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Family upbringing

family upbringing essay

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Each person is encouraged to be an active player or role in society, to function as a whole.…

CO2520 Analysis 4

Collectivist cultures tend to revolve more around the family or community. Decisions are made from a utilitarian standpoint, and respect for others comes natural from a young age.…

Bag Speech Outline

and they shared their love and care with me, which formed me into who I am today.…

How My Culture Influenced My Life

They didn’t like the idea of laziness. I was given chores at home, which motivated me to become a hard worker, not only at home, but in school as well. I take my academics seriously. My culture has taught me to become better than I was the day before. I enjoy challenging myself and striving for the best. The culture I was raised in has become a component of who I am, and the reason I perpetuate to challenge myself every day.…

Reflective Essay On Teamwork

Being a collectivist, you follow the norms of the group, and you are willing to cooperate as a group to accomplish a task; team work is vital in being a collectivist. Doing this survey I was not surprised to find out that I have a well-balanced score between both the categories.…

1984: the Loss of Humanity

One of the American values is the human quality of individualism. In Bill Perry’s book A Look Inside America, individualism tops the list as the number one cultural value of America (Perry). Yet, though American citizens value individualism, they tend to act with groups and…

Sociology and Life

My family traditions and values have influenced my biological and cultural views and values. My life and career goals bear resemblance with my parents ' life and expectations influenced by class and culture. Yet have been structured by Sociological concepts.…

Family Systems Theory

When growing up families are and have been considered systems because they are made up of interrelated elements or objectives. Families are examples to show that they have regular behaviors, they have regular interactions, and they are interdependent on one another. It is believed the family can be defined as a set of interacting individuals who are related by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or adoption. Although they are numerous in number some functions of the family include values and practices placed on theories that are used to explain patterns of living among the individuals who make up the family systems.…

Cross-Cultural Analysis for Eva Hoffman Pp102-108

Schwartz, S.H. (1994). Beyond individualism/collectivism: New dimensions of values. Individualism and Collectivism: Theory Application and Methods. U. Kim, H.C. Triandis, C. Kagitcibasi, S.C. Choi and G. Yoon, Newbury Park, CA: Sage…

Individualism In The Earth On Turtle's Back

One pride that American culture values most is individualism; where one is self-reliant. However, individualism has taken its own course and developed over time. Previously, individualism was based on one’s own values and morals where they based their lives on their own ideals. The ideal of individualism developed into a set of morals and ideals of one individual in which their values and morals spreads to society.…

Week 1: Personal Value Paper Assignment

Parents thrive to teach their children values they believe will help them become a “good person.” A person’s values are also influenced by his/her culture. For example, most Haitians will report to be insulted if they offer somebody a gift and for him/her to refuse it. This concept has been passed on from generations of Haitian Families to the next. Families tend to determine what is moral/ethical or not. Some families find that their children will embrace other moral lessons as they begin to be influenced others and different cultures. Some are reluctant to change. I have worked with many diverse families (Muslims, Middle Eastern, Caribbean ect) who blame the…

Moderate Liberal Populist: A Philosophical Analysis

I was, and still am, exposed to numerous values during my time in school. According to, “School also serve a latent function in society by socializing children into behaviors like teamwork, following a schedule, and using textbooks. School and classroom rituals, lef by teachers serving as role models and leaders, regularly reinforce what society expects from children.” As for peer groups, “Peer groups are important to adolescents in a new way, as they begin to develop an identity separate from their parents and exert independence . . . Peer groups provide adolescents’ first major socialization experience outside the realm of their families” (“Family, Peers, Church, and School”). My peers share some of their own beliefs and opinions to me and it helps to influence my…

Growing Up Asian In Australia

Parents will always try to impart their values onto their children, and their children may accept them to a certain degree, but will always have different variations of their parent’s values as their own, also as generational values change so will parent’s values that they teach to their children so they are socially acceptable.…

The Application Paper

However, although belonging to the same society, every family is different. This difference ranges from ethnicity to religion to preferences (while some families might give more preference to education, others might emphasize more on discipline) and many more. So, the knowledge that children gain from their families, certainly cannot be uniform throughout. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that family is the fountainhead of the socialization process.…

Module 1– Case Mgt 501 Management and Organization Behavior

Masculinity vs. Femininity: “a masculine culture emphasises status derived from wages and position; a feminine culture emphasizes human relations and quality of life”…

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My Childhood : My Family

My memories of my childhood.

My earliest memory of my childhood has to be the first major fight my parents had that has been seared into the memories of my childhood. We all hate to see our parents fight and usually when I would witness my parents fight I would block it out because “mommy and daddy will always love each other no matter what.” They would tell me that over and over again no matter how bad their fights got. I yearn so badly to tell my younger self not to hang on to that idea of love because that idea in the end wasn’t really love at all.

An Autobiography Of My Cultural Identity

Arguably, my mother is my role mother. As a single mother, she struggled to provide for me in unimaginable ways. Being a woman and a single mother in the Dominican Republic played an important factor on her decay in class and economic status. As a result, it created a sense of awareness for me, to understand that as women we have to work twice as hard than men to accomplish half of what they have. This statement was true not only in the Dominican Republic in the 90’s but also today in America. Looking back at my mother’s struggles I cannot say that I have overcome half as much as she did. However, I can see how being a woman has been a disadvantage and an advantage at times. A disadvantage because as women in my society, we tend to be victims of sexism and harassment. Yet, it may also be an advantage because the same society that subject’s women, at times favors these in the labor market. For instance, when my mother passed away I was 16 years

Family : The Most Important Aspects Of My Family

Your life is changed every day and there are many points to your life. One point of my life is that family is the most important thing. Family is an important factor of everyone’s life, it’s who you are and who you have become today.

Essay on Defining Moments

My mother had it rough growing up. Forced to be out of the house nearly by dawn and only to return by nightfall, she was ignored and turned away by her mother. All throughout her childhood, and most of her young adult life until she ran away, my mother was

The Roles Of Traditional American Family Essay

My mom grew up in what she described to me as a sexist household, where her parents enacted the traditional family roles; her father took on the breadwinning role, participating in occasional special family activities on the weekends, and her mother was in charge of the daily home and childcare. She did see a shift when she was in her 20’s, her father took on more the household responsibilities including, cleaning, and cooking. Not only did these gender roles play a part in her home life, but they also

Personal Narrative: Childhood Is Hard And Everyone's Family

Childhood is rough and everyone’s family is to some degree dysfunctional. I say this in hopes to let you know that you are not alone. Your story has fascinated me, and I see your memories jump off the page as I read. Vivid descriptions of the surroundings and in-depth explanation of how you feel during each situation has allowed me to relate to you on a personal level. Through your story I have been able to come to terms with unresolved issues in my own past. It has also allowed me the distinct pleasure of knowing that it was okay to have the emotions that I did during my own experiences. With all that aside I wish to speak to you regarding a couple of decisions that you made during some very tough situations. I believe if you would have taken a different approach and looked at it through a fresh perspective before making them that you would have chosen differently. Blaming yourself after what Dr. Boudreaux did, trying to get in the middle of your parents arguments with each other, and

Growing Up As A Wom Gender Analysis

Growing up, I lived in a home where my mother expressed herself as an independent woman. The majority of my life I saw two different worlds. An outside world where women were treated unequally, and then there was my mother’s point of view where you were allowed to defy the standards given to women by society. She always told me that I could do anything in this world as long as I do not set any limits on myself. I grew up in a household where genders were not given a specific task. Every day she made sure I did not live only for societal standards but for myself and what I felt was comfortable to do. Being sheltered in a home with these thoughts and ideas helped me build a different mindset than other girls that I surrounded myself with. I never thoroughly understood the concept of why men perceived superiority against women. Prior to this speculation, my mother would constantly reassure me that I did not to act or dress a certain way, that I could do anything and everything a male could do.

Childhood In My Childhood

Decapitated baby dolls and rated R movies shaped my childhood. Now, before you throw my essay in the round file and write me off as a potential serial killer, hear me out. I was not raised like many of my peers. Obviously, most of their parents made sure that the movies they viewed were age appropriate and I am pretty sure they would not have been so passive if the found dismembered baby dolls in their daughter’s playroom. However, my parents were different… very different. Instead of watching the typical family movies such as Matilda and Toy Story, my family spent our weekends watching The Matrix Series and The Godfather Trilogy. While most may not agree with these customs, my seven-year-old mind was far more thrilled at hearing Marlon Brando saying “kiss the ring” rather than Woody talk about snakes and boots. Besides, I closed my eyes during the intimate scenes so that makes everything okay, right?

The Life Of A Family : My Life With My Family

My world was torn apart when was only 10 when my parents got a divorce it was hard on my brothers and I especially my mom who was married to my father for 10 years she didn't know what it was like to be single but through the years our family went with many difficult trials. One of the recent ones was when my mom left 2 years ago for 4 months for boot camp and my brothers and I lived with our father which was difficult , living in a two bedroom apartment with to hyper boys and having to be the step in mom while your mom is at boot camp it affect me alot so it wasn't a surprise that I had after effects from it but I kept it hidden from my mother to not make her worry. But when I had to move in late October early November it was horrible I just started my Freshman year at South and I finally was getting used to all of it when suddenly I had to move with my two brothers, my mother, and my dog into a 3 bedroom apartment from our mobile house. When I started here at Central it was so different when I went South I had to figure out the layout of the school and the only people I knew were kids from my old church and not all of them like me so it was very difficult. Especially at home both my brothers had ADHD and later diagnosed with autism the youngest one at the time if he didn’t have his meds that if he didn’t get what he wants that he would go into a fit of rage it made it difficult on my mother and I . I have a history of having depression but it didn’t get to serious in the

My Grandhood And My Childhood

My grandma has brown hair with light brown highlights, she is dark skinned, with brown eyes, she is a big people person and does everything to make everyone happy. She works for a dentist and says she would retire if I wasn't hers, she is 56 and still getting shorter. My papa on the other hand is light skinned, has reddish brown hair, blue eyes, he is a controlling but sweet person and he likes things his way, he is retired now and loves it, he is 58 years old, he can't see very well so he's always squinting or has glasses on. I don’t live with my parents or sister but they are still a part of my life. My mom is tan, with brown eyes with reddish hair. She is loving and doesn’t care about what people think. My mom stays at home most of the time to keep my niece Kinley while my sister is at school. My dad looks a lot like my papa except skinnier and has green eyes, “he is a Tosto” my grandma says by that she means he’s just as hard headed as my pa and I. Katie my sister is 17 and raising a child she has dirty blond hair. She is very protective about the people she loves and will do anything for them. I’m the youngest out of my family but I’ve kinda grown up as an only child because it’s just my grandparents and me at the house. My grandma gets her dark skin from her parents because both of them are cherokee indian, my papa on the other hand is very light skinned he gets this from his irish and scottish roots.

My childhood was a very dark place for me, I didn’t have as many friends and people were bullying me and I started to become a bully myself including hurting my family members. There was also a lot of family issues in my life, Also with my school life with the grades that I was making.When I would come home from school, my parents would always argue and have always fight. My mom would always make me read a book to her before she and I went to sleep and before I finish my last sentence,an argument occurs and then I would cry and feel depressed and a lot of adults were making fun of body and making rude comments. For example: I would open my fridge and my grandparents friend would come over and see me pull out a jar of ice cream and say to my grandparents “she looks like she pregnant, why would you allow her to eat ice cream. She will get bigger.” I didn’t have as many friends or talents. I tried everything I can to help others, but they just use me and call me mean things.

My Memories Of Childhood

It is hard to recall which one of my memories is actually the first because there are so many. However, as I tried to decide between various different memories there was one that stuck out to me. The memory itself is a little bit foggy, but I can remember that I was extremely young. It must have been a weekend because both of my parents were home, and I can remember the sun shining through the windows in my house. I was in my room playing and dancing around, watching myself in the mirror. I heard my mom scream out for help and I dashed down the hallway, through the living room and kitchen where I found my mom on the stairs. She was about halfway down the stairs and had something resting on her lap. I remember being frightened as I rushed down the stairs to see what had happened. Her screams were loud and dramatic and I wondered why my sister and father were not there. I realized that the item on her lap was a laundry basket full of towels, she had fallen on her way to the laundry room. I tried to help my mom, but as little as I was there was not much to do. My mom explained for me to go get my dad or sister because she was hurting. I then also began yelling, looking for my family. I found my dad downstairs on the couch snoring, he had slept through the incident. When I woke him and explained that mom needed him, he was not as concerned as I expected. He got up slowly, saying “I’m coming, I’m coming” as I ran back to sit with my mom. I held her hand, worried, until both my

My mother has always been a sweet and loving girl. Her parents married young, and loved her with every ounce of themselves. However, they soon separated when she was only one year old, leaving her to live with her mother. She created many beautiful memories with her mom, who smothered her in love and affection. Even though her world was content, her mother struggled financially and emotionally. They moved frequently, and my mom attended nine different schools before third grade. Eventually, my grandmother became unable to take care of my mom anymore, so she made a deal for my mom to live with her dad for one year. However, when the time came, my grandfather refused to let my mom go, because he knew that she would live a life on constant change and instability. He knew that she would be happier and safer living with him. Indeed, when my mom started the third grade, she was far behind, and by the end of the school year was one of

My Family Story

When I was a young girl my Uncle Brian passed, his death leaving a drastic impact on my family. But the thing that affected my family the most was that his wife took away all we had left of my uncle, my younger cousin. Family relationships have always been a very significant part of my childhood and having one of our own taken from us, added just another hardship to our lives.

My Mom Essay

To begin with, my mother’s childhood was full of dark and scary situations. For instance she did not have a very good father. My grandfather was an abusive man who did not really care about his children. Which really took a toll on my mom. With that being said, my mother had to

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Essay on My Family for School Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on My Family

Families are an integral part of one’s life. It does not matter if you have a small or big family, as long as you have one. A family serves as the first school to the child where one learns about various things. The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from their family only. In other words, you are a reflection of your family. All the good habits and manners one has incorporated are from their family only. I feel very lucky to be born in a family which has made me a better person. In my opinion, families are an essential part of one’s being. In this essay on my family, I will tell you why family is important.

essay on my family

Why Families are Important?

Families are a blessing not everyone is fortunate enough to have. However, those who do, sometimes do not value this blessing. Some people spend time away from the family in order to become independent.

However, they do not realize its importance. Families are essential as they help in our growth. They develop us into becoming a complete person with an individual identity. Moreover, they give us a sense of security and a safe environment to flourish in.

You can read essay on my mother here .

We learn to socialize through our families only and develop our intellect. Studies show that people who live with their families tend to be happier than ones living alone. They act as your rock in times of trouble.

Families are the only ones who believe in you when the whole world doubts you. Similarly, when you are down and out, they are the first ones to cheer you up. Certainly, it is a true blessing to have a positive family by your side.

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Pillars of Strength

My family has been always by my side in ups and downs. They have taught me how to be a better person. My family consists of four siblings and my parents. We also have a pet dog that is no less than our family.

Within each family member, lies my strength. My mother is my strength as I can always count on her when I need a shoulder to cry on. She believes in me more than any other person. She is the backbone of our family. My father is someone who will always hide away his troubles for the sake of his family.

family upbringing essay

In short, I will forever be indebted to my family for all they have done for me. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are my first teachers and my first friends.

They are responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for me at home. I can share everything with my family as they never judge one another. We believe in the power of love above everything and that drives us to help each other to become better human beings.

family upbringing essay

FAQs on Family

Q.1 Why are families important?

A.1 Families are important because they nurture and develop us. They make us happy and give us the chance to become better human beings. Families enhance your confidence and make you believe in yourself.

Q.2 How do families act as pillars of strength?

A.2 Families are the pillars of strength because they give us the courage to face the world. They are always there when we need them. Even in the loneliest of times, families make us feel better.


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Family Background Essay

Family Background: I was born on January 11, 1999 in Miami, Florida. I spent most of my early childhood with my grandparents while my parents worked. My grandfather would wake up in the morning to make sure my brother and I went to school safe and by the time we finished there was always a homemade meal waiting for us, it was something I looked forward to. In spite of us having had a language barrier and them no longer being around the influence they instilled on me is tremendous. From them I learned to have the strength to deal with other challenging obstacles life had to offer. Since my brother has been around throughout most of my life as well, it would be tough to believe that he played no part in impacting its direction. He …show more content…

I was one of the summer camp counselors for a group of six to seven year old boys and it posed a serious challenge. I had to collaborate with several peers to ensure that everything would run as smooth as possible when it came to organizing some of the activities, getting their meals, and making sure everyone was behaving. I almost felt like I was a mother and that was not what I originally signed up for. However, in the end it was worth it. I got to engage in things I had never done before like building a train track out of plastic toy pieces. The experience as a whole enabled me see how much I enjoy working through things that initially present a …show more content…

It was through a vicarious source in which I learned about how things should be the other way around. In order to prevent us from falling apart and to allow us to have the strength to help others we need to be able to take care of ourselves beforehand. This is one of the reasons why my primary goal in life is to focus on improving my perception of myself. I want to not have as many doubts anymore, or to criticize myself for things that are out of my control. It may seem like a minimal task, but it really does have an influence on other components in our life. For instance, it can get in the way of whether or not we achieve our goals, which leads to another one of

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Jose Rosales Research Paper

My oldest sibling is Jose Rosales he was born on February 25, 1976 in Los Angeles area. He was oldest and took the role of protector. He was taught to be the strong figure in the family and had a responsibility to work at an early age to put together bicycle for money. He was the only child to go to a catholic high school per his request. After high school he enlisted in the Marines for 8 years then enlisted with the Army for 2 years until he injured his back.

Loryn Link Personal Narrative

My grandpa died practically one year before I was born. My mom was 44 when I was born. My mom was originally from California, and my dad is originally from here, Iowa. My dad was a big traveler until he met my mom.

My Haitian Flag Day

One early morning in a small village in Haiti. A future Registered Nurse was born. My beautiful aunt was born May 18th, the day Haitian celebrate Haitian Flag Day. Since that moment my grandparents knew my aunt going to achieve great thing in this world. My aunt has been an important and inspiring figure to me as she has taught me to improvise, to be more flexible and encourage input from others.

Texas A & M University Scholarship Essay

My life has been like a roller coaster running on its tracks going through the twists and turns and the ups and downs. Much like a rollercoaster being guided along with the urge to keep pushing forward my life has been driven by three vigorous passions that burn deep within the pit of my soul: the significance of family, the desire to help others, and the exhilarating feeling of exploring new destinations. Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one. As the youngest of three children I’ve been able to learn from the mistakes of my older siblings to help contribute to my development as a young man.

Personal Narrative: Immigrants To California

Although I was born in Nevada, I left the states at three months old to China where my maternal grandparents lived. That was because my parents, as immigrants with a minimal educational background, were financially unstable and had to work, so they were not able to raise me. However, the summer before I turned 6 years old, my father brought me back to the U.S. to Los Angeles, California. By then, my parents were already divorced. I moved to Northern California where my aunt raised me in Cupertino for a majority of my elementary and middle school years.

Personal Narrative: My Stepmother Archetype

My journey began when my mother gave birth to me in the final year of the 90's. She and everyone around us raised me as the archetypal image of a perfect child. I was quiet, kind, and like many of my peers, my outstanding intelligence of that time set high standards that I struggle to reach to today. In the early years of my life, nothing too impacting on myself happened that is not too personal to record. My mother and I would move often, but until the first time I had transferred schools because of it, it did not affect me.

Rugrats-Personal Narrative

I was born on August 16, 1996. My mother has always told me that she knew I would be an impatient person: not only did I come a week early, there were only three hours between her water breaking and hearing my first cries. I was born into a somewhat poor family, but we always had enough to scrape by. A lot of people look back on their childhoods fondly, but I’m afraid I can’t say the same.

Personal Narrative: My Life In Florida

I was born on January 21st, 2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Allegany General Hospital. The next morning my parents brought their youngest daughter home where she would live at for only six months. After six months of living in Pennsylvania, my parents decided that the weather wasn’t ideal for them, so we set out to Palm City, Florida where we have been living for twelve years. I obviously have no memories of my life in Pennsylvania, but I have many of my life in Florida. Wow!

Personal Narrative: My Life As An Immigrant

Coming from a low income family, living in a small town in India, I learned early on about struggling and surviving those struggles. I watched my parents working day and night to provide for electricity, pay for our monthly school fees so my sister and I can have a better education, and for the future they wished upon for their children. To further enhance this vision, my father decided for the family and I to immigrate to the US. Everything was different in the sense that I changed schools, learned a new language, had to make new friends, and learned the different culture. I had to adapt to a whole new world, which was a little difficult at 6 years old

National Junior Honor Society Job Analysis

In Boy Scouts I served as a patrol leader for a group of about ten boys, leading them on camping and hiking trips. I also held the position of Assistant

Family Interview Paper

Final Paper The person I chose to interview for this final paper was my mother, Peggy. I am going to start with providing a brief social history on her. Peggy was born on October 29, 1940 to my grandparents, Marie and John. She is the second of six children, and was raised in Philadelphia.

Personal Narrative: Coming To Miami

Have you ever dreamed about visiting somewhere and you started thinking your life there? Coming to Miami was my biggest dream in my entire life because I see how beautiful it used to be when someone came anywhere from the US and how other people treated them with respects. I guess all immigrants dream about coming to the US, although not everyone wants to come to stay, but I know for sure everyone in other country would like to visit one day. I grew up in a small city with my Mom and my Sister where life was kind of hard for us because My Mom was a single Mother that trying to raise two kids at that time. I have never had a chance to know my Dad because he came to Miami

Teaching Assistant Personal Statement Sample

Personal Statement I come from a large family with relatives from a little ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many of which have never made it past grade school. Mainly due to their mother, my grandma, she had fallen very ill. Due to her condition and lack of money my aunts and uncles dropped out of school to work and help pay for her medication and medical expenses. The older siblings had to take care of the younger siblings.

Personal Narrative: Helicopter Parent

When I returned back home, my next-door neighbor considered sending her children to basketball camp after seeing the positive impact it had on me. She didn’t think she could part with her children, even for a week. She is a highly overprotective parent and I don’t believe she would feel comfortable sending her children away, even for a week. She still walks her son to the bus stop, who is in the fifth grade. I see her watching from her porch while her son walks to a neighbor’s house two doors away for his weekly piano lesson.

Podiatry Career Progression

Podiatry was not always my first career choice and quite honestly I didn’t know much about it until college. Podiatry is now my number one career choice without a doubt. Professional basketball players commit themselves to extensive practice to master the skills of their profession. Teachers educate and inspire the young to succeed.

More about Family Background Essay

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My Family Background Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Family , Life , United States , University , Students , Middle East , People , Saudi Arabia

Published: 12/17/2021


As you have requested, I have written a short self-introduction and my family background. This is precisely my story of life in the past, now, and in the future.

I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These words might sound strange and inconsequential to you, but memories of that place give me true energy and motivation. My mother, a native of Turkey, is a homemaker. My father, whose mother was also Turkish, lived all his life on the territory of Saudi Arabia. He used to work for Saudi Arabia Airlines. There are five children in our family: one boy and four girls. I know, it’s a rare case for an average American family – 5 children. And some people might think it was hard to grow up in such a populous family, but for Saudi Arabia – it’s normal. Each child got all the attention and love they needed, and, in general, it was fun having a big family. Sometimes I miss our crowded home much. Bet you also sometimes family backgrounds such things.

How Background Family Influenced My Interests

My hobbies include cooking, scuba diving and spearfishing. You might thing that all of my hobbies are somewhat interconnected Well, yes. Sometimes. Being underwater gives me an unbearable feeling of freedom, something similar to Alice’s Wonderland – the world there is completely different. Just image the coral riffs and all kinds of fish, shimmering with rainbow colors in the mysterious underwater sunlight. Don’t you think it’s amazing? When I graduated from high school, I got my scuba diving license and decided to enroll to Faculty of Marine Sciences. Unfortunately, my parents made me change my mind.

My Past and Current Achievements Thanks to Family Background

My background family has influenced my past achievements and future goals. My first achievement for now, I am a 3rd year student at University of Michigan, and my major is Healthcare Management. This phrase seems so easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it cannot describe to you all the difficulties I went through to get to where I am now.

Secondly, the hardest part of my education in the U.S. were first two years of learning English in Eastern Washington University. I started studying Mechanical Engineering at first, but this major was hard for me, because of lots of math. And that’s why I’ve transferred to University of Michigan to study Healthcare.

Thirdly, I am truly proud of myself for leaving my country and finding my American Dream. I have heard people saying that there’s no American Dream anymore, but I still believe in this concept: there is an aim, and everything is achievable. American dream in action! Living and studying is also some kind of a Wonderland: everything is so different, especially people and relationships between them.

Fourthly, my university sent me a letter to congratulate me on my outstanding achievements of making the Dean's List for my first semester. This is truly exceptional, since English language is my third Language and it was hard for me to successfully finish that semester.

Fifthly, when I got my acceptance letter from Eastern Washington University to University of Michigan, I drove my car from Washington State to Michigan State on my own and I couldn't believe that everything was possible without any help.

Impacts of Family Backgrounds to My Life Goals

Thanks to my backgrounds family, I really enjoy life in the U.S. and my current life goals now is, first of all, graduating from University and finding a job here for gaining some experience. Then, I am planning to come back to my native country and continue practicing there. And, finally, when I make a career, I’ll get married and lead a happy life in Saudi Arabia. My mind is currently busy with my education. I want to become a good professional who will help people, ordinary men and women, lead their lives. I like my specialization and already have good life plan, which is the most important thing.

I hope you were entertained with this short self-introduction. It is always interesting and offsetting to speak to people who pay attention to the things you tell them. So, If you have any kind of question, feel free to ask me, I will be happy to answer questions regarding daily life in Arabic countries, religion, family relations and etc.

Thank you for your attention to Backgrounds for Family!


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Helpful writing ideas, expert help, how has your family upbringing impacted your views in life.

It is often said that one’s upbringing can make a true difference in one’s life. A person’s views are often shaped by those that someone is around the most. You may end up being asked in your admissions essay about how your family upbringing has influence your viewpoints and interests.

When talking about your personal history, it helps to be honest and direct. You must talk about what influences you were around and what inspired you to get into the field you want to work on. This is to make any effort you want to work on all the more intriguing and worth discussing.

Explain Family Experiences

For starters, you could talk about the jobs that your parents or other family members had. Were you interested in those jobs when you were younger? Were you fascinated by what they did and wanted to continue the family tradition or at least get into something similar? Whatever the case is, be open about the experiences that family members have had and how they have influenced your life in numerous ways.

What Values Are There?

You could also discuss how the values that your family members had influenced your life. Some families focus more on charitable acts like helping others and supporting their favorite causes. Others focus on being creative or inventive. They might do this while avoiding some of the more common things that people might do in society. Whatever the case is, talk about how those values have impacted your life and what they have done for you in general. All the values that they impact onto you can make a true impact on your work in general.

Talk About Key Events

Next, you have to talk about your upbringing based on any events that happened within your family. Whether it entails military deployments, moving from one city to the next or any other major event, you have to talk about how such an event has impacted your life. It could be important as it might have inspired you to think about certain ideas or concepts over time. Anything that has changed your life dramatically beyond traditional efforts could certainly be discussed and mentioned.

When talking about your family upbringing, be sure you look at all parts of your life and how you have evolved. You may be surprised at how well your upbringing can inspired your work and make it all the more intriguing and worth looking into.

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