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7 Classic Science Fiction Books Worth Revisiting

science fiction story title ideas

Science Fiction stories delve into all things futuristic, technological, extraterrestrial — you catch our drift. Pivotal authors in the space include Isaac Asimov, George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, N. K. Jemisin, and countless others.

In celebration of both Asimov, his peers, and the entire genre, we’ve put together a collection of sci-fi books that are always worth rereading (or reading for the first time if you’re just getting into these magical worlds of tomorrow). From fun and fascinating intergalactic travels to dystopian futures that will leave you with much to think about, these sci-fi tales are fundamental to the genre.

Foundation Series – Isaac Asimov

science fiction story title ideas

The Foundation series began as a few short stories published in the magazine Astounding Stories of Super-Science back in the 1940s and ultimately became an entire series of seven epic books. The tale is set in the distant future where a man named Hari Seldon has invented “psychohistory,” a mathematical means of predicting the future. 

Unfortunately, its predictions aren’t very flattering: They foretell a time when humanity will more or less revert back to the Dark Ages. These predictions get Seldon and his crew exiled to a distant planet known as “the Foundation,” where they attempt to shorten the period of decline to come. Apple TV+ also turned the series into a TV show and released the first season in 2021. 

Dune – Frank Herbert

science fiction story title ideas

As fans of the 2021 Dune film may know, the story is based on the 1960s book by Frank Herbert and its sequels. Dune eventually became a bit like a literary version of Star Wars, as Herbert wrote six novels in the Dune series before he passed away. Later, his son Brian and author Kevin J. Anderson teamed up to produce numerous sequels and spinoffs based on the Dune -iverse.

The saga is set in a future where noble families rule different planets under a sort of intergalactic feudal system. In the first of the six foundational novels, readers are introduced to the heir of one such distinguished group, a boy named Paul Atreides whose family is charged with ruling a planet called Arrakis. When his family is betrayed, Paul embarks on a journey that blends everything from adventure to mysticism in one of the most epic sci-fi tales of all time. 

The Left Hand of Darkness – Ursula K. Le Guin

science fiction story title ideas

While some earlier sci-fi classics tend to reflect women in the light of the times in which they were written, The Left Hand of Darkness is a whole other experience altogether. The 1969 novel follows the adventures of Genly Ai, an envoy who is sent to a stray world called Winter in an attempt to bring it back into the intergalactic fold. 

However, to stand a chance, he must overcome his own preconceptions when he’s confronted with a culture that exists entirely without gender prejudice. As Ai soon discovers, some of the creatures on Winter express multiple genders, while others don’t identify with any at all. If you’re a reader who loves to go deep, this one makes for a fascinating read. 

Nineteen Eighty-Four – George Orwell

science fiction story title ideas

While the actual 1984 may have come and gone, the dystopian novel that shares its name remains a pivotal work of science fiction. The Atlantic notes that “No novel of the past century has had more influence than George Orwell’s 1984 ,” and this assessment is indeed a fair one. Published in 1949, the story follows Winston Smith, who lives under a totalitarian government in which “the Party” controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives. 

“Big Brother,” an invisible yet omnipresent leader, is always surveilling the populace to ensure that no one commits so much as a thoughtcrime, which involves no more than thinking of rebelling against the Party. When Smith dares to think for himself, he sets off on a haunting journey that transports readers to a world that’s all too easy to imagine actually existing. While this isn’t necessarily an easy read, it’s an important one that will stay with you for years.  

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – Philip K. Dick

science fiction story title ideas

Though you may not think you’ve heard of this one, it may be a bit more familiar than you think — it’s the inspiration behind Ridley Scott’s film, Blade Runner (1982). First published in 1968, the novel takes place in a dystopian 2021 where entire species have been eliminated by a global war. In an effort to replace live animals, which are highly prized, series of incredibly realistic androids have been developed, some of which are even fashioned after human beings. 

However, when the government becomes wary of these AI humans and their disturbing capabilities, it eventually bans them from Earth. Bounty hunter Rick Deckard is sent to “retire” any rogue androids that remain, which doesn’t prove to be an easy task. 

Kindred – Octavia E. Butler

science fiction story title ideas

Kindred has become a foundational work of sci-fi and African-American literature alike. The story follows a modern young Black woman named Dana who is suddenly deposited back in time to the pre-Civil War South. Through a series of trips between that era and her own time, Dana is forced to contend with the horrors of slavery, racism and sexism while completing a series of tasks. 

Though each journey becomes more dangerous, Dana realizes that her own family’s future depends on their successful completion. First published in 1979, the novel remains relevant today with its skillful blend of romance, sci-fi, feminism, equality and adventure. 

A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle

science fiction story title ideas

A Wrinkle in Time is a classic story of good vs. evil presented through an adventurous sci-fi lens. The tale follows a high school student named Meg Murray, her friend Calvin O’Keefe and her younger brother Charles Wallace. When the three are introduced to tesseracts (or wrinkles in time) by an unearthly visitor, they set off on a journey through time and space to rescue Meg’s missing scientist father.

Along the way, she learns a series of timeless life lessons about everything from the power of individuality to the resiliency of love. Appropriate for both young and adult readers alike, this one is a fun and fascinating tale that seems impossible to outgrow. 


science fiction story title ideas

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Sci-Fi Book Title Generator: 180+ Sci-Fi Title Ideas

Aliens, planets and futuristic cities – This sci-fi book title generator offers over 180 ideas for your science fiction novel. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration, or need a slick title idea for an upcoming book – This sci-fi generator is simply out of this world!

Why not take part in our  book title challenge ? The challenge is updated every day with a new book title to inspire you.

Sci-Fi Book Title Generator

From mysterious aliens to faraway galaxies, try out this futuristic sci-fi generator:

If you’re looking for a great sci-fi book idea, then this title generator is a great place to start! Pick any random sci-fi book title, and turn it into an intergalactic sci-fi book idea! And if you have already written your sci-fic novel, then you can use the tips provided below to create your own striking sci-book title. On the subject of all things science fiction, check out this post on over 110 sci-fi writing prompts for some out of this world story ideas!

You might also be interested in our planet name generator . For more book title ideas, check out our random book title generator .

Creating Your Own Sci-Fi Book Title

If our generated sci-fi book title ideas are not really floating your boat, then try creating your own! With our simple technique, it’s not as hard as you think. First start with a list of adjectives that will suit your novel, preferably relating to sci-fi, such as:

Next, think about some scientific nouns that will suit your story’s plot. You might think about the following nouns:

Finally, it’s time to combine the two lists to create your own sci-fi book title. Here are some ideas we’ve come up with:

  • Techno Spaceman
  • Atomic Robots
  • Distant Galaxy
  • Futuristic Mars

Based on this easy technique, we created our own printable sci-fi book title generator – What is your sci-fi book title name?

Sci-Fi Book Title Generator names printable

Now it’s your turn to create your own sci-fi book title. Give our technique a go and let us know in the comments below, the sci-fi titles you come up with. 

Random Sci-Fi Title Ideas

  • Space Galaxy Adventure
  • Into The Stars
  • The Happy Alien
  • Aliens of a New Kind
  • Earth To Unknown
  • Dark New World
  • The One After Mars
  • Martian Boy
  • Signs of Life on Jupiter
  • Dangerous Moon
  • Bizarre Robot
  • Imaginary Gravity
  • Mysterious Cyborg
  • Nostalgic Earthling
  • Atomic Flying Saucer
  • Bizarre Moon
  • Deep Android
  • Deep Jupiter
  • Lawless Spaceman
  • Experimental Astronaut
  • Prehistoric Spaceman
  • Dark Invasion
  • Atomic Spaceship
  • Experimental Extraterrestrial
  • Experimental Clone
  • Dark Cyborg
  • Broken Wormhole
  • Magnetic Martian
  • Dangerous Android
  • Prehistoric Extraterrestrial
  • Bizarre Android
  • Futuristic Spaceman
  • Intergalactic Earth
  • Infinity Robot
  • Distant Gravity
  • Holographic Earth
  • Mysterious Earthling
  • Intergalactic Flying Saucer
  • Futuristic Moon
  • Speedy Android
  • Infinity Martian
  • Distant Android
  • Broken Flying Saucer
  • Interstellar Clone
  • Twisted Galaxy
  • Intergalactic Invasion
  • Unknown Life
  • Distant Invasion
  • Imaginary Humans
  • Broken Clone
  • Cold Humans
  • Prehistoric Flying Saucer
  • Holographic Galaxy
  • Abstract Robot
  • Holographic Earthling
  • Metallic Sun
  • Prehistoric Invasion
  • Magnetic Invasion
  • Red Spaceman
  • Unknown Martian
  • Advanced Galaxy
  • Magnetic Galaxy
  • Mysterious Universe
  • Mysterious Clone
  • Future Flying Saucer
  • Lawless Gravity
  • Experimental Universe
  • Techno Astronaut
  • Unknown Mars
  • Cosmic Stars
  • Infinity Astronaut
  • Neon Wormhole
  • Holographic Spaceship
  • Imaginary Flying Saucer
  • Metallic Earthling
  • Powerful Life
  • Distant Extraterrestrial
  • Techno Clone
  • Interstellar Laser Beam
  • Infinity Cyborg
  • Future Gravity
  • Mysterious Earth
  • Twisted Laser Beam
  • Abstract Stars
  • Mysterious Spaceman
  • Lawless Sun
  • One Android
  • Remote Jupiter
  • Intelligent Moon
  • Holographic Planet
  • Atomic Planet
  • Lawless Galaxy
  • Intergalactic Clone
  • Dark Gravity
  • Remote Atmosphere
  • Metallic Gravity
  • Techno Planet
  • Steel Gravity
  • Speedy Invasion
  • Infinity Laser Beam
  • Red Jupiter
  • Abstract Galaxy
  • Steel Earthling
  • Powerful Laser Beam
  • Intelligent Universe
  • Holographic Wormhole
  • Distant Mars
  • Nostalgic Spaceman
  • Bizarre Planet
  • Prehistoric Android
  • Imaginary Earthling
  • Magnetic Clone
  • Metallic Stars
  • Mysterious Stars
  • Magnetic Android
  • Red Gravity
  • Abstract Universe
  • Techno Jupiter
  • Cosmic Android
  • Techno Earthling
  • One Spaceship
  • Imaginary Laser Beam
  • Intelligent Extraterrestrial
  • Magnetic Humans
  • Techno Universe
  • Atomic Universe
  • Intergalactic Sun
  • Nostalgic Humans
  • Mysterious Martian
  • Infinity Spaceship
  • Intelligent Cyborg
  • Advanced Invasion
  • Holographic Android
  • Nostalgic Stars
  • Magnetic Flying Saucer
  • Imaginary Spaceman
  • Bizarre Gravity
  • Unknown Jupiter
  • Unknown Stars
  • Future Earth
  • Metallic Universe
  • Imaginary Moon
  • Intergalactic Stars
  • Abstract Atmosphere
  • Magnetic Atmosphere
  • Broken Planet
  • Experimental Gravity
  • Powerful Wormhole
  • Future Humans
  • Intelligent Wormhole
  • Cosmic Laser Beam
  • Cosmic Flying Saucer
  • Atomic Spaceman
  • Nostalgic Moon
  • Broken Extraterrestrial
  • Lawless Alien
  • New Extraterrestrial
  • Future Wormhole
  • Dangerous Stars
  • Techno Gravity
  • Lawless Universe
  • Lost Planet
  • Lawless UFO
  • Mysterious Astronaut
  • New Jupiter
  • Twisted Alien
  • Interstellar Invasion
  • Twisted Robot
  • Prehistoric Alien
  • Atomic Galaxy
  • Advanced Flying Saucer
  • Future Moon
  • Lunar Robot
  • Nostalgic Extraterrestrial
  • Futuristic Planet
  • Mysterious Sun
  • Advanced Robot
  • Remote Martian
  • Infinity Earth
  • Twisted Wormhole
  • Holographic Humans
  • Magnetic Wormhole
  • Futuristic Flying Saucer
  • Techno Extraterrestrial
  • Infinity Invasion
  • Red Spaceship
  • Red Martian
  • Cold Laser Beam
  • Unknown Flying Saucer
  • Interstellar Spaceman
  • Advanced Wormhole
  • Dark Laser Beam
  • Cosmic Gravity
  • Neon Universe
  • Steel Planet
  • Remote Alien
  • Dangerous Sun
  • Red Astronaut
  • Dark Android

Share your favourite sci-fi book title idea with us in the comments below.

Sci-Fi Book Title Generator

Marty the wizard is the master of Imagine Forest. When he's not reading a ton of books or writing some of his own tales, he loves to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in Imagine Forest. While living in his tree house he has devoted his time to helping children around the world with their writing skills and creativity.

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thousands of book title ideas ✓

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science fiction story title ideas


This book contains THOUSANDS of title ideas. Can't think of a unique title for your story? Just add this to your library and you can now read thousands of different titles in different genres. Love story, Fantasy, School, Mermaid, Vampire, Werewolf...

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Science Fiction Titles

➳ Blood At Eternity

➳ Scared Of The Fog

➳ Symbols Of The Abyss

➳ Walking My School

➳ Learning From The Sun

➳ Fade Into My Nightmares

➳ Sounds Of The Country

➳ Separated In Technology

➳ Walking My Nightmares

➳ Separated By The Town

➳ Hunted By My Dreams

➳ Admiring The Night

➳ Still Breathing In The Town

➳ The Game of Survival

➳ Guarded By The Immortals

➳ Searching At Technology

➳ Arriving At The Maze

➳ City of Lights

➳ Life Beneath The City

➳ Fade Into My End

➳ Becoming The Future

➳ Memory of the Graveyard

➳ Smile At My Nightmares

➳ The Secret of Mega City

➳ Searching For Water

➳ When The Earth Collapses

➳ Taste of Hell

➳ Take Me To The Sun

➳ The Sound of Silence

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Sci-fi Title Generator

10,000+ good book titles to inspire you..

Generate a random story title that’s relevant to your genre. You can pick between fantasy, crime, mystery, romance, or sci-fi. Simply click the button below to get started.

The International Bestseller

2246: Renewal

Looking for more good science fiction book titles.

Any of the science fiction book titles that you score through this generator are yours to use. We’d be delighted if you dropped us the success story at [email protected]!

Or if you think that generators are fun and all — but that you’d rather create your own book title? Great 👍 Kick off with this post, which is all about  how to choose book titles.  Next, read through established title capitalization rules to ensure your title is flawless.

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SciFi Ideas

Scifi Story Title Generator

Writing a scifi story but struggling to come up with a name? This generator will create some random titles that sound like plausible scifi stories (or films, or TV series maybe).

They’re inspired by popular story titles, but generated using random words. Maybe the story tiles generated here will inspire you to create a new story?

Click the button to generate some new story titles.

Scifi story title generator

an image of the back side of a book cover with space and stars in the background

Sci-Fi Book Title Generator: 180+ Sci-Fi Title Ideas | Imagine Forest


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Book Title Generator for Every Genre

Have you written the next great bestseller but have no idea what to call it? Are you unsure if your book has the title it needs to grab a potential reader’s attention? If you are stumped about coming up with a title for your book, you may want to consider using a book title generator.

With just one click of a button, a title generator can produce book title ideas suited for a short story, a fantasy novel, or an adventure book. And the best part? These generators are FREE. 

Table of Contents

What Is a Book Title Generator?

A book title generator is an online tool (often free) that generates titles for specific genres of books. These free book title generators usually produce generic titles but often contain keywords that many books of the same genre use to attract a potential reader’s attention.

So, how do book title generators work? 

An SEO-based AI programming powers these title generators. Some are very simple, while others allow the author to input crucial details like the story setting and the book’s genre. 

Some authors like the suggested auto-generated titles so well that they use them as is. However, most authors use some variation of the suggested titles, or combinations of them, in the final titles of their books.

Fiction Book Name Generators

Are you in need of a title for a specific genre? Whether you have already finished the novel or are just starting to write, consider some of the following genres and what the industry looks for in a good title for each. Keep in mind that each publisher might have specific standards for the book titles they publish, especially if you are publishing with Amazon.

Romance novels are usually prosaic, optimistic, and thematic. They are set in all eras of humanity, from historical times to far in the future. The focus is on developing a romantic relationship, usually with a challenge to overcome and growth for the characters, and usually a happy ending. 

Titles for this genre should be eye-catching, emotional, and perhaps even sensual if the story is erotic. Romance titles are often flowery or tell a plot point to generate interest, such as  The Italian’s Doorstep Surprise , which makes the reader curious about the surprise. 

The title should spark intrigue if possible. A romance book title generator typically makes use of flowery and poetic language.

  • CMT’s Romance Book Title Generator
  • Reedsy Romance Book Generator  
  • Adazing Book Title Generator
  • Sefchurchill Romance Novel Title Generator

Mystery fiction focuses on a main character’s journey to solve a crime. There is usually an antagonist who reveals his identity at the climax of the story, though writers love to leave clues throughout the plot for readers to catch. 

Mystery novels follow either the detective aspect or straight crime aspect of fiction, although occasionally, they incorporate paranormal intrigue. The setting is atmospheric, there is suspense, a line of clues, and the narrative usually moves quickly. The ending, while sometimes unforeseen, is usually satisfying for the reader. 

Titles for this genre should grab attention, maybe even foreshadow the true nature of the crime in retrospect, and generate enough suspense that the reader’s natural curiosity compels them to read the book, such as  The Payback Murders.  One can’t help but wonder, “payback for what?”

  • CMT’s Mystery Book Title Generator
  • Reedsy Mystery Book Title Generator 

In fantasy stories, characters journey through mythical lands and kingdoms filled with magical creatures and epic myths, frequently spanning several books in a series. The heroes are usually proud warriors of solid morality. At the same time, the setting is often medieval, with horse-powered vehicles, pubs and taverns, no electricity, and other features of medieval Europe. 

The plot usually centers around a quest of some sort, which is also typically hindered by an antagonist. As a genre, fantasy has recently expanded to include modern fantasy, historical fantasy, Gothic and urban fantasy. Titles for this genre commonly refer to the protagonist or the quest or mention the mythical nature of the story. A fantasy book title generator will usually return results in this manner. Some examples include  Song of Ice and Fire  and  Muse of Nightmares .

  • CMT’s Fantasy Book Title Generator
  • Fantasy Name Generator 
  • Reedsy Fantasy Book Title Generator  
  • UKRifter’s Sci-fi & Fantasy Book or Game Title Generator

Science Fiction / Sci-Fi 

Science fiction is one of the oldest genres of storytelling and ranges from borderline fantasy with magic to the far future with technology beyond comprehension. Novels in this category can be based on either hard scientific facts, or they can be inspired by softer science or scientific theory. 

Many sci-fi novels describe a dystopian future, although some are utopian and/or space travel, and also include subgenres like cyberpunk and steampunk. They might include time travel, aliens, space travel, fictional alien worlds, futuristic technology, and advanced robots and computers. 

Titles for this genre don’t always mention a factor from the story or even give any indication that it is science fiction. Rather, sci-fi titles are meant to speculate or lure the reader in, such as  Ender’s Game  or  Brave New World .

  • CMT’s Sci-Fi Book Title Generator
  • Pulp Sci-Fi Title-O-Tron
  • Cool Generator  
  • Reedsy Science Fiction Book Title Generator

Crime novels usually fall under mystery novels, but in some settings, they represent their own genre. While most crime novels are indeed mysteries, they are usually straight crime, meaning that they rarely incorporate myth or supernatural aspects, although some crime novels have. 

Crime novels might be based on real-life crimes but typically involve a protagonist who is investigating, either as a detective or to avoid being a potential victim. There is a criminal antagonist who occasionally stalks and terrorizes the heroes. Most crime novel titles, like  Gone Girl  or “Murder on the Orient Express,” tell you something about the story.

  • CMT’s Crime Book Title Generator
  • Fictionlit Crime Book Title Generator
  • Reedsy Crime Book Title Generator

Children’s Books 

Children’s fiction, like adult fiction, has its own rules and strategies for book titles, also based on the genre. Like adult books, the various genres of children’s fiction follow similar methods of creating a title, such as mystery fiction or science fiction. 

Children’s books, however, tend to have softer titles meant to encourage kids to read without scaring them off. So, it’s important to consider  the age range of the children’s book  you are writing when thinking about the title. 

In children’s literature, the title is more likely to give some clue to the story’s plot, such as “ The Friendship Wars ” or “ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .”

  • CMT’s Children’s Book Title Generator
  • Let’s Make Kids Books Title Generator

Young Adult

In the realm of young adult (YA) literature, titles play a pivotal role in capturing the attention of its target audience—a demographic known for its discerning tastes and hunger for authenticity. YA book titles often reflect the emotional intensity, coming-of-age themes, and vibrant worlds within their pages.

They range from the poetic to the straightforward, often encapsulating the essence of the protagonist’s journey or the central conflict of the narrative.

  • CMT’s Young Adult Book Title Generator
  • YA Contemporary Novel Title Generator
  • Words and Other Malarky YA Book Title Generator

Book retailers like to incorporate horror novels into the overall “suspense” or “thriller” sections, but horror is a genre on its own. 

These stories create suspense through the use of shock and usually graphic violence. Horror novels like to play with fears and phobias, making use of emotion rather than relying on a heavy plot. 

There is usually a protagonist, or several, who find themselves unwitting victims of the antagonist, who might be human, but could also be supernatural. Titles for this genre don’t mind using graphic descriptions to encourage the potential reader to delve in, but might not always indicate the horror aspect of the story. Some such titles include  Lost Souls  and  Interview with the Vampire .

  • CMT’s Horror Book Title Generator
  • Fictionlit Horror Book Title Generator  
  • Imagine Forest Horror Book Title Generator  

Non-Fiction Book Title Generators 

Non-fiction is a bit more involved overall than fiction, as the work itself usually requires research into the topic, interviews, and other data gathering. 

When creating a title for a non-fiction work, you should indicate what it is about, especially if it is a biography. Non-fiction title generators work from a series of keywords to generate a title based on those topics. 

They work best when given a general term rather than something very specific, as this allows the AI to suggest a variety of combinations and possibilities. The titles generated by these programs are best used as suggestions and jumping-off points for ideas for a final title, as they rarely suggest a perfect title for the non-fiction book’s topic.

  • CMT’s Non-Fiction Book Title Generator
  • AI SEO Book Title Generator  
  • Self-Publishing Nonfiction Book Title Generator  
  • Portent Title Maker
  • Title Generator

Biography Book Title Generators

Another genre of non-fiction book is biography. Here are some of the best biography book title generators.

  • CMT’s Biography Title Generator

Novel Book Title Generators

Another genre of non-fiction book is novel. Here are some of the best biography book title generators.

  • CMT’s Novel Title Generator

Random Book Title Generator 

A random story title generator works like any other but without a framework from which to generate genre-specific titles. These generators produce far more generic, all-purpose titles. 

A random title generator, for example, might generate a title like  Black Tribunal , which could work as a title for a mystery, horror, or even a historical novel.

  • CMT’s Book Title Generator
  • Mccorlim Random Book Title Generator
  • Ruggenberg Title Generator
  • Storytoolz Generator
  • Copywriting Course Book Title Generator
  • The Story Shack Book Title Generator  
  • Book Title Generator

Chapter Names Generator

Most books simply use numbers for each chapter, but in some books, especially ones where the perspective changes between characters, giving each chapter its own title helps the reader stay focused and on the correct path for the story. It also helps avoid confusion if the story is particularly winding. 

In general, chapter names should be less than five words at most and should convey some of what happens in that chapter, the location, or the time of day. A chapter title generator works much like a regular novel title generator but on a lesser scale.

  • Perchance Chapter Title Generator  

Polishing the Best Title 

Good titles are usually evocative, short, and memorable. But do not to name your book after an existing title that another author has already used. You should also avoid referencing anything controversial. 

As a rule of thumb, when deciding on a title, you should consider: 

  • The story setting 
  • Character names 
  • Anything original about your story  

Remember, lengthy titles are difficult to search in library catalogs and on Amazon. Titles are best when they are less than seven words, though avoid using only a single word unless it is important to the story, such as a character’s name. 


You want to make sure your title is appropriate to your genre. Every reader has his or her preferences for favorite reading material. If the back cover or book flap does not indicate the plot of the story, the reader might be disappointed to learn that what she thought was a romance novel is, in fact, a horror novel.

Avoid Morally Repugnant Expressions and Themes

People have opinions about a wide variety of issues, some more sensitive than others, and you should consider this when naming your novel. Avoid book titles that use slurs against a particular demographic or anything that glorifies crime, prejudice, or slights against sexual orientation or gender.

Get Inspiration

The best way to come up with a title for your book is to visit your local library or bookstore and browse the section your book might find itself shelved in. 

Look at the other titles in the same genre as yours, and see how and why authors chose to name their books in these ways. You might notice a pattern in how mystery books are named or perhaps see an overabundance of a particular kind of title for one genre, something to avoid.

First Impressions Count 

A good book title should be catchy, unique, and intriguing. Ask yourself if you would be interested in reading a book with the title you thought up. 

Many people write their titles after the book is finished, but some industrious authors like to generate the title first and see where the story leads based on that title. Keep in mind that a title generator is best used as a tool for ideas rather than something that does the work for you.


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science fiction story title ideas

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science fiction story title ideas

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science fiction story title ideas

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Home » Blog » Book Title Generator: Best 21 Free Book Name Generators [List]

Book Title Generator: Best 21 Free Book Name Generators [List]

science fiction story title ideas


As an author, you should realize that having a suitable title in place for your book is essential to its success. Neglecting to create a good quality title will only serve to limit the potential of the book. Every best-selling book has a strong, well-thought-out title.  Especially if you’re self-publishing, the title is paramount to the success of your potential bestseller.

The book title will contribute to sales. The catchier the title, the more attention it will get, which will result in more purchases. Especially for fiction – knowing how to write good titles will help you learn how to write a novel.

To come up with the best book title ideas possible title, it can be helpful to have options. Thinking of multiple good options alone can be difficult, and this is where a book title generator comes in.

A book title generator will produce several different and often random titles for a given keyword or genre.  This gives the author some ideas of what might be a good fit for a title.

With the right book title generator, putting a fantastic title on your book doesn’t have to be stressful or take many hours.

Benefits of Using A Book Title Generator

Like any book writing software, a book title generator is designed to enhance the process of writing your book. Using a generator for your title will come with several advantages.

It Saves time

Choosing a book title doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming anymore.  Assuming you’ve chosen a good book title generator, you will have your title in minutes.

Learning how to write a novel or a book takes enough time. Don’t spend it all on the title.

A Book Title Generator Gives You Multiple Ideas

Most book title generators won’t rest at just one title. Once you plug in the appropriate information, it will give you many to choose from.

If you don’t like any of the given options, you can always change the keywords you used a little bit, and try again. The chances of getting a title you like are high.

They are Genre-Specific

A good book title generator will offer genre-specific results. This is good because the genre can change the tone of a title.

You don’t want to be looking at gruesome, spooky, horror-themed titles when what you’re writing is a romance . Being able to specify genre allows you to narrow the results further, saving you that much more time.

Book Title Generators are Free

Not all writing software is free, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the ones that don’t cost you anything. Most book title generators will be free to use.

A Book Title Generator is Easy to Use

Especially if you are still learning how to write a book , you don’t want to make your life even more difficult. Book writing software can sometimes be complex, but book title generators are simple and easy.

The only thing you need to do is enter the information it asks for, and that’s it.

The 22 Best Book Name Generators

Like I mentioned before, there are different generators for different genres. Knowing how to write a novel means being able to identify your genre. This will save the frustration of the results being so far off that you can’t even use them.

In order for you to create the best book title possible for your individual book, there are many different generators you can try. They come within the following genres:

  • Horror book title generators
  • Romance book title generators
  • Mystery book title generators
  • Nonfiction book title generators
  • Sci-fi book title generators
  • Fantasy book title generators
  • Children book title generators
  • Comic book title generators
  • General book title generators

Horror Title Generators

Horror is meant to horrify. As a horror writer, there is some part of your mind that is dark and twisted. This is what comes out in your writing, and you like it that way.

You write to scare. You write to excite. Horror writers want to please the adrenaline junkies.

A spooky, goosebump-inducing tale needs an equally terrifying title. Sometimes, these can be hard to come up with. There are two horror specific book title generators that can help you out:

  • Random Story Title Generator 2.0

Seventh Sanctum’s Evil Names  

The random story title generator 2.0.

This free book title generator is the second edition of it’s kind and it draws from different sources to produce its horror titles. It generates titles that are intended for short stories, but they can be used for anything you want.

The generator gives you five options at a time. If you don’t like any of them, you can simply click again for five more.

This book title generator is committed to giving you titles that are evil and crude, perfect for your horror story.

What’s cool about this one is it gives you the option to select up to three categories. This allows you to customize the theme of your title based on what your book is about. Some of the options include:

  • Attack/combat oriented

And there are many more. This gives you the best chance of coming up with something that works for your specific story.

Romance Title Generators

Romance titles need to be endearing and dramatic. They need to evoke some emotion and let the reader know that love is going to be involved.

If you’re working on a romance and can’t quite nail down that perfect title, these generators might be able to help:

Kitt Net’s Book Title Generator

Romance novel title generator.

This book title generator is fast and easy to use.

It is geared towards romance. As such, they warn you right on the page that the results may be slightly “risque” in nature. Don’t be surprised if this happens – you are writing romance after all!

This is a simple, clean book title generator that focuses on romance.

book title generators

Each click of the button will give you a two-worded title that could fit a romantic story. Click “create romance!” as many times as you want for more titles.

Mystery Book Title Generator

The title of a mystery novel should, logically, have a mysterious tone to it. Mysteries often contain elements of death, secrets, and hidden treasure. It should be something that leaves readers wondering and wanting more.

If you’re having trouble coming up with something suitable, there is one powerful mystery book title generator that is sure to offer some quality assistance:

Starman Series Mystery Title Generator

This book title generator is truly dedicated to helping you create the best mystery novel possible.

The Starman Series generator allows you to choose however many titles you want to be generated. This gives you the incredible potential for variety.

What’s special about this generator is the option to also generate chapter titles. You can check off the option to be given chapter titles, and enter how many you want.

You probably won’t end up using every single chapter title they give you word for word. But, this is a fantastic way to get some creativity flowing and start setting up a structure for your story.

They even give you the option to force what they call a “final victory” chapter in each selection. This means the final chapter title will be descriptive of a resolution or victory within the story.

book title generators

Lastly, they even offer the option to create some fictional book reviews. Of course, you won’t be able to actually use these in your book as they are not real. But, they can offer some additional inspiration for the tone and outline of your story.

Crime Book Title Generator   

A book about crime will contain all kinds of tension. You will have criminal masterminds, murders, robberies, police chases, arrests, prison situations, and much more. These things are thrilling and intense.

It can be difficult to come up with a title that accurately depicts these things in a catchy, memorable way. This is where one particular crime generator will come in handy.

Tara Sparling’s Crime Thriller Book Title Generator

This crime title generator is basic and doesn’t come with endless options, but it can give you a good start.

Each title will begin with “the.” While this may seem uninspired, it is typical for the genre.

Next, there are two lists of words that can be combined with each other to create a crime-themed title.

book title generators

While limited, the words given do create that balance of mystery and tension you want for a crime title.

Non-Fiction Book Title Generators

There are many factions of nonfiction writing. You have your true crime novels, personal memoirs, self-help books, how-to guides, and many others.

Coming up with an appropriate title that isn’t too pushy, sales-y, or long can take some time. There are some book title generators that can help you with this:

  • Portents Content Idea Generator
  • Kopy Writing Kourse Book Name Generator

Awesome Titles

Portents content idea generator   .

This generator is designed to help you create an actionable, effective title for your nonfiction book. It begins by asking you for one keyword to use in the title. There are some guidelines for choosing a good keyword:

  • Don’t use capital letters unless the keyword is a proper noun.
  • Use the singular version of your word.
  • Be prepared to revise the generated title slightly to make it grammatically correct.

Once you enter your keyword, it creates a title with four parts. It gives a short description or idea behind each part so you can understand why those words are being used.

book title generators

After creating a suitable title, the tool also provides some additional resources to get you started with your book:

  • Content strategy exercises
  • A large list of SEO tools

While serious about helping you with your book, this generator has a light and playful feel to it. This relieves some pressure and may be able to put a smile on your face for a moment.

Kopy Writing Kourse Book Title Generator

This easy to use book title generator has a long preset list of titles. These titles are designed for nonfiction writing. This can include books as well as blog posts or even email subject lines.

All you need to do is insert your topic – ideally something between 1-3 words – and it will plug your topic into all listed titles. Scroll through the options and something that works might jump out at you.

If you want to save the options for later, you can download the entire list to your computer.

Another book title generator that will help you will your nonfiction book, this one gives you a huge variety with 700 options for each topic you insert.

Using this one requires only one step. Type in your keyword and click, nothing else to it. The list includes options suitable for book titles as well as headlines and other content ideas.

Fantasy Book Title Generators  

Fantasy is a genre with novels that are often complex and immersive. Entire worlds are created by the author. These made up lands will include elements of magic, epic battles, and supernatural species.

A fantasy novel title needs to be as epic as the content inside. There are several fantasy book title generators that can help you with this:

  • Serendipity Fantasy Novel Generator

Fantasy Name Generator by Rinkworks

  • Fantasy name generator
  • Random fantasy novel title generator

Serendipity Fantasy Novel Generator   

This fantasy title generator is fun and simple. It generates one title at a time, but clicking for another is fast and easy.

It offers a good variety of short and long titles. Some are simple and direct, while others are more complex and mystical. It gives you options at random, but there’s a good chance you’ll eventually get something that suits your story.

This is a title generator that gives you a few options.

You can choose the “simple” method and select the type of name you’d like, and it will spit out some options. The available types include:

  • Serious names
  • Specialized names – Fantasy is on this list.

You also have the option of an “Advanced” interface.

This method comes with some instructions you need to go over before using it. This requires some time and effort, but it may be worth it if you want a specialized title that is suited specifically for your book.

Fantasy Name Generator  

This fantasy title generator is another one that gives you a few customizable options.

First, you can check off the category of name that you want. Some of these options include:

  • Human names
  • Dwarf names
  • Dragon names
  • Fantasy places
  • Demon names
  • Wizard names
  • Fantasy titles
  • And many more

Next, you select if you want a short, medium, or long name. Then you click generate, and it lists some titles based on your selection.

This generator can help you come up with a list of titles, but many of the options can be used to create a place or character name as well. This is helpful as naming things in your fantasy can also be time-consuming.

Random Fantasy Novel Title Generator

This is another generator that is basic but useful.  

book title generators

Each click will generate six different fantasy-themed titles for you. You can keep clicking for endless options.

Sci-Fi Book Title Generators  

Science fiction is an intricate and exciting genre. Robots, aliens, space battles, and advanced technology are usually prominent. An equally exciting and crafty title is required to make your book the best it can be.

There are many title generators with a focus on sci-fi:

  • Pulp Sci-Fi title O-Tron
  • Obscure hub sci-fi title generator
  • Book title creator

Pulp Sci-Fi Title O-Tron

This generator is part of a really cool sci-fi themed website. The generator itself is simple – a single click offers a series of science fiction-inspired titles. Click again to refresh the list.

book title generators

The graphics on the site are super dynamic and there are a bunch of other resources available for science fiction writers.

Obscure Hub Sci-fi Title Generator

Obscure Hub has a number of generators for you to choose from, including one that is specifically for science fiction book titles.

In addition to this, they have a few other generators that might help spark some inspiration in your story:

  • Random insult generator
  • Alien name generator
  • Band name generator
  • Futuristic food generator

This generator will give you three options at once. You can simply click for three more if they don’t suit you.

Children’s Book Title Generator

Children’s book titles need to be a good combination of catchy, interesting, and age-appropriate. It can be hard to find the perfect balance.

Story Title Ideas

This simple generator gives you straightforward and easy to understand titles containing one adjective and one noun.

book title generators

These can be used to title a story, or they may help inspire your next Children’s book idea.

Comic Book Title Generators

Comic books tell a story in a unique way. They combine visual arts with all the elements of storytelling. Even though it is heavy on the illustrations, you still need good characters, a well-developed plot, an interesting setting, etc.

There are many different types of comic books, and each will need to be titled a little differently.

Many comic books contain an element of humor, though this is not true for all. Regardless, you need to come up with a suitable name for the story you are telling.

If you are struggling to find the right fit, there are some generators that specialize in this:

The Ultimate Superhero Name Generator

Ruggenberg title generator.

This is a generator that gives you a superhero name. This can be handy if you are also struggling to come up with a name for your superhero or supervillain.

In addition to the name, it gives a short blurb about the character. It suggets possible superpowers, settings, and enemies.

book title generators

Many comic books are titled after the name of the hero. If you have yet to come up with your protagonist’s name, this generator can be helpful.

This is a basic generator that offers whimsical title options with a fantasy type feel. These can effectively be used for comic book inspiration.

It will give you six titles at one time. A single click will generate six more instantly.

Generalized Book Title Generators

While many book title generators are genre-specific, some are not. Some are basic and provide a title entirely at random. These can be a fun way to think outside the box a little bit.

Or, some of these offer multiple genres to choose from in one place. This is useful for someone who likes to write different styles.

They can also be used for inspiration. Sometimes an idea will come to you based on just a few words.

Story Tools Half Title Generator

The Half Title Generator gets its name because it generates your titles for you in two parts – one half at a time.

It allows you to choose from a list of “beginnings” before moving on to a separate list of “endings”. It then puts the two parts together to create a list of complete titles.

If you don’t like the beginnings or endings they are offering up, you can generate a new list before completing the titles.

The titles themselves are not genre-specific. However, if you know your genre, you can choose words and phrases that you think fit the genre.

This book title generator gives you one list of titles at a time and doesn’t have a specific genre. However, it offers approximately 45 titles per list. Generating a new list is as easy as a simple click. So, if  you don’t like what you’re given, simply choose “more.”

The title options that it gives will vary in tone, theme, and subject matter. This variety makes it a suitable generator for many genres.

Book Title Creator

This book title generator is detailed and versatile. There are several genre options to choose from.

In addition to selecting a genre, they ask for a few more details to help give you the most customized, suitable title possible. These options include:

  • Occupation of the protagonist
  • Important location of the story
  • The main opposition in the story
  • A positive trait of the main character
  • A negative trait of the main character
  • The main character’s goal

book title generators

All the fields are optional, so you can fill in as many or as few of the details as you’d like. The more you give, however, the better the generated title will be.

The only downside to this highly detailed title creation service is their requirement of your email address. This may not be a concern for you, but for some, it may be a turn-off.

How to Get a Book Title Right

Creating a book title that is catchy, interesting, and relevant is the most important thing. However, there are other factors to consider when coming up with the best possible title:

  • Something might sound good to you, but you need to consider the general population as well.
  • If you are publishing as an eBook, keywords will come into play when determining how many people see and search for your book.
  • Doing some research on relevant keywords is crucial before committing to a title.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. One simple method is to do some looking around on Amazon and see what words and themes seem to be most popular.

If you want to take this type of research to the next level, Publisher Rocket has an interesting tool that can give you a lot of insight. This program does a few different things for you as you look to find the best ideas and titles:

[table id=8 /]

This writing software will help you know how to write a book . Designed for those who are looking to self-publish , it provides valuable insight that will help create the best title possible.

Rocket is available for a one-time purchase of $97. This will give you lifetime access. The program has already helped thousands of writers create better and more profitable book titles.

Use These Book Title Generators for Your Next Masterpiece

Knowing how to write a book is hard. There is no shame in using some of the many free tools and writing software available.

Your book’s title is crucial to its success, especially for a first-time or unknown author. The title, along with the cover, is what will give people a first impression. First impressions matter, a lot.

We’ve created a long list of generators to help you with this most important part of the journey. Wherever you are in the writing process, use these generators to your advantage. Come up with the best title possible, or use them to draw some inspiration.

In addition to these book title generators, you might benefit from utilizing a book writing software that will help you with the actual writing. One amazing option here is Squibler.

Squibler is a modern and easy to understand program that helps you write your book efficiently. It gets you organized and takes care of the details so you can spend all your time writing.

It will help you take that book title and expand it into a winning idea.

Whatever you are looking to do, don’t hesitate. The story you’re trying to tell is important.

science fiction story title ideas

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