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Essay on Healthy Lifestyle

The top secret of being physically fit is adopting a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, taking good care of self, healthy sleep habits, and having a physically active daily routine. Lifestyle is the most prevailing factor that affects one’s fitness level. A person leading a sedentary lifestyle has a low fitness level whereas living a healthier life not only makes a person fit but also extends life. Good health has a direct impact on our personality. A person with a good and healthy lifestyle is generally more confident, self-assured, sociable, and energetic.

A good and healthy lifestyle allows one to relish and savor all the pleasures in life without any complications. Even all the wealth is less valuable when compared to sound health. Having all the luxuries in the world does not fulfill its purpose when one is continuously ill, depressed, or suffering from a significant health complication. A healthy person has a clear and calm perception of everything without prejudice. His actions and decisions are more practical and logical and are hence more successful in life.

A good habit is a key factor for a healthy lifestyle. To maintain a stable body and mind, one needs to inculcate good habits. Waking up early in the morning, regularly exercising or a good morning walk helps to keep our body energetic and refresh our mind. Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet throughout the day is vital for maintaining a good lifestyle. Too much indulgence in alcohol or smoking excessively is not at all appropriate for a healthy lifestyle.


Self-discipline is important for maintaining a good lifestyle. When we are self-disciplined then we are more organized and regular in maintaining good health. A disciplined life is a regulated life. A man without discipline is a ship without a rudder. Discipline needs self-control. One who cannot control himself can seldom control others. The level of discipline and perseverance largely determines a person’s success. Self-discipline is the act of disciplining one’s own feelings, desires, etc. especially with the intention of improving oneself. It strengthens our willpower. The stronger our will power the positive will be our decision. It enables us to conquer our own self.


Punctuality is the habit of doing things on time. It is the characteristic of every successful person and everyone must observe punctuality in order to win success in life. Punctuality is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It should become a habit with us. A punctual person is able to fulfill all his responsibilities and hence is treated with respect in society. It is needed in every walk of life.

Diet is an important component for overall fitness and works best in combination with exercise. A balanced diet and exercise regularly help to maintain good health. It is necessary to reduce weight if one is overweight or obese, failing which one cannot be physically fit for long. For people with obesity, more exercise and a strict regime are necessary, preferably under guidance. There are many ways of making the diet healthier.

Use less sugar and salt while cooking food.

Use less oil while cooking. Avoid deep-frying as much as possible. 

Eat more fruits daily. They provide more vitamins and minerals to our bodies.

Add sprouts of gram and moong dal to at least one meal in a day. Add fiber to your diet. Use whole grains instead of polished cereals. Eat lots of salad and yogurt.

Eat fermented food regularly. Fermented food contains many useful bacteria that help in the process of digestion.

Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases

By adopting a healthy lifestyle one can avoid lifestyle diseases. The following are some ways in which we can prevent lifestyle diseases.

Eat a balanced diet that contains important nutrients. One must include more fresh fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Refrain from eating junk food. Stay away from foods that contain large amounts of salt or sugar.

Exercise regularly. Spend more time outdoors and do activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

One must avoid overindulgence in alcohol, junk food, smoking, and addiction to drugs and medicines.

Avoid spending too much on modern gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, televisions, etc. Spend time on these gadgets for short intervals of time only.

Set a healthy sleeping routine for every day. Waking early in the morning and going to bed early at night should be a daily habit. Lead an active life.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Bad food habits and an unhealthy lifestyle such as less or no physical activity may lead to several diseases like obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and various heart diseases. An unhealthy lifestyle reduces productivity and creativity in a person. It also adversely affects moods and relationships. It leads to depression and anxiety in human beings.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only makes a person confident and productive but also drives him to success. A person with a healthy lifestyle will enjoy both personal and social life.


FAQs on Healthy Lifestyle Essay

What Do You Understand about a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, taking good care of self, healthy sleep habits and having a physically active daily routine.

How is Punctuality Important for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle?

Punctuality is the habit of doing things on time. It is the characteristic of every successful person and everyone must observe punctuality in order to win success in life. It should become a habit with us. A punctual person is able to fulfil all his responsibilities and hence is treated with respect in society. It is needed in every walk of life.

What Happens When One Does Not Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

When one does not maintain a healthy lifestyle then several diseases like obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, anaemia and various heart diseases can occur. An unhealthy lifestyle reduces productivity and creativity in a person. It also adversely affects moods and relationships. It leads to depression and anxiety in human beings.

What are the Main Factors that Determine a Good and Healthy Lifestyle?

In order to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, one must be self-disciplined, self-motivated, maintain punctuality and have good habits like waking early in the morning and maintain a regular fitness regime and a balanced and nutritious diet.

Is writing an essay hard?

Essay writing is a difficult task that needs a great deal of study, time, and focus. It's also an assignment that you can divide down into manageable chunks such as introduction, main content, and conclusion. Breaking down and focusing on each individually makes essay writing more pleasant. It's natural for students to be concerned about writing an essay. It's one of the most difficult tasks to do, especially for people who aren't confident in their writing abilities. While writing a decent essay is difficult, the secret to being proficient at it is reading a lot of books, conducting extensive research on essential topics, and practicing essay writing diligently.

Why is it important for one to aspire to have a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is an important way for reducing the occurrence and impact of health problems, as well as for recovery, coping with life stressors, and improving the overall quality of life. An increasing collection of scientific data suggests that our habits have a significant impact on our health. Everything we eat and drink, as well as how much exercise we get and whether we smoke or use drugs, has an impact on our health, not just in terms of life expectancy but also in terms of how long we may expect to live without developing chronic illness. A large proportion of fatalities are caused by conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, joint disease, and mental illness. A healthy lifestyle can help to avoid or at least delay the onset of many health issues.

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What constitutes a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy life is built on the pillars of a good diet, frequent exercise, and appropriate sleep. A healthy lifestyle keeps people in excellent shape, it also gives you more energy throughout the day, and lowers your chance of developing many diet-related chronic diseases. Healthy living is considered a lifestyle choice that allows you to enjoy more elements of your life. Taking care of one's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Good Nutrition, Eating Right and proper diet.

Getting Physically Fit, Beneficial Exercise and working out often.

Adequate rest and uninterrupted sleep.

Proper Stress Management.

Self-Supportive Attitudes.

Positive Thoughts are encouraged.

Positive Self-Image and body image.

Inner Calmness and peace.

Openness to Your Creativity and Self-care.

Trust in Your Inner Knowing and your gut feeling.

Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re about to write a “benefits of a healthy lifestyle” essay, make sure to check out our sample below! Here, you’ll get some ideas for your “benefits of a healthy lifestyle” essay. 

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle: Essay Introduction

Choice of lifestyle, short and long term health benefits, benefits of a healthy lifestyle: essay conclusion, reference list.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as ‘A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease.’ Physical fitness is one area of my lifestyle that I currently fail to meet this organization’s guidelines.

WHO’s guidelines recommend physical activity for all ages. In my bracket (18-64), it is recommended that I do a minimum of 150 minutes weekly of moderate-intensity aerobics in bouts of at least 10 minutes. Muscle strengthening undertakings should also be carried out at least twice a week.

It is in addition to leisure time and physical activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, and gardening. A healthy balanced diet should accompany it (Greenberg et al., 2004). An analysis of my routine depicts that I fall short of following these guidelines. As such, I have resolved to adopt a different lifestyle to enhance my physical well-being.

My new choice of lifestyle will entail healthy eating and increased physical exercise. Eating a healthy diet will be necessary for weight management and improvement of the quality of life, especially during my old age. Using scientific data to determine the amount of calories accrued from each food type, I can regulate my intake to ensure I only take the nutritionally recommended portions.

Nutritionists state that eating more fruits and cereals is vital in providing vitamins and minerals. Vitamins contribute to the functioning of various body processes. These include in-tissue growth, antioxidants, and mediating cellular regulation. They facilitate chemical reactions in the body cells by functioning as cofactors in enzymatic pathways.

Such other vitamins as biotin are essential in the formation of fatty acids. I also intend to lower my fat intake (Richards, 2009). In response, I will adopt only skim milk and fat-free yogurt and shift from full-fat salad dressing to non-fat alternatives. It is because fat has twice as much the number of calories as protein or carbohydrate sources.

Furthermore, fats raise cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing the risk of pulmonary disorders. Taking appropriate ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals such as potassium, iron, and calcium and taking the recommended daily water intake, my health will be on the way to recovery through losing unnecessary fat deposits (Winson, 2010).

Adopting a well-informed physical exercise program is another part of my healthy lifestyle change. Engaging in constant physical activity is known to burn calories. It, in turn, reduces the risk of accumulating excess energy trapped by adipose tissue in the body. It is essential in the regulation of body weight.

Physical activity also promotes the uptake of high-density lipoprotein, or the “good” cholesterol, while decreasing the uptake of the low-density cholesterol form known to be responsible for increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other disorders, including stroke, diabetes, cancer, and depression.

Regular physical activity also improves muscle strength and increases endurance. It is in addition to enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery into body tissues. It significantly boosts the performance of the cardiovascular system enabling it to work efficiently (Hu et al., 2011). Therefore, I will reap all these benefits and lose weight by adopting this new lifestyle.

The benefits accrued from adopting a healthy lifestyle are numerous. In general terms, a nutritious diet and regular exercise contribute immensely to improving the quality of life. According to medical and nutrition professionals, proper nutrition helps curb the accumulation of unhealthy body fat and cholesterol. The appropriate diet will also reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disorders.

The reason is that the diet provides all the necessary elements for health maintenance (Thomson et al., 2011). Conversely, exercise reduces the chance of premature death from disorders related to inactive lifestyles.

By increasing the level of high-density cholesterol, exercise will minimize the risk of coronary and other related health complications. Regular exercise increases bone density in the long run, which is vital in preventing osteoporosis. It also enhances general body composition by maintaining acceptable limits of tissue-to-body fat ratio, thus discouraging overweight and obesity (Chodzko-Zajko et al., 2009).

The importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. The benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are numerous, with overall improving the quality of life. The WHO’s description of health as the absolute harmony among physical, mental, and social life components and not necessarily the absence of disease indicates that a healthy lifestyle is essential.

However, the simplicity with which this can be achieved depends solely on the individual. One can effectively lead a healthy lifestyle by adopting healthy nutrition, physical exercises, adequate rest, stress management, and high self-esteem. It has informed my decision to change my lifestyle to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Chodzko-Zajko, et al, 2009, ‘Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults’, Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise , 41, 7, pp. 1510-1530.

Greenberg JS, Dintiman GB, & Oakes BM, 2004, Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform. Champaign, Ill: Human Kinetics .

Hu F, Liu Y, & Willett W, 2011, ‘Preventing chronic diseases by promoting healthy diet and lifestyle: public policy implications for China’, Obesity Reviews , 12, 7, pp. 552-559.

Richards S, 2009, ‘The building blocks of a healthy diet’, Practice Nurse , 38, 3, pp. 12-17.

Thomson J, et al, 2011, ‘A Simulation Study of the Potential Effects of Healthy Food and Beverage Substitutions on Diet Quality and Total Energy Intake in Lower Mississippi Delta Adults’, Journal Of Nutrition, 141, 12, pp. 2191-2197.

Winson A, 2010, ‘The Demand for Healthy Eating: Supporting a Transformative Food ‘Movement”, Rural Sociology , 75, 4, pp. 584-600

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Essay on Healthy Lifestyle in English for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Essay on Healthy Lifestyle in English: A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of a good life. While it does not take much to achieve this lifestyle many people these days are unable to follow it owing to several reasons such as professional commitments, lack of determination and personal issues. It takes a good amount of determination to lead a healthy lifestyle these days. With so many tasks to accomplish during the day, our health often takes a backseat. It is important to realize the need to follow a healthy lifestyle and understand the ways in which it can be achieved.

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Long and Short Essay on Healthy Lifestyle in English

Here are some short and long essays on Healthy Lifestyle of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exams and school/college assignments. You can select any Healthy Lifestyle essay as per your need and interest:

Healthy Lifestyle Essay – 1 (200 words)

The term ‘healthy lifestyle’ is heard almost everywhere these days – on the television, on social media platforms as well as in magazines. The need to follow a healthy lifestyle is stressed upon via these mediums but people still ignore it and continue with their not-so-healthy lifestyle and eventually bear its consequences.

A healthy lifestyle mainly includes following healthy eating habits, taking adequate sleep and squeezing in some time for physical exercise each day. However, most people get so caught up with their daily grinds that they neglect their health. Ignoring your health is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Many people realize this only after they develop some health issues.

It is time people should understand that our health is of utmost importance and it is only when we are healthy would we be able to work efficiently on other aspects of our lives. Developing healthy habits requires just a few changes in the daily routine. These changes eventually become a habit and before you know you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

It is better to take out some time to follow the healthy habits shared above when you are still young and fit to avoid health issues later in life.

Healthy Lifestyle Essay – 2 (300 words)


Ours is the generation of the computer, mobile, burgers, pizzas and late night parties– basically everything that is unhealthy. Everyone is caught up between professional commitments and personal issues and what they are losing on amidst all this chaos is their health. People these days have become so involved in their daily grinds that they have forgotten what it is to live a wholesome and healthy life.

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

Our elders often stress upon the need for having a nutritious diet, sleeping and waking up on time each day and going to nearby places by foot rather than using vehicles each time. However, most of us ignore their advice and continue with our unhealthy way of living. What they suggest is absolutely right. It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. The need to switch to healthy habits is being stressed upon everywhere these days. Here is why it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle:

  • It makes you more organized and increases productivity.
  • Mkes you physically fit and keeps several health issues at bay.
  • It is a great way to live stress free.
  • Renders a positive outlook.
  • It brings us closer to our family and loved ones.

Indulging in unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, having junk food, spending too much time on screen can lead to various serious illnesses and should thus be avoided.

“Health is Wealth”. It is indeed but seems like our generation has forgotten it. It is time to slow down and take a look at the way you are living and treating your body. You may make more money, win friends and afford the luxuries of life with the lifestyle you are following but you are shortening your life span. Take charge of your life and switch to healthy habits while there is still time.

Healthy Lifestyle Essay – 3 (400 words)

Healthy lifestyle implies following good habits such as having a healthy diet, taking out time to indulge in physical exercise regularly and taking adequate sleep at night. It is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep various illnesses at bay and live wholly.

How to Quit Unhealthy Habits?

While most of us are aware of the unhealthy habits we indulge in and many even try to quit the same, we often fall short. You cannot just wake up one day and decide to quit your unhealthy habits and voila you are done with it. No, it requires a lot of effort to quit such habits especially if you have been following them since long. Here are a few things that should help:

The first thing you should do is to write down the cons of the bad habits you have been indulging in and the positive effects you can bring about in your life if you quit the same. Stick it at a place where you can read it often enough. This should work as an inspiration.

Company Effects

Company affects our habits to a large extent. If you have been socializing with people who indulge in drinking and smoking then it would be hard for you to quit these habit. It is time to limit your contact with such people.

Avoid Triggers

There may be a number of things that might act as triggers. For instance, if you smoke more when you are drinking then cut out on your drinks. If you have the habit of having chips and cookies when you are watching TV then cut out on the time you watch TV.

Look for a Substitute

Boredom and stress are some of the common reasons people take to unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, spending large amount of time on mobile or TV screens. Instead of indulging in such activities you must make an effort to channelize your energy in the right direction. For instance, you may follow something that interests you during your free time. It can be anything from playing with your dog to dancing to sketching.

Seek Professional Help

If the above mentioned doesn’t help especially when it comes to getting rid of the addictions you have developed then it is time to seek professional help.

You must not take your health lightly. It is time to switch to a healthy lifestyle if you haven’t already to keep health issues at bay.

Healthy Lifestyle Essay – 4 (500 words)

Healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour. While it came easy to the earlier generations these days people find it hard to follow owing to the fast paced life. People are working hard, partying harder and doing everything apart from taking care of their health. It is time we must take our health seriously. A few healthy habits can help you develop a healthy lifestyle over a period of time.

Healthy Habits That Must be Followed

Follow a healthy diet plan.

Following a healthy diet plan is of utmost importance when you are trying to live a healthy life. Begin by following a healthy diet plan that includes all the essential micronutrients and steer clear from junk food.

Wake Up Early

Most people are unable to indulge in exercise, have breakfast and spend few quality moments with their loved ones in the morning because they do not wake up on time. Make it a habit to wake up early each morning so that you have enough time to accommodate all these tasks.

Squeeze in at least half an hour each day to indulge in physical exercise of your choice. You can choose to go for a walk, swim, practice yoga, deep breathing or do anything that interests you. This helps in de-stressing.

Sleep On Time

Since you have to wake up early, it is essential to sleep on time. You must ensure that you take at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Put Your Mobile Aside

You should make it a habit to keep your phone aside while you are working to enhance productivity. Also keep your phone at a distance when you are at home and spend quality time with your family. The rays emitted by mobile phones are harmful it is thus suggested to keep it away especially when you sleep at night.

Connect With Positive Minds

It is always good to be friends with people who bring in positivity in your life and stay away from those who indulge in negative talks. Also socialize with those who follow a healthy lifestyle rather than those who regularly indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking.

Have Your Meals on Time

As important as it is to follow a healthy diet plan, it is equally essential to have your meals on time. Make sure you do not skip your breakfast or any other meal of the day and have your meals at the right intervals. It is also suggested to have 5-6 small meals during the day rather than having three large ones.

Follow Your Interest

Most of us are so engrossed in our work these days that we forget to take out time to follow our interests and hobbies. It is a good idea to squeeze in some time to follow your hobbies such as gardening, reading, writing or anything of your choice. These act as a good replacement for the unhealthy habits and also help in keeping stress at bay.

You must make an effort to deliberately inculcate these healthy habits in your daily routine to attain good physical and mental health.

Healthy Lifestyle Essay – 5 (600 words)

It is easy to inculcate bad habits however it takes a good amount of effort to unlearn them and switch to a healthy lifestyle. The importance of healthy lifestyle has been stressed upon often enough however not many take it seriously. Even those who plan to follow it to improve their way of living often fall short as it takes a lot of determination to do so. It is suggested to take one step at a time rather than going overboard with it. This will help you achieve your goal over a period of time. Here is how to develop healthy habits and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Habits That Must Be Avoided

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to quit smoking and stop the intake of any tobacco products you may be addicted to. This can obviously not be achieved in a day and would not be easy. It is suggested to seek professional help to quit the same over a period of time.

Drinking occasionally is fine but if you are addicted to it then you must watch out. Excessive drinking can lead to numerous health issues. If you are addicted to it then it is suggested to take professional help and also reach out to your friends and family for support to get rid of this habit.

Ordering out and having junk for most part of the week has become more of a religion these days. It is time to watch out on your intake of junk food and switch to healthy homemade food. This will not only keep you healthy but also in good shape.

Screen Addiction

Most people are glued to their mobile screens these days. This is another unhealthy habit you ought to get rid of right away. Watching too much TV or spending too much time on the laptop is also something you must avoid.

Skipping Meals

Many people these days get so engrossed in their tasks that they tend to skip their meals. Morning hours are usually busy for most and there is a tendency of skipping the breakfast to accommodate other tasks during that time. This is the worst punishment you are giving your body.

Overusing Pills

Many people look for an easy way out to get rid of their mental and physical pain and one sure shot way is to gulp a pill or two. Pain killers work best for such people however it needs to be understood that these only offer a temporary relief and can cause serious side effects.

Time to Follow Healthy Habits

Now that you know the habits that must be avoided you must work towards quitting the same to give way to a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few things you can do in this direction:

  • Seek support from family and friends.
  • Limit your contact with people who indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.
  • Remind yourself about the pros of following a healthy lifestyle.
  • Surround yourself with people who are following the kind of lifestyle you want to follow.
  • Follow your hobbies and interests during your free time so that you have no time to indulge in unhealthy habits.
  • Indulge in physical exercises to promote the growth of endorphins. This is a great way to keep stress and its negative repercussions at bay.

It takes a while to develop a healthy lifestyle especially if you are gripped with unhealthy habits shared above. The task may not be easy but it would definitely be worth it. If you have been planning to set things right it is time to stop procrastinating and start now.

Long Essay on Healthy Lifestyle – Essay 6 (800 Words)

We have grown up hearing the phrase “Health is Wealth”. In this case, health relates to both physical and mental health, which could be achieved by adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy Lifestyle” is a way of living adopted in such a way, so as to keep one’s body fit and fine and also away from diseases or ailments. It constitutes set of activities performed routinely by an individual in order to maintain and improve his/her mental or physical health.

Exercising, yoga, healthy eating, jogging are some of the conventional methods to a healthy lifestyle; however, adhering to certain norms while performing other activities may also considerably improve your physical and mental health. For example – sitting in straight posture will keep your backbone intact and healthy, always wearing a smile on your face and quickly forgetting bad experiences will keep you mentally healthy and happy and not drinking water in between meals is good for digestion.

In this essay we will go through various methods adopted for a healthy lifestyle and advantages of a healthy lifestyle.

How to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle could be achieved by merely adopting certain rules and regulations while performing your everyday tasks. Some additional activities in your daily routine may also be introduced to improve overall health and well being. Below we will go through some of the important methods to lead a healthy lifestyle-

1) Exercise

Your mental health largely depends on your physical well being, that is – you will be happy and at peace only if your body is fit and healthy. Regular exercise stimulates your health and tunes your vital organs by pumping blood and adrenaline. It also keeps your sugar level maintained, saving you from a lifelong disease of diabetes.

2) Eat Healthy

Our food is the prime source of energy for our body and what we eat directly affects it. If we eat unhealthy food, it’s going to show on our health in form of obesity, indigestion, constipation or other ailments. It is therefore, advisable to take healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritional food, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, like – fruits and vegetables; they not only improve your health but also improve your body’s immunity.

3) Drink Lots of Water

Water has more wonderful effects on your health than you could even imagine. It functions as a cleanser, cleaning toxins from your body. It also keeps your body cells hydrated and improves the functioning of brain and other body parts, apart from making your skin feel always young and fresh. Drinking 2 glasses of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning is a wonderful for the kidneys, also, it is advisable to drink 8 – 12 glasses of water daily.

4) Maintain Mental Health

There are various ways to improve your mental health. Though, exercising and eating healthy will also gives you mental satisfaction by keeping you physically healthy, there are some other habits, which could be adopted to improve mental health. Socializing, laughing and sleeping for recommended hours will keep one mentally healthy. Recommended sleep for children is for 10 to 12 hours in night and for adults is 7 to 9 hours.

Advantages of Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has both long term as well as short term benefits. Short term benefits of exercising include stimulated health, improved immune system, increased organ efficiency and improved brain health. While, short term effects of healthy eating are – raised nutrition level, healthy digestive system and raised immunity along with other advantages.

Apart from having short term advantages, healthy life style also has many long term benefits. It prevents the occurrence of many lifestyle related diseases like, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, back pain and spondylitis etc. It also prevents us from other serious ailments like cancer, heart diseases and osteoporosis etc.

Those were the physical benefits of adapting to a healthy lifestyle, but there are also psychological benefits of it. A healthy lifestyle will give you a healthy body and hence a healthy mind. With no diseases and a fit body and boosted immune system, you will be a happy person with ample of energy and time for your career and growth. You will be happy as ever and socialize more, admiring others as they admire you. Moreover, a healthy person inspires others to follow the path, ultimately leading to a healthy society.

Now that we know how to live a healthy lifestyle and its numerous advantages; no time should be spared and we must at once begin a new healthy and happy life free from diseases and worries. If you are already following a healthy lifestyle, then you should inspire others to adapt a lifestyle as your and see the changes. You just have to make minimal changes in your daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. For example – you must be eating daily, just have to eat healthy and takeout couple of hours for exercising.

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Importance Of Healthy Lifestyle Essay

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for every individual, young or old. Staying healthy has both short and long term benefits and is vital for proper growth and development. If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is neglected, it can lead to complications inside and outside of the human body. However, gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires time, patience, consistency, and motivation. There are several behavior changes that I feel as though would improve not only my short term health, but long term as well. Eating a healthy and balanced meal is probably one of the most important ways that my health can be improved. I tend to neglect the idea of a healthy meal by choosing foods that are not beneficial towards my body. Because …show more content…

One of the many reasons that I want to engage in this behavior is because by eating healthy, my weight will be regulated, it will increase my productivity, enhance my mood, and allow me to live a longer life. However, as much as eating healthy is important and vital to my body, I am aware that it is going to be a challenge and require extreme consistency. One of the reasons that I do not want to engage in this behavior change is because it is going to take away from my personal cravings for junk food. I am guilty of choosing foods and drinks that I know are not beneficial to my body, increasing the risk of being an unhealthy individual. Even though gaining healthy eating habits is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making a change in what I eat is going to be a test. But, with the right mindset and motivation, a few small changes in the right direction will help to improve my short and long term health by a great …show more content…

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to everyday life experiences and is something that every human being has to deal with at some point in life. But, people deal with stress and its impact differently from others. With me, however, I sometimes give stress more power than it should have over my body. When stressed, I tend to overeat, have angry outbursts, and become socially inactive. If I am extremely stressed, my body will shut down completely. Finding helpful ways to deal with stress has always been a challenge for me, but for some people, coping with stress is an easy task. Finding accommodating ways to cope with stress is something I am looking forward to doing because I know that this is only going to benefit my physical and mental health state. Instead of overeating due to my stress level, I plan to eat nothing but healthy foods and drink plenty of water. This way, I am maintaining my healthy eating habits as well as dealing with my stress in an efficient way. In addition to that, I plan to focus more on staying positive and preserving a strong, encouraging mindset, allowing me to not only deal with my stress in a more helpful way but to improve my overall

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires time, patience, consistency, and motivation.
  • Opines that eating a healthy and balanced meal is probably one of the most important ways that their health can be improved.
  • Opines that gaining healthy eating habits is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but making small changes in the right direction will help to improve their short and long-term health.
  • Opines that exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight are important factors that influence overall health, fitness, and wellbeing.
  • Explains that stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to everyday life experiences and is something that every human being has to deal with at some point in life.
  • Opines that changing one's behavior will take time, motivation, and consistency. they plan to eat healthier meals, exercise every other day and cope with stress in a non-harmful, efficient way.
  • Describes how they learned a lot about themselves and their body after completing their 21-day task.
  • Explains that they had a hard time finding out when it was best for their body to exercise and found an app that helped them customize their exercise reps based on their preferences.
  • Explains that they plan to apply the things they have learned to their everyday lifestyle in order to maintain mental and physical stability.
  • Opines that they can work on planning their meals especially on weekends and busy days, and reduce their dairy consumption to allow for only a small portion.
  • Concludes that they successfully adopted a healthier lifestyle through the challenges of this assignment. they plan to apply everything they learned in the future to remain healthy.

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Essay On African American Diet

When you eat do you think about the food you consume? Many times people eat and do not think about what health conditions can be caused by the food that they eat. Maintaining your health is very important and beneficial. Many ingredients in the food we consume can lead up to long lasting health problems. There are many problems that Americans add to their menus that are harmful and solutions that will reduce these harmful risk factors.

Analysis Of Unhappy Meals By Michael Pollan

Having a healthy lifestyle requires plenty of motivation and determination because of the multiple sacrifices that may occur during this process and the breakdowns and overwhelming feelings that you are going to have to get over. Through the article “Unhappy Meals”, author Michael Pollan reveals many simple, yet equally important principles on healthy eating. Pollan provides nine rules on how we should change our eating habits and, as a result, become healthy individuals. As a part of his nine rules, he advises that we should eat food that know of and are familiar with, and to consume mostly plants and home cooked meals (Pollan). Pollan informs his audience that complying with these rules will provide them with a healthy lifestyle. I do comply

Principles Of Being Healthy Essay

I spent a lot of time wondering how to be healthy when I was obese. I wondered why my siblings were normal and thin. I wondered why I was different and fat. I wondered ‘What am I doing wrong? How can I be healthy?’

Personal Nutrition Analysis

Proper nutrition is important in maintaining a long and healthy life. Most Americans are rushed due to their busy work schedules, and do not take the time to plan their diets properly. Like me, most Americans are unaware of the importance of eating a healthy diet and consume too many foods without the proper nutrients. Throughout my life I have been fortunate. I have not had any major health problems, and have been able to consume most foods without having to worry about gaining weight. These last two years, however, I started to gain weight and have become concerned with my diet. Changing my poor eating habits has been difficult for me, however, having this assignment has taught me that it is not as difficult as I previously imagined.

My Personal Behavior Change

For this paper I decided to take a second and evaluate my life and think about what were some of my current lifestyle habits and behaviors and which out of these habits would I like to change. After sitting down and evaluating all of my main habits I categorized them into groups of which ones were helping to lead me to a long healthy lifestyle and which ones were likely to lead me to an unhealthy life and lifestyle. After narrowing these unhealthy habits down to my top three I decided to focus this paper and my attention on my current nutrition and most of all on my negative eating habits. After evaluating my lifestyle and all of my unhealthy habits I felt that my current nutrition level and eating patterns were in need of the most improvement and change.

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

In the United States over seventy percent of adults are considered to be overweight. Maintain a healthy weight. "Determine whether you are overweight by checking your body mass index. If you are overweight, it can lead to a higher risk of chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and certain cancers."(How) Although the price of a burger is going down the prices of salads goes up. The fast food industry grows daily so while more jobs are being provided more and more people die from a heart attack. "Often a result of unhealthy eating habits and increased weight gain. Dietary habits established in childhood often carry into adulthood" (The importance) As a culture we know that cheating is wrong so why do we cheat our diets or our work outs. We often make new year resolutions but often give up shortly a couple days later, why? To achieve a healthy lifestyle all you have to do is look at the big picture, plan ahead, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise.

Behavior Modification Project On Unhealthy Eating Habits

After a long deliberation I decided to do my behavior modification project on my unhealthy eating habits. There are many meaningful reasons why I choose this as my behavior to modify. I want to kick start a healthy lifestyle change by eating healthier and being more active. Another upside to modifying this behavior is too hopefully *fingers crossed* lose a few unwanted pounds. The long term goal of this change is to live a happier, healthier life, and become more confident in myself. I have high hopes that I can achieve all of these goals by cutting out junk food and sweets and replacing those items with nutritious and balanced food.

Importance Of Good Nutrition Essay

People is always asking: “Why is important to have a balanced diet? Why is necessary to have a balanced diet on a daily basis? And why do professionals tend to recommend a balanced diet?” The human being has essential needs to its existence: breathing, feeding, and keeping the body in constant movement. The majority of the people are aware of this, but they do not have a balance among these things and even more important they do not eat the adequate food to keep their body healthy. Food is one of the most important factors because it gives the energy the body needs daily. In other words, few words food is the fuel that provides glucose, which is carried to each cell of the body through the bloodstream. This process is extremely important and this is influenced by the type of food that each person consumes. A balanced diet is important for human beings, and makes reference to a good nutrition with regard to the food they eat; which contains macro nutrients that are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; these provide energy and basic materials that the body uses to grow and stay healthy.

Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Healthy living is a change not everyone is willing to do. Even with small replacements in your daily life, you can start to see big changes in how your body starts working. Maintaining a healthy life style can benefit your life in many ways. Being healthy can improve your bodies ability to stand against infections or diseases. It can also aid in giving you more energy, as well as helping you sleep better. Another advantage to keeping a healthy life style is you'll be stronger, and feel better about the way your body feels. Despite the overly expensive food or the pricey monthly bills from the gym you hardly go too, simple steps can assist you in living a long healthy life without the extra effort.

Firstly, eating a proper, well-balanced diet. This helps us maintain our weight as eating well is crucial if we are to maintain a suitable weight. Eating the wrong food, or simply over-eating, will lead to weight gain, and all the problems associated with it. In order to eat healthy, we must choose a variety of different whole foods such as whole meal and wholegrain foods instead ...

Reflective Essay On Healthy Life

Any individual that leads a healthy lifestyle will say that healthy living is more than just a fad or goal, it’s a way of life. Changing certain aspects of one’s current lifestyle to become healthier is not the final goal, rather, the objective of setting these short and long term goals is maintenance. Therefore, I choose to change an aspect of my current lifestyle that I felt would facilitate the improvement of my health and would later become a change that I can maintain over the course of my life; I choose to increase the amount of water I drink per day to improve my inner bodily health. I decided on this change because I feel that setting a smaller goal that I could easily monitor and execute will expedite future changes to my lifestyle,

Health Problems In The Article: Unhealthy Diet Problems

I chose this topic because more and more people are starting to eat unhealthy. This paper is showing awareness of eating unhealthy over time. Eating healthy is very important because it helps make sure your body is getting the right nutrients. Having the right nutrients can make you have a healthy and happy life, which is very important to have. I believe that staying health is very important, and that is why I chose to write about this

Importance Of Healthy Eating Essay

Eating healthy should be done every day, or on a regular basis, it is also good for dieting. It is an important part of the body’s wellbeing. Balancing the amount of food intake with high calories can lower obesity of such. Healthy eating is an important thing in today’s society, but the main thing that is hindering a person from doing so is the fact that the stores are pack with food that have very high calories. In fact, eating healthy is not just following a strict set of dieting tricks, it is about what is being put in the body, and it is also about how much is being put into the body. It doesn’t matter how healthy the food is, sometime to most of the time the healthiest food contain some of the most fattening ingredients. People should think about what they are eating. Even though people show

My Eating Habits Essay

When I was involved in sports I often ate very nutritious foods because I want to stay as physically fit as possible and eating right helped me do that. However, now that I don’t play sports and am a lot more concerned with school and work, making nutritious choices tends to fall to the back burner. Doing this assignment and taking this class in general have made me want to make more thought through decisions about what foods I chose to put into my body. I know eating a balanced diet makes people feel better mentally and physically, so it’s something I have been working on making a priority in my life once

Good Habits Of Health Essay

To have a good health, a mind, an abundant source of energy for activities of daily living requires both a process of care and health protection are formed from very many measures of care and good habits are different on the spirit of "area of the U.S. into the great". This must be done in a long time, not just on one day two is you have to have a overall health as desired. Therefore, co 9 good habits for health that you should do every day.

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Health Is Wealth Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Health Is Wealth Essay

Growing up you might have heard the term ‘Health is Wealth’, but its essential meaning is still not clear to most people. Generally, people confuse good health with being free of any kind of illness. While it may be part of the case, it is not entirely what good health is all about. In other words, to lead a healthy life , a person must be fit and fine both physically and mentally. For instance, if you are constantly eating junk food yet you do not have any disease, it does not make you healthy. You are not consuming healthy food which naturally means you are not healthy, just surviving. Therefore, to actually live and not merely survive, you need to have the basic essentials that make up for a healthy lifestyle.

health is wealth essay


Life is about striking a balance between certain fundamental parts of life. Health is one of these aspects. We value health in the same way that we value time once we have lost it. We cannot rewind time, but the good news is that we can regain health with some effort. A person in good physical and mental health may appreciate the world to the fullest and meet life’s problems with ease and comfort. Health is riches implies that health is a priceless asset rather than money or ownership of material possessions. There is no point in having money if you don’t have good health.

Key Elements Of A Healthy Lifestyle

If you wish to acquire a healthy lifestyle, you will certainly have to make some changes in your life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle demands consistent habits and disciplined life. There are various good habits that you can adopt like exercising regularly which will maintain your physical fitness. It also affects your mental health as when your appearance enhances, your confidence will automatically get boosted.

To live a healthy life, one must make some lifestyle modifications. These modifications can include changes to your food habits, sleeping routines, and lifestyle. You should eat a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet for your physical wellness.

Further, it will prevent obesity and help you burn out extra fat from your body. After that, a balanced diet is of great importance. When you intake appropriate amounts of nutrition, vitamins, proteins, calories and more, your immune system will strengthen. This will, in turn, help you fight off diseases powerfully resulting in a disease-free life.

Above all, cleanliness plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your balanced diet and regular exercise will be completely useless if you live in an unhealthy environment. One must always maintain cleanliness in their surroundings so as to avoid the risk of catching communicable diseases.

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Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

As it is clear by now, good health is a luxury which everyone wants but some of them cannot afford. This point itself states the importance of a healthy lifestyle. When a person leads a healthy lifestyle, he/she will be free from the tension of seeking medical attention every now and then.

essay on healthy lifestyle benefits

On the contrary, if you have poor health, you will usually spend your time in a hospital and the bills will take away your mental peace. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle means you will be able to enjoy your life freely. Similarly, when you have a relaxed mind at all times, you will be able to keep your loved ones happy. A healthy individual is more likely to fulfil all of his goals because he can easily focus on them and has the energy to complete them. This is why the proverb “Health is Wealth” carries so much weight.

A socially healthy individual is one who is able to interact effectively and readily connect with others. Without his ego, he can easily blend with the person in front of him, exuding a nice feeling and energy.

Every human being should participate in sports and activities to get away from the monotony of daily life. It is because sports and games assist in instilling a sense of oneness in people, build leadership skills, and make a person absolutely disciplined.

Moreover, a healthy lifestyle will push you to do better in life and motivate you to achieve higher targets. It usually happens that people who are extremely wealthy in terms of money often lack good health. This just proves that all the riches in the world will do you no good if there is an absence of a healthy lifestyle.

In short, healthy life is the highest blessing that must not be taken for granted. It is truly the source of all happiness. Money may buy you all the luxuries in the world but it cannot buy you good health. You are solely responsible for that, so for your well-being and happiness, it is better to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Good Health for Children

Childhood is an ideal period to inculcate healthy behaviours in children. Children’s health is determined by a variety of factors, including diet, hydration, sleep schedule, hygiene, family time, doctor visits, and physical exercise. Following are a few key points and health tips that parents should remember for their children:

  • Never allow your children to get by without nutritious food. Fruits and vegetables are essential.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore teach them to frequently wash their hands and feet.
  • Sleep is essential for your child.
  • Make it a habit for them to drink plenty of water.
  • Encourage physical activity and sports.
  • Allow them enough time to sleep.
  • It is critical to visit the doctor on a regular basis for checks.

Parents frequently focus solely on their children’s physical requirements. They dress up their children’s wounds and injuries and provide them with good food. However, they frequently fail to detect their child’s deteriorating mental health. This is because they do not believe that mental health is important.

Few Lines on Health is Wealth Essay for Students

  • A state of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is referred to as health. And all of this is linked to one another.
  • Stress, worry, and tension are the leading causes of illness and disease in today’s world. When these three factors are present for an extended period of time, they can result in a variety of mental difficulties, which can lead to physical and emotional illnesses. As a result, taking care of your own health is critical.
  • Unhealthy food or contaminated water, packed and processed food and beverages, unsanitary living conditions, not getting enough sleep, and a lack of physical activity are some of the other primary causes of health deterioration.
  • A well-balanced diet combined with adequate exercise and hygienic habits, as well as a clean environment, can enhance immunity and equip a person to fight most diseases.
  • A healthy body and mind are capable of achieving things that a sick body and mind are incapable of achieving, including happiness.
  • It is also vital to seek medical and professional assistance when necessary because health is our most valuable asset.
  • Activities such as playing an instrument, playing games, or reading provide the brain with the required exercise it requires to improve health.

Maintaining healthy behaviours improves one’s outlook on life and contributes to longevity as well as success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the basic essentials of a healthy life? Answer: A healthy life requires regular exercise, a balanced diet, a clean environment, and good habits.

Question 2: How can a healthy life be beneficial? Answer: A healthy lifestyle can benefit you in various ways. You will lead a happier life free from any type of disease. Moreover, it will also enhance your state of mind.

Question 3: When is World Health Day celebrated?

Answer: Since 1950, World Health Day has been observed on the 7th of April by the World Health Organization (WHO), after a decision made at the first Health Assembly in 1948. It is observed to raise awareness about people’s overall health and well-being around the world.


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Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding health and nutrition essay.

  • 8 Works Cited

Polyunsaturated fats are found in fish and vegetable oils and are an essential nutrient which reduces the risk for coronary heart disease (Shulman, 2010, pg. 51).  The unhealthy fats are the trans fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated, such as butter, cheese and animal fat, should be completely removed from diets.  Saturated trans fats contribute to an increased low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, increase inflammation and heart disease. Unsaturated trans fats also contribute to higher LDL cholesterol and lower the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels (Shulman, 2010, pg. 52).  A fast paced society has lead to and increased consumption of prepackaged food is because it is a convenient option when people are in a time restraint and for people who are stressed (C.L. Rocks, personal communication, October 11, 2011). A way to overcome this is to spend some time planning meals for a week and by arranging healthy snacks, such as preparing raw vegetables ahead of time, to make it easier to eat healthy when in a time restraint. Trans fatty foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oil, foods such as chips or cookies, typically are high calorie foods and are lacking in essential nutrients (Brandt, 2011, pg 158). Cravings increase over time because people turn to them so often it develops into a habit. These unhealthy habits could unfortunately result in a person gaining weight (C.L. Rocks, personal communication, October 11,

Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Healthy lifestyle is basically a term which means adopting all the healthcare activity in your daily life. Also being healthy means following a healthy diet, regular workout and other healthcare activities. There are some advantages to living with a healthy lifestyle such as looking and feeling good, avoiding many diseases. Eating healthy food is considered to be the most important approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. There are many steps in the proceess of being in a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Weightlifting Essay

  • 13 Works Cited

First and foremost, the health benefits that come from weightlifting are numerous and immense. Weightlifting increases muscle strength and it increases bone density as well. Increase in bone density is one of the most beneficial side effects yielded by weightlifting (Sidrah). During weightlifting and

Australian Wellness Guidelines

Maintaining a healthy weight through good nutrition is one way to reduce the risk and live a happy life. The World Health Organization (2018) defines nutrition as “an adequate, well balanced diet combined with regular physical activity – is a cornerstone of good health”.

Cyp 3.7 1.1

Healthy eating means providing a well-balanced diet which is nutritious, fresh and food where least amount of processing has gone into making of the food that fuels the body for healthy growth, strength, energy, development and general well-being.

Assess The Causes Of Obesity In Children

The most widely used method to measure the relation between health and weight is Body Mass Index (BMI), but we can also measure waist circumference to check any excess of fat.

Causes Of Obese In The United States

But from not eating healthy those risks go up. Eating the healthy foods that you should gives you the energy that you need to do stuff daily. An article in Health Magazine in 2014 called "5 Reasons to Eat Healthier that Have Nothing to Do with Weight" and these are the reasons. One result from eating healthy is having a better mood. "Scientists found that a higher intake of fruits and vegetables resulted in more energy, calm and greater feelings of overall happiness" ("5 Reasons to Eat Healthier"). Another result is sleeping better that usual. "Numerous studies have ties better sleep to improvements in overall wellness, and foods tied to better sleep include fish, whole grains, nuts, and dark green

The Importance of Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy diet is instrumental in the reduction of the risk factors for several major diseases. Obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are a few of the risk factors that serve as precursors to major diseases, and can be controlled with healthy eating.

Weight Training Research Paper

If a person develops a routine weight training regimen, it can aid in maintaining weight loss and promote a healthier lifestyle. Weight training is essential to health because dieting can only be done correctly if physical activity is involved. It also helps to develop better body mechanics. Your body mechanics such as balance and coordination will improve over time and if you are an individual who isn’t very “flexible and has poor balance, statistics show that your risk of falling can be reduced by as much as forty percent (Iliades, n.d.).” This is very beneficial to your health as you

Sugar Sweetened Soda

One recommendation for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, is to encourage people to drink more water. This a recommendation that would include children, adolescents, and adults. Increasing water consumption has shown to help limit excess weight gain1, while drinking water can also improve student’s readiness to learn by increasing the level of cognitive functioning 2. As previously described by Heidi, sugar sweetened beverages is now consumed instead of water in a large sector of the population. Consuming water instead of sodas, sports drinks, flavored milks, fruit-flavored drinks, and other beverages with added sugar can prevent dental caries3. For example, substituting water for one 20-ounce sugar sweetened soda will save people about

Persuasive Speech : The Need For Nutrition?

Healthy eating can decrease the risk of many problems that are on the rise such as obesity, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, and there are many aspects that lead into it. Three important aspects that are most beneficial to a healthy life include sleep, diet and nutrition, and exercise. To live a healthy life starts at a young age. Living a healthy lifestyle when young is beneficial for adult life.

Benefits of Healthy Eating Essay

“By eating healthy you are boosting your energy levels, improving your bodily Functions and helping to improve your immune. By eating a healthy diet and combining this with exercise you could end up living a longer more vibrant life” (Bruton, 2009.p1). When people eat healthy it helps them have more energy, and having more energy will

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is indeed a meaningful duty we owe ourselves. ‘If you do not have good health, you do not have wealth’. Healthy lifestyle means upholding a balanced and nutritious diet as well as involves in fitness activities. A healthy diet alone however isn’t sufficient to produce a healthy body as physical activity helps to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease.

The Importance Of Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is imperative for your life. A healthy diet is the key to being fit. It is unlike any other regimen. You will feel so pure, balanced, and alert. A solid regimen even prevents some health issues. You will love your body and your body will love you if you begin healthy eating habits. There are significant reasons why eating healthy is vital to your health.

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    Above all, cleanliness plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your balanced diet and regular exercise will be completely useless if you

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    Healthy living is having a balanced lifestyle to improve people's health and well-being. Unhealthy living is engaging in activities that can potentially harm