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Hobbies play a very important role in our lives. They occupy our minds when we are free and also make us happy. Hobbies are our escape from the real world that makes us forget our worries. Moreover, they make our lives interesting and enjoyable. If we look at it, all our hobbies are very useful for us. They teach us a lot of things about different stuff. They also help in expanding our knowledge.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

In today’s fast and competitive world, we often get time for ourselves. Over time, our schedule gets very dull and monotonous. That is why we need to indulge in something in between to keep our minds fresh and active. What’s better than a hobby for this? One of the main benefits of having a hobby is that it is a major stress-buster. You actually enjoy doing it and it satisfies your soul.

Essay on My Hobby

In other words, without a hobby, your life becomes an unhealthy cycle lacking any excitement or spark. Hobbies offer you a great opportunity to take a break and forget the worries of your life. They allow you to explore yourself and realize your potential in different areas.

Moreover, hobbies can also be a source of extra income. For instance, if you like painting, you can actually sell your art to make some extra money. Likewise, if you have a knack for dancing, you may teach dance classes to people on your holidays. This way your hobby a benefit you both spiritually and financially as well.

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My Favourite Hobby

If I were to pick one favourite hobby of mine out of the many I have, I will definitely pick gardening. I developed a taste for dancing when I was very young. The way my feet moved to the rhythm of the music convinced my parents that I was a born dancer. Dancing is very uplifting as well as economical.

I have always had a love for music and dance. However, I never realized the utter joy they bring to humans. Dancing gives us a lot of exercises. It teaches us to move our body rhythmically and feel the beat of every song. This kind of physical exercise is extremely delightful and enjoyable.

Moreover, dance also taught me how to stay strong and push my limits. I have had many injuries while dancing, too many bruises and cuts but that didn’t stop me from pursuing it further. In fact, it pushes me to do my best and realize my potential more than ever.

I have enrolled in dancing classes because I wish to make my hobby my career. I feel we all should do things which we enjoy doing. Everyone is running after money and in this race, they give up their likings and preferences. I have learned from this race and decided to not take part in it. I wish to take the road less traveled by and take on challenges most people don’t dare to.

In short, my hobby of dancing makes me feel alive and well. It is the only thing I look forward the most to. Thus, I hope to achieve my dream of being a professional dancer and making way for people who wish to make careers out of their hobbies.


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Hobbies and Their Importance in People’s Lives Essay

Introduction, stress relief, educational value, companionship.

Hobbies are favorite activities a person does for fun rather than for gain and does so from time to time, not as a regular business. In a way, one may define hobbies as one’s favorite entertainment. Therefore, it is vital to understand the importance of hobbies in people’s lives. Hobbies are not innate passions that are already within one’s personality at birth – on the contrary, their development is a continuous and systematic process. The primary purpose of a hobby is to get joy from it, which is why a part of its definition is that people do not pursue hobbies to make a profit (Kettering University Online, 2019).

It is an important way to achieve mental and physical relaxation. While people may choose many ways to speed up their time, not every activity can restore their lost energy and invigorate them. One may argue that a hobby that suits one’s interests, nature, and budget is the best way to spend free time due to having numerous benefits.

Hobbies are frequently thought of as activities for people who live a calm and relaxed lifestyle. However, people with a busy and stressful lifestyle require them even more than an average person, and can benefit greatly from having them in their lives. Hobbies provide numerous advantages and are usually well worth the time invested. According to (2019), hobbies provide important psychological relief from the constant work-related responsibility.

It is particularly important for those who feel overwhelmed by their work-related activities. For them, it can be challenging to find sufficient time and opportunity and relax from a busy schedule, especially if they perceive hobbies as a waste of time. But engaging in hobbies can be a meaningful break where people are not merely sitting but doing something productive in their free time. As such, a hobby can provide a psychologically useful break during the working week.

Apart from that, hobbies are a great source of pleasure for those who are not overly stressed and may be lacking in stimulation. They provide the healthy type of stress-free offer that people require to continue enjoying their lives. When the rest of life is boring and hard to go on with, hobbies can give purpose and firmness, as well as break up monotonous schedules. More importantly, still, they do so without making people feel like they are working (Jachimowicz et al., 2019).

Group hobbies are particularly rewarding in this respect – golf rotations, creative writing, and even knitting circles groups are all excellent examples. By bringing people together with others, they can provide much-needed social support. Acquaintances that one gets through hobbies have a considerable potential to become best friends, with all the psychological benefits involved. Positive psychology, which focuses on studying what makes life worthwhile, discovers that joy can be beneficial for relaxing and enjoying the present moment. Hence, Hobbies bring joy and relaxation into people’s lives, and maintaining them is beneficial to overall psychological health.

Having a hobby can be very educational, especially since education is virtually synonymous with training. Practicing different activities outside of one’s professional field is a type of training for all sorts of things, and these hobbies can broaden one’s horizons. By pursuing a hobby, one can acquire a lot of experience, skills, and knowledge and even become an expert on certain matters (Kettering University Online, 2019). Even watching a movie can be educational in many respects because cultural values, styles, and norms of a particular society can be effectively communicated through film. Moreover, the film is also an essential medium for communicating history, geographic information, and remarkable scientific discoveries and inventions – and it is only one example of how hobbies can be educational.

Hobbies and interests other than work are becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, as more and more people remain single for longer periods of time or do not start a family until they are in their forties. Research has discovered that hobbies similar to his profession can make people less confident in their work. However, it is only true if the individual in question is extremely passionate about his hobbies and may not have had the opportunity to fully recover from similar job demands. In this case, it is not so much a hobby as a case of poorly structured time, with work-related activities taking too much of it (Kurtz, 2015).

People can still use leisure activities that are similar to their work, although these should ideally be more playful and less committed to balancing personal and professional life better. However, hobbies that are dissimilar to work generally tend to be more effective in both relaxing and educating. By engaging in activities that differ from the usual working routines, a person may ultimately become well-versed in things other than work while remaining psychologically satisfied at the same time.

Hobbies are essential in providing relaxation after periods of intense labor. Jachimowicz et al. (2019) point out that doing something a person likes is basically a necessity after a hard day of work. Moreover, non-paid work can be every bit as taxing as the paid one and necessitate relaxation upon completion as well. Hobbies, therefore, are an excellent opportunity to relieve the pressures of daily work, whether personal or public (Behson, 2020). They bring the mind away from the usual preoccupations and allow us to revel in something done purely for fun and pleasure.

It is also important to remember the sense of ability and accomplishment that a hobby can provide. Ideally, people choose their jobs based on their preferences and abilities, but external factors, such as wages and education availability, play their role as well. As a result, many people end up with jobs they do not particularly like. Hobbies, on the other hand, are chosen based on people’s desires and inclinations to a much greater degree. While there are still objective limitations – one would not be able to pursue the lifelong goal of becoming a space sourest without sufficient money and health – they are still not as relevant. As a consequence, hobbies can promote a sense of flow – the immensely satisfying feeling of doing something that a person is good at – with relatively little investment (Kurtz, 2015). It is a very rejuvenating feeling, and hobbies are one of the best ways to achieve it.

As mentioned above, a hobby is an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and make friends. Despite the widespread use of information technology and its use for social purposes, there is no substitute for human intercourse. Most would probably agree that spending free time with like-minded people is one of the most satisfying activities there is. Communities provide health benefits by relieving stress and anxiety and providing opportunities for healthy social interactions and activities (Kurtz, 2015). Keeping in touch with groups of people with similar interests can also help to avoid isolation and loneliness and, as such, serves as a causeway to a more fulfilling social life.

Moreover, research suggests that participating in activities other than work increases community ties and civic engagement. For example, volunteering in one’s free time is known to strengthen connections between community members and foster collective pride (Jachimowicz et al., 2019). Moreover, there is also an evident correlation between hobbies and civic engagement, as the two tend to increase and decrease simultaneously (Kurtz, 2015). Given that, one may reliably conclude that hobbies are not only essential ore personal well-being but also help to foster more tightly-knit and efficient communities.

As one can see, hobbies enable people to develop as individuals and realize their potential to the fullest. To begin with, they are very psychologically satisfying, and engaging in one’s hobby is a particularly effective way of relieving stress. In a similar vein, the benefits of the sense of relaxation and self-confidence that hobbies provide are not to be underestimated. Apart from that, hobbies have a significant educational value that enhances their usefulness and importance even further. Finally, the companionship of like-minded people that are associated with hobbies is one of the best ways to strengthen community ties and instill people a sense of belonging. With this in mind, there can be no doubt that hobbies are not a frivolous waste of time but a valuable and important part of one’s life that is definitely worth pursuing.

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Kurtz, J. (2015). Six Reasons to Get a Hobby . Psychology Today. Web.

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Skilled at Life

Why Hobbies Are Important

Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and affords us the opportunity to learn new skills. We are very fortunate to have so many different options out there today. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to hobbies and interests.

The best way to cultivate a new hobby is to try something new. The world is full of wonderful, exciting activities that we can explore and adopt as our own. Of course, all of us are unique and, therefore, our interests and hobbies vary. But once we find a hobby that we truly enjoy and are passionate about, we become hooked. It becomes part of our lives and captivates us in a very personal way.

There are many reasons why all of us should have at least one hobby, but here are the main advantages:

  • It makes you more interesting. People who have hobbies have experiences and stories that they can share with others. They also have specialized knowledge that they can teach to anyone who also has an interest in the same topics as they do.
  • It helps to relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy. Hobbies give you a way to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life. They let you relax and seek pleasure in activities that aren’t associated with work, chores or other responsibilities.
  • Hobbies help you become more patient. In order to develop a new hobby, you have to learn how to do something that is brand new to you. The odds are there will be a learning curve, and you will need to be patient in order to build your skills.
  • Having a hobby can help your social life and create a bond with others. A hobby is something that you can frequently enjoy with other people. Whether you join a club, play in a league, or just gift others with the fruits of your labor, a hobby is a great way to meet and get closer to people who have the same interests as you do.
  • It increases your confidence and self-esteem. The odds are that if you really enjoy an activity, you are usually pretty good at it. Any activity that you can excel in is an opportunity for you to build your confidence and develop pride in your accomplishments.
  • Hobbies help reduce or eradicate boredom. They give you something to do when you find yourself with nothing to fill your time. They also give you an activity that you can look forward to and get excited about.
  • It helps you develop new skills. A hobby that you really dedicate your time to will lead you to build new skills. As you spend more time at your hobby you will become better and better at it.
  • It increases your knowledge. Along with building new skills, you will also gain new knowledge through the development of your hobby.
  • It enriches your life and gives you a different perspective on things. No matter what type of hobby you choose, you will definitely be exposed to new ideas. Hobbies help you grow in various ways, including exposing you to new opinions and to new ways to look at life.
  • It challenges you. When you pick a new hobby, you will be involved in activities that are novel and challenging. If you don’t find your hobby challenging, then you also won’t find it engaging, and it will be less enjoyable. That means you need to find a better hobby.
  • It helps prevent bad habits and wasting time. There is an old saying that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” If you have good hobbies to fill up your free time, then you will be less likely to spend that time on wasteful or negative activities.

In case you are wondering what my hobbies are: Over the years, I have had numerous hobbies and interests, but I currently have 5 that I am passionate about. They have changed my life in a positive way and provided me with a lot of joy.

1. Reading I love reading books, especially nonfiction ones. I currently read about 60 books per year on a wide array of topics. For example, I am currently reading a book called The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes which focuses on a tribe of native Indians that lives in isolation in the Amazonian forest. The book is over 800 pages long and offers a fascinating glimpse into their lives and culture. It illustrates the importance of preserving our environment and ecology and is a wonderful read.

Every book I read (I try to be discriminate about what I read) teaches me something about the world at large and provides me with a new perspective on life. The books are a wonderful way to transport me to a different place and era without actually leaving home. Best of all, I joined my local public library and download ebooks for free!

2. Cooking One of my favorite hobbies is cooking. On average, I cook about 5 days per week, often making extra that I can freeze for convenience. Cooking has taught me so much about patience and focus because those 2 are essential ingredients to make delicious food. The more I cook, the better I get at it. Of course, I have also cooked food that did not turn out so well, but I learned from my mistakes and improved each time. I cook food that is healthy that I enjoy eating. Best of all, it is generally cheaper and better tasting than eating out at most restaurants.

3. Watching documentaries In general, I am not a big TV fan. However, I make an exception for good documentaries. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, on-demand TV, and wonderful channels like Smithsonian and National Geographic, I have a wide array of exciting documentaries on my watch list that inspire, educate, and excite me. I probably watch about 45 documentaries per year and some of my favorites are Craigslist Joe, Happy, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Somm, and Man on Wire.

4. Exercising Quite a few years ago, I decided to exercise regularly and it has been a wonderful hobby for me, although some may argue it is more of a necessity rather than a hobby, much like brushing your teeth. However, I really enjoy all sorts of exercise: going to the gym, lifting weights, running, walking, hiking, playing racquetball and soccer, etc. The longer I do it, the more I learn and enjoy it. I have also met a lot of wonderful people who share this passion.

5. Gardening Edible gardens have become popular in the last couple of years. I started growing my first edible garden several years ago in order to complement my love for cooking. Not only does my garden provide me with herbs and vegetables that I can use in my favorite dishes, it also provides me with a healthy and totally organic food source. I love knowing exactly what has gone into growing the food that I am eating. Additionally, I have learned a lot about what plants grow best in my region, what the best seasons are to grow each of them, and also how much water and sun they need. My edible garden not only nourishes my body, but it teaches me a lot as well.

My hobbies are a very important part of my life. I find they enrich my days and give me a great escape from the regular stresses of life. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend that you start to explore and develop at least one hobby that you really enjoy. I guarantee you will be very glad you did.

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hobbies importance essay

Columbia College Calgary

  • College Life

Life of a Student: The Importance of Having a Hobby

Benefits of having a hobby

  • Categories College Life
  • Date December 12, 2018

Hobbies help us grow as a person. The best way to have a new hobby is to try something new. All of us are unique, and this is the reason why our hobbies and interests are different. Once we find an activity we are passionate about, we can explore that activity more. When you get hooked, you will realize that your hobby has become an integral part of your life. Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and refreshes us. Hobbies help us to manage our leisure and unplanned time more productively. It also affords you the opportunity to learn new skills in your work. But these are not the only benefits of having a hobby.

Increases Confidence

It feels great to be skilled and good at something, doesn’t it? And this is what that makes you confident. It can take some time to develop your hobby so that you may be able to tell that you are skilled. But, the journey of experiencing your hobby is very rewarding in itself. With the exposure to different types of activities these days, it doesn’t matter which activity you choose. Whether you are pursuing a craft, sports, puzzles, or skill development, your hobby should be a diversion and a passion. Simultaneously, if your hobby gives you a sense of purpose, then you will be more confident about challenging yourself in your hobby and help you prepare for learning new things at work.

Allows You to De-stress

Hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life. Hobbies allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive. Having hobbies promotes better health and may lower the risk of having high blood pressure. Enjoying a few hours of your hobby a week can also  reduce the risk of depression  and dementia.  Hobbies refocus your mind on to something that you enjoy doing. Hobbies that include physical activities create chemical changes in your body that help to reduce stress. Even if it doesn’t involve physical activities, you can still reap the benefits of having a hobby. Getting a short break from work and doing something you are passionate about can rejuvenate your mind and help prepare you to handle challenges in the future in a better way.

Helps You Socialize

Hobbies may provide an opportunity for you to socialize with people and that can be an additional benefit for your overall well-being. You can connect with people who enjoy doing the same things that you do. You can meet new people, discuss your hobby and get connected to a bigger circle that may even help you turn your hobby into your profession. The internet provides numerous groups and forums to connect with people that enjoy doing the same things that you want to do.

Enhances Your Creativity

Some hobbies require creativity and if you develop creativity through your hobby, it can be beneficial. Creativity can help you experience new things at school and work. The skill of being creative is essential in today’s world.

Hobbies create a positive impact both on your personal and professional life. You know what else does? A  good Canadian college education! Enjoy the benefits of having a hobby and a career-oriented professional course at Columbia College, and get ready to take on the world.

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Importance of hobbies essay.

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  • My Favourite Hobby Essay in English for Students & Children


Give Wings to your Creative Side with Hobbies

Hobbies play a very crucial role in everyone's life. Whenever we are free, it is good to follow our hobbies. It makes us occupied, and we do not feel idle. Every person finds their happiness and enjoys doing some kind of activity in their leisure time, these activities are known as hobbies. 

My Special Hobby 

My favourite hobby is watching TV. Whenever I have free time, I love watching Television. It never obstructs my studies. Hobbies help us to expand our knowledge, and it teaches us several things. First, I like to finish all my school homework and then start watching TV. This lightens my mood and sparks up the excitement inside me, as it increases my curiosity about the world. Watching different useful stuff on TV enhances my knowledge horizons and gives me lots of joy. 

Benefit of My Hobby

It is a good habit because watching TV escorts a lot of knowledge in various fields. There are several channels on TV, which represent worldwide affairs. I watch the news and I like channels, such as animal planet, discovery channel or another informative channel. These channels increase my curiosity and encourage me to learn about different aspects of life.

I interestingly watch a cartoon network that provides me with creative and new ideas to make cartoons and arts. Some of my favourite comics are Mr Bean, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and many more. Many art-themed cartoons, like The Pink Panther and SpongeBob, inspire me to draw them. Primarily, the artworks of comics attract me and inspire me to decorate my scrapbooks with their figures. 

Parents Find Hobbies Useful

My parents praise my hobby, and they are also happy when they see me watching national and international news and several events on the TV. Moreover, they feel proud when they listen to the news update from me. 

Now, I study in class with two and eight years old girls. Creating jokes, sitting idle and spending time roaming around is unproductive, according to my parents. My parents made sure that I developed my hobbies from childhood. Therefore, they encouraged me to create some good habits. 

Watching TV in a proper way gives you so many important roles. It helps us to make something creative. It provides us with knowledge about different places, their cultures, climatic conditions and especially their history. Furthermore, it widens our imagination by showing imaginary characters from the marvellous Disney World and Jungle Book. 

Importance of Hobby

Getting the latest updates and gaining knowledge about today’s incident is so important. It provides us with a lot of benefits, which help us in developing our knowledge and thoughts. It also enhances our minds of thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Hobbies are all about interest and can only be done in our leisure time. These activities help us in keeping our mind and body in a relaxed and refreshed state.  

Moreover, hobbies also increase our productivity and improve our overall health. It protects us from the risk of dementia and also protects us from sadness in our life. It also helps in our overall development and ignites our hidden talents and passions. So it is essential to have hobbies in our lives.

Several Aspects of Watching TV as an Hobby

Watching TV is not only about fun and joy; it also introduces us to new characters and stories to analyse. Every show comes with a new set of characters and stories that tickles our brains. As a hobby, you can compare these different storylines and their characters with one another. 

There are different types of programs on TV that are so crucial to enhancing our awareness about worldwide matters. TV channels also telecast different types of educational programs to improve our knowledge of history, science, economics, math, culture, and geography etc. In such programs, you get to analyse the different acting styles, writing and overall good and bad behaviours of various communities, their thoughts and cultures. 

Different Genres on TV  

Each TV show has different types of content or genres. These TV genres are sci-fi, dramas, adventurous shows, action, animations and reality shows. While Watching TV, it is not necessary to stick to any one genre and thus, you get to explore various other genres. 

And this is the most valuable part of my hobby. Television brings together numerous elements of imagination and ideas from different genres and allows me to explore them. 

Some Other Hobbies

You can have more than one hobby, as they are not restricted to any particular limit. All the things that you have an interest in can be regarded as a hobby. A person can have multiple areas of interest and have more than one activity as a hobby. 

I, too, have more than one hobby. Other than watching TV, I like to listen to music. This helps me keep myself calm after doing lots of work and gives my ears and heart a soothing effect. 

Besides these, I also have hobbies, such as reading comic books, painting, writing narrative stories, and maintaining a scrapbook. These activities make me happy and enhance my hidden qualities. Writing and reading boost my imagination. Along with these activities, I participate in gardening in my leisure time because I love to plant new and colourful flowers. 

Moreover, I like dancing and singing. These are the activities I often do whenever I find time after completing my studies and homework. I do participate in singing and dancing competitions as well because I like to sing and dance. My teachers and parents always appreciate and encourage me to pursue my hobbies. 


Every human being on this Earth is unique. Not only in terms of appearance but also for inherent characteristics. All the people work, think, talk, interpret, act, etc. , in countless ways. These are all the things which express me. One needs to have a good command of themselves before going to write something about their life. Life is meant to be lived avidly and with a proper visualization to do good for your fellow beings. Keeping this in mind, I have always desired to serve my people in whatever capacity I can.


FAQs on My Favourite Hobby Essay in English for Students & Children

1. Why are hobbies important for students?

2. What are the best hobbies to make students more creative?

Importance of Hobbies Essay

' src=

A hobby is something we like doing for entertainment during leisure. It is rightly said that “an idle man’s mind is devil’s workshop”. Our failure to be interested in a hobby, is one of the causes of sadness. Planning for leisure is crucial if we want to preserve excellent physical and mental health in the current world, which stresses us so much. We must learn to organise our life so that when we are not at work, we may focus on enjoying our leisure time activities. A by-product of civilisation and education is the intelligent use of downtime.

There are numerous varieties of hobbies. Some people have a passion for coin collecting. Obtaining rare coins is challenging. Some people might press and mount their specimens of ferns to create collections. A few people enjoy taking pictures as a hobby. Being costly, the average person cannot afford these hobbies.

A lot of people love to engage themselves in gardening. Get those people a spade and a crowbar. They are ready to spend any amount of time in their garden. Nothing makes them happier than to see the saplings growing out of the seeds they saw – like a proud mother watching her children grow.

For a large number of people reading is a hobby. When it comes to reading, there are countless genres and topics to explore. Whether you enjoy fiction, non-fiction, biographies, or memoirs, there is something for everyone. Reading can also be a great way to relax and unwind, as it can take your mind off of your daily stresses and allow you to escape into different worlds and experiences.

One of the most significant interests in the world is the collection of postage stamps. We will be able to learn useful information from stamps. We also learn about the well-known leaders, explorers, scientists, artists, and writers from various nations. Therefore, the stamps have educational value.

Another most loved leisure activity is painting. It is sometimes called ‘poetry in colours’. Drawing is an excellent hobby that can help you express your creativity and improve your artistic skills. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your free time, and it doesn’t require any special equipment or expensive materials.

Cooking and baking are popular hobbies for many people around the world. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, from preparing a quick weeknight meal to experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. With the rise of cooking shows and online resources, it’s easier than ever to learn new techniques and recipes.

Other than these hobbies, some people find fun outdoors in the midst of nature. Some people have sports as their hobby. Also, gaming can be a fun and engaging hobby for people who enjoy video games, board games, or card games. There are still many activities to choose from like yoga, cycling, swimming or listening to music, playing musical instruments, etc.

Numerous additional interests, both large and small can be pursued by everyone in a way that is profitable. It is never a waste of time to devote time to a hobby. They offer opportunities for personal growth, creativity, and relaxation, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. In general, it can be claimed that every pastime, no matter how expensive or easy it is—like gardening or numismatics—has a value that should be sought after and appreciated. Hobbies provide the much-needed relaxation and a way to escape into a world where the mind may be at peace during a time like the present, which is full of rush and bustle and marked by tensions and anxiety. Truth and beauty can exist in mental states of peace and harmony.

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