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"The appearance of my best friend" Essays and Research Papers

the appearance of my friend essay

My Best Friend

MY BEST FRIEND I have always had many friends since I began to attend primary school. But most of my relationships ended as soon as we stopped going to the same school. Only my friendship with my best friend survived. She is called Lucia - as me. She was one of my schoolmates and we also were neighbours for many years. Although we already don’t live in the same town‚ we still get in touch. I usually chat online to her. We enjoy sending photos of our families to each other. Sometimes we spent

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the appearance of my friend essay

Everyone has a friend with whom you feel like sharing every moment of your life. I am lucky that I found one .We have known each other since I was in grade 7. To me‚ he is really special boy. Not only does he has a good appearance ‚ he also has a good personality. He is smart and handsome. However‚ the thing that makes everybody like him the most is his personality .He is always very positive‚ cheerful and modest. He’s one of the best student in my class. He’s good at every subject‚ but she never

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A best friend is the first person who comes in when‚ out of the door‚ the whole world has gone. A best friend is one who loves the truth and you‚ and will tell the truth in spite of you. There are lots of people who you make friendship with‚ but it is very hard to find a true and honest friend . But I am very lucky that I have a best friend with whom I can share my feelings with. His name is Max. He is very friendly‚ and I am very happy to have him as my best friend . He is very well respectful‚ hardworking

Premium Friendship Virtue High school

the appearance of my friend essay

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. This famous saying holds true. A true friend never sees only your good days and good deeds but he stands by you even on the darkest day of your life. Ramu Rao studies in my class. We have been friends since class two. On many occasions when I would forget my lunch box at home‚ he has shared his tiffin with me. Once when I nearly fought with the class bully he saved me. He thought that no good would come from bad actions and to get good things in life one

Premium Friendship Virtue Interpersonal relationship

the appearance of my friend essay

My Best Friend The year was a strange one‚ one that was beyond anything I had ever experienced before in my short 12 years on planet Earth. The Y2K scare had everyone running for water‚ food and power supplies in the beginning. I was leaving elementary school and life couldn’t be happier. Between the “summer Olympics”‚ my friends and I developed‚ the beautiful scents of the local woods‚ the ma and pa ice cream shop we went to in downtown Crete‚ Illinois‚ or the new addition of all of us reading

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my best friend

Write an essay about my best friend The best friend who can share everything with you‚ you feel comfortable aroud your friend and the best friend is ready to help you when you have difficulty. I would like to introduce my best friend to all of you. He’s TINH. He’s 26 years old‚ he comes from Ninh Binh Province. Now‚ he is living in Long An Province. I have been knowing him when I was high school. He is a good-looking man. He has brown eyes‚ a straight nose and black hair‚ he is rather tall. I

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My Best Friend Everyone has someone they would consider their best friend . Whether that someone is or isn’t related to them. Someone they can relate to‚ and/or someone they just plain get along with and/or do dumb stuff with. My best friend happens to be non-related to me‚ even though I consider her family. She is someone I can relate to and we have quite a few things in common. To describe her I would definitely need more than three words‚ but since I can only pick three I would describe her

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My Best Friend When we were in high school we do things to fit in with others‚ and to be able to say that you have at least experienced with things. Well‚ when I was in high school I got mixed up in the wrong crowd and started doing things that I am not so proud of. I was mixed up with people who used drugs and drank every day. This became such a routine thing for me that I dropped out of school after finishing my freshman year. I enrolled into GED classes but that didn’t work out because I was

Premium High school

Giglio 1 Megan Giglio Eng 111 Sect 8857 Langston 10-13-12 My Best Friend : A best friend is always someone who will be there for you when you need them the most. Who is my best friend you ask? Well her name is Megan Elizabeth Jerlin. We first met back in the fourth grade at Petrides. There we found it a coincidence that we are both named Megan and she is only eight days older than me. We got along instantly with one another. From there on out we were placed in the same class.

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My best friend

My best friend Both by myself and many other friends ‚ But she‚ her own affections’ counselor Is to herself- I will not say how true But to herself so secret‚ so close So far from sounding discovery‚ As is the bud bit with an envious worm‚ She can spread her sweet leaves to the air‚ Or dedicate her beauty to the Sun. William Shakespeare This is she‚ she and again she. The one who is the golden window of the east‚ the ballet-dancer in the dark‚ Yes‚ she… The door opened slowly and calmly

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My Best Friend Essay in English (100, 200, 300, 500 Words)

A best friend is a special and unforgettable person in our lives and will stay longer than other common friends. We share most of the things, conversations, and important talks and support them anytime in our lives.

In this topic, we are discussing the best friend and the memories that we all spent with our friends and best friends. 

We have covered an essay pattern in various paragraphs of around 100 words, 200 words, 300 words, and 500 words, respectively, that helps many of the children or students of class 2 to 12th to understand the short and descriptive essay pattern of the best friend.

Table of Contents

My Best Friend Essay 100 Words

I always thank God that he sent Rahul into my life as my best friend, and I also wish that everyone has a friend like Rahul. Rahul and I met on the first day of school after the summer vacation when we were studying in the 5th standard.

I also remember an incident when our class teacher asked him about his previous school and the place from where he came. He is a good speaker, and he gave an interesting answer to everyone in his introduction in class. 

He is good at studies and also a good athlete. He loves running and singing too, and his handwriting is also very neat and clean. I feel happy to become his friend, and he also loves my company, and we spend most of our time together.

My Best Friend Essay 200 Words

I have had a lot of friends since childhood, but Raghav is one of the kindest and most trustworthy friends for me. I must say that Rohan has been my best friend since childhood. He is a very good person and a true friend because he has a good manner that he never lies to anyone, and hates people who lie to him. He is a kind boy and also a sincere student. We both live in the same building, and our apartments are also in front of each other. 

My parents also met my friend in the school at the parents-teachers meeting, and they also like Raghav and his sincerity. We both have been in the same class from the 3rd standard until now. We are in the 10th standard now, and we both help each other in the preparation for Board exams, which will be held in the month of March. 

He always invites me to his house to play video games with him. Every Sunday, we both enjoy playing video games with popcorn and juice together. Sometimes, our school teachers also wonder about our true friendship and the strong bond between us. He has a set of badminton rackets and a shuttle, and we also play together in the evening near our building. We both love each other’s company.

My Best Friend Essay 300 Words

Everyone has at least a single friend who is more than just a friend to them. Getting a friend is common, but getting a true friend is very rare and a bit special. It is like a big achievement for people to get a trustworthy and lifelong best friend. I also had a best friend in my life too since childhood. His name is Ganaraj, and his mother is Telugu. We are neighbors too and also classmates. We always sit together in school and also spend most of the time together. 

He is a very talented person and always supports me in my studies. We both like mathematics, and also we love to solve maths numerical problems. I like to play games, and we both always play games together and participate in the sports that are held in school. Our favorite sport is Cricket, and we both are good all-rounders on our school cricket team. Our class teacher always suggests and supports us to play cricket even better and also helps in education to achieve success in life.

He is very valuable to me, and I always value his friendship as I value my parents. He is like my family, as a brother from another mother. Whenever I need his help and support, my best friend is there for me to hold me. We both live in the precious moment and create memories that will stay with me forever. Our friendship is a kind of beautiful relationship, and I hope any kind will never break these mistakes. Every Sunday, we go together to a playground near our locality, and we spend most of our time there. My parents also like Ganaraj to be my friend. Everyone is happy with our friendship and has a strong bond that never goes down in any situation.

My Best Friend Essay 500 Words

My best friend’s name is Siddhart Jadhav. We have been friends since class 7th A in Alfred Nobel High School. We both studied in the same school in childhood but not in the same class as our sections are different. Later that time, all the students from all the sections are sorted according to the previous academics’ percentages and grades and separated into four different sections. Due to this separation, I met Siddhart in the 7th A, and we became friends at that time. Later, time goes by, and our friendship bond becomes stronger, and we become best friends with each other and spend most of our time together in school, tuition, and extra classes. We also sit on the same bench in the classroom. 

Our likes and dislikes are also common, and we also love to dance and sing. In every annual gathering and other function that is held in our school, we both participate and give our best performances. We never wanted to win the competitions, our intention was to enjoy the gathering. Some of our school teachers don’t like our togetherness and friendship, but some of them loved and always blessed our strong bonded friendship to stay longer and longer. Siddharth and I always talked in the running classroom, and most of the time, our teacher also punished both of us by standing outside the classroom. We always tried to irritate the lecturer in the chemistry lectures by asking tons of doubts and questions. We eat tiffin boxes sitting on the last benches.

Apart from this naughtiness, Siddharth is very punctual, and he is never late for coming to school and attending classes. He always completes his homework at a given time and being with him, I also start studying very well and completing my homework on time. He keeps his books and copies very clean. His writing is very nice and encourages me to write cleanly and clearly for better understanding. My parents also compliment my friend that being with him, I also become responsible and a good student.

Siddharth and I are both excellent football players and athletes. When we both start playing the football game, the opponent team never wins. Our sports teacher always motivates us and tells us that we will become good football players one day. My parents also know Siddharth very much, and they like his pleasant behavior. Feel free when Siddharth and I stay together, whether for playing games, video games, study, or for going out to have fun with other classmates. Siddharth is my best friend, my first friend. He is the one who offers me help in my studies when I need it, supports me and always shows love to me, defends me, and stands by my side in any situation no matter what. 

In academics, my best friend, Siddharth, is chosen to be awarded the best student of the year in the 10th class. He is one of the brilliant students of our school and also won many of the competitions that were held in school. He is like a well-wisher, and I always enjoyed his company. He, too, feels secure and relieved by spending time with me as well. He is like a problem-solving friend to me. I never wanted to lose him in my life.

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Literacy Ideas

How To Write a My Best Friend Essay

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Definition: What Is a My Best Friend Essay?

Write about what you know is sage advice often given to fledgling writers. And what do many of our young students know more about than their trusty sidekick, who is a constant presence through thick and thin?

A My Best Friend Essay is precisely what it sounds like; an essay the student writes that is focused on their closest pal’s endearing attributes (and otherwise).

However, the My Best Friend Essay is more than just a chance for students to wax lyrical about their BFFs. It is an authentic opportunity for students to hone their composition skills and exercise their creative flair. 

All this while talking about one of their best mate – not bad!

Visual Writing Prompts

STRUCTURING a My Best Friend Essay

This is an essay. It says so right there in the title! Just how complex the structure of a student’s essay is will depend on essential factors such as age and ability. However, the 5-paragraph essay structure is a perfect framework for this type of composition.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the 5-paragraph essay is that it is easily modified to differentiate between lower or higher ability students by simply adjusting the number of paragraphs. The essay will still contain the same essential elements of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, regardless of how long it is.

The 5-paragraph (or hamburger) essay is a craft in itself and much too broad a topic to go into at length. Check out our complete guide here if you want more detail on this handy essay template.

Briefly though, in essence, the 5-paragraph essay comprises three parts:

  • The Introduction : The opening paragraph will orient the reader to the topic of the essay, in this case, by introducing the show’s star, the best friend .
  • The Body : In the traditional 5-paragraph essay, this makes up three of the five paragraphs. In this type of essay, the student will use these paragraphs to flesh out the main reasons they value their friend, or (at a more advanced level) they will tell a story about them that illustrates why they are the student’s best friend.
  • The Conclusion : In the conclusion, the student can sum up why their friend holds the hallowed title of ‘best’. Or, at a higher level, the student can use the final paragraph of their essay to look forward to the future of their relationship with their best friend. 

Daily Quick Writes For All Text Types

Daily Quick Write

Our FUN DAILY QUICK WRITE TASKS will teach your students the fundamentals of CREATIVE WRITING across all text types. Packed with 52 ENGAGING ACTIVITIES

My Best Friend Essay Story

While we are teaching a short essay on my best friend’, it can also be approached from another angle, i.e., as a nonfiction story.

While the clearcut essay format may be eminently suitable for younger students, you may wish to revisit this genre with older students, this time emphasising storytelling.

In this creative nonfiction approach, students can merge the essay format with storytelling elements such as character, setting, central conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

Constructing their best friend composition in this manner allows students to work on structuring a nonfiction text. Simultaneously, it offers them a chance to develop their creative flair.

My Best Friend in 10 Lines

Another approach particularly well-suited to younger students is the my best friend essay 10 lines format.

This helps younger students get writing by giving them a clear target to aim for, which makes planning easy.

However, you can still introduce the three elements of the 5-paragraph essay here. As students list the points they want to make in their 10 lines, they can be encouraged to group these into introduction, body, and conclusion sections. 

For example, a plan might look like this:

A ‘My Best Friend in 10 Lines’ Plan


Line 1: My friend’s name.

Line 2: What she looks like.

Line 3: Where she is from/her family.

Line 4: What friendship means to me.

Line 5: How we met.

Line 6: The kindest thing she has ever done.

Line 7: The funniest thing she has ever done.

Line 8: My absolute favorite thing about her.

Line 9: Restate why she is my best friend.

Line 10: How I see our future together.

To complete their 10-line ode to their friend, the student simply builds proper sentences around each of these (or similar) ideas.

More on Planning a My Best Friend Composition

As we can see in the sample plan above, the planning process is relatively straightforward when the 5-paragraph essay structure serves as a framework. However, we may want to take things up a notch for students of a higher ability.

A good, old-fashioned brainstorming session is an excellent starting point for the student. They can list their favorite memories and their friend’s best features.

While younger students may inevitably write something of a hagiography (a biography of a saint!), older students may want to present a more realistic portrait of their ever-present amigo.

Likewise, if the student is undertaking their composition in a narrative nonfiction form, they’ll need to map out the narrative arc of their story at the planning stage.

As with any story, the conflict will serve as the engine of the narrative. However, this conflict does not have to take the form of a problem between the writer and the best friend. After all, this text is more likely to be something of a love letter than a letter of complaint. Instead, the conflict is more likely to take the form of a problem or a challenge faced by the writer and their pal together.

Whether or not the student’s text will take a full-blown story form, true-to-life anecdotes will bring life to the student’s writing. The planning process is the perfect time to dump these onto paper, even if they don’t all make it into the final draft.

How to Start a MY Best Friend Essay

As with most text types, fiction or nonfiction, the writer will want to grab the reader’s attention from the outset. An effective way of doing this is by using a hook.

How to Hook The Reader

The student writer has many methods available to grasp the reader’s attention. While some of these will only be suitable for more advanced students, most can be adapted with a bit of effort for our younger writers.

  • Start in the Middle of the Action

Technically known as, In Medias Res , this technique involves opening the story in the middle of a moment of dramatic tension with the exposition filled in later. This type of wizardry is probably best reserved for the more skilled student writer.

  • Make a Bold Promise at the Outset

The promise of a big payoff can undoubtedly catch a reader’s eye and draw them in, but the student-writer must follow through later in the text. For less experienced students, you may want to offer a writing prompt to help out here. For example, 

My best friend Jack is truly one of a kind, but just how special he is wasn’t clear to me until the day a fire broke out in our school.

Students can quickly adapt such prompts by changing the event mentioned to their own circumstances.

  • Create a Sense of Intimacy

Another way to grasp the reader’s interest is to create a sense of intimacy right from the start. This can be achieved by addressing the reader directly in a conversational tone. Students should use informal language and approach writing their text as if they were speaking to a close friend – this is perfect for this writing style.

  • Open with an Anecdote

Another way to create interest (and a sense of intimacy) is to open up with an interesting anecdote about the friend. Students can select an interesting or humorous story to use as a carrot to entice the reader in. The student could substitute an exciting or amusing fact in shorter pieces for a full-blown anecdote.

  • Begin with a Quotation

Quotes are a great way to garner attention. There are many online repositories of inspirational quotes on every topic under the sun where students can find a golden nugget of friendship-based wisdom to open their masterpieces. They must simply type in keywords such as ‘famous’, ‘quotes’, and ‘friendship’ to uncover a smorgasbord of well-articulated wisdom for students to choose from. However, students should ensure the sentiment expressed in their selected quote ties into the type of friendship described in their work.

Working the Body

As we stated earlier in this article, the 5-paragraph essay structure, or the narrative writing arc, lays out a suitable template for the student-writer to work their way through the body of their text. However, it’s worth pointing out five areas where a little attention can significantly impact.

  • Get Specific

The devil’s in the details. The more specific the student is in their writing, the more effectively they will communicate with the reader.

Encourage students to be as precise as possible in their descriptions. A thesaurus is an excellent tool to help students find just the right word for the job.

  • Vary Sentence Length

Often, emergent writers rely on the same couple of simple sentence structures in their writing. This soon makes the writing monotonous for the reader; if they continue to read, it is only with effort that they will finish the student’s work.

Variety is not only the spice of life but also the spice of good writing. Encourage students to vary their sentence structures and alternate between long and short sentences to diversify the rhythm of their writing and evoke interest on the reader’s part.

  • Use Dialogue

Weaving dialogue into a my best friend essay text is a great way to bring colour and variety to a student’s writing. It also allows the student to practice punctuating dialogue – an essential skill!

Students will need to learn to listen carefully if they are to be able to write how people actually speak. Encouraging them to read their dialogue aloud is an effective way to check if it rings true.

  • Incorporate Literary Devices

Though this is undoubtedly a nonfiction text, it has firm roots in creative writing too. Students should incorporate some of the literary techniques and devices that we’d more commonly associate with poetry and fiction writing to add colour, creativity, and imagination to their writing.

For example, for younger students, physical descriptions of their BFF provide the perfect opportunity to introduce similes and hyperbole. Don’t be afraid to get comical here; writing should be fun, after all. 

Does their friend have a big nose? How big? As big as an elephant’s trunk, perhaps?

Just make sure students avoid being too mean or poking fun at areas too sensitive for their friends.

It is easy to differentiate different abilities by challenging stronger students to use more complex literary devices in their work. Zoomorphism anyone?

  • Evoke the Five Senses

Emergent writers often display a bias towards only using the sense of sight in their descriptions. To bring their writing up a notch, encourage your students to employ all five senses in their writing.

By evoking the sense of hearing, smell, taste, and touch in their work, students will help their writing to come alive in the reader’s imagination.


In a regular 5-paragraph essay, the concluding paragraph is usually the time to summarize the main arguments and drive home the thesis statement one more time. Obviously, things are a little bit different in a “my best friend essay.”

Of course, students can take the opportunity to revisit and restate the main reasons why their best friend holds the best-friend-championship belt. Still, there is a more artistic way to use their composition’s final paragraph.

Ask students to think about their friendship and where they see it in five, ten, twenty, or even forty years.

Undoubtedly, for younger students, in particular, this may be a bit of a challenge, but it can be a fun thought experiment too. Students can pose themselves questions to help, such as:

  • Will we be neighbours?
  • Will we work together?
  • Will our children go to school together? Etc.

Taking a tentative step into the possibilities of the future can make for an impactful ending.


My Best Friend Essay | Slide2 | How To Write a My Best Friend Essay |

So that should get you well on your way to creating an excellent my best friend essay that will not only get you some great grades but also score you some brownie points.


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Essays About Best Friends: 5 Essay Examples and 7 Prompts

If you’re writing an essay and want to put your best friend in the spotlight, check out these essay examples on essays about best friends. 

Best friends are those with whom we have formed a deep and unique bond. What makes them remarkably special is that we chose them unlike with family. For this, some even consider their best friends to be extensions of themselves. 

We all trust our best friends wholeheartedly; that’s why they are the best people to confide in. And many of the lasting memories in our lives are those that we create with them. These memories could be filled with waves of boisterous laughter or even the most piercing pain when your friendship is tested.

Read on and find essay examples and prompts that could motivate you to write about best friends.

5 Essay Examples

1. how friendships change in adulthood by julie beck, 2. diamonds are not this girl’s best friend by courtney carver, 3. how to tell your best friend you’re in love with them – by those who have taken the plunge by sirin kale, 4. my best friend died: a real-life guide to coping by gabrielle applebury, 5. is it normal to not have a best friend by viktor sander, 7 helpful writing prompts on essays about best friends, 1. describe your best friend, 2. hanging out with your best friend , 3. long distance friendship, 4. cutting off toxic best friends, 5. falling in love with your best friend, 6. famous literary friendships, 7. a dog is a man’s best friend.

“Hanging out with a set of lifelong best friends can be annoying, because the years of inside jokes and references often make their communication unintelligible to outsiders. But this sort of shared language is part of what makes friendships last.”

The above essay delves into the evolution of friendship throughout the different stages of our lives, from childhood and teen years to family life and retirement. While we have all deferred a meetup with friends several times to attend to family and work, many people still treat their friendship as stable and continuous, even in long lapses in communication. 

You might also find these essays about camping trips helpful.

“My best friend is a magical, rooftop sunrise. My best friend is the ocean. My best friend is a hike in the mountains. My best friend is a peaceful afternoon. My best friend is a really good book. My best friend is laughter. My best friend is seeing the world. My best friend is time with people I love.”

This essay takes on a broader definition of a “best friend,” deriving from Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote: “Diamond are a girl’s best friend.” From having excessive material wants for every occasion, the author realizes that the greatest “friends” in life are not material things but the simple joys that nature and love can bring.

“It was supposed to go the way things do in the movies. Nora would tell her best friend that she loved him, he would feel the same way and then they would kiss – preferably in the rain. So when the 30-year-old arts manager declared her love for her best friend when they were still teenagers, she expected a happy ending.”

Check out these essays about beauty .

The essay by Srirn Kale treats its readers to compelling stories of best friends ending up in marriage and those parting ways because of unrequited love. But, before taking the bold step of declaring your love for your best friend, a relationship guru advises lovers first to read the signs that signal any reciprocity of these deep feelings. 

“Losing a best friend may be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking experiences you have in your lifetime. If you aren’t sure how to process that your best friend died, know that there are many healthy options when it comes to coping with this type of loss.”

Coping with losing a best friend could lead to depression or even suicidal thoughts, especially if your best friend means the world to you. Some coping tips include journaling your grieving process to understand your emotions and confusion better and doing things that can relive your best friend’s memories. 

“If you are happy with the friends you currently have, there’s no need to try making a best friend for the sake of it. You might have friends but no best friend; that’s perfectly OK. It’s not necessary to have a BFF.” 

Not everyone has a best friend. Some would find this fact hard to believe, but a YouGov survey has shown that 1 in 5 of the US population claims to have no close friends. The essay, therefore, explores the reasons for this friendlessness and gives tips on building a bond with potential best friends, starting with your existing circle of acquaintances.

Check out our top writing prompts to help you celebrate and write about best friends.

Essays About Best Friends: Describe your best friend

Begin this essay by describing what your best friend looks like and what traits you like most about them. Then, given these qualities, would you consider your best friend a role model? Your essay can also answer how similar you and your best friend are and what things you both agree on. But if you have more differences than similarities, write how you deal with them or put them aside.

In this essay, describe your favorite ways to hang out with your best friend. What do you like doing together? Describe what a day spent with your best friend looks like and which part you like most about your dates. If your conversations draw your mutual admiration for each other, then talk about what topics make you talk for hours on end and their perspectives on things that you find fascinating.

Do different time zones make friends grow apart? Or does distance make the heart grow fonder? First, interview two to three people whose best friends moved to a different country or city. Next, learn how frequently they communicate with each other. Finally, compile these stories and make a smooth transition to each one such that the structure highlights the challenges of long-distance friendships and how each set of friends gets by. 

Discarding best friends is a hard decision. But it is also brave if you feel they are dragging you down. For this prompt, you can pose a list of questions readers can ask themselves to grasp the situation better. For example, is your friend doing you more harm than good? Have you set boundaries that they find hard to respect? Then, explain how reflecting on each question can help one determine when it is time to cut some ties loose.

Falling in love with your best friend can only end in two scenarios: a happy ever after or an end of a beautiful relationship. Expanding on our essay prompt above, list down more tips to know when it is best to confront your best friend about your feelings or work hard to quash your emotions for the continuity of the relationship.

Pick out best friends from novels that formed friendships that touched you the most. They could be Harry, Ron, Hermoine of Harry Potter, Frodo, Sam of the Lord Of The Rings, or even Sherlock and Watson From The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. First, describe what it is in their friendship that you find most riveting. Then, narrate events that served as the biggest tests to their friendships and how they conquered these challenges. 

What about dogs that some people find more lovable than others? Answer this in your essay by outlining the traits that make a dog the ideal best friend. For one, their loyalty makes us confident that they will not betray us. If you have a dog, write about the qualities that make your dog a reliable and fun companion. Then, narrate events when your dog proved to be your best friend. 

If you’re still stuck, check out our general resource of essay writing topics . 

If you want to ensure that your thoughts flow smoothly in your essay, check out our guide packed full of transition words for essays .

the appearance of my friend essay

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Essay on My Best Friend for Students and Children

500+ words essay on my best friend.

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to have. We meet a lot of people in the journey of life but there are only a few who leave a mark on us. My best friend is one such person who has been able to make a positive impact on my life. We have been a part of each other’s lives for the longest time and our friendship is still developing. She has been with me through all the thicks and thins. Most importantly, I feel extremely fortunate to have someone as a best friend in my life. In this essay on my best friend, I will tell you about how we became friends and about her best qualities.

Essay on my best friend

Our Friendship

Our friendship started when my best friend came in as a new admission to our class. Both of us were hesitant to talk to each other at first, but gradually we developed a bond. I remember the first time my best friend tried to talk to me; I rolled my eyes because I thought there was no use and we wouldn’t hit it off. However, to my surprise, we became best friends by the end of the session year.

We learned so many things about each other and found out that our taste in music and fashion was so similar. Since then, there was no stopping us. We spent all our time together and our friendship became the talk of the class. We used to help each other out in studies and visited each other’s homes as well. We made sure to have lunch together on Sundays. We also used to watch movies and cartoons together.

On our summer break, we even went to summer camp together and made a lot of memories. Once during the summer holidays, she also accompanied me to my maternal grandparents’ home. We had a fabulous time there. Moreover, we even invented our own handshake which only both of us knew. Through this bond, I learned that family doesn’t end with blood because my best friend was no less than my family. Friendship is one relationship that you choose, unlike all other relationships.

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Qualities of My Best Friend

I feel one of the main reasons why I formed such a bond with my best friend was because of the qualities she possesses. Her courage always inspired me to raise my voice against injustice as she always stood up to her bullies. She is also one of the smartest minds in class who doesn’t only excel academically but also in life. I have never seen a dancer as good as my best friend, the accolades she has won are proof of her talent.

Above all, I feel the quality that appeals to me the most is her compassion . Whether it’s towards humans or animals, she always keeps the same approach. For instance, there was an injured stray dog that was wailing in pain, my best friend did not only get him treated but she also adopted him.

the appearance of my friend essay

Similarly, she saw a poor old woman on the streets one day and she only had money for her lunch. My best friend did not hesitate once before giving all of it to the poor lady. That incident made me respect her even more and inspired me to help the underprivileged more often.

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In short, the bond I share with my best friend is one of my most prized possessions. Both of us inspire each other to become better humans. We push each other to do our best and we are always there in need. A best friend is indeed a precious gem and I am fortunate to have found that gem of my life.

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FAQs on Essay on My Best Friend

Q.1 Why is it important to have a best friend?

A.1 It is important for everyone to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom one can share everything. In other words, it gets tough to share things with your parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we never hesitate. Additionally, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Q.2 What are the essential qualities of a best friend?

A.2 A best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another. Subsequently, one must always look out for their best friends in times of need.

Q.3. Should you consider all your friends on various Social media as true friends?

A.3  You may have a number of friends on Social media, but they cannot be considered as true friends. Most of them are mere acquaintances. People with whom you talk only occasionally because they are in the same school, college, colony or workplace, but there is no bond of a true friend are acquaintances. A true friend is a person to whom you would go during your hard time seeking help. However, some acquaintances may become friends as time passes by. Thus, we can say that all friends on Social media are not your true friends.

Q.4. Can you have a negative influence on your life due to friends?

A.4  Friends greatly influence one’s life. It is always said that your company defines your character. Friends with good qualities have a positive influence on your life. They motivate you and guide you. Similarly, friends who have bad qualities can negatively influence your life.

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127 Friendship Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

When you have a good friendship topic, essay writing becomes as easy as it gets. We have some for you!

📝 Friendship Essay Structure

🏆 best friendship topic ideas & essay examples, 💡 good essay topics on friendship, 🎓 simple & easy friendship essay titles, 📌 most interesting friendship topics to write about, ❓ research questions about friendship.

Describing a friend, talking about your relationship and life experiences can be quite fun! So, take a look at our topics on friendship in the list below. Our experts have gathered numerous ideas that can be extremely helpful for you. And don’t forget to check our friendship essay examples via the links.

Writing a friendship essay is an excellent way to reflect on your relationships with other people, show your appreciation for your friends, and explore what friendship means to you. What you include in your paper is entirely up to you, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t structure it properly. Here is our advice on structuring an essay on friendship:

  • Begin by selecting the right topic. It should be focused and creative so that you can earn a high mark. Think about what friendship means to you and write down your thoughts. Reflect on your relationship with your best friend and see if you can write an essay that incorporates these themes. If these steps didn’t help – don’t worry! Fortunately, there are many web resources that can help you choose. Browse samples of friendship essays online to see if there are any topics that interest you.
  • Create a title that reflects your focus. Paper titles are important because they grasp the reader’s attention and make them want to read further. However, many people find it challenging to name their work, so you can search for friendship essay titles online if you need to.
  • Once you get the first two steps right, you can start developing the structure of your essay. An outline is a great tool because it presents your ideas in a clear and concise manner and ensures that there are no gaps or irrelevant points. The most basic essay outline has three components: introduction, body, and conclusion. Type these out and move to the next step. Compose an introduction. Your introduction should include a hook, some background information, and a thesis. A friendship essay hook is the first sentence in the introduction, where you draw the reader’s attention. For instance, if you are creating an essay on value of friendship, include a brief description of a situation where your friends helped you or something else that comes to mind. A hook should make the reader want to read the rest of the essay. After the hook, include some background information on your chosen theme and write down a thesis. A thesis statement is the final sentence of the first paragraph that consists of your main argument.
  • Write well-structured body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should start with one key point, which is then developed through examples, references to resources, or other content. Make sure that each of the key points relates to your thesis. It might be useful to write out all of your key points first before you write the main body of the paper. This will help you to see if any of them are irrelevant or need to be swapped to establish a logical sequence. If you are composing an essay on the importance of friendship, each point should show how a good friend can make life better and more enjoyable. End each paragraph with a concluding sentence that links it to the next part of the paper.
  • Finally, compose a conclusion. A friendship essay conclusion should tie together all your points and show how they support your thesis. For this purpose, you should restate your thesis statement at the beginning of the final paragraph. This will offer your reader a nice, well-balanced closure, leaving a good impression of your work.

We hope that this post has assisted you in understanding the basic structure of a friendship paper. Don’t forget to browse our website for sample papers, essay titles, and other resources!

  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu Friendship Essay The role of friendship in the Epic of Gilgamesh is vital. This essay unfolds the theme of friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu that develops in the course of the story.
  • Friendship of Amir and Hassan in The Kite Runner The idea of friendship in The Kite Runner is considered to be one of the most important, particularly in terms of how friendship is appreciated by boys of different classes, how close the concepts of […]
  • Classification of Friendship Best friends An acquaintance is someone whose name you know, who you see every now and then, who you probably have something in common with and who you feel comfortable around.
  • Friendship and Friend’s Support It is the ability to find the right words for a friend, help in a difficult moment, and find a way out together.
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine on Friendship: Term Paper Augustine of Hippo believes that the only real source of friendship is God, and he adds that it is only through this God-man relationship that people can understand the ideal meaning of friendship.
  • Friendship as a Personal Relationship Friends should be people who are sources of happiness to one another and will not forsake each other even when everybody around is against them.
  • “Is True Friendship Dying Away?” and “The Price We Pay” Then Purpose of the essay is to depict the way social media such as Facebook and Twitter have influenced the lifestyles of every person in the world.
  • Defining of True Friendship This is the same devotion that my friends and I have toward each other. Another thing that best defines friends is the sacrifices that they are willing to make for each other.
  • Friendship in The Old Man and The Sea The book was the last published during the author’s lifetime, and some critics believe that it was his reflection on the topics of death and the meaning of life.
  • Friendship’s Philosophical Description In order for a friendship to exist, the two parties must demonstrate first and foremost a willingness to ensure that only the best occurs to their counterpart.
  • Greek and Roman Perspectives on Male Friendship in Mythology The reason for such attitude can be found in the patriarchal culture and the dominant role of free adult males in the Greek and Roman social life. However, this was not the only, and probably […]
  • Friendship as Moral Experience One of the things I have realized over the course of the last few years is that while it is possible to experience friendship and have a deep, spiritual connection with another person, it is […]
  • Friendship in the ‘Because of Winn Dixie’ by Kate Dicamillo In the book “Because of Winn Dixie”, Kate DiCamillo focuses on a ten-year-old girl India Opal Buloni and her friend, a dog named Winn Dixie.
  • Effect of Friendship on Students’ Emotional Health The study discovered a significant positive correlation between the quality of new friendships and adjustment to university; this association is more robust for students living in residence than those commuting to university. Friday and Adkins […]
  • Friendship’s meaning around the world Globally it’s very ludicrous today for people to claim that they are in a friendship yet they do not even know the true meaning of friendship.
  • Friendship Type – Companionship Relationship A friendship is ideally not an obsession since the latter involves a craving for another person that might even lead to violence just to be in site of the other party.
  • “Feminism and Modern Friendship” by Marilyn Friedman Individualism denies that the identity and nature of human beings as individuals is a product of the roles of communities as well as social relationships.
  • Faux Friendship and Social Networking The modern-day relationships have dissolved the meaning of the word friendship; as aromatic lovers refer to each other as friends, parents want their children to think of them as friends, teachers, clergymen and bosses have […]
  • The Theme of Friendship in the “Arranged” Film As can be seen, friendship becomes the source of improved emotional and mental well-being, encouraging Rochel and Nasira to remain loyal to their values and beliefs.
  • True Friendship from Personal Perspective The perfect understanding of another person’s character and visions is one of the first characteristics of a true friendship. In such a way, true friendship is an inexhaustible source of positive emotions needed for everyone […]
  • How to Develop a Friendship: Strategies to Meet New Friends Maintaining a connection with old friends and finding time to share life updates with them is a good strategy not to lose ties a person already has. A person should work hard to form healthy […]
  • Friendship: To Stay or to Leave Each member of the group found out who really is a friend and who is not. This implies that the level of trust is high between Eddie and Vic.
  • Trust Aspect of Friendship: Qualitative Study Given the previous research on preserving close communication and terminating it, the authors seek to examine the basics of productive friendship and the circumstances that contribute to the end of the interaction.
  • Friendship and Peer Networking in Middle Childhood Peer networking and friendship have a great impact on the development of a child and their overall well-being. Students in elementary need an opportunity to play and network with their peers.
  • Friendship in “The Song of Roland” This phrase sums up Roland’s predicament in the book as it relates to his reluctance to sound the Oliphant horn. In the final horn-blowing episode, Roland is aggressively persuaded to blow the horn for Charlemagne’s […]
  • Analysis of Internet Friendship Issues Despite the correlation that develops on the internet, the question of whether social media can facilitate and guarantee the establishment of a real friend has remained a key area of discussion.
  • The Importance of Friendship in “The Epic of Gilgamesh” At the beginning of the story, Gilgamesh, the king of the Sumerian city of Uruk, despite achievements in the development of the town, causes the dislike of his subjects.
  • Educator-Student Relationships: Friendship or Authority? Ford and Sassi present the view that the combination of authority and the establishment of interpersonal relations should become the way to improve the performance of learners.
  • Friendship in the Film “The Breakfast Club” The main themes which can be identified in the storyline are crisis as a cause and catalyst of friendship, friendship and belonging, and disclosure and intimacy in friendship.
  • Friendship Police Department Organizational Change The one that is going to challenge the efforts, which will be aimed at rectifying the situation, is the lack of trust that the employees have for the new leader who they expect to become […]
  • Friendship in the Analects and Zhuangzi Texts The author of “The Analects of Confucius” uses the word friend in the first section of the text to emphasize the importance of friendship.
  • Is There Friendship Between Women? In conclusion, comparing my idea of women’s friendship discussed in my proposal to the theoretic materials of the course I came to a conclusion that strong friendship between women exists, and this is proved in […]
  • Online Friendship Formationby in Mesch’s View The modern world tends to the situation when people develop the greatest empathy towards their online friends because it seems that the ratio and the deepness of these relationships can be controlled; written and posted […]
  • Canadian-American Diefenbaker-Eisenhower Friendship In particular, the paper investigates the Mandatory Oil Import Program and the exemption of Canada from this initiative as well as the historical treaty that was officially appended by the two leaders in regard to […]
  • Friendship from a Sociological Perspective For example Brazilians studying in Europe and United States were met with the stereotypes that Brazilians are warm people and are easy to establish friendships.
  • Friendship Influencing Decisions When on Duty The main stakeholders are the local community, the judge, and the offenders. The right of the society is to receive objective and impartial treatment of its members.
  • “Understanding Others, and Individual Differences in Friendship Interaction in Young Children”: Article Analysis The aspect of socio-cognitive abilities of small children in the process of interaction was disclosed with the help of psychological theories.
  • Friendship: Sociological Term Review But one is not aware of that type of friendship; it is necessary to study it. Friendship is a matter of consciousness; love is absolutely unconscious.
  • The Significance of Friendship in Yeonam The paper examines the depth and extent to which Yeonam was ready to go and if he was bound by the norms of the human friendship and association of his era.
  • Cicero and Plutarch’s Views on Friendship He believed that befriending a man for sensual pleasures is the ideal of brute beasts; that is weak and uncertain with caprice as its foundation than wisdom. It is this that makes such carelessness in […]
  • Friendship: The Meaning and Relevance Although the basic definition of a friendship falls under the category of somebody whom we feel a level of affection and trust for or perhaps a favored companion, the truth of the matter is that […]
  • Gender and Cultural Studies: Intimacy, Love and Friendship Regardless of the driving force, intimacy and sexual connections are common in many happy relationships. Of significance is monogamy whose definition among the heterosexuals and lesbians remains a challenge.
  • Social Media Communication and Friendship According to Maria Konnikova, social media have altered the authenticity of relationships: the world where virtual interactions are predominant is likely to change the next generation in terms of the ability to develop full social […]
  • Fate of Friendship and Contemporary Ethics Is friendship possible in the modern world dominated by pragmatism and will it exist in the future? For instance, Cicero takes the point of view of the social entity, in other words, he defines friendship […]
  • Feminism and Modern Friendship While criticizing these individuals, Marilyn asserts that the omission of sex and gender implies that these individuals wanted to affirm that social attachment such as societies, families, and nationalities contribute to identity rather than sex […]
  • Creating a Friendship Culture This family will ensure every church member and youth is part of the youth ministry. I will always help every newcomer in the ministry.
  • Friendship is in Everyone’s Life Though, different books were written in different times, the descriptions of a friendship have the same essence and estimate that one cannot be completely satisfied with his/her life if one does not have a friend.
  • Intimacy, Love and Friendship and how they translate to employability The use of love and its conventions in the NAB campaigns is an illustration of how love as a concept can be used to translate to employability.
  • Intimacy, Love and Friendship In the past, women in Australia led a life characterized by a lot of hardships because of the harsh traditions that they were supposed to follow.
  • Contemporary Understanding of Intimacy and Friendship The Social Network film discusses how Facebook was developed and the challenges of developing the giant social site. Many people are of the view that Facebook has the effect of enslaving them by making their […]
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  • Gender Stereotyping and Friendship: Women Relationships The most interesting about this article is its ending which states that” the core of a friendship has to have more in-person interactions and experience”.
  • The Impact of Friendship in the Epic of Gilgamesh The elusive coalition between Enkidu and Gilgamesh, their fateful destinies and eventual epiphanies broaden the societal apprehension of the elements/value of friendship as expounded in the next discussion.
  • Woman Intimacy and Friendship with the Appearance of Social Media The anonymity provided by the social media makes this medium very appealing to both women and men as they are able to “reconstruct” themselves to a level they deem “cool” enough to garner more desired […]
  • Childhood Friendship and Psychology Based on their research, they have founded a theory, according to which it is assumed that the children consider close relationship, appraisals, and sharing common interests as something very important to them and on the […]
  • Aristotle’s Ideas on Civic Relationships: Happiness, the Virtues, Deliberation, Justice, and Friendship On building trust at work, employers are required to give minimum supervision to the employees in an effort to make the latter feel a sense of belonging and responsibility.
  • Gender Role Development and Friendship As far as the conflict goes, the boy’s main problem is that he is unwilling to change his behavior towards a socially accepted one under the pretext that girls are more beautiful and, therefore, it […]
  • Article Study on the Friendship Concept In the critical review article, the views of Norman Kutcher on the formation of friendships are discussed in detail. In this article, the views of other scholars are discussed in order to strengthen the works […]
  • Henry Thoreau: The Concept of the Friendship Not every person is able to understand the essence of nature, its uniqueness, and importance. To my mind, his close connection to nature and a kind of isolation from people helped him to understand deeper […]
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  • Do Friends Generally Have Similar Educational Interests?
  • What Individual and Country-Level Factors Might Interact With Friendship Importance to Predict Health and Well-Being?
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The Person I Admire The Most Is My Friend (Essay Sample)

Table of Contents


Is there a friendship in your life that pushes you to become better? Is there anyone in mind that makes you think, “I admire my friend”?

This essay focuses on the author’s most meaningful friendship. She shares reasons why she admires this friend and recalls the impressive character traits she possesses. She also shares the lessons she learned from her friend who lives by example.

Inspired to write your own essay about the person you look up to? Check out our website for essay writing services that can help you piece together those avid praises for your best friends.

The Person I Admire The Most is My Friend

I know that everybody can think of a specific person who they admire in life. Whether it’s their character traits, physical features, or social skills, each human has a specific set of attractive things about them that are admirable to others.

The one person that I admire most in my life is my friend Prisca. I look up to and appreciate her simply because of her beauty, brains, and sophisticated nature.

Shallow Focus Photo of Woman Using Game boy

It goes without saying that Prisca is known for her beauty. In fact, that’s what most people say first when they think of her. She has long, curly brown hair, brown eyes that are big and round like saucers, and a perfect body. She is four inches tall with slender legs and a bright and contagious smile. I admire her physical appearance that is enviable and eye-catching.

Prisca, My Best Friend

Prisca has personality traits that make her unique and admirable.

First, she is agreeable. Prisca is very kind; she is friendly, generous, and considerate. You can always expect her to be busy helping others. She is also mindful of how she supports her community. Moreover, she is very cooperative; she willingly and nicely works with other people to achieve a shared goal. Whenever she is free, she always pitches in to help me with my class assignments, and sometimes even hard chores in the house.

Photo of Two Women Smiling Wearing White Shirt

Her sophistication and sense of wisdom are commendable. She is hardworking and creative, and this is reflected in her amazing grades. She’s at the top of her class in all subjects and has won numerous competitions at school. She is a go-getter who believes in hard work and consistency.

For as long as I can remember, she has always been referred to as a good example in school, church, and the neighborhood. She is up-to-date and knowledgeable about current world events as she makes it a point to read a lot of books and newspapers. Her taste for fashion and accessories is great and admirable.

Life Lessons from Prisca

On many occasions, Prisca stays genuinely true to herself. She is definitely not a people-pleaser and is very clear on her values and convictions. She is true to who she is. She will not try to be a clone of other people just to be accepted. She speaks up when feeling annoyed to express and release her anger.

Prisca leads by example. She encourages all her friends and younger siblings to be disciplined by being disciplined herself. She is respectful towards everyone and obedient to authorities, and she always abides by rules and codes of behavior.

Photo of Three Laughing Woman Sitting on White Couch

Moreover, Prisca is selfless. She always makes time to be there for people who need her help. She will give of herself, even when she doesn’t have much to share, whether it’s material or intangible needs. She is always more concerned about the needs and wishes of others and not her own. She takes an active part in community initiatives intended to help and improve the lives of the less fortunate in the locality.

She is straightforward and humble. She always stands by the truth even when faced with the dangers of being left by friends or being victimized. She barely tells lies. Most importantly, even with her wonderful accomplishments, she remains grounded. She doesn’t brag or show off to her peers and friends. She is down to earth and has never paraded around pridefully.

Every person has someone in his or her life that he or she admires for reasons best known to him or her. With Prisca, it’s the fact that she is comfortable with herself. Her beauty compounded with her character makes her a friend for keeps. She is someone I intend to keep in my life.

Whether you went to the same school or have known each other your whole life,  you and the person you look up to should be in the kind of friendship that brings out the best in each other. I know that Prisca has always encouraged me to become the best I can be. I hope you have someone who can give you that kind of confidence boost, too.

Things I Admire About My Best Friend (Short Essay Sample)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I admire respect my good friend Prisca. We started hanging out in elementary school and the rest is history.

It was my mom who encouraged me to start a conversation with Prisca when we sat together in English class on the first day of school. I was feeling timid and shy and was drawn to how Prisca would easily befriend the other children. Even the teachers were fond of her because she knew how to have fun and make people laugh while learning at the same time.

I’m proud to call her one of my closest friends today. Prisca is the reason why I have the confidence and ability to connect with other people warmly. She helped me get over my nervousness in talking to others and accompanied me during breaks to converse with classmates.

I’ll never forget how wonderful a friend Prisca is. In fact, I wish everyone I know had someone like her. Not only is she the first reason I am able to do well in life today, but she also encourages me to relentlessly dream big for my future.

How To Write An Essay About Someone You Admire?

To craft a meaningful piece about the person you admire, think of the reasons why you admire him or her. Look at the different aspects of his or her life story – from the physical and social, to the mental and emotional. How does this person make you feel? How does this person encourage you? Are you a better person with him or her in your life? You can also talk about how the two of you met and what the circumstances were. Share what drew you to him or her in the first place, and how your friendship formed. Talk about the good times, but don’t leave out the challenges you both faced in your friendship.

The Qualities That Make A Person Admirable

There are many ways for someone to be admirable. He or she could be someone who leads by modeling first, so his or her authenticity and transparency are characteristics that are attractive to others. They could have a vast knowledge of a topic that other people wish they knew more about. They could be generous with their time. They could have the ability to hope during even the toughest and darkest of times. They could teach very well. They could make things happen just by their sheer influence. They could give the most sensible and practical advice and don’t offer an opinion that’s unsolicited. They generally make it hard for you to imagine life without them.

the appearance of my friend essay

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Someone i admire.

the appearance of my friend essay

Look at the description and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.


Do the preparation exercise first. Then do the other exercises.


My cousin laura.

Someone I admire is my cousin Laura. She’s five years older than me, so she’s 19 now and she lives in Bristol. She’s very friendly and confident and she’s got long, wavy, brown hair and greeny-brown eyes. She’s medium height, slim and very fit because she’s a dancer.

She’s been dancing since she was six years old and trains every day at her dance school. She wants to be a professional dancer, but it’s a very difficult profession because it’s so competitive. She often dances in shows and I’ve been to watch her several times. Her favourite type of dance is modern, which is sometimes a bit strange, but I love watching her dance.

Laura is very busy because she also studies photography at university. She’s a really good photographer and has taken lots of amazing photos of me and my family. Her photos have won a few prizes and last year one of her photos was in an exhibition at an art gallery in London.

Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time and she’s also trying to learn German because she wants to go to Germany next year to do a photography course. I think Laura is very hard-working and she deserves to become a professional dancer one day.

Check your understanding: multiple choice

Check your writing: grouping - vocabulary about appearance, check your writing: gap fill - completing a description, worksheets and downloads.

Tell us about a friend or family member who you admire.

the appearance of my friend essay

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Self-Portrait Essay: Examples and How to Write a Portrait

The picture contains a definition of a portrait essay.

A portrait essay presents a personality to the readers. It usually focuses on the aspects of life that are the most exciting or unique.

It comprises two types of papers: a self-portrait essay and a portrait of another person. This article explains how to write these assignments with utmost efficiency. You will find the best tips, ideas, and samples to describe yourself or someone else as precisely as possible.

👧 Self-Portrait Essay

A self-portrait essay is a piece of writing that describes the author’s looks and personal qualities . It uses evocative images and characteristic details to show why this person stands out from the crowd. As a rule, it is a descriptive or reflective essay. Still, it can be argumentative if you want to contradict someone else’s opinion about you.

How to Write a Self-Portrait

Below you’ll find several ideas for a self-portrait essay. These are just general guidelines. If you need a creative and well-formulated topic, you are welcome to use our topic-generating tool .

The picture contains a list of self-portrait essay ideas.

  • Start the introduction with an introduction. We are not talking about “Hi, my name is Cathy,” although this variant is also possible in some contexts. Tell about your family and where you live. Do not just list facts as if you are answering a questionnaire. Make up a background story.
  • Imagine yourself a book character . How would you describe yourself if you wrote a book about your life ? This approach can make your self-portrait essay more poetic and literary. Replace the epithets that can describe many people (straight nose, thin lips, high forehead) with metaphors (a nose as straight as an arrow, paper-thin lips, expansive forehead). It will make your essay more memorable.
  • Speak about objects & stories. Appearance is only a tiny part of your personality . Your life consists of items you like, people you love, and stories you create. That’s what you readers will enjoy reading!
  • Conclude with your hopes for the future. Do not reiterate what you said before, even if you cannot imagine anything new. Write how you would like to develop your skills or become a better professional in the future. Make your essay open-ended, as any human life is.

Self-Portrait Essay Example

Who am I? What kind of person am I? What do I like? What do I want to become? In this essay, I will describe my appearance and how it reflects my inner world. Looking in the mirror, I see a slender but slightly skinny girl. I have an oval face, a small straight nose, and sparkling eyes. It is the eyes that make my friends and acquaintances look at my face. They are profound, although they add playfulness to my face. In cloudy weather, they acquire a dark steel shade. When it is sunny, they brighten up. In general, I have kind gray eyes. As my friends say, it seems that they “laugh.” That’s what I am all about. I am kind, cheerful, moderately strict, and responsive. I have a high forehead, hidden behind curtain bangs, and beautiful thick eyebrows of the correct shape hidden under the bangs. But this is not a gift from nature. I had to work on the form of the eyebrows on my own. My lips are not thin, but not full either. Behind them, there are snow-white teeth. The hair is straight, although I always wanted to have curls. It is wheat-colored and reaches the shoulders. I am a purposeful person, so I always set tasks that I immediately try to accomplish. But I never stop in my development. I raise the bar even higher and confidently put the next goal. It is essential for me to be the best in everything, so I have to work harder. Most likely, this is my drawback, but this quality fuels me to keep on growing. I would like to become firm, successful, and self-confident.

👨‍🎨️ Descriptive Portrait Essay

A descriptive essay about a person is a genre that analyzes the individual features and human qualities of a given person. People have so many different sides that there is a broad array of possibilities in this genre. Write of someone you know well enough (to have sufficient material).

Essay About a Person: Ideas

Below you’ll find six great ideas for an essay about a person.

  • Describe appearance . First impressions are the most lasting . Your readers will get your message better if you give them a “picture.” It will play the role of a whiteboard where you’ll attack all the other traits.
  • Link appearance to personality traits . But looks are not everything. They are the top of the iceberg. Show your reader why you paid attention to those characteristics and which conclusions you made.
  • Mention their manners . It is optional but quite exciting to track. We are not stable, and our manners reflect those emotional shifts. Describe how the person behaves in stressful situations .
  • Spot the emotions they raise in you . This part will make a perfect conclusion. Share your feelings with the readers to build empathy.
  • Balance between being concise and informative . Avoid overwhelming your reader with irrelevant details. If the described person is someone you know well, it may be challenging to point out what is worth mentioning and what is not.
  • Learn how to describe from professionals . If you wish to learn how to write, you should read a lot. In particular, you should read works of the same genre. Write down the metaphors and epithets your favorite author uses in their character descriptions.

How to Write a Portrait

We have prepared for you a mini guide on how to write a portrait of a person. Just follow these 8 simple steps:

  • Collect information about a person . It is crucial to write about a person you know well, like a close friend, a classmate, or a family member. Consider conducting an interview with this person or talking with other people who know this individual to gain more insights and observations.
  • Create a thesis and an outline . Choose interesting details, anecdotes, unique features, or qualities of your chosen person that are worth describing in your essay. Organize all the information logically in an outline to make writing easier. Also, create a thesis statement, which must include the person you write about and your purpose for describing them.
  • Start with a physical description . At this stage, you need to be as specific as possible. Try to describe not only the appearance of the person but add details about their smell, voice, etc.
  • Describe the behavior . Focus on what makes this person unique — their laugh, a manner of talking, a way of moving, etc.
  • Demonstrate your character’s reputation . To do so, show how your described person makes others feel, treats others, and contributes to the world.
  • Show your character’s environment and belongings . A person’s environment and belongings can reveal much about their personality, interests, and values. So, include details about what things are important to your described individual and whether their environment looks tidy, cluttered, dirty, etc.
  • Write about their manner of speech . Describe the person’s choice of words and intonation to reflect their education level, confidence or fear, and unique worldview.
  • Conclude by summarizing unique qualities . In your last paragraph, summarize what makes your described person unique. Add a concluding sentence conveying the final impression they have made on you.

Descriptive Portrait Essay Example

My best friend is a person who deserves a separate book. She had a complicated but interesting life. She is the third child in a large family and wants to become a nurse. I will dedicate this essay to her features and personal qualities to show that you can be a good person despite anything. Mary’s appearance is unremarkable and even plain. She is tall and plump, and her gestures are indecisive. The girl seems to be shy, but she becomes very confident when her family or values are harmed. One could see a strict line between her eyebrows. It marks her inner strength and decisiveness. The look of her grey eyes is attentive and benevolent. It helps her win the interlocutor in an argument. By the way, communication skills are the strongest part of her character. She is open and cheerful but sometimes too impulsive. The way she speaks and behaves comforts me, like a cold winter evening in front of a fireplace. She is kind and caring, and always does her best to make any interaction pleasurable. Still, when someone acts with hypocrisy, she prefers to break up with such a person. It is hard for Mary to give people a second chance. This feature has its drawbacks, but it also makes her friends’ circle tight and reliable. Mary wants to become a nursery teacher because she loves children. At the moment, she is studying for that, and I am sure she will succeed. This girl has taught me that people can combine mutually exclusive features in themselves and remain to be nice friends and intelligent specialists.

We hope we’ve inspired you to write your portrait essay. If you have already written your text and want it to be read aloud, you are welcome to use our text-to-speech tool .

❓ Portrait Essay FAQ

How to write a portrait essay.

1. Make a list of the most remarkable facial features and character traits of the person in question. 2. Relate the above to their character. 3. Group your findings into categories. 4. Dedicate one main body paragraph to each category.

How to Start a Portrait Essay?

Any essay should start with background information. In the case of a portrait essay, you could mention how you got to know the person or what your first impression was. Or, you can give general information about their family and work. Finish your introduction with a thesis statement, informing the reader of the purpose of your writing.

How to Write a Self-portrait Essay?

1. Sit in front of the mirror and think about which of your features differ you from other people. 2. Write the main body, dedicating each paragraph to a different aspect of your appearance. 3. Write the introduction about what kind of person you are and how you came to the place where you are now. 4. Write the conclusion about your future intentions.

How Do You Write a Character Portrait Essay?

1. Carefully read all the author’s descriptions of the character. 2. Link them to the plot as most characters reveal themselves gradually. 3. Think what impressed you the most about the character. 4. Write your opinion using the image the author created and your own imagination.

🔗 References

  • Descriptive Essays | Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Descriptive Essay Examples – YourDictionary
  • How to Give a Description of a Character – wikiHow
  • How to Write About Yourself |
  • 7 Helpful Tips on How to Write a Memorable Personal Essay
  • Personal Essay Topics and Prompts – ThoughtCo

Describing Friend’s Character And Character Formation in Schools

I have a friend, his name is dima.

I know him about five years. He amazed me by his intelligence and brainy. He knows the answer on any question. Even if he doesn’t know the correct answer, he’ll find the way to explain it. I appreciate his optimism and indifference at the same time. When something bad has happened, he is always determined. He says that next time he would be more sense and had learned a lot from that situation.

And next day he behaves as if nothing has happened. Moreover he looks indifferently at some situations that help him not to work up. Dima has got a unique humor; I can’t stop smiling when he begins joking. He is unconventional. He looks differently at the world. I can’t even imagine what is going on in his head. Also Dima is broad-minded, he is keen on travelling.

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He visits different places four times a year, moreover he adore snowboarding, that’s why the main part of his trips includes mountains. Dima is easy-going, he can easily find common ground. Nevertheless each person has negative sides of his character. Sometimes Dima is brusque and impolite. His straightforwardness spurns people. If he doesn’t gain person, he will deal shortly with him. I don’t think that it’s bad behavior, but sometimes it goes over the line.

However he is frank and open-hearted. He enjoys having heart-to-heart talk with family and friends. In spite of his imperturbability he is vulnerable deep in his mind. But he won’t show it, because he thinks that it points out man’s weakness. In conclusion I would like to add that I’m proud that I have such friend. Dima is goal-seeking and ambitious. He knows what he wants and secures his object in any case.

My Most Unforgettable Character

He is a tall, thin man with a hunched back. His dark, suntanned face with its countless wrinkles and creases, reminds you of a prune. He has sunken cheeks and you will know why when he gives you a broad smile-only one golden tooth is left on his upper gum. He looks around ninety years old. But when you ask him how old he is, he will shake his head and say he was born on the day the Japanese invaded Malaya. It is left to your historical knowledge to count the number of years he has been around. I first met him when I was collecting seashells along the seashore.

My parents had always wanted a house by the sea and their dream came true when they inherited some money from a rich uncle. I was walking along the seashore when I saw this old man. He was stooping and picking up something and throwing it into sea. When I drew near, I saw that he was throwing the bright starfish that were washed up along the shore by the high tide. I told him that he was being silly as he could not possibly save all the starfish, as there were countless ones gasping for breath along the seashore.

He told me that although he could not change the destiny of all the starfish, he could surely save some, and that made a difference. He said that we were born on this earth to make a difference. It was up to us to choose whether we wanted to or not to contribute towards a better world. From that day on, I became his shadow. I would meet him in the morning and help him throw as many starfish as I could into the sea. It was only when I was much older that I understood the joy of throwing those sea creatures back into the sea. It has been five years since I met Embon Mat. We have become inseparable.

I have learnt to appreciate the man with a heart of gold, who leads a simple and humble life. When I approach him in an angry mood he will be quiet until I pour out all my troubles to him. Then, he will advise me. My acquaintance with him has changed my perspective towards life. He has taught me that honesty, diligence and determination are important for success. He tells me not to let success go to my head. “A courteous, generous, kind and caring nature will attract true friends to us,” he tells me. “Always speak the truth,” he advises if I ever complained that I was treated unfairly by someone.

He is my mentor, my patient listener and my counselor. He gives his advice freely and does not hesitate to scold me when I am in the wrong. Now that I am working in a busy cosmopolitan city, I look forward to the opportunity to drive down to my seaside haven to be with my mentor. I will recognize him from afar-the hunched figure stooping low to pick another starfish and throw it back into the sea. He will not turn to look at me for he knows that I will soon join him in changing the destiny of some starfish. I am truly blessed to have known him.

The Inevitable Role of Character Formation in Schools

Man is a moral being. Historically, the mission of schools has been to develop in the young both intellectual and the moral virtues. Concerns for the moral virtues, such as honesty, responsibility, and the respect for others, are the domain of moral education. T. Okere maintained that “without Moral Education in our school curriculum, our future generations will continue to be systematically malformed, half-educated, mentally misshapen and spiritually dwarfed”. Then, Holmes (1929) posited that ‘the way to change our society is to foster the growth of child’s soul. Man is a composite being (body & soul). If we pay more attention to one invariably the other will suffer. There is need for harmony to exist between the duo. Your character is the real you. Character is the complex of mental and ethical traits making a person or is said to be the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life which determine his or her response regardless of circumstances. Everyone has character; it transcends race, religion, education, position, age, gender and personality. No wonder, Abraham Lincoln said: ‘reputation is the shadow.

Character is not just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. ’ Good character is doing the right thing because it is right to do what is right. So, in order to make character, there is need for the formation of character. Character formation refers to helping children to acquire those virtues or moral habits that will help them individually live good lives and at the same time become productive, contributing members of their communities. In this view, moral education should contribute not only to the students as individuals, but also to the social cohesion of a community.

The word Moral comes from Latin root (mos, moris) and means the code or customs of people, the social glue that defines how individual should live together Men of God are respected; men of power are feared, whereas men of character trusted. No wonder German motto reads thus: when wealth is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost something is lost, when character is lost all is lost. When I talk of men of character I mean people of integrity because it involves wholeness. It is being upright in all our dealings. All men are alike in their promises; it is only in their deeds that they differ says Mollier.

Man is like a raw material or rather a crude oil that needs purification in order to remove the impurities. Hence, the centrifugal configuration of our educational system should be character education. This is so because character is the highest, if not the sole purpose of education. Pupils’ behaviours are characterized by their way of trainings than by their talents or natural design. Character formation being the object of education deals with individual and the whole system of his thoughts, believes, habits, values and all those part of his personality which are reflected in his behavior.

Character formation as an object of education should be a continuous process till the death of the individual. Education taken in the most formal way should adopt such patterns as to link itself with the particular environment, needs and the age of the recipient. And as such primary, Secondary and Higher Education should have a separate scheme based on their reasoning. At Primary and Secondary level it concerns itself with the instruction of some basic universal values to the children while deeper issues till higher education.

There cannot be true education which is not wholly directed to man’s last end. It is good to think well and divine to act well says Horace Mann. Character development is the greatest, if not the sole, aim of education. Thus, not education but character is man’s greatest need. A simple character of mine is how treat a person who can do absolutely nothing for me. Character once built is not easily destroyed, because character is the person’s second nature (secunda natura).

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Describe your friend

Describe your friend

Last updated Friday , 15-03-2024 on 11:45 am

Describe your friend, an English topic of the description of my friend using easy English words so that the student can understand and thus easy to remember, we will use the words on the formal description and appearance of the friend and what he wants to do in the future.All that information you can use to describe your friend.

To describe your friend is very interesting because there are many ideas that can be written about, because each friend has qualities that distinguish him from others.All that and more you can find here to describe your friend.

The description of my friend

My friend is a very beautiful girl, she is tall and about 175 cm tall, 60 kg in weight, and therefore she enjoys a slim and harmonious body.

She is white with a soft skin, her eyes are wide and its color is blue. My friend’s hair is soft, long and yellow.  My friend is very interested in her skin ,and so, she uses many skin creams  to keep the skin fresh. She also takes care of her hair and uses her appropriate shampoo as well as appropriate hair creams.

My friend loves fashion so she goes to various fashion shows to see the latest exhibits i n women’s clothing, She likes casual clothes because it  is comfortable, and often buys fashion magazines to follow fashion in clothing and accessories.

My friend likes to work as a model, so she learned how to walk like the model during the show, and how to highlight the beauty of the beauty in the clothes,  she also learned what accessories fit each piece of fashion.

My friend  practices sports, especially running sport, so that she can keep her body slim. She goes to gym to practice some exercises that help her to be always agile,  She is also committed to healthy food according to the diet prepared by her doctor. My friend is interested in her appearance, she is elegant and fun and therefore she is loved by everyone.

In this way we have given you an example to use it in order to describe your friend, and you can read more topics through the following link:

  • Describe a friend

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Mr Greg's English Cloud

10 Paragraphs: My Best Friend

Friendship is a beautiful tapestry of shared memories, laughter, and unwavering support. Within that tapestry, there is often one person who stands out—the best friend. This individual holds a special place in our hearts and has witnessed our joys, triumphs, and vulnerabilities. Writing a paragraph about your best friend can be a heartfelt tribute, an opportunity to celebrate the unique qualities that make them an irreplaceable presence in your life.

Table of Contents

Tips On Writing A Paragraph On My Best Friend

Introduce your best friend: Start by introducing your best friend and providing some basic information about them, such as their name and how long you’ve known each other. For example, “My best friend, Sarah, has been by my side for over a decade, and our friendship has only grown stronger with time.”

Highlight their qualities and characteristics: Describe the qualities and characteristics that make your best friend special. Focus on their positive traits, such as their kindness, loyalty, sense of humor, or empathy. Provide examples or anecdotes to illustrate these qualities. For instance, “Sarah is the epitome of kindness, always going out of her way to help others. I remember when she spent hours organizing a surprise birthday party for me, ensuring every detail was perfect.”

Share memorable experiences: Recall some memorable experiences or adventures you’ve shared with your best friend. Describe the fun, laughter, or meaningful moments you’ve experienced together. This helps to showcase the bond and connection you have. For example, “From road trips to late-night conversations, Sarah and I have shared countless adventures. One of my favorite memories is when we hiked to the top of a mountain and watched the sunrise, celebrating the beauty of nature and our friendship.”

Express gratitude and appreciation: Take a moment to express your gratitude and appreciation for your best friend. Share how they have positively impacted your life and why they are important to you. This adds depth and emotion to your paragraph. For instance, “I am incredibly grateful to have Sarah in my life. Her unwavering support and belief in me have given me the strength to overcome challenges and pursue my dreams. I am forever thankful for her presence.”

Conclude with a reflection: Wrap up your paragraph by reflecting on the significance of your best friend in your life. Summarize the qualities, experiences, and emotions you’ve mentioned and state what makes them truly special. This leaves a lasting impression on the reader. For example, “In conclusion, Sarah is not just my best friend; she is my confidant, my cheerleader, and my partner in crime. Her genuine care, infectious laughter, and unwavering support make her an irreplaceable presence in my life.”

Paragraph 1

My best friend, Emily, is the epitome of warmth and compassion. From the moment we first met, her genuine smile and kind heart drew me in. Whether it’s lending a listening ear during tough times or celebrating the joys of life together, Emily’s unwavering support has been a constant source of comfort. Her ability to empathize and offer sage advice never fails to amaze me. With Emily by my side, I know I have a friend for life who will always be there to brighten my days.

Paragraph 2

When I think of my best friend, Alex, the first word that comes to mind is “adventurous.” From spontaneous road trips to exploring new hobbies, Alex is always up for a thrilling experience. Their infectious enthusiasm and zest for life inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the unknown. With Alex, every day is an opportunity for an exciting adventure, and I’m grateful to have a friend who continually pushes me to embrace life to the fullest.

Paragraph 3

Sarah, my best friend since childhood, is a constant reminder of the power of laughter and joy. Her infectious laughter has the ability to light up any room and bring a smile to even the gloomiest of days. Sarah’s sense of humor is unmatched, and our countless inside jokes have created a bond that cannot be broken. With her by my side, life’s challenges seem more manageable, and every moment becomes an opportunity for shared laughter and happiness.

Paragraph 4

In a world where true authenticity is often hard to find, my best friend, Michael, stands out as a beacon of genuineness. His unwavering loyalty and honesty have been the foundation of our friendship. I know I can always count on Michael to speak the truth, even when it’s difficult. His ability to be authentic and vulnerable has created a safe space where we can share our deepest fears and dreams without judgment. Having Michael as my best friend is a true gift.

Paragraph 5

My best friend, Olivia, possesses a unique blend of creativity and compassion that sets her apart. Her artistic talents bring life and beauty to everything she touches. From painting breathtaking landscapes to writing heartfelt poetry, Olivia’s creativity knows no bounds. But what truly sets her apart is her ability to use her talents to uplift others. Olivia’s art is a reflection of her kind and empathetic soul, and I am constantly inspired by her ability to create beauty in the world.

Paragraph 6

When it comes to resilience and determination, no one compares to my best friend, Jason. Through life’s ups and downs, Jason has shown an unwavering strength that I deeply admire. He faces challenges head-on with a tenacity that is truly remarkable. Jason’s ability to overcome obstacles and rise above adversity has taught me the importance of perseverance and has inspired me to push through my own struggles. With Jason by my side, I know that together we can conquer anything.

Paragraph 7

My best friend, Lily, has a heart as big as the ocean. She possesses a rare combination of compassion and empathy that makes her a natural caregiver. Lily’s ability to truly listen and understand others’ emotions creates a safe space for vulnerability and healing. Her kindness knows no bounds, and she consistently goes above and beyond to help those in need. Lily’s unwavering support and nurturing nature make her not just a best friend but a true guardian angel in my life.

Paragraph 8

From the moment I met my best friend, Ethan, I knew we shared an unspoken bond. Our connection goes beyond words; it’s a deep understanding that transcends explanation. Ethan is the person who knows me better than I know myself. He can read my thoughts with a single glance and provides unwavering support even when I struggle to express my own needs. With Ethan, I feel seen and understood, and I am grateful every day for this extraordinary friendship.

Paragraph 9

Sophia, my best friend and partner in crime, brings a vibrant energy and sense of adventure into my life. Together, we’ve tackled countless escapades, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Whether it’s exploring hidden corners of our city or embarking on spontaneous road trips, Sophia’s boundless enthusiasm and zest for life are infectious. With her by my side, each day is an opportunity for new discoveries and unforgettable memories that will be etched in our hearts forever.

Paragraph 10

My best friend, Daniel, is a constant source of inspiration and wisdom. His intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge are truly remarkable. Daniel’s ability to engage in deep conversations and offer profound insights challenges me to think critically and broaden my perspectives. With his guidance, I’ve grown not only intellectually but also as a person. Daniel’s friendship has enriched my life in immeasurable ways, and I am forever grateful for his intellectual companionship.

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Mr. Greg is an English teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland, currently based in Hong Kong. He has over 5 years teaching experience and recently completed his PGCE at the University of Essex Online. In 2013, he graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BEng(Hons) in Computing, with a focus on social media.

Mr. Greg’s English Cloud was created in 2020 during the pandemic, aiming to provide students and parents with resources to help facilitate their learning at home.

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the appearance of my friend essay

How to Describe Your Friend in English?

the appearance of my friend essay

How do you describe your best friend in English?

You’ve known this person for so long but when someone asks you — maybe the IELTS examiner — you don’t know where to begin. It seems like an impossible task.

But in fact, it is a very simple thing to do. As with anything else you need to break it down into smaller parts. When you look at that great big mountain in front of you and you think to yourself I’ll never get to the top of that, it’s just too high and too far.

Well, of course, you can’t get to the top in one big step. You need to get to the top of the mountain using many small steps. And all of those small steps add up and then after some time, you find yourself way up high on top of the mountain. You did it! You got there!

And that is how you should attempt all your English skills. You just have to break them down into smaller parts and then you can accomplish anything.

Talking about your friend is easy. You know this person very well and you know everything about them. Just don’t talk about every detail at the same time.

Get organised and introduce your friend in smaller sections. Then it makes sense to the listener and they can follow what you are saying and understand you.

Are you ready?

Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

What Does Your Friend Look Like?

The first thing you can talk about is their physical appearance. What they look like.

the appearance of my friend essay

And even with this part, you need to break it down into smaller parts. I wrote a guide on how to describe someone’s physical appearance here — feel free to take a look.

But we will do some quick practice here and now.

Remember the order when describing someone’s physical appearance:

The Body — h eight and build

The Head — hair colour and main features of their face; good-looking? Handsome? Pretty?

The Face — eyes, nose, mouth, complexion. Facial hair if they have any!

Body Language — what are their common gestures? What do they always do with their hands or eyes?

The Clothing — what do they usually wear?

I am not saying this is the only way to describe someone’s physical appearance; I am just saying this is a system I would use. I think it works very well — but if you have other things to add by all means add them. And if you have anything useful to add, please tell me in the comments below.

But let’s take the above system as something we can work with. How do we begin?

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Height and Build

So you can describe your friend’s body. No need to go into too much detail here. We don’t need to know exactly how tall they are or their weight.

It would be a little strange to say the following:

My friend is 178cm tall, and he weighs 83.5 kilos.

We don’t need to know that. You could say:

My friend is about average height, maybe the same height as me. And he is a little overweight.

That is enough information to describe your friend’s body.

Other examples are:

My friend is very tall, and she has a beautiful figure.

My best friend is of average height, but he is very muscular as he plays a lot of sport every day.

My friend is a little short, but he has an athletic body because he is always running.

My friend is a bit fat but very tall.

After describing your friend’s height and body shape you can move to his or her head and face.

The first thing you can talk about is their hair.

the appearance of my friend essay

Hair can be many different colours — black, brown, light brown, dark brown, blonde or red.

It can also be many different styles — short, long, shoulder-length, curly, wavy or straight.

So you could say:

My friend has long beautiful hair, really wavy, and it is a dark brown colour.

My friend’s hair is very short and black.

My friend has curly red hair.

Good-looking, Handsome, Beautiful, Pretty?

You can then give a general description of your friend’s face using one of the above words.

He is quite handsome.

She is very pretty.

He is a good-looking dude.

She is so beautiful.

Be nice! This is your friend you are talking about!

Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Complexion

Now you can go into more details.

When we talk about the eyes, we can say the following:

My friend has deep-set, dark-brown eyes.

She has green eyes, very clear and bright.

He has blue eyes.

She has brown eyes.

the appearance of my friend essay

For the nose, we can say someone has a big nose, a small nose or a long nose. That is about it for noses.

Then for the mouth, we can say a big mouth or a small mouth.

Sometimes people have a very wide mouth but it may be unkind to say that — instead you can say:

She has a really big beautiful smile.

That sounds much nicer!

Skin Complexion

And then you can talk about their skin complexion. Complexion can be dark or pale.

If your friend is black or white or brown, you can say that. It helps us to know what your friend looks like.

Body Language

What does your friend do with his or her hands? Do they have special gestures that only they do? You can talk about that too.

So you can say:

My friend always scratches his head when the teacher asks him a question.

My friend often looks up when she is trying to tell me something.

He always shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head.

She tilts her head to the side when she is trying to remember something.

And then you can give a description of the clothes they wear. If you and your friend are at school, then you probably wear school uniform but you can describe his or her shoes.

She wears these really cool Adidas sports shoes.

He has these great Nike shoes. I think they were quite expensive.

the appearance of my friend essay

Putting It All Together

So let’s put all of these things together and look at a few examples.

My friend is quite tall and kind of athletic because she is good at sport. She has long black hair and has big eyes. Her eyes are dark brown. She has a small nose and a small mouth too.

She walks in a very elegant way and her gestures are always very refined and slow. She also wears very nice clothes so I think she gives a good impression to people that meet her.

My friend is a little overweight, but he is very strong because he likes to go to the gym. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He is always smiling and has a big smile for the world to see.

He sometimes rubs his chin when listening to people. He likes to wear sports clothes.

Why don’t you try?

Describe your friend using the above ways to talk about someone’s appearance.

What about your friend’s personality?

These are the main personality words to use in English:


There are many other ways to talk about your friend’s personality but I think the best way is through telling stories. I wrote an article about this here — please take a look.

the appearance of my friend essay

But when talking about your friend’s personality you can say his or her personality type — and then provide more details to show their personality type.

I mean like this:

My friend is very shy. So if the teacher asks him a question he finds it difficult to answer and his voice is very quiet. His face turns red and I can see he looks very uncomfortable.

In this example, the speaker shows how their friend is shy by giving a very clear example. Little stories like this can really help you describe the personality of your friend.

Let’s look at another example:

My friend is a very quiet person. She doesn’t like to go to parties, and she prefers to stay indoors and reading. She once told me that her favourite place is the library because it is very quiet and she can just sit down and read all day. I like reading too, but not as much as my friend.

Again, in this example, the speaker shows us how her friend is a quiet person who likes to read. She tells us a little anecdote about her friend going to the library and from that, we can determine that her friend is indeed a very quiet person.

She also makes a comparison between herself and her friend about who likes to read more. This is also very helpful.

How about describing your friend who is confident?

I have a friend who is a very confident person. She is always the first to volunteer for class activities and she has no problem in standing at the front of the class and doing a presentation. I think this could help her in the future.

Can you see how the speaker shows us how confident her friend is by telling us a little story of her friend? You can do the same as this. This is the best way to describe your friend’s personality.

What about a happy and cheerful friend?

My friend is always in a good mood. Every time I see him he is happy and has a big smile on his face. Even when we have lots of homework to do he is smiling. He just says that we have to do and we have no choice. I wish I could be like him.

Telling stories about your friend is the best way to describe their personality.

Give it a try now by yourself. Think of different stories you can tell of different friends to describe their personalities.

How did you meet this friend?

This is something that many English students forget to talk about when describing their friend.

the appearance of my friend essay

But it is one of the best things you can talk about because quite often there could be a great story behind how you both met.

Things you need to think about for this story

Where — where did you meet? What was the location?

When — when did you meet? Was it in the morning or the evening? Was it at the beginning of a new school year?

How — how did you meet? What was the situation that made you meet each other?

What — what did you say to each other? What was the first thing you spoke about?

Who — who spoke first? Was it you or your friend?

Why — why did you stay in contact with each other after the first meeting? What did you like about this person that made you want to become friends with them for a long time?

Use the above system of questions to create a story of how you met your friend. Then put it all together and practice saying it out loud.

But let me give you an example so you can see how it might work.

I met my best friend Steve at school. We were put in the same class together and we were sitting at the same desk. It was the first day of school and we were both new students — everyone was new — so no one knew each other.

Steve sat next to me because the teacher told him to sit down quickly and the nearest seat was next to me.

The class began, and the teacher asked us to write something in our notebooks. We were writing something then Steve looked at me.

He didn’t know how to spell a word in English. I did, so I helped him.

After the first class, we sat together in the next class. Then it got to lunchtime, and we didn’t know where to go. These other students told us where to go and we went to the canteen together.

We found out that we were both big football fans so we had lots to talk about then.

Since then we have become best friends.

Now you try!

What Things Do You Do Together?

This should be very easy for you. You just describe all the things you like to do together. That could be all your interests. Plus any studying you might do together.

the appearance of my friend essay

At the weekend what do you like to do together?

Go to see a movie?

Go shopping?

Watch a game of sport?

Think about all the activities you do together and talk about those. This provides a very clear description of your friend as you are still talking about this person.

Plus, there are also some stories you can talk about in this part.

Let’s try some examples.

My friend and I are both really crazy about football so at lunchtime at school you can always find us playing football in the playground. At the weekend, we play football in the stadium near where we live. We play in a big team and we have a great coach who teaches us some special football skills.

And of course, we watch football matches. Usually on TV, but sometimes we are lucky to go to a real game. It’s very exciting to see all the spectators cheering the players on.

Me and my friend both love shopping. So every weekend that is what we do. There are two big shopping malls near where we live and we like to go there and just browse around all the shops.

We don’t always buy something — we are not rich! — but we like to look around and see what the latest fashions are. Plus, going to the shopping mall is a great place for people watching. You can see what other girls our age are wearing.

After walking around looking in all the shops we like to sit down and drink some coffee. It’s very relaxing.

Me and my friend James both love tropical fish. I have a tank in my house and James has one in his house too. We love to read up on all the important information on looking after tropical fish. We just think it’s interesting.

There’s a tropical fish shop near where we live and we like to go to this place and check out all the fish and the tanks. They just look amazing.

I hope you can see that to talk about your interests and the things you like to do with your friend is very simple.

You just say what the interest is, where and when you do this thing, and why you like to do it.

Try now — write down a few sentences about the things you like to do with your friend.

What do you like about your friend?

This is your friend you are talking about. There must be plenty of things you like about this person.

the appearance of my friend essay

Avoid saying simple things like:

He is honest

She is kind

He is very clever

She is interesting

These things don’t really say anything about why you like your friend. They are bland and uninteresting.

Again, like with the other things that you say about your friend, you can use stories.

Let’s look at an example.

I like my friend because he is funny.

One time we were in class and the teacher asked if anyone knew anything about frogs. My friend told us a story about when he went to the park and saw some frogs in the pond. He tried to catch one but fell in the water. He then tried to dry his clothes before getting home by standing in the middle of the park with his arms and legs open wide. He thought the wind would dry his clothes in time but it didn’t work.

It was the way he told us the story that made us all laugh out loud. Even the teacher was laughing.

Or something like this:

I like my friend because he is always trying to help me.

I am not very good at maths and so my friend helps me work out all the maths problems. Whenever we get maths homework, I go to his house and he shows me how to do it.

I think this is very kind of him. He is being very generous with his time.

Why do you like your friend?

What are the qualities you like about your friend?

How does your friend make a difference in your life?

Think about these things and tell the story.

What do you dislike about your friend?

As there are things we like about our friends, there are also things we dislike about them too.

There should not be many things we dislike about them, but certainly, one or two things that get on our nerves at times.

For example:

Sometimes my friend bites his nails.

I can’t stand it when he does this because it looks so dirty.

My friend sometimes sends me a message late at night. It really disturbs me but she thinks it is very important.

My friend smokes too much. I think this is really harmful to his health, but he doesn’t listen to me.

You don’t need to go into too much detail about the things you dislike about your friend. But if you can say just one thing that you dislike it provides balance. In the IELTS test, the examiner like to hear opposing views of one thing, so this is helpful to you.

If you follow all the steps, you should be able to create a great description of your friend.

Just remember to follow the system I laid out in this guide.

Physical Appearance

Personality + Story

How did you meet your friend?

What things do you like to do together?

This is just a system I created, it is not the only way to do it.

If you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comments below!

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English Aspirants

My Best Friend Essay in English | 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 Words

My Best Friend Essay in English: Best friend is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. In this article, you are going to learn how to write an essay on my best friend in English. We’ve provided 5 essays here (100, 150, 200, 300, and 500 words). All the essays will be helpful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. So, let’s begin.

Table of Contents

My Best Friend Essay: 100 Words

I have many friends in school. But Akash is my best friend. We read in the same class and same section. He is polite and well-mannered. He is an ideal student. He is very smart and intelligent. He always obeys his parents and teachers. He wants to become an engineer. His favourite game is cricket. He is the captain of our school team.

Akash helps me to become a better person. We share our feelings, emotions, and happiness with each other. We study and play together. I want him to be successful in life. We hope our friendship will last forever.

My Best Friend Essay in English

Essay on My Best Friend: 150 Words

The world looks dark without a true Friend. I am fortunate that I have a best friend. Her name is Riya. We are friends since childhood. Riya is my class fellow. She is a soft-spoken girl. She is tall and good-looking. She is sincere and attentive in her studies. She belongs to a middle-class family.

Riya is a disciplined and obedient girl. Her hobbies are drawing, singing, and dancing. Everyone admires her because of her good behavior. Her aim in life is to be a doctor. Riya and I study and play together. We share our secrets, happiness, and sadness with each other. Whenever I face any problem, she helps me to get rid of the problem by providing the best solutions. I feel really lucky to have her as my best friend. May God give everyone a friend like Riya.

Essay on My Best Friend

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Essay About Best Friend: 200 Words

Man is a gregarious animal. He can not live alone. He wants to talk, love, and meet his fellow man, so he wants to have a friend. A friend is a person whom one loves, likes, talks and often meets, This brings happiness to a man’s life. A friendless man is never happy. He leads a sad life.

It is difficult to get a good friend. It is truly said that “Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” My friend Rajesh is a faithful friend. Rajesh is my classmate and a close friend of mine. He belongs to a rich family. His father is a popular doctor. Mahesh is a simple and handsome boy. He is always smiling.

Rajesh has many qualities. He is a laborious boy. He is always serious for study. He is attentive in class and a topper in class examinations. He is practical and wears clean and neat dress. He is kind and helpful to other students. He is good at Mathematics. So, whenever I find difficulties in my Mathematics homework he helps me out. He is never proud. He takes keen interest in school activities, games, and sports. He takes an active part in debates.

Rajesh is a friend who guides me on the right path in life. I want him to be with me in every aspect of my life.

my best friend essay

Essay on Best Friend: 300 Words

A true friend is a precious thing. Without a friend, life is dull and boring. I am really lucky to have a true friend. There are 5-6 friends of mine. But Rahul is my real friend. He is a genuine friend. Rahul is my best friend. We are made for each other.

I am proud of Rahul, and so is Rahul of me. We cannot live even for a single day without seeing each other. He has been my class fellow since my early childhood. Our friendship is natural and so everlasting. He comes from a respectable family. His mother is a religious lady and a housewife. Rahul is the only child of his parents. They love Rahul more than their own life. My parents also love him as dearly as they love me.

Rahul’s father is the Principal of a degree college. He is very learned and knowledgeable. And so, Rahul has inherited good intelligence and wisdom. He is brilliant in his studies. Science subjects are his favourite.

He helps me in these subjects. I am very good in English, and help him in this subject. There is a healthy competition between us. But are never envious of each other’s achievements.

Rahul wants to become a big and successful engineer. I want to be a lecturer. Rahul is a very good story-teller and singer. But he likes my jokes and anecdotes the best. We have a common hobby of collecting stamps. We both have a very good collection of stamps. We exchange stamps and information on the subject.

Rahul’s nature is sweet. He is very lovable. He often visits our house and in return, I also pay him visits. I am really lucky to have him as my friend. We together share our joys and sorrows. I have learnt much from him.

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My Best Friend Essay: 500 Words


‘A man is known by the company he keeps’, Says a proverb. Hence one needs to be very careful in selecting friends. As Shakespeare has pointed out in his play ‘As You Like It’, ‘Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly’. Fair-weather friends are plenty; true and reliable friends are few and far between.

My Best Friend

I have many friends in my school , but most of them are only so-called friends. They are not dependable. Out of them, only Arvind is my true and sincere friend. He is my best friend. I am, indeed, proud of his friendship.

Arvind is the only son of a district court judge. Even then he is very humble and modest. His financial position is sound and enviable. Yet prosperity has not turned him proud and rude. He is not puffed with pride.

His Qualities

Arvind has all the fine qualities of head and heart. He is tall, healthy, and handsome. He is affectionate, kind, sociable, and extremely helpful. He is a good sportsman on the playground and an inviable scholar in the classroom.  All praise, honour, and admiration sit lightly on him. He is not swollen-headed. He is all the more modest and polite because of them.

He is a hard-working boy. He is kind and compassionate. His heart melts at the sight of poverty, sickness and human suffering of any kind. In order to serve the suffering humanity selflessly, he has decided to become a doctor and set up his medical practice in some rural Adivasi area. He often says that the selfless service of the poor is the true service of God.

Our Friendship

I am so proud that I have such an ideal friend like Arvind. Because of his company and rare friendship, my outlook, attitude, and behaviour have been positively influenced. His friendship has given a new, healthy dimension to my life and I, now, look forward to a happy and bright future.

Arvind is indeed, the architect of my life and the moulder of my destiny in the right direction. He is my friend, guide, and philosopher. I envy myself for having such an ideal friend.

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the appearance of my friend essay

A round of applause for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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Characteristics Of My Best Friend Essay

What are the qualities of bestfriend? Man is a social being. One’s life cannot me imagined without people around him or her. We all need people in our everyday life to talk with, share our joys, sorrows, views etc. Besides, the people of our family, we go out and interact with people every day. And some people, we like are called as our friends. Friends make life beautiful and worth living. They add a certain kind of spark of life. You can talk to your friends about each and everything; share your deepest secrets and even your stupid little everyday stories. We make friends throughout life, in play school, school, college, office, just everywhere. As we grow through different phases in life, we meet new people and make new friends and do not necessarily give up on old friends. It all depends on how strong the bond of your friendship is. Friends are always there to guide and support you through the ups and downs of your life. They are the people who are always there to lend a helping hand to you. I personally feel that friends are the biggest strength of a person . There is a special bonding we have with each of our friends. Sometimes, I find no difference between my friends and family. Yes, my friends are my family, not by blood relation, but by heart. Friends come and go and in life, but what is important is that how long friendship lasts. Sometimes, it may be a few months, a few years or sometimes forever. Everybody wants friends to be in their life forever. Let us find

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Title: The Friendship 9: A Symbol of Courage and Unity in the Civil Rights Movement Introduction The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was a period of struggle for social justice and equal rights, particularly for African Americans who faced systematic discrimination and segregation. In the 1960s, a group of young black students in Rock Hill, South Carolina, stood up against the unjust Jim Crow laws by engaging in a peaceful sit-in protest at a whites-only lunch counter. Their actions, known as the Friendship 9, became a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement and exemplified the courage, determination, and unity of those who fought for freedom and equality.

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„I desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me; whose eyes would reply to mine. You may deem me romantic, my dear sister, but I bitterly feel the want of a friend” (Shelley 163-164). This is the wish of the scientist Robert Walton whose letters start Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. Unlike the first thoughts coming to mind when hearing the title, friendship is one of the main topics in the story and the wish Walton expresses in the beginning stands for the desires of all the main characters. Not only Walton feels to be in need of companionship, the central character Victor Frankenstein does so too and even the Creature he brings into being expresses its strong wish to belong to someone.

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People say friendship is key to life and i really think it is because they help you so much in ways you can't even explain.

Theme Of Friendship In Of Mice And Men

A true friendship is something that everyone wants to have but not everyone can have it. in the novella Of Mice and Men the author shows the true meaning of friendship and these 2 best friends Lennie and George shows that they have Friendship and they love each other,care for each other and always have their backs i give some really great evidence and try to show you the relationship these guys had. Through the book George one of the two main characters he shows how he cares and takes care of his good friend the other important character Lennie,who was a mental disability but he still loves him but he does show some tough love. In the book George has been shown numerous times that he takes care of Lennie but the first quote It 's because Lennie was in trouble he was about to die,but his friend does something really beautiful “Couldn 't we just lock him up the poor bastards nuts{steinbeck 87}”In this quote he 's trying to convince the guys who were about to kill him by saying he didn 't know what he was doing,This quote means that he really cares for his friend and he 's trying to save him.

Definition Essay: What Makes A Good Friend?

What defines a good friend? The average person will have developed numerous friendships throughout their lives, but what determines which friendships will be lifelong or temporary? Family can be constituted as individuals you love, trust and care about, I personally consider my friends as family since those are the traits that produce quality character in an individual. There are many ways to define a good friend but the keys traits a friend should have are being trustworthy, loyal and caring.

Response To Conflict Essay

Friends hang out together mostly because they make each other happy and having more happy people around would make a person

Friendship: The Negatives And Consequences Of Friendship

According to an article Molly Edmonds, (N,d) you are with people for everything in your whole life cycle. Friendship is something that will give you a good time or bad time. All friends are someone you can easily talk to about your or their issues in life, For example, family problems or ask for help with school work like everyone needs help with something. A true friendship needs honestly, trust who will always stand with you in your bad or good times no matter what. You can easily become friends with anyone in one step of life is called communication with any type of age or a gender.

Descriptive Essay About My Best Friend

Most people will come across a person that they will become very close with and call them their best friend. Zach Martin is my best friend and there are many reason for that. He is a very trust worthy person, he is fun to be around, and he is like a brother to me at this point. Also, if I ever need help with something he will come to help me if he can. Zachary Alan Martin is 5’8” and weighs approximately 170 pounds.

More about Characteristics Of My Best Friend Essay

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Essay on My Best Friend

List of essays on my best friend in english, essay on best friend for kids – essay 1 (150 words), short essay on best friend – essay 2 (250 words), essay on my best friend – essay 3 (300 words), essay on my best friend – essay 4 (400 words), essay on my best friend – essay 5 (500 words), essay on my best friend – common interests and different career paths – essay 6 (750 words), essay on my best friend – essay 7 (1000 words).

Students of different classes are often required to write essays on My Best Friend, no matter whether the student is in class 1 st or 2 nd or is studying in a higher class.

Here we have come up with different essays on My Best friend which suit the needs of students of all classes. These essays shall definitely ease the stress the students face while compiling essays on such topics which though seem easy to write but consume a lot of time and energy.

A person’s best friend is the closest and most special person in that person’s life. A best friend is someone with whom we share all of the most important and crucial things in our life.

Best friends support each other in everything they do. My best friend is Frank; our parents are also very good friends. I can’t even remember when we became friends which show how long we have been friends.

There are pictures of us crawling together as babies. We do almost everything together, we understand each other so well and he is always there to listen to me and comfort me when I am sad and not feeling too good.

Some people think we are siblings because we are always together and we live on the same street so we spend all the time together at home and in school.

My best friend is the greatest friend in the world.

The one person in the world that will give you equal love and devotion like your parents and lovers is your best friend. My best friend is Mark. We both study in the same school. Mark also helps me in my studies. We also live in the same locality. My best friend Mark and I spend most of the time together doing the things we like to do. We enjoy our life according to our needs and wishes.

My best friend is the person on whom I can truly count on all through my life. Whenever I need help or support, my best friend is always there for me.We have lived moments together and have created memories that will remain throughout my life.

Having a best friend like Mark makes my life easier. In any crucial situation, the first person that comes to my mind is my best friend. Whenever I am in any problem, my best friend helps me to get out of the problem by providing the best solutions. My best friend gets angry when I do something wrong and appreciates me when I achive something.

My best friend helps me to become a better person. We plan our weekends and enjoy together. My best friend is the person who makes me happy and deserves all my love and attention. My best friend has been my support system and my strength. No one can take the place of my best friend Mark in my life.

Friendship is a great blessing in anybody’s life. A person gets acquainted with different people during their life journey. Among these, we find a few who think in our wavelength with similar taste and nature. We become more attached to these type of people and spend more time with them. Gradually a kind of relationship develops which turns out to leave long-lasting impressions in one’s life.

It is an indication of a healthy relationship, and the friendship starts from here. And for most of us, friends are more or less family. You and your friends will have many things in common. You spent most of your day with your friends. You share anything and everything with your friends. In short, the most memorable moments in everybody’s lives will be the ones spent with the best friends.

I am indeed lucky to have my school friend, Kajal as my best friend even now. I still remember the day I met her. It fell on the second day of my U.K.G class. It sounds to be a cock and bull story, but I earned the best friend of my life when I was just five years old. I do believe that she is the best thing ever happened to me. She is still there as strong motivator.

We played together, studied together, laughed together, sometimes cried together, did grow up together, made incredible memories together and finally when fourteen years of school life came to pause, we bid goodbye and parted our ways.

Friendship never ends:

Though miles apart, we either call or send messages on a daily basis. Wherever we go, we are connected by heart and manages to organize a meet up once every three months. We chat about the events in our lives so far, cherish our mischievous moments together, reminisce our good old days, capture every single moment in photographs and separate again.

Life continues its incredible journey, so many intimate friends moved in and out of my life, but none replaced the sole position reserved for my girl, now a strong woman, who stood by my side during the ebb and flow of my little life.


A friend is just anyone with whom a bond exists and mutual affection forms a relationship. A person could have many friends depending on the social character and the ease of being relatable with others. At different stages of life, we need friends who are the same level as us in order to fit in but to some people, that is not an option because they believe in functioning independently, which is still okay.

Psychologists recommend that people should co-exist together so that they can help each other during times of need. There is also a fact that coping mechanisms to stress are better off when friends are involved. A friend could be any one but a best friend is usually that one person you value the most of all your friends. A best friend is like family.

Who is my best friend?

My best friend is a girl named Shanaya. We grew up together. Our parents were friends from college and so they progressed to pursue the same career and that is how they ended up in the same neighborhood because they work in the same hospital. Her father is a doctor while my father is an anesthetist.

Since we were young, we would play together, went to school together. We were separated for about one year because she joined a different high school from mine but she later joined me at my current school. The separation made me realize that she was actually my best friend because it was hard without her around. My best friend and I are now in senior year but different classes. We interact on a daily basis.

Reasons why I like my best friend:

My best friend possesses qualities that just make me love her. She is kind to everyone, even animals. We have grown up like sisters and she has been the bigger sister to me because she has always protected me from bullies.

She is intelligent both academically and in issue concerning life. My class performance was not so good when she joined my school but through her help, I have been able to Improve. Her sense of fashion is impeccable. She always steals the attention of everyone when we walk together, which makes me invisible. We have very imaginative minds. Sometimes we just sit and plan our future and it is just amazing how she jokes about everything. She wants to be a doctor just like her father and she believes in humanity.

Who is a Friend?

The definition of a friend is relative to different personalities with their different backgrounds, orientations and beliefs. However, a conventional description of a friend is; someone you care about. Caring about someone goes beyond the ordinary meaning of the word. He or she must cherish the other enough to call it love.

Now love is built on trust; a friend is someone you trust, at least, to a reasonable extent. If I can’t trust you, then I’m in trouble having you as a friend. Where there is no trust, there is no love and where there is no love, there can’t be friendship.

Who deserves to be Called My Best Friend?

If a friend is someone I love, then my best friend should be the one I love most. Best friends are usually fond of themselves. When two friends get used to each other, a strong mutual understanding is created. At this level, their friendship hits new heights.

Understanding is very important in friendship. A person is most likely to pick the friend he or she understands the most as his/her best friend. These kind of friends must have become very compatible and would easily share almost anything because of their trust for each other.

One may opine that not everybody has such a friend. So, it may be expedient to consider another definition of a best friend as simply; the best amongst your friends. However, most people in such a case would not recognize a best friend amongst his/her friends. But just as we started, definitions of concepts in friendship are relative.

My Best Friend:

Now, I’m about to discuss my own best friend so my beliefs, strictly, are adequate enough at this level.

My best friend is Divyakshi. Not a best friend but my own best friend, ‘bestie’, as some would say, is one, among many I call friends, who has chosen to stay distinguished and I have accepted her proof of trust.

My best friend is my first friend, an acquaintance, one who has offered me presence, wasted and utilized time with me, won my trust and respect, shown me love and why I should love, supported and defended me, had my back and stood by me. My best friend has not just done these things to me but has made me see reasons to do same to her.

My best friend is a unique companion, the one among my friends who does the best things to me, for me and with me. She is simply indispensable and indescribable. She is not necessarily my lover but I love her.

My best friend and I are a team, we struggle together, we lie together, we fight together, we save each other, we back one another and we survive in this order. We may not be one but we make one. We may not be so strong but united, we stand tall.

My best friend, favorite pal, is the one among my friends I have found myself loving most.

Friends are an integral part of your life, be the school years, the college life, colleagues at office or friends near your house. Everyone needs friends to share their feelings, spend some good time and relax in life. I am fortunate to have such a friend in my life on which I can just rely for anything. Whether it is sharing my feelings, my good and bad times and sometimes even my clothes, I just enjoy everything with him. His name is Rishi.

Meeting my would be a best friend at School:

When I was in class 2, Rishi joined our school and our class. His parents have just migrated to our city and here he was, the first time in a new city, new school, new class and new people around it everywhere.

Fortunately, my teacher made him sit with me in the class. He was a bit shy at first, but by the end of the day, we both felt comfortable with each other. Subsequently, when we met each other every day, we realised that we had quite a many similarities and this allowed to gel with each other easily. Since then there has been no looking back.

Our Friendship:

Our friendship slowly became the talk to the class and gradually we became best friends. Even our teachers came to know about it and. But, thanks to all, no one ever tried to create distance between us as we complemented each other so perfectly that even our teachers and parents felt happy about it. In fact, we used to help each other with class notes as well as homework if one of us could not attend the school due to any reasons. In fact, we had this healthy competition in us as to who would stand first in the class.

Our Common Interests:

Apart from studies, we both a common interest in table tennis. We both joined an academy and used to go for practice together in the evenings. The only difference in our habits, perhaps, was the while I was right-handed, he was a left-handed person. But this was also a blessing in disguise for us as due to this very reason we made a good team and were even selected in our school team to play as a doubles team. We both won many competitions together and brought accolades to the school. This made our parents as well as school teachers very proud of us.

Different Career Paths:

After our schooling, we got separated as we both chose different career paths. While I went on to become an engineer, Rishi went to a different city to become a scientist. But, as life would have it, after some years, we both landed in the same city and came in contact with each other again.

My best friend has been the biggest strength for me in my life. During the weekend, we went to a short cookery course as well, and we sometimes get a kick out of the chance to cooperate in the kitchen and make some creative dishes. At times these dishes turn out well, however, there are times when we don’t hit the nail on the head as we might not have pursued the formula accurately. Our wives are thoughtful and don’t admonish us much when we mess up a dish. My friend and I appreciate watching films together amid occasions or excursions. We like watching comedies. Horror films don’t excite us and we try to stay away from them.

My Friend, my strength:

In my times of need, my best friend has been a pillar of strength for me. Not only did he take care to see that I resolve my issues, but also ensured that my family is not affected much due to the turmoil in my professional life. He has always encouraged me to face problems as they are and not to duck under during adverse situations. I am glad that I have such a friend in my life on which I can rely on blindly.

Why a friend is so important?

True friendship is the most prized thing in the world. Although, it may be, at times, that one does not have a friend whom one can call as a best friend. But, if you are able to find someone like a best friend to you, it is perhaps, the greatest joy in the world. The mutual understanding and honesty which can be shown by your best friend cannot be done by anyone else in the world. A best friend is indeed a precious gem in one’s life.

Friends are the family that we get to choose. Blessed are those who have a best friend for life. A best friend is nothing less than a precious gem. And I am lucky to have such a person in my life. My best friend’s name is Deepa and I met her in school.

My family used to live in Lucknow. But then a few years ago my father got transferred and we came to the town of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Everything was new here. The neighborhood, the market, and even the school.

I was not liking it here much. At this new school, nobody knew me. As I was shy, I had difficulty making friends and felt lonely all the time. During the lunch breaks, I used to have lunch all by myself. Although the teachers were nice to me, I still missed my old school.

One day, when I was sitting in my seat, a girl came to me and introduced herself. She was Deepa. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to have the lunch with her. That day, we spent a great time together. We told each other about ourselves, our families, likings, and dislikings.

Slowly, we became best friends. I liked her nature. She was soft-spoken and always had a smile on her face. The school was close to my home but Deepa used to come to school by cycle. So, when the school would be over, we would often walk together till we reached my home. From there, we would say goodbye to each other and she would start riding the cycle to her home.

A few weeks passed by. The weather was changing and I had a high fever. It was a viral infection, so I needed a bed-rest all the time. I had to miss the classes. I was also worried about the coming exams, wondering how I would cover the unattended chapters.

To my surprise, Deepa came to visit me as she already knew my address. She was worried about my health but she consoled me and asked me not to panic about the studies. Next day, when she came to my house, there were plenty of photocopied notes with her. It was all for me so that I could study easily.

My best friend would stay with me for a few hours to explain the difficult concepts and chapters in mathematics and other subjects. Gradually, my health was improving and I had also prepared most of the syllabus for the upcoming exam. In my heart, I felt so lucky to have Deepa as my best friend.

When the exam results came, we both had passed with good marks. It was all because of Deepa’s efforts and hard work that made everything possible. Later I made a greeting card for her to express my affection and gratitude toward her. She was so excited and happy to see it.

After that incident, our families also developed a bonding. I and Deepa became inseparable sisters. In the coming month of October, it was my best friend’s birthday. I and the other classmates in the school had planned a day out for her. In the evening, there was a party at her house.

So, we all decided to give her a surprise party and take her to a nearby picnic spot in the afternoon. Everybody contributed a little for the cake and snacks. Deepa came to school in her lovely sky blue frock. She looked like a fairy.

After the school was over, we took her to the picnic spot. She cut the cake and we all enjoyed the snacks. Deepa was thrilled with her surprise party. After everybody had eaten, we all decided to enjoy the boat ride. Only 4 people could come in one boat. So, with two other girls, Deepa and I settled in a boat. Rest of the students took separate boats.

It was a pleasant day. The lake was small but beautiful and the wind was so cool. We were all singing together and cheering up. In the clear blue water of the lake, we could see the colorful fishes swimming rapidly. There were also ducks and swans adding to the beauty of the scene.

Everybody started clapping looking at those pretty birds. Deepa also became quite excited. Just when she was trying to wave her hand and touch the ducks, she lost her balance. Before anyone could understand, she slipped into the lake.

Everyone was shocked to see this. Without losing a minute, I jumped into the water. Nobody knew but I had learned swimming in my previous school. At a distance, I could see Deepa struggling in the water. I swam to her and grabbed her arm. Soon, the boat arrived there and the girls pulled us out one by one.

For a few minutes, Deepa was unable to breathe. But with some efforts, the water came out of her mouth and she started feeling better. She was cold and shivering with fright. We immediately came to the side and took Deepa to her house.

When her parents heard what happened they were shaken and disturbed. The doctor came to see her and said that there was no need to worry. Deepa was all right now. We helped her wrap up in a warm cozy bed. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told her parents about how I jumped into the water to save her from drowning.

I told her about my swimming classes in the old school and promised her to be there for her in every difficult situation. I also reminded her of when I was ill and she used to come to my house to teach me the chapters and as she was my best friend, I did the same for her today.

Her parents also got emotional and they hugged me. Deepa and I became true best friends. From that day, we support and help each other in every decision. I wish every person could experience a friendship like this.

Friendship , My Best Friend

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My Appearance Essay

August 2, 2014 by [email protected]   

I never really spent much time caring about how I dressed or how I presented myself before college. Growing up I would shop with my parents at whatever store was cheapest yet still had clothes that could fit a pretty tall child (generally Ross or TJ Max). I had 0 style between the ages of 6-14. When I went to high school things did not get much better, at least regarding my style. I played on three different sports teams throughout high school and would practically only wear the free clothing that each sports team give to each of their athletes. During fall I would wear my soccer shirts with shorts or jeans. Winter would be basketball shirts and polos with jeans and some sneakers. During fall? You guessed it, some tennis shirts and shorts to match. When I was not wearing clothing with my high school logo on it, I was wearing old t-shirts or a sweater that someone would leave at my house. However, when I got to college I was forced to buy new clothing because I could no longer get away with wearing my high school brand at a school with over twenty thousand people.

I would describe my current style as a mix between business casual and casual. Generally speaking, in hot weather I will wear a pair of Khaki shorts and a colorful V-neck. Or if it is particularly hot I will wear a tank top and some athletic shorts. When the weather gets colder I will most likely be in a button up shirt with jeans or khaki pants. I wear a nice pair of shoes that are pretty fashionable these days. Aside from clothing my appearance is pretty unoriginal. I do not have any tattoos or piercings, something that I am sure my mother is happy about. I don’t wear any big jewelry besides watches. Watches are the best way that I have to personalize myself without looking to ridiculous in my opinion. Since I am a business major and am involved in many out of school business events, it is important that I look professional and a watch is the most professional piece of jewelry. One thing that I do quite a bit that many of my peers don’t is that I gel my hair practically every day. I have been doing this since middle school and think that I will be doing it for a long time going forward. The reason that I gel my hair is that I am very proud of my European roots. Hair style is very important in France, where I come from, and it is rare to see someone who has long hair not style it in some fashion or another. When my hair is short I will generally put in strong gel and try to make the front up into a point. When my hair gets to be a little longer I will move more towards a mouse and put my hair backwards but still up. While I am sure you are as interested in my hair as I am, we can move to another topic.

I think that the way I dress shows a lot about the values of my family and the way that I was raised. I was always told growing up to make the best first impression possible and I think that is what I try to portray in the way I look. You won’t see me with a big beard or earrings because these are things that are visible to everyone around me. While I have no problem at all with people who have tattoos and piercings, some people do and I would like to make the best impression possible to everyone. Gelling my hair goes a long way towards preserving my family heritage as well. I love the fact that I am European and want to keep that part of me as close as possible. By styling my hair, part of Europe is always with me and I can show it off to the world.

The way that I present myself also reflects a good deal whom I hang out with and what my peer group values. Generally speaking, and this is not the case all the time, I hang out with and around business majors at the University of Oregon. As a business major and someone hoping one day to enter the world of business, the way you present yourself is important. It is vary rare to see someone walking around the business school with tie-dye hair and purple jeans for example. It is a lot cleaner cut than the rest of the world. The friends that I hang around are very similar to me in their appearance, which I find to be common no matter what you look like. We all wear button up shirts, nice shoes, and will not accessorize too much. A watch here and there, or a new haircut perhaps, but generally not something more than that. To summarize the point of this essay, I think that the way I dress and present myself is 100 percent due to my family and my friends. I have never really rebelled against the path I am planning on going and it shows. My friends who are in art school dress much differently than I do, but similar to many of their peers and family members. Your appearance is decided on the path you decide to take in life.

Christian M

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Sentences about My Friend -

50+ Sentences about My Friend in English (How to describe a friend in English)

Sentences about my friend (how to describe a friend in english).

Friends are an important part of our lives. They provide us with companionship, support, and laughter. When we are describing a friend in English, we want to be able to accurately convey their personality, appearance, and interests.

There are a few things to keep in mind when describing a friend in English. First, we want to use specific language. Instead of saying “My friend is nice,” we could say “My friend is always there for me when I need her.” Second, we want to use descriptive adjectives. Instead of saying “My friend has brown hair,” we could say “My friend has long, dark brown hair that she always wears in a ponytail.” Finally, we want to use examples to illustrate our points. Instead of saying “My friend is funny,” we could say “My friend always makes me laugh with her jokes.”

Here are 50+ sentences about your friend in English:

  • My friend is incredibly supportive and always cheers me on.
  • We share a deep bond of friendship that has stood the test of time.
  • She has a contagious smile that brightens up any room.
  • My friend is an excellent listener and offers valuable advice.
  • We enjoy exploring new places together and embarking on adventures.
  • He has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh.
  • My friend is trustworthy, and I can confide in them without hesitation.
  • She is passionate about her hobbies and pursues them with enthusiasm.
  • We have countless inside jokes that never fail to make us laugh.
  • He is always there for me, ready to lend a helping hand.
  • My friend is a great cook and often surprises me with delicious meals.
  • She is compassionate and empathetic, always offering a shoulder to lean on.
  • We enjoy engaging in deep conversations about life, dreams, and aspirations.
  • My friend is ambitious and works hard to achieve their goals.
  • He has a positive outlook on life and inspires me to stay optimistic.
  • We have shared many memorable experiences and created unforgettable memories.
  • My friend has a knack for finding the silver lining in any situation.
  • She is a talented artist and creates beautiful works of art.
  • We support each other’s dreams and celebrate each other’s successes.
  • He is a loyal friend who has stood by my side through thick and thin.
  • My friend has a heart of gold and always puts others before themselves.
  • She is an excellent problem solver and helps me find solutions.
  • We enjoy exploring new cuisines and trying out different restaurants.
  • My friend has a unique fashion sense that always stands out.
  • He is an avid reader and often recommends great books to me.
  • We love watching movies together and discussing our favorite scenes.
  • My friend has a great work ethic and inspires me to be more productive.
  • She is a talented musician and can play multiple instruments.
  • We have traveled together and created incredible memories in different countries.
  • My friend is a great motivator and pushes me to reach my full potential.
  • He has a great eye for photography and captures beautiful moments.
  • We share a love for nature and often go on hikes and outdoor adventures.
  • My friend has a contagious enthusiasm that spreads to everyone around them.
  • She is a great storyteller and captivates people with her narratives.
  • We enjoy trying out new activities and challenging ourselves.
  • My friend has a strong sense of justice and fights for what is right.
  • He is always up for a spontaneous road trip and embraces the thrill of the unknown.
  • My friend is a great teacher and explains complex concepts with ease.
  • She is a compassionate listener and understands me without judgment.
  • We have supported each other through tough times and provided a shoulder to cry on.
  • My friend has a warm and welcoming personality that draws people in.
  • He has a great sense of style and is always impeccably dressed.
  • We love attending concerts and experiencing the magic of live music together.
  • My friend is a skilled athlete and excels in their chosen sport.
  • She is a natural leader and inspires others to follow their dreams.
  • We enjoy trying out new recipes and having fun cooking together.
  • My friend has a sharp wit and can always come up with clever comebacks.
  • He is a great problem solver and finds innovative solutions.
  • We have supported each other’s academic pursuits and celebrated achievements.
  • My friend has a strong sense of integrity and always does what is right.
  • She is an avid traveler and has a thirst for exploring different cultures.
  • We enjoy going to art exhibitions and discussing the meaning behind artworks.
  • My friend has a contagious energy that uplifts everyone around them.
  • He is an excellent team player and collaborates effectively with others.
  • We have built a friendship based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding.

Describing a friend in English can be a challenge, but it is also a rewarding experience. By following the tips above, you can write a clear and concise description of your friend that will accurately convey their personality, appearance, and interests.

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Free Essay On Introducing My Friend

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Students , Friendship

Published: 02/07/2020


Biography of my Friend Meshal

My friend’s name is Meshal and he is twenty three years old. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He has travelled greatly and has been to very many places. This perhaps explains why he is a very outgoing person. Some of the places that Meshal has been to include Canada and Saudi Arabia mainly to study but also to Cancun and Hong Kong just to tour in order to see the world. Currently, he is a student majoring in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Aside from that, Meshal has quite some interesting hobbies. He does not only like travelling but also likes playing football and volleyball. He also has a soft spot for camping as well as reading. Perhaps the most interesting bit about him is that he likes cooking and has quite a number of his own self designed recipes. He is very good at making friends thus likes going out to make them and party too. Besides all these, Meshal likes spending his free time at the beach. This indeed makes him a very interesting person to be with. Meshal is one person who leads an exemplary as well as admirable life in society. He is a hard worker whose achievements can be explained by the fact that he got honored by the prince of his city twice, in the years 2004 and 2006 for being a hard working student in school. Meshal is a go getter who produces the best out of everything that he puts his hands to do. Meshal also has big dreams for the future. He would like to trade in cars. His dream is that of owning his own show room. Just like any other person Meshal has his share of flaws. To begin with he is not a very patient for he hates to wait. Meshal also does not like hot weather, but regardless of all these; he is a great person to be with.


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Essay on My Favourite Feathered Friend

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Favourite Feathered Friend in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Favourite Feathered Friend


My favourite feathered friend is the peacock, the national bird of India. With its vibrant colours and majestic dance, it has always fascinated me.

The peacock is a large bird, adorned with a crown of feathers on its head. The most striking feature is its long, colourful tail that fans out beautifully.

Peacocks are known for their unique dance. They spread their tail feathers wide and shake them, creating an enchanting display.

The peacock’s beauty and grace make it my favourite bird. Its dance reminds me of nature’s wonders and fills me with joy.

250 Words Essay on My Favourite Feathered Friend

Birds, as a species, are a testament to the diverse beauty of nature. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, each with unique attributes that make them fascinating. My favourite feathered friend, however, is the humble yet majestic raven.

Symbolism and Intelligence

Ravens are often associated with mystery and wisdom in various cultures, and for a good reason. They are among the most intelligent of birds, capable of problem-solving and even mimicking human speech. Their jet-black plumage and piercing eyes are a stark contrast to the often vibrant world of avian species, making them a symbol of enigma and intrigue.

Adaptability and Resilience

Ravens exhibit an admirable adaptability and resilience, thriving in diverse habitats from dense forests to mountainous terrains and bustling cities. They are omnivorous scavengers with a varied diet, showcasing their ability to survive and thrive in different conditions. This adaptability is a testament to their survival skills and resilience, traits that I find inspiring.

In conclusion, the raven, with its intelligence, adaptability, and symbolic significance, stands out as my favourite feathered friend. Its existence is a reminder of the fascinating diversity and adaptability of life, offering lessons of resilience and survival in an ever-changing world. For me, the raven is more than just a bird; it is a symbol of the enduring mystery and adaptability of nature.

500 Words Essay on My Favourite Feathered Friend

Everyone has a favourite creature, whether it’s a domestic pet or a wild animal. For me, it’s the feathered friend that has always held a special place in my heart. The majestic Bald Eagle, a symbol of strength, freedom, and the untamed wilderness, is my favourite bird. Its powerful wings, sharp eyes, and commanding presence have always fascinated me.

The Majestic Appearance

The Bald Eagle, despite its name, is not bald. The name comes from an old English word, ‘balde,’ which means white. This is in reference to the bird’s white head and tail feathers that contrast dramatically with its dark brown body. The Bald Eagle’s striking appearance is one of the reasons it is such a beloved symbol in America. Its wingspan can reach up to 8 feet, and it can weigh up to 14 pounds, making it one of the largest birds in North America. The bird’s size and colouring make it an impressive sight when it soars high in the sky.

Symbol of Strength and Freedom

The Bald Eagle is more than just a beautiful bird; it’s a symbol of strength and freedom. It was chosen as the national emblem of the United States in 1782 because of its long life, great strength, and majestic looks. The bird is believed to live up to 30 years in the wild, a testament to its resilience and tenacity. The Bald Eagle’s ability to soar at high altitudes and its sharp vision symbolize freedom and the ability to perceive opportunities from a distance, respectively.

Unparalleled Hunting Skills

Another aspect of the Bald Eagle that I find fascinating is its hunting prowess. The Bald Eagle is a keen hunter, using its sharp talons to snatch fish from the water. It can dive at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour to catch its prey. This bird is also known to be opportunistic, often stealing food from other birds or scavenging carrion. These behaviours showcase its adaptability and survival instincts.

Conservation Success Story

The Bald Eagle’s story is also one of conservation success. In the mid-20th century, the species was on the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states due to habitat destruction, illegal shooting, and contamination of its food source. However, with protection under the Endangered Species Act and the banning of the pesticide DDT, the Bald Eagle populations have rebounded. Today, this bird is a testament to the power of conservation efforts.

The Bald Eagle, my favourite feathered friend, is a symbol of strength, freedom, and resilience. Its majestic appearance, remarkable hunting skills, and inspiring comeback story have always captivated me. This bird is a reminder that with respect for nature and dedicated conservation efforts, we can preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet’s wildlife for future generations.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

  • Essay on My Memorable Trip with Friends
  • Essay on Importance of Friends in Our life
  • Essay on Ideal Friend

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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