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How it Works?

Fill your details, choose your stamp duty and make payment, delivery of your e-stamp paper on your email / doorstep, if you want your document to be printed on e-stamp paper with notary attestation, then click this button., if you have bulk requirements for stamp paper and other documents you can be our corporate partner. for partnership click this button., benefits of buying stamp paper from edrafter.in, quickest delivery.

Your Stamp paper will be Delivered within 2 hours once you place your order.

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Types of Stamp Paper

Online e-stamp paper.


These Stamp Papers are available completely online and the user can easily make it through few clicks on his mobile / Desktop. e-Stamp Papers are available in the following states:

Assam, Chattisgarh, Union Territory of Chandigarh, UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, UT of Daman and Diu, NCT of Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand

Physical Stamp Paper


These Stamp Papers are only available through offline vendors and the customer has to visit and get it offline while at eDrafter you can order it online as easy as you get e-Stamp Paper. Physical Stamp Papers are available in following states:

Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal

Frequently Asked Questions

There are mainly three types of stamping processing that are legally valid in India:

  • Stamping through Court : There are some states where the stamp paper procurement is physical through courts wherein one needs to visit the Government authorized stamp vendor and need to furnish the details.

stamp paper telangana

  •   Stamping through SHCIL: The Government of India has appointed SHCIL as the only Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA). The citizens can pay stamp duty online and later on they will get a hard copy of the e-stamp paper. For the same, they can visit the authorized collection center. Currently stamping through SHCIL is available in 18 States.

e-stamp paper

  • Stamping through e-gras : The Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). There are very few states where stamping through e-gras is applied where the public need not be present physically, they get their stamp papers online without any long hefty process.

buy online stamp paper haryana

To buy e stamp paper online you need to follow a few steps, they are

  • Go to the website.
  • Choose the option of buy e-stamp paper
  • Choose the State of which you want to buy the e stamp paper online. For example, if you want e-stamp paper Delhi then select the desired option.
  • Fill out the given form and then Add to Cart your stamp paper, choose the service you want. 
  • After that place the order and you will get scan copy at your email & hard copy at your doorstep.

Stamp duty means a Stamp paper value/denomination which generally depends upon the nature of the Document; One needs to make sure while paying stamp duty that you need to pay an appropriate stamp duty to the Government; if you pay a lesser value then the Document shall be considered invalid hence it is always advisable to pay appropriate stamp duty as per the Stamp Act of the concerned State Government.

Further, as the question says the stamp duty differs from state to state as that is being hold by the state government. 

We’re sharing Stamp Duty details of a few states; Please refer:

  • Stamp Duty Haryana - In Haryana, the e-stamp paper has been introduced by e-Grass wherein the 101 and higher values are available online whereas if one needs to buy 100 or lesser value then have to approach physically to the Stamp Vendors; the commonly used e-stamp paper in Haryana is 101 which can be used for Affidavit, MOU, Agreement and other.
  • Stamp Duty Mumbai/ Stamp Duty in Pune - With  Maharashtra Government, only two values are available 100 & 500. Also, please note the Stamp Act as below: 

buy online stamp paper haryana

  • Stamp Duty in Rajasthan :  In Rajasthan, the starting value of stamp duty is 50 in which  an affidavit is normally made, and for the agreement, 100 value stamp paper is commonly used and the government charge 40% surcharge on stamp duty value.
  • Stamp duty West Bengal : The starting stamp paper value is 20 on which affidavits are commonly used and  50&100 are often used for agreements.
  •   Stamp Duty Gujrat : In Gujrat, the affidavits are often made on the value of 50 which is the starting value and the agreement is commonly made on the value of 300 stamp duty.
  •   Stamp Duty of Sates associated with SHCIL : The states which are associated by SHCIL have a separate stamp article which can be referred to at this link https://www.shcilestamp.com/

Authenticity of e-Stamp can be verified through these Steps:

  • Open the website shcilestamp.com
  • After that Click on “Verify e-Stamp Certificate
  • Fill the Required Details.

Details include:

  • Certificate Number(UIN)
  • Stamp Duty Type(Description of Document)
  • Certificate Issue Date
  • 6 character alphanumeric string

 UIN is a unique system-generated number mentioned on the e-Stamp Certificate. Anybody, having the Unique Identification Number can check the authenticity of the Certificate through www.shcilestamp.com

Existing Order Enquiry: +0120-4276927

New Enquiry: +91-9310742612

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Print on Stamp Paper

Move to Print on e-Stamp Paper section to avail it.

buy online stamp paper haryana

Treasury and Account (Finance Department)

Government of haryana.

buy online stamp paper haryana

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  • Forgot Security Answer(Guest)
  • Reset Security Question(for Registered user)

GRN:(Without leading zeros)

File uploaded by banks, verification of e-stamp.

  • By e-Stamp Number
  • By Challan Number
  • Enter e-Stamp Paper Number
  • GRN(without leading Zeros)

Transaction Detail

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Haryana: e-stamping for deed registration.

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User can use this service to pay stamp duty required for deed registration and can also generate the E-Stamp Papers.

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  1. Egras

    Urgent: Govt. Instructions to stop issuance of stamp paper upto Rs. 100. Now you can generate GRN and Stamp paper in one go. Corresponding to one GRN only one stamp paper can be generated within 90 days of payment.

  2. e Stamp paper of Haryana

    How to generate e-Stamp Paper online in Haryana? You just need to fill the given form and need to place an Order. After that, we will generate your e-stamp paper and will send it to you at your registered e-mail address. “Quick & easy” How to verify authenticity of e stamp paper of Haryana? Open website https://egrashry.nic.in/

  3. Non Judicial e Stamp Paper

    Physical Stamp Paper. These Stamp Papers are only available through offline vendors and the customer has to visit and get it offline while at eDrafter you can order it online as easy as you get e-Stamp Paper. Physical Stamp Papers are available in following states: Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal.

  4. Egras

    Guidelines for generation of e-Stamp; FAQ's; NEFT/RTGS user guide; Help Desk; Contact Us; Useful Links. Chief Secretariat Haryana; Finance Department Haryana; Treasury Department Haryana; Accountant General Haryana; NIC Mail; Latest News; User Manual; Sign-Up

  5. Egras

    Contents provided by Finance Department Govt. of Haryana || Best Viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome ... Enter e-Stamp Paper Number; Verify Payment. GRN ...

  6. Haryana: e-Stamping for Deed Registration

    User can use this service to pay stamp duty required for deed registration and can also generate the E-Stamp Papers.