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Hospitality Personal Statements Samples For Students

5 samples of this type

Over the course of studying in college, you will surely have to compose a lot of Personal Statements on Hospitality. Lucky you if putting words together and organizing them into relevant content comes easy to you; if it's not the case, you can save the day by finding an already written Hospitality Personal Statement example and using it as a template to follow.

This is when you will definitely find WowEssays' free samples catalog extremely helpful as it includes numerous expertly written works on most various Hospitality Personal Statements topics. Ideally, you should be able to find a piece that meets your criteria and use it as a template to build your own Personal Statement. Alternatively, our qualified essay writers can deliver you an original Hospitality Personal Statement model written from scratch according to your custom instructions.

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Hospitality Personal Statement

This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun! To get a custom-written personal statement, just complete the order form and we will write an original personal statement, based specifically on the information you give us, which will never be published or resold.

Instead of the usual good experiences and deep-rooted interests that lead many students to follow a certain academic path, a number of bad, sometimes terrible experiences have led me to want to follow a career in hospitality.

As a member of a successful school and college orchestra, I had the good fortune to travel around the UK and Europe, taking part in competitions and concerts. These often required overnight stays in hotels, and long hours spent in concert halls and theatres. Sadly, I can count the number of excellent experiences on one hand, whereas the bad experiences are numerous. It was these experiences that first ignited my interest in the hospitality and tourism industry, and this interest was further enhanced by the subsequent courses I took at college.

I could see how the little things made a big difference, and how good hospitality relied on good management, budgeting and service. To me, hospitality is not just serving breakfast on time, or accommodating requests from customers at the drop of a hat. It is about managing and training staff, ensuring the budget is spent in the right places and minimising the potential for mistakes. These are key factors to running a successful hospitality business in this ever-growing industry.

My part-time job at a local hotel and restaurant further reinforced this belief. I took on many roles, including cleaning, waitressing and helping out on reception, and this enabled me to see how the business worked from a number of angles. I found a major problem to be that senior staff were not aware of the academic and business side to hospitality, and this in turn led to inadequate service. Simple things like ensuring enough staff were available to cover demand for services (for example, bar tending or waitressing) or ensuring training was provided and encouraged for staff to grow and develop seemed to fall by the wayside on occasion. I have already deduced that this is not acceptable when trying to run a successful hospitality business, but I want to go further and learn how to rectify issues like these, and studying hospitality will help me to discover that.

I have been able to secure holiday employment at this hotel and restaurant, and hope to put what I learn at university into action during these periods. I also believe this will aid my learning, as I will be able to see and experience what I am studying, and use this to enhance my work at university.

I would like to pursue a career in hotel management, and my dream is to eventually own my own hotel. While this may seem a pipe dream, it is one I will continue to aim for, hopefully bolstered by a degree in this subject.

Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!

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Hospitality Management Personal Statement Example

Sample statement.

My decision to follow a career in hospitality management has been prompted by work experience that I undertook during the last two summer holidays. I was initially undecided about my career choices and took the job, as an assistant to an entertainment manager on a cruise ship, to earn some extra cash.

I realised how lucky I was to have such an opportunity and to sail around the Mediterranean for 6 weeks, getting paid but I did not expect to enjoy it so much. The work was hard but the difference between this and the 9-5 Saturday job I have also done in retail could not be more marked. I was outside for much of the day, able to enjoy the sunshine and my work was all done with the intention of giving the people on the cruise their holiday of a lifetime.

Although some of the tasks were quite menial, being able to help put on competitions, run the children’s club and participate in the evening events was fantastic. Playing with the children and mixing with the guests at the dinner dances could not be described as work! I worked closely with the manager and was impressed at his ability to work long hours but still remain cheerful with his staff and the guests at all times. This rubbed off on me and I was surprised at how being enthusiastic and helpful was very satisfying, particularly when people made it obvious that they appreciated what I was doing.

After my first summer on the ship, I was eager to sign up for another and was pleased that they wanted me back. When I got home I started my college course doing A-levels in English, French and Business Studies and started to research university courses that would enable me to pursue a career in hospitality management. Working towards this well-defined goal has motivated me in my studies and I have obtained B grades in all three subjects in my AS levels. My immediate aim is to push at least two of these grades up to n ‘A’  in my A2 exams.

The subjects I chose to study were chosen based on my interest and aptitude and all are highly relevant to a degree in hospitality management. I have become much more fluent and confident in French as my work experience brought me into contact with French guests on the ship who were happy to let me practise. I realise the value of languages in the industry and have started an evening class to learn Spanish. Improving my cooking and presentation skills is also very important and I have combined this with helping my mother to run a cooking and baking skills class for teenage mothers in my local area. Next summer I have lined up an 8-week work placement with another cruise ship and this time I will be a catering assistant, so that will be a big challenge.

I feel that I have the motivation, academic and practical skills to gain a good degree in hospitality management and to then take up a career in the industry. My ambition is to own a hotel one day, or perhaps run my own cruises with a fleet of cruise ships.

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How to Write Hospitality Management Personal Statement

example of a personal statement for hospitality

March 17, 2021 //  by  Amit Kumar

A Masters in Hospitality Management is a course intended to help understudies who seek to continue in their current fields as administrators. Since the course is very not the same as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), its Personal Statement additionally contrasts from an MBA personal statement. While an MBA statement discusses your advantage in business and its administration a Hospitality Management statement discusses your advantage in mechanical administration.

Table of Contents

Central issues for composing a Hospitality Management Personal Statement

Since it is a personal statement being ready for a graduate degree, we would not go much back on schedule. We would discuss the latest occasions. A personal statement is best composed around the data on ongoing five years. Try not to add insights regarding your youth interest in administration or too close to home encounters. Look at what not to remember for a personal statement.

Presentation of  Hospitality Management Personal Statement

A Hospitality Management Personal Statement has an alternate sort of a starting than some other course. To start with, you should discuss the business you are working in and its administrative angles that captivate you. Examine some task work in the field that touched off your advantage in the administration viewpoints. Try not to go in the subtleties of any task before all else, because you would have to go inside and out in the impending passages of this statement.

This is likewise called a narrative methodology for statement composing. A story ought to be a new encounter, not very old. While applying for Hospitality Management, it is ideal to examine your experiences in the field within 2-3 years of composing this personal statement. Additionally, it isn’t required to have it from your expert foundation, it could be a temporary position or preparing experience too – however again not very old.

You may allude to composing tips on what makes a good personal statement.

Applicant’s Profile/Background in Hospitality Management personal statement 

Your experience ought to have presented you to the administration parts of the field you are in. This might be examined distinctly on a scholarly level for candidates with no work insight. For up-and-comers with proficient experience, it is prescribed to talk about the non-specialized subtleties of undertakings that assist them with understanding their advantage.

Scholastic Background

Expound on the field of study. Compose why you contemplated what you considered. For instance, if you are from a specialized foundation, you ought to examine:

  • What details energize you about the field?
  • What are your scholastic qualities?
  • What significant activities did you work on?
  • What sort of temporary positions and preparing you did during and after single guys?

Remember to add the name of the organization/school/college from where you sought after your unhitched males. Look at 5 Points that Add Value to an Application.

Proficient Background

In this section, you ought to examine the expert experiences in administration. Try not to go a lot into the business history or details of your profile. Talk about the activities that assisted you with the understanding that you need the executive’s information while being solid in the specialized angles, for example, critical thinking capacities and insightful and legitimate abilities.

It is the most ideal approach to set up that however you have administrative abilities you feel that you need a few zones that can be cleaned through the Hospitality Management course. You may likewise have some work angles where you got yourself shy of proper abilities and information that might have assisted you with performing better in specific tasks.

Leisure Goals in Hospitality Management  personal statement 

This is the main piece of a personal statement. It features the way that you are clear about your expert plans. Express this with the assistance of a present moment and a drawn-out objective. Your transient objective should tell where you see yourself after finishing this course. In what sort of an association and at what profile – you ought to expound on the assignment you need to work at just as the names of your fantasy organizations. This shows assurance.

In the drawn-out objective, you ought to talk about where you see yourself in 10-15 years. For example, you may expound on working in the higher administration of an association and examine the sort of work you would do while at the same time adding to your field of study. On the off chance that you have an unmistakable objective as of now, you may even begin your Hospitality Management personal statement with the drawn-out objective. Look at How to compose Goals Essay in detail.

Hospitality Management Personal Statement example

The hospitality industry is one of the quickest developing ventures, whose incredible assortment makes it an intriguing zone of working. I have never considered the interest and the chances which this industry offers until the day I began to fill in as a traveler chief aide two years prior.

It was mid-year work that should occupy my extra energy and increment my financial plan. I realized I planned to like it since I am excited about gathering new individuals and visiting traveler objections, however, I didn’t speculate the amount it would influence me.

As an associate, I was needed to help the traveler director oblige the visitors and coordinate various types of diversion. This work gave me the freedom to get familiar with crafts by such individuals as an inn, club, and occasion administrators.

I was profoundly dazzled by their determination to fulfill each need of their clients. I have understood the obligation of their calling, yet I have likewise seen how fulfilled they are at the point at which their customers are cheerful. I won’t ever fail to remember the essence of the vacationer chief I worked with when the visitors said thanks to him for the ideal occasion. His face was radiating.

Regardless of the reality, I was just an associate. I felt fulfillment too seeing that the vacationers were content with our work. This sensation of delight and even satisfaction was the primary motivation behind why I chose to consider Hospitality the board. I’m attached to find out about every area of the Hospitality industry, wherein I see my future.

Each administrator needs authority abilities. I think I have acquired them by taking part in different exercises. I was one of the understudies picked to arrange a play for the 100th commemoration of my grade school.

The most troublesome assignment of the association of the play was to cause the youngsters to convey a propelled execution. Ultimately I figured out how to propel them not exclusively to be acceptable entertainers however to appreciate acting itself. It created a positive reaction.

The enthusiasm I have for unknown dialects guaranteed my fruitful investment in the English Language Festival of my school. In this manner, I have improved my hierarchical and introduction abilities. Being an individual from both Eco-club-Mathew and Interact club, the point of which is a noble cause, I have acquired a feeling of solidarity.

As an admirer of nature, the thing I like to do the most is to go climbing and on picnics. I discover the idea of England extremely alluring and I am anticipating going there and seeing its delights. Moving is my diversion as well. I have been moving an advanced artful dance for a very long time. This is my approach to unwind and stay in shape.

I’m a solid and positive individual, who appreciates difficulties and never surrenders. I fantasize about dealing with lodging, even a chain of inns. I understand how incredible my desire is and how hard I should attempt to accomplish them however I think it is generally imperative to have a wish and will.

At the point when one who has solid wishes is self-assured and self-spurred when he is patient and decides he can satisfy them. I realize that other than every one of these characteristics I should likewise have abilities to prevail in this industry in which there is such an opposition. Considering the neighborliness of the board I will get the essential abilities and information to be a prosperous cordiality chief.

In ten years I envision myself having a five-star inn on the French Riviera and the principal thing I ought to do to accomplish it is probably to take this course at your college.

Sample Personal Statement by Universities

James madison university.

Management  Program prides itself in developing creative  hospitality  leaders who … experiences and meaningful  personal  contacts with faculty and industry. Read More…

Iowa State University

The benefits and challenges hospitality management students experience by working in conjunction with completing their studies Read More…

Manchester Metropolitan University

This document provides a concise summary of the main features of the course(s) & associated award(s) offered through this Programme Specification, and includes the learning outcomes that a typical student might reasonably be expected to achieve and demonstrate if s/he takes full advantage of the learning opportunities provided. Read More…

About Amit Kumar

FreeEducator.com blog is managed by Amit Kumar. He and his team come from the Oxford, Stanford and Harvard.

At FreeEducator, we strive to create the best admission platform so that international students can go to the best universities - regardless of financial circumstances.

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

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I want to help you get admitted to graduate school in Hospitality Administration.

example of a personal statement for hospitality

I find great satisfaction in helping enterprising students to become leaders in regional and global hospitality and tourism professions by helping them to get accepted to graduate school. I like to think of my service as dedicated to fostering exceptional student achievement. 

Hospitality and Diversity

As someone with a PHD in Social Ethics, I feel very strongly that diversity is especially important in the area of Hospitality Administration. In this field in particular, it is important to prepare people with the expertise, commitment, and skills for management and operations positions in the expanding industry that provides food, accommodations, and travel and tourism services to people of all languages and from all ethnic groups. You have made a good choice in your decision to apply to graduate school in hospitality because a wide variety of jobs and career opportunities exist within the field. Such opportunities exist in restaurants, hotels and other lodging establishments, contract food services, hospital and school food service, clubs, fast food franchises, airlines, and travel agencies.

Cultural diversity has become a major issue in the hospitality industry of the United States, in particular, representing novel opportunities, benefits and challenges for an increasingly culturally diverse workforce. It is important, therefore, that we search together for practical recommendations that might help human resource managers in hospitality to successfully deal with cultural diversity issues. Cultural diversity training modules are called for so that human resource and hospitality company training programs might better facilitate students increasing their cultural diversity awareness and sensitivity, learning about cultural differences, and developing skills for managing cultural diversity issues.

My mission in the area of Hospitality Administration is to engage students in developing the foundational knowledge, demonstrated skills and professional attitudes required for success in careers in hospitality administration: hotel operation, food service management, and meeting and event management. I also very much appreciate the way in which diversity appreciation is such a natural fit with this area of graduate study.

Hospitality Administration is rapidly becoming a major area for us in helping applicants to graduate school. When drafting your statement, we emphasize your strengths, your ethnicity, language skills, and travel experience.

 We would be honored to help you gain admission to graduate school in Hospitality Administration and Management by drafting a most eloquent statement on your behalf. In addition to filling out my  Online Interview Form , send your resume/CV and/or rough draft to my email:

[email protected]

example of a personal statement for hospitality

Search by Degree, Field, or Country of Origin

Statements of excellence for admission to graduate school in hospitality management.

example of a personal statement for hospitality

Samples of My Work in Hospitality Mangement

  • Bachelors Hotel Management, Indian Applicant
  • Masters Hospitality Studies, Chinese Woman
  • MA Hospitality Administration, Chinese
  • MA Hospitality, Hotel Administration, Chinese

It would be an honor for me to share some of my insights with you about the importance of diversity for the Personal Statement of Purpose in Hospitality Management and Administration.

The Humanitarian Side of Hospitality

Catering, hotels – the hospitality industry provides people with comfort, nourishment and shelter. But what about converting that into a humanitarian career? How does that work, you might ask?

Every type of volunteer experience shows you are a motivated person who’s willing to work in the name of improving other people’s (or animals!) lives. People who need it. Working towards a solution that makes the world a better place. And employers love that. So if you’re looking for a placement that you improve your chances of getting employed or getting onto a master’s program, the world is your volunteering oyster!

But what is hospitality in humanitarian terms? Aid. And which are the best humanitarian aid organizations? The World Food Programme (WFP) is part of the U.N. system, and the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. They reach 90 million people, in 80 countries! To apply, start here: http://i-recruitment.wfp.org/olcv/

Okay, so then there’s the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE). It’s dedicated to fighting global poverty, and has supported almost 1000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects! To search for a career, go right here: http://www.care.org/careers

Action Against Hunger (AAH) is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. In 2012, it provided 550,000 small farmers with tools and treated 42,000 malnourished children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now that’s some hospitality! Check ‘em out: https://careers.actionagainsthunger.org/

For something a little different, the Hospitality Club partners and works with NGOs to provide a platform where travelers and people interested in doing good work can meet and collaborate. Find out more at http://ngos.hospitalityclub.org/ .

Need a job right now? The organization CoRSU has a duty station in Uganda and an opening for a Catering Officer at the time of writing. You can apply for this job if you have a simple diploma in catering, and you’ll be in charge of the preparation of meals for children and people with disabilities, among other duties. See here for more details: http://www.uganda.hotkenyanjobs.com/catering-officer-hospitality-ngo-jobs-corsu/  

When you have a master’s degree, you’re more attractive to employers, whether in your own country or overseas. Here are some interesting programs that will get you abroad doing good work ASAP.

With events management, you could go into the humanitarian events field. The M.Sc. in Event Management at the HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages provides you with 1 year of intensive training, language classes and an internship at one of the universities partner companies. Courses include strategic management and operational management. This program costs 3200 EUR per year.

The Master of Hospitality Management & Tourism at the same institution also involves foreign language training and an internship program at a local company. This time, the courses involved include hospitality management, tourism management and customer service and communication skills. This 9-month course costs 3200 EUR per year. Learning another language is so valuable in the humanitarian field, as are management skills.

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

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StandOut CV

Hospitality CV examples + CV template

Andrew Fennell

Your CV acts as your first impression in the hospitality recruitment process, so it’s essential to stand out from the competition.

A balance between compelling content and a well-defined structure is key to grabbing recruiters’ attention, and enticing them to select you for interview stage.

This guide contains 7 hospitality CV examples for a range of jobs and career-stages, plus plenty of tips to support you in producing an eye-catching CV.

Bold CV builder - small

Waiter CV example

Waiter CV-1

Hotel manager CV example

Hotel Manager CV-1

Restaurant manager CV example

Restaurant Manager CV-1

Hotel receptionist CV example

Hotel Receptionist CV-1

Chef CV example

Chef CV-1

Sommelier CV example

Sommelier CV-1

Bartender CV example

Bartender CV-1

The CV examples above demonstrate how to format your CV to accentuate your experience in the hospitality field, and highlight your marketable skills.

As this guide continues, I will teach you how to write a CV that displays why you’re the ideal candidate for hospitality roles.

Hospitality CV structure & format

Correctly structuring your CV is vital to emphasising your relevant experience and skills, enabling recruiters to quickly pinpoint key elements of your CV.

A clear, professional CV structure  will enable recruiters to navigate your details, facilitating ease of reading by breaking up information into separate sections.

This infographic gives you the basics on  how to write a CV , what sections to include and handy tips to help structure your experience.

How to write a CV

Formatting Tips

Structuring your CV

Use clear sections within your CV, enabling recruiters to easily navigate your details.

I’ll now walk you through what to include within each of these sections.

CV Contact Details

CV contact details

At the top of your CV, document your contact details, only looking to include  vital information.

Quick Tip:  Avoid adding details that aren’t required in the decision making process such as marital status, date of birth, headshots or your full home address as the city you live within is enough information.

Hospitality CV Profile

Your CV profile is an opening paragraph between 5-10 lines, which summarises your CV at first glance, allowing recruiters to identify your suitability for roles.

Include your hospitality skills , experience and any sector specific qualifications, enticing recruiters to read further into your CV.

CV profile

These tips will help you in producing your CV profile:

What to include in your hospitality CV profile?

Core skills section

Underneath your CV profile, include a core skills section made up of two to three columns of bullet points.

Allowing recruiters to access your core skills without having to dig through your CV, demonstrating your applicableness to the industry.

Core skills

Tailor these skills to the hospitality sector, using your research as guidance or reviewing the vital skills section below for inspiration.

Work experience/Career history

Record your career history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent or relevant positions.

CV work experience

Shorten your role descriptions as you work backwards through your experience, include internships, voluntary work as well as part time or full time employment.

See also: Restaurant manager CV

Structuring your roles

Break your role descriptions into three distinctive sections, allowing recruiters to clearly see the impact you had within each of your previous posts.

Role descriptions

Provide context of your previous roles to recruiters, detailing the company you worked within, the department you were part of and the role you assumed.

“Working as a hotel manager, promoting customer satisfaction, ensuring all customers had a great stay.”

Key responsibilities

Record your key duties in the format of bullet points, adding any core relationships built.

Key achievements

Display the value you had within previous organisations, using numbers to boost and verify your achievements .

This section should first document the qualifications obtained that are related to the industry you’re applying to.

Look to add courses such as NVQs in hospitality or professional food and beverage services, or qualifications in similar fields such as customer service.

If you have room, look to also include GCSE’s, A Levels, additional degrees or any other vocational training.

Interests and hobbies

Unlike other sections, this is an optional section that can be included to add value, showcasing the transferable skills your interests helped you acquire.

Interests such as charity involvement or being part of a sporting team can demonstrate your organisational skills and ability to work in a team and build rapport.

Avoid adding generic hobbies such as socialising, instead look to tailor your interests to the industry you’re pursuing.

Essential skills for your hospitality CV

Although each company will ask for slightly different skills, below are the core strengths you should be displaying in your CV.

Food and Beverage preparation  – supporting with preparing meals and drinks to customer requirements

Marketing skills  – being able to market services or events taking place at the catering organisation or hotel you work at

Commercial awareness  – looking to upsell items, understanding how to maximise profits

Hotel Operations  – insight into the inner workings of a hotel and how each function needs to work together

Writing your hospitality CV

When searching for new roles, you need a CV that highlights your marketable skills and sector specific experience.

A strong structure is key to bringing forward key aspects of your experience, drawing recruiters’ attention.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will be able to produce a CV that gets you one step closer to landing your dream career.

Good luck with your job search.


Back to all Personal Statement Examples

example of a personal statement for hospitality

personal statement example

As the constant rise of cookery shows on television, food blogs and the seemingly endless cookery books that are published attest, human beings are justifiably obsessed with food. No wonder, since eating, and by extension cooking, are amongst the very few activities that we all must engage in daily. This shared obsession has been the catalyst for my continuing study and work within related fields, turning the physical drive to consume into an intellectual passion that drives me to understand every aspect of humanity’s biological, cultural and social relationships to food and to, ultimately, help others to be equally as inspired by the food that they eat.

My long held academic goal of studying nutrition unfortunately was not possible to achieve in my native country, despite my consistently strong performance across a range of subjects. Since moving the UK, however, I have found that opportunities to study various aspects of the food and hospitality industry have presented themselves throughout my employment, alerting me to both the potential breadth of my interests and the rewards of working with a customer-focused industry. Alongside specific training, I have also achieved a Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service and a Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality Management during my career.

Hospitality personal statement example

I am hugely proud of the way in which these courses have improved my knowledge of my industry as well as proving my ability to study in the UK. While I realise that undergraduate study in a second language presents unique challenges, the dedication I have shown to gaining City and Guild qualifications in both Maths and English, as well as undertaking a course in Practical English, show how serious I am about gaining the skills to pursue my academic goals.

As a mother of two, relocating to the UK, these goals have, by necessity, had to be put on hold until now. Luckily, I have managed to turn this necessity into an opportunity by finding employment within the catering and hospitality industries. My eight years as a Catering Assistant with John Lewis have seen me work across a number of departments; gaining experience across all food counters as well as specific training qualifications, such as the Level 2 Barista Award. Obviously, working within food preparation and distribution demands a thorough understanding of the product and I have become well-versed in all aspects, including Health and Safety legislation. My strong performance at John Lewis is built on a dedication to my interests that saw me undertake previous roles with Hibernia Chilled Foods, Burger King and Select Service Partner, allowing me to gain a comprehensive overview of the demands of both ‘front of house’ and ‘behind the scenes’ work within catering.

I have also found that catering offers a perfect outlet for my interpersonal skills. I am adept at building relationships with customers and colleagues and have been asked to accept a mentoring role with John Lewis. This involves supporting fellow staff and creating and delivering ‘communication half hours’ to ensure that the team is aware of, and engaged with, decision making at a higher level. I enjoy the interaction that comes as part of my job immensely and get great satisfaction from knowing that I have supported the staff in delivering the best service to our customers.

I have demonstrated a dedication to improving my knowledge of both the hospitality industry in general, and catering specifically, through over a decade of work and study. Both have been driven by a passion for helping others to realise the potential of the truly pleasurable and essential act of eating. It is this passion that will continue to drive me to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can through further study and that will, ultimately, help me o progress in chosen career.

Personal Statement


Personal Statement For Hospitality Industry

My name is Donna Shafira Khakim, I am 20 years old but almost 21 years old. I am Indonesian, and now I am about to finish my study in State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya and my major is English for Hospitality Industry, hotelier and tourism practitioner. I am active in the student association since I am a freshman until I am in my last year of study. By joining this association, I gained many experiences, sharpening my soft skill such as on how to speak in front of a huge audience, working in a team, handling the organization problems and many more.

One of the most memorable experience I got is when I was joining a volunteer program done by my organization that named Gerakan Polsri Mengabdi this activity is done by teaching the children who lives in the edge of Palembang city, located in Purwokerto district. This district is far away from the town, with the limited access to reach the city, the limited amount of school with the middle and lower economic society.

When I joined the volunteer program, I taught English to the children there, the basic language of English. I got that volunteer experience not only when I was in the college, but also when I was in senior high school. Me and also my group used to taught the children near our house and also near our school about English.

From all of these experience, I found that learning is something strong. By learning, people have power to explore themselves, and that is the main reason why I really want to continue my study to a higher level from Diploma to Bachelor degree.

example of a personal statement for hospitality

Proficient in: Economics

“ She followed all my directions. It was really easy to contact her and respond very fast as well. ”

The reason why I chose Tourism Planning and Management course is because it is in line with my study and by choosing it I believe it can enrich my knowledge about tourism. This course is also seems interesting to me, Planning a tour, preparing a tourism destination place and manage all the things regarding to the main factors of a tourism destination or well known as 4A (attractions, amenities, ancilliary and accessibility).

In my country, Indonesia we have a lot of tourism destination, yet still need a big concern from the tourism practitioner. Some of them are very good, but some are really need to get more attention, to get more changes according to the 4A factors of tourism. Me, myself has seen how tourism can give a multiplier effect for a country. It creates many job vacancies, since this activity involved many things just like the growth of hotel, the growth of traditional or international restaurant, it can increase the country income, build the sense of belonging and etc.

I have a dream to be a good tourism practitioner not only for my country but also for the world tourism, and to prove the seriousness of my dream I was joining a student exchange program done by SEAMEO (South East Asian Ministry of Education Organisation) to experience the atmosphere of being an international student in Thailand. I learn many things from that especially for the tourism subject that taught in one university in Bangkok, Thailand. Not only that, I am also active on attending the seminars about tourism in my own country and also joining a tourism competition. Therefore, I am really happy when I saw the scholarship program that offered by The University of Westminster and I really seek for an opportunity to be a student in this great university. I hope I can pursue my dream.

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Personal Statement For Hospitality Industry

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Sample personal statement

example of a personal statement for hospitality

21 May, 2015

Msc international tourism and hospitality management share.

  • 12 May, 2013

I have noticed that tourism and hospitality are closely-related areas of an economic and social phenomenon that have developed a critical role in the world economy. The industry has become one of the major players in international commerce, and represents at the same time one of the main income sources for many developing countries with economic and employment benefits. The profession is not only profit oriented but also interesting and full of colourful funs and challenges. I am highly impressed with the growth of the industry and the prospects of careers development in the sector – a master degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management can prepare me for this.

I think, from the course, I will develop a critical capacity for understanding knowledge and being able to act upon it, and I will develop the positive and proactive attitudes of management that are necessary in the international tourism and hospitality industry. In fact this course emphasises the development and enhancement of transferable intellectual and study skills that are highly relevant to contemporary business and management careers in this booming industry.

From the course, I expect to learn in-depth knowledge of modern approaches to Tourism and Hospitality business and management, an understanding of the relationship between people & Tourist, organisations, and business and management in different organisational structures, published modern financial techniques,  an understanding of the central importance of innovation in a range of different Tourism and Hospitality organisational contexts – entrepreneurial start-up firms, large business corporations, an understanding of the broader social context of the Tourism and Hospitality world, and the opportunity to assess my own personal development needs to help me focus my career in the Tourism and Hospitality field.

Prior to my current visa, I studied a general MBA - this study has enabled me gaining typical knowledge in general business administration. These were purely theoretical common knowledge combining bit of everything. Today’s businesses are more tailored and personalised. Managers in the ever competitive global arena are now specialising in different segments of industry and then within functional areas of organisations and departments. General MBA occasionally does not attract head-hunters attentions. I have felt this every moment of my PSW visa while looking to build a career and ended up realising that I must gain expertise in area that has individual identity rather than a generic name, and after thorough research I have found Tourism and Hospitality Management is the area where my heart responds and mind concentrates to match my academic tastes.

To me studying tourism & hospitality is about trying to understand the problems and opportunities raised by developing and operating a major sector of the economy that has major effects on the destinations themselves. The philosophy underlying the Tourism and Hospitality Scheme is that of the contextualised management degree. These contextual matters primarily include strategic tourism and hospitality management, international marketing, human resource management, financial management for the hospitality industry, social issues, political issues, environmental issues, global issues, and a range of specialist areas of interest to the sector (sport, event management, environment and hotel management).

In this MSc at the University of Bedfordshire, I will be expected to be able to read about, understand, and articulate a very wide range of academic and industry sources, case studies and resources. In the University of Bedfordshire This MSc is one of the most robust, challenging, relevant and industry-focused of its kind in the UK. The course is underpinned by world-leading research and experts from several disciplinary departments within the University; real-life industry case studies and examples; draws on an impressive range of specialist and more generalist core and optional units; builds on a very popular and successful portfolio of tourism Masters awards; and equips students with the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure they can confidently embark (and develop) a career in tourism and/or hospitality management. And this marks the difference between my MBA and this MSc – the MSc would equip me with applied and technical knowledge along with vocational skills and professionalism. This would develop and enhance my ability and skills while earn significant progressions in knowledge and potential successful career.

It is not hard to see that my past studies in the areas of business and management including my MBA would have positive and close impact and effects to complement knowledge of the this MSc programme. Due to the similarities of the business and management part of this MSc with my previous studies, in particular the most recently completed MBA, I will have the advantages to transferring the related part of the knowledge to strengthen the understanding and performance. I aim to introduce new dimension in the class and contribute extra towards the research and practical attachment part of the course.

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing, job-creating sectors in my home country, India and abroad, offering the opportunity of careers with rapid progression at management level in hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, contract catering, hospitality services within other organisations or self-employed. The hospitality business is a worldwide industry, with many different working environments. There’s enormous scope for travel – from working at a ski resort in Canada to cruising in the Caribbean.

On the other hand, Tourism provides a wide range of job opportunities, including: tourism marketing officer; tour leader/trek leader; travel consultant; travel agency manager; tour operator resort representative; tour operator product manager; tour operator contracts manager; tour operator product development co-ordinator; tourist information centre manager; events manager or sales executive; attractions sales and marketing administrator; public relations officer; hotel marketing executive; arts administrator; conference organiser; lifestyle consultant; magazine journalist; FE college lecturer; catering manager; retail manager; Human Resources/Training officer; passenger service agents; airline and airport management; ferry or cruise manager and many others.

Therefore, there would a whole range of career opportunities for me once I qualify with this life-changing course that offers practical life-skills for the industry along with industry related contemporary knowledge. I do not see a better place to study this course other than University of Bedfordshire that are so down to the industry and demands of the sector.

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

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Travel and Tourism Personal Statement Examples

Our travel and tourism personal statement examples and top rated statements will inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully applied for this course in the past.

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Getting into hospitality & tourism.

example of a personal statement for hospitality

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example of a personal statement for hospitality

What is a travel and tourism personal statement?

Your travel and tourism personal statement should tell the universities you are applying to all about your strengths, abilities, achievements and career plans.

It should give admissions tutors a good picture of who you are and why you would be a valuable asset to their department.

How do I write a travel and tourism personal statement?

We always recommend starting your travel and tourism personal statement by brainstorming ideas. Your notes should include the following:

  • achievements
  • coursework you have enjoyed
  • research projects you have completed
  • academic results
  • part-time or Saturday jobs
  • volunteering
  • wider reading
  • extracurricular activities

as well as anything else you can think of that is relevant to your travel and tourism course.

Take a look through our travel and tourism personal statement examples above to give yourself an idea of what a successful statement looks like.

Once you have put together an initial draft, it's a good idea to ask for feedback from family, friends and tutors. They will be able to look at your statement objectively and suggest ways it could be improved.

Incorporate their comments, and ask for further feedback. Don't worry if you have to do this three or four times - it's important you get your statement as perfect as possible before sending it off on your UCAS form.

What shoud I include in my travel and tourism personal statement?

  • Look at the content of the course and make sure your statement addresses the specific aspects that you enjoy most.
  • Demonstrate important skillls that are required for a travel and tourism degree, e.g. analysis, research and communication. Talk about how you have developed these, either at school/college, at your job or during hobbies or other activities.
  • Most applicants spend the opening of their statement talking about why they want to study travel and tourism at degree level. Think carefully about whether there was one particular incident that sparked your interest in this subject, e.g. an exotic holiday abroad as a child, visiting an iconic landmark or flying on an aeroplane for the first time.
  • Don’t include any over-used phrases or quotes in your statement that university admissions tutors will have seen and heard before.
  • Now is also not the time for jokes or humour - it often doesn't work well and admissions tutors might not be impressed!
  • Make sure you've covered everything from hobbies and extracurricular activities to motivations and personal achievements (as long as it's all relevant).
  • If you get stuck, read our personal statement writing guide and check out our personal statement editing services.

For more help and advice on what to write in your travel and tourism personal statement, please see:

  • Personal Statement Editing Services
  • Personal Statement Tips From A Teacher
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