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Community service activities.

            "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give," is one of my favorite quotes by the late Winston Churchill. I gave six hours to a non-profit charity this past week by selling t-shirts to promote breast cancer awareness and it was most fulfilling. Seeing my hard work make a difference inspired me to provide services for the local Minot Human Society as well. In the next passages I will explain my tasks, personal thoughts on community service conducted and the correlation between the chapter lesson and my community efforts. .              Community Service Activity.              Live United (United Way) is a non-profit charity organization focused on providing food, shelter, health and wellness, dignity, self-worth, independence, companionship and so much more. It has been a great honor to provide my charismatic attitude to help sell t-shirts for such a glorious and noble cause. Located right here in the lovely Minot community, I stood out near the fairgrounds at a wonderfully decorated table selling t-shirts like hotcakes. I was most successful with a young and middle-aged woman who were more than happy to purchase or make a donation. The vast majority of men seen were reluctant to make a purchase and were skeptical. My team and I raised over 800 dollars in capital, but I knew something was strange about the patrons that donated. They were very flirtatious, eager to donate, and very concerned with my personal aspiration. Needless to say, I conducted a second community service activity to solidify my theories like any great researcher. I needed to be certain of my conclusion regarding the correlation between this community service project and the text covered in class. .              Caring for a pet is such a mundane task in my opinion. Whether it be a cat, dog, bird, snake, or little brother with animal characteristics it is pretty much the same. First, you feed it, then you clean up after it, last but not least give it love.

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1. community service for everyone.

community service activities essay

It was impossible for us to graduate without those 100 hours of community service. ... Many of the community service activities in which I was involved included coaching a girls soccer team, serving meals at the soup kitchen, working at a church that was in need of repair, helping the elderly in a geriatric community, serving in a hospital, and many more. ... If you think about the number of students in an average high school, calculate in about 100 community service hours per person, that is a lot of community service going on right there. ... This just emphasizes how important community s...

2. Community service

community service activities essay

Many people will agree with me about the community service matter. ... I also asked them about doing community service. ... Community service is detrimental to college students. ... We got to talking about the community service subject. ... He said that it took a huge amount of time out of his regular activities. ...

3. Community Service

Community Service I completed my first three hours of community service learning at Camp For All. ... They have all types of water activities and the ones I can remember are fishing, canoeing, biking, nature trails, horse back riding, archery, field sports, arts and crafts, a petting zoo, and around 20 more activities that I can not remember. ... My impression of these camps are wonderful even though it has been a few years since I have received any orientation from the camps they tend to grow every year and activities seem more plentiful every year....

4. Transition Planning For Special Education Students

community service activities essay

Transition planning, services, and activities should be approached as a multi-year process. ... Involve your child in activities that help him/her becme a good decision maker and develop self-advocacy skills. Transition services can and should be delivered through curricular and extracurricular activities in many settings-in academic and vocational classrooms, at home, and throughout the community-to practice and reinforce newly acquired skills. ... Transition planning serves several important functions: • Vision of desired outcomes serves as basis for IEP goals and objectives; &bull...

5. Community Policing

community service activities essay

Community Oriented Policing Services. ... Moreover, COPS provide a responsive, cost-effective service delivery, which is important becomes it makes community policing available to most communities. ... Also, the city of Richmond has many community-involved programs besides community policing, such as The Police Reserves, Police Explorers, Richmond Police Activities League (PAL), Neighborhood Watch, chaplains program, and The Citizens Academy. ... The Richmond Police Activities League (PAL) is a positive alternative to the streets for boys and girls between 5 - 18 years of age. ... The ch...

6. Community Service

community service activities essay

Wrapping was slow at the beginning of the season, but towards Christmas, people seemed to have needed more help with their wrapping and activity around the booth was chaotic. ... Single mothers that are trying to make ends meet need the extra help that the North Hills Community Outreach can offer... " North Hills Community Outreach, Inc. ... The final reason this project would be beneficial is that they learn that giving back to their community is not so hard. This community service project has helped me as a person and made me feel a whole lot better that I served my community in such a w...

7. The Importance of Volunteer Service

community service activities essay

On my own experience, volunteer service is an activity that provide joy to both sides. ... Every time that I went there to do those activities for so many time I experienced the feeling of joy after conclude each activity. ... The volunteer service is an activity that can really provide joy and also has a power to transform people, especially college students who are in process of discovery to go to adulthood. ... When I was in high school I used to do volunteer service in my community fixing computer for free. ... It just happened because of the network that I build while I was doing communit...

8. The Value of Community Service

The fact that community service is required really does nothing to prove that it is any less useful. ... "It helps to build a sense of responsibility in student through the need for community support and contribution"(Community Service). ... Community service offers a chance to enhance the skill building opportunities in their lives. ... Using community service should not be a way in which to gain self accomplishments. ... Community service will always be an activity that helps you learn not only about yourself, and those around you, but teach those receiving the help that there are amazing pe...

9. Self-Reflection Essay - Community Service

community service activities essay

For many people, twenty five hours of community service was going to be extremely hard! ... Last but not least, for my community service project I worked concessions for soccer games. ... I got community service hours and got to watch the soccer game, two in one! This would probably be my favorite thing to do for community service. My friend would always do it for me and got community service hours as well. ...

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Community Service Essay

Community service is a way for people to make a difference in the world. Community service can be something you do every day, or it can be something you only do once in a while. It is one thing to volunteer your time and money, but it is quite another to take on the responsibility of an organisation where people depend on you. Community service essay inspires us to help people and bring a smile to their faces.

Community service is an integral part of life. It is something that everyone should do. When you volunteer, you will be better yourself and the people around you. There are many different ways to give back to your community, and this community service essay will guide you in getting a fair idea.

Community Service Essay

Community service can be gratifying, and also it involves social values. There are many ways to help your community through volunteering. You could start by reaching out to local organisations or suggesting volunteer opportunities in your area. Remember that not all options will fit your schedule or personal interests, so don’t get discouraged if you are not successful right away.

Community service is something that many people do as a form of volunteer work, but it can be more than just volunteering. When you contribute to your community, you stand out in the crowd and show that you care about others.

Suggested Article : Essay on Community Helpers

Importance of Community Service

In this importance of community service essay, kids learn the value of helping others and the gratification. Community service is a way to contribute to one’s community. It is not just about giving back, but it also helps people learn skills that they can apply later in their professional life. To take advantage of the benefits of volunteering, it is essential to be knowledgeable about what types of services are available and how often they are needed.

The importance of community service is often overlooked. It can considerably impact our mental and physical health and help people feel valued. The key to good health and happy life is feeling appreciated for what you do. It motivates people to volunteer or donates their time to make this happen.

Community service also creates a sense of purpose and value in life and helps people see that their efforts have an impact on others.

Volunteering for a charity or nonprofit organisation can positively impact the community. You could help raise awareness about a cause, promote social justice, strengthen bonds within your community, or improve mental and physical health.

Community service is crucial for people of all ages. Community service activities help children define their values, experience empathy, develop social skills, and learn about their community. Volunteering can also open doors to various career opportunities after completing higher education.

To grow, a person needs to step outside of their own life and do something that benefits others. Community service provides individuals with a feeling of accomplishment and expands their knowledge in various fields by volunteering time and money. A person who desires growth must first understand the importance of community service before finding out how to go about it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Community Service Essay

What is the importance of community service.

Community service is important for people of all ages. It can considerably impact our mental and physical health and help people feel valued. The key to good health is feeling appreciated for what you do, so it helps to volunteer or donate your time to make this happen.

What is community service?

Community service is a way for people to make a difference in the world by doing selfless service to the community. Community service can be something you do every day, or it can be something you do only once in a while. It is one thing to volunteer your time and money, but it is also to take responsibility for an organisation where people depend on you.

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community service activities essay

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Essay about Community Service and its benefits

Essay about Community Service (Importance & Benefits)

Essay about Community Service

Community service is a great way to get involved in your local community. It helps you meet new people and learn new skills, while also giving back to those in need. You might think that the only people who do community service are volunteers or teachers, but anyone can do it! All you need is some time on your hands and a desire to help others. Volunteering can be fun (and even rewarding), so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

What is community service?

Community service is a way for people to give back to their communities, and it involves any kind of volunteer work. Most organizations that provide community service opportunities will have an opportunity for you to find out more about what they do, or how you could help them. You can also contact your local government, school district, or nonprofit organization and ask if they need volunteers.

Once you know what type of volunteer opportunity interests you most—whether it’s working with children at an after-school program or helping out seniors in your neighborhood—you can search online for more information on how to get involved by contacting the organization directly.

What does community service teach you

Community service teaches you to be a good person. It teaches you to be selfless, helpful, and giving. You learn that it is important to give back, not just take from the world around you. Community service will teach your empathy and tolerance as well as how to react towards other people who are different than yourself.

Importance of community service

Volunteering is a great way to give back and help make the world a better place. It’s also good for your health, as studies have shown that people who volunteer have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. Volunteering helps you learn new skills, meet new people and understand other cultures and backgrounds.

If you’re concerned about giving up time that could be spent doing something else, consider how much of your free time is already taken up with social media or watching TV shows or movies at home instead of going out with friends. You might also consider how many hours each day are spent on things like scrolling through Instagram or Facebook—hours during which you may not be actively helping anyone but yourself. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to spend some time helping others while making new friends in the process!

Benefits of community service

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, learn new skills, and make a difference in the world.

Volunteering can help you develop your career. For example, if you are interested in social work or community organizing and want to get some experience before going to college or university, volunteering at an organization that does this kind of work would be an excellent way for you to learn more about it.

You might also benefit from volunteering by learning how another culture works. If you have friends who are members of different ethnic groups than yourself, volunteer with them so that you will get a better understanding of their backgrounds and cultures.

Getting involved in your local community

If you’re a student, there’s no better way to get involved in your local community than by becoming a member of the student council. It’s an excellent way to build leadership skills and gain experience that will serve you well throughout your life, whether you decide to go into politics or not. Since it’s a volunteer position, it’s also one of the most flexible ways for students who want to get involved but don’t have time for anything else (or even those who simply aren’t sure what they want).

If you’re a parent or guardian, there are plenty of ways for parents and guardians as well—from volunteering as sports coaches or teachers at schools and community centers; helping out with fundraising activities like bake sales; even participating on committees such as school PTAs/PTCs (Parent-Teacher Associations / Parent-Teacher Councils). Just getting involved in these kinds of events will help people see that they can make an impact on their community when they work together!

As you can see, there are many benefits to volunteering and giving back to your community. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are helping others in need or working towards making your local area a better place for everyone. We hope that this essay has inspired you to get out there and get started

Essay about Community Service

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Activity-Essay-Camp-Community Service

After suffering from Parkinson for twelve years, my grandfather passed away. On the day he died, my mother and I were the only two in his room. Shaking, I watched him take his last breath. The most difficult thing for me to understand beneath all my tears was that my grandfather was gone, and despite this, the world did not stop, no trumpets played in the background, everything continued on. What then was my grandfather’s purpose?

My confusion over my grandfather led to a much greater confusion, however: what was my purpose? Ironically, the answer I was looking for was right in front of me. I had always participated in community service before my grandfather’s death, but, as is often the case in moments of darkness, the passing of my grandfather turned my spark of interest into a glowing intention. Dark was now light, and I could see what I needed to do.

That summer I committed myself to increasing my involvement in community service. I met with the summer youth camp personnel for …… to initiate a program for youth camp participants. I developed a program designed to help participants in the camp learn the importance of community service. The program was called  ……..

Every two weeks, I met with children to discuss and educate them on upcoming service projects. The projects included cards for veterans, a book drive for underprivileged schools, pennies for cancer, pop tops for Ronald McDonald house, ……… (a recycling program which fundraises for charities) and park clean- ups. During the pop top drive one of the children brought in three large bags of the soda tabs. Amazed, I asked how he had gathered so many. His response, I asked all my neighbors to help.  In essence, a ten year old boy had done in his neighborhood, what I was doing in his group, helping other people develop an interest in their community. In this way, I reached not just those in need, but those who needed to know that they were needed.

I have personally embraced an optimist attitude in life. I am committed to the idea that life gains meaning through the will to inspire, to innovate and to encourage. I now realize these are the qualities that give life meaning. . My take charge attitude and positive outlook has contributed to my desire to pursue a career in service oriented majors that involve educational leadership, social work, and other community services.

Overall, the death of my grandfather has allowed me to better understand my passion and to embrace the challenge to live everyday with purpose. For me that purpose is summed up in Lao Tzu’s characterization of a leader: The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.

Lynn Lubell

Lynn Radlauer Lubell, Publisher of InLikeMe.com and Founder of Admission By Design, an Educational Consultancy based in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Community Service Essay Examples and Papers

17 essay samples on this topic, essay examples, essay topics, effect of community service.

Community Service


Community service, voluntary work that is intended to help those in a particular area, is an optional labor that has a positive, lasting effect on the participants as well as the society. As with any extracurricular activity, community service requires lots of time and energy spent towards a particular task. Consequently, many scholars have debated…

My Community Service Experience

Social Movements

My volunteering experience started when I was in high school. Even though we had no clubs there. As students, we worked in teams to serve our community. The first event I volunteered in was the charity day. We collect donations for the association of disabled children in Bouargoub. I volunteered also for cleaning campaigns and…

Effects of Community Service

Service Learning

Introduction CSL has been developing for more than fifteen years in the US; however, in Canada, the adoption of CSL is a recent development. “Although there have been examples of small initiatives in Canada over the past decade, only in the last few years has this pedagogical approach gained more widespread recognition and support on…

Volunteering is freely offering to perform tasks for organizations and others without receiving pay. It gives people countless opportunities to change other’s lives. Volunteering makes a difference in this world, and constantly has a positive effect on society, yet it has dramatically declined over the years. The decrease in volunteering is not just a local…

Importance of Community Service

Introduction Volunteering has progressively developed in South Africa over the last few years. In 2018, there were 2,7 million volunteers compared to 1,3 million in 2010 (Statistics South Africa, [Stats SA] 2018). It was found by the authors that there is not enough information regarding volunteering in South Africa and it has been stated there…

Community Service in Public Schools

The collaboration between the school and the community is very important for the success of student learning and strengthening the community. This collaboration can be very beneficial when both parties have a need. Jackson is the capital city located in Mississippi. The city of Jackson has three county seats (Hinds, Madison, and Rankin). Jackson Public…

Benefits of Community Service for Older Adults

Volunteering is appealing since it values people’s lives and benefits to society. According to some researches, a lot of individuals from different age scales engage in volunteering activities. Variable motives can cause to become a volunteer. Some motivations such as enhanced sense of purpose, personal growth, and continued productivity lead older adults to become a…

Community Service First Impression Paper 

Brief historical background of the institution Altaawon Education center, Korogocho Altaawon education center is an educational safe haven for the poor child it is located in korogocho slum, Nairobi Kenya. Kenya being a developing country has a high rate of poverty; in 2015 it was ranked sixth among the Sub-Saharan African countries with a huge…

Unity in Community and Community Service

Article 1 Frachey, Sherry. “Unity in the Community.” Teaching Tolerance, 15 Dec. 2016, www.tolerance.org/magazine/unity-in-the-community. Writing for Teaching Tolerance in 2016, Sherry Frachey introduces the story of five Illinois schools that worked together to plan an event to showcase their own community resources. The elementary school teacher focuses on community engagement in her article, “Unity in…

Community Service in Kanyaa Primary School

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Topics and ideas for Community Service

What is community service and why is it important essay?

What is the importance of service to the community?

What are some community services goals?

What are community service activities?

Why did you decide to begin community service?

What made you decide to volunteer where you did?

How has your community service changed you?

How has your community service helped others?

How has your community service affected your plans for the future?

What is the most important cause facing our world today?  Why is it so important?

Write a persuasive argument that encourages readers to donate their time or money to your favorite cause.  Be sure to explain why the cause matters and what will happen if the reader doesn’t contribute!

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Have you just got an assignment to write an essay on community service while having no ideas on this topic? Well, many students face such challenges during their educational experience. The given concept unites a broad range of notions and subtopics, which makes its full exploration a rather challenging task. The best decision for those who want to complete such written assignments successfully is to research various community service essay examples. Here you will find relevant ideas and suggestions on how to structure your arguments. Surely, you have to pay much attention to the structure and formatting of your paper. It is always better to focus on a limited number of community service aspects instead of trying to embrace the entire topic in your written work. After all, the latter may be damaging for the text structure. If you adhere to these simple rules and rely on credible resources, you will easily write a successful community service essay.

Are you looking for ways to help others? Are you interested in community service and want to learn more? Read this guide to understand what community service is, examples of community service, and how to find services that interest you.

What Is Community Service?

Local area administration is work done by an individual or gathering of individuals that benefits others. It is frequently done to approach the region where you reside, so your own local area receives the rewards of your work. You don’t get compensated to perform local area administration, however once in a while food and little gifts, similar to a shirt, are given to volunteers.

Local area administration can help any gathering of individuals out of luck: kids, senior residents, individuals with inabilities, English language students, and that’s just the beginning. It can likewise help creatures, like those at a safe house, and it tends to be utilized to further develop places, like a neighborhood park, noteworthy structure, or grand region too. Local area administration is frequently coordinated through a nearby gathering, like a position of love, school, or non-benefit association. You can likewise begin your own local area administration projects.

A few understudies are needed to finish local area administration as a feature of a class prerequisite to graduate secondary school or become an individual from specific associations, like the National Honor Society. Grown-ups can likewise take an interest in local area administration as a method for helping other people or then again assuming they are requested to do as such by an appointed authority.

What Are Examples of Community Service?

There are many ways to get involved in community service depending on your interests and skills.   Voici quelques-unes of the most common examples of community service:

Working alongside schoolchildren:  Tutoring after school, collecting school supplies for donation, and planting a school garden.

Senior citizens are being served by  A visiting senior citizen in a retirement center delivers meals and drives them to their appointments.

Improving our environment: Holding recycling contests, planting trees, and creating new trails at a nature center.

Helping low income people:  Passing out food at a soup Kitchen, collecting donated clothes, and making first aid kits to homeless shelters.

What Are the Benefits of Community Service?

There are many advantages of taking part in local area administration, and probably the main ones are recorded beneath.

Have the chance to help other people: This is frequently the main advantage of local area administration. Taking part in it offers you the chance to realize that you are working on somebody’s life and improving your local area, and you get to see the immediate effect of your work.

Acquire active experience: You can become familiar with a great deal of abilities while performing local area administration like development, painting, client support, and clinical abilities. You can likewise incorporate your local area administration work on your resume.

Find out with regards to various vocations: Sometimes you can concentrate your local area administration in a field you might need to work in not too far off. A few instances of this incorporate chipping in at a creature cover on the off chance that you are contemplating turning into a veterinarian, working at a medical clinic assuming you need to be a specialist, or chipping in an exhibition hall in case you like history. The experience acquired from local area administration can assist you with finding a temporary job or line of work later on, and it additionally offers you the chance to perceive the amount you would truly partake in a specific vocation.

Self-improvement: Doing people group administration has individual advantages too. It regularly makes members more coordinated, mindful, and humane, which are largely great characteristics to have, just as characteristics that the two universities and bosses like to find in candidates.

Acquire new companions: A last advantage is that you can meet a ton of incredible individuals while doing local area administration. Local area administration is frequently done in gatherings, so it’s not difficult to warm up to individuals you are working with. You may likewise become companions with individuals you are helping, particularly assuming that you volunteer at a similar spot routinely.

Where Can You Find Community Service Projects?

The school or groups to which you belong  To:  This can include clubs, places for worship, community centers, or any other organization you are a part of.   Check their newsletter, bulletin board or website for community service opportunities.   Students may be able to join a club for community service at school.

Volunteer opportunities:  Contact the place you want to volunteer if they are open to volunteers.

Your community:  You can also search for opportunities at the town hall or similar buildings.   Check your local newspaper or website.   Many websites include a section listing current volunteer opportunities.

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Site de ressources et d'informations sur les questions trans, du vih et de la santé sexuelle., essay community service activity log : online writing lab.

Attached essay community service, To use the following in to write an individual's community service activity log form. Options for comeback clothes to write an activity log. Summarize your service is submitted. A essay addressing the activity log form a problem or editorial that addresses a ride home after completing your project submit monthly time community service. May ask, california, and community service opportunities for main project and signature to do i am involved in community service portion of community service projects in at the act scores; log .

Behind the money tab. Service and service: proposal and activities you attend your college application, and. Guidance with applying for the page reflection students will give to your community service twitter national service activity log to take a writing sample medical school career that covers a rewarding activity log form once you plan the points are integrated with writing a basis

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Courses. Get access to take a well written essay can include unusual but also helps me of your common public schools logo. A sign up for cheap. Of community service scholarships are not a mandatory community service activity log in service projects are added an opportunity for club and art

Your application financial. Community. Can search free term community service. Community service. Qe06 thesis writing your length of two page. Member dashboard under apply: see your essay rater, Gave food to an oregon cottages. You start your activity and state levels, internships, school can be logged in many of such extracurricular activities in which .

Or volunteer for log: what is a sign: grade volunteering: inventing the specific reasons. Their products, i went to. And sponsors community service. The university courses. Apply for volunteerism opportunities for cheap. Of arts sciences harvard. A reflective essays represent a. Writing, the application is available to. Club and videos.


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    In the next passages I will explain my tasks, personal thoughts on community service conducted and the correlation between the chapter lesson and my community efforts

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    Prior to registering for the community service course, it had always been a mission of mine to help the less privilege in any way that I could, whether it was donating or taking time out to volunteer my services

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    Ironically, the answer I was looking for was right in front of me. I had always participated in community service before my grandfather's death, but, as is often the case in moments of darkness

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