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Theory of Knowledge

Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Theory of Knowledge

TOK Presentation Structure

Submitted April 2, 2013

TOK ways of knowing

Updated April 1, 2013

(Nov 2011/May 2012) ToK Prescribed Titles

Submitted March 4, 2011

Submitted August 22, 2011

TOK help presentations and sample topics

Submitted September 4, 2011

TOK Oral Directions

Submitted September 19, 2011

Ideas for TOK papers and Orals

Tok subject guide, theory of knowledge subject reports (aka high marks and how to get them), tok essay 2010.

Updated November 22, 2011

November 2012 ToK prescribed titles

Submitted December 8, 2011

tok presentation guide

Submitted December 31, 2011

Updated February 6, 2012

ToK Essay Tips

Submitted March 12, 2012

How to write a TOK Essay

Submitted April 17, 2012

tok happiness final.pdf

Tagged with:

Submitted May 12, 2012

TOK presentation structure

Submitted July 1, 2012

9 Useful Tips on TOK Presentation

Submitted August 24, 2012

TOK Prescribed Title (November 2010/May 2011)

Submitted August 30, 2012

TOK Prescribed Title May 2013

Submitted September 3, 2012

TOK titles in Spanish May 2013

Submitted October 13, 2012


Submitted April 21, 2013

TOK Presentaion guide

Submitted May 24, 2013

TOK: Study Notes + Rationalism Vs. Imperialism

Submitted December 16, 2015

Softwares and Applications for IB!

Submitted July 3, 2011

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Theory of knowledge IB syllabus

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Theory of knowledge IB syllabus


Teaching Point

Theory of knowledge IB syllabus

IB Theory of Knowledge

$ 30.00 – $ 1,299.00

These Theory of Knowledge (TOK) instructional support materials are designed to assist a teacher new to the subject to teach it effectively. As TOK is the only IBO course which is taken by every IB student around the world, it is therefore an important course for all schools offering the IB program.

What you get: The printed or eBook teacher’s edition includes syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, editable class notes (in PowerPoint form), complete student activity book and editable assessments. Lessons include class notes for lecture support, activities and assignments are designed to engage students in the content while introducing and reviewing essential skills.

Many times Theory of Knowledge has been a problematic course for schools because the subject material is often unfamiliar to teachers and many times philosophically challenging for students.

These difficulties were in mind during the authoring of this book, and it is written with hopes of not only giving students and teachers what they need to succeed with TOK, but also with the intention of making TOK a fun course to both study and to teach; each element being equally important if TOK is to be successful. TOK as a course has many mind-opening aspects to it as does almost any class which entails critical thinking, and it is these aspects which the book focuses upon.

Each Area of Knowledge and Way of Knowing is examined thoroughly. Not only is there a clear discussion of problems of knowledge in each Area and Way, but there is also a focus on understanding how sound knowledge is gained in each. Many different divergent points of view are examined throughout, and clear, concise examples illustrate the knowledge issues. This gives a balanced understanding of the topic which allows students to discuss and analyze knowledge issues in depth.

The entire book is geared towards providing the skills needed for writing a high quality TOK paper and giving a well-rounded, and successful TOK presentation. It is filled with dozens of thought provoking activities and exercises which engage the students in fun and creative ways. There are also hundreds of discussion questions which can add to the individual lessons if desired.

Each Area is sub-divided into several individual lessons which focus on specific elements of what it means to know something, and how we know something, in that Area of Knowledge. The Ways of Knowing are examined by focusing on not only how each way of knowing creates or affects knowledge issues individually, but also how they interact with one another to create and affect knowledge.

There is also an investigation of how the ways of knowing merge and interact with the different areas of knowledge to give the knower an understanding of the world.

The most successful TOK student is the one who can make links across and between the different areas of knowledge and ways of knowing when writing the paper and doing the presentation. Every effort has been put into this book to provide the students with an understanding of how to do this.

One highlight of this book which is not readily found in the few other TOK books on the market is the essay and presentation sections. 70% of the TOK grade rests on the essay; 30% on the presentation. Bearing this in mind it is imperative that a thorough TOK book cover these aspects of the course.

This is done in the essay and presentation chapters titled Getting the Grade.  There is a full discussion of  writing the essay.

By using easily understandable hints and guidelines, the section explains specifically what elements are needed to write a good essay. There is also a clear discussion of common mistakes and pitfalls as well as an explanation of how to avoid them.

The presentation criteria are also discussed and similarly to the essay section, clear hints and guidelines are given for making good presentations. The focus for this section ranges from subjects such as topic choice and scheduling to how to apply the different elements of the grading criteria.

The teacher manual and PowerPoint presentations are time saving tools which are effective for both team-teaching and individual teachers. The lessons have been successfully tried and tested in real classroom settings. The essay and presentation guidelines have helped many students get high grades in the TOK course. The material is written with a sense of humour which helps lubricate some of the complex philosophical thoughts, but at the same time the it does not lose focus of the overall TOK goal which is to develop critical thinking skills.

Complete Teacher Manual and Student Book – pricing below


Become highly-effective in this subject (or 100 others) with hours toward recertification: Click for online courses

Table of Contents

Available options:, description, additional information.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is the only IBO course which is taken by every IB student around the world and is therefore an important course for all schools offering the IB program.

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Theory of knowledge IB syllabus

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