Argumentative Essay: Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

When putting on your lipstick, do you know what brand your lipstick is? If you are not aware, you might indirectly support animal testing without realizing it. Animal testing is a scientific experiment performed on animals to study the effects of drugs, cosmetic products and other chemical products on humans. In other words, it is used to evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs. About 1.4 million animals die each year because of animal testing. Science researches believe that products which have been tested on animals will make humans’ life better. However, the main concern on this issue is that animals are suffering from unnecessary pain. Animals are mostly exposed to radiation, forced to inhale poisonous gases and injected with harmful substances prior to the experiment. Thus, animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, the result is unreliable and expensive. Firstly, animal testing should be banned is because of its cruelty. The …show more content…

It is true that animal testing requires a lot of investment. Not only that money is spent on advanced technologies, it is also spent to pay for scientists’ expertise on this particular field. In order for the scientists to do their research, they need suitable equipment and substances. Every year, the National institutes of Health finances between $12 billion to $14.5 billion on animal testing as indicated in a study done by the government (Bastach, 2013). Besides, scientists need to consider the fact that animals need to be sheltered, fed and cared for to keep them alive. According to Murnaghan (2016), some companies breed and sell animals for the purpose of animal testing. Other than that, animal testing is done repeatedly to create an average for the purpose of accuracy. Since animal testing may happen more than once, additional cost may incurred. Therefore, besides losing more animals, we also lose an enormous amount of money on animal

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Animal Testing Dbq

Animal testing is a research done to see the effect of an experiment and product and after that results scientist decide whether or not to continue the same experiment to humans. For example, when a cosmetic or makeup product is made scientist test the product to see how

Animal Testing Argument

Animal testing refers to the procedure of testing medicines and industry products on living animals to acquire knowledge with practical benefits for people and evaluate the products’ safety and usefulness. Some people support animal testing because it helped in finding life-saving cures for several diseases, animals themselves benefited from the results of these experiments, and the governments

Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

In the United States alone, an estimate of 100 million animals are used for testing and in European countries over 12 million animals are sacrificed each year for testing. Out of that large number, up to 90 percent are not counted in the official statistics of animals tested. 92 out of every 100 tests that pass in animals fails in humans and that number has increased 86 percent since 1985. It is not a very sufficient way of study because the results are often not accurate and at least 16 million dollars is spent each year. This research method is not effective

Animal Testing Research Paper

Animals in Research and Testing According to PETA, the animals who are in research and testing “shake and cower in fear whenever someone walks past their cages and their blood pressure spikes drastically. After enduring lives of pain, loneliness and terror, almost all of them will be killed,” (“Animal Testing 101”). Animal-testing is the use of non-human animals in research and development projects, especially for purposes of determining the safety of substances, such as foods, beauty products, and/or drugs. Although animal research plays a crucial role in experiments focused on disease treatments and preventions, it is cruel, inhumane, and should be stopped. This is an act that should be banned and prohibited in all states and countries

Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

Since animal testing is cruel, inhumane, and alternative testing methods now exist, we should discontinue animal testing once and for all. For these reasons, animals should not be used in research or to test the safety of human products. To begin with, animal testing is cruel, inhumane and it violates animals’ rights. The USDA reported that in 2016, 71,370 animals suffered pain during experiments while being given no anesthesia at all for relief.

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

Scientists are Not Doing Enough to Obtain Better Results for Animal Testing FDA reports that the failure rate for animal testing has increased from 86% in 1985 and is now closer to 96% in 2015. Animal testing is not the most reliable way to further human development. Animals lives are put on the line and money is constantly being wasted. If the information from animal testing is not dependable enough to put to use, the entire process will be all for naught. Animal testing dictates animal mortality through inhumane treatment in order to collect data that isn’t always used, squandering money and time.

The Ineffectiveness Of Animal Testing

Animal testing has been used by scientists to test drugs and makeup products for many years. They have been kept in labs, poked, prodded at, observed, forced to inhale, eat, and wear substances that have killed them. Millions of animals have died each year because of this testing, and it needs to be stopped. Animal testing should not be continued because it is ineffective, it wastes lives, and is inhumane. Animal testing needs to be discontinued because it is ineffective.

The government needs to ban testing on all animals because there are alternative methods, the results are not always accurate, and it is inhumane. Currently, the only law that relates to animal experimentation is the Animal Welfare Act. This is not enough. The Animal Welfare Act does not obtain to animals such as birds and mice, which make up the majority of laboratory animals (“Animal”).

Imagine an enraged animal rights activist charging toward a scientist in a white lab coat, desperate to free the little mice that are being used as test subjects. Although comical, this scene may be quite accurate when describing the passion that animal lovers have when it comes to the touchy subject of animal testing. For centuries, animal testing has been used in the medical research field, however many are now beginning to question whether it is ethical. Millions of animals are killed per year due to animal testing, so is this practice worth banning? Animal testing is a controversial subject, with supporters pointing out the medical advances that have stemmed from animal research and animal rights activists declaring it cruel and immoral.

Persuasive Essay: Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Animal testing should be banned because it is an unethical process that subjects animals to so much pain. In addition, it should be banned because, it is inaccurate, unreliable, and its benefits to human beings have not yet been fully confirmed by the current research. Animal testing should be banned because it is an unethical process. According to statistics, about 128 million animals which include guinea pigs, cats, rats, hamsters, dogs, frogs, hamsters, dogs,

Why Animal Testing Need To Be Banned

Animals are severely harmed. Animals ache in pain, are scared, and experience horrid side effects (animal testing 101).From the stress some animals start biting themselves, spinning in circles, rocking back and forth, and pulling out their own fur. More than 100 million animals suffer and die each year in the US from animal testing mainly because of these tests: harsh drug, cosmetic, chemical, and food (animal testing 101). Millions of animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, cats, and dogs (e.t.c) are locked in cages in laboratories across the country. When in cages animals shake and cringe when someone approaches along with their blood pressure spiking dramatically.

Essay On Why Animal Testing Is Necessary

Animals Testing Is animal testing necessary?. Should we ban expending animals in medical research or not?. More than 26 million animals are used in different countries like the United States and Canada. Animal testing may by defining as the use of animals in experiments and research that seeks to control the variable that impacts the behavior or biological system under study. Using large number of animals is mainly meant to find treatments and cure for certain diseases.

Essay: Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

Can you imagine how much the world spend on animal tests? It is surely hard to be estimated. Only in America, the government spends about more than US$14.5 billion per year for carrying out all types of cruel experiments, results in the millions death of animals. By referring to the budget report provided by the National Institutes of Health in 2014, taxpayers in America had to pay more than $12 billion for undergoing animal tests which absolutely imposed a heavy financial burden on them. Another illustration mentioned on news articles include $9.6 million to inject drugs into rabbits’ brains to see whether it would cause any effects on eyes and $1.1 million to see if meth-addicted monkeys would choose food or drug in pursuit of satisfying the never-ending curiosity of the scientists.

Should Animal Testing Be Banned

Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what it involve. Whether it is called animal testing, experimentation or research, it should be defined as all testing methods on animals including, medical exploration, cosmetics, toxicology trialing, and psychological examination involving animal subjects. It is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of medications and beauty products as well as understanding how the human physiology works. While supporters believe it is necessary practice, those against animal testing believe that it involves torture and suffering to animals. Medical research is the hardest case of proposition in the debate whether animal testing should be banned or not, since it has previously yielded substantial benefits for humanity.

Persuasive Speech On Animal Testing

Animal testing simply means the use of non-human animals in experiments, which indeed arouse great controversy in recent years. More and more people think that human being’s benefits can’t outweigh animals’

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why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing has long been a controversial practice in scientific research and development. While proponents argue that it is necessary for the advancement of medicine and to ensure the safety of products, opponents believe it to be cruel and unnecessary . This essay will delve into the reasons why animal testing should be banned, discussing ethical concerns, alternative methods available, and its limited reliability in predicting human responses.

The use of animals in experiments raises serious ethical questions. Animals have their rights and deserve to live free from harm and exploitation. Subjecting them to painful procedures, confinement, and often fatal outcomes goes against our moral responsibility towards other living beings. Animals used in laboratories often endure stress-induced behavior changes due to their unnatural environment – a factor that can significantly impact experimental results.

There are now numerous alternatives to animal testing that render this outdated method unnecessary. Technological advancements have led to sophisticated computer models capable of simulating human physiology accurately. These virtual models not only save countless animal lives but also provide more reliable results as they consider individual variations between humans rather than relying on data from different species altogether.

One must question the validity of using animals as models for human responses when considering their inherent physiological differences. It is well known that even closely related species can react differently to substances or diseases due to varying biological processes unique to each species. Therefore, findings derived from animal tests do not always translate effectively into human applications which could potentially lead scientists down misleading paths.

With growing awareness about animal welfare concerns alongside technological advancements providing viable alternatives; it is high time we banish the outdated practice of animal testing altogether. By doing so, we uphold our moral obligation towards these sentient beings while simultaneously encouraging innovative research techniques that are both ethically sound and scientifically reliable.

Ethical concerns surrounding animal testing

Animals used in experiments are often exposed to painful substances or forced into stressful situations that can result in long-term physical and emotional harm. For example, rabbits have their eyes held open while chemicals are dripped into them during eye irritancy tests. Rats and mice may be force-fed toxic substances or injected with drugs to test their effects. These practices not only cause immense pain but also disregard the basic principle of minimizing harm toward other living beings.

Animal testing relies on the assumption that humans have dominion over animals solely because we possess greater intelligence or technological capabilities. This hierarchical view fails to acknowledge that animals also experience emotions, feel pain, form social bonds, and exhibit complex behaviors similar to humans. By subjecting them to harmful experiments without consent or consideration for their well-being, we undermine their intrinsic value as sentient creatures.

Ethical concerns surrounding animal testing stem from our responsibility as custodians of this planet's diverse life forms. We must recognize the inherent worth of animals and work towards finding alternative research methods that do not involve inflicting unnecessary harm upon them. By doing so, we demonstrate a more compassionate approach toward scientific progress while upholding our commitment to ethical values

Inhumane treatment and suffering experienced by animals

Animal testing often involves inhumane treatment and the infliction of severe suffering upon animals. Many experiments involve invasive procedures such as surgical interventions, implantation of devices, or forceful administration of substances. These procedures can cause immense pain, distress, and even permanent disability for the animals involved. In some cases, animals are deliberately poisoned to observe the effects on their organs or subjected to repeated doses of a substance until they exhibit signs of toxicity or death.

The living conditions that animals endure during testing can also be highly stressful and detrimental to their well-being . They are typically confined to small cages with limited space for movement, deprived of social interaction and natural stimuli. This unnatural environment leads to abnormal behaviors like pacing, self-mutilation, aggression, and depression. It is not uncommon for laboratory animals to develop chronic health issues due to stress-induced immune system suppression or physiological imbalances caused by prolonged confinement.

Many animal tests result in fatal outcomes for the subjects involved. Animals may be euthanized at the end of an experiment or when they are no longer useful for research purposes. This disregard for their lives further demonstrates the callousness with which animals are treated in these settings.

The undeniable inhumane treatment and suffering experienced by animals used in testing highlight the urgent need for alternative methods that do not compromise their well-being while still advancing scientific knowledge and product safety standards. Banning animal testing would prioritize compassion over convenience and promote a more ethical approach toward scientific progress

Lack of reliability and validity in results obtained from animal testing

One of the major drawbacks of animal testing is its limited reliability and validity in predicting human responses. While animals share certain biological similarities with humans, they also possess significant physiological differences that can impact the accuracy of test results. For example, drugs that are deemed safe based on animal testing have sometimes resulted in adverse effects or even fatalities when administered to humans. This discrepancy highlights the inherent limitations of extrapolating data from one species to another.

Each species responds differently to substances and diseases due to variations in their metabolism, genetics, and immune systems. What may be toxic or harmful to an animal might not necessarily have the same effect on a human being. Therefore, relying solely on animal test results can lead researchers down misleading paths and potentially compromise public health and safety.

The conditions under which animals are kept during experiments can significantly affect their physiological responses. The stress induced by confinement, isolation, and repeated handling can alter an animal's normal physiology, potentially skewing experimental outcomes. These factors further undermine the reliability of using animals as models for human reactions.

In light of these concerns about reliability and validity, it becomes apparent that alternatives such as in vitro studies using cell cultures or sophisticated computer models hold greater promise for accurately predicting human responses without subjecting animals to unnecessary suffering.

By banning animal testing altogether and promoting alternative research methods that are more relevant to humans' unique biology and physiology; we not only prioritize ethical considerations but also improve scientific outcomes by utilizing more reliable approaches toward medical advancements

Availability of alternative testing methods

Fortunately, there are numerous alternative testing methods available that can replace animal testing without sacrificing scientific progress. One such method is in vitro testing, which involves using human cells or tissues grown in a laboratory setting. This approach allows researchers to study the effects of substances on human systems directly, providing more accurate results and reducing the need for animal subjects.

Advanced computer models and simulations have revolutionized the field of toxicology. These models can simulate human physiology at a cellular level and predict the potential effects of substances with high accuracy. Virtual drug trials, for example, use computer algorithms to analyze data from existing drugs and predict their efficacy and potential side effects without relying on animal experimentation.

Sophisticated microdosing techniques offer another promising avenue for research. Microdosing involves administering small doses of substances to humans rather than animals to evaluate their safety profile. By analyzing biomarkers and physiological responses in real-time, researchers can gather valuable information about how these substances interact within the human body.

The availability of these alternative testing methods not only offers more ethical approaches but also provides opportunities for more reliable results that are specific to humans rather than extrapolated from different species. By investing in further development and implementation of these alternatives, we can ensure safer products while upholding our moral obligation toward animals

Economic implications of banning animal testing

Banning animal testing would undoubtedly have economic implications, but it is essential to consider the long-term benefits and potential savings associated with such a move. While animal testing may initially seem cost-effective due to the availability of inexpensive animals and facilities, it is important to recognize that these costs do not account for the ethical concerns surrounding their use or the potential inaccuracies in results. In contrast, investing in alternative methods such as in vitro studies or computer simulations may require an initial investment in research and development. Once established, these methods can prove more cost-effective as they eliminate ongoing expenses related to housing, feeding, and maintaining animals.

Banning animal testing could stimulate innovation within the scientific community. Researchers would be encouraged to explore new avenues of experimentation that prioritize human-centric approaches rather than relying on outdated practices that are often inconsistent in predicting human responses. This shift could lead to breakthroughs in medical research and drug development by focusing resources on methodologies that are directly relevant to humans.

There is growing public awareness regarding ethical consumerism where individuals prefer products that align with their values. Banning animal testing would cater to this demand for cruelty-free alternatives and create opportunities for businesses specializing in non-animal testing methods. Companies could differentiate themselves from competitors by promoting their commitment to ethical practices while meeting consumer expectations.

While there may be short-term economic considerations involved with banning animal testing, the long-term advantages outweigh them significantly. By embracing alternative methods and prioritizing ethics over convenience, we can foster scientific advancements aligned with societal values while ensuring a more sustainable approach towards both human health care and product safety standards

The potential for technological advancements to replace animal testing

In addition to computer models, organ-on-a-chip technology has emerged as another viable alternative to animal testing. This innovative approach involves creating miniature versions of organs on microchips, replicating their structure and functionality. These "organs" can be exposed to substances or diseases in controlled laboratory settings, allowing researchers to observe their reactions without relying on live animals. Organ-on-a-chip technology not only provides more relevant data but also reduces costs and time associated with traditional animal testing methods.

Advances in genetics and genomics have opened up new avenues for personalized medicine research. With the ability to study gene expressions and genetic markers specific to humans through techniques like DNA sequencing, scientists can gain valuable insights into disease mechanisms and drug interactions without resorting to animal experimentation.

The potential for technological advancements is immense when it comes to replacing animal testing practices. We must invest in further research and development of these alternatives so that we can ultimately phase out the use of animals in scientific experiments altogether while still advancing our understanding of human health and safety

International efforts to ban animal testing

There is a growing international movement to ban animal testing in various countries and regions around the world. In recent years, several nations have taken significant steps towards phasing out or completely banning animal testing for cosmetics. For instance, the European Union implemented a complete ban on cosmetic testing on animals in 2013, followed by India in 2014 and New Zealand in 2015. This demonstrates a global recognition of the ethical concerns surrounding animal testing and a commitment to finding alternative methods.

International organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Humane Society International have been actively advocating for the end of animal testing worldwide. These organizations work tirelessly to raise awareness about the cruelty involved in animal experiments and push for legislative changes that protect animals from unnecessary suffering.

The efforts to ban animal testing are not limited to cosmetics but also extend to other industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Many countries are investing in research alternatives like cell cultures, computer modeling, micro-dosing techniques, and human volunteer studies that provide more accurate results without causing harm to animals.

These international initiatives reflect a collective understanding that advancements in science should be achieved without compromising ethics or disregarding the well-being of sentient beings. By joining forces at an international level, we can create a unified front against animal testing and promote progressive research practices that prioritize compassion while still advancing scientific knowledge

The role of public opinion in driving change

Public opinion plays a crucial role in driving change and influencing policy decisions. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in public sentiment towards animal testing, with growing awareness and concern for the ethical treatment of animals. Increased access to information through social media platforms and documentaries exposing the harsh realities of animal testing has mobilized individuals to advocate for alternatives.

As more people become informed about the cruelty associated with animal testing, they are demanding stricter regulations or an outright ban on such practices. Public pressure can influence policymakers to implement laws that prioritize the welfare of animals and encourage investment in alternative research methods. This is evident in countries where bans or restrictions on cosmetic testing have been enacted due to public outcry over unnecessary harm inflicted upon animals for beauty products.

Consumer choices also play a significant role in shaping industries' practices. As public awareness grows, consumers are increasingly opting for cruelty-free products not tested on animals. This shift in demand forces companies to reevaluate their reliance on animal testing as it directly impacts their bottom line. The power of consumer choice combined with public sentiment has prompted many companies to seek out alternative methods or invest in innovative technologies that eliminate the need for animal experimentation.

Public opinion is instrumental in driving change by raising awareness about the ethical concerns surrounding animal testing and demanding more humane alternatives. As society becomes more conscious of our moral responsibility towards all living beings, we must continue advocating for policies that prioritize compassion while promoting scientific progress through reliable and ethically sound research methods

It is important to recognize that progress does not have to come at the expense of innocent lives. We must prioritize compassion and empathy when conducting scientific research and finding solutions for improving human health or ensuring product safety. By embracing alternative methods such as in vitro studies, tissue engineering, organ-on-a-chip technology, computational modeling, and epidemiological studies among others; we can move towards a future where science thrives without causing unnecessary harm to animals.

Society has a collective responsibility to protect vulnerable creatures from needless suffering in laboratories. A ban on animal testing would send a clear message that we value all life forms and seek more humane approaches to advancing medical knowledge and ensuring consumer safety. It is time for us to embrace alternatives that respect the rights of animals while still achieving scientific progress – a future where compassion triumphs over cruelty.

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why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

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  • Animal Rights Essay Examples

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why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

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why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

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why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

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Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

why animal testing should be banned persuasive essay

Show More Imagine being separated from your family at birth, thrown into a cage, fed badly, forgotten about, unloved, and tortured through some of the most terrifying and worst pain? This is the daily life of a test animal. It is horrible, torturous, and unfair. Animal testing should be forbidden in every country. It is a completely pointless thing to do, and creates many negative effects on both animals and people. It is an awful and disgusting thing to do to another living creature with similar feelings to a person, and should not be allowed in our modern world today. The purpose of animal testing is to test the safety and hypoallergenic reactions of cosmetic products and medical drugs on animals to make sure people will not get hurt from these potentially …show more content… The main reason why we animal test is for cosmetic research, not medical research, which is the only type that can be half accepted. Medical research for humans on animals means they still do not get the correct results we need because of the two different reactions of chemicals in two different animals. Popular brands hide the way they animal test because they know that when people find out their product will not sell as well. Global warming is also a huge and rising problem on our earth, and by cutting out cosmetic research on animals, it will mean a few hundred less factories running around the world and releasing fumes into the atmosphere. This will mean a lot of jobs lost, but there are plenty more jobs in the world and it will only benefit our world. “Unseen they suffer. Unheard they cry. In agony they linger. In loneliness they die.” This quote by Jo Anne McArthur gives us the message that the animals are locked away in buildings where it is isolated from the public. They are tortured in secret, so then people can all go and buy the next best chanel foundation or treseme ….. Animal testing is generally doing more damage than good, and hurts so many living creatures it should be …show more content… It is unacceptable behaviour from people in our modern world today. Even though some animals are needed for medical research for the tests that give us reliable results, cosmetic research is not necessary. By not in this day and age we should know what chemicals people can work with and what chemicals we cannot. We have enough cosmetic products and brands, it is not necessary for cosmetic researchers to go on and test on animals. Animals should have similar rights as people, and we need to learn to share our planet with them. Just because we have more power over most of them, doesn’t give us the right to abuse or torture them, because we wouldn’t on our own kind. Animal testing is pointless, it doesn’t not give correct and reliable results, and it does not benefit either people or animals hugely. Joaquin Phoenix once said, “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” We will not see any negative effects on humans if we start treating animals with the respect and freedom they deserve. It is a factor that is bringing our planet down, and we need to stand up for it, and we could save millions of lives a

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Animal testing persuasive essay.

Animal Research is, has always been, and will most likely continue to be a delicate subject. The use of animals in research ranges from cosmetics to medical and wherever there are animals being tests there are groups of people arguing the morality and ethics of the testing being done. Excluding cosmetics and the like for now (that’s a different argument), the use of animal research in neuroscience is absolutely necessary and though it is a sensitive issue, there are ways to make it more ethically acceptable and to protect the animals themselves from blatant cruelty. Today, animal research is more humane than it has ever been.…

Animal Testing In The US

According to the Humane Society, “Animals being used in experiments are subjected to food and water deprivation, long periods of physical movement restraint, and burns along with other wounds to study the healing process” (Costa). These are crucial points to ban animal testing. When you take animals and conduct experiments on them it affects them deeply. “The Draize Eye Test is used by cosmetic companies to study irritation caused by shampoos and other products, involves rabbits being held in stocks with their eyelids held open by clips, sometimes for multiple days, so they cannot blink away the products being tested” (Costa). Everyday millions of animals go through these cruel measures to allegedly ensure safety of products for…

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This quote explains animal testing perfectly; “Many cosmetic companies test their new products and ingredients by forcing rabbits, hamsters, and mice, among others, to endure horrific practices such as breathing in poisonous fumes or having lethal chemicals poured into their eyes and rubbed into their skin”(Natasha Cole, Cruelty Free Cosmetics). Many supporters of animal testing will argue that it can have positive outcomes, however, humanity uses it in vain ways. This makes it especially wrong because humans are treating animals cruelly and inhumanely mostly to look attractive. Continuing on about cosmetic testing on animals: “Animal testing for cosmetics is an outdated practice and does not provide the most reliable results regarding the safety, performance, or possible reactions that cosmetic products or ingredients could have in a person” (Natasha Cole, Cruelty Free Cosmetics). The reason to continue these means of testing on animals proves to be no longer relevant because easier and more reliable ways of testing do indeed exist.…

Animal Testing Controversy Essay

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Cosmetic testing on animals is necessary because without the testing of the products, a lot of people could get serious injuries or allergic reactions to the ingredients in a certain product if it isn’t tested before it is sold. The testing should not be considered wrong or evil. People wouldn’t know the effects the product…

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Cosmetic Research on Animals Should cosmetic products be tested on animals? The debate of the topic, "Should cosmetic products be tested on animals" is endless. While many argue that many benefits come from cosmetic tests on animals, many others argue that the tests are cruel and should be stopped. Both sides have strong valid arguments that are backed up with points to prove which is correct. However, cosmetic research should not be done on animals because it is inhumane and outdated in today's society.…

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Animal cosmetics testing had become very popular in the decade. Many people are wanting to make sure the products they are using are not harmful to themselves and others. Animal cosmetic testing is performing a test of certain cosmetics for the safety and hypoallergenic properties of the products used by humans. This type of testing is very harmful to animals due to the type of tests performed as well as the chemicals used, and as a result of this, animal testing is opposed by animal rights activists and others. I believe that animal testing is very harmful due to certain chemicals and it should be abolished in the United States of America.…

Why Is Animal Testing Bad

Have you ever thought animal testing is bad to animals? Animal testing can hurt the animals really badly. Scientists, do this to make sure that the cosmetics will not hurt humans. This means that animals are being tested for cosmetics, it might have a bad effect, and could get the animals sick or kill them. Animals testing should keep on going on even though scientist don't listen because it is a law to not test on animals.…

Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing Cosmetics On Animals

This form of testing is also very important because there is no other method that shows such accurate results. Also, there are not very many animals being killed by this form of testing. Some might say that animal testing is bad because it is killing innocent animals. Although this is true, the animals that are being killed are saving the lives of many humans that could be the ones being harmed by those products. In the end, there are so many reasons why cosmetic testing on animals is beneficial.…

Animal Testing Is Bad Science

The testing of animals is overall is bad ethics and poor science. In a booklet by Peta, they explain the difference between the use of animals verses if humans would be used, how the animal is in pain, examples of cruelty displayed, research conducted, non animal methods, and a conclusion to what you can do to help the cause. This pamphlet explains that the role animals play in this conducted research is not their choice. Animals should not be put into pointless suffering to test a product for a human. I think animal testing is bad science because there are alternative ways to test products without risking the suffering of animals; in addition, animals cannot speak for themselves and therefore should not be put through experiments to test the safety and effectiveness of products.…

Ellen Degeneres: The Ethicality Of Animal Testing

There are many alternatives to animal testing and excuses need to stop being made to keep animal testing in business. It may seem like it is the only option, but there are so many new ways to do the exact same test in ways which do not involve animals at all. It is cruel and inhumane to keep animals in small cages and not only physically, but also mentally harm them. Artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” The time for animals to be treated similarly to humans can be…

Why We Shouldn T Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

Millions upon millions of animals are slaughtered every year due to humans testing cosmetics on animals. This number is exceedingly high and needs to be reduced. Mice, rabbits, rats, primates, dogs, and cats are enclosed in cages, in laboratories across the world(Animal Testing 101). Many scientists and universities have shown that animals are not necessary when it comes to testing cosmetics. According to a scientist from NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), there “are non-animal tests that are really valuable, informative, cheaper, and quicker” (Testing Cosmetics).…

What Are The Ethics Of Animal Testing

The experiments that are done on animals have different effects on people because our bodies respond differently to the chemicals and drugs being using on animals. Animal testing should be put to a stop because with the tests failing, taxpayers are wasting money on tests that aren’t producing a result that is wanted. Instead of wasting money on failed tests, there are other alternatives to cosmetic animal…

Animal Testing Should Be Illegal

As you sit putting your makeup on before you go out, you do not think about the animals who suffer for us to look good. The question is, is what animals go through worth a fresh face of makeup for us? Animal testing has been around since the beginning of time. Although animals cannot speak, or do other things humans can do, they do not deserve to have products tested on them or be used in experiments that will benefit humans. Animal testing should be illegal.…

Persuasive Speech Against Animal Testing

Persuasive Speech Animals have always been seen as the ones to help with people’s cosmetics and used as research. Animal testing is bad and should be seen as against animal laws. Animals should not be used for this kind of research because it’s cruel and unfair, feeling that animal lives matter. We should be able to help the animal and help free them of their daily labors.…

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This essay will argue against the use of animal testing, discussing ethical, scientific, and practical reasons for its prohibition. It will examine the moral implications of using animals for research, the pain and suffering inflicted, and the issue of animal rights. The piece will also discuss alternatives to animal testing, such as in vitro methods and computer modeling, and how these can be more effective, humane, and economical. The essay aims to advocate for a shift in scientific research towards more ethical and sustainable practices. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Animal Testing.

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Many organizations are debating whether animal testing ought to be banned in the U. S. Some believe that animal testing ought to be done. At the same time, others believe that animal testing is completely wrong. Some experts believe that other options can be available instead of doing the test on animals. Using animals to test the safety of certain products and for medical research purposes is wrong, and it should be made a point that the pain and suffering forced on the animals are just not worth it. Animal testing is a growing debate in today’s society (1).

The utilization of animals in research makes it simpler for scientists to identify which medicines and therapies are safe and effective for human consumption. The primary reason that pharmaceuticals and therapies are initially tested on animals is that some treatments and medications are damaging to the lives of people and can lead to people’s death if they are not tested on animals first. Drugs that have been subjected to animal testing are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people annually. The truth is that most animal studies don’t contribute to improving human health, and the value of the role that animal testing serves in most technological advances in medicine is questionable. (2). Further investigation has shown that many medications that appear effective and safe in animals, inflicting no effect on the animals, actually fail or cause substantial injury, or perhaps even death, in people. This is because animal organs cannot be confused with human ones, and they have their own unique identification. They argue that animals cannot be relied upon as subjects since their bodies are too different from those of people. Because animals’ organs, neurological systems, and cellular constitution are so distinct from one another, any knowledge gained from doing experiments on them would be misleading. The information gained from these tests would be of little benefit to humans, in addition to being extremely harmful to the animals involved (3).

Costing more money and wasting resources, animal testing is unnecessary. There’s also the fact that it’s pointless to do so. Due to their inaccuracy and inability to predict the complete range of negative effects, animals are horrible test subjects for a chemical’s safety. Animals should have legal protection from this kind of abuse. In many instances, medical discoveries are delayed as researchers vainly waste time, money, effort, and animal lives trying to create an animal model of human disease (6). Animal testing generally costs enormous amounts of money, as the animals must be fed, cared for, housed, and treated with drugs or a similar experimental substance. Additionally, the price of the animals themselves must also be paid for. There are companies in the United States who actually breed animals specifically for the cause of testing, and animals can be purchased from them as well. Not only is this research cruel, but the billions of dollars wasted on animal studies funnels money away from human-based research that entails computer modeling and tissue cultures that could be helping people (5).

The use of animals in experimenting with human-based products has been debatable for a while now. It should be noted that sometimes the benefit of successful animal research is. However, it is important to acknowledge that each animal undergoing the process endures agony and death, no matter the final result. Both animals and humans have the capacity for emotion, cognition, behavior, and the feeling of physical pain. However, animals are afforded a certain respect as humans. Animals’ rights are violated when used in research because they are not given a choice. They just put straight under the penalty of an experiment for the health of humans. Humans cannot make life better for themselves by torturing and executing so many animals each year to perform laboratory experiments or to test products on them.

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  • Humane Society International. Limitations of Animal Tests – Humane Society International [Internet]. Humane Society International. 2019. Available from: https://www.hsi.org/news-media/limitations-of-animal-tests/

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

Animal testing research paper.

You know those medicines that you can get at the Drug Store? Don’t you think that is the greatest medicine for headaches or allergy relief? Well, it was most likely tested on an animal and it could have killed them. Over 100 million animals are injured in a wide variety of ways in the U.S. alone . Some animals spend their entire lives in captivity constantly getting tortured or abused. Also, it has been proven that only 50% of the time animal testing also works on humans, so while we tested on animals and it worked for animals, you might as well flip a coin as to whether it will benefit people.

Should Animal Testing Be Allowed

To begin with, navs.org tells us that humans differ from animals in various ways, animal models will never be able to accurately recapitulate what happens in the human condition. Due to humans differing animals in various ways, the results aren't always effective. Animals being tested on things that humans and animals differ from in basically just killing animals for no reason. Besides, articles.baltimoresun.com states that 90 percent of medications approved for human use after animal testing were later proved ineffective or harmful to humans in clinical trials. As a result, 90 percent of the tests done are ineffective and harmful to humans so there’s no point of doing animal tests. You could save thousands of animals by not doing tests on them. Since animal tests aren’t always effective, people should stop doing them and save the

Effects Of Animal Testing On Animals

Although many people agree with testing products on animals, they ask ‘Who else are we going to test our products on?’ Nobody! Don’t add harsh chemicals in the products and then the animals and humans are both healthier. Beyond millions of animals that die and are captured every year just from animal testing alone. Treating an animal cruelty is never okay, especially when they’re torturing the animals with harsh chemicals due to testing. If people would stand up and try to protect animals we’d be saving certain animals from becoming extinct and we’d also save a ton of money.

Arguments Against Animal Testing Unnecessary

Animal testing is cruel, unnecessary, and preventable. According to the article Argument against animal testing “The support for animal testing is based largely on anecdote and is not backed up, we believe, by the scientific evidence that is out there.” What is being said about animal testing is just based on a story and it is not being backed up with actual proof that we need. People believe whatever scientists are saying, but, how do we know what they are saying is true? Many people say animals do not get hurt during testing because they think that animals are protected under the Animal Welfare Act. But in reality is The Animal Welfare Act is not doing anything beneficial toward animals. Noah Berlatsky noted that “The Animal Welfare Act allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, forcibly restrained, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged.” This is not protection. We need effective laws against

How To Keep Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

Ninety percent of the medicines we test on animals have not helped humans, they also do not reliably predict results for humans. According to Neurologist Aysha Akhtar 100 stroke drugs were effective on animals but failed on humans. Experiments animals undergo are often flawed and waste the lives of animals. Thomas Hartung states “it's very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we're trying to achieve in the human.” Animal testing might also mislead researchers to the fact that animals have a different response to medicines that might be helpful to humans, for example Aspirin is dangerous to some animals. Animal testing is also more expensive than alternate methods we have found.

Animal Testing Is Wrong

Numerous years ago, animal testing was started to help humans obtain information. The process of testing on animals is, quite possibly, one of the most disturbing experiments ever performed. Many cosmetics and personal care products are manufactured every year and put into the market

Pro Animal Testing Essay

Everyday animals are being locked up in cages and are being tested on. Animals in laboratories do not provide reliable results in human beings, and are going through cruel and inhumane tests. There are also alternative methods that replace the need for the animals. Testing animals has contributed to many life savings cures and treatments, along with animals themselves benefiting from the results of the testing. Animals are also similar to humans in many ways and are appropriate test subjects. Animal testing needs to stop because every year 100 million animals die. The animals have no say in this treatment being done to them. Animals cannot be tested in a variety of human procedures despite what the benefits are.

Persuasive essay against animal testing

To conclude, I feel that animal testing is not right and I am against the current animal testing system, which is mandatory by law. I think the fact that the animals don’t have a choice and are being forced to be tested, which puts their life in danger, is wrong. I also believe that animal testing is the wrong thing to do when there are many alternatives that would cause no harm to animals (or humans). Jeremy Bentham once said, “The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but "Can they suffer?” – The answer is

One day, a kid named Johnny had Parkinson’s disease. But, he was cured just in time due to animal testing. Yes, animal testing saved lives, yet many people do not believe in the importance of doing testing on animal test subjects to find the effectivity of the product. However, it is way more true that animal testing is not cruel, and it should remain legal. My reasons for saying this is that animal testing has made a major impact in the medical field, animals in testing receive the highest standards of care provided by law, and finally animals and humans have a lot more in common that meets the eye, making tests accurate.

Research Paper On Animal Testing

Animal testing has been an issue for years. From hearing ads on the news to seeing protests on the streets, most American citizens know what animal testing is. It has always been a problem for us as humans. But not only is it just a problem, it is a cruel, harsh and almost absolutely pointless one. Everyday, animals are subjected to painful and harsh tests that hardly even work. Most of these inhumane tests

Is Animal Testing Beneficial

Others may disagree but animal testing kills a massive amount of animals, it causes animals to suffer and most of the time experimenting on them is a waste of time. Due to animal testing massive amounts of animals die. While they are being tested they are suffering . Sometimes the testing is a waste of time because it leads to no reasonable results. If you disagree with animals being tested on you should consider supporting

Animal Testing Should Be Outlawed Essay

  • 6 Works Cited

Throughout the world, right under the human nose, millions of innocent and helpless, animals are being tortured and murdered. They are used for product testing as well as to put into products without consumer knowledge. These defenseless animals are deprived of respect and are victimized to an extent where it becomes unbearable to watch. There are many organizations that are trying to fight for animal rights. However, these organizations struggle with is because there is no legislation in the United States to combat animal testing. Even though it is not against United States regulations, animal testing should be outlawed because of its harmful and cruel effects.

Why Animal Testing Should Be Illegal

For a long time, the world considered animal testing as an essential part for finding medical cures and for creating cosmetics. Without observing it from different aspects, people are not aware that these testing are: cruel and inhumane and they waste a lot of government money and resources. Also, there are other alternative options that can replace all the experiments that are conducted on animals. Thus, animal testing is immoral and it should be banned.

Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

An estimated of 26 million animals are used for testing and killed. More than 26 million animal lives are wasted. This should stop. It could lead to animal extinction and other problems. Some reasons why animal testing should not be allowed is one, it is cruel and inhumane. Two, some substances are never even used. Three, animal lives are wasted. Animal testing should not be allowed because it’s cruel and inhumane, some substances are never used, and animal lives are wasted.

Animal Testing: Cruel Or Ineffective?

When you consider the benefits of animal testing, there are near to none - unless you call killing innocent creatures one. Animal testing has been in place since circa 500 BC, but we need to put an end to our cruel practices over animals promptly. Over 100 million animals are killed each year for the name of science - and that’s in the USA alone. Animal testing is cruel, inhuman and morally wrong. Not all dangerous side effects can be predicted by animal testing, therefore making it more or less pointless. There is more than a 90% chance that a drug was tested effective and safe in animals, but will be unsafe or ineffective for the consumer. Anyways, do we really need another soap, eyeliner, drug, or product so bad that it should come

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Free Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Type of paper: Argumentative Essay

Topic: Education , Technology , Medicine , Violence , Experiment , Blood , Animals , Human

Published: 12/05/2019


Animals Testing Essay

Arguably, animal testing has been an emotive subject with a lot of ethical, moral, and medical debate, and controversy for many decades. What we should all ask is, does the payback obtained by human beings from animal experimentation justify the inhumane, and harm caused to animals? Billions of animals in the world are killed in laboratories for experimental purposes (Monamy 17). Additionally, most of the animals die in the process of medical research, cosmetic experiments, as well as commercial research. Therefore, animal experimentation is harmful, inhumane, and cruel, and it should be banned.

Reasons why animal experimentation should be banned

Undoubtedly, if animal experimentation is exceptionally efficient, then why are there many cases of unsuccessful drug impacts in the field. It is argued by many medical practitioners that numerous medical advances are an outcome of animal experiment (Tilman 53). The argument is invalid, making it improper to use animals for experiment. The blood transfusion and blood groups of animals are incompatible to human blood. Therefore, when the experiment works in animals, it is not a guarantee that it also becomes successful in human. Hence, we should eliminate the use of animals in medical experiments (Monamy 37).

In the 21st century, technology is more advanced; hence, experiments should be used to undertake the experiments rather than animals. It is so unnecessary to use animals in carrying out the experiments, yet there is an efficient and the first way of carrying it out. By use of advanced technology, human blood can be subjected to test making, leading to realistic results (Tilman 56). For example, Corrositex is a test carried out by use of protein membrane, instead of the skin of animals. Additionally, use of technology is cheaper, than using animals for experiment. Animals are used in experimenting house detergents, cosmetics and cleaning products, which is not relevant in the field of medicine (Orlans 127). The test of such detergents could be carried by other means. When animals die in the experiment, it is more less the same as murder in the human contest, making it morally wrong. It is unethical to use millions of animals with feeling and thinking capacity in the experimental research. It is importance to understand that, animals have feelings like human beings; hence, we should not subject animals to loneliness, fear, and pain in the laboratory cage (Orlans 128). Perhaps, animal experimentation is unquestionably an imperfect science.

Alternative methods to animal experimentation

Most of drugs and food that pass through animals have been reported to have negative effects, or fail to be effective in human. Animal experimentation, prolong the suffering, and pain of human, as well as wasting resources that could have been used in effective human experimentation. In order to eliminate the use of animals in experiment, scientist and researches need to utilize other means of experimentation (Tilman 54). This alternative ways include, computer models, (PBPK) physiologically based pharmacokinetics, human volunteers, and other technological means. If it is extremely necessary to use animals for the experiment, it should be guided by three principles, which are replacement, reduction, and refinement. Replacement means using other non-animals means, reductions mean using fewer animals to optimize information, and finally refinement means using methods that reduce suffering, distress, and pain (Orlans 128).

Conclusively animal experimentation should be banned entirely, and no animal should be subjected to brutality, torture, and pain. In fact, in the contemporary world non-animal experimental research is humane, less time consuming, less expensive, as well as, more accurate. Despite the fact that change comes slowly, many researches should switch to advanced ways of experimenting using technology. Animal experimentation prevents researches from achieving the relevant information, at the same time killing and causing harm to people and animals. Companies and other organization need to fight for animal rights, and prevent animal suffering. Therefore, as per my opinion animal experimentation should be banned.

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Monamy, V. Animal Experimentation: A Guide to the Issue. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Orlans, B. The Human use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice. New York. Wiley, 1998. Tilman, G. Science, Pseudo-Science, and Morals Values. London: Mazo Press, 2007.


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