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Correct your grammar

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The Scribbr Grammar Checker fixes grammatical errors like:

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Spell-check on steroids

Spelling may seem straightforward, but basic spell-checks often don’t recognize many specialist terms you might use in your writing, incorrectly marking them as mistakes.

Scribbr has a large dictionary of recognized words, so you can feel confident every word is 100% correct.

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Check your punctuation

Our Grammar Checker takes away all your punctuation worries. Avoid common mistakes with:

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Avoid word choice errors

Should you use “affect” or “effect” ? Is it “then” or “than” ? Did you mean “there,” “their,” or “they’re” ?

Never worry about embarrassing word choice errors again. Our grammar checker will spot and correct any errors with commonly confused words .

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There are important differences between the versions of English used in different parts of the world, including UK and US English . Our grammar checker supports a variety of major English dialects:

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Frequently asked questions

The Scribbr Grammar Checker is a tailor-made AI-powered tool that can correct basic language, grammar, style, and spelling errors. We run it so that our editors are free to focus on what they do best: making sure that your paper is free of more nuanced mistakes and providing you with helpful feedback and writing tips.

The Scribbr Grammar Checker is a pro at correcting basic mistakes – and a human editor will still be carefully reviewing your full text – so you can rest assured that your paper is in very good hands!

When you receive back a document that has been reviewed by the Scribbr Grammar Checker, you’ll see two sets of tracked changes in it: one set from the grammar checker and one set from your editor. That way, you can easily tell who made what changes in your paper.

Not sure how tracked changes work in Word or how to review your edited file? Read our handy guide to learn more.

We tested ten of the most popular free grammar checkers to see how many errors they could fix in our sample text and deducted points for any new errors introduced. We also evaluated the tools’ usability.

When compared all the other grammar checkers we tested for this comparison and Scribbr performed exceptionally well. It was successful in detecting and correcting 19 of the 20 errors. See the full review here .

If our grammar checker flags an error that is not actually an error, you have several options:

1. Ignore the error: Most grammar checkers allow users to skip or ignore suggestions they do not agree with or find irrelevant. If you are confident that the flagged “error” is not an issue, you can bypass the suggestion and move on to the next one.

2. Review the context: Take a moment to thoroughly review the context surrounding the flagged error. Sometimes, the initial correct usage might still create confusion or ambiguity within the specific context, and reconsidering the phrasing could improve overall clarity.

Yes, this grammar checker covers the following mistakes:

1. Grammar: Correction of grammatical errors such as subject-verb agreement, tense usage, and sentence structure

2. Spelling: identification and correction of spelling errors, including typos and commonly confused words.

3. Punctuation: Detection and rectification of punctuation errors, including incorrect use of commas, periods, colons, and other punctuation.

4. Word choice errors: Catch words that sound similar but aren’t, like their vs. they’re and your vs. you’re.

Yes. There’s no sign up or payment required to use the grammar checker.

Yes. The grammar checker fixes any text, no matter what the medium is.

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Personalized Writing Help When You Need it

Unintentional plagiarism, grammar mistakes, and uncited sources  can turn what you thought was a good paper into a poor one. When you’re writing a paper the last thing you want is for your message to get lost due to incorrect punctuation or confusing sentence structure. You know that the great ideas in your head would make for a standout paper, if only you could get them written clearly on the page. If this struggle sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Great ideas may be an essential part of high-quality writing, but they’re not the only component. Excellent papers and essays clearly express strong ideas with good grammar, proper punctuation, spot-on spelling, and thorough, careful citations. While this may sound like a lot, your teachers and professors are grading you on your skills as both a writer and a researcher, which means your assignments will require an ethical and attentive approach. Luckily, there is no shortage of available tools to help you along your way.

You could use a plagiarism checker free, though, these tools often lack grammatical support. Given the high stakes and rigorous requirements, the aid of a plagiarism checker without the needed support of a grammar checker could mean the difference between an “A” paper and a “C” or even “D” paper.

Thankfully, the EasyBib Plus plagiarism tool provides all-in-one support to cover all your bases. Our premium essay checker is convenient, easy to use, and includes access to a grammar and spell checker, plus a plagiarism checker. With a single scan, you’ll receive personalized feedback to help identify potentially missing citations and help improve your sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and more.

Not sure if that noun is spelled correctly, or if the preposition at the end of your sentence is grammatically correct? The EasyBib Plus plagiarism tool is your one-stop shop to help check plagiarism, get grammatical suggestions, correct spelling and punctuation errors, and help create polished papers you can be proud to turn in. And, we haven’t told you the best part yet: you can try our tool free and scan your work for grammar suggestions right now!

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A Grammar Check for Peace of Mind

You know that grammar plays a significant role in your assignments. Not only does it factor into your overall grade, but without clear and precise language, your ideas can lose their impact or might even be misunderstood entirely. Still, with so many different parts of speech and rules to learn and apply, it’s not uncommon to get them mixed up and find yourself questioning your knowledge now and again:

Can you use an adverb to modify a noun? (No. You need an adjective for that.)

Well, can you use it to modify a pronoun ? (Still no.)

What do they modify, then? (Almost everything else. Fun, right?)

Ugh. (That was an interjection .)

Does this have to be so difficult? (Nope!)

Scanning your paper with the EasyBib Plus writing tool delivers more than the basic punctuation and spell check functions that come standard in word processing programs. You’ll receive immediate, targeted feedback that can help improve the sentence structure and style of your writing. Not only can this help ensure that you don’t lose points off your grade for grammatical errors such as mismatched verb tense, but it can also help to clarify your meaning and strengthen your arguments by eliminating confusing punctuation and run-on sentences that confuse readers.

Reviewing your work to correct errors and refine the flow of your writing is a critical part of the revision process for novices and novelists alike. Even the most conscientious of wordsmiths might make mistakes, such as using a conjunctive adverb in place of a coordinating conjunction or pairing a plural determiner with an uncountable word. They likely appreciate a subscription-based or free grammar check as much as a beginning writer. That’s why the EasyBib Plus writing tool is designed for all writers, from students who are still learning the fundamentals to published professionals who get paid by the word.

The EasyBib Plus writing tool provides quick, targeted feedback that you can use to help improve your writing immediately. Also, our free resource library is available 24/7, just like the rest of our tools, to help you brush up on the areas that challenge you the most (Conjunctive what? Uncountable who?) That means you can continue to sharpen your skills and improve your writing over time, which will help make finishing your next project easier.

Ready to give your paper a boost? Sign up for EasyBib Plus or scan a paper right now for a free spell check—it’s easy!Just upload or copy and paste your paper to the online grammar check tool and, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to receive up to 5 feedback cards so you can begin polishing your draft.

To learn more about proofreading tools, you can find more info here. Or, for more tips on grammar, punctuation, and style, check out this useful reference .

Why is Grammar So Important, Anyway?

Why is grammar important? As long as others know what you mean, does it really matter if you use proper grammar? These are age-old questions, but the answers remain unchanged. Grammar is important for many reasons:

Communication:  Communication is about more than merely listening and talking. We communicate in myriad ways: with our voices, our mannerisms, our facial expressions, our actions, and frequently, our written words. Written communication is just as important as all the other ways we broadcast our thoughts and feelings. Unlike our other communication methods, though, written communication leaves a record. While most of us relax our style when talking to or texting friends, the fact remains that more formal venues require a more formal tone. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are a necessary element of professional and academic writing, so running your work through a spelling and grammar check before you submit it is an absolute must.

Clarity:  Expressing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions is an uphill battle when you communicate them with less-than-stellar punctuation, spelling, and grammar. A missing or misplaced comma, for example, can entirely change your meaning:

Spelling errors can result in similarly muddled meaning:

Grammar deficiencies such as a dangling modifier yield similarly confusing results:

Credibility: Establishing your credibility is critical whether you’re writing for school or business. Proving that you can reliably communicate using proper grammar is essential to establishing and maintaining the trust of your teachers, professors, readers, customers, and colleagues.

To learn even more about the importance of English grammar in writing, check here .

What Happens After I Upload My Paper?

Once you upload a paper, the EasyBib Plus grammar checker scans your text and highlights grammar issues within your document so you can see it in context. For users running a grammar check and spell check using the grammar check free tool, up to the first 5 issues are shown. For subscription subscribers, all of the areas that require your review will be highlighted once the scan is complete.

No matter which version of the tool you’re using, your feedback will include detailed explanations so you can understand why the text was flagged. Other highlighted areas will include examples of how the issues can be fixed. Some will include a detailed explanation as to why the issue was flagged. This personalized feedback allows you to make an educated decision about whether to edit your text or dismiss the suggestion, so you’re always in control of your final draft.

Subscription users also have the plagiarism checker at their disposal when scanning their papers for style and grammar suggestions. Just as with our other writing tools, when you use the tool to check plagiarism, changes are never made without your review, so you are always in the driver’s seat. You can review each highlighted area as well as the sources of matching text and will always be given a choice to either accept or ignore both citation and grammar suggestions.

Whether you are a student or a professional, the EasyBib Plus tools are powerful allies that can help you improve your paper, establish credibility as a writer, and maintain an ethical writing process.

Try our checker free for 3 days to see what you think*. Trust us; you’ll wonder how you got along so far without it!

*See Terms and Conditions

essay grammar checker free

Check for Unintentional Plagiarism

Persistent use of the best grammar checker and spell checker you can find will help to shape up the style and substance of your composition. However, to ensure the integrity of your work and root out unintentional instances of academic dishonesty, you’ll also need to incorporate a subscription-based or free plagiarism checker for students.

The ability to scan your paper and check plagiarism and grammar before submitting your work is an invaluable tool for students. It’s so valuable, in fact, that students are not the only ones who consistently use this type of software.

Many teachers and professors use a service to ensure that student papers are original and include properly formatted and sourced citations for all reference materials. For some, this may be a consistent element of their grading process, while others may utilize one only when they feel there is a reason to do so.

What Exactly Does a Plagiarism Checker Do?

If you’ve used an online plagiarism checker before, you may be familiar with the process that these tools employ. For those who have never used one, it can be helpful to understand how these tools work and what you should expect as a result of using one.

The most basic free tools will scan your paper and provide you with a percentage that indicates how much of your work is original. This feature can be useful to a point, as some instructors and institutions set a percentage for the amount of similar text that is considered acceptable. This policy does not mean that they are lenient about academic dishonesty but, instead, that they recognize that similar or even matching word choice is not always an indicator of copying.

However, some schools do not tolerate any form of incremental plagiarism, period. In these institutions, “check paper for plagiarism” is likely a standard action when grading all papers.

With a free plagiarism checker, the percentage of word-for-word plagiarism in your text may be the only feedback you receive. Moreover, some of these providers may wade in unethical waters, and offer essay writing services in conjunction with their checking services. This is why many students and teachers prefer subscription-based checkers that focus on integrity, such as the EasyBib writing tools.

With our premium tools, you get more than just supporting proof that your paper is original and in your own words. Your writing is scanned for potentially matching text and areas that needs your attention is highlighted. We’ll provide you with the source of the matching text so you can review it and decide how to proceed. If you agree that a citation is needed, our citation tools and resources will provide you with the information you need to help format and insert the new sources in your text as well as your works cited page.

How Does the EasyBib Plus Online Plagiarism Checker Work?

The EasyBib Plus writing tool provides an all-in-one spell check, grammar review, and plagiarism checker that not only helps you with the paper you’re writing now but enables you to gain new knowledge and improve your writing for the future, too.

Our essay checker searches online for phrases, sentences, or passages that are similar to those in your paper. If it returns matching text, this may indicate that you have passages that are missing citations.

Just as with many checkers, our tool will tell you how many instances of matching text it finds in your paper. Our plagiarism tool is designed to do more than most free tools, however.

When a portion of your paper is flagged for review, we provide you with the source that it matches. As with our online spell check tool, you have the power to review each area and choose how to proceed. If you decide to cite the flagged text, you can review the suggested source and access our citation tools to help create a proper citation and start building a bibliography for your paper. Or, you may determine that no citation is needed, in which case it’s simple to dismiss the suggestion and continue to the next section.

If you’re unsure about how to proceed, our library of resources can help you learn more and make an educated decision. In this way, you gain more than just the ability to correct your work; over time, you can learn how to avoid plagiarism altogether.

Reasons Your Teacher May Run Your Paper Through a Plagiarism Detector

As stated previously, your teachers and professors grade papers with a fixed process that includes “check paper for plagiarism” as a standard, across-the-board action. Others may check for plagiarism only when they feel there is cause to do so. There are a few red flags that may stand out to them while reviewing a paper that would lead to their running a plagiarism check, including:

Style/Voice:  Most teachers are familiar with the style and voice that you use in your writing. While most will hope that the feedback they provide when grading your work will help you to improve problem areas over time, a paper or essay that has a dramatically different style or voice than the work you’ve previously submitted can be a red flag.

Inconsistency:  Changes in the font, font size, formality, formatting, and more may indicate that portions of a paper have been copied and pasted. If these inconsistent passages are not presented as quotations or don’t include citations, this may further indicate to your teacher that there’s plagiarism in the paper.

Old References:  Part of a well-researched paper is verifying the legitimacy and relevance of your sources. While some older references may be acceptable depending on the topic, if all of your sources are outdated, it may lead your teacher to believe that you’ve recycled your own work or someone else’s.

Looking for a checker to try? With EasyBib Plus you get unlimited checks to give you peace of mind when turning in your papers!

What is Plagiarism?

If you’re looking for a free online plagiarism checker , you’re already aware that it’s not something you want to be found in your papers. However, you may still be wondering: what does plagiarism mean? It’s a reasonable question and one that merits exploring. After all, some of the actions and circumstances that fall within the plagiarism definition come as a surprise to those who only learn that they’ve committed them after it’s too late.

So what is plagiarism? To define plagiarism in the most basic sense, you might say that it is taking someone else’s ideas and words and passing them off as your own.

If your goal is avoiding plagiarism entirely, you’ll need to go beyond the basics to thoroughly define plagiarism, recognize it, and keep clear of it. Some examples of plagiarism that students find surprising include forgotten citations, poor paraphrasing, and re-submitting your own work in whole or in part for more than one assignment. This useful article provides more help in recognizing and understanding the different forms that academic dishonesty can take.

Of course, using your own words and ideas does not count as plagiarism, nor does using common knowledge . Basically, common knowledge is information that is well known by the average person. Examples of common knowledge:

So should you only include your original thoughts and common knowledge in your papers? Of course not! Research-based assignments are meant to demonstrate your skills as a researcher, after all, as well as your ability to build upon the work of others to formulate new ideas. To avoid accidentally committing an act that falls within the plagiarism definition when you’re using another person’s words or ideas, though, you need to give them proper credit. This means you’ll need to clearly identify direct quotations or properly paraphrase them when including them in your paper.

Regardless of your approach, you’ll also need to cite your sources according to the style your professor specifies. Generally, you will use MLA format for the arts and humanities and APA format for the sciences, but it’s always best to check with your instructor when you’re unsure.

If you know what style to use but still aren’t sure how to create your citations, don’t fret! Our library of resources includes free guides to help you learn about various styles so you can properly structure and place them. And our premium tools not only help you check grammar, spelling, and originality in your papers, but subscribers also enjoy access to our citation creation tools!

What are the Different Types of Plagiarism?

In addition to the question “what is plagiarism,” you may also be wondering, “why do students plagiarize?” While some students do intentionally plagiarize because they believe they can pass off someone else’s work as their own to avoid spending time on their assignments, many others do so accidentally. They may not understand how broad the plagiarism definition is or they haven’t learned how to research and cite their sources properly. That is why it is vital to recognize plagiarism in all of its forms if you wish to ensure the integrity of your work.

Examples of plagiarism & How to prevent it

Direct plagiarism:

Intentionally copying another person’s work without including a citation that gives credit to the source. When most students are asked to identify potential plagiarism examples and behaviors, this direct and deliberate act is what they think of first.

Incremental plagiarism:

Copying parts of another person’s work, such as phrases, sentences, or paragraphs without crediting the source. When deciding which tools to use to check a paper for plagiarism , instructors often seek out those that will identify incremental forms as well as instances of direct copying and similar phrasing.


Academic self-plagiarism occurs when a student submits the same paper or parts of a paper for more than one assignment. When your instructors are grading your papers, they’re assessing your research and writing skills in the present. When you submit work that you completed in the past, they are both unable to evaluate your current skills and unaware that you haven’t completed the assignment.

Misleading citations:

Including a citation for a quote or idea that misrepresents the source material. This can occur if a student does not understand the reference they are citing; if a student includes a citation for a disreputable source; or the source material simply does not align with the idea or argument that the student has attributed to it.

Invented sources:

If a reference in a student’s bibliography is found not to exist, it is considered an invented source. This may occur if a student couldn’t find a reputable source to back their argument, or if they needed to include additional references to meet the requirements of the assignment and chose to take an unethical shortcut rather than completing the required amount of research. No matter the reason, this behavior ultimately hurts them in the long run. Not only will they fail to gain the experience they need to conduct research in the future properly, but they’ll also experience significant consequences if they’re caught.


Patchwriting is often confused with paraphrasing, but there’s a significant difference. When you paraphrase, you demonstrate that you understand the topic well enough to restate it in your own words. When you patchwrite or spin, it is more akin to a word-swapping game; there’s no need to understand the subject, merely to have access to a thesaurus so you can substitute enough synonyms to mask the source material. This can be intentional, but it may also be a result of having a poor understanding of how to paraphrase.

A good way to test if you’re patchwriting or paraphrasing is to remove your sources from view. If you can write about what you’ve read without looking at the source material, you likely understand it well enough to paraphrase it. If you have to review the source material with each new sentence or consult a thesaurus while writing about it (except when you’re adding direct quotations), you may be spinning your sources instead of paraphrasing them.

Academic Integrity Policies and Statements

If you’re still uncertain about what counts as plagiarism, look for your school’s/ organization’s policies on academic integrity and plagiarism. The policies of academic institutions usually cover what is considered plagiarism, the consequences of committing it, and how to avoid it. One great example is Purdue University’s Academic Integrity statement .

What are the Consequences of Plagiarism?

No matter the setting, plagiarism is not taken lightly, and the consequences can be significant. For a good reason, too! Whether in an academic or professional setting, the plagiarism consequences reflect the seriousness of the act, which is ultimately a form of theft that hurts everyone involved.

Just as with the theft of a tangible object, there can be legal punishments for plagiarism. It is, after all, a form of copyright infringement in many instances. A quick search for plagiarism articles will reveal that professional instances of intellectual theft have resulted in civil lawsuits and can even be criminally prosecuted under rare circumstances. In addition to the possible legal consequences, professionals may lose their jobs or have to start over in a new field after their acts of fraud are uncovered.

As a student, you’re likely to wonder what happens if you plagiarize in college or high school. While there will almost always be consequences for this behavior, there is no one-size-fits-all plagiarism sentence. Depending on the circumstances, academic dishonesty could result in outcomes such as:

The academic dishonesty may be noted on your transcript, which can lead to you not getting into your preferred college, graduate school, or Ph.D. program in the future.

Nobody wants to be known as a fraud or to have a reputation for dishonesty follow them through their career. And, given the consequences that can extend beyond just their reputation, it’s no wonder that professional and academic writers who wish to avoid them take the time to understand the complete definition of plagiarism and run their work through a plagiarism checker before sending it out into the world.

Even the vigilant can fall prey to inferior tools, unfortunately. Before selecting a plagiarism checker, you should understand how they work and what they can (and cannot) detect.

How We Check for Plagiarism

When exploring how to check for plagiarism, most students and professionals conclude that including a checking tool in their revision process is not only helpful but necessary. When you consider the Herculean task of checking each line of your paper against the text of each of your resources, the benefits of a checker are clear. Moreover, this manual approach would only alert you to matching text in the sources you’re aware of, after all, and leaves the sources you haven’t reviewed untouched.

But, hang on. Why would sources you haven’t reviewed factor into your review? The answer to this lies in the plagiarism definition you learned above. What is plagiarism? It’s presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, intentionally or otherwise. It is not uncommon to uncover an idea while you’re researching a topic and later misremember it as your own. This might even occur years after you originally came across it.

You might wonder: how can plagiarism be avoided if you have to account for the source of every thought you include in your work? A few exceptions minimize the scope of this. Common knowledge about your topic does not need to be supported by a citation, nor does knowledge that you gained through your personal experience. Using a subscription-based or free plagiarism checker will help you locate any passages that may fall into these categories so you can review them and decide for yourself whether a citation is needed.

EasyBib Plus writing tools provide easy, convenient, and reliable support to help you find potentially missed citations and can help you improve your paper into a high-quality paper with integrity. Simply upload your paper, select the checker, then sit back and relax as the site scans your document. In mere moments, we’ll search the web for passages of similar text and highlight duplicate content for your review.

Regardless of the tools you use to help you revise and polish your work, it’s ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you’re writing and submitting ethical work. That’s why our tools go beyond the basics and require your participation. The tool never automatically makes changes to your paper, but only flags sections that may need your attention and provides you with the matching source so you can to make an educated decision.

If you find that a citation is needed, our citation tools can help you create properly formatted citations and develop a complete bibliography. And, if you review the passage and determine that the match is coincidental, you can dismiss the alert and move on to the next.

Seamless Citation Creation

Professional writers and students alike can find creating citations incredibly confusing. Nevertheless, they are an integral part of a well-written and researched paper and a requirement in almost all academic settings. But, have you ever wondered why they are so important? Citations really do have a purpose—other than driving us crazy— that make it necessary always to cite our sources.

We cite our sources for a few important reasons:

We need to give credit where credit is due. When you use a quote from someone else’s work, you need to give credit for using their words and ideas. Research is often based on the works and ideas of others. However, to include the words and ideas of another without giving them proper credit is to plagiarize, even if the act was unintentional.

In addition, showing that you’ve done proper research by including in text & parenthetical citations and a comprehensive list of sources to back up your arguments gives your work a layer of credibility that can help you earn the trust of your reader or teacher.

Readers can find the sources you used.  When you’re writing high school or undergraduate papers, your only readers may be your instructors and peers. However, including citations at every level of writing helps to ensure that anyone who reads your work can access your sources to check their accuracy, learn more about your topic, and further their own research.

Sources can take your research and learning to the next level, too. When you are conducting research on a topic, checking the works cited or annotated bibliographies prepared by your sources can lead you down new avenues in your research to further develop your ideas and help you write your papers.

Correctly utilizing citations gives strength to your thoughts and opinions. Understanding the value of citations does not, unfortunately, make them any easier to create. We know how confusing it can be, but don’t throw in the towel on learning how to cite websites in MLA , create your APA citation website references, or format your works cited —this is where we come in!

While a free online plagiarism detector may tell you how much of your work is unoriginal and may even identify the passages that meet their plagiarize definition, a premium EasyBib Plus plagiarism checker account also gives you access to our powerful citation resources and generator so you can:

Scan your papers with the plagiarism tool to check for plagiarism-free work before you submit.

Review flagged passages to determine if they meet the plagiarism definition and create unlimited citations in APA format and MLA format for anything fitting the plagiarism meaning. Need more styles ? Check out our regular citation generator for thousands of choices and free resources to help you learn how to create an APA parenthetical citation , APA book citation , APA works cited , and so much more!

Build a full bibliography for your paper right along with your parenthetical or in-text citations, which can save you hours of work along the way compared to manually creating and formatting them.

How Else Do We Help You Improve Your Paper?

The EasyBib Plus plagiarism detector helps you check your content or paper for text that may be missing a citation—which may fall within the definition of plagiarism—to help ensure you don’t accidentally plagiarize. It also includes grammar check and spelling check tools to help identify errors and suggest grammatical tweaks that could help to elevate the level of your writing.

Running a plagiarism check couldn’t be easier! Just upload your paper to the online proofreader, and in a few moments we’ll have your writing and citing suggestions. And, there’s no need to worry about your paper after it’s been scanned.

Run a Grammar and Spell Check for Free!

There’s no denying that your schoolwork can be challenging at times, and your assignments can lead to some late nights even when you’ve started them early. The last thing you want is to submit assignments that don’t reflect your best effort, but it can occasionally be quite the juggling act to get everything done on time.

Why not let our plagiarism checker free up space on your calendar by helping you revise your papers quickly and efficiently? The EasyBib Plus paper checker is your one-stop shop to check for plagiarism, create citations, spot spelling mistakes, and receive feedback on your grammar and style.

When you proofread and do a manual spelling check on work that you’ve written, you’re more likely to overlook mistakes. This is even more likely if you’re pressed for time or trying to complete several different assignments at once. There are tricks to help minimize this, such as reading your work aloud to identify poor grammar or reading each sentence backward to find spelling errors. When time is of the essence, though, these solutions aren’t the most convenient or useful options. That’s why many students seek the assistance of online tools that will run a grammar and plagiarism check on their work.

Are you asking yourself, “ How do I check my grammar online ?” We’ve got the perfect checker for you! Our advanced tools help you find and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Our targeted feedback and free writing and citing resources help you learn as you go to improve your writing over time.

The best part? You can use our grammar and writing tools any time of the day, any day of the year for! Looking to try it? Just upload or copy and paste your text into our online proofreader for a free grammar check with up to 5 suggestions, or sign up for EasyBib Plus today! EasyBib Plus gives you use of the plagiarism checker and unlimited access to suggestions that can help improve your spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, writing style, and grammar.

Published February 3, 2019. Updated April 9, 2020.

Written and edited by Michele Kirschenbaum and Melissa DeVrieze Meyer . Michele is a school library media specialist and the in-house librarian at EasyBib. You can find her here on Twitter. Melissa is a professional writer and editor based in New Jersey. She writes for academic brands and independent publishers about writing, grammar, and literature, and creates study and curriculum materials for ESL learners. You can find her on Twitter .

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Why Should You Use a Free Essay Checker?

The simple answer? Good grammar is necessary, but it’s not easy. You've already done countless hours of research to write the essay. You don’t want to spend countless hours correcting it, too.

You'll get a better grade

Good grammar or its absence can determine if you get a good grade or a failing one. Impress your lecturer not just with how grammatically sound your writing is, but how clear it is and how it flows.

You'll save time

Essay writing can be a long and tedious process. ProWritingAid's essay checker saves you the hassle by acting as the first line of defense against pesky grammar issues.

You'll become a better writer

Essay writing is a particular skill and one that becomes better with practice. Every time you run your essay through ProWritingAid’s essay corrector, you get to see what your common mistakes are and how to fix them.

Good Writing = Good Grades

It’s already hard to know what to write in an essay. Don’t let grammar mistakes hinder your writing and prevent you from getting a good grade. ProWritingAid’s essay checker will help you write your best essay yet. Since the checker is powered by AI, using it means that grammar errors don’t stand a chance. Give your professors something to look forward to reading with clear, concise, and professional writing.

How Does ProWritingAid’s Essay Checker Work?

Your goal in essay writing is to convey your message as best as possible. ProWritingAid's essay checker is the first step towards doing this.

Get Rid of Spelling Errors

ProWritingAid’s essay checker will show you what it thinks are spelling errors and present you with possible corrections. If a word is flagged and it’s actually spelt correctly you can always choose to ignore the suggestion.

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Fix Grammar Errors

Professors aren’t fans of poor grammar because it interrupts your message and makes your essay hard to understand. ProWritingAid will run a grammar check on your paper to ensure that your message is precise and is being communicated the way you intended.

Get Rid of Punctuation Mistakes

A missing period or comma here and there may not seem that serious, but you’ll lose marks for punctuation errors. Run ProWritingAid’s paper checker to use the correct punctuation marks every time and elevate your writing.

ProWritingAid product image - punctuation student

Improve Readability

Make sure that in the grand scheme your language is not too complicated. The essay checker's built in readability report will show if your essay is easy or hard to read. It specifically zones in on paragraphs that might be difficult to read so you can review them.

What Else Can the Essay Checker Do?

The editing tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues, such as overused words, incohesive sentence structures, punctuation issues, repeated phrases, and inconsistencies.

ProWritingAid illustration- unnecessary word student

You don’t need to drown your essay in words just to meet the word count. ProWritingAid’s essay checker will help to make your words more effective. You'll get to construct your arguments and make sure that every word you use builds towards a meaningful conclusion.

Use more transition words in your essay

Transition words help to organize your ideas by showing the relationship between them. The essay checker has a built in Transition report that highlights and shows the percentage of transitions used in your essay. Use the results to add transitions where necessary.

ProWritingAid product image - student sentence variety

An engaging essay has sentences of varying lengths. Don’t bore your professor with long, rambling sentences. The essay checker will show you where you need to break long sentences into shorter sentences, or add more sentence length variation.

ProWritingAid product image - student passive voice

Generally, in scholarly writing, with its emphasis on precision and clarity, the active voice is preferred. However, the passive voice is acceptable in some instances. When you run your essay through ProWritingAid’s essay checker, you get feedback on whether you 'r e using the passive or active voice to convey your idea.

ProWritingAid illustration - power verb

There are academic specific power verbs like appraise , investigate , debunk , support , etc., that can add more impact to your argument by giving a more positive and confident tone. The essay checker will check your writing for power verbs and notify you if you have less than three throughout your essay.

ProWritingAid product image - repeats

It's easy to get attached to certain phrases and use them as crutches in your essays but this gives the impression of boring and repetitive writing. The essay checker will highlight your repeats and suggest contextually relevant alternatives.

ProWritingAid illustration - learn as you edit

Gain access to in-house blog reports on citations, how to write a thesis statement, how to write a conclusion, and more. Venture into a world of resources specific to your academic needs.

What Kinds of Papers Does ProWritingAid Correct?

No matter what you’re writing, ProWritingAid will adapt and show you where your edits are needed most.

Professors and students love using ProWritingAid

If you're an English teacher, you need to take a look at this tool - it reinforces what you're teaching, highlights strengths and weaknesses, and makes it easier to personalize instruction.

prowritingaid customer

Jennifer Gonzales

Only reason I managed to get an A in all my freshmen composition classes.

ProWritingAid customer

Chris Layton

Great tool for academic work. Easy to use and the reports and summary evaluation of your documents in several categories is very useful. So much more than spelling and grammar!

prowritingaid customer

Debra Callender

Questions & Answers

1. how do i use the essay checker online tool.

You can either copy and paste your essay in the essay checker field or upload your essay from your computer. Your suggestions will show once you enter text. You’ll see a number of possible grammar and spelling issues. Sign up for free to get unlimited suggestions to improve your writing style, grammar, and sentence structure. Avoid unintentional plagiarism with a premium account.

2. Does the essay checker work with British English and American English?

The essay checker works with both British English and American English. Just choose the one you would like to use and your corrections will reflect this.

3. Is using an essay checker cheating?

No. The essay checker won’t ever write the essay for you. It will point out possible edits and advise you on changes you need to make. You have full autonomy and get to decide which changes to accept.

4. Will the essay checker auto-correct my work?

The essay writing power remains in your hands. You choose which suggestions you want to accept and you can ignore those that you don’t think apply.

5. Is there a student discount?

Students who have an eligible student email address can get 20% off ProWritingAid Premium. Email [email protected] from your student email address to access your discount.

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What is the Virtual Writing Tutor?

This free online grammar check website or proofreader helps writers count words, check spelling, check grammar and punctuation, check paraphrasing, improve word choice, self-assess the use of target structures, and master English pronunciation. It also trains learners and novice teachers to become better proofreaders with an error correction game on the Error Correction Games page. This website is 100% free to use, and membership is free. What follows is a list of its features. At the bottom of the page, there are a series of frequently asked questions . that you may find useful or interesting. For more about this website, visit the blog .

Score Essays Automatically

The Virtual Writing Tutor can provide automated writing evaluation with a score and formative feedback on a variety of writing assignments. Try the opinion essay checker , film-analysis essay checker , argument essay checker , cover letter checker , IELTS essay checker , and self-scoring pen pal exchange system . Students at a college in Montreal got formative feedback on their film-analysis essays and reported that they liked getting a score and feedback in just two seconds instead of having to wait two weeks. Dr. Frank Bonkowski reported that using the VWT helped to reduce his workload. Try it for yourself.

Job Application Cover Letter

If you are applying for a job , get help writing a job application cover letter. A job application cover letter is the letter you send with your CV when you are applying for a job. The Virtual Writing Tutor can correct, improve, and score your cover letter . The system can show you how to organize your letter, what to write in each paragraph, and check your grammar, and grade your letter. It might even help you get the job as a freelance writer .

Essay Checker

If you write essays in your second language for high school or college, check your essay for embarrassing errors that a teacher would deduct points for. For the best results, we strongly recommend a two-pronged approach, using this Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker first and Grammarly next to ensure your essays are at their best when you hand them in for evaluation. For more information about all of the advantages of using the Virtual Writing Tutor essay checker tools. There are IELTS and TOEFL rubrics that you can use to provide feedback on essay quality if you like.

IELTS Academic Writing Practice Tests

The Virtual Writing Tutor calculates your band score on Task 1 and Task 2 writing tests automatically. There are a variety of timed writing tests for you to choose from. Select either a Task 1 or Task 2 essay writing prompt, start the timer, and write. When you finish, the Virtual Writing Tutor will use its breakthrough form of Artificial Intelligence to analyze and score your essay.

How does it work?

After many years of research, I have developed a special method of quality detection that I call Latent Essay Feature Analysis (LEFA). I use it to discover what makes a great essay great. Then, I use Model Essay Proximity Scoring (MEPS) to determine how closely your essay resembles the ideal essay response for each test prompt.

How accurate is the system?

I’m not sure. A trained IELTS examiner might score your essay a little higher or lower, but I am confident that the Virtual Writing Tutor’s IELTS practice tests will help you improve. Why? The system provides valuable tips and corrections on a range of essay features to help you improve your essay so you can get better and better. Try it! You might like it.

Word Counter

To check your word count, copy-paste your text into the text area above and click Word Count. The results will appear below the text area. Knowing the number of words in your essay, blog post, article, report, academic paper, short story, or book will help you respect the minimum and maximum limits set by your professor, editor, or client. The word counter will also count your sentences and calculate your sentence length. This feature is useful if you are aiming for a more conversational style with a shorter average sentence length, or if you are aiming for a more academic style with longer sentences. For details on what is counted and what is not, see the Word Counter page. For alternatives to this word counter, try COUNTWORDSFREE TOOLS or Word Counter or Word Count Tool .

Spell Checker

Click Check Spellling and misspelled words will be underlined in red inside the text area. Left-click on misspelled words to see spelling suggestions. Currently, I use a standard international dictionary, but I can add custom entries. Contact me if you get tired of seeing your name (or some other word) flagged as being misspelled when it isn't.

Grammar Check

To check your grammar, click on the Check Grammar button. The system will check for common punctuation errors, common grammar mistakes and ESL grammar errors, false cognates, contextual spelling errors, and word choice errors. The results of the grammar-check are listed below the text area. You must scroll down to see the suggested corrections. The reason for putting correction advice down below is simple. When learners scroll down to read the correction advice and then scroll up to make the correction, I believe that there is a better chance that they will remember the correction in the future. The Virtual Writng Tutor's grammar and punctuation checker feature is powered by a modified LanguageTool system. The difference between these two systems is that the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker has thousands of additional error detection rules to catch common ESL grammar errors. Some examples of common ESL errors that the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker can catch are as follows: tense shift errors, missing auxiliaries, adverb word order errors, aspect errors, collocation errors, articles with plural nouns, adjective word order errors, double subjects, double objects, double negatives, mixed conditionals, gerund error, h-epenthesis errors, pronoun antecedent agreement errors, quantifier errors, verb agreement, and adjective agreement errors.

Virtual Writing Tutor Grammar Checker API service

We offer a grammar checking API service with a free one month trial for developers. With the Virtual Writing Tutor's API, you can add spelling and grammar checking capabilities to any website. This will be of special interest to developers of websites with proofreading services or English language learning websites and mobile apps. For details on the grammar checking API, see our Grammar Check API documentation page.

Punctuation Checker

The Virtual Writing Tutor can catch a range of punctuation errors. It's a comma checker, an apostrophe checker, a quoted speech checker, and an abbreviation checker. Click on the Check Grammar button, and the system will check for these and more common punctuation errors. In case you were wondering, the punctuation error that professors complain about most is the missing comma after an introductory clause, phrase, or word .

Vocabulary Checker

To check your vocabulary, click on the Vocabulary Checker button. The Virtual Writing Tutor will analyze your vocabulary using a range of vocabulary checker tools. Use the feedback to increase the sophistication of your word choice, to increase the number of words related to your field of study, or to eliminate clichés.

Academic and general vocabulary profile  → The Virtual Writing Tutor vocabulary checker will profile the vocabulary in any piece of writing to tell you how common your word choice is and how much academic vocabulary you have used. Aim to use less common and academic vocabulary for your school work and IELTS essays. Learn more about academic versus conversational vocabulary . Cliches and power words  → Bloggers will find it useful to check for expressions that have lost their original impact because of overuse (cliches) and to count the types of words that elicit powerful emotional reactions in readers (power words). Eliminate cliches; they're boring. Include power words; they're engaging.

For alternatives to the Virtual Writing Tutor vocabulary checker, try Longman Vocabulary Checker and Vocabulary Profiler .

Target Structure Checker

English Second Language teachers often ask their students to use certain target structures in their writing. Why? We want students to increase their range of grammar structures and vocabulary in their writing because some students avoid errors by avoiding difficult structures they were taught in their lessons. The Virtual Writing Tutor's Target Structure Checker checks for comma-separated lists of words in a text, displaying and numbering sentences that contain a word or phrase from your list. List items can be case-sensitive or case-insensitive. We also have recently added an experimental lemmatizer that checks for conjugations and derivations of base forms you list. Useful target structure lists can help you get started using this tool in your writing.

Paraphrase Checker

Try the Paraphrase Checker the next time you want to use other people's ideas in your writing. Remember that ideas are free, but the expression of those ideas is owned by the original author. Good writers must, therefore, learn to paraphrase effectively and give credit where credit is due to avoid accusations of plagiarism. You can check a text for plagiarism with this collection of plagiarism tools . The Virtual Writing Tutor can help you improve your paraphrasing skills quickly. Here's how. Draft your paraphrase, click on the Paraphrase Checker button, and copy-paste the source text into the text box. Click Check, and the paraphrase checker will compare your text to the original text. It will underline words and phrases that are common to both texts. In addition, it will calculate the similarity of the two texts with a score. For optimal results, check one sentence at a time, and aim for a paraphrase score below 50%. See the paraphrase checker page for more information and a sample text to try. Instead of this paraphrase checker, try a Paraphrasing Tool or learn how to paraphrase a source properly.

By clicking the Essay Outliner button, members can get help creating essay outlines for three common academic discourse models: the opinion essay , the prioritized list essay , and the argument essay . These three tools, make the process of planning and writing persuasive essays easier and faster.

For an alternative essay outlining tool, try this Essay Map . For help with a thesis statement, try this thesis builder .

Feedback and Links

Members can see texts and feedback from past grammar checks. Clicking the My Feedback and Links button is a great way to review your errors . You can also see a prioritized summary of the links that were generated with the feedback your receive. In this way, the Virtual Writing Tutor generates a personalized and prioritized language learning curriculum for each member.

Error Correction Game

Members can play a game on the games page that provides practice finding and correcting common second language errors. There are 1000 sentences in the database to practice with.

Pen Pal Exchange

Teachers, you can create free interactive pen pal writing projects on the Virtual Writing Tutor, with automatic scoring and feedback on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. You can learn more about the pedagogical advantages of pen pal writing , learn about the features of the pen pal exchange system , and share this introduction to the concept of pen pal writing with your students. This pen pal system is moderated by teachers for their students. It is not a pen pal matching service.

Create interactive hypertext stories with images using the VWT's hypertext authoring tool . You can export your story as HTML with jQuery, plain HTML, or in an iframe to embed in your blog or website. Hypertext stories are so much fun to create and to read, and hypertext narratives can prompt their authors to think about causal relationships between decisions and their consequences in life. By using the Virtual Writing Tutor's hypertext narrative creator, you can check your story for spelling errors, grammatical errors, and field-related vocabulary without leaving the editor. See examples of the hypertext narratives created using the Virtual Writing Tutor here .

Grammar Checker Forum

When the grammar checker fails to find any errors to correct in your text, you may wonder what to do next. Well, you can always post it the Virtual Writing Tutor's community forum to get suggestions about further improvements to your grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and the organization of your text. While you are there, why not suggest a few improvements to another community member's text?

This website is a work in progress, so I cannot guarantee that the system will catch every error in every text or that the advice and corrections will always be perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best grammar checker.

That will depend on who you are. For graduates and professionals, a proofreader that checks as you type -- like the one integrated into Microsoft Word -- is probably your best choice. You will have enough confidence in your command of style and grammar to want to use a grammar checker for errors of inattention and contextual spelling errors only.

If you are dyslexic, you will want a second set of eyes to proofread your writing. A human writing tutor can often find errors that can seem invisible when you do your own proofreading. You may find that you omit words, miscopy quotations, and find yourself unable to catch errors on your own when there is time pressure. A grammar checker that can help spot agreement and spelling errors can be a great help.

For highly advanced second language learners of English and native speakers attending a university, an English grammar checker that focuses on style and punctuation errors is probably your best choice. The problems you face include the overuse of the passive voice, run-on sentences, comma-splices, and dangling participles--among others. There are some good pro-version grammar checkers that can help with these problems.

For beginners and intermediate learners, however, your needs are different. You will need a grammar checker that checks for common developmental errors and transfer errors from your first language. You will also have difficulty constructing and conjugating verbs. Your writing will include numerous tense shifts, word order problems, and number agreement errors. You'll use the wrong word for a particular context, and you will tend to impose the common sentence structures from your first language onto English that will seem unnatural and confusing to your reader. Add to these, bad translations suggested by Google translate, spelling errors, and the general chaos that comes with the cognitive overload of having to compose in a second language.

All that is not to say that grammar checkers suited for one group cannot help writers of the other profiles. There are errors that members of all three groups make. When we focus on our message, we tend to give less attention to form. Typos and missing morphology invade the hastily composed emails of even expert writers. Furthermore, English spelling is wildly irregular for some words making it easy to forget the spelling of low-frequency words. Any spell checker and even the simplest of grammar checkers can catch some errors that are common to all writers. But can they suggest useful corrections? That is another story.

The Virtual Wrting Tutor is primarily an English Second Language grammar checker. It is designed to provide feedback that is explicit enough to help the writer not only eliminate an error from a current text but also understand how to avoid it in future writing tasks. As such, my goal is to make the Virtual Writing Tutor the best ESL grammar checker to help learners of English as a Second Language. It may also help dyslexics, professional bloggers and university students. The price is right since the Virtual Writing Tutor is 100% free. Is it the best grammar checker for you? Try them all and decide for yourself.

What should a teacher do when a student asks, "Could you check my sentence, please?"

Obviously, you should check the sentence for common errors . But don't stop there. Mention to students that when they feel the urge to ask someone to "check my grammar," they can always use an online sentence checker like the Virtual Writing Tutor to check for grammar errors before asking a human to proofread a text.

It is always a good idea to use a worked example with students, demonstrating how to solve problems instead of just solving problems for them. If you fix their grammar for them like a free proofreader, they will come to expect it and will refuse to write anything unless the teacher reads and corrects it. So don't be their go-to grammar correction machine correcting grammar all day and night. Rather show them how to do an online grammar sentence check for themselves. They will thank you for it in the long run.

How can I embed a free grammar checker into a webpage or blog post?

You can get the iframe code to embed the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker into your webpage, Moodle course, or blog with this grammar checker iframe code . The iframe is set to expand to 90% width of the page or frame you put it in. I have written a blog post all about adding the Virtual Writing Tutor to your web page or blog here: Create your own ESL grammar checker website for your students with an iframe

What is the purpose of the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker?

The primary goal of this grammar checker is to enhance ESL pedagogy. English teachers are a limited resource. They are available only to their own students, only during the course, only during the day, and are typically only available for one-on-one instruction for a few minutes at a time. A free online grammar checker website can enhance pedagogy by filling in when teachers are not available. A free, automated grammar checker can assist learners by being available to everyone, student or professional, night or day, and by providing tireless assistance with tedious proofreading tasks.

Why should language teachers use the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker in their courses?

Students are usually loath to do any writing unless it either "counts" or they get extensive feedback that will prepare them for an assignment that will count. Teachers therefore feel obliged to copy-edit every assignment students hand in. However, spending just 5 minutes a week on each student's assignment adds twelve hours and 30 minutes each week of corrective feedback to the workload of a teacher with 150 students. Many teachers will therefore limit the number of writing assignments they give students because of the impact corrections have on their workload as a teacher. By automating part of the corrective feedback that students receive with the Virtual Writing Tutor, teachers can ensure students get extensive feedback on every assignment. Confident that students' errors won't be ignored, teachers can assign more writing tasks to students without increasing their workload. Making the correction load more manageable is one benefit for teachers , but there are benefits for students, also. There are at least 5 clear benefits that I can see:

Are online grammar checkers going to replace ESL teachers?

No. Your job is secure. Grammar checkers will never be able to teach writing as well as a well-trained English Second Language teacher. That's because what teachers know about their students, their language learning anxiety, their first language, their current level, about language pedagogy, about the task students have been assigned, about the goals of the lesson, and about the terminal objectives of the course is really much more than a soulless machine can ever know. Teachers should stop thinking that they have to compete with grammar checkers and view them as an assistive technology that can help reduce some of their correction load. If you are feeling afraid of losing your job to a grammar checker, you don't understand your job very well. Providing corrective feedback on errors may be a huge part of your workload, but ask your self this. If a machine could catch all the surface errors my students make on their writing, what other aspects of my students' writing would I want to spend more time on? Start thinking about how you can give some of the tedious aspects of your job to a machine so that you can spend more time on a higher order analysis of the ideas and the flow in your students' writing. Instead of thinking of writing as a grammar test, you will be able to see it as communication. Your job is not going anywhere, but it might get a little more interesting. Prepare.

How should teachers incorporate a grammar checker website into their ESL course?

In order to use a grammar checker effectively in an ESL course, teachers must, in my opinion, do two things: 1) create a routine in which students are required to use the grammar checker every week, and 2) set a standard of zero avoidable errors . To ensure students stick to the routine, teachers can assign a writing task at the end of each lesson and deduct points if the text contains avoidable errors

What are avoidable errors? Avoidable errors are those particular errors students can correct for themselves because they have received form-focused instruction or because a free grammar checker like the Virtual Writing Tutor can detect them and suggest corrections. In other words, a student who submits a text that contains errors in grammar that was thoroughly taught in a previous lesson or contains errors that can be eliminated by using the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker is a student who has not met expectations. Submitting texts containing avoidable errors to a teacher indicates a lack of learning or care, and should be scored lower than texts without avoidable errors.

In two of the courses I teach, my students must submit 12 texts over 15 weeks. The first 11 of those texts must be checked with the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker and have all avoidable errors eliminated. Each text is scored using a simple rubric. It must be 100-200 words in length, contain the target structures from the lesson, and have all avoidable errors elimnated using the Virtual Writing Tutor. If a text is submitted with avoidable errors, the student loses 1/3. The other 2/3 comes from using target structures taught in class (1/3) and from submitting a well-developed text (1/3). The only exception to my rule about using the Virtual Writing Tutor is with the final exam. On the final, students do not get access to the VWT because I expect that they have learned to eliminate their most common errors by then. Use the target structure tool with the Vocabulary Checker to quickly find the grammar, phrases, or vocabulary students have been asked to iclude in thier writing. One of the best ways I have discovered to incorporate an online grammar checker into my ESL lessons for my non-fluent learners is to create a series of steps in a collaborative narrative writing project. Both my Actively Engaged on the Job and Actively Engaged at College textbooks involve collaborative narrative writing projects. Here's how the project works. Students are placed in groups of 4-6. Each student creates a fictional character, describes him or her using the first person, and makes his or her character interact with the other students' characters within the context of the shared story. Depending on the level, the characters live together as roommates ( Actively Engaged at College ) or work together as colleagues ( Actively Engaged on the Job ) within the collaborative narrative. Each week, I ask students to plan one episode of their story with the help of their groupmates. For homework, I ask them to write the current episode in the story, eliminate all avoidable errors using the Virtual Writing Tutor, and submit it to me for points. Writing that contains avoidable errors is penalized for not having applied the necessary revision strategies. The following week, I ask students to read what they wrote to their groupmates. I encourage them to use the VWT's text-to-speech function to help them with their pronunciation. In this way, they get to practice a more target-like form of English in a meaningful and social way. For more advanced levels, I ask students to create a blog on Blogger and write listicles, glossaries , career summaries and hypertext narratives related to their fields of study. Again, I require students to eliminate avoidable errors using the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker and paraphrase checker to avoid plagiarism. Each blog post is peer-reviewed by two or more fellow students and submitted to me for a grade. Of course, if the Virtual Writing Tutor misses some of their errors, I provide feedback -- but only after they have eliminated many of their errors using the online grammar checker. That's how I use the VWT. Perhaps you have found another way to use the Virtual Writing Tutor. I would love to hear how you do it. Send me a message when you have the time.

Best wishes, Nicholas Walker The Virtual Writing Tutor

essay grammar checker free

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Select an essay type from the list and click check for a score and feedback., target structure enter a comma separated list below. select either case-sensitive or case-insensitive., results open in a new tab, essay checker settings.

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Feedback: Review your academic vocabulary profile above. Are you satisfied with the level of your academic vocabulary? If not, you can learn how to further improve your command of the Academic Word List here: online vocabulary courses.

Writing skill

Feedback: Use transition words in your writing to show the relationship of the ideas to each other.

Feedback: Varying the length of sentences makes writing seem more dynamic and enjoyable to read.

Feedback: Using words with a strongly negative or positive sentiment in your thesis statement and topic sentences will tell your reader that you have taken a strong stance on the topic. Avoid neutral claims in opinion essays. If you are unsure about thesis statements and topic sentences, learn more about how to structure an opinion essay here .

Feedback: Great essays reformulate the last sentence of the introduction at the beginning of the conclusion, making the same precise claim about the topic but in different words. A full paraphrase will always impress your reader more than word-for-word repetition.

Feedback: Avoid using exclamation marks in academic writing .

Grammar check

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Ielts rubric, toefl rubric, audio comment.

Comments about your introduction

You have a problem developing interest in your topic, define your terms, narrow your topic, your thesis statement is weak, your thesis statement does not predict the structure of your essay, my comments, comments about your first body paragraph, your first body paragraph lacks an effective transition word, your first body paragraph lacks a clear topic sentence., comments about your second body paragraph, your second body paragraph lacks an effective transition word., your second body paragraph lacks a clear topic sentence., comments about your third body paragraph, your third body paragraph lacks an effective transition word., your third body paragraph lacks a clear topic sentence., comments about your conclusion, your conclusion lacks an effective transition word., your conclusion lacks a recommendation and prediction..

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5 Of The Best AI Tools For Proofreading Your Papers And Essays (That Aren't Grammarly)

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Editing is a tedious job. Whether your medium lies in academic composition or presenting new ideas to your colleagues in the office, there will always be a need to create nuanced arguments that are backed by reason, fact, and research. To put these ideas together, there must be a meeting of two distinct skills: writing and editing. Anyone who has cobbled together a college essay knows that difficulties sometimes lie in reaching the word count, and other times it feels impossible to fit all of the necessary ideas into the word limit.

Proofreading is the other side of the coin, and this is where an essay or speech is honed with great precision to transform the rough lump of ideas into something with the clarity and focus required of a finished product. AI tools have been making headlines with their ability to create drafts in this creative process, and educators are worried that students will rely on AI systems to do their homework for them! 

But there remain major differences between the flow that a human writer and an AI tool can achieve. A more interesting use for AI systems is in the proofreading and editing stage. Writers can become numb to the issues embedded within their own writing, especially if they've edited the content numerous times already. Unfortunately, the most widely used platform, Grammarly, remains unable to meet the needs of every user, but there are some solid alternatives that can act as potent partners in your writing process.


ProWritingAid is one of the more comprehensive AI editing tools on the market. The AI offers in-depth writing reports on the text that it proofreads, offering 20 different metrics to help improve a writer's natural flow without overburdening them. ProWritingAid's reports cover style, cliché usage, thesaurus options, transitions, alliteration and diction style, and plagiarism checks, to name a few. These are useful tools that can help writers eliminate the passive voice from their writing (or focus on it during certain passages that might warrant this tone shift). 

The tool allows users to set customized rules and stylistic preferences that are ideal for writers working within preferred layouts from organizational or academic guidelines alike. Users will also gain access to data products that help them understand their sentence structure, readability scores, and much more. ProWritingAid can be integrated directly into a variety of writing platforms, as well. Users will find that it works with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and other systems. It can also be incorporated as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft's Edge browser. This gives writers the ability to utilize ProWritingAid's toolbox of proofreading reports and text editing functions in virtually any typing environment, including Outlook, Medium, Facebook, and elsewhere. 

The app, like Grammarly, is cloud-based. Therefore, it requires an active internet connection to provide editorial assistance. The free version allows for thesaurus suggestions, grammar, and other proofreading coverage, while the paid subscription unlocks the whole catalog of tools for $10 per month. As well, students can take advantage of a 20% discount directly on the website.

QuillBot is an online proofreading tool that lives in your browser or Microsoft Word application. The tool can be used with Chrome, Word, and Google Docs applications. For this reason, it's a bit less versatile than other options on this list, but will still cover most writing applications that users will encounter — granted they use Google Chrome as their primary web browser.

The tool can be used to check grammar, summarize input text from the internet, build citations, paraphrase content, and check for plagiarism. QuillBot also offers a feature called "Co-Writer" that allows you to seamlessly integrate all of these tools directly into your writing process. This can dramatically improve the writing product and pace of content synthesis in even the least confident or motivated writers. The tool can be used in a free format or with a paid subscription (as low as $8.33 per month with the annual payment option). 

With a free account, you'll gain access to the grammar and spelling check tools, as well as a taste of the paraphrasing and summarization functions. This gives low-frequency users a potent tool to assist them in their writing tasks. Premium users are able to use the paraphraser without limits and gain access to advanced grammar rewrites, fast processing speeds, the tone detector, and plagiarism checker, along with the entire suite of tools.

Ginger Software

Ginger is an AI toolbox that can help writers enhance their creativity while ensuring that grammatical flourishes and spelling issues don't get overlooked. Ginger can help proofread text for mistakes and comb through sentence structure, but it also offers creative alternatives to flagging passages that you may not be entirely happy with. The AI can offer a range of options that may make your writing more endearing to the reader. The tool may be particularly valuable for writers who often find themselves getting bogged down in the weeds and writing sentences that ramble on.

The Ginger AI tool can also offer a raft of synonyms. The AI can be downloaded to your Android device or iPhone, installed as an app on your Windows machine, or added as an extension to Chrome or Microsoft Office apps. Ginger also provides a translation service built into the system, with coverage of over 40 languages. This feature sets Ginger apart from many other AI proofreading tools because it adds a unique, additional layer of functionality that can be immensely helpful in the modern, digitally interconnected world we inhabit. Users can interact with the free version, or pay for the enhanced, premium plan starting at $4.99 per month (billed as a $120 payment for a two-year subscription).

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a minimalistic tool designed to help writers improve the style and pacing of their writing without throwing curveballs at the reader. The AI's objective is to give writers a Hemingway-esque treatment for their content. Hemingway was a famously direct writer and is even (mis)attributed as pioneering the six-word novel on a bet. The AI, therefore, is focused on clarity and precision rather than flashy substance and flowery language.

The AI toolbox highlights improvements that can be made throughout a piece of text that's been input into the AI's system. Color coding is used to quickly and accurately signal the types of linguistic changes that a writer might want to consider. Yellow highlights tell the writer that a sentence is likely too long, while blue words are those that don't convey a strong meaning and may benefit from replacement or omission. 

There isn't a browser extension but the online tool is free to use while the Hemingway app is downloadable for use offline and costs $19.99 to purchase. Either version is a good option for a writer seeking proofreading assistance while aiming to keep their prose clear and direct above all else.

Slick Write

The AI proofreader  Slick Write  is a no-frills, free-to-use editor that you can add as a browser extension to Chrome or Firefox. The tool is great for those seeking a grammar and syntax checker that can handle virtually any size input. There's a 30,000-word cap on submissions to the editor interface, but those who are working on a book, for instance, can utilize multiple uploads to evaluate a larger total volume of text. Slick Write doesn't include all the bells and whistles that would be found in a paid AI proofreader, however, when it comes to the editing job it does provide, the AI is up to the challenge. 

This makes it a good option for those seeking a simple AI editor that can assist them in developing content without a lot of additional hoops to jump through. The tool can weed out words that are commonly confused and filter words or other padding. It's also particularly adept at uncovering legalese jargon that may not fit with your intended style.

Grammar Checker: Correct Writing Grammar For Free

Use our free grammar checker to scan your text for any and all mistakes. This free online grammar corrector highlights what you need to improve upon. Get checking today!

Grammar Checker: Correct Writing Grammar For Free

All you have to do is type in or paste your text below this instruction and click Check Grammar to get all the results. Click on the highlighted… spelling error , grammar improvements or writing suggestion for more options.

Run a Free Grammar Check Online Using Our Tool

Among all the grammar checkers online, our tool proved to be the most intuitive and accurate. It only requires you 3 steps to complete online grammar check for free:

Paste any document or text that you need to have checked for grammar mistakes into the input box.

Our free online grammar checker will highlight any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, or things that can be improved.

Now you can click on the highlighted word or phrase, and see exactly what suggestion was given.

Important notice

Note that the text you provided must be under 400000 characters. Otherwise, our grammar tool won't be able to process it.

StudyCrumb’s Grammar Checker Filled With Benefits

StudyCrumb’s Grammar Checker Filled With Benefits

Using our grammar checker online can get you loads of benefits! After all, it isn't all about fixing words and providing an all-encompassing professional grammar check.

Our online free grammar corrector does not overlook the "big picture" of meaning in your text. It will help you create a wholesome cohesive work.

Learn from AI that knows all the how's and why's of good writing. Online grammar editor can show you what you should write to make your text even better.

Now you can forget about the daunting task of putting an apostrophe or comma in the right place. This free grammar fixer website will do it for you for free.

StudyCrumb's sentence grammar checker can showcase all commonly confused words and replace them with what you need.

Need Expert Help With Grammar Check?

StudyCrumb offers you much more than a content grammar checker online. We gathered the best specialists who can create an error-free paper based on your needs.

Backed by qualified writers, we provide unique academic papers tailored to clients specific requirements. Have an expert compose a customized paper and cope with grammar from the ground up.

Take your writing to a whole new level with our editing and proofreading services. Our academic proofreaders will check grammar and polish your writing according to all collegiate standards.

Why Choose StudyCrumb

essay grammar checker free

Options of Our Free Writing Checker

So, what exactly can you do with our free online writing checker? It's a neat little handy tool that can show what must be fixed in your text, for sure. It highlights your mistakes, yes. But what do those highlights mean? Here's a quick description.

If your word is colored red, then an online writing checker found some kind of a misspelling. Click on it to find possible options. Choose a new word to replace your mistake with. It will be fixed automatically after that.

This option presents tons of choices for you. From a typographical error where your word is of the wrong case to orthographic with a punctuation mark missing. Once again, you'll have to click it to find out what is what.

An author knows how to compose their words just right, but sometimes a machine has better ideas. Based on everything it learned on the web, our grammar errors checker can offer you an option, where your wording can sound better.

Best Free Grammar Checker Online From StudyCrumb

If you were looking for the best grammar checker for free, you’ve certainly found it! English grammar can be confusing even for a native speaker. You can be as proficient in the language as they get, and still type something like "they're" instead of "their" and call it a day. This gets worse if you're writing an important paper late at night when you couldn't care about the text in the least. These types of mistakes can have 0 to 100 consequences. Imagine sending a letter to your potential employer and realizing that you wrote something wrong afterward! Solution: grammar checker free online by StudyCrumb. It costs nothing for you to copy and paste the text into a small box and press a button. But it can be a huge lifesaver at some point. Moreover, you can not only verify your text's correctness but learn from the online editor grammar check and its suggestions! Sooner rather than later your writing will improve. You'll be able to impress your readers with flawless and beautifully written texts.

Why Check Grammar Online Using StudyCrumb’s Writing Checker?

Who doesn't like awesome error-free texts? And who actually likes spending hours, trying to find all the misspelled words and punctuation errors? After all, human attention span can be flawed and further mistakes can be made. This is why automatic grammar checkers and spell checker were invented! These are free patent-pending tools that work as your own team of certified proofreaders. They are able to point out all inconsistencies within your text so you can check grammar for free.

StudyCrumb's  grammar and writing checker online free is created to take into account the context of your paper. It will explain where you could use your chosen word and what you should use instead. This writing errors checker uses cutting-edge AI based on a sophisticated syntax recognition algorithm. This algorithm can detect even the slightest error and fix grammar mistakes. Our best English writing checker free online will help you create great and concise text. In turn, you will get an A+ from your faculty or, possibly, even future employers. Undeniably, the text you submit should also be unique. Use our plagiarism checker to ensure your article is authentic. 

How Our Online English Grammar Corrector Works

Using a grammar corrector free online has never been easier! Our online English correction tool not only fixes mistakes in sentences but lets you learn from them. What is its working principle? StudyCrumb’s online grammar fixer uses improved AI algorithms to learn every update on correct English grammar for sentence evaluation. It highlights every word or phrase that needs correction or can be better written. You get different color highlights for every type of error (maximum 3 though). So you will always see what exactly you should improve in your text. Just remember to enter your text or separate sentences you’d like to check in the fill-in box. 

Our free grammar checker and corrector will do the rest. It will provide options that best fit your texts! 

Online English Writing Grammar Editor for Free

If you're looking for an online editor grammar checker you probably don't want to spend money on an English writer-editor. You need something quick and under your total control and observation. So why not use an AI-powered grammar editing tool? You'll be able to get a great free writing editor online. The best part is that everyone will get to make it work as long and hard as they need it. Forget about the hours and awkwardness of researching different writing services just to approach them with an “edit my grammar” request. Save some time and, what is more important — money. StudyCrumb offers you a 100% free corrector tool. It works with absolutely each and every English text one can imagine. Just open your browser, open the tab with the tool, insert your text and click on the button. Need to click more for more corrections? Do it! It’s not like your professor will stand behind berating you for using online editors. Spin the tool’s AI as much as you need for free!

Check Your Writing Grammar Online for Free

If you've ever wondered how to check your writing for grammar, you'll be glad to know that it is possible to use a free online writing checker to do so. Don’t worry about paying or typing something like “fix my writing and grammar online”! At this point, the only request you can do is to google “check for errors in my writing online”. Then go and visit our site. StudyCrumb’s online editor grammar offers all users to check any type of paper for mistakes. Do it even if you have the smallest ones. 

But why exactly do you need an online editor grammar checker? Why should you check your grammar?

Undeniably, not every machine can substitute an essay writer . For this reason, we developed professional services that will assista you with any task. 

Check My Writing Grammar for Free

If you need an awesome writing grammar check, you've come to the right place then. There are dozens of grammar detectors and language checkers to choose from. Besides, many of them claim to fix writing for free. However, what exactly are they? Are grammar checkers really free? Can one use them indefinitely? We can’t say for every tool like this in existence. But StudyCrumb’s online proper English grammar checker for free ticks out all the questions. It will surely be handy to everyone who needs assistance with their grammar in texts. It will help those who are unsure of the correct wording. This tool will offer suggestions for better writing. So, weighing out your options for what you need in your paper is always a good idea. Every time you google " do my assignment so it's error-free", you can entrust the task to our professional service or utilize a grammmar checker. 

Check My Grammar: Correct Grammar Mistakes With StudyCrumb

Every student can use an advanced and instant grammar checker for free or contact our research paper writing service . But how is it possible to find one that is the most effective? After all, just typing “fix my grammar for errors for free” in google search and clicking on the first link won’t always work. Sometimes, the chosen tool that promises to “correct my grammar for free” doesn’t work. Or it works even worse than Microsoft Word’s autocorrect. So, what to do then?

Checking grammar online is the most sensible thing you can do before submitting (or sending) your work. It's why you need to choose the right free English grammar corrector tool.

Sentence Grammar Check

Need to check sentence for grammar? Great! Using a grammar sentence checker may prove to be very helpful. It will help whether you are writing an email, blog post or essay. Of course, the best option is hiring a thesis writer  or outsoursing from a coursework writing service when it comes to a lengthy academic work. This way you will prevent potential grammar mistakes since our writers are savvy and can help you compose flawless scholarly works.

Use grammar checker to edit your work, fix sentence grammar and correct any errors before sending it off to a professional editor if you'd ever decide you need one. Usually, you would just use a program like this to fix grammar issues. Even if your goal is to simply check if sentence is grammatically correct, using a tool is a great idea. After all, an online sentence editor can be used whenever you have a need to improve the quality of your writing. Because they're free, there's no reason not to use them! Verify your writing or improve your style just by clicking a button. A perfect deal that costs you 0 cents.

Best Free Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker

StudyCrumb offers its users the best professional and powerful grammar checker online for free!  It’s a reliable online grammar and punctuation tester that is easy to use. It gives an instant professional-grade check of any writing. This tool lets you fix the most difficult errors using a high degree of speed and accuracy. It also enhances the quality of your English without any charge. But if you are expecting the best outcome with semester works, buy term paper from our academic gurus who are well-trainded in composing immaculate texts. 

Our tool examines your writing and  finds and fixes grammar mistakes and errors. It helps improve sentences holistically. This grammar checker looks for tone structure, word choice as well as readability of the text. It is really something better than other sentence checkers. Make your life easier with our professional grammar editor. Improve the writing of your sentences, spelling, and punctuation with StudyCrumb. After all, do more than ask google to find a site that will check for grammatical errors for free online. Make sure your writing is clear and concise using our service!

Grammar Checker Free for Everyone

You asked google to “check my sentence grammar online” and so here you are. Look at the best grammar tool for students or buy an essay online ! This instrument will help enhance your writing skills and avoid embarrassing errors that so many people make. Moreover, it’s 100% free! There is no need to pay anything. Use it as much as you need. It doesn’t require setting up a new account, registering, or worrying about dealing with a trial period. If you need to run a sentence grammar check, do it without any restrictions.

Our tool is a great and free grammar help to any student. It handles any academic level, from any school grade to Master's and PhD. It is constantly learning from Internet language databases. So, be sure that your editing is in trusted AI-powered hands. Check any types of essays, or PhD’s papers. Do it as much as you need.

Let professionals deal with your paper!

Order your paper from StudyCrumb today and ensure the best grade for your work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Grammar Checker

If you have any further questions, you can surely find some answers here!

1. Is your writing checker free?

Yes, absolutely! Our grammar checker is free of charge. You won't have to pay a dime to run an essay grammar check.

2. Can your tool check my writing if it is over 1000 words?

It sure can. Our online writing corrector has a character limitation of 40000 characters, which is roughly 7500+ words. Although, it doesn't have a minimum amount of required characters.

3. Do I have to register to do a free grammar check online?

No, you don't! If you need to use our best grammar checker online, registration or creation of a new account out of the picture for you.

4. Can your grammar fixer correct any type of writing?

Yes, in addition to checking the grammar, our tool also automatically corrects any text. It will highlight the areas that require further improvement and suggest multiple options you can choose from.

Other Tools You May Like

Other Tools You May Like

StudyCrumb offers you more than just an online grammar checker. We’ve designed a whole bundle of free writing tools that can improve your academic experience. Check them out below!

Free Online Proofreading Tool

Use Writer’s free online editor to proofread your writing for errors in style, word choice, tone, grammar, spelling, and more.

Enter your English text here

You've reached the limit of 2K words. To check more content, sign up and try Writer for free .

Checking your text...

Issues detected in your text will be shown here.

essay grammar checker free

Get more edits for this text and all of your writing

Write like a pro with automated proofreading software

Use Writer to check grammar, spelling, vocabulary, clarity, punctuation, and other critical writing mistakes. Our advanced AI-powered writing assistant thoroughly proofreads your text to make sure your content is well-written, error-free, and uses correct punctuation marks. Writer’s online proofreading checker is the top writing tool for students, teachers, professionals, companies, and writers.

The free proofreading tool trusted by leading brands


Go beyond spellcheck

Be sure your copy is free of common and not-so-common English grammar errors.

Perfect punctuation

Em-dashes are not scary, but a missing comma is. Nail both with Writer.

Perfect punctuation

Tone, voice, and style

Writer was built for writing at work, where writing clearly and concisely is key. Proofread everything with Writer.

Word choice and terminology

Whether you're trying to connect with your audience or follow guidelines at work, always choose the right word with Writer.

Word choice and terminology

Frequently asked questions

Do you know when to use lay vs. lie? The difference between the words farther and further? How about em dashes vs. hyphens? If you’re unsure how to answer these questions, Writer is the perfect AI writing assistant for you.

Writer uses artificial intelligence to act as your personal instant online proofreader. Our proofreading tool thoroughly scans your text to make sure you’re using correct punctuation, including dashes, commas, and quotations. Writer also makes sure your words are spelled correctly and that you’re using proper grammar. Writer’s proprietary AI ensures that your writing uses consistent punctuation and sentence structure.

Writer uses techniques from artificial intelligence, such as deep learning. Deep learning systems start out with the capacity to learn, and then are trained to recognize patterns by being shown many examples. For example, we teach the Writer deep learning grammar error correction system to correct subject/verb agreement by showing it many examples of subjects and verbs. We might show it “Writer's AI writing assistant helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice” and tell the model that this is a good sentence. Then, we would change the verb "write" to the incorrect "writes". As in, “Writer's AI writing assistant helps everyone at your company writes with the same style, terminology, and brand voice” and tell the model that this is a bad sentence. Writes should be write. We do this millions and millions of times, and the model learns. It doesn't just memorize examples, but gets a "feel" for things. And at Writer, we are very careful about the training data we feed our model, because good data helps the model generalize well.

You know what they say: Every writer needs an editor. Even the best writers need proofreaders. Whether you’re a professional writer or a novice, it’s critical to proofread your writing before you consider it “final.”

Well-written content is more important than ever before. In today’s world, quality writing often makes the difference between getting the top grade, the best performance review, or the most-read website content.

Writer’s proofreading checker helps you get ahead in work, school, and life by ensuring that you’re communicating effectively. Using incorrect punctuation could cause your reader to become confused or worse yet, frown upon your writing. With the Writer proofreading tool, you can be confident that your writing uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

With so many students, schools, and companies using Google Docs to create reports and documents, we developed Writer’s technology with Google Docs top of mind. Sign up for a free trial of Writer and install the Google Docs add-on, making it super easy to proofread right in the Google Doc.

Want to proofread a DOCX file? There's even a Microsoft Word plugin available as part of the Writer trial.

Thousands of people use Writer’s proofreading checker regularly to give them peace of mind. Professional writers, business leaders, students, and teachers rely on Writer’s proprietary proofreading AI technology to correct writing mistakes in reports, papers, essays, and important projects.

Works everywhere you write

Writer for Google Chrome

What does your online proofreader do?

Our free online proofreading tool makes sure your text is clear, consistent, and good. We automatically catch everything from typos to nuanced grammatical errors and vocabulary improvements. This is the proofreading help you need!

Proofreading: everything you need to know. Find out exactly what proofreading entails in our modern world.

essay grammar checker free

Does Writer have an automated proofing app?

Yes! When you sign up for Writer, you’ll get access to a powerful and easy-to-use web app and extensions that check your writing in real-time for punctuation, tone, writing style, plagiarism, formality, readability, and more.

Get the Chrome extension

Proofreading software

Does Writer understand context?

Yep. Thanks to powerful AI, we understand commonly confused words and phrases and can automatically suggest better alternatives — grammatically as well as stylistically. Your writing is clearer, bolder, and error-free with Writer.

Who is Writer for?

Writer is great for anyone who needs writing that is proofed 100% of the time. Our tools are trusted by copywriters, UX writers, marketers, product teams, and more. More proofreaders use Writer than any other AI writing assistant.

Proofreading checker

Take Writer with you everywhere you write.

Take Writer with you everywhere you write

Grammar Checker Online: How to Use It?

Past text, upload a document or use a sample

Once you’ve entered some text, the summary report is a good place to start, or the other reports will show suggestions directly in your text.

Not all learners realize that they live in a dream world. Today, they do not have to visit libraries to refer to rare resources, spend money on costly literature, or have sleepless nights working on writing assignments since all these are available on the Internet. In addition, students may even use a grammar checke r online to eliminate all possible errors and make their essays perfect.

Since teachers try to evaluate the quality of your knowledge and writing skills, they do not treat grades as gifts but as awards. So, wishing to be at the top, you should do your best and polish your essays. Looking for a helping hand for improvement and error elimination, our free grammar checker online may come in handy.

Free Grammar Check: What Are the Benefits?

Since people are not machines, they are tuned to make mistakes. After spending hours in front of the monitor, all the words split together, letters mixed, and most technical errors may be hard to notice with tired eyes. In such a way, a sentence checker may serve as a tool that indicates and offers to edit all the imperfections. Such a technique has a lot of benefits that are hard not to underestimate.

The list of benefits may be endless, so make sure that we aim to simplify and accelerate the writing process by assisting with such time-consuming issues as editing and proofreading that can hardly be done by people but are more perfectly performed by specialized tools.

Correct Your Mistakes Within Few Minutes

The time you spend writing a short essay may equal the editing and proofreading process. Unfortunately, some inexperienced students hesitate to turn to professionals for assistance or use a grammar check online to upgrade the quality of their creations. So, they waste tons of time re-reading line by line and passage by passage, looking for misspellings, or consulting dictionaries in search of synonymic raws.

Unfortunately, such an exact double or triple check does not guarantee perfect quality. And, as luck would have it, when reading with a fresh perspective, a teacher will notice several foolish mistakes that did not get into the eyes previously.

We are glad to inform you that GradeMiners offers a free grammar checker in addition to well-known writing services. So, if you do not have enough time to check your essay several times, are not an experienced editor, or are tuned to make dozens of mistakes that always negatively influence your scores, use the checker.

Be sure it will take several minutes, and as a result, you will get a glossy paper free from any mistakes. So, what do you need to do?

Such simple steps will benefit your time, grades, and reputation. So, do not hesitate and do not delay implementing such useful online tools in your writing practice.

Make Your Essay Perfect with Our Grammar Checker

Some students suffer from insufficient vocabulary and an inability to express their thoughts logically. To avoid repetitions and poor language, you may use our essay checker . In addition to punctuation and grammar mistakes, this magic tool offers you a list of synonyms to choose from and recommends using idiomatic expressions properly.

In addition, if you constantly use the same word or phrase in each sentence, it will emphasize it. So, your text will not sound strange and bland but will impress your reader with a variety of exciting expressions and synonyms, encouraging reading it as an example to students who are not as diligent as you. It is not a dream with our grammar checker free assistance .

Sentence Checker You Can Rely on

Perfect sentences to make definitive text. But what to do if you get stuck on sentence structure or write too long sentences that prevent comprehension? First, use our online grammar check service. Due to fast typing or changing your mind, you may overlook subject-predicate agreement, miss ending, use improper grammar, etc. Such mistakes can be left unnoticed after several manual checks since we tuned to pay more attention to words than their correlation.

Using our writing checker , you may analyze the nature of your mistakes and try to avoid them down the line. Some consumers admit that they have started considering sentence structure and use direct word order thanks to consistent grammar check free application. So, using our help, there is a tendency to improve your writing skills and basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation. 

Forget About Punctuation Errors

Dots, commas, and dashes are a nightmare for each student. They often submit their papers confidently with the highest grades due to catchy data or references to the latest survey. But what is their surprise when they receive back their essays with a “C” grade and teachers’ remark to pay attention to punctuation? Use free grammar check assistance to avoid such disgraceful moments and not put your reputation at stake.

How is a grammar check achieved? Our program is written to detect mistakes, from misspellings to punctuation. It is set to differentiate parts of speech and put necessary punctuation according to the rules. So, when you type your text, you may miss several commas or not consider the rule on colons. But unlike humans, machines can be precise and attentive even after hours of monotonous work.

So, after pasting your final version of the text to check grammar for free , you will see underlined parts and punctuation recommendations. Of course, you will undoubtedly be embarrassed because of such senseless, and obvious mistakes left unnoticed after rigorous proofreading. But we guarantee that after regular use of our essay checker , free support, and assistance, you will get to know some golden rules of punctuation forever.

Why Use Our Grammar Check Tool?

Some students always rely on themselves, and it is not bad. It motivates them to become better, smarter, and have expertise in different fields. However, there may be other situations when there is an urgent need for writing help or a necessity to check grammar online . It is common today since learners become more overloaded with new and old subjects and extracurricular activities each year. So, even small tips or grammar assistance may simplify the life of learners.

So, how can grammar checker – free online assistance benefit the everyday educational process of an average student?

If you are not aware of opportunities that our service opens in front of learners, you should try it in action immediately. We are convinced that it will raise your self-confidence and improve your grammar awareness. But the main reason to turn to our service is the time you may save since it is priceless and may be spent on more pleasant or important things than proofreading or editing performed by special free tools.

Since our visitors always ask several additional questions as proof of our words, we provide some details and other essential data on our online grammar checker in this section.

Is This Tool Really Free?

Yes, we guarantee that our program is free and has no hidden commissions or limits. It means that you may get a proper grammar check without money spending. Moreover, it is allowed to run an unlimited number of papers through it. We only ask you to indicate your email to get the most profitable offers and keep in touch with us.

Is It Safe to Upload My Text Here?

Be sure that we do not use your texts with commercial aims. All the documents you upload for grammar check are not used by our service and are not used by third parties. Moreover, you may read our Privacy Policy rules and relax since your copyrights are protected. 

Will It Check My Punctuation Mistakes?

Our program is designed in such a way that it detects all kinds of mistakes. So, be sure that each extra coma or double space will not stay undetected. And as a result, you will obtain a text corrected according to all the rules and requirements achieved by our grammar checker online .


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  1. Free Essay Checker

    Grammar Checker Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; Plagiarism Checker Check your work for plagiarism; Citation Generator Format citations in APA, MLA, ... Grammarly's free essay-checking tool will help you review your papers for grammatical mistakes, unclear sentences, and misused words. ...

  2. Free Grammar Checker

    Yes, this grammar checker covers the following mistakes: 1. Grammar: Correction of grammatical errors such as subject-verb agreement, tense usage, and sentence structure 2. Spelling: identification and correction of spelling errors, including typos and commonly confused words. 3. Punctuation: Detection and rectification of punctuation errors, including incorrect use of commas, periods, colons ...

  3. Free Essay and Paper Checker

    QuillBot's essay checker is your complete essay checking tool. Our free essay checking tool gives your essay one final review of usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can feel great every time you write an essay. ⌛ AI-powered. Instantly corrects grammatical errors.

  4. Grammarly: Free Writing AI Assistance

    Grammar Checker Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; Plagiarism Checker Check your work for plagiarism; Citation Generator Format citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago; Essay Checker Review your papers for a better grade; Guides. Writing; Grammar; ... Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly's AI-powered writing ...

  5. Free Grammar Checker

    Use QuillBot's free online grammar checker tool to perfect your English by reviewing your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Writing can be difficult, but perfecting your work with our grammar and sentence checker is easy! Whenever you need to review your writing or grammar check sentences, QuillBot is here to help make ...

  6. Free Grammar Checker

    The Number One Grammar Checker... and More. Grammarly cleans up your writing by finding grammar mistakes and typos, but it goes beyond a simple grammar check. Real-time feedback and advanced suggestions help you avoid common errors and improve your writing skills over time. Learn how Grammarly can help:

  7. Essay Checker: Free Grammar & Plagiarism Check

    Thankfully, the EasyBib Plus plagiarism tool provides all-in-one support to cover all your bases. Our premium essay checker is convenient, easy to use, and includes access to a grammar and spell checker, plus a plagiarism checker. With a single scan, you'll receive personalized feedback to help identify potentially missing citations and help ...

  8. Essay Checker: Free Online Paper Corrector

    The essay checker has a built in Transition report that highlights and shows the percentage of transitions used in your essay. Use the results to add transitions where necessary. Improve Your Sentence Structure. An engaging essay has sentences of varying lengths. Don't bore your professor with long, rambling sentences.

  9. Grammar Check

    The Virtual Writing Tutor is a free online essay checker and grammar check website that helps writers improve their writing. Type a sentence or short paragraph from your essay with errors in it, click "Improve writing" and Virtual Writing Tutor will correct the mistakes, reformulating the sentence in standard English.

  10. Free Essay Grammar Checker ― Make Your Paper Perfect

    Using a free essay checker for grammar, you may verify your writing for hundreds of different kinds of English grammatical errors. Instantaneously make the suggested corrections and then take comfort in your work's flawless and error-free quality. Misspelled words can be found by a standard spell check, but our grammar-checking tool goes beyond.

  11. Free Grammar Checker (Online Editor)

    Heading 1. To check your text, copy and paste or write directly into the online editor above. Click the Free Check button to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you see an underlined word or text passage, click on the highlighted area for correction options and apply as necessary. To make sure your sentences are clear and your word ...

  12. PaperRater: Free Online Proofreader with Grammar Check, Plagiarism

    PaperRater's cloud-based software digs deep into the syntax and structure of your text without the need to sign up, login, or download. You won't find another tool offering plagiarism checking, automated proofreading, grammar check, and automated scoring that can analyze your text this quickly. Use Now FREE!

  13. 5 Of The Best AI Tools For Proofreading Your Papers And Essays (That

    Slick Write. Have a nice day Photo/Shutterstock. The AI proofreader Slick Write is a no-frills, free-to-use editor that you can add as a browser extension to Chrome or Firefox. The tool is great ...

  14. Paper Checker

    Free Online Essay and Grade Checker. Paste the text of your paper or essay below (or upload a file), select the appropriate options to fill in the fields below and click on the "Get Report" button to immediately check your grade and receive revision suggestions. Upload File. Select the education level of this paper's author *: Select the type ...

  15. Free, Powerful English Grammar Checker

    A POWERFUL, FREE ENGLISH GRAMMAR CHECKER. Scribens corrects over 250 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, homonyms, punctuation, typography, and more. Online corrections are included with explanations in order to help the user progress his or her English writing skills. Try our sample!

  16. 7 Essay Writing Hacks to Make Essay Writing Painless

    Academic Writing Author Interviews Career Paths Content Marketing Free Resources Grammar Rules Learning Plagiarism Punctuation Rules QuillBot Tools. Recent articles. ... QuillBot's top-of-the-line Plagiarism Checker will scan your essay and create a report based on your project. This report will show the percentage of original text contained in ...

  17. Free Grammar Checker

    A free grammar check to help you write better. Writer's free grammar checker is a simple, AI-powered assistant that makes your text clear, error-free, and easy to understand. It scans your text for every type of mistake, from silly punctuation errors to nuanced grammatical mistakes, irregular verb conjugations, misspelled words, and more.

  18. LanguageTool

    LanguageTool is a free online proofreading service for English, Spanish, and 30 other languages. ... Instantly check your text for grammar and style mistakes. LanguageTool Your writing assistant. ... essay, book, or you just want to note something down. Google Docs Add-on. Check all your texts in Google Docs for grammar and spelling mistakes ...

  19. Free Grammar Checker: Run Grammar Check Online & Fix Errors

    StudyCrumb offers its users the best professional and powerful grammar checker online for free! It's a reliable online grammar and punctuation tester that is easy to use. It gives an instant professional-grade check of any writing. This tool lets you fix the most difficult errors using a high degree of speed and accuracy.

  20. Free Online Proofreading Tool

    Write like a pro with automated proofreading software. Use Writer to check grammar, spelling, vocabulary, clarity, punctuation, and other critical writing mistakes. Our advanced AI-powered writing assistant thoroughly proofreads your text to make sure your content is well-written, error-free, and uses correct punctuation marks.

  21. Grammar Check

    The time you spend writing a short essay may equal the editing and proofreading process. Unfortunately, some inexperienced students hesitate to turn to professionals for assistance or use a grammar check online to upgrade the quality of their creations. So, they waste tons of time re-reading line by line and passage by passage, looking for misspellings, or consulting dictionaries in search of ...

  22. Plagiarism Checker

    Grammarly's plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from ProQuest's academic databases. Our free plagiarism check will tell you whether or not your text contains duplicate content. Our Premium plagiarism check highlights passages that require citations and gives you the resources you need to properly ...