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Review of Taxes: Definition, History and Different Kinds

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  • Taxes that are based on how much money a company earns are called corporate taxes
  • Taxes that are based on how much money a person earns are called income taxes.
  • Taxes that are based on how much a person buys are called sales taxes.
  • Taxes that are based on how much a person owns are called a property taxes. Things like houses have a property tax on them.
  • Taxes that are paid when official document are approved are called stamp duties (because in the past the document would have a stamp put on it). Changing who owns a house will often need a document approving.
  • Taxes that are paid when somebody dies are called inheritance or estate taxes.
  • Flat taxes: Everybody pays the same percentage. Russia has a flat income tax and everybody in Russia has to pay 13% of the income.
  • Progressive taxes: The more money a person makes, the higher percentage of their income they have to pay. Most countries have progressive income taxes.
  • Regressive taxes: The less money a person makes, the higher percentage of their income they have to pay. Sales taxes are usually called regressive as poor people spend a higher percentage of their money, than rich people.

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Review of Taxes: Definition, History and Different Kinds Essay

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different types of taxes essay

Taxes Definition: Types, Who Pays, and Why

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What Are Taxes?

Understanding taxes, types of taxes, tax delinquency, the bottom line.

Lea Uradu, J.D. is a Maryland State Registered Tax Preparer, State Certified Notary Public, Certified VITA Tax Preparer, IRS Annual Filing Season Program Participant, and Tax Writer.

different types of taxes essay

Investopedia / Joules Garcia

Taxes are mandatory contributions levied on individuals or corporations by a government entity—whether local, regional, or national. Tax revenues finance government activities, including public works and services such as roads and schools, or programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

In economics, taxes fall on whoever pays the burden of the tax , whether this is the entity being taxed, such as a business, or the end consumers of the business’s goods. From an accounting perspective, there are various taxes to consider, including payroll taxes, federal and state income taxes, and sales taxes.

Key Takeaways

  • Taxes are mandatory contributions collected by governments.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects federal income taxes in the United States.
  • There are many forms of taxes and most are applied as a percentage of a monetary exchange (for example, when income is earned or a sales transaction is completed).
  • Other forms of taxes, such as property taxes, are applied based on the assessed value of a held asset.
  • Understanding what triggers a tax situation can enable taxpayers to manage their finances to minimize the impact of taxes.

To help fund public works and services—and to build and maintain the infrastructure used in a country—a government usually taxes its individual and corporate residents. The tax collected is used for the betterment of the economy and all who are living in it.

In the United States and many other countries in the world, income taxes are applied to some form of money received by a taxpayer . The money could be income earned from salary, capital gains from investment appreciation, dividends or interest received as additional income, payments made for goods and services, and so on.

Tax revenues are used for public services and the operation of the government, as well as for Social Security and Medicare . As the large baby boomer generation has aged, Social Security and Medicare have claimed increasingly high proportions of the total federal expenditure of tax revenue. Throughout U.S. history, tax policy has been a consistent source of political debate.

A tax requires a percentage of the taxpayer’s earnings or money to be taken and remitted to the government. Payment of taxes at rates levied by the government is compulsory, and tax evasion —the deliberate failure to pay one’s full tax liabilities—is punishable by law. (On the other hand, tax avoidance —actions taken to lessen your tax liability and maximize after-tax income—is perfectly legal.)

Most governments use an agency or department to collect taxes. In the United States, this function is performed federally by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) .

There are several very common types of taxes:

  • Income tax —A percentage of generated income that is relinquished to the state or federal government
  • Payroll tax —A percentage withheld from an employee’s pay by an employer, who pays it to the government on the employee’s behalf to fund Medicare and Social Security programs
  • Corporate tax —A percentage of corporate profits taken as tax by the government to fund federal programs
  • Sales tax —Taxes levied on certain goods and services; varies by jurisdiction
  • Property tax —Based on the value of land and property assets
  • Tariff —Taxes on imported goods; imposed with the aim of strengthening domestic businesses
  • Estate tax —Rate applied to the fair market value (FMV) of property in a person’s estate at the time of death; the total estate must exceed thresholds set by state and federal governments

Tax systems vary widely among nations, and it is important for individuals and corporations to carefully study a new locale’s tax laws before earning income or doing business there. 

Below, we will take a look at various tax situations in the United States. Generally speaking, the federal government levies income, corporate, and payroll taxes; the state levies income and sales taxes; and municipalities or other local governments mainly levy property taxes.

Like many nations, the United States has a progressive income tax system, through which a higher percentage of tax revenues are collected from high-income individuals or corporations than from low-income individual earners. Taxes are applied through marginal tax rates .

A variety of factors affect the marginal tax rate that a taxpayer will pay, including their filing status— married filing jointly , married filing separately , single , or head of household . Which status a person files can make a significant difference in how much they are taxed. The source of a taxpayer’s income also makes a difference in taxation. It’s important to learn the terminology of the different income types that may affect how income is taxed.

Capital gains taxes  are of particular relevance for investors. Levied and enforced at the federal level, these are taxes on the profit generated when you sell an asset that's increased in value.

The rate of taxation on the profit depends on the length of time for which the asset was held. Short-term capital gains (on assets sold one year or less after they were acquired) are taxed at the owner’s ordinary income tax rate, whereas long-term gains on assets held for more than a year are taxed at a lower capital gains rate—based on the rationale that lower taxes will encourage high levels of capital investment. Tax records should be maintained to substantiate the length of ownership when both the assets were sold and the tax return was filed.

Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are withheld from an employee’s paycheck by an employer, who remits the amount to the federal government to fund Medicare and Social Security programs. In 2023, employees will pay 1.45% into Medicare on all wages and 6.2% into Social Security on the first $160,200 earned, up from $147,000 in 2022.

Anyone who earns more than $200,000 as a single filer (or $250,000 for married couples filing jointly) pays an additional 0.9% into Medicare.

Payroll taxes have both an employee portion and an employer portion. The employer remits both the employee portion, described above, and a duplicate amount for the employer portion. The employer rates are the same 6.2% for Social Security up to the wage base limit, and 1.45% for Medicare on all wages. Therefore, the total remitted is 15.3% (6.2% employee Social Security + 6.2% employer Social Security + 1.45% employee Medicare + 1.45% employer Medicare).

Payroll taxes and income taxes differ, although both are withheld from an employee’s paycheck and remitted to the government. Payroll taxes are specifically to fund Social Security and Medicare programs. A self-employed individual must pay the equivalent of both the employee and employer portion of payroll taxes through self-employment taxes , which also fund Social Security and Medicare.

Corporate Taxes

Corporate taxes are paid on a company’s taxable income. The steps to calculate a company’s taxable income are:

  • Sales revenue - cost of goods sold (COGS) = gross profit
  • Gross profit - operating expenses such as general and administrative expenses (G&A) , selling and marketing, research and development (R&D) , depreciation , etc. = earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)
  • EBIT - interest expense = taxable income

The corporate tax rate in the United States is currently a flat rate of 21%. Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, the corporate tax rate was 35%.

In August of 2022, the United States Congress passed a new 15% corporate minimum tax into law as part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. This new minimum tax only affects U.S. corporations with three-year average book values of $1 billion or more and foreign corporations with three-year average U.S. income over $100 million.  

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes are charged at the point of sale when a customer executes the payment for a good or service. The business collects the sales tax from the customer and remits the funds to the government.

Each state can implement its own sales taxes, meaning they vary depending on location. There's even room for cities and counties to use their own rates, provided that they abide by the taxing rules of their state.

In 2022, the highest average state and local sales tax rate was found in Tennessee, at 9.55%. Five states—Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon—did not have a state sales tax, although Alaska did allow municipalities to charge local sales tax.

Property Taxes

A common property tax in the United States is the real estate ad valorem tax. A millage rate is used to calculate real estate taxes; it represents the amount per every $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. The property’s assessed value is determined by a property assessor appointed by the local government. Reassessments are typically performed every one to five years.

Property tax rates vary considerably by jurisdiction and many states also tax  tangible personal property , such as cars and boats.

In FY 2018, the state with the highest property tax collections per capita was New Jersey at $3,378. (The District of Columbia would rank higher if it was counted with the 50 states, at $3,740 per capita.) The lowest state ranking was $598 per capita in Alabama.

A tariff is a tax imposed by one country on the goods and services imported from another country. The purpose is to encourage domestic purchases by increasing the price of goods and services imported from other countries.

There are two main types of tariffs: fixed fee tariffs, which are levied as a fixed cost based on the type of item, and ad valorem tariffs, which are assessed as a percentage of the item’s value (like the real estate tax in the previous section).

Tariffs are politically divisive, with debate over whether the policies work as intended.

Estate Taxes

Estate taxes are levied only on estates that exceed the exclusion limit set by law. In 2023, the federal exclusion limit is $12.92 million , up from $12.06 million in 2022. Surviving spouses are exempt from estate taxes.

The estate tax due is the taxable estate minus the exclusion limit. For example, a $14.7 million estate would owe estate taxes on $1.78 million.

The estate tax rate is a progressive marginal rate that increases from 18% to 40%. The maximum estate tax rate of 40% is levied on the portion of an estate that exceeds the exclusion limit by more than $1 million.

States may have lower exclusion limits than the federal government, but no state taxes estates worth less than $1 million. Massachusetts and Oregon have the $1 million exemption limits. State rates are also different from the federal rate. In 2022, the highest state estate tax rate, implemented in Hawaii and Washington, was 20%.

Some states levy their own additional estate or inheritance tax, with exclusion limits that differ from those of the federal government.

Estate taxes are different from inheritance taxes in that an estate tax is applied before assets are disbursed to any beneficiaries . An inheritance tax is paid by the beneficiary. There is no federal inheritance tax, and, as of 2022, only six states have an inheritance tax: Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Every type of tax has a different due date or reporting requirement. Some are collected immediately at the time of a transaction or leading up to a transaction like sales taxes or tariffs. Others are on a fixed recurring schedule with a due date repeating on a specific date or specific day/month combination (i.e. property taxes being due the first day of April). The due dates for similar types of taxes will vary across governing bodies (i.e. different counties will have different property tax due dates).

Upon failure to remit the appropriate amount of a tax to the taxing authorities, various penalties may be incurred. Regarding the various taxes mentioned above, tax penalties may include:

  • A penalty assessment resulting in a one-time fee or charge.
  • An interest assessment resulting in an escalating penalty based on the duration of the delinquency.
  • A lien placed on underlying assets in the event the delinquent party should be unable to satisfy their debts.
  • A denial of access or service for transaction-related taxes (i.e. tariffs).
  • A seizure of company property or placement of a lien on the company property for business-related taxes.

Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Taxes are the primary source of revenue for most governments. Among other things, this money is spent to improve and maintain public infrastructure, including the roads we travel on, and fund public services, such as schools, emergency services, and welfare programs.

How Do Income Taxes Work in the U.S.?

In the U.S., taxation progressively increases as an individual’s income grows. There are currently seven federal tax brackets in the U.S., with rates ranging from 10% to 37%.

Are U.S. Taxes Low?

Generally speaking, U.S. taxes are lower than in other developed nations. In 2018, total U.S. tax revenue represented 24% of gross domestic product (GDP) according to the Tax Policy Center, whereas the average among the other 35 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was 34%.

Who Needs to Pay Taxes?

The taxpayer will depend on the type of tax and associated regulation for that tax. For example, federal income tax legislation usually only pertains to people who have earned a certain amount of income or adjusted gross income. Corporate taxes may be limited to companies that have performed business in a specific area or are incorporated to do business within a specific country. Each tax is handled differently, and there are often exceptions and qualifications for who the tax pertains to.

What Are Different Types of Taxes?

Taxes can classified in different ways. Some taxes may be incurred on transactions (i.e. sales taxes or tariffs). Other taxes are incurred on net financial results (i.e. individual income taxes or corporate income taxes). There are also taxes that occur due to one-time or non-recurring events (i.e. estate taxes, capital gains taxes).

There are many types of taxes that are applied in various ways. Understanding what triggers a tax situation can enable taxpayers to manage their finances to minimize the impact of taxes. Techniques that can help include annual tax-loss harvesting to offset investment gains with investment losses, and estate planning , which works to shelter inherited income for heirs.

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different types of taxes essay

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  • Property Tax Role in a Developing Country In the light of this view, this paper discusses the role of property tax to in helping a developing nation to attain the goals of encouraging capital formation, increase the rates of savings of its […]
  • Taxes Effects on Goods and Services On the other hand, if the elasticity of demand is higher than the elasticity of supply for a given commodity, suppliers will have to bear the burden of the tax alone or pay the higher […]
  • Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry The article “Hollywood Asks California to cut Taxes for the Film Industry” discusses a petition launched by Film Works aimed at convincing the state of California to implement tax cuts for the film industry.
  • Taxes and Education: A Cooperation That Went Awry By means of comparison, logical evaluations, social references, and a number of jeers in the text, the author chooses a kind of angry tone of writing to prove how irrational and unfair the attitude of […]
  • University Students Should Not Pay Tax The government stepped in and tried to even out the disparities in university education that are as a direct result of income differences between students.
  • Need of Tax Cuts However, in the long term, a tax cut is speculated to have macro-economic benefits if the taxpayers use the supplementary income they get wisely, and at the same time, the governments adjust well to its […]
  • VAT Versus Flat Tax Versus More Progressive Tax On the other hand, progressive tax is the form of tax where tax rate varies with income. In this case, the VAT tax may reduce the level of aggregate demand in the country.
  • Increasing Sin Tax for Increasing Costs of Medical Care Should The United States Federal Government increase “sin taxes” on alcohol and tobacco to help pay for the increasing costs of medical care?
  • Federal Tax Law: Implications of Replacement The integration of the federal tax rate would improve the government’s capacity to ensure equity in the administration of the tax law. Replacing the federal income tax rate would contribute to considerable promotion in the […]
  • Liberty Tax Services Company Analysis This essay describes an interview conducted to establish the reasons why the management of this company decided to ignore all norms and jokingly use phrases that seem to belittle the quality of services offered by […]
  • Tax Shelter and Offshore: Control and Investment From this point, the long-term investment can be discussed as the effective tax shelter method to reduce the taxable income and tax payments.
  • The Strategy of Toyota and H & R Tax Service As such, the key to success as well as prolonged existence in the market calls for the organizations to establish a tradition that ensures the development of modern initiatives, training and the application of new […]
  • Taxes on Alcohol and Cigarettes as a Healthcare Costs According to the Senate Committee mandated to oversee the department of finance, the cost of managing diseases related to liquor and cigarettes in the next ten years will be over $1.
  • The “Waist Banned” Article – Taxes on Junk Food On the other hand, the article describes the possibility of a failure in the projected effects of taxation on junk foods because of the likelihood of junk food addicts to forego expenditures of important foods […]
  • Effects of Taxes and Economic Incentives on Business In spite of the wide array of these elements, analysts argue that taxes play the most critical role in influencing the location choices. In this paper, the author will assess the impacts of taxes and […]
  • UAE Tax Policy Analysis Put back on the blue hat and make recommendations
  • Drug Legalization: Increased Taxes v Health Issues A brief analysis of the problem shows that legalisation of drugs is an efficient and even necessary measure to address the problem.
  • Value-Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates The discovering of the oil sources transformed the UAE to the economically powerful country; however, the other side of the problem is that oil and gas made the UAE dependent from the sources and can […]
  • American Estate Tax, Laws and Ways of Minimization The fair market value of the estate is adjusted with the amount of related allowable deductions to obtain the value of the net value of the Estate.
  • US Corporate Taxes Improvement and Alternatives The repatriation process will also increase the total US income; since many companies will relocate, back home and their tax revenues will benefit the country.
  • Personal Income Tax: Arguments For and Against In addition, there is a liability to a personal income tax and the responsible tax paying entity must compute, file and pay tax as per the rules of the state.
  • Tax Lien as a Car Purchasing Hindrance In case one is buying a house or a car and the tax lien is a hindrance to the purchasing process the Taxpayer Advocate service should be contacted for immediate action to be taken towards […]
  • Legal Marijuana Market Analysis and Taxes Impact Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to understand the impact of taxes on the financial stability of the market for legal marijuana with the help of the law of supply and demand and […]
  • Corporate Tax Rates and Project Valuation In this paper, the influence of corporate tax rates and the importance of project valuation, cash flows, and risk analysis will be discussed.
  • Tax Reform in the United States Furthermore, the adoption of the Consumption Tax as the foundation for the current fiscal system will encourage the residents of the United States to change their buying behavior.
  • Republican Tax Rewrite: Helps Some, Hurts Others The purpose of the piece is to explore the consequences of the recent tax rewrite, pushed by the Republicans. An excellent alternative to the government’s actions, in this case, would be to involve the public, […]
  • Repealing Soda Tax: Pros and Cons The article titled “Chicago’s Soda Tax is Repealed,” published by The Economist on October 13th, 2017, celebrates the repeal of the infamous soda tax, which received large amounts of criticism from both the soft drink […]
  • The Importance of Tax in Our Life A critical view of the tax reveals that its intention was not to boost health outcomes for the citizens of Cook County, but to help the administration in raising about $1.
  • Deferred Tax Assets and Future Payments Study The author also establishes the significance of the research question, explaining that determining the presence of a strong association between deferred taxes and future tax payments could be used to improve the current financial accounting […]
  • New Tax Reform of 2017 in the United States The paper consists of two parts: the essence of the reform and its perception by various social and political stakeholders will be summarized, and then the reform will be investigated in the context of the […]
  • Corporate Tax Assignment in the UK and the US It is noteworthy that companies-residents of countries that have established income tax treaties with the US are only subjected to taxation “only to the extent the income is attributable to a permanent establishments in the […]
  • Income Tax Breaks and Housing for the Elderly This policy was formulated in 2002 to cater to the elderly as it had been found that the majority of them suffered from fall-related injuries.
  • “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” by Matt Apuzzo In this work, some economic models will be considered in order to understand the intentions of the author of the article “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” and clear up whether the information presented is reliable […]
  • International Tax Havens and Impact on Arizona and World The study will be focusing on examining the impact of international tax havens on Arizona and the world, specifically the international financial market, which in turn has the capacity to affect the agribusiness environment, its […]
  • Federal Government’s Tax Spending: Rules and Limits The article called “Federal employees ask taxpayers to buy them personal items” posted on The Washington Examiner news portal by Sarah Westwood discusses the areas of expenditures of the federal employees and the prohibitions concerning […]
  • Swobodaville City’s Tax Revenues Most of the tax rates are imposed by either the central government or the local authority. When the income tax rates are set locally, there is a tendency for the authority to offer lower tax […]
  • Tobin Tax for the United Kingdom and United States The reason is that the commission has put it clear that the financial transaction tax will not only be implemented to financial institutions that are within the FTT region.
  • The Political Stream: New Tax on Sweetened Beverages We delegate our rights to the government, including the local government of San Francisco, so that they can perform the measures that are beneficial to us.
  • Microeconomics: Cigarette Taxes and Public Smoking Ban The problem of passive smoking will be minimized when the number of smokers decreases. It is agreeable that the meager incomes of such families will be used to purchase cigarettes.
  • Tax Policies in Sweden and Ireland The tax burden on the economy is more significant in Sweden than in Ireland, and the rules of fiscal laws are more stringent in the Scandinavian country, although its self-regulation is more advanced.
  • Sweden’s vs. Ireland’s Tax Policy In this regard, it can be expressed differently, noting that in Sweden, there is no tax on the property of individuals in its classical sense.
  • Property Taxes and Assessment System The government should consider not only the current value of the property in the area and state of the evaluated object but also the term of ownership to distribute taxes equitably.
  • Property Taxes Concepts Analysis To adjust this indicator, it is necessary to review the market value of the property regularly, which will be the main function of the group of market agents.
  • How to Tax the Digitalized Economy As such, the company has to pay fees twice, which results in a significant economic burden, increased prices to compensate for the loss and a general slowing of business growth.
  • The Provision of the Information on Tax Treatments The complexity of this framework might be confusing for people and presuppose some difficulties with the determination of various types of payments that are obliged to do.
  • Lomanno: Tax Law and Court Rulings Report The second fact is that the husband of a petitioner did not have the permission to sign her name to income tax in the years that are discussed and there was also no approval to […]
  • Internal Revenue Service in Tax Administration This is an analytical as well as empirical study with a view to exploring the deficiencies and impediments in the way of effective operation and management of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ecology of Commerce: Green Taxes The Ecology of Commerce is a critical analysis of the way we conduct our business and our society today. This will provide incentives for businesses to produce things in an environmentally sound way, and it […]
  • Tax Authority’s Effectiveness and Implications Apply the provisions of tax treaties in a fair and consistent manner; promote the fair sharing of taxing rights in tax treaties and the development of domestic laws; not promote or facilitate tax evasion or […]
  • Carbon Tax in Norway & Denmark: Economic Analysis In the long term, carbon tax can make the use of alternative energy sources the new norm and set the standard in stone.
  • Approaches of Different Tax Systems The advantage of National sales tax is that it is not a direct tax and accordingly the taxpayers may not feel that as a cut from their income is being made directly.
  • Tax Law in Accounting Thus, it is not surprising to see that the higher the income of the individual the higher would be share in taxes. Similarly, difference in net income between financial accounting and tax accounting could be […]
  • Accounting for Sales Tax Revenue in Florida State The Florida State Department of Revenue has the responsibility of administering revenue laws of the state to its citizens as well as the laws that are related to the inspection of the books of accounts […]
  • Should Tax Laws Be Reformed to Encourage Saving? Because of the lack of honesty by taxpayers, there is always a shortfall of about 300 billion dollars compared with the amount of tax owed to the federal government.
  • President Bush’s Tax Cut Policies The impact of the tax cuts on the high-income households, the middle-income households and the low-income households have been assessed. Taylor argues that the tax cut policies of President Bush have minimized the amount of […]
  • Efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003 This paper critically examines the efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003, passed by former President Bush by cutting personal taxes and depreciation rates, in order to create more incomes and thus increase consumer spending, leading […]
  • Obama’s Tax Relief Plan Analysis The following graph outlines the proposed tax cut relief plan in detail and it would be analyzed in terms of the effect that it has had on the economy and it’s bearing on the American […]
  • The Benefits of Lowering Taxes There will be prosperity in the country and the same will motivate the people to work very hard, this will again work in the benefit of the economy. This will make a nation prosper and […]
  • Tax Money Usage on Military Spending Issue The fact that America won the Cold War and defeated the Soviets is taken as a vindication by the American leaders of the need to continue military spending.
  • Reasons Why Countries Give Credit for Taxes Paid on Foreign Source Income The objective of this paper is to describe foreign tax credit and explain the reasons why countries give a tax credit to non-citizens.
  • Border Tax Adjustment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions With regards to this, the short-term effect of the BTAs is that they will create equal competition conditions in the world market, while the long-term one is that the BTAs will contribute to the achievement […]
  • Snack Tax as an Effective Food Policy This is because the Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance abides in the contents and provisions of the Toronto Food Policy. In conclusion, I strongly believe that effective food policy can impact the abilities of governments to […]
  • Opioid Epidemic and Budget Losses in Tax Revenue The authors provide the estimates of the budget losses in tax revenue associated with opioid use disorder. The authors also claim that the investment in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse disorders can mitigate […]
  • Zero Personal Income Tax in the US Thus, the primary source of tax income for Saudi Arabia is the taxation of various types of businesses. The authors went on to theorize that the tax system in general and tax rates for both […]
  • Strategies of Tax Avoidance This paper aims to dwell upon several issues, including previously mentioned problems along with the use of the Double Irish and the Dutch Sandwich by Google, Google’s negotiation with the Internal Revenue Service, and Microsoft’s […]
  • “Why Do Developing Countries Tax So Little?” by Besley and Persson The present paper offers a response to the article by discussing the major strengths and weaknesses of the arguments provided in the article and describing the implications of the findings.
  • COVID-19 Effect on Global Tax Collections The emergence of the digital economy has caused confusion concerning how tech companies should pay their corporate taxes. The Global Tax Project of 2013 seeks to address these issues to avoid a patchwork of national […]
  • An Existing Obesity Crisis: A Sugar Tax? Tirado agrees that the problem of obesity and, particularly, the issue of excessive sugar consumption, exists but the current measures and methods do not address the root of it.
  • Pros and Cons of Regressive Tax Policy in Texas Hence, the Texas case becomes exceptionally peculiar in the context of taxation, as it appears to be a part of a broader discussion.
  • Tax Planning for Low-Income Taxpayers The definition of family in the family trust selection regulations will be changed to restrict lineal successors to children or grandchildren of the test persons or the test someone’s spouse.
  • Business Ethics: Tax Scamming Of course, in viewing the problem ethically, small business whose incomes suffer from abusive taxations, as their main goal is to justify the inputs made by investors, to produce the outputs for the customers and […]
  • Income Tax Deductions Issues According to Fishman, income tax is the tax levied on the incomes of businesses both corporations and other legal entities and on the income of individual citizens of a country.
  • Stock Share: Tax on Transfer Gain It is important to note that according to the Special Law for the Promotion of Venture Business, the new technology investment company is not considered registered.
  • Discriminatory Tax Provisions But the establishment of a uniform tax regime to implement the principle of freedom of movement of goods as one of the four fundamental freedoms for the entire region has not been smooth and the […]
  • Canadian Income Tax Return For instance, if an employee uses a motor vehicle for both corporate and private purposes, he/she should distinguish between these issues and count only the kilometers passed on business while the total amount of kilometers […]
  • Australia Corporate Tax on Income The rate on the income for the tax period 2009/2010 is 30%. Replacement value is the price to be paid in future for the stock.
  • Ethical Standards for Tax Professionals She is entitled for tax deduction if the equipment purchased is for producing income for the business and in this case the equipment has to be capitalized in the year of purchase.
  • Australia’s Car Fringe Car Tax Benefits In May 2011, the federal government implemented some changes to the income tax laws and one of the areas that was affected was the car fringe benefit calculations and the take home pay of employees.
  • Federal Income Taxation: Tax File Memorandum It is within this layover moment that Mark takes a 4-hour nap in the ferryboat Is the cost of meals Mark purchased while on his usual rounds deductible?
  • Taxation: Tax Compliance The approach is relevant for determining the undisclosed income since it involves assessing the tax accountability by examining the financial performance of a taxpayer from assortment of sources outside the declaration of the taxpayer and […]
  • Individual Income Tax Gains due the cancellation or sale of a life insurance policy before the death of the insured are subject to taxation because the tax exemption on proceeds from life insurance applies upon the death of […]
  • Tax Effects of Various Methods of Forming a Corporation The possible methods are the distribution of the assets to the partners who are expected to contribute the assets to the corporation; the method of transferring the assets to the corporation directly; and the method […]
  • Researching Tax in the United States The defensible strategy for the client is based on the six steps in the tax research process namely establishment of facts, identification of issues, location of the authority, evaluation of the authority, development of conclusions […]
  • Worldwide Tax versus Territorial Tax The main distinction between the United States’ tax system and that of most countries is the manner in which the earnings that are made in foreign countries are handled when they are repatriated back to […]
  • Tax-Deductible Losses in the United States After the end of the civil war, the need for federal revenue declined considerably, and the government officials thought that abolishing the income taxes would be a fair approach to relieve the citizens.
  • Tax Periods and Method. Organization and Summary The main source of income / revenue in this business will be offering of SEO services to website owners. Einstein Web Solutions is committed to provision of SEO services that will raise the online presence […]
  • Financial Operation Within Tax-Exempt Country This means that the test results obtained cannot help to explain the capital structure of companies in tax-exempt countries that still developing.
  • Taxation: The Australian Carbon Tax According to Bourdieu’s school of thought, economic capital is the total sum of material objects that a person possesses. Carbon taxes indicate these costs, and they have the capacity to minimise inequalities from forms of […]
  • Corporate Tax to Grind In an effort to eliminate the negative impacts associated with tax avoidance both to the corporation and the overall economy, the article highlights some of the efforts that countries are making.
  • American Tax Code Analysis Throughout the article, the authors revolve around the desire to push the conversation forward bearing in mind that it is long overdue. The energy sector is the latest target in the proposed White House budget […]
  • Offshore Tax Structures and Foreign Exchange Regulations In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the offshore tax structures and foreign exchange regulations that will affect the decision to take the Venezuelan boulevards into the international market.
  • Trade Groups Identifies Medical Device Makers Passing on Federal Tax If higher pricing is illegal in the context of the new taxation policy for all organizations and importers of medical devices, it implies that they need to look for alternative ways of recovering the costs.
  • Taxpayers’ Reaction to Payment of Tax Thus, taxpayers’ reaction to payment of taxes should focus on tax compliance and tax evasion in order to understand underlying behaviours that influence tax payment and evasion and get insights on such reactions.
  • Tax Research Memorandum for Lunar Corporation Further, Mo wants to write off the loans as a bad debt expense on the returns for the personal tax. Mo is a shareholder and an employee of the company.
  • Individual Income Tax & Home Mortgage Interest Deduction To ease the burden of taxation on the citizens, the United States Congress included the deduction for home mortgage interest in the internal revenue code.
  • Tax Eligibility and Disability Payment Another reason is that the injury he suffers occurred during his service in the army as an employee of the state.
  • China Looks at Introducing Tax on Foreign Currency Transactions Even though the overall outflow of foreign capital slowed down, there is still the danger to the economic wellbeing of the country.
  • Taxation Law: Tax and Fees Paid to the Attorney The tax of the $11,000 fees paid to the attorney by Sarah is a fixed amount hence no deductions will be made on the value.
  • Taxable Events and Complexity of the Tax System Arguments in favor of corporate formations as taxable events: Taxable events refer to financial transactions that are likely to lead to tax consequences.
  • Legal Costs of Acquiring a Capital Asset: Tax Problem Analysis In 2010, she appealed the decision to the Texas County Board of Supervisors challenging the County’s zoning law. Is the attorney fee incurred in the process of challenging the appraisal of the land tax deductible?
  • Tax Treatment of Attorney Fees During the pendency of her appeal in the court of law, the Texas County changed the zoning law permitting two residences per acre as against the original law of only one residence per every two […]
  • Factors That Should Take Into Account When Designing a Tax System to Finance Public Expenditure The tax collected is principally used to finance the expenditure of the government, for instance, paying of government officials and provision of essential services to the residents of the country.
  • New Tax Proposals: Perry Tax Plans Indeed, one of the outstanding attributes of this tax plan is that it attempts to level down all major tax deductions. The good element in this tax plan is that it brings about total change […]
  • The Role of Offshore Tax Havens This particular scenario was seen in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis wherein despite the bailouts provided by the government there was still a certain degree of hesitance on the part of banks to […]
  • Taxation: Income and Corporation Tax in UK In 2006 for example, the percentage of the national income absorbed by tax in the UK averaged those of the developed countries.
  • Progressive Consumption Tax A consumption tax is a duty on goods and services spent by a household. Third, consumption taxes have a wider base, easier to implement as all consumption levels are taxed and it is considered a […]
  • Australian Income Tax Law Reform on Education Expenses Under the prevailing Australian federal income tax law, stipulated in the provisions of the income tax law, section 8A of the Income Tax Assessment Tax 1936 refutes deductions exceeding $250 of expenses incurred on self-education.
  • Bylaw No. 8370: Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption The council of the City of Prince George is charged with the mandate of providing a variety of services to residents and inhabitants of the area.
  • Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities This paper seeks to examine whether deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities satisfy the definition and recognition criteria for assets and liabilities according to the AASB framework for the preparation and presentation of Financial […]
  • Tax Consequences: Result of Selling The tax implication on the shares that Amy intents to dispose depends on two issues: First, whether Amy sells her shares to Beth and Meg or to either Beth or Meg, and secondly, whether she […]
  • Property Taxes Herb Construction Company
  • Working Income Tax Benefit in Canada
  • Accounting: The Payment of Taxes
  • Tax Research: Ed and Whitney case
  • Taxation Law: UK Inheritance Tax
  • Tax Return Process Analysis
  • Taxation: CPA Tax Software
  • Analysis of Federal Tax Policy
  • Specific Tax Measures to Digitalized Economy
  • Estate and Ownership Transfer Tax Policy and Regulations in Connecticut Fairfield
  • The Border Security Tax and Violation of the U.S. Constitution
  • The Sale Tax Legislation of Hong Kong
  • The Supreme Court’s Internet Sales Tax Decision
  • Tax Research Problem: Mr. Smith Medical Case Study
  • Double Tax Convention Between Kenya and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Tax Consequences Advice Sue of the Above Transactions
  • The Concept of Interperiod Tax Allocation
  • Researching Worldwide Tax Avoidance
  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017
  • Taxes, Public Utilities, and Impact on Households
  • The Impact of the New Tax Law on Executive Compensation
  • The Pink Tax Issue: Economic Discrimination Against Women
  • Business Charitable Contributions for Tax Purposes
  • Tax Effect of Salary Dividends & Cash Withdrawal
  • Article Review on Carbon Tax Policy
  • The Child Tax Credit Program’s Analysis
  • Biden’s Push to Increase Tax on the Rich From New York Times
  • Case Study on Tax Crimes: Distributional Implications of Joint Tax
  • The Laffer Curve: Tax Revenue History & Reforms
  • Privatization, Public-Private Partnerships, and Tax Policy in San Diego
  • Exports and Excise Taxes as Critical Powers of the U.S. Congress
  • The US Tax Planning Strategy and Reporting Standards
  • Systems of Taxes During the Era of Colonialism
  • The Food Tax in Oklahoma Articles
  • Global vs. India Tax and Remuneration Policies
  • History of Tax Morality Theory
  • The Federal Unemployment Tax Act Rates
  • The Federal Unemployment Tax
  • Value-Added Tax and Tax Morality: Legal Framework
  • Pros and Cons of Consumption Tax Over Income Tax
  • Transferring Tax Losses to the Future
  • Corporate Sustainability Worldview and Tax Avoidance
  • Are Capital Taxes Racing to the Bottom in the European Union?
  • Does Firm Heterogeneity Impact the Effectiveness of Carbon Taxes?
  • Why Are Property Taxes Important for Local Communities?
  • Can Border Carbon Taxes Fit Into the Global Trade Regime?
  • How Do Taxes Affect Interstate Migration?
  • Who Benefits Most From Property Assessment Taxes?
  • Are Consumption Taxes Preferable to Income Taxes for Preventing Macroeconomic Instability?
  • Does Social Trust Increase Willingness to Pay Taxes to Improve Public Healthcare?
  • Can Green Taxes Save the Environment?
  • How Do Tax Policies Affect Individuals and Businesses?
  • Why Doesn’t the US Include Sales Tax in Prices?
  • Should Euro Area Countries Cut Taxes on Labor or Capital in Order to Boost Their Growth?
  • Are Differentiated Carbon Taxes Inefficient?
  • How Do Capital Taxes Harm Economic Growth?
  • Can Property Taxes Reduce House Price Volatility?
  • Would People Rather Pay Taxes or Trade Taxes to Pay for Environmental Goods?
  • Are Environmental Taxes Affected by Legislatures’ Ideological Positions?
  • How Do Major Local Taxes Affect Private Employment?
  • Can Redistributive State Taxes Reduce Inequality?
  • Are Small Business Owners More Successful in Avoiding Taxes?
  • What Is the Most Important Tax Used at the Local Level?
  • Can Taxes Drive Agglomeration While Approaching the Global Economy?
  • How Effective Are Environmental Taxes in the Petroleum Industry?
  • Are Soft Drink Taxes an Effective Mechanism for Reducing Obesity?
  • Should the Government Increase Taxes on Oil to Encourage More Public Transport Use?
  • What Are the Ways to Save Income Tax in India?
  • How Do the Wealthy Minimize Their Tax Burden in the U.S.?
  • Are Taxes Credits Effective in Developing Countries?
  • How Do Taxes Affect the Incentive to Invest in New Intangible Assets?
  • Could Higher Taxes Increase the Long-Run Demand for Capital?
  • The Impact of Taxation on Investment Rates
  • Tax Havens: Strategies and Consequences of International Taxation Avoidance
  • Evaluation of Profit Shifting in Corporate Taxation
  • Use of Tax Incentives in Promoting Adoption of Renewable Energy
  • How Tax Policy Affects Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship
  • Tax Compliance and Behavioral Economics
  • Wealth Taxation’s Feasibility in Addressing Income Inequality
  • Global Efforts to Tax Digital Economy Transactions
  • The Laffer Curve and Optimal Tax Rates
  • Tax Treaties, Double Taxation, and Taxation Rights Between Countries
  • Green Taxation Policies and Environmental Sustainability
  • Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Taxation
  • Value-Added Tax and Consumption Taxes: Different Models
  • Property Tax in Funding Local Services
  • The Challenges of Tax Enforcement in Developing Countries
  • Chicago (N-B)
  • Chicago (A-D)

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