languages An Essential Core Experience, (2014) Doctor Peckham stated; the College Entrance Examination Board reported that students who study 4 or more years of foreign language scored higher on the verbal section of the SAT than those who had studied 4 or more years in any other subject area. Also, their mathematics score for individuals was identical to the average score of those who had studied 4 years of mathematics.…

A Summary On Dementia

Research indicates that knowing and using two languages reduces your chance of developing dementia. Studies show that studying languages help your memory and slows age related decline in mental activity. Your critical skills will be improved as you learn to view things differently and studying another language makes you smarter. Learning a second language stimulates creativity. Spanish is becoming more and more important with business.…

Advantage Of Immigrants To Learn English In The US

Today, many immigrants come to the United States from different parts of the world, bringing wonderful cultures and traditions. Some people receive an education in their homelands, and come to the United States speaking some English, but others only speak their native tongue. In order to “make it” in America, it is important for immigrants to learn how to speak English. Why is it so important for immigrants to learn how to speak English in the United States? It is an advantage for immigrants to learn the language in the United States, it opens more opportunities for better-paying jobs, which will allow them to have a more prosperous life being able to provide for the family.…

Analysis Of Soo Ji Min's 'Lost In Translation'

This is apparent when Gabov speaks of his journal that he kept when he devised a system of writing down the Chulym language. The article states, "When Gabov shared his creation (of his journal) with a Russian acquaintance, he was promptly ridiculed for his attempts,..., he threw away his journal and did not write agian. " After reading the article, I started to imagine what it would be like if I were in a similar situation. What if English was banned and I was no longer allowed to speak my native language?…

Amy Tan Mother Tongue Summary

Language is an important factor of everyday life. For people who are not English efficient, this statement is self-evident. When one does not understand the world around them it is often difficult to comprehend and keep up with everyone else. People who cannot read, understand or talk to those around them face trouble because of their language barrier. While a lucky few have translators and English-speaking children available to aid them when needed, their shortcomings because of language of language are no less important than people who did not have help with learning English.…

The Latin Language's Impact: Jessica Belloch

The Latin Language’s Impact - Jessica Blelloch Intro Today 800 million people worldwide speak Romance languages, or languages derived from latin roots, and 335 million speak English. Spanish (410 million),Portuguese (216 million), French (75 million), Italian (60 million), Romanian (25 million) Language is one of the most important things. We use it every single day, and with bout it the world wouldn't be what it is now.…

Patrick Henry's Argument Summary: Foreign Language Classes

Patrick Henry should have more Foreign Language Classes Learning new languages, such as German, French, or even Russian can be exciting for many students. However, Patrick Henry is a school that only offers one foreign language class for students to choose from. This is not fair to the students who might want an expansion on their choices. The majority of students at this school may not enjoy the only foreign language class that Patrick Henry offers. If this is true, why do we have Spanish as our only foreign language class?…

Why Colleges Should Learn Foreign Languages

Introduction: Up until today, U.S still falls behind in terms of foreign language education comparing to other countries as most people believed that since English may be the most spoken language in the world, there is no need for them to learn other languages. However that is not really the case when considering there are more advantages than the disadvantage of learning foreign language in colleges/universities. I believed that colleges and universities should continue to require its students to learn a foreign language because it promotes cultural diversity and other benefits that increases learning experience because improves employment potential in the career industry as well as enhancing the communication skills among their peers. Here are the Main Reasons Why Colleges Should Continue Its Students To Learn Foreign Language Foreign Language Improves Student…

Having A National Language In The United States

For example, if you were to call the police or a hospital, you know which language to use. Also, what language they will most likely speak, so you can easily communicate. In other emergency situations having a universally accepted language can reduce confusion. English would give people a base to work off of. Having a universal language gives people a way to communicate they know will be understood.…

Importance Of English Language Essay

The English language is spoken roughly by 1 to 1.5 billion people. English has managed to occupy powerful domains such as global education, technology, communication, etc … The English language is considered to be the international language due to the growth of global society. English plays an important role of our lives since it is widely spoken by many of the population in the world. Furthermore, it is also comes in different varieties as it is considered to be a native language in some parts of the world, a second language in others and a foreign language in many places of the world. Five hundred years old ago only 5 to 8 million people spoke English, whereas now the language is spoken by 1 to 1.5 billion people.…

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Classroom Q&A

With larry ferlazzo.

In this EdWeek blog, an experiment in knowledge-gathering, Ferlazzo will address readers’ questions on classroom management, ELL instruction, lesson planning, and other issues facing teachers. Send your questions to [email protected]. Read more from this blog.

Students Benefit Academically When They Feel Understood

essay about benefits of learning english

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Research suggests that students, especially those experiencing socioeconomic challenges, academically benefit from having their values, personal stories, and identities lifted up and respected in schools.

This series will explore what that might look like in the classroom.

Today’s contributors were also guests on my 10-minute BAM! Radio Show . You can also find a list of, and links to, previous shows here.

You might also be interested in Three Excellent Student Identity “Self-Portrait” Activities .

Sharing Stories

Crystal Watson is an educator located in Cincinnati. Her work is centered on providing space for young people to be partners in their learning experience:

Through sharing of stories, young people have the chance to build authentic connections within themselves and among each other. Rudine Sims Bishop conceptualized this and coined the phrase “windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors” (Potter, 2019). Encouraging young people to share their own stories with us and each other allows us to learn about others, see and examine ourselves, and engage with others’ experiences at different points in time. Stories can be a powerful tool to build lasting, authentic relationships as well as sharpen transferable skills as students matriculate through K-12 and beyond.

Environment Matters

Creating a safe and supportive environment is nonnegotiable. As humans, we all need to feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe and supported in order to share our stories. Educators, it’s important to create a classroom culture that values and respects each student’s unique perspective.

· Share your stories first: Modeling is a powerful tool of encouragement.

· Model empathy and deep listening through things like affirmations, clarifying questions, and/or appreciation.

· Encourage personal stories often, not just at the beginning of a year or unit.

· Model what vulnerability and correction look like through apology and/or acknowledgement of others’ experiences.

· Intentionally choose and/or create curriculum, assignments, activities, etc., using identities of young people in the classroom.

Once the environment is built to be safe, inviting, and supportive, there will be more opportunities for young people to voluntarily share parts of themselves with us and with each other!

Resources: Environment

1. Safe Spaces for Black Students

2. Safe Spaces for LGBTQIA+ Students

Exploration of Self and Others

Educators do more than teach … we help build identities. The space we provide for exploration of both self and others for young people should be intentional, authentic, and rooted in the humanity of each one in our classrooms.

· Opportunities for reflection: Reflection is an important part of the storytelling and identity-building process. Encourage youth to reflect on their experiences and explore how those experiences have shaped who they are today. Try journaling and/or discussion.

· Opportunities for choice in how to engage: Allow for choice in the ways in which youth share stories with each other. They could write, make a video, do a presentation, or engage in an art form that reflects their own cultural background, experiences, and perspectives. Allowing for choice increases comfort. Remember, environment matters.

· Feedback and support: As young people share their stories, provide feedback and support. Encourage them to revise and refine their work and offer constructive feedback that helps them improve their skills and shows we are listening/recognizing what they bring to the space.

Resources: Exploration of self and others

1. Digital Reflection Tools

2. Research-Based Ways for Feedback

Content and Context

I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the great number of concepts and skills we must ensure young people grasp each year. It is imperative we find ways to incorporate what we know to be best for building safe environments, encouraging storytelling, and building positive identities. Contextualizing our content through stories, communication, and reflection is our goal.

· Use storytelling as a teaching tool: Storytelling can be a powerful teaching tool. Use stories to introduce new concepts, spark discussions, or illustrate complex ideas. Encourage youth to share and/or create their own stories that relate to the topics being studied.

· Plan well and thoroughly: Planning must be done with intention. Planning must evolve to include a Pedagogy of Voice (Safir, 2023), storytelling, and a student-centered approach each and every day.

· Know your content: Know, deeply, the content you’re teaching so that you understand the most efficient ways to incorporate voice, stories, and reflection.

Resources: Content and Context

1. Student-Centered Planning

Encouraging young people to tell their own stories can be a transformative experience for both them and teachers as it relates to learning and identity. By creating a safe and supportive environment, providing opportunities for reflection, using storytelling as a teaching tool, providing feedback and support, celebrating diversity, we can help young people develop important content-specific and transferrable skills while also fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Listen and be heard.


‘Community Agreements’

Kwame Sarfo-Mensah is a 15-year veteran educator and the founder and CEO of Identity Talk Consulting LLC., an independent firm that provides professional development and consulting services to K-12 school districts, educators, colleges and universities, and educational nonprofit organizations. He is also the author of the book, Shaping the Teacher Identity: 8 Lessons That Will Help Define the Teacher in You :

One way that I encourage students to share their own stories is by having them put together a “Me” bag. It is a great activity to do at the start of the school year because it’s simple and can be done with students at any grade level!

The “Me” bag activity is a fun way for students to present to the class three to four personal artifacts that have significant meaning to their lives and represent who they are. The personal artifacts could represent their favorite hobbies, a pivotal moment in their life, or parts of their racial, cultural, linguistic, religious, and gender identities that they feel comfortable sharing with their classmates. Each student stores their artifacts in a bag and pulls each one out of the bag to share a short story about what the artifact signifies in their life.

If you have students who aren’t comfortable opening up about their lives to a new group of people, it’s OK for them to engage in this activity at a later time once they feel emotionally safe in their new environment. In the past, I’ve done this activity with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and I’m always amazed by how much I learn about who my students are outside the classroom. The “Me” bag also gives me an opportunity to reveal parts of my life story that will lead to an instant connection with students.

In terms of how I ensure that students’ identities are affirmed and supported, I collaborate with my students to co-create a list of community agreements that promote mutual respect and accountability. Every member of the classroom community is responsible for ensuring that the agreements are always honored. This process can be done as a gallery-walk activity. Here are the steps:

  • What does respect look and sound like to you?
  • What does responsibility look and sound like to you?
  • What does collaboration look and sound like to you?
  • What do you need from (teacher’s name) to be your best self?
  • What do you need from your classmates to be your best self?
  • Record each question on a piece of chart paper and then have the papers posted and spread out in different areas of your classroom.
  • Have your students circulate through the classroom to record their responses on each chart paper. Once they’ve completed the desk, have them return to their seats to indicate that they’re done.
  • Collect all the chart papers and transfer their responses onto a Word document.
  • Teachers and students will then recategorize given responses based on common themes that emerge from the list and synthesize those responses into agreements.
  • Present the new list of agreements to the class for final review and approval. For any agreements where the class doesn’t have a full consensus, you can either eliminate them from the list or ask the class if there is anything specific that must be added or edited in the agreement before the entire class can agree on it.


‘It’s a Two-Way Street’

Courtney Rose, Ed.D., is a professor, educational consultant, culturally relevant/responsive educator, founder of Ivy Rose Consulting, and author of the upcoming book, Woven Together: How Unpacking Your Teacher Identity Creates a Stronger Learning Community . She currently serves as a visiting assistant teaching professor in the Educational Policy Studies department at Florida International University:

In my time teaching and working in schools, and with school-aged children in other capacities, I’ve found that the real question is not how can we encourage students to tell their stories and share their identities and passions but, rather, how can we stop discouraging them from doing so.

Think about it for a second. Most preschool and lower-elementary students can’t wait to tell us about something they thought of connected to, and sometimes VERY loosely connected to, the topic of the lesson we’re teaching or share a piece of information (prompted or not) about themselves or their family. But over time, we see this tendency toward sharing, or speaking up period, begin to fade in many students. Here are a few tips to weaving students’ stories and identities into the fabric of your practice:

1. Co-Create the Learning Environment: At the start of every school year, I get very excited to see all of the teachers posting their photos of their classrooms. Often, these beautiful and meticulously designed and organized spaces are posted, and while looking at many of these classrooms tells us a lot about who the teachers are, there is little representation of their students or space for them to add their own touches to the room.

While well-intentioned in wanting to curate a nice space for students, the students may internalize the message that this is the teacher’s space, and their job is to figure out how to fit themselves into it. On the other hand, leaving spaces around the room for students to add their own photos, creative works, or other meaningful artifacts invites them to share pieces of themselves in meaningful ways.

Additionally, co-designing the classroom creates a deeper sense of belonging and identification with the learning environment and, by extension, the academic content. Think about how much more supported, seen, and valued a student feels when they say I love my/our classroom vs. I love my teacher’s classroom .

2. Weave It in All Year: Oftentimes, the sharing of personal stories, experiences, and passions are encouraged more at the beginning of the year or right after long breaks as teachers engage in “relationship/community-building practices” and then leave them behind once they get deep into those pacing guides.

If we want students to feel comfortable and supported in bringing who they are into the classroom, these practices must be woven into our instructional practice year ‘round. Starting each class or week with some time to journal or draw freely or pose a question about a current topic/event impacting the school/neighboring community for collective class discussion and reflection provides opportunities for collective reflection on relevant issues and events happening both inside and outside of the school environment. This not only invites students’ perspectives and voices into the space but often helps to process/release emotions that cloud their educational experience. It sends the message that what matters to students matters, period.

Similarly, scheduling individual or small-group conferences or casual chats with students at various points throughout the year provides opportunities to get to know them on a more individualized basis and gain useful insights for how to further personalize the learning environment.

3. It’s a Two-Way Street: Asking students to share pieces of themselves and their stories can raise certain anxieties and unexpected emotions, especially in spaces like schools and classrooms in which many of them have felt unsupported, unseen, and unvalued.

Many of our students, particularly those living at the intersections of historically marginalized identities, have experienced schools and classrooms as spaces that in almost every way taught them they should be anyone and anything but who they are. So, it’s no wonder that when students are asked to share pieces of themselves in educational spaces, there is a degree of uncertainty, and potentially, distrust.

Educators can help to build trust by engaging in a consistent practice of sharing our own stories with students. In doing so, we not only model the vulnerability necessary to engage in these processes of personal storytelling but also humanize ourselves and our practice in the process.



Erica Silva leads professional development with schools and districts across the country to advance racial equity. She is also an adjunct assistant professor and former elementary/middle school teacher and instructional coach. Follow her work: @doctorasilva on Twitter/IG:

Having students write an autoethnography is an incredible exercise to incorporate into your classroom. However, a strong foundation of respect, trust, and vulnerability must be set in order for students to feel safe writing about the experiences that have shaped their identities.

Understand that in doing so, not every student will go as deep as you want—and that is OK. We must respect where they are coming from and what they choose to share with us. We must also protect what they do share with us and thank them for trusting us enough to share their unique racial and cultural backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs with us as their teachers.

Additionally, it is extremely important that we model and share our own autoethnographies with our students. Sharing our own racial and cultural backgrounds, schooling experiences, and important moments/people in our lives humanizes us as educators and allows students to make connections and develop a deeper understanding of who we are in the classroom. This lays a great foundation for us to build a strong working relationship together throughout the school year.


Thanks to Crystal, Kwame, Courtney, and Erica for contributing their thoughts!

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module image 9

AI for language learning: benefits, tips and tools

AI to benefit all language learners  

The use of AI in education is growing daily , and language learning is one of the areas of focus because of its predisposition to benefit from this technology. 

Let’s dive into an overview of the topic, exploring how artificial intelligence revolutionized language learning , its multiple benefits for all learners, some language learning app recommendations, and a few tips on its implementation in the classroom.

The impact of AI on language learning 

Only a few know that language learning is one of the areas AI is most likely to have the greatest impact on in the upcoming years. Covering an ever-increasing share of the global education market, AI technology significantly benefits learners approaching a new language or improving their native one . 

But how do language learning AI-based tools work? They use machine learning algorithms to analyze student performance and provide feedback accordingly . Nonetheless, teachers can use them as well to perfect their approach in agreement with the learner’s needs. 

Although this may appear as a complete revolution in education, the use of AI follows a personalisation trend in learning that has gained further and further popularity over the past few years . Indeed, within the field, there is a growing awareness of the specific circumstances influencing the learning process and how they vary depending on the learner. 

What are the benefits of AI-based language learning?

AI-powered language learning has many benefits¹,  going from practical applications to ethical implications .  

Educators know that language learning has four focus areas: speech, writing, listening, and reading. Mastering all of these is essential for comprehending a language to its core. However, because the skills connected to language learning are so diversified, most learners need to follow an individual approach .  

AI-based learning tools are game-changers when it comes to personalizing the learning experience as they gather data about the learner to identify their subjective improvement areas . Personalisation is not only valuable to speed up the language learning process and improve its efficacy, but it also has serious implications in terms of equitable accessibility to education . 

In fact, one of the many advantages of individualized learning is opening education to all learners , regardless of their specific skills and difficulties. For instance, in special education or with students who speak foreign languages, AI language learning tools can support teachers in giving students complete and independent access to the aid they need. 

The best AI tools and apps for language learning

Now that we covered all the advantages of introducing AI-powered language learning in the classroom, here are the most effective language learning platforms according to the web ² .

The most popular among the language learning chatbots , Duolingo uses an algorithm that is able to perceive the context of the conversation with the user, tailoring each response uniquely. 

With Duolingo, users can chat in more than 23 languages, making it one of the most used apps to learn a new language. 

Rosetta Stone  

Similarly to Duolingo, this app covers more than 25 languages and can be used on any device online and offline. Thanks to augmented reality and its translation features , Rosetta Stone can teach users in real-time .

This app is a chatbot, but it also has some engaging and participatory features that help make language learning more fun. Users can upload their own content , such as a picture of an object, and the app will be able to provide its name in the desired language. This way, users can participate in the generative evolution of the platform while perfecting their language skills. 

It is one of the few language-learning apps that use speech recognition technology to help users work on their speaking skills with particular attention to real-life language. Users can benefit from lessons crafted by language experts and voiced by native speakers and engage in interactive dialogues .   

Tips to introduce AI in traditional language learning

Do not be mistaken, AI is not advanced to the point it can substitute educators but it is a valid support tool in language learning³ .

The best solution to introduce AI in the classroom is to use it as a complementary tool to traditional teaching. 

In the classroom, AI-powered language learning can help educators design assignments tailored to each student to reinforce the topics discussed during class and provide feedback structured on individual goals and abilities . 

Furthermore, students can use language learning platforms outside the school to practice when teachers are not available . This option can benefit students with learning disabilities in particular but also every student who needs the extra time to get comfortable with a subject in order to achieve the best results. 

  • TalkPal. “The Impact of AI on Language Learning and Teaching.”
  • Michael-Ross. “7 of the Best Language-Learning Chatbot Apps.”
  • Knight, Carolyn. “Using AI for Personalized Language Learning: A Comprehensive Guide.” WordTap

Want to learn more about Acer devices for   students and teachers ?

Find the best solution for your school by contacting our team:  [email protected]


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