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Discover the Benefits of Free Keyboarding Typing Lessons for Students

In today’s digital age, being proficient in typing has become a necessary skill for students. Whether they are writing essays, taking notes, or communicating with their peers, the ability to type quickly and accurately can significantly enhance their productivity. While many schools offer computer classes that cover basic typing skills, there is a growing trend towards utilizing online resources such as free keyboarding typing lessons. In this article, we will explore the benefits of these lessons and why they are an excellent option for students.

Improved Speed and Accuracy

One of the primary advantages of free keyboarding typing lessons is that they help students improve their speed and accuracy in typing. These interactive lessons provide a structured approach to learning where students can practice their skills at their own pace. By following a step-by-step curriculum, students gradually develop muscle memory and finger dexterity, allowing them to type faster without constantly looking at the keyboard. As they progress through various exercises and drills, they also learn proper finger placement techniques that minimize errors and improve overall accuracy.

Increased Productivity

Efficiency is key in today’s fast-paced digital world, and free keyboarding typing lessons can significantly increase student productivity. With improved typing skills, students are able to complete assignments more quickly than those who struggle with typing. This newfound speed allows them to spend less time on mundane tasks like transcribing handwritten notes or copying information from textbooks into documents. Instead, they can focus on higher-level thinking activities such as analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Typing is not just about speed; it also requires focus and concentration. Free keyboarding typing lessons promote these essential cognitive skills by providing engaging activities that require full attention. As students navigate through different exercises that involve typing words or sentences accurately within a specific time frame, they learn to concentrate on the task at hand while ignoring distractions. This ability to stay focused not only improves their typing skills but also translates into other areas of their academic and personal lives.

Preparation for the Digital Age

The increasing reliance on technology in education and the workplace makes free keyboarding typing lessons an essential tool for students. As they progress through their academic journey, students will encounter numerous assignments and exams that require typing. Additionally, most modern careers demand strong computer skills, and typing is a fundamental aspect of computer literacy. By mastering typing at an early age through free keyboarding typing lessons, students are better prepared for the digital age and have a competitive advantage in their future endeavors.

In conclusion, free keyboarding typing lessons offer numerous benefits for students. From improved speed and accuracy to increased productivity and enhanced focus, these online resources provide a structured approach to learning that allows students to develop essential skills at their own pace. Moreover, as technology continues to play a significant role in education and the workplace, mastering typing early on prepares students for success in the digital age. So why not take advantage of these free resources and equip your students with this invaluable skill?

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


inspirational life lessons essay

inspirational life lessons essay

Some Lessons I’ve Learned From Reflecting On Life In 150 Essays

Colleen George

As I look back over my last 149 essays, I see memories, heartbreaks, and joys, all poured into my essays of size 12 font. I see times I was feeling high on life, and simultaneously, times I was struggling and felt as though I was stuck in the dark.. But even more than a simple timeline of moments and checkpoints, I see someone trying desperately to make sense of a messy world full of complicated emotions. I see someone a little bit lost at times, a little bit curious, and also a bit hopeful – someone just trying her best to seek meaning, inspiration, and above all, healing. 

It is an understatement to say that writing has been therapeutic for me. When I have felt lonely, or afraid, or let down, I have often sought comfort in writing. Words have been magical – they have been a way to gain a new perspective on my life and on the lives of all of the people around me. Writing has unfailingly encouraged me to look twice at life – to examine what lies beneath the surface, rather than accepting things at face value. 

And when I look back at all of these thoughts I have spilled across the white pages of my MacBook, I see many themes that seem to pop into my life over and over again, with each passing year. These themes are mainly lessons – those that I have learned, and those that I am still learning (or relearning).  Looking over my writing, I can’t help but notice how as human beings, we are constantly learning. We never seem to stop changing, growing, or healing.  

While I do not have all of the answers (or any answers with certainty), I do hope that some of the thoughts I have gathered and the lessons I have learned through examining the world through words may resonate with you as well. I hope they can bring you some comfort or reassurance in the midst of the mountains and valleys of your own life. 

1. It can feel comforting to seek home in nostalgia – to live in our memories, to replay them over and over again, like little film strips that continue to roll on. But at some point, we have to remember that life is still happening and the earth is still spinning, right here, right now. At some point, we have to be here for ourselves and for our hearts in the present. We have to be brave enough to hope that the present and the future will be just as good, if not better, than the old memories we are living in.

2. I’m learning that joy doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of sadness, and grief doesn’t necessarily imply the absence of joy. Though we often want to choose an either o r, life is not quite as binary as we make it out to be.

3. I’m realizing that being at peace with life doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, or that we don’t have any troubles or tribulations or low energy nagging at our hearts. Being at peace doesn’t mean that life is wonderful, or that we aren’t stressed, or facing anxiety. More so, being at peace means finding some form of “okayness” amidst all of the parts of life that are not (yet) “okay.” It means sitting amidst the chaos and making the conscious decision to remain calm. To be okay. Ultimately, finding peace means acknowledging the storm and coexisting with it, rather than sitting in the eye of the tornado.

4. It’s the hardest lesson in the world, but sometimes, the best thing we can do is let them go. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to someone good and wait patiently for someone better. 

5. Something odd about life is that the right choices don’t always feel right in our bodies. Sometimes, though difficult, we have to find the courage within us to pursue what we need, rather than what we want in the present. We have to take care of ourselves by honoring what we know is best for us in the long run. And oftentimes, in the present, it really does hurt a lot. The pain doesn’t mean the decision is wrong. Sometimes the best choices can leave us let down and hurt. But later on, we will be thankful.  

6. I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in fate. But I do believe that we can give meaning to some of our hardest most heartbreaking moments. We don’t need to build an identity that is rooted in our grief or in our trauma or pain, but if or when we want to, we can allow the healing process to bring out our best. We can grow new, fresh roots, and we can choose to define ourselves by how we rise back up again.

7. We can’t expect others to heal us – no one can love us so much that we automatically love ourselves. But maybe, when someone does love us, they can remind us what love feels like. They can help us to believe that we are loveable. And this can be the first step of loving ourselves – knowing that we deserve to be loved.

8. Grief is ugly and painful and devastating. Grief is dark swollen eyes and tear-stained cheeks. Grief hurts.  But we cannot deny the sheer beauty that grief holds. We cannot deny that grief is, in some ways, a gift. To grieve means that we are blessed enough to have loved and to have been loved by someone special – and this is remarkable. Grief means we are missing someone – someone who touched our lives in an irreplaceable way. And thus, I’d like to believe that the sadness and grief we endure when we lose someone close to us is simply the price we pay for loving them. And there’s something so dear and precious about this.

9. As hard as it is to hear, some people aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever. They are passerbys, like boats in the night. And though they may only stay for a short while, they stay safely in our hearts indefinitely.  Temporary people can leave permanent footprints.

10. Anxiety and overthinking do not change the situation. They only turn a gentle rain shower into a hurricane.

11. We can miss someone, but we can’t lose ourselves when we lose them. We can miss them, but we can’t let our lives be over when they are gone. Because we still have our lives to live. And we still have so much love left in us to give. 12. We don’t need a reason to have hope – we don’t need evidence or logic, as much as we think we do. We don’t even need to fully understand or grasp what hope is. We just have to find it in our hearts to believe that hope exists. We have to bravely decide to give in to hope, even when we can’t see it or touch it – even when we don’t know if it is there. When life is dark, we have to believe that there is something still worth living for around the corner. And this belief – this hope – this is what will help us move forward. 

13. It’s okay to find home in another person. It’s one of the sweetest, purest parts of life. But somewhere along the way, we must also find home within ourselves.

14. We know we are healing when we piece back together our broken parts and turn them into something greater than what we had before.

15. Perhaps, when someone doesn’t love us or doesn’t fight for us, it isn’t actually a reflection of us. Perhaps their inability to love us does not mean that we are unloveable, or hard to love. Maybe it means that they have been hurt one too many times before and that their walls are now built high of concrete and stone. Or maybe it means that they have been defeated by love one too many times – maybe love continues to let them down, time and time again. And maybe, even if they want to love us, they simply cannot. And we can keep trying and trying to knock down those walls. But perhaps when they don’t love us, the very best thing we can do is to hug them close, wish them the best, and then walk away.  Because even if they were special, we each deserve someone who is ready to let us in fully.

16. Most of the time, when we think we need closure from someone else, what we truly need is closure from ourselves – permission from ourselves to let things be. To accept the ending and to understand that it’s time to let the ending stay an ending. We must find the strength to seek peace and healing on our own. Healing is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the person who hurt us.

17. Sometimes growth is quiet and subtle and doesn’t look like growth. Sometimes growth is simply viewing a situation from a fresh perspective. Sometimes growth is trying something new, despite whether or not it ends up being a good experience. Sometimes growth just means making it through each day and noticing one small good thing about the world each night. Some seasons are for making leaps and bounds, while others are simply for surviving and just being. Both seasons are important. Both are needed. 

18. How do we know when we are healing? I think we know that we are coming close when we feel immense gratitude that something happened, rather than devastated by the fact that it ended. 

19. We don’t always need to find the silver lining. Sometimes really crappy, awful things happen, and there is much more bad than good in the world. Sometimes we go through devastating, heartbreaking experiences that don’t have a silver lining, and the idea of trying to find one only hurts us further. In these really rough moments, we don’t need to search for the light. But maybe, when we are ready, we can remind ourselves that there is still light in the world. Maybe there’s no shining light in our situation, but there is still goodness somewhere out there. And hopefully knowing this will help us make it to the other side

Perhaps the secret isn’t avoiding pain or numbing ourselves from pain, but rather, putting our energy into cultivating joy and peace. Perhaps when we value joy over pain, life becomes a little bit easier. 

Colleen George

“there can be magic in the messes” @apeaceofwerk

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Essays About Life Lessons: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Read our guide to see the top examples and prompts on essays about life lessons to communicate your thoughts effectively.

Jordan Peterson once said, “Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.” The many life lessons we’ll accumulate in our life will help us veer in the right direction to fulfill our destinies. Whether it’s creative or nonfiction, as long as it describes the author’s personal life experiences or worldview, recounting life lessons falls under the personal or narrative essay category. 

To successfully write an essay on this topic, you must connect with your readers and allow them to visualize, understand, and get inspired by what you have learned about life. To do this, you must remember critical elements such as a compelling hook, engaging story, relatable characters, suitable setting, and significant points. 

See below five examples of life lessons essays to inspire you:

1. Life Lessons That the First Love Taught Me by Anonymous on GradesFixer.Com

2. the dad’s life lessons and the role model for the children by anonymous on studymoose.com, 3. studying history and own mistakes as life lessons: opinion essay by anonymous on edubirdie.com, 4. life lessons by anonymous on phdessay.com, 5. valuable lessons learned in life by anonymous on eduzaurus.com, 1. life lessons from books, 2. my biggest mistake and the life lesson i learned, 3. the life lessons i’ve learned, 4. life lessons from a popular show, 5. using life lessons in starting a business, 6. life lessons you must know, 7. kids and life lessons.

“I thought I knew absolutely everything about loving someone by the age of fourteen. Clearly I knew nothing and I still have so much to learn about what it is like to actually love someone.”

The author relates how their first love story unfolds, including the many things they learned from it. An example is that no matter how compatible the couple is if they are not for each other, they will not last long and will break up eventually. The writer also shares that situations that test the relationship, such as jealousy, deserve your attention as they aid people in picking the right decisions. The essay further tells how the writer’s relationship became toxic and affected their mental and emotional stability, even after the breakup. To cope and heal, they stopped looking for connections and focused on their grades, family, friends, and self-love.

“I am extremely thankful that he could teach me all the basics like how to ride a bike, how to fish and shoot straight, how to garden, how to cook, how to drive, how to skip a rock, and even how to blow spitballs. But I am most thankful that could teach me to stand tall (even though I’m 5’3”), be full with my heart and be strong with my mind.”

In this essay, the writer introduces their role model who taught them almost everything they know in their seventeen years of life, their father. The writer shares that their father’s toughness, stubbornness, and determination helped them learn to stand up for themselves and others and not be a coward in telling the truth. Because of him, the author learned how to be kind, generous, and mature. Finally, the author is very grateful to their father, who help them to think for themselves and not believe everything they hear.

“In my opinion, I believe it is more important to study the past rather than the present because we can learn more from our mistakes.”

This short essay explains the importance of remembering past events to analyze our mistakes. The author mentions that when people do this, they learn and grow from it, which prevents them from repeating the same error in the present time. The writer also points out that everyone has made the mistake of letting others dictate how their life goes, often leading to failures. 

“… I believe we come here to learn a valuable lesson. If we did not learn this lesson through out a life time, our souls would come back to repeat the process.” 

This essay presents three crucial life lessons that everyone needs to know. The first is to stop being too comfortable in taking people and things for granted. Instead, we must learn to appreciate everything. The second is to realize that mistakes are part of everyone’s life. So don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from trying something new. The third and final lesson is from Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” People learn and grow as they age, so everyone needs to remember to live their life as if it were their last with no regrets.

“Life lessons are not necessarily learned from bad experiences, it can also be learned from good experiences, accomplishments, mistakes of other people, and by reading too.”

The essay reminds the readers to live their life to the fullest and cherish people and things in their lives because life is too short. If you want something, do not let it slip away without trying. If it fails, do not suffer and move on. The author also unveils the importance of travelling, keeping a diary, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

7 Prompts for Essays About Life Lessons

Use the prompts below if you’re still undecided on what to write about:

Essays about life lessons: Life lessons from books

As mentioned above, life lessons are not only from experiences but also from reading. So for this prompt, pick up your favorite book and write down the lessons you learned from it. Next, identify each and explain to your readers why you think it’s essential to incorporate these lessons into real life. Finally, add how integrating these messages affected you. 

There are always lessons we can derive from mistakes. However, not everyone understands these mistakes, so they keep doing them. Think of all your past mistakes and choose one that had the most significant negative impact on you and the people around you. Then, share with your readers what it is, its causes, and its effects. Finally, don’t forget to discuss what you gained from these faults and how you prevent yourself from doing them again.

Compile all the life lessons you’ve realized from different sources. They can be from your own experience, a relative’s, a movie, etc. Add why these lessons resonate with you. Be creative and use metaphors or add imaginary scenarios. Bear in mind that your essay should convey your message well.

Popular shows are an excellent medium for teaching life lessons to a broad audience. In your essay, pick a well-known work and reflect on it. For example, Euphoria is a TV series that created hubbub for its intrigue and sensitive themes. Dissect what life lessons one can retrieve from watching the show and relate them to personal encounters. You can also compile lessons from online posts and discussions.

If the subject of “life lessons” is too general for you, scope a more specific area, such as entrepreneurship. Which life lessons are critical for a person in business? To make your essay easier to digest, interview a successful business owner and ask about the life lessons they’ve accumulated before and while pursuing their goals.

Use this prompt to present the most important life lessons you’ve collected throughout your life. Then, share why you selected these lessons. For instance, you can choose “Live life as if it’s your last” and explain that you realized this life lesson after suddenly losing a loved one.

Have you ever met someone younger than you who taught you a life lesson? If so, in this prompt, tell your reader the whole story and what life lesson you discovered. Then, you can reverse it and write an incident where you give a good life lesson to someone older than you – say what it was and if that lesson helped them. Read our storytelling guide to upgrade your techniques.

inspirational life lessons essay

Maria Caballero is a freelance writer who has been writing since high school. She believes that to be a writer doesn't only refer to excellent syntax and semantics but also knowing how to weave words together to communicate to any reader effectively.

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4 Inspiring Life Lessons From Kamal Ravikant

This essay forms part of a series I’ve titled: Inspiring Life Lessons .

In it, I document Inspiring Life Lessons I’ve picked up from Inspiring Folk who have Inspired Me.

Today’s essay focuses on the marvelous Kamal Ravikant. 

To learn about the rest, and who else features, open this page ⇒ 

===========   //   =========== 

Finally, the moment had come. I’d been angling for this for months…

It began with emails. Then, weekly text messages. We’d got it on the calendar a few times, but one thing after another cropped up.

But this time… this time we’d get it done.

Late at night and weary-eyed, be damned.

I opened my laptop, turned on Zoom, and after a few minutes wait, he joined me.

“ Kamal , nice to meet you. How are you?”

“I’m good,” he said. “Let’s do this. I’m not sure how much time I have.”

I’d followed Kamal Ravikant for sometime. I came across him, I think, via James Altucher . I can’t recall when or why I bought ‘ Live Your Truth ’ when I did. What I can say is, when I did read it… it changed me.

One of those books that smacks you across the face. Leaves you wanting more. Has a lasting impression on you. Seems to open you up and rip out your insides. Makes you feel . Makes you hurt.

A short book, I read it cover to cover in a single sitting. I’d only previously done this with one other book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower . In the weeks that followed, I read ‘Live Your Truth’ a further two times.

I read his other book, too: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.

I eagerly awaited his first novel: Rebirth , a fable about finding yourself in a chaotic world.

I loved them all. So, when I finally got in touch with him and he agreed to chat with me — so I could interweave him and his character in my own parable — I let out a ‘fanboy’ yippee .

Yet then the waiting came. The ‘try me next week’. A busy dude. An in-demand dude. A dude working on his own book, and one, which I learned while on my call with him, a dude who doesn’t give a fuck.

Within minutes of being on the phone with him, my nerves rattled up a notch or ten. I’ve only done 250+ interviews before this. It should have been just another call, but it wasn’t. 

In his books, I found something in his words that I didn’t get from most others.

I wanted to unravel more, and pick at his thread. Learn more about the guy behind the inspiration. Learn more from the guy whose mind conjured it all up. 

I didn’t know what to expect, and I assure you… I didn’t expect the guy I met.

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Inspiring life lessons from kamal ravikant.

On our call, I felt on the back front from the get-go. I didn’t feel equal. I didn’t feel like we were on the same level. I felt fucking nervous. I have a sense I let this known.

Yet, none of this was on Kamal. 

All of this was on me; I just didn’t quite understand it at the time…

I do, now. Having spoken to him. Having sat on our conversation, and thought about what he said. Having written about him, and interwoven his unique self into my novel. Having reflected on myself and my own unique ways, I appreciate the inspiring life lessons I’ve picked up from him, our talks and his books.

Four of inspiring life lessons.

In truth, many more to be had.

But four will do, for now.

The first being…

1: People Who Ask Broad Questions Get Broad Answers

This was one of the first things he said to me. 

“Dude, you have to ask better questions.”

I always thought I did. I had interviewed a lot of people. I thought I was, at worse, okay at asking them. But there I was, swotted to the floor like a moth. 

Of course, it wasn’t out of spite or ridicule. It was a mere honest reflection of life overall.

Be it a literal question or not, you get what you give.

A broad question leads to broad answers.

“People want the answer,” he said, “but the real answer is more incisive.”

I was asking him about success, and what it means to him. But I could have asked him about anything. Without being specific in your question / goal / idea / focus, you likely won’t get what you want.

We want detail, but are only willing to give a rough sketch.

I think that’s because asking a “real” question is hard. The real questions rest below the surface. You must dig for them. You must look at yourself. You must understand what you really want. 

That’s uncomfortable. So, we resist. 

We ask broad questions, and hope someone gives us a detailed answer. 

When you think that rationally, it makes no sense.

2: Other People Do No Matter

“Don’t give a fuck about anyone else,” he said. “What they say to you, what they think… it doesn’t matter; they don’t matter.”

Sounds harsh, I know.

But it’s true, when you think about it.

“Your only job is to make yourself better than you currently are,” he continued.

This stuck with me. Because I am a man who likes to make out he doesn’t care what others think. The way I dress, and how I have a funky moustache… it tells people, “I don’t care what you think.”

In truth, I do.

I have a chip on my shoulder.

I want to prove people wrong. I want to prove something, to someone.

I care what other people think.

And this pisses me off.

It’s likely why I dress the way I do, and have a funky moustache…

When I asked Kamal what he would tell his younger self, this is the advice he offered. Don’t care what they think. Don’t base who you are on their thoughts and whatever. It doesn’t matter. They, do not matter.

All you can control is who you are; what YOU bring to the table.

Everything else… it’s noise.

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3: Effort, NOT Outcome

“If there is one lesson I’ve learned from failure and success, it’s this. I am not the outcome. I am never the result. I am only the effort.”

This is the quote from ‘Live Your Truth’ that hooked me. 

How often do we commit focus, energy and thought to an outcome we don’t control. How often are we get angry, stuck in traffic; or frustrated at what someone else has said or forgotten to say.. 

What about the time you forget something, and berated yourself?

  • or when you lost a client?
  • or got rejected by that guy/gal?
  • or the [fill in blank] didn’t quite happen?

We obsess over the outcome. We want a result, even though we may not be able to guarantee it.

Somebody else plays a role. 

Often, lots of other bodies do. 

Yet we trick ourselves into thinking we can guarantee it or change it. We strive for the outcome, and forget about all other rationale. If we don’t reach it, we’re a failure. Even if we do, it doesn’t matter because we now have another goal… a higher summit to reach… a trickier challenge to complete.

Yet, come the darkness of night, all you have control over is the effort you put in.

This is all you can commit to. This is all you can measure yourself against.

4: Fear is a Natural State.

Toward the end of our call, the subject turned to fear.

“It’s a natural state,” he said. “Everything brings up fear. Anything you want or desire, brings up fear.”

Fear is as natural as any other feeling.

Feeling it is part of being human.

“Fear is the shadow of love,” he continued. “Know that it’s the truth, and let go of it.”

This itself is scary; to accept fear is real, and always will be.

To accept — no, to embrace — that fear is part of anything you desire. Anything you hold dear. Anything you love, and ever will.

My kids, I love them. With all my heart. Yet, they also terrify me.

  • What if I let them down?
  • What if I lose them?

Fear… the shadow of love. The ying to your desire’s yang.

But like the outcome before it, you do not control this. You cannot vanish fear. Doing so is only masking the truth. And as Kamal’s book suggests, we must Live our Truth .

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Inspiring Life Lessons From an Inspiring Dude

Our call overan. By the time we finished, it was way past my bedtime. 

Yet I didn’t feel tired. My chest beat with a frenzy, partly because he put in my place and said what he wanted to say. But more so, because I knew I would take a lot from our call.

In the same way his books did, our conversation lingered as my mind wandered to wayward thoughts.

  • Broad questions lead to broad answers
  • Other people, and their opinions, do not matter.
  • You do not control the outcome, only the effort you put forward.
  • Fear is a natural state, and you will always (ALWAYS) feel it.

Four inspiring life lessons that taught me a great deal about me and my life; how I think, react, act and more. I am human. I am not perfect. I am far from complete, or within reason at all times.

Neither is Kamal.

The final lesson he gave me was the reminder he’s a man, just as I am.

No big deal.

No pedestal.

If he stands on one, it’s only because I place him there.

He’s as human and imperfect as me, and I cannot give a shit what he thinks. All I can care about is me, and the man I am and continue to become.

  • 100% effort, like I preach to my son…
  • Accepting fear, for what it is…
  • Overcoming external chatter, accepting it for what it isn’t…

… and asking specific questions that do not reside on the surface.

What does all this lead to? I have no idea. But seen as Kamal wrote a few books about self love and self acceptance, maybe that offers a hint to where this wisdom journeys toward.

** Kamal appears in my latest book, a parable about what it means to escape the hustle, learn to love yourself and build a life that truly means something. If you want to learn more about it and dive into Kamal’s Inspiring Life Lessons, click here ==> 

** and if you would like to read more about ‘Inspiring Life Lessons’ from Inspiring Folk who have Inspired ME, check out this page that documents this ongoing series.

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Essay On Life Lessons

inspirational life lessons essay

Show More Life Lessons Madison L Ford Life Lessons During my College English class, we had the opportunity to read The Last Lecture. In this book Randy Pausch tells about his life, and how he got to where he was. He faced many struggles in life, but with those struggles, he found out that everything he experienced happened for a reason. Throughout life we face many trials, but through those trails we earn life lessons. Think, then Speak The first life lesson that has a big impact on my life is “Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes, if it hurts you, it probably hurts them too.” I believe this is the most powerful life lesson because some people do not know how words hurt. For example, I work at a grocery store and throughout the day I hear …show more content… My main goal is to become a neonatal nurse. I have already taken the first step into this by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. If I did not believe in myself or have anyone else to believe in me, like my teachers, I would not be doing what I do today. If I did not trust in God, I do not think I would even be able to achieve all the things I have. Without God, I could not achieve anything. It is through him that I know I can do all things if I believe. I will continue to use this lesson in the future by always dreaming big and trusting in God to help me succeed. Don’t rest, do the best Another life lesson is in everything that I do, I will always give my 100% as if there’s no tomorrow. This life lesson almost ties in with my last one. In everything I do, I will always do my best. Life throws many curve balls, and nobody knows what tomorrow might bring. It might be that tomorrow may be your last day. On the precal test, I will try my hardest. Even though I think I may fail, I’ll try my hardest in hopes that I may succeed. When I’m at work trying to help a patient, I will do it to the best of my ability because I never know if I will have a tomorrow, or if they will have a tomorrow. Be

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Main theme of nightjohn by gary paulsen.

Being in situations can make you stronger or weaker. Different situations make you stronger and other situations make you weaker and that’s just how life goes. Through these situations, we learn life lesson and other things we need to get through life. What have you learned from the different situations you’ve been in? If you haven’t learned anything than what can you learn?…

I Want To Be A Physician Assistant Essay

Everyone has a goal in life. Whether it is to meet someone he or she finds inspiring, to own a business, to travel the world, everyone works hard to reach that goal. My goal is to earn a degree and find myself with a high-paying job. I also want to help people in life, which is why I am majoring in the Pre-Physician Assistant program here at Marywood University. I want to be able to make a good amount of money while helping people in the process.…

Tuesday's With Morrie Dialectical Journal

What was a valuable lesson you learned? In the search of the meaning of your life what have you come up with?” Andrew said, he learned that when you truly look at your life usually there is someone who has it worse and a possibility someone is happier. Perspective is huge and often times we are our own limitation. I believe he is right, in addition to his answer I believe we choose our suffering.…

Rhetorical Analysis Of At The End By Chris Widener

In this article, Chris Widener tells the audience 10 things he wish he knew before he went out in the real world. These lessons aren’t the type that are taught by teachers, but they are lessons people come to realize just through living life and growing up. For a lot of people, these negative aspects are sheltered by their parents throughout childhood or they are something a child cannot experience just simply because they are too young. At the end, Widener lets the audience know that although there are certainly negative parts of just living life, but life can still be wonderful depending on whether or not you choose to look at life with a positive attitude. While reading this article, I could definitely agree and connect to some of the…

The Lesson Of Indian Boarding School By Louise Erdrich's Indian Boarding School

In the stories “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, and “The Struggle to be an All American Girl” by Elizabeth Wong, and the poem “Indian Boarding School: The Runaways” by Louise Erdrich, each of the writers focus on the positive and negative aspects of education. While part of the setting for Louise Erdrich’s poem and Elizabeth Wong’s story take place inside an actual school, the setting for Toni Cade Bambara’s story doesn’t take place inside a school; however, for all three stories, the characters in them are taught very important lessons. When I think about the three readings it reminds me that we have important lessons in our life that we have to learn from. Everyone has a lesson they have to learn in life no matter what it is…

Growing Up In Nancy Farmer's The House Of The Scorpion

Theme: growing up Statement: no matter what, you’re going to go through hard times and you’ll learn from those in life. Remember how in 1995 they cloned a certain little sheep named Dolly, and everyone was talking about it, and didn’t you wonder what would happen if it happened to a human. Well, in Nancy Farmer’s The House of the Scorpion is all about that, and if you don’t like those sort of things, well, what are you doing here I’m not going to waste your time. But if you do want to learn about this book, then keep reading.…

Why Some Important Lessons Teach Me

From the moment we are born we begin to learn important lessons teach us. These lessons are essential in helping to shape our character, and ultimately lead to who we become. Everybody has had that moment when someone, or even possible something, has taught you a valuable lesson that you will never forget. I know that I’ve had a multitude of them, but most of them I can’t remember the specific situation that transpired to teach me the lesson. For example, I can’t remember the first time that I touched a hot stove and realized that I probably shouldn’t do that.…

Josh Sundquist's Just Don T Fall

In Josh Sundquist’s book Just Don't Fall he covers many aspects of the average human and the way we go about things. One aspect that I like is he really strives to show the drive, and the urge to never give up no matter what circumstances you are presented with. After reading this book I really decided to rethink many aspects of my own life and questioned how determined am I to actually do stuff. One way I plan to apply this to my own life is by putting all my effort into something if i'm going to even bother with it in the first place. What I mean is I don't wanna half ass it if my names going to be on the paper.…

Career Research Papers

Career and College Research Paper Being in the medical field can be difficult. Ever since I could remember I wanted to be a doctor. As I got older, I realized being a doctor would take a lot more work then what I thought. I began researching what was the next best thing to a doctor, a registered nurse is what I had found. A registered nurse helps patients, maintains medical records, and takes care of the plans.…

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture Analysis

The Last Lecture has many opportunities to become wiser and more informed about how to live life in the best way possible. Randy Pausch has many messages hidden within the book. It’s not hard to find important pieces of advice but not all of it is relative to me and my life. In fact there are even some things that we disagree on but that doesn’t mean that all of it isn’t helpful. Randy Pausch was a smart man who had a lot of good advice.…

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture Essay

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a book about life. It is a collection of stories that mean something special to Pausch and combined together, weave lessons that transcend far beyond mere words alone. With these lessons, Pausch extends his ideas to the reader, and encourages to live out their lives knowing more. The Last Lecture is a story that affected how I looked at the world and made me think of how I could apply his lessons to my life.…

Moral Development In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

“A life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood” These words of Thomas Carlyle impeccably describes scout as she is living in order to understand the life in Maycomb. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the author explores the concept of moral development of Scout for a little innocent girl growing up into an intelligent adulthood, Jean Louise. As she struggles through her life with the people around her. She starts to mature and realize the truth behind Maycomb as she faces discrimination, comprehends Atticus’s wisdom, and the effect and inspiration of Boo Radley on her life.…

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Essay

How have your life lessons shaped your future? In the book, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven,” by Mitch Albom, the main character, Eddie is taught various life lessons from people who have affected his life. Each person Eddie meets in heaven helps him to understand his purpose in life and helps him to forgive those who have hurt him. The most valuable lessons to be learned from Eddie’s journey are: that there are no random acts, that life has to end, but love does not, and that sacrifice is not something to regret. We are all connected, everything that we do affects not only ourselves but the people around us.…

All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten Analysis

In Robert Fulghum’s book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, he lists simple lessons. The simple lessons he listed are: put things back where you found them, play and work some every day, hold hands and stick together. Some people agree that these lessons apply to life today while others disagree. In my opinion, I agree that they still apply to us today. They may not be used the same way, but they are still used.…

Reflective Essay: Three Lessons I Learned

The first lesson was one that I learned at an early age. When I was nine I was considered gifted for my age by my family and my school, but the thing that I always have a problem with was being too trusting. Now you would think as a kid my age what should I be worried about when trusting in someone. My older cousin who we’ll call…

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Life Lessons Essay

inspirational life lessons essay

Life Lessons In Beowulf

Life lessons have been told through epics, short stories and fairy tales. The story of Beowulf is a great example because even though it has been translated people are able to pull different lessons from it and direct them to something they enjoy. To show how the life lessons can apply to different things I’ll be use hockey as a reference. The five life lessons are a leaders have to prove themself, learn what you are willing to give up, how to be brave, humility and loyalty. Anyone can be a leader

Life Lessons In Alchemist : Life Lessons In The Alchemist

the conflicts in the story. In Alchemist there were many life lessons that you could learn throughout reading the book.These are the life lessons i was able to gain from reading the book over the summer. One of the life lessons that was the easiest to find ways to never give up on your dreams no matter what the world throws at you. The last two life lessons was that fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself. And the final life lesson that I was able to gain from reading the book was that you

Lessons of Life Essay

All through life, we experience various occasions when decision-making become necessary. A number of them present themselves in difficult forms and at crucial points. Most of the verdict we take will eventually figure and describe our track of lives. These are what we refer to as lessons of life. Choices never present themselves in an easy way. In some instance we are always forced to pay a price to achieve something. This implies that we are trading for an outcome we are seeking. Period, actions

Life Lessons

Pursuit of Happyness: Life Lessons You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period. (Chris Garnder). Chris Garnder said this in the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” written by a man with the name Steve Conrad. He bases the movie off of the life of Chris Garnder, and his struggles in life. Garnder’s life can teach others many life lessons. Garnder’s wife left him, which made him a single

Important Life Lessons Learned Analysis

Throughout my life I have encountered numerous situations where I have learned important life lessons. While many of these lessons are cliche, each of them have truthfully made in impact on the way I live my life. Among all the lessons I have learned, seeing the positivity in everything is undoubtedly the most important to my life. Up until high school, school work came easy to me and I had never knew the feeling of struggling to understand materials. In specifically, precalculus my junior year

Aphorism Of A Life Lesson: A Life Of Morrie

sentence would not change him for who he was. He had a great outlook on life, and he wanted to teach life to anyone who would listen. And so, he did. Morrie always had a little aphorism or a life lesson to share. One of his greatest lessons was, “ Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long.” He followed this with his death. He hung

Thematic Essay On Life Lessons

In the novel life lessons:two experts on death and dying teach us the mysteries of life and living. The novel talks about many lessons such as patience,loss,anger,love,relationship,guilt and time. The three lessons that I felt the closest were loss,anger and time. However I choose these three not because of how much they are related to me in the novel, but because the lessons in the novel really move your opinion on this topic and these three moved me a lot and made me think every about certain things

Frankenstein's Life Lessons Analysis

Throughout our lives we learn different lessons that teach us all about how the world works. At a very young age we learn how love works. We learn and experience how it hurts but also how comforting it can feel. As we grow older we become lonely and start to look for a partner to hopefully spend the rest of our lives with. For most people it is a successful hunt, but for others who are like the creature it is impossible. The creature was excluded from society the moment he was made because he was

Life Lessons In The Outsiders

Lessons For A Lifetime During a person's existence on Earth, they may learn many things that could change their perspective on life. Not matter what one may believe about certain groups, people are all the same. Another thing that life pushes people to learn is family. Above all, life teaches one to forever be themselves. Throughout the course of the novel The Outsiders, Ponyboy discovered that people are people, family is love, even when it’s hard to see and it’s important to always stay true to

Jason Stevens Life Lessons

difficult tasks. On Jason's long and tiring journey, he learns some very self-improving life lessons. He acquires the gift of friendship, dreams, and gratitude. "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out", claims Walter Winchell.

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