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Essays on The Tempest

The tempest essay, the tempest essays types.

  • Character Analysis Essay: In this type of essay, you can analyze the personalities, motivations, and relationships of different characters in the play.
  • Historical Context Essay: In this type of essay, you can explore how the play reflects the historical context of Shakespeare's time, such as the exploration and colonization of the New World.
  • Feminist Essay: This essay examines the portrayal of women in the play and how they challenge or reinforce gender roles.

Character Analysis: The Tempest Essay

  • Choose a character: Start by selecting a character from The Tempest that interests you the most. It could be a major character like Prospero or Miranda, or a minor character like Caliban or Ariel.
  • Conduct research: After selecting a character, gather information about them from the play, as well as from other critical sources such as essays, articles, and books. Look for information on the character's personality, background, motivations, and how they contribute to the story.
  • Create a thesis statement: Your thesis statement should be a clear and concise statement that summarizes your overall analysis of the character you have chosen. It should be based on the evidence you have collected and should guide the direction of your essay.
  • Develop an outline: Once you have your thesis statement, create an outline for your essay. This will help you organize your ideas and arguments, and ensure that you cover all the key points.
  • Use examples: To support your analysis, use specific examples from the play to illustrate the character's behavior, actions, and dialogue.
  • Analyze the character's development: As you write your essay, consider how the character changes throughout the play, and how their actions impact other characters and the overall plot.
  • Conclude with a summary: End your essay with a brief summary of your analysis and your overall opinion of the character.

Historical Context Essay on The Tempest

  • Conduct research: To write a historical context essay, you need to have a good understanding of the historical events and cultural influences that were present during the time period in which the play was written. Conducting thorough research can help you gain the knowledge and insights necessary to write an informed essay.
  • Understand the time period: The Tempest was written in the early 17th century, during a time of great change in England. The Renaissance was in full swing, and England was experiencing a period of great expansion and colonization. Understanding the time period and its key events can help you understand the context in which the play was written.
  • Analyze the play: Once you have a good understanding of the historical context in which The Tempest was written, you can begin to analyze the play itself in light of those factors. Look for themes and motifs in the play that reflect the cultural and political beliefs of the time, and examine how these themes relate to the historical context in which the play was written.
  • Use primary sources: To gain a deeper understanding of the historical context of The Tempest, it can be helpful to read primary sources from the time period. These can include historical documents, political speeches, and literary works from the time period.

Feminist Essay type

  • Read the play with a critical eye towards the portrayal of women. Look for instances where gender roles are reinforced or challenged, and examine how women are represented in the play.
  • Consider the historical context of the play and how it might have influenced Shakespeare's portrayal of women. The Elizabethan era was a time of strict gender roles, and women were generally not allowed to participate in public life.
  • Look for examples of female agency and empowerment in the play, and examine how these are represented. Consider how the female characters challenge traditional gender roles and expectations.
  • Consider how the play's portrayal of gender might have influenced its original audience, and how it might be interpreted by modern audiences.
  • Use feminist theory to inform your analysis. Consider how feminist literary criticism can help you to interpret the play and its themes.

Shakespearean Principles in The Tempest: Information, Integrity, and Compassion

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Analysis of How Caliban is Presented in The Tempest

The role of loyalty in shakespeare’s the tempest, analysis of prospero as a public ruler or solitary wizard in the tempest, the power of love in william shakespeare’s play the tempest, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Analysis of Prospero Portrayed as a Victim in The Tempest

The portrayal of caliban as a sensitive creature by shakespeare, the tempest from a post-colonial point of view, the use of words to paint: looking at the language as an art in the tempest, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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The Ulterior Theme in The Character of Miranda from The Tempest

Analysis of prospero's behavior in the tempest, daughters: the principal driving force in the tempest, the power over "the other": isolation and injustice in literature, how shakespeare uses the masque genre in the tempest, elemental powers in shakespeare’s the tempest, shakespeare’s criticism of colonialism in acts 1 and 2 of the tempest, analysis of prospero and ariel relationship in the tempest, "creator" and "creature" monsters in the tempest and frankenstein, the obsessive creativity of prospero in the tempest, the refinement of caliban in the tempest, comic elements in our country's good and the tempest, the combination of love and witchcraft in the tempest, the story of joseph in shakespeare’s the tempest vs. the spirit of revenge in montaigne’s cannibals, significance of the menacing force of the sea in the tempest, the use of stories as a literary device in the tempest and othello, a cinematic perspective of the relationship between art and nature in the tempest, another version of prosperity: undermining the authority of prospero, the influence of caliban and ariel on prospero, the shakespearean dystopia of aldous huxley.

November 1, 1611

  • William Shakespeare

Shakespearean Comedy, Tragicomedy

Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo, Adrian, Francisco, Trinculo, Stephano, Juno, Ceres, Iris, Master, Mariners, Boatswain, Nymphs, Reapers

c.1611 by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s tragicomedy is about a major act of betrayal, ill treatment, the development of magic arts and a plot of revenge.

Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo, Adrian, Francisco, Trinculo, Stephano, Juno, Ceres

The play is set on a remote island and Prospero's home is near the shore. The island is inhabited by spirits, lead by Ariel, who have magical powers.

Prospero uses magic to conjure a storm and torment the survivors of a shipwreck, including the King of Naples and Prospero’s treacherous brother, Antonio. The King’s young son Ferdinand, thought to be dead, falls in love with Prospero’s daughter Miranda. Their celebrations are cut short when Prospero confronts his brother and reveals his identity as the usurped Duke of Milan. The families are reunited and all conflict is resolved. Prospero grants Ariel his freedom and prepares to leave the island.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” “What's past is prologue.”


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the tempest essay examples

The Tempest Essay Topics & Examples

Students’ life is a bumpy ride, and sometimes you can end up with several vital assignments all of which are due the next day. Custom-Writing.org experts have prepared a compilation of The Tempest essay topics.  

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On this page, you’ll find best questions, prompts, title ideas on the Shakespeare’s play, together with The Tempest essay examples. Feel free to alter and adjust them to your liking and academic requirements!

  • 🏆 Essay Topics
  • 💡 Essay Prompts
  • 📝 Essay Examples

🏆 The Tempest Essay Topics

  • Revenge and forgiveness in The Tempest
  • Colonialism and slavery in The Tempest
  • The role of setting in The Tempest
  • How is Caliban presented in The Tempest?
  • Prospero: character analysis
  • Frankenstein and The Tempest: compare and contrast essay
  • The theme of magic in The Tempest
  • Love and relationships in The Tempest
  • Gender roles in Shakespeare’s plays
  • King Alonso: character traits
  • Non-human beings in The Tempest
  • The symbolism of Prospero’s books

💡 The Tempest Essay Prompts

  • The analysis of Shakespeare’s messages hidden behind the central themes . The first thing you need to find out is what the theme of The Tempest is. There may be more than one, so you should choose those that seem to be the most important. If you have doubts, go back and look through our guide again!
  • Discussion of the historical context of The Tempest with the focus on colonization . It appears that the play was quite relevant at the time. No wonder, because Shakespeare took a chance and used the most discussed topic as the theme. Therefore, your main task would be to find out how the views about colonial imperialism are expressed in The Tempest .
  • What is the role of comic scenes in the play’s plot ? The Tempest is considered to be a comedy since it involves plenty of funny moments. The most memorable ones are performed by the drunken trio. The main idea of this essay is to analyze how those scenes go along with the main plot.
  • How vital are audio impressions and noises in the play? You should start by looking for the moments where various sounds and music are described. Since every element of imagery adds to the overall impression from the play, it is essential to find out what role they play.
  • Colonization in The Tempest : how do characters want to rule the island? It might be a part of the central theme dedicated to colonization, but an additional analysis might be fun to do. After getting on the island, almost all the characters start dreaming about owning it. They all have a different vision of how they would rule it, though.
  • Discuss the impressions from the very first scene of the play. Here is the place for you to analyze everything mentioned in Scene 1 that influenced your perception of the whole play. For example, see how the characters are presented and what their dialogues tell about them. How are the main themes introduced?
  • Contrast and compare The Tempest to one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. Prospero has been planning his revenge for so many years. His desire could have easily turned out as a tragedy for every character if it wasn’t for romance. Therefore, you should look into the differences between this aspect in The Tempest and a tragedy.
  • Draw a parallel between the attempted assassination of Alonso and plotting against Prospero. The two of the king’s staff, along with Caliban, are planning on taking the place of the island’s rulers by killing Prospero. Meanwhile, there is an attempt to murder Alonso. Your task is to compare these two occasions and see how social status might affect them.
  • What roles does Prospero take on, and what is their significance? It seems like Prospero wants to have as much power as he can. He is a father, friend, magician, island’s ruler, and desires to return home to be a duke again. However, it is impossible to have everything. Analyze Prospero’s character and find out which role he is most likely to choose.
  • Analyze and discuss the purpose of Caliban’s character in the play. At first, it seems like Caliban plays a critical role in The Tempest . However, at the end of the play, the audience can see that his part is insignificant. Therefore, your task for this essay would be to find out why Shakespeare involved Caliban after all.
  • The complete literary analysis of Shakespeare’s The Tempest . It is one of the primary and most straightforward topics about the play. However, attention to detail is vital. Try to include the most critical elements in there, such as the central themes and ideas, symbols , literary devices. If you need help with it, just look through our guide!
  • Does Caliban really need to be trained and educated? From Prospero’s point of view, Caliban is a savage who desperately needs help to become more civilized. In this essay, you can let your perspective create the structure. Do you think Prospero should have left Caliban in peace? What is the role of colonization in it?
  • Appearances of feminism in Shakespeare’s The Tempest . Even though there is only one female character in the play, this issue still appears to be relevant. Miranda is always kind to Caliban until the moment he tries to sexually abuse her. Explain what her actions were and how her attitude has changed since then.
  • Discuss the theme of religion and Christianity in the play. If you look closely, you can see some associations between Christianity and Prospero’s character. He is almost seen as God due to his powers and control over the events on the island. In the end, he refuses to use magic any longer and forgives his enemies. Can it be a biblical reference?
  • The correlation between political corruption and greed of the characters. Antonio is the main character in the play, which shows intense greed for power. He is ready to pay any price to get more power, so his personal ethics degrades quickly. However, you should find out about the role of political corruption in Antonio’s actions and plans.
  • What is Miranda’s perception of the island in The Tempest ? She was taken to the island when she was a child. How do you think Miranda perceives her new home as an adult? Does it seem like a prison to her, or does Prospero’s magic makes her believe the island is a utopia?

📝 The Tempest Essay Examples

  • Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and Sandars’ “The Epics of Gigamesh”
  • Shakespeare’s The Tempest Directed by Gregory Doran
  • Shakespeare’s The Tempest in the Savage Rose Theater
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Tempest: Being “Civilized” or “Uncivilized”
  • Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” – Viewing and Reflection
  • Ahab from Moby Dick and Prospero from the Tempest
  • The Phaedrus and The Tempest: Compare & Contrast
  • Prospero in The Tempest: Character Analysis
  • The Tempest and the Contemporary Arts
  • “The Tempest” Play by St. Louis Shakespeare Theater
  • Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” by Savage Rose Theatre
  • Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Gender Roles
  • Utopia in “The Tempest” by Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Image Exploration

Thank you for reading this article! If you haven’t found the perfect title idea, try our topic-generating tool . Any questions left? Check The Tempest QA section !

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The Tempest Characters

Looking for The Tempest characters? Find them all analyzed here! This article by Custom-Writing.org experts contains character descriptions and analysis of Prospero, Miranda, Alonso, and other characters, as well as The Tempest character map. 🗺️ The Tempest Character Map Below you’ll find The Tempest character map. It contains all the...

The Tempest Summary

The Tempest Summary

The Tempest is a unique and beautiful play that focuses on love and forgiveness at the crossroad of betrayal and magic. The main actions happen on a small island somewhere near Italy. The ship crushes there after a storm. An old magician Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, who live there...

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The Tempest William Shakespeare

The Tempest literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Tempest.

The Tempest Material

  • Study Guide
  • Lesson Plan

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The Tempest Essays

Similarities between principal characters in shakespeare's the tempest dan reimold, the tempest.

In almost every respect, Gonzalo's ideas on how best to govern an island relate directly in some form to Prospero's existing reign. Gonzalo, an honest, sage, aging councilor first openly asserts his vision of a perfect society while meandering...

A Post-Colonial Interpretation of The Tempest Ed O'Donovan

A post-colonial interpretation of The Tempest is an interpretation which has gained popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century. This particular reading of the play implies that Shakespeare was consciously making a point about...

The Fierce and Mighty Sea; The Dramatic Function of the Powerful and Ever Present Ocean in The Tempest Rebecca Rendell

Images of the fierce and powerful sea are prevalent throughout Shakespeare's The Tempest. The play opens on a terrible storm at sea and all of the ensuing action takes place on an island that, by definition, is surrounded by ocean on all sides....

The Sensitive Beast: Shakespeare's Presentation of Caliban Kate Fox

Caliban is certainly one of the most complex and contradictory characters in Shakespeare's "The Tempest", at different points embodying the poetic, the absurd, the pathetic, and the savagely evil. For this reason, he is also one of the most...

Love and Magic Intertwined Cheryl Nieman

In William Shakespeare's final play, The Tempest, the playwright intertwines love and magic, creating one of play's the major themes. Prospero, the protagonist, uses magic to plan the events of this comedy. The first act of magic is the tempest...

Painting With Words: Language as Art in The Tempest Jason Zysk

In Shakespeare's romance, The Tempest, Miranda instructs Caliban, "I endowed thy purposes / With words that made them known" (I.ii.357-8), affirming the power of language to transform the insubstantial into a forceful and purposeful entity. As...

The Tempest and Its Woman - Masked Theme Anonymous

The abandoned damsel, the lonely daughter, the beautiful virgin... In The Tempest, Shakespeare depicts all of these ideal constructions of womanhood in his character Miranda. However, looking closely at the text reveals that Shakespeare had a...

Stuff Jonathan Butterfield

The epilogue of Shakespeare's The Tempest, while separate from the body of work preceding it due to the nature of an epilogue, it is an integral part of the work. It provides resolution to an otherwise unresolved piece, and the piece actually...

Unholy Mothers: Mothers as Negative Characters in Richard III, Cymbeline, Hamlet, Macbeth and The Tempest Barret Buchholz

Unholy Mothers: Mothers as Negative Characters in Richard III, Cymbeline, Hamlet, Macbeth and The Tempest

by, Barret Buchholz

April 15, 2005

The mothers presented in Shakespeare's plays encompass a broad range of social positions, personalities,...

The Addictive Nature of Prospero's "Art" Miroslav Ovcharik

While the magic of Prospero, the deposed duke of Milan at the center of Shakespeare's The Tempest, is frequently associated with art or creativity, this reading of the text seems incompatible with a substantial amount of textual evidence. Most...

Art and Nature in The Tempest and Prospero's Books Mary Kathryn Cornwell

The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touched

The very virtue of compassion in thee,

I have with such provision in mine art

So safely ordered that there is no soul-

No, not so much perdition as an hair

Betid to any creature in the vessel

Analysis of the Introduction of Ariel and Prospero in Act I, Scene 2 of The Tempest Alex Edmiston

The introduction of Ariel in the second scene of The Tempest raises some of the central issues in William Shakespeare's 17th-century play. Most notably, the themes of power, nature, and magic prove to be integral in shaping the audience's...

Supernatural Forces in Shakespeare Anonymous

In the plays of Shakespeare, readers can find several issues of human nature addressed. In Othello, Shakespeare addresses jealously and racism. In King Lear, he addresses pride and love. In Romeo and Juliet, he examines fate. In The Tempest and...

A Christian Excuse for Cruelty: Violence in Hamlet and The Tempest Anonymous

One of the significant conflicts within Renaissance culture was how to rationalize the many instances of violence which took place in a society with such strong Christian values. While some preached from the New Testament of the importance of love...

The Significance of Stories in Othello and The Tempest Preston Postlethwaite

Characters in Shakespeare’s Othello and The Tempest use stories to explain personal history or change the course of events. These are no simple tales; rather, they are complex and thought-provoking means of enriching each play and carrying action...

Prospero: Public Leader or Magical Recluse? Jamie Matty

In William Shakespeare’s final play, “The Tempest,” the playwright spins a magical web of a story that, although being comedic and light-hearted, subtly addresses the issues of absolutism, power and the monarchy. The main character in “The Tempest...

Eating Men Like Air: Telling the “Truth” on Shakespeare’s Island Ashley S. Tyner

Like a sculpture etched in bas-relief, the intrigue of The Tempest is depicted on raised stone, but the story’s substance depends entirely on a realm of negative space. To grasp the gender discourse present in Shakespeare’s drama, one must...

The Second Scene of "The Tempest": A Scene Study Tim Hamilton

It is often noted that The Tempest is an odd play in Shakespeare’s canon; unlike any of his other works, with the exception of The Comedy of Errors, it observes classical unities of time and setting. Of all of Shakespeare’s opening scenes, the one...

Rendering Prospero the Victim Anonymous

Shakespeare writes many dimensions into the character of Prospero in The Tempest. He is loving and protective of his daughter, hard-hearted towards his enemies, and manipulative of his allies. Given the complexity of his character, rendering him...

The Tempest: In Search of Prospero’s Identity in Caliban and Ariel Anonymous

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Prospero exerts wrathful influence over the island and his servants Caliban and Ariel cannot help but cower in humble obedience. Ariel is indebted to Prospero for freeing him from the dreadful darkness of the “cloven...

Caliban: The Monster? Anjumon Sahin College

The concept of monstrosity, at an explicit representational level, has followed a set pattern in literature, but it has been politically deployed and modified differently in different contexts. Etymologically, the word “monster” is derived from...

Fantastical Elements within the Tempest Anonymous 12th Grade

The “fantastical” elements of The Tempest by William Shakespeare are made evident by the introduction of Ariel, the spirit, Caliban, the son of a witch, and Prospero, a banished duke who has mastered occult powers. Despite what seems to be an...

Liminal Space in The Tempest Tim Godfrey-Twiss 12th Grade

It appears that all comedies throughout all ages relies on the accuracy of its meta-commentary, all successful comedies inhabit a illusionary world filled with flickering shadows of truth and mirrors filled with elements of human behaviour. In...

Caliban's Enlightenment Daniel M. Lara College

“Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,

Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.

Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices

That, if I then had waked after long sleep,

Will make me...

the tempest essay examples

the tempest essay examples

The Tempest

William shakespeare, everything you need for every book you read..

Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on William Shakespeare's The Tempest . Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides.

The Tempest: Introduction

The tempest: plot summary, the tempest: detailed summary & analysis, the tempest: themes, the tempest: quotes, the tempest: characters, the tempest: symbols, the tempest: literary devices, the tempest: quizzes, the tempest: theme wheel, brief biography of william shakespeare.

The Tempest PDF

Other Books Related to The Tempest

  • Full Title: The Tempest
  • When Written: 1610-1611
  • Where Written: England
  • When Published: 1623
  • Literary Period: The Renaissance (1500-1660)
  • Genre: Romance
  • Setting: An unnamed island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Climax: Ariel appears as a harpy before Antonio, Alonso, and Sebastian and condemns them for stealing Prospero's kingdom

Extra Credit for The Tempest

Shakespeare or Not? There are some who believe Shakespeare wasn't educated enough to write the plays attributed to him. The most common anti-Shakespeare theory is that Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, wrote the plays and used Shakespeare as a front man because aristocrats were not supposed to write plays. Yet the evidence supporting Shakespeare's authorship far outweighs any evidence against. So until further notice, Shakespeare is still the most influential writer in the English language.

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the tempest essay examples

'The Tempest' - notes, quotes and essay examples

  • 1. Exam (elaborations) - 'the tempest' - literature essay notes and essay examples
  • 2. Summary - 'the tempest' - important quotes
  • 3. Summary - 'the tempest' - notes on themes and characters

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The Tempest Essay Examples

The modest roots of william shakespeare’s the tempest.

In the grand scheme of things, it seems quite odd that the vast majority of people have decided it is important to perform, study, and read plays written by a man who has been dead for over four hundred years. This of course, refers to...

The Tempest – a Sea Storm Full of Magic and Intrigue

The Tempest written by Shakespeare is often regarded as his final performance before retirement by many critics. Truth be told, it is quite difficult to imagine Shakespeare taking a retirement when his plays still transcend time, fashion or style itself. Unfortunately, The Tempest was the...

Power and Its Dimensions in the Tempest by William Shakespeare

Power is to have physical, intellectual or moral effect and the ability to resist towards an effect. Power is manufactured to meet the need for managing and being directed. Each state or invidual seeks security and power in order to maintain its existence and to...

Literary Analysis of the Tempest by William Shakespeare

The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare. Its plot revolves around the usurped Duke of Milan, Prospero, who has been living in exile with his daughter, Miranda, on a remote uninhabited island for over a decade. One day he uses the magic he...

Systems of Top-down Political Authority Portrayed in Shakespeare’s the Tempest

The Tempest William Shakespeare is one of the most influential authors in English literature. He established his writing through the one hundred fifty-four sonnets, thirty-eight plays, as well as two epic poems. Shakespeare’s writing has redefined the English language and is studied all over the...

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