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Salivation is the deliverance from sin and its consequences, believed by Christians to be brought about by faith in Chris. According to Christian Belief’s, Christians believed that life is sacred and therefore they have a responsibility to others and themselves and are taught that all men should be treated with respect "Respect your father and your mother, so that you may live a long time in the land I have given you. (Exodus 20.13) Christians are taught the meaning of Salvation and that it is needed in order to be delivered, yet salvation is not so easily achieve. Christians are instructed that after death on earth, there is another life, a life where we will either burn in eternity in the fiery pits of hell or we would soar with angels …show more content…

God knows that humans are not perfect, he witness this the day that Adam and Eve disobeyed him. And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” (Genesis 2:16-17 .)Although with the advice that God had given Adam and Eve they still made a decision to disobey God, but he did not lose hope for them ever after the decision they made once they were told not to do it. Each and every day that they lived after they committed their wrong doings, they were given a chance to redeem themselves. God did not put death upon them right away, he gave them the time to regain his trust back. As years went by and the species of mankind grew and grew, and the sins were committed by humans each and every day countless times, he sent his only begotten son on earth, who was tortured by the ones he was trying to save. He sacrifice his son so that his son shall walk this earth again proving that he is the son of our father’s and that there is a life and hope after death on earth. God set rules for humans to live by, and although most still do not follow his word, he does not instantly give up on …show more content…

For if you do these things, you will never stumble, 11 and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1:10-11) I believe God makes each and every one different, yet the same. We are all God’s children and should not look down on each other and think that we are inferior to the next person, because in God’s eye we are all created equal. We are all put on this earth for a reason and if we live by God’s rule we would live a much easier life, but if we fight our destiny then we will tarnish. I believe that after we die that there is life after death. I believe that once someone has moved on there is another world and the choices we make as we live on earth is nothing but a test to determine how we will spend eternity. Believing that there is a higher being makes life a lot easier when life feels as though it is hard. To be human is to make mistakes, but to believe that God gives us chances to redeem ourselves to be saved, fills Christians with hope, faith, and love, especially when you feels as the world is against you. There is so much grief, sadness, pain, and temptation in the world, having faith that there is someone higher and that there is a place where such things as pain does not exists, makes life easier to go on. The fact they we all know that one day we will die because no one lives

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that salivation is the deliverance from sin and its consequences, believed by christians to be brought about by faith in chris.
  • Explains that christians are taught the meaning of salvation and that it is needed in order to be delivered, yet salvation is not so easily achieved.
  • Explains that god knows that humans are not perfect, he witness this the day that adam and eve disobeyed him.
  • Explains that although god wanted his precious creations, "humans", to be his greatest creation, he still believed that we can find our way back to the road of redemption.
  • Opines that if they confirm their calling and election, they will never stumble and receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our lord and savior jesus christ.
  • Opines that god makes each and every one different, yet the same. we are all god's children and should not look down on each other and think that we are inferior to the next person.
  • Opines that the choices we make as we live on earth are a test to determine how we will spend eternity. believing that god gives us chances to redeem ourselves fills christians with hope, faith, and love.
  • Opines that christians need to believe that there is an afterlife where we can choose to go based on the decisions we make here on earth.

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The story of historical Jesus is not an easy story to tell. There is very little evidence for historians to go by and no sources that are from the actual time of Jesus. Years after his death there were attempts to document what Jesus had said and done during his life and the preaching’s he taught (Fisher, 2008, p. 295). We know Jesus was born during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Historians believe that Jesus was born and grew up in a village called Nazareth, even though the Gospel states he was born in Bethlehem (From Jesus to Christ, 1998). Nazareth was located in Galilee, which was ruled by Rome at the time (Fisher, 2008, p. 299). Sepphoris was a major city, located near Nazareth, which had great Roman and Greek culture. Recent excavations of Sepphoris tell scholars that it was a sophisticated environment. It is believed that Jesus may have had a more mainstream up bringing then being a “humble carpenter” from a low social status, or peasant, like the Bible states. Since there is so little evidence of Jesus there are conflicting theories about who Jesus actually was and how he was raised. Some historians believe that Jesus was part of the artisan class and worked in the city of Sepphoris. They also believe he was tri-lingual, speaking Aramaic, Hebrew, and Hellenistic Greek, so he could do business in the city of Sepphoris and his ministry work (From Jesus to Christ, 1998). It is also known that Jesus was Jewish and was a preacher of the Jewish texts. Historians believe that the evidence linking John and Jesus is the strongest they can find. “The ministry of John the Baptist, prophet citing Isaiah’s prophecies of the coming Kingdom of God. He was conducting baptism in the Jordan River in preparation for the Kingdom of ...

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The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are alike in many ways but they also share many differences. Judaism and Christianity use the bible in their holy scriptures, while Islam does not. Jesus Christ is a part of all three religions as Christianity and Islam developed from Judaism. Many believe that the three religions worship, pray to, and focus on the same god. They believe this as many of the prophets are they share much in common as they share many beliefs. However, the followers of the three religions pray differently and in different places. the religions believe that their god created the world and everything in the world. The three Abrahamic religions have different histories, yet they share many similarities and difference.

As far as mankind’s history can date, religion has had quite an intimate relationship with people. Although maybe it hasn’t always been identified in the same way as we identify religion today, spread across the world we have the remains of pyramids, temples, and even written in ancient texts from centuries ago dedicated to god, to the afterlife, to what lies on the other side. And up to today’s times, religion has grown along with man.

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So, thinking about my question, it could be said that personal perception is never in unison with the worldview of parents or with what society allowed as acceptable. From a personal standpoint, it would be better to look beyond the limitations set by ideas that, because of economic status or educational achievement, one is confined or restrained because of cultural opinions. With study and faith, it becomes clear that these worldly classifications or opinions have failed to fulfill the broader spectrum of the unlimited possibilities God has promised and set forth in His word that is available to all who believe and follow Him.

In society and culture, leadership has the paradigm of a great and powerful person, who makes change in a miraculous and unconventional way. Since the beginning of time, people have completed heroic acts against evil and sin, but in many cases it is those who have the lesser appearance and humble disposition who have established the greatest acts of heroism. In the Bible, the Israelites and Hebrews waited for God to send a high and mighty king to save them from the oppression of the Roman government, but instead they were blessed with a little baby boy, born of poor parents who grew up to be a carpenter, yet won over death giving all humanity the opportunity to save the most important aspect of life; their soul. Leaders are always are depicted as government officials or society’s finest, but it is more important to treasure and follow a leader whose life you can duplicate because of their character, because their life pushes you to be better and elevates you to be a better person. Jesus Christ not only is the greatest leader of the church, but has the greatest life for society and humanity to pursue.

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We are all equal, the same you could say, from birth till death. Sadly some used to and some still do not think so, they believe that because of physical differences they are superior to others because of those differences.

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What is Christianity? Christianity started in the mid- 1st century. The religion is based on Jesus Christ. Jesus was in many stories of the Bible. One of them is that Jesus was the Son of God and was placed by God, onto this earth as a man. He was sent by God to die for our sins, so we can be free, forgiven, and have eternal life. Once Jesus died for our sins He was resurrected three days later, and then ascended to heaven ("Christianity"). "He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification" (New International Version, Romans 4:25). There are tons of people around the world that ask: What happens when we die? According to Christianity, si...

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Christians want to achieve salvation and spend everlasting life with God in Heaven. They do this because it is their ultimate goal but also because they are afraid of the consequences of not following God's will. Christians believe that if they do not achieve salvation, they will spend all of eternity burning in the Lake of Fire in hell. As described in the Bible, it is a punishment no one would ever want to suffer.

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He tells him that, by the gospel, “A person can be drawn into the Faith, not forced into it.” (Document 3) Instead of forcing the people to convert to Christianity, the gospel should be taught to everyone, as they will not obtain salvation if they do not decide for themselves whether to accept it as the truth and live by it. This is the way that God intended for the gospel to be spread throughout the world. It has no impact on a person if they do not make the decision of their own accord to accept God into their

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At first, he lack an assurance of religious salvation. Although he prayed and confessed his sins for hours, he realized that his afterlife was by justification by faith. This meant that our religious faith

Christianity is a very important religion that is practiced by almost a third of the world’s population today. So why was this religion able to grow so much during ancient times? Inspired by Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago, Christianity faced several barriers along its road to prevalence in the world. During his lifetime, Jesus preached the Word of God until Roman officials felt threatened and eventually crucified him. After his death, however, Jesus’ apostles kept up his legacy and continued to preach God’s Word.

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The Bible tells us to work out our soul salvation, and yes, that takes work. As believers, we must portray before men to be whom we proclaim to be in Christ.

What are some people that helped the growth of Christianity? Christianity is the part of the five main religions, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Jesus Christ inspired Christianity. Christianity was created by Paul. Poor people were turning to Christian because it is a religion that is open to anyone, even the poor.

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In the essay “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, Hughes argues that one should make decisions themselves instead of being forced by other people in your life. At the start of the essay, Hughes explains to the reader that his aunt was excited about anl at church where kids would get saved. Seeing Jesus,Hughes aunt told him, means you are saved and have accepted Jesus into your life. Right there is where the pressure starts for

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Langston Hughes 's shifting attitude toward salvation in his essay was disappointing and at the same time upsetting. He 's disappointed and upset because he was forced to believe in the situation that something will happen to him inside before he accept Jesus but instead it did not happen. Most of the time we are pressured to accept an idea of what others belief, not because we agree to it but instead we intentionally do it for them to stop asking. Some felt the guilt after, and do something about it but most of the time we just let it go and move on.

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As Martin Luther mentioned: “To preach Christ means to feed the soul, make it righteous, set it free, and save it, provided it

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1: l, New International Version). This is where it all began. God’s perfect Creation included night and day, sky and land and sea, the moon and the stars, all the birds and fish and animals, and humankind. Man quickly messed it up and the Fall hit hard. No more was humanity right with God.

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And with the power of the Holy Spirit transformation can begin to take place from one person, to one family, to one community at a

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His motivation for enduring was to prove himself. Though attempting to prove oneself is not always wrong, for believers in Christ, having a relationship with God is most important. That relationship, which is constantly tested, is the cause of the believer’s perseverance. With the help of God, the believer can endure even without the unbelievable strength and determination demonstrated by the old man. God will give the believer all that he or she

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Salvation Concept in Religion

What do (or should) christians mean by the word “salvation”, what gets saved, in the end, god’s intent for his creation, works cited.

The Christian definition for salvation is deliverance from wrath of God brought about by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a process which Witherington describes as: “one believe in ones heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, He died and rose up from the dead and then confess with ones lips” (325).

Salvation comes through forgiveness of sin by Jesus Christ after a Christian has confessed to his/her sins. In accordance to Romans 6:23, it is believed by Christians that salvation brings about a right standing with God and thus an eternal life in Christ Jesus (Holy Bible 784).

A person who is saved is the one who has entrusted to Jesus his/her life after making a decision to believe in Jesus Christ (Holy Bible 769), and express the decision in prayer. Salvation is believed to have a power to deliver one from hell, control from the bad habits, self-centeredness, and addictions to bad habits and from the control of Satan and his helpers.

The heart, soul and mind make the entire being get saved in the end. The heart, as per the Christian definition, is where the thinking and planning happens – the human brain. Matthew 15:19 described the heart as the place where evil thoughts of murder, adulteries, fornication, theft, false witnessing and blasphemy originate from (Holy Bible 680).

Jeremiah 4:14 instructed the Israelites to wash their hearts from wickedness so that they may be saved (Holy Bible 528). When salvation comes to somebody’s heart, the person is able to overcome the evil thoughts and instead the person, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will choose to do the right things.

The soul is the spiritual person in a human being. It is the eternal part of a being. It is the part that needs to be protected from the eternal fire in hell. The soul exists after the physical death. The soul gets saved to protect it from the eternal fire that is described to be so fierce and that will burn forever. Job 12:10 described God as the one who has the soul of every being and the breath in his hands (Holy Bible 359).

Mind, as per the understanding of Romans 8:27, is the thinking faculty of the soul. It sets information to the soul. The mind, therefore, gets saved to set the right massages to the soul. It plays an important part in facilitating the eternal destiny of the soul (Holy Bible 785). As per Rom. 8:27, the three are different but are in one being. They all get saved since one cannot do without the other supporting it (Holy Bible 785).

According to Conrad, God’s intent for the creation was to glorify God, to reflect His glory and man was to praise His glory (Conrad 1). It was God’s plan to restore the Garden of Eden fellowship through Jesus Christ as atonement for sin of His creation where He would visit and talk to them and they would not run away from Him.

Conrad, Decapolis. “What was God’s Mission and Purpose for Creation?” Decapolis, 2011. Web. \

Holy Bible. The Holy Bible . New York: International Bible Society, 1983. Print.

Witherington, Ben. The indelible image: the theological and ethical thought world of the New Testament . New York: Intervarsity Press, 2010. Print.

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Essay Salvation: Christianity and Salvation

Salvation What salvation means to me is being saved from the power of sin and from hell, which is the eternal penalty of sin. Through the process of salvation, we are therefore freed from everything and anything that could possibly prevent us from enjoying eternal life with God.’s essay on salvation paragraph five stated that “The word “salvation” is the translation of the Greek word “soteria” which is derived from the word meaning “savior”. It goes on to say “salvation is described as the work of God rescuing man from his lost estate. On the other hand, salvation describes the estate of man who has saved and who is vitally renewed and made a partaker of the inheritance of the saints.” God gave his children a chance of redemption so that one day we all can live with him. For us to enter to the kingdom of heaven we must accept Jesus Christ in our life and if you think about it, it really is not that bad of a trade. Deciding to change your life and become saved is a very difficult decision to make because a lot comes with giving your life to Christ. When I was younger I had a friend named Tony, we both attended the same church. We met at the age of five at our church summer camp and ever since then we were literally inseparable. By the time we were eight years old Tony and I accepted Jesus Christ into our lives and were baptized within the same month if I’m not mistaken. We both loved the Lord, we sung in the choir, participated in church plays, and even ushered on youth Sundays together. As time went on Tony and I starting seeing each other less and less, there was even a rumor that he was getting involved with the streets. Never the less we always would hang out together at the youth choir conference. My pastor’s wife worked with the school board in Pinellas County and she would organize a huge choir with all the youth from around the city to sing at our church. At one point, Tony stopped coming to church all together and I would only see him at the choir conference. I was sixteen and he was fifteen, and we hung out like we were little kids again, but unfortunately after that particular youth conference was finished I would never see my friend breathing again. Tony was shot twelve times while trying to invade someone’s home he was only fifteen. The reason for my story is simple. Where did my friend go, meaning did he go to heaven or hell? I witnessed with my own eyes that Tony loved the lord. Let some of the youth kids tell it they said that “he lost God’s favor because he ventured off into the darkness”. Psalms 27:1 reads “The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear.” Whether Tony was doing right or wrong wasn’t God with him, even when those twelve flashes were going off in his face. He was baptized believing that when he died he would be welcomed in the house of are father. Just because the last few years of his life he drifted away from church means that he will be forever damned, if that is the case what is the point of salvation. My Spiritual Theology book on page 84 states that “Any attempt to deal with the variegated vocabulary of salvation must set certain limits.” I may have interrupted this wrong but what I took from it was, just the word salvation has so much meaning that we can’t even fully comprehend what salvation is and what does for us. So, I can’t fully answer what it means to be saved biblically no matter what I read, because my questions of this matter won’t be answered until I see my friend again. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life you are saved from eternal damnation. This does not mean that the devil still can’t come after you; in fact I feel that the devil try’s to destroy your faith when you fully commit to God. Just as the devil tried to discourage Jesus while he was praying to his father when he knew he would soon be crucified. The Devil is after all of us twentfour-seven and any of us can succumb to his tricks of deception. Hell is a place for Show More

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Internal Religious Conflict As practiced for many years, the ideals and beliefs of a certain religion are to be followed and believed in wholeheartedly, however there are people who may come across a time in their lives in which they doubt these beliefs and ideals. The Elizabethan Era was a time in history where many people had to act accordingly in the eyes of society, but tended to like certain things that weren’t positively viewed by their social classes. William Shakespeare was an author of…

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untrue. Without the intervening of salvation this world is drastically spiraling into self-destruction with the help of man. Humanity is killing themselves by means of hate, lusts, greed, stress and the generational curse that was passed

The Doctrine Of Salvation : Analysis

The Doctrine of Salvation INTRODUCTION Is it possible to understand the gospel message, serve as an officer in a church, be sure of your salvation, and yet still not get into heaven when you die? Matthew, one of the original twelve disciples, answered this question clearly. Yes, on “that day”, many will stand before God and hear Him say, “I know you not; depart from me.” (Matthew 7:23 KJV) The assumption is all professing Christians want salvation. Salvation is obtained when you confess

The Friday Sermon On Salvation

Montreal Wednesday sermon on salvation was delivered by pastor Jefferson taken from the scripture John 3:14-16. Salvation is a fundamental subject in Christian belief. It is in fact the truth that founded Christianity. However, many Christians do not know or correctly understand the true significance of salvation. As a result, most Christians like the ones in Quebec refuse to know the word of God and openly show hatred towards God and Christian religion. Why do they hate Christianity? Because they

Salvation Can Not Be Forced

Salvation Cannot Be Forced “Salvation” is a short story found in the Norton Reader, and was written by Langston Hughes. It is a story about a twelve year old boy who is being pressured to receive Jesus, and salvation, by his aunt and the pastor of the church. In the beginning of the story his aunt describes salvation to him as being able to see and feel Jesus with you. Unfortunately Langston takes this description literally and has trouble with being saved. I think that this essay shows a good example

Full View of Salvation Essay

possible to understand the gospel message, serve as an officer in a church, be sure of your salvation, and yet still not get into heaven when you die? Matthew, one of the original twelve disciples, answered this question clearly. Yes, on “that day”, many will stand before God and hear Him say, “I know you not; depart from me.” (Matthew 7:23 KJV) The assumption is all professing Christians want salvation. One cannot be saved unless one confesses with their mouth and believes in their heart that

Salvation : God 's Children

Salvation Article As God’s children, we tend to ask ourselves the following questions throughout our whole lives: “What is salvation and why is salvation important?” Our answers usually tend to lean toward the notion that salvation is eternal happiness that we all want to achieve at the end of our lives in order to live happily ever after. The basic definition of salvation is the act or state of being saved or protected from harm or evil. In Christianity, the basic definition of salvation is stated

Soteriology - the Doctrine of Salvation and Discipleship

Soteriology - The Doctrine of Salvation and Discipleship "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" No question is more important or more debated than this one presented by the Philippian jailer in Acts 16:30. The answer to this important question is found in the basic aspects of the faith. This is why the doctrine of salvation is so important. No doctrine of the faith is more fundamental than this doctrine. The essence of the gospel message is that God has achieved eternal salvation for all who will receive

What Is The Romans Guide To Salvation

goal was to address those who believe in Christ, with a desire to reach the non-believers. With the mission of spreading the word of the Lord, he created one of the most influential Books of the Bible. Within Romans, Paul constructs a guide to salvation, teaching both Jews and Gentiles, to have faith in Christ and through him they will be able to ascend to God’s Kingdom in Heaven. From the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord, the natural world was entrenched in sin. It is a part of life that

Salvation Army

1. Background and mission of The Salvation Army: The Singapore’s Salvation Army, a Christian non-profit organization, was established during 1935. It was first founded by William Booth; a London minister in 1865 and later spread itself around the world. Salvation Army main motive is to help the mankind without racism. Its mission is “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination” with a slogan of “Heart to god, hand to men”. Red Shield

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What Is Salvation?

essay about salvation

Show More The term salvation is the deliverance from sin and its consequences. It is believed by Christians that salvation is to be brought about by the faith in Christ. Salvation is known for its meaning of being saved from harm, ruin, or loss but mostly form preventing to go to hell after death (Collins, 1989, pg 76). However, theologians have disputed on how salvation in theology of religions is more about how and who than about what and why: How is salvation brought about and who can be saved? (Ahlstrand, 2011, p 212) .As, research is continually being found on this topic something that is evident about salvation is its importance and motive when it to receiving salvation. Salvation in these theologies is less about what happens to the individual …show more content… Christians only have a vague idea as to what their salvation involves (Gromacki, 1973, p 34). Salvation is a deliverance accomplished by someone known as Christ however, to most getting saved just means being kept out of hell or just getting in to heaven (Gromacki, 1973, p 34). Many see salvation as views of securing there eternal destiny but salvation is so much more it is without a doubt a spiritual blessing and not in reference to the daily blessing we receive from God but the blessings of the his position before God, as a saved person. Through the ultimate blessing of salvation everyone who accepts it belongs to God and they are abundant. Before being saved man was captive to sins of guilt, shame and overall being lost which would eventually lead them to death. However, in the condition man has the opportunity to be saved and allowed the position of blessings to which he has been brought by salvation which gives a better understanding of the divine purpose after the sequencer of salvation. The essential part of salvation is through what we have which is the ability to receive salvation and be to be saved. In biblical scripture it discusses what is needed to be able to receive salvation. According to Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord …show more content… In (eph 4:22,24) it states “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness”. The old man represents the corrupt nature with which all men enter this world (Horne, 1971, p 80). By “putting off “does not mean its destruction but its displacement from the center of control. The new man is the holy nature, wrought in the soul in regeneration (Horne, 1971, p 80). By “putting on” it is the exercise of the graces of which this new nature consists. (Col 3:12-13) states “therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you”. Salvation has to be seen as a work that only done by God. We as his people are his workmanship and the work of his creation. He has done the work, and he has done it for his enteral glory. Of course Gods work is and always will be perfect. God has guaranteed the work of his hands and of his heart which is everlasting. In scripture it speaks on the promises that is guaranteed in reference to our salvation. It states in (Jn 5:24).

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Analysis of albert wolters's creation regained.

Albert M. Wolters’ novel, Creation Regained, is a book on the basics of the Christian worldview and Christian education. This book is divided into five different chapters; What is a Worldview? , Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Discerning Structure and Direction. The first chapter covers the basics of what a worldview is and Wolters defines worldview as “the comprehensive framework of one’s basic beliefs about thing” (2). In the book, Wolters says there are four elements to this definition of worldview which are “things” are anything that someone have a belief about, a worldviews is only a matter of a person’s beliefs, worldviews have to do with only the basic beliefs about things, and that a person 's basic beliefs shape them into who they are (2,3).…

The Importance Of Being Saved By Grace

We do not deserve to go to heaven, but we are able to do that through Jesus. So, to be saved by grace means that the judgment due to us because of our sin against God, i.e. lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, coveting, lust, etc., will not befall us; that is forgiveness. But in addition, we get what we do not deserve, being in the presence of God. Finally, the only way to be saved by grace is by putting your trust in what Jesus did on the cross. Christians believe that real transformation happens when one accepts Christ in their heart and the Holy Spirit dwells in their…

An Analysis Of Salvation By Langston Hughes

In “Salvation,” Langston Hughes narrates his own life about when he was searching and seeking Jesus. God convicts Langston Hughes in love when he is thirteen by making him aware of his sins. During this time, Hughes said that he is saved, but in reality he was not saved. Hughes makes in explanation in the story when he attends his aunt’s church by putting on a false disguise in front of her and the entire congregation that he envisioned Jesus and receives the Holy Spirit. Hughes expresses his concerns that his church family had a high expectation of receiving Christ as his Savior.…

The Main Point Of Salvation By Langston Hughes

The main point of “Salvation” is to show the readers Hughes experience of being saved. Being saved is supposed to be a great time where you except Christ into your life, but it was quite the opposite for Hughes. In fact, the first two lines of this story contradict each other, “I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen. But not really saved.” (Hughes 299).…

Distraction John Calvin Analysis

Distractions… “And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:24 (ESV). What are the things that distract us from God’s best for us? John Calvin wrote “Man's nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols.” It’s the overwhelming distractions all around us called sin.…

Traits Of Christian Fundamentalists

After professing their belief, fundamentalists are saved and can do nothing to become ‘unsaved’ or fall out of God’s graces. The certainty of salvation is an attractive aspect of Christian fundamentalism, unlike Catholicism, where salvation is a lifelong…

Judicial And Participationist Model Essay

What is the problem in each of these scenarios? What is the solution? How is a believer justified? What do you think about Paul writing two difference perspectives on sin in one letter? Two different models of salvation are the judicial model and the participant model.…

Gospel Essentials

Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials So far in this class we have learned about how God created the Heaven, Stars and the Earth and all of the animals that live on it. We have also learned about the first human beings, Adam and Eve, who didn’t abide by God’s rules and let him down. We also learned how God gave his only son Jesus to come and walk with us as a human. We learned how he died on the cross for us and arose again to forgive us of all of our sins and so that we can one day walk with him and God again and have eternal life.…

Theo 104 Salvation Research Paper

Melissa Moody Theo 104 Salvation Salvation is something every Christian has to confront at one point in time. The act of God’s grace and the liver and his people from bondage to sin I think in the nation transferring them to the kingdom of his beloved son is salvation. The study of Salvationist theology is called soteriology. Romans 3:23 says “for all have send and fall short of the glory of God” which means that we all have to be saved and ask God for pen for forgiveness for our sands because we have all sinned. Initial Salvation refers to the event of a person’s conversation and if you repent for your sins and turn the faith to the Lord your sins are immediately forgiven.…

Paul's View Of Salvation

[24] For in hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope for what is seen? For in hope we were saved ties to the redemption of our bodies (v 23) in the future bodily resurrection from the dead, we were saved. Humanity is saved from the certainty of death, with the promise of eternal life. Interestingly, Greathouse and Lyons point out, “This is one of those rare times when Paul speaks of salvation in the aorist tense as a completed action.”…

What Is Justification And Sanctification In The Via Salutis

In the Via Salutis, the saving work of Christ is shown with justification and sanctification through several sermons of John Wesley. The Via Salutis is very dynamic because John Wesley had relationships in mind throughout it. The Wesleyan Via Salutis is a journey that means the way of salvation in English. We understand that the natural man, from birth, is not inclined to do or be good.…

Modern Day Persuasive Speech

Those who are save will one day die and be in heaven with the one whom saved them, and ultimately live happily ever…

Difference Between Eternal Security And Assurance Of Salvation

Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation Statement of the Main Idea Eternal security and assurance of salvation are two similar, yet distinct doctrines that should be understood and separated by the Christian. Definitions of Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation Eternal security and assurance of salvation are two similar doctrines that can be easily confused. Philippians 1:6 reads: “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (KJV). Eternal security has to do with the fact that salvation is a promise that God keeps, and it cannot be lost or taken away.…

Salvation Langston Hughes Analysis

Salvation Salvation is “deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption” ( Many Christians believe this to be true but the definition of salvation can be interpreted differently by others. The narrative story “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, talks about Hughes’ very own experience with Salvation. He was a little boy who believed he was ready to receive Jesus as his Savior, but little did he know he would leave church with doubts about God. The story also points out very discrete and different perspectives of what Salvation is.…

The Wesley Understanding Of Human Salvation Analysis

The Wesley Understand of Human Salvation What is salvation? The salvation which is here spoken of is not what is frequently understood by the word, the going to heaven, eternal happiness. …… It is not a blessing which lies on the other side of death….it is a present thing….[it] might be extended to the entire work of God , from the first dawning of grace in the soul till it is consummated in glory (Maddox 143). Albert C. Outler noted that this sermon has the most extensive history of oral preaching behind it of any of the written sermons; therefore, he recommended it as the best single essay by which to judge Wesley’s soteriology (Maddox 323). Wesley denied here that human salvation is only a future hope; Wesley was also denying that it is…

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Salvation 2 Pages 426 Words

             One should not believe everything one hears but should experience it for              oneself. Being saved from Jesus is a big deal to ones faith especially when one has              a huge ceremony to be saved. When something is expected of one and it is failed it              is a big disappointment, so some of us may twist the truth around. If one puts thier              mind to something one can accomplish anything, and thats what Langston needed              to know so he could realize that Jesus was already with him.              Langston was at the church wanting and waiting to see Jesus, when all              along Jesus was with him and he did not realize it. Langsston was a twelve year              old boy who was confused about the whole "seeing jesus" concept, because he              thought he woul literally see jesus. Langston did not realize that all he had to do              was affirm life and he would be welcomed into the kingdom of God. Langston              recognized that he was going to be saved later on in his life because he repented              even though he may not have understood it at that momment. "For the last time in              my life but one-for I was a big boy twelve years old-I cried. I decieved everybody              in the church". This obviously shows the sorrow and regret for his lying.              Langston believes now that he had been saved and it takes time to              understand what "being saved" is all about, especially when one is only twelve              years old. I agee with Langston when he says, "I was saved from sin when I was              going on thirteen", because he really was saved, he just had to believe in himself              and in God. He did not really recognize what was going on until later on in his life              where he now realizes he will not be killed on the alter by God. This is because              Langston has learned now that if one affimrs thier life, one will see Jesus later in              I agree with this narration, Salvation by Langston Hughes, because              Langston wass saved he just did not recognize it at that mome              ...

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In: English and Literature

Salvation Living in a country where we are entitled to freedom of religion, many of us have grown to have our own beliefs and ways of viewing religion on a whole. There are others who have been pressured by family or friends to believe in God and him alone. Sometimes with the pressure of others, we can begin to believe in something that we truly do not feel is right. In the essay “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, the main character faces a struggle of wanting to be saved by God. Does he want to be saved for his sake? Or has his salvation been influenced and forced upon by family members? Our main character and narrator in “Salvation” goes by the name of Langston. Langston attends church with his aunt and desires salvation from Jesus Christ. His aunt has told him that “when you were saved you saw a light, and something happened to you inside! And Jesus came into your life.” When it was time for Langston’s salvation he saw nothing and felt nothing, to him it seemed as if God wasn’t real. He proceeded to head to the altar even though he did not see that light or feel the spirit. He later feels regret for “lying” about seeing the light and being saved. This creates a question of, what is the true meaning of Salvation? Salvation is being saved or protected from harm or being saved or delivered from some dire situation. To me, salvation is when you feel safe and free from all things you feel hold you back, this may not have to be a spiritual or religious act, just the thought of being free is my idea of salvation. In church, salvation starts with you wanting to be saved and eventually trusting and believing in Jesus. Salvation to Langston at this time was just being able to see the light and feel Jesus’ presence. With Langston only being the age of 12 I can see how his young and naïve ways of thinking would lead him to view it as such. Many people have been saved and...

essay about salvation

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Personal undersatnading of salvation.

...Salvation is being saved from the righteous judgment of God upon the sinner. A lot of people think that salvation means being saved from yourself or the devil. But that is not accurate. All who have sinned against God are under the judgment of God. This judgment is known as damnation where God condemns to eternal hell all those who have offended Him by breaking His Law. I knew God's law and what God wants us to do when we are here on earth. As i started to travel the world I started doing somethings in my life it makes me believed that life on earth is not only what many people think today, that is what i call the 2M the money and the materials, that makes the many people says that they are satisfied in what they do and what they believed but, some people don 't think about the salvation that is very important and essential to one's life soon. In my life experience, honestly I cant say that I'm save from my summit sins but i can say that God truly makes a way for us to be save. I was part of a youth ministry before and that organization really helps me to understand more about the importance of salvation. i had proved to my self that salvation may be in many ways like for example sacrifices, a person, a song, a documentary, or in t.v. Salvation in my life experienced is a sacrifice because before i made a lots of mistakes though i know that i can offend God through my doings but god really wants me to be save. Many people told me that the death of my......

Words: 544 - Pages: 3

Bible Verses for Salvation

...This is my gift to you. The gift of salvation was bought with the Blood of Christ, given to me, and presented to you. I pray these verses do not rest with you but are moved out into the world through you. Not as intellect, but as love. I pray your relationship with Jesus grows as well as your love for the people of this world. Do not lose hope. With Love in Christ John 6:44 New International Version (NIV) 44 “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. John 3:16 New International Version (NIV) 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Romans 3:10-12 New International Version (NIV) 10 As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; 11     there is no one who understands;     there is no one who seeks God. 12 All have turned away,     they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good,     not even one.”[a] John 14:6 New International Version (NIV) 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Revelation 3:20 New International Version (NIV) 20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. Romans 5:8 New International Version (NIV) 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners,......

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Salvation Army

...Abstract Introduction The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible and its ministry is motivated by the love of God. The mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. (The Salvation Army 2003) The Salvation Army is funded by donations and voluntary support. The national headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia, while London serves as the site of its international headquarters. It is organized using a military model, following a similar chain of command, including military titles for personnel, local bands, and banners. While these officers are necessary, committed volunteers are also essential to the success of this extensive ministry and its programs. Historical Roots In 1865, the Salvation Army was founded in London by William Booth, an English Methodist minister. First known as the "Christian Mission" to provide social welfare assistance to the residents of urban slums and save them from their sinful lifestyles of prostitution, gambling, and drunkenness, it was renamed in 1878. Military ranks and titles were assigned according to their responsibilities. His wife, Catherine, was co-founder. The "soldiers" preached openly in the streets. They promoted high ideals of service and commitment. Importance of the Salvation Army The Salvation Army is currently active in ninety-eight countries,......

Words: 2885 - Pages: 12

The Salvation Army

...The Salvation Army The Salvation Army is a Christian Charity Organization with programs that include international aid, assistance to children and families and disaster relief. The mission statement reads, “The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs without discrimination.”(the salvation army history, n.d.) In 1852 William Booth started his ministry career in London, England, taking the message of Jesus Christ to the people face to face. He left the church and the pulpit and began traveling as an independent evangelist. Booth became a well known religious leader with a dedication to fight for the souls of men and women. Some of his first and foremost converts to Christianity were thieves, prostitutes, gamblers and drunks. The converts became soldiers for Christ, known then and now as “Salvationists”. The Salvation Army moved into the United States in 1878 and began an evangelist crusade there. By 1886 the Salvation Army was located in 13 states across the United States. “The Salvation Army movement quickly expanded into Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Iceland, and local neighborhood units.” (the salvation army history, n.d.) The Salvation Army is active in every corner of the world. The......

Words: 936 - Pages: 4

...The Salvation Army Giordan Delossantos GEN/200 2/22/2011 Gloria Moeller Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, being part of charities and helping people in need is an excellent way to set the example especially in today’s society. The Salvation Army does not discriminate on a person’s faith, religion or sexuality preference. Whether brief or long term I believe everyone should be a part of this army, as an officer, soldier or volunteer. Just one day of participating or volunteering can impact and make a difference. The Salvation Army is an organization created by an evangelist from England named William Booth in 1852. He preached to the poor, hungry, homeless and destitute. William had the capability to convert people such as prostitutes and gamblers from non believers to believers. In 1872 he had about 1000 volunteers, and by 1885 numbers grew to 250,000 followers under the same Christian mission. The Army’s mission statement is to help people from bad habits and achieve their goals in life. The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization that can help a struggling person physically, mentally and spiritually. I have donated clothes before to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but unfortunately never took time to devote a full day as a volunteer. I’m looking forward to serving their religious army in the future. The Salvation Army can benefit me in a couple of ways, personally I love networking with positive and influential people...

Words: 549 - Pages: 3

Enlist In The Salvation Army

...Enlist in the Salvation Army Many people want to help their community, but are unsure of how to get involved. Choosing an organization that shares one’s beliefs and morals will optimize the volunteering experience. The Salvation Army is an extremely well-known organization; it is known for the charitable deeds and events it hosts to help people in need. It is also widely known to be a Christianity-based charity, and it highly esteemed for the standards that it holds to. There are Salvation Army locations across the nation, and each one is always looking for new volunteers. Whether it is feeding the homeless, clothing giveaways, or raising money and awareness for an illness, the Salvation Army is an amazing thing to be a part of. This organization...

Words: 1135 - Pages: 5

...Salvation is a story from The Big Sea, which was written by Langston Hughes, an African American poet, playwright and fiction writer. He was one was the earliest innovators of the then new literary art form, jazz poetry. This is a story that took place during the author’s childhood, when he was going on thirteen. This story is about how he lost his faith as a child when during a revival meeting he remained the lone “young lamb” that did not see Jesus. In the end, the young Langston decided to deceive the whole congregation by pretending that Jesus had come to him. Hughes shows us how the thoughts and actions of the people around us can affect our actions, and how complete trust and innocence can result in a complete lost of faith. Hughes uses vivid imagery and simple language to convey a believable child’s point of view. Hughes starts his essay with two contradicting statements: that he “was saved from sin…but not really saved” (). This is a signal to the reader that the title Salvation does not mean what one would think it means. Initially the author went to a revival meeting at his aunt’s church with the full intention of being saved. She told him “when you were saved you saw a light, and something happened to you inside! And Jesus came into your life! And God was with you from then on!” (). His use of exclamation marks punctuating these sentences portrays a picture of a child who was excited and enthused about this upcoming event. He completely believed his aunt and his...

Words: 749 - Pages: 3

...Salvation", Langston Hughes Langston Hughes paints a picture of himself as a little boy whose decisions at a church revival directly reflect mans own instinctive behavioral tendencies for obedience. A young Langston whose congregation wants him to go up and get saved, gives into obedience and ventures to the altar as if he has seen the light of the Holy Spirit. Hughes goes on to say: " So I decided that maybe to save further trouble, I'd rather lie, too, and say that Jesus had come ,and get up and be saved ." In saying this, Langston has obviously overlooked his personal belief to meet the level of obedience laid out by the congregation. It leads us to fact that people may believe strongly in an idea or thought but will overlook that belief to be obedient. One can make a justified assumption that everyone in society has at one time or another overlooked his or her personal feelings to conform this occurrence whether it is instinctive or judgmental is one that each individual deals with a personal level. He was a young boy who wanted to see Jesus, who wanted to earn salvation, but when he couldn't see Jesus, when everyone else saw,he found himself in the terrible position of disappointing not only himself but everyone in his community.He finally "saved" himself by pretending to see Jesus . He was saved not by love of Jesus as a congregation or preacher intended but by pretending to be other that who he was. One wanders what would have happened if he didn't stepped......

Words: 4848 - Pages: 20

...Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Salvation Salvation has been the most common term used in our churches today. But, what is salvation? Since I was a child, my parents always taught me that without salvation I was going to hell. Being so young and innocent, I would look at my parents and ask them, what I need to do to be saved. Their answer was simple. Fear God and stay away from sin; I guess that was my parent’s definition of salvation. Just like my parents, everyone has their own definition of salvation, depending on the religion you were brought up with and your faith. As I grew older, I came to realize that salvation not only involved fearing the maker but also salvation refers to being granted eternal life when the Day of Judgment comes. We all know temptation is real and the devil is not sleeping. I came to understand that salvation was everything to do with being spared from eternal penalty of sin. But that begs a different question; do all human beings deserve being spared the eternal fire? From the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, we learn that only the righteous shall be saved and inherit the kingdom of God. During judgment day, while others will be rejoicing together with Christ in paradise others will be burning in eternal fire. Even the Bible states that salvation is only for those who will repent and turn to God. The prophet Ezekiel said “the soul who sins shall dies” (Ezekiel 18.4 NKJ). We can also see the same in the writing of the apostle Paul......

Words: 1331 - Pages: 6

...light of the Holy Spirit. Hughes goes on to say: " So I decided that maybe to save further trouble, I'd rather lie, too, and say that Jesus had come, and get up and be saved." In saying this, Langston has obviously overlooked his personal belief to meet the level of obedience laid out by the congregation. It leads us to fact that people may believe strongly in an idea or thought but will overlook that belief to be obedient. One can make a justified assumption that everyone in society has at one time or another overlooked his or her personal feelings to conform this occurrence whether it is instinctive or judgmental is one that each individual deals with a personal level. He was a young boy who wanted to see Jesus, who wanted to earn salvation, but when he couldn't see Jesus, when everyone else saw, he found himself in the terrible position of disappointing not only himself but everyone in his community. He finally "saved" himself by pretending to see Jesus. He was saved not by love of Jesus as a congregation or preacher intended but by pretending to be other that that he was. One wanders what would have happened if he didn't stepped forward? Would they have seen a frightened boy? It is hard to say. However, it is kind of evident that he was afraid to be rejected; therefore, he falls into the trap of trying to please everyone. In addition, he met the needs of no one since he deceived everybody in church and himself as well. Faith cannot be based upon whether or not we......

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...Biblical Perspective, What Is Salvation Salvation simply stated “Is the deliverance from our sinful nature and eternal punishment through Gods gifted grace.” With-in several scriptures and books of the Bible, you can find diverse illustration’s explaining the provisions for salvation. Christ crucifixion on the cross paid the price for our salvation; God’s grace extended to us through the sacrifice of Christ his [Son]. In Mark 10:24-27, the idea of salvation being a gift from God, not anything that we can procure through self-enterprise was introduced. Isaiah speaks of how [He] took upon Himself our transgressions and iniquities; peace was given to us through the penance that was placed on him, and healing came through [His] wounds (Isaiah 53:5). In (John 1:23) he makes reference to Christ being the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” I find it fascinated how prior to Christ, it was in the Law of Moses to offer a sacrifice to God for atonement of sin. Typically this was a [lamb] having no unclean markings and John the Baptist indicated Christ as the [Lamb]. The very definition of “Jesus” derived from the Hebrew name “Yeshua” means salvation. Instructed by an Angel, Joseph and Mary named Christ, Jesus, “for he will save his people from their sins” (Mat 1:21-23). Christ purpose for coming was to seek out, teach and save us from our sins. Perhaps the most critical component to salvation is the resurrection. “We would all still be in sin if Christ......

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...There are several questions that will be addressed from the reading of John 15:1-8. The first question is what does this passage teach about salvation? Jesus is the true vine and the only source of eternal salvation. In one of our texts Mr. Morris states “When the Father purges the vine of the “unclean” Canes; He is ridding it of people whom God will prune”. (Morris, 2012, p. 137) Man is by his own nature dry and barren, but we draw power from God which is new, which does not proceed from ourselves. We are crafted in His image alone. (, 2013) The second question is what this passage of John teaches about discipleship? These passages teach us that Jesus is the vine and His disciples are the branches. “The branches derive their life from the vine; the vine produces its fruit through the branches” (Carson, 2012, p. 514). In John 15:1, he states “I am the vine, and my Father is the vine grower” John 15:1 (The Wesley Study Bible). This parable elaborates that Jesus as God’s true vine depicts Him and these attached to Him as branches, which are God’s genuine people. The last question is what does the passage within John 15:1-8 teach us about eternal security? John 15:2 states, “He removes every branch in me that bears no fruit. Every branch that bears fruit He prunes to make it bear more fruit” (John 15:2). Fruitfulness is the mark of the true Christian. In John it also states eternal security is given by abiding in Jesus Christ and His word abides......

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Methods of Evangelism an academic evangelistic method of sharing the Gospel which uses an orderly method in laying out the plan of salvation through Bible verses in the book of Romans. It establishes who needs salvation, why we need salvation, how God provides that salvation, how can man respond to Gods provision of salvation, and the result of man responding to Gods salvation. The benefit of using the seven verses is that they are all located in the book of Romans. This method the Bible verses are ordered into a straight forward teaching that is easy to outline to a person that you may be trying to share the Gospel with. Initially the case is established who is in need of salvation, (everyone), then . “As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” (Romans 3:10-12 New International Bible {NIV}). “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (Romans 3:23 NIV) In these few verses we establish the fact that everyone is unrighteous before God and in need of Salvation. After establishing the need for salvation “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23 NIV). The result of our sin is death. God however provides a way for our salvation “ But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”......

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...Crystal Coates 2012 EVAN 101-B18 LUO June 25, 2012 Method of Evangelism Part ONE – Evangelistic Method #1 The Roman Roads to salvation is a way of explaining the good news of salvation using verses from the the Book of Romans. It is a simple yet powerful method of explaining why we need salvation, how God provides salvation, how we receive salvation, and what are the results of salvation. The first scripture that explains the first step to salvation is Romans 3:23, “ for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”. We have all sinned. We have all done things to fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:10-18 goes into more detail of what sin looks like in our lives. Romans 6:23 gives a detailed picture of sin in our lives. It teaches us about the consequences of sin. “ For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Not just a physical death but a spiritual death. The third step picks up where Romans 6:23 leaves off, “ but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. The last step in the Romans Roads is from Romans 10:9 “ that if you confess Jesus as Lord, and believe in you heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. The advantages to this method is that these are true word. These are words that were written by Paul the disciple in the Book of Romans. The words written came straight from the Lord's mouth. Romans 3 Part......

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...Road Summary of Method – The Romans Road is a method of evangelism and is considered an intellectual method. It is a plan of salvation that utilizes various verses derived from the book of Romans. These verses are often memorized and used by evangelists to form a cohesive explanation of the need of salvation. Advantages of Using This Method – There are several advantages to the Romans Road method. One is that it is an easy way to explain and share the Gospel. These various verses, when put together, depict a clear and easy presentation. Another advantage is that it very much Biblically based. In explaining salvation, it is literally using Scripture in sharing the faith. Disadvantages of Using This Method – One disadvantage is the fact that all of the sources in this method are Scripture. While this is a great thing in reality, for a non-Christian who does not assume the Bible to be God’s word, it can come across as less credible from his/her perspective. The Romans Road method is a path to salvation and clearly uses Scripture as support and sources. This method has the potential of leading into a discussion on the credibility of the Bible, which can become off topic in leading someone to Christ. In other words, for a non-believer who wants to refute the word of God, it can potentially become a distraction from the discussion of salvation. Lifestyle Evangelism Summary of Method – Lifestyle evangelism is a method of evangelism that is dependent on the way a......

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