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25 Political Economy Essay Topics For Great Writing

In most cases, the professor will provide you with an essay topic and requirement, but he or she may require that you come up with an essay topic related to the subject. You cannot choose any topic that comes into your mind. The professor is particularly interested in certain aspects of your essay, not just the topic, so you need to take your time before you choose a topic. Here we have scoured all over and have listed some of the greatest topics in political economy.

But first, Understand what is required of you

The first process of picking the right political economic essay is to understand the research question. What exactly does your professor needs? Can you find enough academic resources to support your thesis or your argument? These questions will allow you to understand the concept in the subject and to focus on the topic.

Understand the Value of research

When it comes to political economic essays, a thorough research will make all the difference in points earned. The political economy essay will mainly focus on the current issues, some of which may not be published yet or have not been on the academic research. In addition to this, changes in political economy occur almost on daily basis, and as a good writer, you need to be pinpoint the present problem to support your argument, and your thesis statement. This is one of the reason it is recommended that you buy university essays from academic writers who are ready to put their times researching current issues.

25 political economy Essay topic for great writing

Below is a list of the latest topic you can use in your political economic essay..

  • 1. Political economy and Tourism
  • 2. How does monetary fund promote country stability?
  • 3. Inflation targeting in an open economy
  • 4. What is the political effect of the global financial crisis?
  • 5. Indicators and impact of unemployment in the country?
  • 6. Ethics and political economy
  • 7. Financial issues caused by global warming
  • 8. The logic and the impact of ignorance and fiscal illusion
  • 9. A comparison of macro normative theories used to rank state of the world
  • 10. Effects of voter’s ignorance on public policies
  • 11. The political economy of media
  • 12. State capacity in progressing areas
  • 13. Specifics in a financial crisis
  • 14. Specifics in global imbalances
  • 15. Global capital flows
  • 14. Capital accumulation in the U.S
  • 15. Deficit issues
  • 16. Progressive issues in an economy
  • 17. Redefining poverty in a country
  • 18. What is shadow banking
  • 19. Determinants of Political-economic Policy
  • 20. The future of inframarginal analysis
  • 21. The sustainability of the capitalist economic system
  • 22. Alternative to democracy and liberal form of government
  • 23. Impact of terrorism on international oil prices
  • 24. Political economy perspective in sociology
  • 25. Specifics in the labor share crisis

These are just some of the few political economic topics you can choose from, but it is always important to relate them to your instructors’ requirement. He or she may require that you come up with a comparative essay or an argumentative topic. Whichever the case, make sure you understand the purpose of the essay. Buying university essays may be your best options if you are unsure of the topic, structure or do not understand the instructor’s requirements.

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Essays on Political Economy

Fiscal policy: navigating economic stability and growth, socialism vs. capitalism: a comparative analysis, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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About Fuel Prices: Factors, Impacts, and Solutions

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The Impact of Globalization on Employment

What would happen if the income tax were abolished, impact of technology on jobs: unemployment and technological change, the undirect impact of technology on employment, the impact of technology on employment: the future of job, tax on junk food as the solution to obesity, tax on junk food: a solution to addressing obesity in canada, tax on junk food in kerala: strengths, limitations, and challenges, globalization and its impact on global economy towards employment, topics in this category.

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  • Pork Barrel
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Monetary Policy
  • Unemployment
  • Central Bank
  • Compensation
  • National Debt

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political economy essay topics

Essay Questions

  • Are you more persuaded by the liberal, mercantilist, or Marxian tradition of IPE? Why?
  • What is the main contribution of the dependency approach to IPE? What is its main drawback?
  • What were the key institutions and purposes of the Bretton Woods system at its inception? How did they evolve during the postwar years? In what ways have they become obsolete or counterproductive today?
  • What are three traditional approaches to IPE? Which one do you think best explains the international political economy today? Why?
  • What are the three “new” approaches to IPE? Which is best suited to explaining our global world? Contrast it with a more traditional approach. What is gained and lost in adopting new approaches?


International Political Economy (Spring 2009)

Ps 0304 ipe with james ashley morrison at middlebury college..

Students are required to write two essays over the course of the term totaling 3000 words (i.e. roughly twelve pages). Both assignments appear below; and students are encouraged to begin considering these essays the moment they begin the course. Throughout the term, they ought to examine the bearing of each week’s readings on these essay questions.

Students will happily find that these essay assignments are designed to build on one another. The first essay prompts students to analyze one of the major theoretical approaches taken to the study of international politics. The second requires students to evaluate the applicability of this (or another) approach to one of the cases studied in this course. The final essay challenges students to apply their insights to one of the pressing issues that confront intellectuals and policymakers today.

No outside research should be required to earn top marks on these essays. Students who wish to conduct ancillary research must consult with me before they do so. Students are reminded to follow the specifications of the assignments closely.

The essay due dates fall a considerable time after the relevant material is covered. These dates were chosen: (1) to correspond with units where the reading is relatively lighter and/or easier; and (2) to provide plenty of opportunity to reflect on the material and compose the essay. Students are advised to begin work well in advance of these deadlines, particularly since the course tardiness policies will be strictly enforced

Essay 1: Consider the Determinants of Political-Economic Policy

Maximum Length: 1500 words Help Deadline : 10:00 PM, Tuesday, 31 March Deadline: 5:30 PM, Friday, 3 April

While international political economy and international economics share many of the same questions and approaches to answering those questions, the former field places much greater emphasis on explaining political-economic policy. Yet, within IPE there is no consensus on a general model of the interactions between ideas, interests, and institutions that combine to shape policy. The division between Keynes and Marx persists in the debate between Schonhardt-Bailey and Irwin.

The question thus remains: how ought we understand the relationship between the ideas, interests, and institutions that give rise to our political-economic policies?

This essay will provide you with an opportunity to gain some traction on this question. Select one of the perspectives from Unit 1. After you are sure you understand the theorist’s perspective on the relationship between these several key variables (ideas, interests, and institutions), use one of the empirical cases from Units 2 or 3 to “test” the veracity of this theory.

For instance, you might examine whether ideas played the role Irwin posits in the creation of the RTAA. Or you might consider whether interests shaped ideas and institutions, as Marx hypothesized, in the establishment of the post-war international monetary system.

For some, this topic may prove challenging. If you find that is the case for you, I strongly encourage you to request help .

Essay 2: Propose a Policy

Maximum Length: 1500 words Help Deadline : 10:00 PM, Thursday, 23 April Submission Deadline: 5:30 PM, Friday, 24 April

You are an adviser to the President of the United States (or the leader of another country, if you so choose). One of the President’s other advisers has issued the following statements, and you are tasked with writing a policy brief in response to one of the statements from a better-informed perspective. The President is busy, however, and (s)he will not read more than 1500 words. Be sure to be clear whether you support or reject the adviser’s statement. Also be sure to respond to potential counter-arguments.

  • Statement 1 : “The multilateral trade regime is defunct. It only worked when it was underpinned by US power. The decline of relative US economic power has driven more and more states to embrace regionalism. We, too, must embrace regionalism—even if it means sacrificing the multilateral trade regime—before we are left behind.”
  • Statement 2 : “The British had it right. Rather than bringing workers to capital through immigration, they brought capital to workers in foreign countries. They combined this with liberal trade policies to allow the goods produced abroad to flow back into their home markets. I don’t see any reason why we can’t do the same thing. The fabric of American civil society is being pulled asunder by immigration. Let’s keep America ‘American’ by keeping the foreigners out and loosening our restrictions on capital controls and trade.”
  • Statement 3 : “We do need ‘another Bretton Woods’–but this time, we should make a full rather than a partial return to the gold standard ideal. In the late 19th Century, when states came closest to achieving that ideal, capital flowed freely, the international financial system was stable, and the world was at peace. The current financial crisis is proof enough that the current international monetary system, with its floating exchange rates, is not only disorderly but also dangerously volatile. The very welfare of our populace turns on a return to gold.”

100 International Politics Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best international politics topic ideas & essay examples, 📝 good essay topics on international politics, 📌 most interesting international politics topics to write about, ❓ international politics essay questions.

  • The Religion Impact on the International Political Scene However, the relationships that exist between the two social institutions depend on the content and level of the political system and religion.
  • International Political Economy and Finance Finally, “From Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy” by Stiglitz is the evaluation of the economic crisis and the financial sector in different developed and developing countries and their direct […]
  • International Trade as a Significant Issue in International Political Economy In the current world, there are many aspects which have to be reformatted and improved considerably, and one of them is international trade.
  • European Union as an Actor in International Political Economy In the drafting of the constitutional treaty, that charter was included and in addition to that, a declaration of the acquisition of the European Convention on Human Rights by the European Union.
  • How Has Change in Ship Technology Effected International Politics? Notably, technology has been the main influence in gun development, the sailing of the ship, growth in development of literature and this became more evident with the end of the feudalism and the subsequent emergence […]
  • The Idea of Political Realism in the International Relations Security as one of the basic issues and the relevance of morality are also recognized to be important elements of realism in international politics.
  • Daniel W. Drezner: Theories of International Politics and Zombies He observes that the emergence of the Zombies would be the perfect solution to the problems facing powerful states. In chapter eight, Dresner observes that unstable cooperation among states is always the order of the […]
  • Contribution of Marxism and Imperialism in Shaping the Modern International Political System Therefore, the postulated concepts of class struggles, materialism, and the surfacing of a capitalistic world market incredibly provide a point of alignment of the Marxism concepts and theories of international relations.
  • International Politics and Economical Efficacy One of the most important aspects of any society is the connection between politics and economics, and the intricate social network which is established by the environment.
  • How Will Social Media Change the Future of International Politics? Besides this, social media has also contributed greatly to the development of international politics by increasing the knowledge of politics in different parts of the world and encouraging more young people to participate in politics.
  • Neorealism: Kenneth Waltz ‘Theory of International Politics’ The theories look at the philosophies which shape the relationships between nations and the key interests of the nations which participate in international relations.
  • International Political Economy – World Systems Analysis By world-system, the theory indicates the inter-regional and transnational divisions of labour that divide the world between the rich and the poor, and the powerful and the weak as Macedo and Gounari confirm4.
  • International Politics Discussed by Wendt and Waltz In his book chapter, The anarchic structure of the world politics, Waltz argues that the domestic power structure is defined by the principles that govern it as well as the specialisation of its various functions.
  • Negotiations in International Trade and Politics The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the predecessor to the World Trade Organization, was formed after World War II, to arbitrate on international trade issues.
  • Current Issues in North Korea International Politics In this paper, an analysis will be conducted involving the current issue of North Korea’s limitation of its citizen’s right to the freedom of speech by preventing them from connecting to the internet and how […]
  • NATO: Theory of International Politics This organization was able to survive the end of the Cold War since it went on serving several helpful purposes for the members and also because the members totally came to an agreement that they […]
  • International Political Economy Perspectives It is also important to add that the idea of the conflict is leading in the three perspectives as it is accepted that there are conflicting forces that try to control production and wealth distribution.
  • Neorealists and Marxists in International Politics The secularism implies the diminishment of the influence of the Catholic Church and its intervention in the internal affairs of the country.
  • International Organizations in Global Politics A number of scientists tend to prove the idea that the progress in the evolution of the international relations results from the growth of companies and organizations which become influential enough to act at the […]
  • World Modern History: Constructing International Politics One of the reasons for that is the fact that every state wants to be the most powerful within the institution, especially when it comes to security.
  • Strange’s Study of Power in International Political Economy The following paper will discuss and cover Susan Strange’s contribution to the study of power in International Political Economy to evaluate and demonstrate the scholar’s viewpoints and statements as to the given theme.
  • International Political Economy in Statecraft Simulation In order to evaluate the possible position of each country, we have to grade, classify and establish the most applicable factors, such as the available resources, the governmental system and political approach, the durability and […]
  • Globalization Era and Internationalism Politics The age of the Nation-State is over and it is easy to prove this statement is to consider the situation which exists in the modern world about the society, to check the political preferences and […]
  • Political Structures: Local and International The author states the fact that the structure concept is based on the idea that the main units and their aspects are combined in different ways.
  • Multilateralism and Other Trends in International Political Economy The essay aims to answer the following questions: what perspectives on contemporary international relations in the context of economy and politics appear to be the most important, and could future trends be projected on the […]
  • Nongovernmental Organizations in International Politics The differences in ideology may create hardships in terms of approach, perception, and solutions to the problems of social development. Social movements have been part of the political and economic landscape for centuries.
  • International Relations and Political Issues In that sense, political issues in the context of international relations is more sensitive, as the image of the international relations is shaped by the political affairs, and military actions which often involves the participation […]
  • How Useful Is the Concept of ‘Hegemony’ for Understanding International Politics? Whereas, the strength of country’s ‘structural’ power is being concerned with its possession of instruments of direct geopolitical influence, such as army and navy, the strength of country’s arelational’ power is being reflected in this […]
  • International Political Scene: Globalization and Peace Relations Although the role of the State in contemporary international system has been moved to the peripheral, it is arguable that the state still has a major role to play in conflicts.
  • The Role of Individuals in International Politics: Hitler and Stalin The focus of this dissertation will be on the personalities of the two leaders and their opinions on war and peace.
  • International Political Economy: Free or Equal While government intervention may help provide equality and social stability, it puts restrictions on personal freedom and the market economy, which prompts many people to argue against it. While many factors were involved, it is […]
  • International Political Economy, Democratization, and Terrorism IPE describes the global power dynamics that control international trade and finance, fuel globalization, and wealth distribution across the globe. Sachs argues that globalization and the emergence of political economics have led to the increased […]
  • International Politics of the Middle East This paper covers an evaluation on the international politics of the MENA region alongside discussions on the history behind its political platform.
  • International Politics: Humanitarian Intervention
  • Changes in the Hierarchy of International Politics
  • The Modern International Politics as a World in Disarray
  • The History of Treaties and International Politics By Mario Toscano
  • International Politics and Institutions in Time
  • The Connections between International Politics and Gender Equality Issues
  • International Politics and Morality
  • Has Globalization Transformed International Politics
  • International Politics: Offshore Athletic Shoe Production
  • International Politics: The Case of Global Microfinance
  • How Critical Theory Improves the Study of International Politics
  • Describing the Modern International Politics as a World in Disarray
  • International Politics and Import Diversification in the Second Wave of Globalization
  • Spanier and Wendzel: Understanding International Politics
  • International Politics: The Incompetence of the United Nations
  • The European Union’s Roles in International Politics
  • International Politics: North-South Gap
  • The International Politics of Natural Disasters by John Hannigan
  • International Politics in Multinational Corporations
  • The International Politics In Sub-Saharan Africa
  • National Relations and International Politics
  • International Relations Theory and the Future of European Integration
  • International Law With International Politics
  • One of the Most Significant Developments in the Twenty-Century International Politics: The European Union
  • The Evolution of Moral Conduct in International Politics
  • Fundamental Principles of International Politics by Martin Rochester
  • The Most Influential Actors in International Politics
  • The IMF Lending Policies: Sovereignty and Hierarchy in the International Political Economy
  • International Politics: Globalism, Pluralism, and Realism
  • The State-Centric Construction of the International Politics
  • International Politics: The Oil Industry in Venezuela
  • The Main Ideological Currents in International Politics
  • A Foreign Policy for the American People
  • German-US Relations and International Politics: Common Experiences, Values, Interests and Issues
  • How a Rising China Has Remade International Politics
  • Nestle in International Politics: Risks in the Context of Decolonization and the Cold War
  • “Bananas, Beaches and Bases” or Roles That Women Play in International Politics
  • U.S. Dollar as the World’s Dominant and How It Influences International Politics
  • International Politics of the OIC: The Collective Voice of the Muslim World
  • What Is the History of Treaties and International Politics?
  • What Are the Changes in the Hierarchy of International Politics?
  • How Does Critical Theory Improve the Study of Research Papers in International Politics?
  • How Are International Politics and Morality Related?
  • What Connects Realism and International Politics?
  • What Is the Description of Modern International Politics as a World in Disarray?
  • What Is the Role of the European Union in International Politics?
  • What Is the Relationship Between International Politics and Gender Equality Issues?
  • Who Are the Most Influential Figures in International Politics?
  • How Can One Understand the International Politics of Spanier and Wenzel?
  • What Will International Politics Look Like in Transnational Corporations?
  • How Are International Politics and Import Diversification Related in the Second Wave of Globalization?
  • How Are Transnational Corporations and International Politics Connected?
  • How Does Realism Manifest Itself in International Politics?
  • How Can UN Incompetence Affect International Politics?
  • What Does International Politics Focus On?
  • What Are the Elements of International Politics?
  • What Are the Issues in Global Politics?
  • Why Is International Politics So Important?
  • What Is the Core Concept of International Politics?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Politics and International Relations?
  • Which Are the Main Theories of International Politics?
  • What Are the Approaches of International Politics?
  • Which International Politics Theory Is the Best?
  • What Are the Biggest Political Problems Facing the World Today?
  • How Do Globalization Affects International Politics?
  • What Is the Difference Between International Relations and Politics?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "100 International Politics Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 23, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/international-politics-essay-topics/.

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Topics in Comparative Political Economy

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PS 210: Topics in Comparative Political Economy

Translating substantively significant political economy issues into researchable research problems is a challenge. The course objective will be to consider how these topics can provide the basis for research projects and dissertations in comparative politics and comparative political economy. Each class will explore both the substance of a particular problem to identify significant issues and the relation of those issues to questions of general interest in political economy and political science. The final course assignment will be a research paper that can be a master’s essay, an elaborated research design such as a draft dissertation prospectus, or a dissertation chapter.

Topics will include:

· The politics and the transformation of finance: Has the evolution of finance affected how governments and business interact. Was the transformation an inevitable result of technology and globalization or a policy choice? Was the crisis of 2008 the first financial collapse of the digital age?

o Financial systems, once principally national and rooted around domestic deposits and investments, have been transformed. They are now both market-based and often global in character. Arguably this transformation, facilitated by Information Technology tools, is at the root of the financial collapse of 2008, and more generally has consequences for the politics of domestic economic governance and strategies for growth.

· Green Growth, Energy Transformations, and the Climate Debate: Domestic and International Issues

o While the Climate problem is “global”, the solutions will lie in major part in the transition of domestic energy systems from high carbon low efficiency to high efficiency low carbon. That transformation will be costly in the short run and does not produce automatic or evident economic gain. Why do some countries pursue strategies to transform energy systems while others do not? Can Green Sustain Growth?

· The Third Globalization and the Commodity Trap: Can Wealthy Countries Stay Rich in the face of emerging market competition? There are an array of questions here.

o The decomposition of production and the transformation of services force us to reconsider the logic of value creation and, consequently, the dynamics of political economy. As production is outsourced and off-shored, where are jobs and who captures the value? Nationally rooted vertically integrated companies were the focus of debate and concern in the 20 th century. They have given rise to cross national production net works. Services once feared to be the black hole of advanced economies have, enabled by information technology, become productivity drivers. For advanced countries these developments have created at once both a commodity trap potentially limiting productivity and wage increases, and escapes from that trap. These developments have also influenced the distribution of gains from growth.

§ For emerging markets we consider how the fragmentation of production and the evolution of finance creates diverse points of entry into the global economy. What are the politics of Rapid Innovation Based Growth that has been central to growth strategies?

§ For advanced countries the expanded competition across the value chain makes everything seem like a commodity and puts pressure on prices. Advanced country work forces face competition, thus, from increasingly diverse and skilled work forces in a variety of places.

– Are there escapes from the commodity trap? How can firms create and capture value in the advanced countries?

– The jobs producing an Apple product may be in China, but the value add is in the US. But can workers in the US share in that Bonanza?

§ Will cloud computing, which is an ICT evolution of significance and not just an advertising slogan, make the commodity trap worse? Or will it provide advance countries a way out? The answer is not in the technology, but in the policies and politics of adoption and diffusion.

· Technology, International Trade, and Policy: What drives jobs, income and wealth?

o What policies can affect the distributive outcomes of the transformation of work?

· Globalization with Borders: Will borders evaporate, change meaning, or be redrawn in a era of globalization? Is the world flat, or was Christopher Columbus right?

o Europe and the Euro Crisis: Have politics created an economic crisis, or, conversely, has economic misjudgment generated a political debacle? Does the current crisis have implications for our understanding of the origins and evolution of the European community?

o How does a nation’s regional neighborhood matter to its political and economic trajectory?

o Are tribal challenges to state authority in Iraq and the Catalan challenge to Spanish authority part of the same larger story.


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    political economy essay topics

  6. Discuss the economic, political and social impacts of international trade in the 21st century

    political economy essay topics


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