Write a horror story in about 150-200 words.

When i was about 10, my family of six lived in an extremely small apartment. two bedrooms upstairs and then the living room. when i was tired of my siblings i would sleep downstairs. one night i am lying on the couch facing the front door and watching the sky through the window by the door when a face shows up in the window illuminated by a lighter. i freeze, and the face goes away. i’m pretty relieved, thinking it was maybe our druggie neighbours seeing if my parents were still awake when it shows up again. i try to scream but when i hope my mouth nothing came out, not a sound. the person then kicks in the door and walks into the room, he sees me, smiles, and goes towards the kitchen. as he comes out of the kitchen with a knife my dad makes it down the stairs and the guy boots it out of there. i still can’t sleep easily on couches to this day..

Convert the play into a story (150 – 200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title to it.

the story shoudnt be 150 words because in our school we write a story which has 700 words or more in it

Write a story/letter to a friend discribing about the natural disaster that occured in your place including consequence and disasters management in it (in 150 words)

Write a story in 150-200 words using the given hinds :1 thief caught 2was beaten badly. 3 had stolen only four loaves

success story of colonel sanders KFC FOUNDER in english.(150 - 200 words).


Scary Story Essay example

Free college admissions essays: help me .

With eyes closed I stand alone, in the dark I smell the sweet scent of fresh-cut grass and feel the soft dirt under my feet. I feel the sunshine on my skin, though I cannot see it. I stand in this blissful moment until I hear a call. Desperation and panic fill the air as I blindly run towards the unknown voice. “HELP ME!” it shouts. I stumble over a log; I can feel the blood trickle down my leg. “HELP ME” another voice shouts. Gradually more and more voices call out for help tugging at my heart. I try to bury myself in my hands and collapse into the soft earth. I jump back in surprise as a cold hand gently traces my face. Tears spill out of my eyes allowing them to open; I look up and see a woman. She wears all black and has a veil over her

Scary Short Stories

The last sounds I recall hearing were three deafening bangs, and one boom. I remember spinning rapidly through what seemed like a never-ending hole of eerie darkness. My sassy, independent self was frightened, so I closed my eyes and prayed that I would live to see the next day. I eventually gained the courage to open my eyes, and continued to lie numb on the street, utterly confused. I kept wondering where I was, and even what day it was. I cautiously stood up as the cold drizzle continued to pour down all around me, collecting in crevices across the long, cobblestone street. I glanced down at my clothes, and saw they were destroyed by mud that had been splattered by passing horses. I continued to survey my surroundings , and that is when

Personal Narrative Essay About Scaring People In Scary Movies

Have you scared someone so bad and thought of what could have had happened to you? Scaring a person is bad, although I have someone before. I have gotten so scared before that I thought I was dying!!! Scaring people is not a good thing to do because it can traumatize them, make them not want to be around you, and also can make them feel scared and embarrassed.

Bogeyman Descriptive Writing

I could hear a creek in the distance. If I ran to it I could dive in and they lose my scent. As the gushing water became louder I noticed how long I had been out here it was almost pitch black. I could see the river flowing towards the camp, I jumped in to the river. It chilled me to the bone. Then as my head popped out of the water I could see the majestic sun rise. And with the night my fear was now

Short Story

Before I engage in a run, my panic-filled eyes dart around in front of me as I perceive a path through the forest. Branches and twigs catch my hair, yanking out strands as they become entangled, yet I keep running. Only until I hear the sound of John's engine fade away do I cease my running, and lean my shoulder against a tree as I take deep lung-fulls of air, all the while, my sobs remain heavy as comprehend what just happened. All around me is darkness. Only slithers of moonlight seep through the dense fir trees. With my mouth closed, my shuddered breaths drown out the eerie quietness. However, the pounding of my heart continues to deafen me. I retrieve my phone from my bag and illuminate it to expel light, as assess my surroundings. All around me are the dense trees, and I'm unable to ascertain the way back to the road. A panicked whimper escapes my lips as I envision spending the entire night out here in the cold. As my remaining energy depletes, I rest my hand upon the tree closest to me, caressing the roughness of the bark under my fingertips. My eye throbs, as does the cut just beside it. Consequently, my hand flutters up to cover the wound, though does little to abate the pain. The quivering of my body intensifies as the warm adrenaline disperses, allowing the chill to seep through to my bones. I can't stay here all night, I'll freeze to death. With no recollection of my path into the woods, I turn to what I believe to

Diary Of A Girl Dialectical Journal

The roaring sound of the clock was not helping either. I felt as if mentally there, wherever I was but, physically I was not. I could here voices, sobbing but I could not open my eyes. “she might not wake up for day or hours” was the last thing I heard before darkness took me away.

Scary Halloween Research Paper

As we walked by the scary house, we walked by with fear. We heard the stories about the ghost roaming around there. We saw the scary looking pumpkins. It was Halloween, and this is what we saw, a scary clown chasing us down the scary and dark road. Halloween with all of its spooky houses, ghosts, can be an apprehensive holiday.

Horror Effects On Middle School Essay

Although everyone likes a good horror movie, have you thought of the effects it has on middle school children or younger? middle school children like horror genre because it has suspense. Even if after they watch it or read about it they feel scared, they like it.One of the effects horror genre has on middle school is anxiety and phobias. some children are mature enough but some are not and it can cause this children temporal or permanent anxiety. according to the article the lasting effects of horror movies on children and teens “they can also have sleep disturbances due to the shadows and noises”. when you watch a horror movie you are more alert of what is happening around you and that is why every sound or shadow scares you.Another reason

Descriptive Essay On A Cold House

The coldness all around me as I step outside my car. The dark clouds hug far above my head. As I prepare myself for the challenge that lies ahead. It was the middle of the winter and the trees looked like twigs. As I walk around the leaves crunching under my boots. I carry a camera as I head toward the creepy, noisy house. The singing of James inside the car could be heard all over the country. I keep walking forward to get a better look at this house I could see the paint wearing off and the windows boarded up. I look at my phone in horror and realize that it's close to dead. Thunder boomed over my head as rain started to come down. I walk up to the gate and open it. The gate creaked open and I look upon the yard. The grass was dead the stone path looked like pebbles. The house looked fragile as if it was about to collapse I gulped down my fear as I push onward.

Descriptive Essay Fear

Fear isn’t something that just goes away easily, it lingers and haunts you until it kills you inside. It is an unpleasant emotion and it creeps up on you as darkness takes over daylight, slowly and then all at once. However, fear is like the monster under my bed or the one hiding in my closet. Instead of just hiding, my fear grows immensely every time I try to ignore it. A time that I experienced intense fear was when my house got robbed but it made me stronger than before.

Essay On Realistic Fear

Sanborn NY- “The only thing you should fear is fear itself.” Well, that and many other things. I found myself itinerating around the campus of Niagara County Community College on March 14th, 2016 curious how realistic fears play a part in our social and daily life. Let me make this clear, it was very difficult discovering what type of questions to ask. I kept reminiscing the thought who are the right people for this and then it hit me; student athletes.

Narrative Essay About Fear

President Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Throughout my elementary school years, multiple teachers asked me to write a poem. I wrote my first poem in kindergarten with Miss Maggee at Collegium Charter School. Surrounded by white walls and colorful posters, I put my pencil to the paper. She asked me to write a fear that I had. Mrs. Buckley asked me to complete the same task in fourth grade at Starkweather Elementary School. Fear. Fear is included in a biography poem. For years, I would write the most common fear my classmates had, whether it was heights, bears, or clowns. Why couldn’t I think of a fear? Why did my classmates each have a specific fear? What do I fear? As I asked myself these questions, I found my answer. I am afraid of failure. The

Coulson's Journey-Personal Narrative

I looked in my mother’s mirror that I had kept. My once luscious light brown hair was now matted and turning blond from the sun, my blue eyes were bright and stood out on my tanned skin but around them I had bags from sleepless nights from nightmares. I placed the mirror along with the supplies I had gathered for the journey ahead into my backpack. At 9am I set of Southwards to meet Peter. For the first few hours I came across nothing out of the ordinary, the birds were flying in the sky and the fish were swimming and jumping in the river. About 1 mile away from where Peter and I had decided to meet, I looked up to the sky and saw that there were a swarm of crows above my head. Knowing that this were a sign of trouble I picked up my pace as I was in an open area with no cover. It was then that the crows decided to attack. They dived at me and began pecking me and grabbing me with their claws. I sprinted as fast as I could to get to the trees that were in front of me. Suddenly I heard this almighty bang, a gunshot. The crows let out harsh caws and flew away, reaching the trees I put my hand on my knees, panting. “You must be Elizabeth?” I let out a small scream and whipped my head to the left. There was a man with black hair and green eyes standing there, he put out his hand, “Peter” he commented. Getting over my mini-heart attack I took his hand and shook it, “Elizabeth” I replied. We decided to make camp in the forest and have some food, after our meal we both took out our backpacks to look over the information that we had gathered. It started raining, very heavily; there was this almighty rumble and a bright flash. I tried to stuff all my paper in my bag but was unsuccessful. “I’ve found it!” screamed Peter. Looking past him I saw a huge wave that was smashing down all the trees in its way. “We need to go!” I exclaimed. Peter dropped to his knees to pick up a piece of paper that I had dropped, “The cure, I’ve found

Essay on 13/10/666, Where Am I?

It was a gloomy tempestuous night. I was running away from something but I wasn’t sure what I was running away from. I scampered with exhaustion as the forest closed on me like a pair of jaws. I also had no idea where I was. My eyesight was distorted by the troubling unavoidable mist. I noticed that a small black figure with great yellowish green eyes had passed through my path which caused me to trip over a branch and fall to the ground with a “THUD!”

Huntington's Disease: A Short Story

At 6:00 A.M. on that oddly warm December morning the melody of my phone’s ringtone began to resonate through my bedroom, stirring me from my sleepy state. I do not quite remember answering the phone call, in fact, much of that morning was a blur of images and sounds in my mind. However, I do remember my irregular, strangled breathing as I attempted to dress with clothes I had found crumpled on the wooden floor of my room. Soon, I found myself in a car filled with maddening silence. The car ride was so quiet

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Short horror story essay

Short horror story essay

Last updated Monday , 13-11-2023 on 09:54 am

Short horror story essay is one of the popular intimidation methods that help parents in correcting children and improving their behavior in many educational aspects.

Through this article, we will provide you with many models that talk about stories of horror and intimidation that may help or influence the behavior of children, show the goals of horror stories, and the extent of the impact of these stories on improving children’s instincts, and strengthening their personality.

The school plays an important and significant role in educating children and improving their behaviour. In a similar article that talks about horror stories, the student can learn about the dimensions of these stories, the extent of their impact and why they are used.

The student can talk about his fears and terrifying situations he went through. The teacher can take advantage of these events and try to address these fears by guiding him and talking to him, or by making him research more about the dimensions of the problem and the benefits that he benefited from despite going through a terrifying situation.

At the beginning of the article we will put several points that show the goals that must be present within the topic, and several models will be created using these points inside them, so that the articles are useful for the student in case he wants to present them to the school, or if he wants to know the aspects that he should talk about inside a similar article he talks about the horror stories and the bad situations he was exposed to.

Objectives of the article

1- To obey orders.

2- Giving up bad behavior.

3- Repressing the evil instincts that are inside every human being.

4- Controlling the child in the safety zone next to the parents.

5- Planting correct means and methods through intimidation.

Several years ago, my father told me a story about a boy  who went out without telling his family where he was going. And this was late at night. After he left, he met some children and played a little with them and enjoyed this, but because of the late time these children left him, some of them returned to their home alone, and some of them their families came to to pick them up, and he found himself alone in the end.

He decided to walk around for a while, so that he might encounter other children and continue playing with them. But after walking for a long time, he found that all the streets were empty, and it was dark everywhere, and he could no longer discern where he was, and that he was far from home and lost his way.

And whenever he tried to return from where he came, he found himself in dangerous areas with street dogs, and in order to avoid them, he kept entering other streets, until he lost the way completely. So he sat crying and did not find anyone to bring him home because all the people of the town were asleep.

The time at night was getting hard for this naughty little boy. Every minute that passes feels like it’s a long time and he’s so afraid of darkness and loneliness. And whenever he heard the sound of dogs howling, intensified in crying. And whenever he called his father, he did not come to take him, because he was far from the house and did not tell them that he was going out, and did not tell them where he was going.

Then he learned that he had made a big mistake and that his father would not come to look for him because he thought he was asleep. And he decided to try to call for help and search for any place where there are people and tell them what happened.

And he kept walking in the dark crying for a long time until he found some people, and told them his name, where he lived, and the name of the neighborhood in which he lived. Fortunately for him, they weren’t bad guys, and they brought this guy home.

The father was very angry with him for this behavior and punished him for a week for this behavior. But the boy was happy that he came home and learned the lesson well and knew that this wrong behavior was dangerous and could have lost his family for life.

While hearing this story, I was very afraid and put myself in the place of this boy, and I found myself learning from him what to do. And that I must tell my family where I am going, and watch the time, and take care of myself and not stay away from home. When I finish playing, I go home.

In the early morning, I was very careful to memorize my full name, the name of the neighborhood in which I live, the name of my mother, and the house number.

Although the story was scary for me, I learned a lot from it and had a reaction to every event that takes place in it.

Dear student, a basic form was submitted for the topic on short horror story essay, In addition to many other models such as, horror short story essay, creepy short horror story essay, a short horror story essay, short ghost story essay, short ghost story essay, scary short story essay, scary experience essay.

If you prefer to add any other topic, you can contact us through the comments of this article and we will study your request and add it as soon as possible.

horror short story essay

At the weekend I went on a trip with my friends to the forest. We took camping equipment, some food and water. The weather was nice, the trees were leafy, the birds were flying from tree to tree, the landscape was beautiful.

We wandered in the woods and ate the fruits on the trees, and as we wandered, a huge bear appeared in front of us, looked at us and prepared to attack us.

We were all very terrified, but the instructions reminded us not to run, not to scream, and to act calmly. I took out of my bag a self-defense spray bottle, which should be used in this case. But the bear left quietly and none of us were hurt.

creepy short horror story essay

I get up early and sit in the garden of the house, enjoying the fresh air, listening to the sound of birds, watching beautiful flowers and other beautiful landscapes, but yesterday something terrifying happened to me.

When I sat on the bench in the garden and was enjoying nature I felt something moving under the chair.

I quickly looked under the chair and found a large black snake.

It moves slowly, I felt very terrified and could not move, I remained frozen in my place, the snake crawled slowly and I looked at it with horror, until it moved away several meters, I called the competent authority immediately and a trained man came and caught the snake.

a short horror story essay

Last week I went with my family to the zoo, the weather was nice, and we were enjoying the nature, where there are a lot of green leafy trees and decorated with beautiful flowers and large areas that allow us to run and play, everything was beautiful.

Then we went to the animal cages and watched the animals from a distance.

But there is a person who got very close to the lion’s cage, even though there is a sign on it that says Do not go near the animal cages.

He was not satisfied with that, but he extended his hand into the cage, and the lion grabbed his hand with force, and this person was unable to rid his hand of the lion’s fangs.

The man screamed loudly from the severity of the pain, and the guard came quickly and tried to give the lion a piece of meat to leave the man’s hand, but to no avail.

The veterinarian quickly intervened and gave the lion an anesthetic injection, and the man was able to get his hand out of the cage, but it had many wounds and was taken to the hospital. It was really terrifying moments.

Short ghost story essay

There are many people who feel terrified in the dark, and my brother is very afraid of the dark and feels terrified and imagines frightening things.

So when the electricity went out and the house became dark. I went to his room quietly without feeling, and stood in front of him, making some strange sounds.

My brother jumped quickly and came out of the room saying a ghost of a ghost, but he hit the wall and cut his head and bled a lot, it was a big wound.

At that time I was telling him don’t be afraid, I am your brother, but he was very frightened. I was very sorry for him and regretted that I had caused him to feel terrified and made him crash into the wall.

And I told him I was just trying to joke with you and I wouldn’t do it again but you should train yourself not to be afraid of the dark.

A Short Scary Story Essay

Last weekend I went with my friends on a fishing trip. We chartered a fishing boat with all our fishing gear and went into the sea for a long distance, so that we could see neither the beach nor the city.

We started fishing and we were very happy because there are many fish and they are also big, and the weather was nice.

Suddenly strong winds blew and the waves rose, and the fishing boat was swinging with us over the water, up and down, and we couldn’t control it.

At this time we felt so afraid that we would drown.The fishing boat cannot withstand these bad weather conditions.

But after a while the wind calmed down a bit and we miraculously survived.

Scary short story essay

Last weekend I went with my colleagues on a school trip to one of the archaeological sites, and we had some teachers with us organizing the trip and supervising our transfers.

We entered a museum that houses great antiquities and stood listening to the tour guide talking about the history of these antiquities.

I was fascinated and listened to the tour guide with great interest, so that I did not feel the departure of my colleagues and teachers, as they left the museum and got on the bus and left this place and did not feel my absence.

When I found myself alone in the museum, I felt very afraid and searched for them all over the museum, but I could not find them, so my fear increased and my crying became louder.

Suddenly I found one of the teachers entering the museum and looking for me, so I ran towards him and grabbed his hand and felt safe.

Scary Experience Essay

At the end of the year I had a frightening experience. I went to the beach and decided to snorkel, so I bought wetsuits, put them on, and dived into the sea. But it was not what I expected and almost drowned.

I was so scared when I found myself unable to dive, and could not swim to the top.

It was a difficult situation but one of the lifeguards on the beach saw me, knew I was going to drown and ran to save me.

Therefore, I advise others to learn before we do anything that might endanger our lives.

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A Scary Night

  • Raghini Visakan, Grade 4

A SCARY NIGHT It was late at night when I was walking down the street after classes as I had missed my last bus back home. I had to walk back, as I had no other choice. The streets can get quiet creepy at night, especially when you are on your own. As I was walking, I saw this very mysterious house. You might wonder why I am saying this. Let me tell you why. It was brightly lit even though this house has been vacant for a very long time. I was curious and crept down the concrete path towards the door. The door creaked and opened on its own as I stood by it. I peeked in. It looked as if there were a thousand rooms inside. I wanted to see more. As I stood there and looked, I didn’t know where to start. My curiosity got the better of me, and i started with the door closest. The hinges were rusty and they creaked as I opened it. It was really scary…WAIT!!!, ..was there someone in there?. I didn’t dare go further. By then, I felt a chill run down my spine, and felt hands on my shoulder pushing me into the room. I screamed. It was too late. I fell down and heard the door shut behind me. The room plunged into darkness and became very quiet except for my heavy breathing. I tried getting up, but something was holding me down. I cried “help”, but my voice was just not coming out. I managed to get to my feet, and tried to unlock the door, but to no avail. There was a presence in the room but no one was there. I decided to be brave, and said “hello”, hello”???.. But all I heard was my echo. I was trying to unlock the door when suddenly, I heard this loud screeching voice, I turned… and standing behind me was this dark figure. It had piercing red eyes that just looked through me….I screamed and the next thing I knew, it was so close to my face I could smell its breath. It smelled of raw meat, and blood. I managed to turn and tried to run, but my feet couldn’t move. I felt the hands wrap itself around me and it felt so cold….so cold,… that I couldn’t breath. I started gasping for air and tried to free myself from this thing. I cried out in pain as its arms squeezed tighter. I felt its hands on my throat, “Oh help”!, but my voice was gone. I was struggling, trying to get away and must have fainted from all that exhaustion because, next thing I remember, I was waking up and finding myself back outside the house. I ran all the way home and I don’t know how but, I got home. No one would believe me so this remains with you and me. My warning to you, watch out for house No.1, on Headless Drive…….. The end


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15 Short Horror Stories For Teenagers

No sleepover or Halloween party is complete without sharing horror stories.

Elisabeth Daly MSEd

Specialty: English Teacher and Book Blogger

Experience: 20 years

Elisabeth Daly is a state-certified high school English teacher. Over her two decade career, she has taught students in grades 9-12 at both public and private high schools, and worked as an adjunct professor at her local community college. ... more

harshita makvana B.Com, PG Dip

Specialty: Child Education, Storytelling, Activities and Learning

Experience: 7 years

Harshita is a graduate in commerce and holds a PG Diploma in Patent and Copyrights Law from NALSAR University. She has also pursued CA and has more than three years of internship experience in auditin... more

deepa thomas MA (English)

Specialty: Child Education, Development, Activities And Fun

Experience: 3 years

Deepa Rachel Thomas holds a master’s degree in English from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has done a certification course in Child Development and worked as a mentor for... more

Teens’ sleepovers and camping trips are incomplete without some spooky stories. Horror stories for teenagers can offer them pleasure like no other, whether they have gathered together for a study night out or just a casual get-together with friends.

This post has the finest compilation of terrifying short horror stories to make a teens’ night out thrilling and fun. Prepare yourself for a spooky time with these ghost stories.

15 Short Scary Stories For Teens

1. humans can lick too.

Urban legends

This is a frightening story of a girl who was alone at home one night, for the first time. She has a dog to keep her company. The girl listens on the news about a serial killer on the loose. She goes to sleep after locking all the doors and windows but for one, which doesn’t close. Suddenly she is awakened by a dripping sound. Scared thoroughly, she tries to go back to sleep and puts her hand down the bed for a reassuring lick from her dog. As the dripping sound continues, she goes to check on the taps in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere else but finds nothing. She returns to her bedroom and puts the hand down again for the dog to lick. The dripping sound continues and the girl is too frightened to fall asleep. But as her hand gets licked from under the bed, she slowly falls asleep. In the morning, when she opens the closet, she finds her dog killed and hanged upside down. The dripping sound was from the dog’s blood. On the closet doors, she sees a message – “Humans can lick, too”.

2. Aren’t You Glad, You Didn’t Turn On The Lights?

Image: Shutterstock

Two best friends Meg and Samantha, live in the same room of the college dormitory. Samantha goes out for a party with her date while Meg stays back to study for the upcoming mid-term exams. When Samantha returns from the party, lights are all turned off. She does not switch on the lights as her friend is asleep.

Early in the morning, Sam tries to wake Meg up to discuss the exams. As Meg doesn’t respond, Sam hesitantly uncovers her face to wake her up. She gets horrified to discover Meg’s face turned black and blue, and falls on the floor in a state of shock. She observes that Meg’s study table was all messed up and finds a creepy note on the wall, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?” The murderer must have very much been in the room when Sam came the previous night.

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3. Spiders In The Hairdo

Author: David Holt

This spine-chilling tale is about Dolores, a teenage girl, who is living on her own for the first time after graduation. She does not have enough money but makes sure to save some bucks to maintain her giant beehive hairdo. She does everything to maintain the hairdo as instructed by the hairstylist, but one day she wakes up with a terrible itch in the scalp.

Dolores tries some cures but realizes that a spider bite is causing the itch. So she calls an exterminator to kill all the spiders and insects in her room. But her pain does not reduce and visits a doctor. The medication given by the doctor fails.

Frustrated, she rushes to her stylist. The salon is full and the hairstylist asks Dolores to wait. She pushes a lady out of the salon chair and asks for immediate attention.

When the stylist begins to unwrap the beehive hairdo, black widow spiders start crawling down her face and soon the salon is filled with the spiders moving slowly in every corner. Everyone in the salon starts rushing out while Dolores is dead in her chair.

The stylist is horrified to see the beehive hairdo fall to the floor and tiny black widow spiders coming out of the hatched eggs in the scalp of Dolores. It was a macabre scene as the scalp of Dolores was half eaten by the black widow spiders.

4. The Vanishing Hitch-Hiker

Author: Jan Harold Brunvand

This next eerie story is about a man driving home late in the night when he spots a girl asking for a hitchhike. The pretty girl is dressed in a beautiful white dress. The man offers her a ride and they strike up an interesting conversation. He drops the girl at her home.

Next day, while driving for work he notices that the girl by accident has forgotten her sweater in his car. He drives towards her home to hand over the sweater. An old lady opens the door when he rings the bell. He narrates the incident which occurred last night and gives the sweater to the lady.

The lady refuses to accept it, saying he is mistaken. The man is surprised and questions the lady again. He is dumbstruck and left in an unsettling situation when the lady says her daughter died in a car accident a couple of years ago.

5. Far Far Away

Author: Tom McNeal

In a faraway village called Never Better lived a boy Jeremy Johnson Johnson. Since his childhood, he is haunted by a ghost and he becomes friends with it. But Jeremy is ridiculed by people as they assume that he is talking to himself.

Jeremy’s life changes when he meets Ginger, a beautiful girl, and they grow close to each other. She invites him to play a prank on the town baker and their bond is strengthened when the prank succeeds. The two children set out on an adventure to save the bookstore of Jeremy’s family. While saving the bookstore, Ginger and Jeremy unfold the mystery of disappearing children in the village with the help of the ghost. Would Ginger and Jeremy go missing too?

[ Read: Mystery Books For Teens ]

6. Lover’s Lane

Urban Legends

A teenage couple is in a deserted lover’s lane, making out in their car. After a short while, the radio stops to announce alarming news that a convicted serial killer just escaped from the asylum. People are asked to report to the police if they see a strange looking man with a hook on the hand.

The girl is frightened and requests the boy to rush home immediately. The boy initially disagrees and tries hard to convince his date to stay, but eventually, they both head back.

When they arrive at the girl’s house, she gets down and tries to close the car door but it won’t close. She freezes as she sees a hook suspending from the doorknob.

7. The Cats of Ulthar

Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Image: IStock

An old couple in the town of Ulthar finds pleasure in mercilessly killing any cats that enter their property.The other residents of the town do not speak up against the evil acts but try to keep their felines away from the couple’s property.

One night, some travelers pass through this town and among them is an orphaned boy who has nobody but only a kitten. The kitten goes missing after a couple of days and he comes to know about the old couple.

The little boy focuses all his energies and unleashes a prayer which affects the sky and the movement of clouds. The travelers leave Ulthar and the people notice that all their cats have gone missing. People are worried but have no clue about the whereabouts of their cats.

The cats return on the following day and seem well-fed, but the old couple has vanished. When the people explore the property, they find the ghastly skeletons of two humans which have been picked clean.

8. The Monkey’s Paw

Author: W.W. Jacobs

Sergeant-Major Morris introduces a mummified monkey paw to Mr. and Mrs. White. He tells them that he found it while serving in India. The paw has the ability to grant three wishes but they always come with terrible consequences.

Mr.White ignores Morris’ warnings and asks the paw a wish for £200. Next day he receives the news that his son Herbert died in an accident at his workplace. The employer sends £200 as compensation for the family of the accident victim.

Mrs.White is anguished and wants her son back. After nearly 10 days of the funeral, the couple decides to ask for another wish. They rub the monkey’s paw and ask for his son to come back. They hear a knock on the door. The knock turns into banging and Mrs.White fumbles to open the door.

Terrified with the idea of seeing a mutilated and decomposed body of their son outside his house, Mr.White makes the third and final wish. The door knocks stop and when Mrs.White opens the door, she is shattered in pain and disappointment as there is nobody there.

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9. Children Of The Corn

Author: Stephen King

A quarrelsome couple is driving towards California to find a better paying job for Burt, the husband. While driving, they accidentally run over a boy who appeared out of nowhere. They blame each other for the accident and finally decide to check the body. While examining the boy, a shiver runs down their body as they discover that his throat was slit already and was bleeding to death. On further investigation, Vicky, the wife, finds a strange crucifix made of corn husks, in the boy’s bag.

The couple argues over where to take the body and decide to drive towards Gatlin which is just down the road. Gatlin is an isolated community in an abandoned ghost village. They drive further into the ghostly place and see that the calendar and gas prices are all outdated.

Burt stops the vehicle at a church to go and find someone. Vicky starts to scream for help when she sees many children dressed in Amish clothing heading toward the car. The children pull Vicky out of the car and start beating her mercilessly. When Burt intervenes, Vicky escapes and goes missing.

The sun sets and the ghostly place turns very dark. Burt goes and hides in a cornfield. As the daylight breaks, he sees Vicky tied to a cross with barbed wires and her eyes ripped out. There are no animals or weeds in the cornfield and nobody to take care of the corn fields. But the cornfield is still blooming.

Children of the corn find Burt, and a giant red-eyed monster emerging from the field ruthlessly kills Burt. The children belong to a cult that worships “He Who Walks Behind the Rows,” the monster who killed Burt.

10. The Black Cat

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

The narrator and his wife live in a house with their pet cat named Pluto. The couple is very fond of their large black cat, and Pluto too loves the narrator. Their close friendship lasts many years until one day when the narrator hangs the cat under the influence of alcohol.

Soon after the cat’s death, their house catches fire and everything is destroyed. But one wall, which survives the mysterious fire, has an imprint of the large cat tied upside down with a rope.

Disturbed on seeing this, the narrator regrets his actions. One fine evening, he finds a similar cat in a bar and brings that home. The new cat is very similar to Pluto, except for minor differences. Whenever the man sees the new cat, he is reminded of Pluto and is filled with a feeling of guilt.

One day when the man and his wife are walking towards the cellar, the cat gets under the feet of his master and he trips down the stairs. In a fit of rage, he tries to kill the new cat too. But the wife stops him, and in this process gets killed accidentally.

He hides the body inside a wall in the house and when the police investigation begins he takes careful steps. On the day of closing the murder mystery, the police hear a disturbing loud crying sound from one of the walls. The police start breaking down the walls of that room and discover the rotting body of the dead wife.

Beside the dead body is a cat, grinning and meowing vehemently.

11. The Vampyre

Author: John William Polidori

Aubrey, an English gentleman, meets a mysterious man named Lord Ruthven. Aubrey goes to Rome with Ruthven but when he finds Ruthven doing wrongful acts with the daughter of a mutual acquaintance, he leaves him.

Aubrey is attracted to Lanthe, a pretty woman he meets in Greece. Lanthe shares stories about the legends of the bloodcurdling Vampires. Ruthven hears them talking and a couple of days later, Lanthe is found dead. Apparently, she is killed by a vampire.

Aubrey continues traveling with Ruthven. On their journey, they are attacked by bandits and Ruthven is gravely wounded. Ruthven takes a promise from Aubrey before dying, that he will not mention about this death to anyone for one year and a day. One day, Aubrey suddenly realizes that everyone who met Ruthven suffered horribly. He is in London now and is shocked to see Ruthven alive and healthy. Ruthven starts seeing Aubrey’s sister and proposes her for marriage. Aubrey wants to warn his sister about Ruthven but Ruthven reminds him of the oath.

Aubrey is bound by the oath and has a nervous breakdown. Still he writes a letter to his sister, but she gets married to Ruthven before the letter arrives. On the night of the wedding, Aubrey’s sister is discovered dead, fully drained of her blood. Ruthven has fled.

12. A Room In The Tower

Author: E.F. Benson

A young man repeatedly gets a nightmare that he is visiting a friend’s house, whose family is weird. The malevolent mother of his friend, Mrs.Stone, allots a dreadful room in a huge tower for him to retire.

His nightmare repeats but keeps varying every night and the characters in the dream keep growing over the years. In his dream one day, Mrs.Stone expires and she is buried, but she still keeps assigning the same room to him.

In the young man’s normal life, his friend Clinton invites him for dinner one day. He is surprised to see that everything matches with the nightmare. But the personalities and names are different and he has an enjoyable experience. Due to a thunderstorm warning, Clinton’s mother advises him to stay with the family that night and allots a room that is similar to the one he sees in his nightmares. He is shocked at the resemblance.

In the room, he finds a very old painting of Mrs.Stone. With the help of Clinton, he moves the painting to the hall. They are amazed to see their hands covered in blood even though neither of them is injured.

They go to bed but the young man is unable to fall asleep and wake up in horror to find Mrs.Stone standing on the top of his bed. She tells him that she is a vampire and is here to turn the young man also into a vampire. They get into a fight and he manages to escape. When he rushes out of the room, Clinton comes out hearing the commotion. They discover that the portrait is back on the wall in his room. They get scared and flee away.

An old newspaper carries the news that Mrs.Stone’s coffin keeps erupting every day and has to be reburied.

13. The Boarded Window

Author: Ambrose Bierce

Murlock, a villager, returns from the forest and finds his wife having severe fits, which eventually causes her death. He could not save her and sits alone with his dead wife. Tired and exhausted, Murlock falls asleep.

From an open window in his cabin, comes a loud, weeping sound which is similar to the crying of a lost child in the deep woods. Murlock doesn’t move. The sound starts again and gets louder and louder.

When Murlock wakes up, he feels some strange presence in his cabin. There is some weird movement in the dark. Murlock fires his rifle in the air and lights a candle. He witnesses a panther hauling his wife by the neck. When he examines the dead body of his wife, Murlock notices the earlobe of the panther stuck between her teeth.

14. The Monkey

Two young brothers Peter and Dennis find a clapping monkey toy in the basement of their great uncle’s home.

In the past, their father, Hal, had originally found the monkey in his father’s cupboard when he was a child. Hal’s father disappeared under strange circumstances and a weird connection between the monkey and the missing father is established. It is revealed that the monkey is cursed and whenever it claps, someone from Hal’s family dies.

As a child, Hal saw his relatives dying one after the other whenever the monkey clapped. Oppressed by the monkey’s devilish enchantment, Hal threw the clapping monkey into a deep well, which now resurfaces with his children. When Peter and Dennis find the monkey again, Hal shoves it deep down inside a lake. He hopes the problem is solved forever. A couple of days later, a news headline mentions about the mysterious death of all the fishes in the lake.

15. The Landlady

Author: Roald Dahl

A young man Billy Weaver is traveling in a cold winter night and seeks a place to stay. After searching a lot, he comes across a boarding house. He rings the bell and an old lady welcomes him inside.

He signs the guest book and gives all the required details. While filling up the guest book, he reads the names and details of other guests who previously stayed there and finds their names quite familiar.

The old lady offers some food and drinks to Billy but he refuses as he is tired and wants to go to bed. However, they have a conversation over some tea. Billy notices some peculiar things about the living room. The parrot is sitting quietly in the cage and a dog is lying near the fireplace.

While talking, Billy asks about the other guests and the lady starts saying strange things. She says that one of her guests, Mr. Mulholland, had nice, soft skin.

The situation gets ominous. Billy asks if the parrot is alive. The lady says neither the parrot nor the dog is alive. He panics and wants to get out immediately. He realizes that the names which appeared familiar were the names given in the newspaper about people who mysteriously disappeared. Finally, Billy asks if there have been any other guests, in the last three years, at the boarding house. The lady says none but him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are horror stories appropriate for middle schoolers?

For middle schoolers, horror is often considered appropriate for intellectual development. The students are keen on understanding their fears and overcoming them. By experiencing them through gothic stories, they get a chance to be afraid while still feeling safe.

2. Why should schools teach horror stories?

Horror stories help children expand their imagination, experience courage, and look for solutions to the puzzle. These stories let them know that they are allowed to be afraid. By exploring scary suspenseful stories in a safe environment like a classroom, the students can also expand their sense of community. With the guidance of a teacher, middle schoolers may learn to face their fears.

3. Why do some teenagers love horror?

Horror stories can stimulate the senses and make teenagers feel the thrill and excitement along with fear. Jump scares, deformed faces, and the unavoidable suspense leads them to seek adventures without leaving the comfort of their safe surroundings. Besides, sharing horror stories brings people closer together, thus establishing a stronger bond between friends.

Night-outs, sleepovers, and camping excursions can be made more thrilling when you include some spooky, hair-raising horror stories for teenagers. You may narrate any classic horror story, such as “Spiders in the Hairdo,” “The Cats of Ulthar,” and “Monkey’s Paw,” to add some spookiness to the night. Horrors stories are most effective when narrated as if they are real-life stories and had happened to someone you know. Turn on a torch, wrap a blanket around you, and narrate the story in a spooky, mysterious voice for some extra effects.

Four terrifying true stories of teenagers that will give you chills. Hear about their experiences and be prepared to be scared!

Harshita Makvana B.Com, PG Dip

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