10 Great Essay Writing Tips

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.

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New Year Essay


New Year's Eve is a joyous festival celebrated all over the world. According to the Gregorian calendar, it marks the start of a new year (which contains 12 months and January 1 is counted as the first day of a new year). People all over the world begin making plans for new year's resolutions and preparations one month in advance.

It, like any other festival, brings joy to the lives of many people all over the world, regardless of caste or culture. New Year's Eve is widely celebrated and explored by people of all ages. Almost all schools and educational institutions announce a winter break from Christmas Eve to New Year's (January 1). Because New Year denotes the first day of the year, it tends to bring happiness into people's lives because it represents a new beginning while leaving the previous year behind. 

The New Year is a time for people to put all of their bad experiences behind them and take a positive step into the future. Everyone wishes for their own and their loved ones' happiness, health, and prosperity in the coming New Year. For children, a new year is incomplete without three things: a Christmas tree, a New Year's Eve party with new dresses, and the required New Year's essay as part of their winter vacation homework).

How do People Around the World Celebrate?

A unique custom has been followed these days in every household – a New Year tree. In order to define this, it is nothing but the Christmas tree that gets decorated during the festive season and year-end. All the family members take part in decorating the Christmas tree/ New Year tree with various kinds of toys, bells, stars, candies, mistletoe, and colourful fairy lights.

New Year’s day is followed by different other customs and traditions in every household across the globe. Each culture celebrates this day in its own unique way. Some people start planning for a mini-vacation beforehand while some plan to spend quality time with their loved ones. The preparation begins with buying gifts, decorating houses, and purchasing new clothes.

India's New Year's Eve Celebration 

Everyone in India celebrates New Year on different days depending on their religion. Nonetheless, due to the influence of Western civilization, most people now celebrate New Year's Day on January 1 st as well. 

On the auspicious occasion of the New Year, many colourful programmes are organised in India. On this day, everyone sends congratulations to their friends and family. Hindus, in particular, clean their homes and decorate them with saffron flags. On this auspicious occasion, bhajans are sung and special prayers are offered at temples and other religious sites. On the occasion of the New Year, various events such as Kavi Sammelan, Bhajan Sandhya, Kalash Yatra, and others are held in various locations.

January 1 as New Year’s Day

The early Roman Calendar has 10 months and 304 days, and each new year begins on the spring equinox; according to tradition, it was created by Romulus, the founder of Rome, in the eighth century B.C. Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, later added the months of Januarius and Februarius to the Roman Calendar in 1713 B.C.

Over the centuries, the calendar has been out of sync with the Sun. The emperor Caesar then decided to solve the mystery in 46 B.C. by consulting with the most prominent astronomers and mathematicians of the time. Caesar introduced the Julian calendar, which was very similar to the modern Gregorian calendar, which is still used by the majority of countries around the world.

Caesar established January 1 as the first day of the year, partly to honour Janus, the Roman god of beginnings (whose two faces allowed him to seem back to the past and forward into the longer term which was a part of his reforms). To commemorate the New Year, the Romans exchanged gifts and offered sacrifices to God Janus. They also went to loud parties and adorned their homes with laurel branches.

Traditions for the New Year

Many countries celebrate New Year from the evening of December 31 (also known as New Year's Eve) until the early hours of January 1 st , often with several meals and snacks to bring good fortune in the coming year. Grapes are known as a symbol of hope for the coming months and are thus used by people in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Legumes, such as lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States, have been a traditional New Year's dish in many countries and places because they are thought to resemble coins and future financial success. Pork is also a popular New Year's dish in some countries, including Austria, Hungary, Cuba, and Portugal, and it is believed that pigs represent progress and prosperity.

Rice pudding with an almond hidden inside it is served on New Year's Eve in many countries, including Sweden and Norway. It is said that whoever finds the almond will be blessed with 12 months of good fortune. In contrast, ring-shaped cakes and pastries are served during the New Year in the Netherlands, Greece, Mexico, and other countries. It denotes that the year has completed a full circle.

The Importance of the New Year

New Year's Eve is a special occasion for every country and every person. The New Year motivates us to start new projects and gives us the energy to live our lives with renewed zeal and joy. In the New Year, we learn from our mistakes from the previous year, make a new resolution or oath, and begin to complete our work with full energy, which leads to our success. It is similar to a festival that installs new energy in us, increasing the significance of the New Year in our lives. 

New Year’s Short Essay

On New Year's Day, everyone puts on new clothes and congratulates one another. On the occasion of the New Year, many different types of programmes are held in schools. The event of the New Year retains various fireworks, dance competitions, singing competitions, and so on. At New Year's, the market is ablaze with colour, with colourful lights, and other decorative items adorning every surface. On the occasion of the New Year, some countries have a state holiday, so people go on picnics. The New Year brings with it new hopes; we should always be happy in any situation, good or bad.

On this day, everyone reflects on the significant events of the previous year and evaluates the circumstances under which the entire year was spent. And, to make amends for the shortcomings of the previous year, take a new oath on the auspicious occasion of the New Year and get involved in doing that work for the coming year with full hard work and dedication. The Western Civilization's New Year was celebrated in Babylon 4000 years ago, but it was held on March 21 st at the time. However, since the introduction of the Julian calendar, New Year's Day has been celebrated on January 1 st every year. Every year has 365 days, at the end of which the New Year is celebrated with great zeal. Because of the influence of Western civilization throughout the world, everyone now celebrates January 1 as New Year's Day.


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New Year celebrations

New Year celebrations

On the night of 31 December and the morning of 1 January, people in many countries all over the world will celebrate the beginning of a new year. How will they celebrate and how did this tradition begin?

Do the preparation task first. Then read the article and do the exercises.



'For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.' – TS Eliot

New year, old celebrations

There have been celebrations to mark the beginning of a new year for thousands of years. Sometimes these were simply an opportunity for people to eat, drink and have fun, but in some places the festivities were connected to the land or astronomical events. For example, in Egypt the beginning of the year coincided with when the River Nile flooded, and this normally happened when the star Sirius rose. The Persians and Phoenicians started their new year at the spring equinox (this is around 20 March when the Sun shines more or less directly on the equator and the length of the night and the day are almost the same).

The oldest celebration

The city of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia was where the first New Year's celebrations were recorded about 4,000 years ago. The Babylonians held their celebrations on the first new moon after the spring equinox and called this festival Akitu (which comes from the word the Sumerians used for barley). Barley was cut in Mesopotamia in the spring, and during Akitu there was a different ritual on each of the 11 days that the celebration lasted. Statues of the gods were carried through the streets of the city, and in this way the Babylonians believed that their world had been cleaned to prepare for the new year and a new spring.

Modern celebrations

In many cities all over the world, spectacular fireworks displays take place as soon as the clock passes midnight on 31 December. In recent years, Sydney in Australia has been the host to one of the first of these celebrations as New Year arrives there before most other major international cities. The display takes place in Sydney Harbour, with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge making it a stunning setting. Fireworks light up the skies in hundreds of cities as 12 midnight strikes around the globe.

Traditions that live on

There are a number of strange and interesting New Year's traditions around the world. In Scotland, New Year's Eve is called Hogmanay and 'first footing' remains a popular custom with people visiting friends' and neighbours' houses just after midnight. The first person who visits your house should bring a gift as this will mean good luck. In Spain, it is the custom to eat 12 grapes as the bells sound for midnight on 31 December. One grape is eaten at each sound of the bell and each grape is supposed to bring good luck for each month of the year ahead. In Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and some other Central and South American countries, people wear special underwear of different colours on New Year's Eve. Red is supposed to be good for bringing love in the new year, while yellow is supposed to bring money.

Out with the old, in with the new

The new year is a perfect time to make a change for the better. The tradition of making New Year's resolutions is more common in the western hemisphere but also exists in the eastern hemisphere. This tradition involves a person making a commitment to change an unwanted habit or behaviour or setting a personal objective. Typical New Year's resolutions might be to give up smoking, eat healthier food, do more exercise, become more organised or laugh more – but really, a New Year's resolution can be almost anything. However, research suggests that many New Year's resolutions fail. Being realistic about the objectives you set and not making too many New Year's resolutions might help you to achieve success.

How do you celebrate the new year?

Language level

How do you celebrate the new year? For me, it's like a normal day.I don't do anything extra than other days. As you mentioned, the people usually make resolutions on this occasion but mostly get failed in making that happen, i also used to do the same thing till two years back. What i have concluded as a human from human life is that it becomes better with an increase in the cruelty on other species. These words are coming here from own experience so, don't get offended after going through this if yours don't match with these. Signing off on behalf of myself:)

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A few days before new year's eve, my family and I go to buy fireworks to make the celebrations more remarkable. My family has numerous members, we gather to eat, sing, play, and enjoy the fireworks. and the coincidence that day is also my birthday, so it's an unforgettable day.

How do you celebrate the new year? I celebrate NewYear with my family. generally, we eat and dance together for the whole night we decided about new planning for this year. I always do differently taking my decision.

Me and lots of people in my country celebrate new year by spending time with loved ones. By doing so we improve our friendship and family connects. At new year celebrations like everybody classically we wish health happiness peace and of course money. We play games, drinking and eating. Also at some celebrations if the hotels aren't full or not too expensive we would be on holiday during new year. By the way happy new year to everybody

We celebrate by eating, drinking, big company often, but this year we been with my husband and our baby. Looking fireworks outside in the garden. We pray for health and better New Year

As the new year has come, I have made some commitments too. I do not know if I will be able to accomplish them, but I think it is important to desire changes in our life. They could be big changes, utopian changes, doesn't matter. We shouldn't refrain from the desire of having new happy times in our existences.

My new year eve is not special like usual. The last two years was tough, so there are nothing to celebrate about. However, I am still hoping that gonna be better this year with the new opportunities come along but also the challenges. No matter what, I will try the best to get things done nicely and wish for a brighter future. My new year resolution is quite simple which is do more exercises and spending more time for the most important things. Be cool and happy new year all!

Our Burma New Year is in April . However , we celebrate all kind of new year (according to Christian calendar , Chinese calendar, etc) . Welcoming a new year is like the other countries . We usually have fun and spend time together with families and friends . Actually , it is not the same in our country this year . You may hear about the coup happening here. We are hearing gun shots nearly everyday during this year. 2021 is worse than 2020 for us . Hope 2022 can bring justice to us! Wish you all have a great year ahead !

It will be my first New Year's Eve without my family because I am currently staying in a dorm. But I have new friends so we will celebrate it together. New Year's Eve is both an ending and a beginning. Just evaluate the past year and set your goals for the new year. Happy New Year all!

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Essay on New Year Celebration

Students are often asked to write an essay on New Year Celebration in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on New Year Celebration

The excitement of new year.

New Year is a time filled with joy and celebration. It marks the beginning of a fresh year and is celebrated worldwide. It’s a time when people bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms.

Traditions and Customs

Different cultures have unique ways to celebrate New Year. Some light fireworks, others have grand feasts. Many people also make resolutions to improve their lives in the coming year.

The Joy of Celebration

New Year celebrations bring families and friends together. It’s a time of happiness, hope, and new beginnings. Everyone eagerly waits for the clock to strike midnight to cheer, “Happy New Year!”

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250 Words Essay on New Year Celebration

Introduction to new year celebrations.

The New Year celebration is a universal event, marked by anticipation, reflection, and joy. It is a time when people bid farewell to the past and welcome the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm. The celebration is not only a cultural tradition but also a psychological milestone that allows individuals to assess their lives and set new goals.

Historical Background

Historically, New Year celebrations have roots in ancient civilizations. The Babylonians, for instance, celebrated the New Year as a religious festival. The Romans, on the other hand, celebrated it in honor of Janus, the god of beginnings. Over time, these traditions have evolved, reflecting cultural diversity and societal changes.

Celebrations Around the World

Today, New Year celebrations take various forms worldwide. In many Western cultures, it’s often marked with fireworks, parties, and the singing of ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ In contrast, Chinese New Year is characterized by the Lantern Festival, dragon dances, and the giving of red envelopes. Meanwhile, in Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is a solemn time of reflection and atonement.

Significance and Impact

The New Year celebration holds profound significance. It is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, providing an opportunity for individuals to reflect, recalibrate, and set new goals. The celebration also has a considerable socio-economic impact, driving consumerism during the holiday season and boosting various sectors, including tourism, retail, and entertainment.

In conclusion, the New Year celebration is a universal tradition that transcends cultural boundaries. It is a time of reflection, renewal, and hope, embodying the human spirit’s resilience and aspiration for a better future.

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500 Words Essay on New Year Celebration


New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year, is universally celebrated with great enthusiasm and anticipation. It’s a day of reflection, resolution, and promise, marking the transition from the past year’s experiences to the untapped potential of the future. The celebration is a blend of cultural traditions, personal beliefs, and modern practices, making it a unique and vibrant occasion.

The History and Significance

The concept of the New Year dates back to ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonians and the Romans, who marked the beginning of the year based on lunar or solar cycles. Over time, with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, January 1st became universally recognized as the start of the New Year. The celebration is not merely a chronological change but carries deep symbolic significance. It represents renewal, rebirth, and the chance to start anew, which is often manifested in the form of New Year resolutions.

Global Celebrations

New Year celebrations vary widely across the globe, reflecting a rich tapestry of cultural traditions. In Spain, it is customary to eat twelve grapes at midnight, each symbolizing good luck for one month of the coming year. In Japan, the New Year (Shogatsu) is a time for family gatherings, visits to temples, and the tradition of ‘Hatsumode’ or the first shrine visit of the year. In contrast, in major cities like New York, Sydney, and London, spectacular firework displays light up the night sky, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of the New Year.

Modern Practices and Traditions

In the contemporary world, New Year’s Eve is often marked by social gatherings and parties. People come together to bid farewell to the past year and welcome the new one with music, dance, and merriment. The countdown to midnight is a universally shared moment, often accompanied by the popping of champagne bottles and a chorus of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Many also engage in the practice of making New Year’s resolutions, setting personal goals for self-improvement in the coming year.

Reflection and Resolution

The New Year is also a time for introspection. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s experiences, learnings, successes, and failures. This reflection often leads to resolutions – commitments to personal growth, whether it’s picking up a new skill, improving health, or fostering better relationships. The New Year thus becomes a catalyst for change, inspiring individuals to strive for betterment.

New Year celebrations are a testament to the indomitable human spirit, our resilience, and our eternal hope for a better future. As the New Year dawns, it brings with it a sense of optimism, a chance to start afresh, and the promise of new possibilities. It is a universal celebration that transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences, uniting us in our shared hopes and dreams for the year to come.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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