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How technology changes our lives.

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            Technology has had an effect on almost every person around the world. It has completely changed the way we talk, think, behave and even work. The evolution of technology has changed society in almost every way imaginable. All around the globe, billions of people benefit from technology. It plays a big role in almost all fields of human life and work. Technology has simplified the work of students, teachers, and workers in the medicine, communication and transportation field. However, the excessive usage of technology has its disadvantages as well. Although, in most cases the speed it takes to complete a task accelerates with the use of technology, most people fail to notice that technology sometimes has a negative affect on society.              One of the first things worth mentioning regarding what technology has changed is education. The excessive use of technology during learning is changing education in good and bad ways. Relying on gadgets such as tablets and computers too much can weaken a person's memory. These gadgets make the brain lazy, and prevent it from getting the activity and exercise it needs which can cause loss of focus and problems when a person becomes older. With technology, we have all the answers and information we need just a click away, which can also make one's brain under-active. However, there are far more positive points than negative points when it comes to technology's effects on education. Distance Education is just one of the many positive influences technologies have on education. Because of technology, students can take courses over the Internet at their convenience; they do not have to be constrained to a weekly planner. Technology has caused classes to become more dynamic between student and teacher; technology has made it easier for teachers and students to communicate.              Across the world, technology has affected the relationships between families and friends. Because of all the devices found in households these days, it is hard for a family to have an enjoyable discussion when sitting together.

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Free How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay Sample

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Technology , Internet , Information , Computers , Society , World , Food , Life

Words: 1600

Published: 02/24/2020


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Technology is a small word that has made huge impacts on our lives. Without even noticing, we use technology in many ways. It has somehow affected every single living organism on this planet. And with the many recently developments, the pace of the boom in technology has risen too. From the start of scientific discoveries till today, the human race has seen so many changes that it is uncountable. Electricity is said to be discovered in the early 18th century. Then Einstein’s theories of relativity changed the whole perspective in the 19 century.

But how exactly has technology impacted us today? What changes has it made in our lives today? Has it proven to be better to be technologically civilized? Or have we made the wrong decision and inevitably going towards our doom? Today we have contrasting opinions on what the impact of technology has done to our society and generation. There are countless positive effects but at the same time we are now experiencing many negative effects of technology as well. This How technology has changed our lives essay is devoted to those questions.

The Positive Ways How Technology has Changed Our Lives

If we take a glance around us, we see many things that are available to us only because of technology. In almost every place we go, we find light and electricity. We see electronic devices that have made work easier for us humans. Just by pressing a button our dishes are washed, our clothes are washed and our food is heated. Because of technology, pour homes are warm and cozy in the winters and cool and breezy in the summers. Because of electronic; technology, we now have refrigerators to store our food so that we can use it for longer periods of time.

Talking about food, there has also been a huge development advancement in the chemical and food industry. Scientists have come up with great preservatives and methods that are used to keep food safe and give them a longer shelf life. Even milk can be stored for months. Hi tech purification plants are now being used to purify milk in an automatic way so that the vitamins and mineral are not wasted whereas all the harmful bacteria are removed. Similar water purification plants and systems have made it easier for most people to have access to cleaner better water.

Then there is the field of logistics and aviation that has been influenced by technology very much. In the past centuries, ships were the only means of transport to other areas of the world. Now we have a great aviation system that can take you to any corner of the world with ease. Air travel is considered to be the safest travelling mode till date. The field of logistics deals with the delivery of goods and packages across the world. The technological advancement in aviation has given boom to this industry as well. Now businesses can easily expand their businesses worldwide and ship their products to the customers without any hassle.

In today’s society the one invention that has the biggest impact on our society and which has totally changed the way we work, think and process is the computer technology and internet. Computers have made processing so simple and fast. Also, when the invention was first made, a single computer needed many acres of space. However, now a computer can be as small as a palm. With the automation of many programs, we have now fewer chances of errors. The internet has provided humans across the planet with unlimited amount of information. We now have access to tons and tons of the latest research and developments. Digital information has not only given us access to new information but that information is used constructively to develop new theories and technologies.

The internet has changed the lives of many people around the world by offering the fastest communication modes thinkable. A picture, letter can be sent to your loved one in just seconds. With the help of technology people have become so close to their friends and families living abroad. Internet has also changes the lives of many people by offering many job opportunities that we could not even think of before internet. Outsourcing your work is made more convenient with the technological advancement of the internet.

When we see how doctors and physicians have made use of technology and completely altered it, we are dumbstruck. Doctors sitting thousands of miles away can control robotic arms to perform surgeries and procedures on patients. Residents take help in the same way from their mentors during difficult procedures. Also, if any groundbreaking surgery is being performed, it is telecasted live through the internet so that doctors around the world can learn the latest discovery in the field of medicine. The drugs are also developed after more research and testing which makes them more effective.

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The Negative Ways How Technology has Changed Our Lives

In almost every sector of our lives, technology has a huge impact not only on the society but on a personal level. But there is the side of the coin as well. While we cannot count the many bounties of technology, there are a few negative ways that it has influenced us.

The biggest drawback of technology is that it is starting to take a toll on our health. With the excessive use of technology designed to make our lives easier, it has been noted that our body is beginning to show signs of retirement. The body has been designed to perform well under pressure. It starts to jam up if it is not used positively. If all our daily work chores are being done by technological devices, then we spend the day switching the television channels. Technology use is directly being linked to harmful diseases like obesity, diabetes, stress, depression, fatigue, cancer and much more.

Our children no longer need parks and recreational centers to spend their time. A single computer or mobile phone is all they ask for. Internet has made us closer to the digital global community but is taking us far from our family living in the same house and our next door neighbors. Research has shown that internet has also made today’s society in able to made conversation face-to-face. They are comfortable being online and hiding behind fake identities but presenting themselves in person is becoming hard. Also, with the excessive amounts of information, there is no check or balance. Information travels at the speed of light. It is hard to differentiate the right from the wrong. Students are more inclined towards plagiarism, cheating and other unethical practices. Technology is teaching them to find a shortcut.

Pornography and unethical content is easily accessible to anyone having access to the internet. Without the implementation of strict regulations and consequences from the government, the society will continue to drown in the ocean of unmonitored information.

Being technologically civilized is also affecting the environment which in a way affects the society. Our factories, plants, transportation means all emit harmful gases into the atmosphere that will have a huge negative impact on us. More and more natural resources are being used up fast to accommodate for the excessive needs of humans of this century. As much as we had invented technology to help us, it can now be felt that the society is being controlled by technology.

There is no doubt that technology affects us no matter what our status symbol is, it does no care what country, race or age I belong to. At one corner, technology is coming up with newer and faster ways to save lives while in the other corner; technology has enabled people to make more destructive bombs and guns.

The level of impact that technology has on the society and an individual can vary and depends on how strong regulations are administered. There is a need to balance the use of technology so that it helps your life become easier without having any negative effects. Technology has helped us reach the stars. This clearly shows that that there are no bounds to where technology can take us and what it can do. It is important to regulate advancements in technology. It should be made sure that it is beneficial to the human race and will not be a threat to our future generations.

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After many decades elapsed, nowadays, the quality of human life is growing better. Human beings always search and invent new things in order to meet their needs. There are not only changes in the way that people dress and behave, but also there are many changes in forms of entertainment. In the past when technologies had not developed much, people usually entertained by getting together to dance, sing, or listen to music; many of them went to a small bar in the community to drink or play cards. Today is completely distinct from the time in the past. With innovative science and modern technologies, the entertainment has become easier and more convenient for all people. Everyone can relax and amuse themselves wherever and whenever with modern electronic devices such as cell phone, tablet, LCD TV, laptop, etc. Therefore, technology has become part of our life. Many people say that we could not do anything without technology; it helps people to make work easier. In fact, technology not only impacts our daily lives, but it also has a strong influence on the criminal justice system. If law enforcement officers apply technology to their investigations, it will assist to make the investigations less difficult and more efficient. So, what has the technology already helped to make an improvement in the criminal justice field, and how has it impacted on the law enforcement?

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Essay on Technology Is Changing the Mind

  • 5 Works Cited

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How Technology Has Affected Us As Individuals Argumentative Essay

Samara Ross-Ziemelis Mr. Fischer - English 10 Argument DCA Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 “How Technology Has Affected Us As Individuals” Technology seems like such a vital impact on all of our lives that most of us think we can’t live without it. Sure, the technology used in medical fields, science, engineering, etc. is such a big change from the way things were only a century ago that we likely couldn’t live without it. Although technology has made incredible advancements, are people losing the ability to talk to one another in a face-to-face situation?

Technology Is Affecting Us Essay

Today's world is full of pieces of technology that we take for granted, the microchip has truly revolutionised the way in which we live and do business. The world we see would not be recognisable to people of a few generations ago and nowhere is this truism greater than in the world of computing. Hence it is important to stay up to date with technology news; while many may think that this type of news is purely for geeks it is clear that all of us should have at least a passing interest in news of technological developments.

Society Is Too Dependent On Technology

In today’s modern world, technology reigns. Millions of people all over the globe utilize technology for a multitude of purposes every day, whether it be at work, school, or even from the leisure of their home. If you were to ask most people in America if they could live without technology even for a day, the answer would most likely be no. Contrary to opinions that are popular with my fellow millennials, I think that society is too dependent on technology. I believe society relies on technology too much because we use the internet for simple tasks that we should be capable of doing ourselves, our dependence has resulted in laziness, and technology is rapidly replacing people in the workplace, thus resulting in less jobs.

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If you were to ask somebody what a computer was sixty years ago they would look at you look at you puzzled. Now days it is hard to find a household or office in America that does not contain at least one personal computer. With all of this information at our finger tips, we have to ask ourselves if we are becoming too dependent on technology. Imagine if we were to wake up tomorrow with all electronic devices disabled. Everybody’s life would be impacted in one way or another. We would lose what has become the largest portal for communication. We would also lose countless information that has

Our Dependency On Technology

In the struggle to keep up with today’s ever-changing technology, is society paying too high a price? People seem to want things now. The internet is one of the most widely used technological advancements available, but are the consequences of the internet outweighing the benefits? Technology is changing the way people think, process information and even the way they act.

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Over the years technology has been growing fast. Knowing human use communication by texting and calling. It’s careless for humans because not seeing each other could cause them to have problems. Instead of going out together and be active they just waste time on their phones. Humans putting a stop of when they have access to their phones so that they can spend more time with friends.

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Essay on Technology

The word "technology" and its uses have immensely changed since the 20th century, and with time, it has continued to evolve ever since. We are living in a world driven by technology. The advancement of technology has played an important role in the development of human civilization, along with cultural changes. Technology provides innovative ways of doing work through various smart and innovative means. 

Electronic appliances, gadgets, faster modes of communication, and transport have added to the comfort factor in our lives. It has helped in improving the productivity of individuals and different business enterprises. Technology has brought a revolution in many operational fields. It has undoubtedly made a very important contribution to the progress that mankind has made over the years.

The Advancement of Technology:

Technology has reduced the effort and time and increased the efficiency of the production requirements in every field. It has made our lives easy, comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable. It has brought a revolution in transport and communication. The advancement of technology, along with science, has helped us to become self-reliant in all spheres of life. With the innovation of a particular technology, it becomes part of society and integral to human lives after a point in time.

Technology is Our Part of Life:

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives. Technology has brought the world closer and better connected. Those days have passed when only the rich could afford such luxuries. Because of the rise of globalisation and liberalisation, all luxuries are now within the reach of the average person. Today, an average middle-class family can afford a mobile phone, a television, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a computer, the Internet, etc. At the touch of a switch, a man can witness any event that is happening in far-off places.  

Benefits of Technology in All Fields: 

We cannot escape technology; it has improved the quality of life and brought about revolutions in various fields of modern-day society, be it communication, transportation, education, healthcare, and many more. Let us learn about it.

Technology in Communication:

With the advent of technology in communication, which includes telephones, fax machines, cellular phones, the Internet, multimedia, and email, communication has become much faster and easier. It has transformed and influenced relationships in many ways. We no longer need to rely on sending physical letters and waiting for several days for a response. Technology has made communication so simple that you can connect with anyone from anywhere by calling them via mobile phone or messaging them using different messaging apps that are easy to download.

Innovation in communication technology has had an immense influence on social life. Human socialising has become easier by using social networking sites, dating, and even matrimonial services available on mobile applications and websites.

Today, the Internet is used for shopping, paying utility bills, credit card bills, admission fees, e-commerce, and online banking. In the world of marketing, many companies are marketing and selling their products and creating brands over the internet. 

In the field of travel, cities, towns, states, and countries are using the web to post detailed tourist and event information. Travellers across the globe can easily find information on tourism, sightseeing, places to stay, weather, maps, timings for events, transportation schedules, and buy tickets to various tourist spots and destinations.

Technology in the Office or Workplace:

Technology has increased efficiency and flexibility in the workspace. Technology has made it easy to work remotely, which has increased the productivity of the employees. External and internal communication has become faster through emails and apps. Automation has saved time, and there is also a reduction in redundancy in tasks. Robots are now being used to manufacture products that consistently deliver the same product without defect until the robot itself fails. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology are innovations that are being deployed across industries to reap benefits.

Technology has wiped out the manual way of storing files. Now files are stored in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. With technology, companies can make quick decisions, act faster towards solutions, and remain adaptable. Technology has optimised the usage of resources and connected businesses worldwide. For example, if the customer is based in America, he can have the services delivered from India. They can communicate with each other in an instant. Every company uses business technology like virtual meeting tools, corporate social networks, tablets, and smart customer relationship management applications that accelerate the fast movement of data and information.

Technology in Education:

Technology is making the education industry improve over time. With technology, students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips. Teachers can coordinate with classrooms across the world and share their ideas and resources online. Students can get immediate access to an abundance of good information on the Internet. Teachers and students can access plenty of resources available on the web and utilise them for their project work, research, etc. Online learning has changed our perception of education. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a paradigm shift using technology where school-going kids continued their studies from home and schools facilitated imparting education by their teachers online from home. Students have learned and used 21st-century skills and tools, like virtual classrooms, AR (Augmented Reality), robots, etc. All these have increased communication and collaboration significantly. 

Technology in Banking:

Technology and banking are now inseparable. Technology has boosted digital transformation in how the banking industry works and has vastly improved banking services for their customers across the globe.

Technology has made banking operations very sophisticated and has reduced errors to almost nil, which were somewhat prevalent with manual human activities. Banks are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase their efficiency and profits. With the emergence of Internet banking, self-service tools have replaced the traditional methods of banking. 

You can now access your money, handle transactions like paying bills, money transfers, and online purchases from merchants, and monitor your bank statements anytime and from anywhere in the world. Technology has made banking more secure and safe. You do not need to carry cash in your pocket or wallet; the payments can be made digitally using e-wallets. Mobile banking, banking apps, and cybersecurity are changing the face of the banking industry.

Manufacturing and Production Industry Automation:

At present, manufacturing industries are using all the latest technologies, ranging from big data analytics to artificial intelligence. Big data, ARVR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), and IoT (Internet of Things) are the biggest manufacturing industry players. Automation has increased the level of productivity in various fields. It has reduced labour costs, increased efficiency, and reduced the cost of production.

For example, 3D printing is used to design and develop prototypes in the automobile industry. Repetitive work is being done easily with the help of robots without any waste of time. This has also reduced the cost of the products. 

Technology in the Healthcare Industry:

Technological advancements in the healthcare industry have not only improved our personal quality of life and longevity; they have also improved the lives of many medical professionals and students who are training to become medical experts. It has allowed much faster access to the medical records of each patient. 

The Internet has drastically transformed patients' and doctors’ relationships. Everyone can stay up to date on the latest medical discoveries, share treatment information, and offer one another support when dealing with medical issues. Modern technology has allowed us to contact doctors from the comfort of our homes. There are many sites and apps through which we can contact doctors and get medical help. 

Breakthrough innovations in surgery, artificial organs, brain implants, and networked sensors are examples of transformative developments in the healthcare industry. Hospitals use different tools and applications to perform their administrative tasks, using digital marketing to promote their services.

Technology in Agriculture:

Today, farmers work very differently than they would have decades ago. Data analytics and robotics have built a productive food system. Digital innovations are being used for plant breeding and harvesting equipment. Software and mobile devices are helping farmers harvest better. With various data and information available to farmers, they can make better-informed decisions, for example, tracking the amount of carbon stored in soil and helping with climate change.

Disadvantages of Technology:

People have become dependent on various gadgets and machines, resulting in a lack of physical activity and tempting people to lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Even though technology has increased the productivity of individuals, organisations, and the nation, it has not increased the efficiency of machines. Machines cannot plan and think beyond the instructions that are fed into their system. Technology alone is not enough for progress and prosperity. Management is required, and management is a human act. Technology is largely dependent on human intervention. 

Computers and smartphones have led to an increase in social isolation. Young children are spending more time surfing the internet, playing games, and ignoring their real lives. Usage of technology is also resulting in job losses and distracting students from learning. Technology has been a reason for the production of weapons of destruction.

Dependency on technology is also increasing privacy concerns and cyber crimes, giving way to hackers.


FAQs on Technology Essay

1. What is technology?

Technology refers to innovative ways of doing work through various smart means. The advancement of technology has played an important role in the development of human civilization. It has helped in improving the productivity of individuals and businesses.

2. How has technology changed the face of banking?

Technology has made banking operations very sophisticated. With the emergence of Internet banking, self-service tools have replaced the traditional methods of banking. You can now access your money, handle transactions, and monitor your bank statements anytime and from anywhere in the world. Technology has made banking more secure and safe.

3. How has technology brought a revolution in the medical field?

Patients and doctors keep each other up to date on the most recent medical discoveries, share treatment information, and offer each other support when dealing with medical issues. It has allowed much faster access to the medical records of each patient. Modern technology has allowed us to contact doctors from the comfort of our homes. There are many websites and mobile apps through which we can contact doctors and get medical help.

4. Are we dependent on technology?

Yes, today, we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Computers, smartphones, and modern technology have helped humanity achieve success and progress. However, in hindsight, people need to continuously build a healthy lifestyle, sorting out personal problems that arise due to technological advancements in different aspects of human life.


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