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Theory of Knowledge

Talk about Theory of Knowledge.

If you want help with prescribed TOK Essay titles, check this thread to see if your title has an existing thread first. Only when a thread does not already exist for your title can you start a new thread about TOK prescribed titles. Put the exam session and the title number in the thread title (e.g Nov09/May10 Title 5) Do not open start threads like this .

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TOK Essay - OFFICIAL Guide

Skip to the correct section by clicking the links below: 1. How to choose your essay topic: the things to keep in mind by Ishaan 2. Basic guide to writing the essay by Julie 3. 5 Things to do Before you Finish your TOK Essay


ToK Presentation OFFICIAL Guide 1 2

Skip to these useful links: 1. ToK Presentation Guide by Keel 2. How to pick your TOK presentation title by Sandwich 3. Past TOK Presentations - what people chose ToK Presentation Guide Knowledge Issues 'Knowledge issue' i.e. issues about knowledge. It would be appropriate here to consider what ToK is all about. Many naturally assume that anything philosophically based is ToK. Understandable, but wrong. ToK is based around three main questions: What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? How do we know what we know? In layman’s terms, a knowledge issue is a very general question which aims to explore the problems of kn…



Introduction to TOK - Bits of TOK wisdom & advice 1 2

Skip to useful links: Video Summary of TOK (workshop) To every confused soul out there who is yet to start their first year in IB and fear the nice philosophical subject of TOK. This here thread is me explaining to you what exactly this subject is:). What is TOK? The Theory of knowledge is a minor branch of Philosophy which, when learned, enables one to think about and evaluate the knowledge that we gain rather than just accept it as "truth". In English: we learn how to not be suckers and believe everything we're told . Why go through the pain and agony of learning it? Well basically, because the IBO says so But really, after my IB experience I've realized the…


May 2014 TOK Essay - List of Prescribed Titles (Current - May 2015)

Hello noob TOKers This thread contains links to the discussion topics for TOK titles. Please consult the following list and skip to the list of titles for the year you are interested in, and then click on the link to find the discussion. If there is no discussion topics listed for that title, please have a quick look at the TOK board and, if one really doesn't exist, post a new one. Thanks! November 2014 May 2014 November 2013">November 2013 May 2013 November 2012 Nov11/May12 Nov10/May11 Nov09/May10 Nov08/May09 Nov07/May08 Nov06/May07 Note: Until November 2012, 12 titles were released each year to be used in both November and May sessions. From November 2012 on…


Need help choosing Exhibition topic

My tok exhibition is due next week and im still missing 2 objects. Im using the prompt of “how do values affect the production of knowledge”. Any help on how I can choose this objects?

Help me choose an object for my TOK presentation pls

The prompt I choose is “Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?” I have already spoken about Human sciences on my other objects, as well as religion, connotative language..... my mind is dry pls help me Extra info: Object 1: Darwin's book about species and evolution.--) religious beliefs are something difficult to change. + example of how some beliefs don't/only partially change with the introduction of a new knowledge Object 2: old cigarette advertisement. --) example of how some beliefs can change with new knowledge Object 3: SOMETHINGGGGGG


Is this object too generic?

Hello, I am currently working on a draft for my TOK exhibition and have already selected a prompt and objects and while writing have been thinking about these objects. I am worried that one of my objects, being a sleeve (package) of golf balls that I own and use is too generic, they are mine and relate to me personally through my hobby but I am still worried. What do you guys think? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Anime in TOK presentation

Hi, So, I just found this web page and I sincerely need some advice. The idea is making the tok presentation about the anime NG Evangelion, as it is considered in the philosophical genre we think it could be great to analyze specially the characters and how entertainment can represent our reality but we don't know how to start or even if it is a good idea basing the presentation on that situation. Any suggestions(?


TOK exhibition help on marijuana

I want to do My TOK exibition in light of my recent need for medicial marjuana using this question "Are some types of knowledge less open to interpretation than others?" can anybody give me some ideas or points to work with or even how to do this.

What do we put for "implications" in our essay?

I have been very confused as to what we need to put in the implications section for our ToK essay. Even my teacher and the evaluator who came in to speak to us seemed very confused. They said we are not allowed to bring up anything new in the conclusion as part of our implication section and at the same time want us to extend beyond the RLS in the claim/counterclaim. Does this seem right? Are there some Alumni that can chime in with what they did?


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Does anyone know how to do the Tok Essay if someone can please help me


I admit to copying exactly 1 sentence from a website and it is showing on turnitin as well. Only 1 sentence but it was word to word copied. Like not even paraphrased. I did it word to word and didn't even cite it. I know I messed up but now it is submitted. Is my diploma gone?


TOK exhibition objects

Hi, my prompt for my TOK exhibition is the 14 prompt Does some knowledge belong only to particular communities of knowers?: And for my objects I was thinking about looking into objects that its meanings cam only be understood by people in my culture and religion. My question is that can I have more than one thing represent one object. For example one of the objects I intent to use are veils(not the wedding veils but something similar) but for the object to make complete sense I need to make a comparison between two sizes of veils that have a significant difference in meaning. So I need to have both veils as one object, can I do that?

ToK Essay Format

Hello there. Noobie to the forums here. I've just finished putting together the final parts of my Theory of Knowledge essay, and have just realized a problem. I have no idea how to format the thing, and what information I should or should not give at the top of the paper. I know I should of course put my last name and page number as a header, but how about the essay title? Do I need to list the number of the prompt along with the prompt itself? Along those lines, do I need to include my full name, instructor's name, and submission date at the top left hand corner of the first page? Thank you for any aid you can give me!


Is IB Mastery a trusted site?

I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to do with my TOK Essay and searched up some sites that could help me with it. I came across this site called IB Mastery, a Tim Woods blog or something and it offers a TOK Essay Mastery Program. It only costs 14.99USD per month but I want to know if this is a sham or not. URL is attached below. https://checkout.newkajabi.com/offers/zR9YEFEU/checkout?checkout_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJvZmZlcl90b2tlbiI6InpSOVlFRkVVIiwic2l0ZV9wcm90b2NvbCI6Imh0dHBzOi8vIiwicGVyZm9ybV9sb2dvdXQiOnRydWUsImV4cCI6MTQ3NjYxOTkwNn0.VOtCRLnjEiNgGrHikX5LsGKS2XsNtHpYW8faSlSpgTs

Ethics of Studies

What are some studies or experiments that could not be held due to ethical considerations

Presentation TOK video games presentation

Hi, i have my TOK presentation coming up soon, and i decided to do mine on are video games useful for society? I know that video games can promote violence, and i also know it can help people improve eye to hand coordination, etc... The only problem is i don't know how i should outline mine. My teacher said i should start with a situation and then state my knowledge issue, but after that, i am lost. I don't know what should go next. Should i describe what we mean by violent, is this presentation biased, etc... Please help me.


TOK presentation with an RLS of Euthanasia

I have my final TOK presentation next week and I am struggling a bit on an outline(what to talk about) for my TOK presentation. My knowledge question is: "How can we trust ethical decisions?" - with an RLS on euthanasia Was wondering if anyone has ideas on how I could outline my presentation? What I could talk about, in terms of claims and counterclaims? Thanks x


Anyone know or have used a service that helps student with tok essay?

I really struggle trying to edit my essay. My teacher is always busy and I was wondering if there any online services or tutor that can help me with my TOK essay.


tok exhibition (m22)

hey i have to submit my final tok exhibition tomorrow and i still haven't started it. the prompt ive chosen is either: "what constraints are there on the pursuit of knowledge" and i need 3 objects for this prompt. if you have any suggestions please let me know, you'd save my life by helping me. thank you so much:) also can anyone please send me samples of their exhibition commentaries, it would help a lot as my final exhibition is coming up and i really need help.


TOK presentation help!

hey, so I have to find the topic, main RLS and KQ for my TOK presentation, but I never had any idea what was going on in TOK classes 🙃 so I really need some help!! I thought I could do something connecetd with medical ethics, but since I don't want it to be too common and generic, preferably something else than designer babies/stem cell research, euthanasia and abortion. do you have any ideas what this could be? my other idea would be something connected with maths, like I thought of, very vaguely, maths in nature - so about Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Sequences and Series for example in petals of flowers and so on. obviously I can consider something…


If i use magic tricks as my real life situation, what can be my counterclaim?

For my TOK essay, I considered magic trick to be something deceptive but I really don't know what counterclaim should i use for this. If anyone could give me some ideas i will be really appreciate.


How is a plagiarism check done for the TOK presentation?

How does the school or IBO carry out a plagiarism check for the TOK presentation?


TOK Prompt: What counts as a good justification for a claim?

Hi guys! So TOK Exhibition is coming up and I chose the IA prompt stated in the title. Just to have a different opinion, how do I really answer this? What should the justification for this prompt should be like? What does the flow for my commentary should look like? I knew I chose a hard question and I also think I chose the wrong object for this also, which means that I cannot (I have no idea, honestly) link my object to the IA Prompt. Another thing: One of the object is a quote/small passage from a book. Does anyone have any idea how to link them? Sincerely, a struggling IB student


Secondary Question

How do I formulate a correct secondary question for TOK? I came up with like 1000 questions but all of them according to my teacher are primary- questions and not suitable for journals. PLease help😪

HELPPP please! TOK presentation

Hello everyone, Me and my partner have around a week to finish our TOK presentation, but our teacher keeps saying that you KQ is not very "Tok"... Can you please help us with a moe Tok KQ??? This is our KQ: To what extent do teenagers have the knowledge to manage their privacy in order to achieve security in social media?

ToK Plagiarism Help

As i previously mentioned, i forgot to quote and reference one sentence. .. will i be accused of plagiarism and not get my diploma?

Is this a good investigation for a TOK presentation, “How reliable are scientific instruments in determining accurate results?”

Hello there, I have a TOK presentation topic that might be good and is related to a RLS, however, I don’t know if the question is too vague. The RLS is finding the oldest material on earth with the usage of spectrometry and so how accurate are these findings in giving us how old is the material. However if it is not vague, I have no clue, should I include Knowledge claims that are only about spectrometry or can I talk about scientific instruments in general? Please let me know what you think.

adverts in TOK - which AOK?

Hey! That seems like a totally random question, but it is urgently needed for my TOK essay. One of the RLSs I wanted to use is an advert which uses a statistic and I don't know which AOK it should be classified upon. Could it be the arts? (because it's like a visual advert) Or can it be classified as any of the AOKs? Would be really grateful for help!! Thank you!

TOK Essay May 2021 title

Hello! For my TOK Essay I chose this title "Statistics conceal as much as they reveal." I was thinking about approaching it from the AOKs of History and IKS. I am not very sure about what exactly I want to right or how I want to approach this title. Any thoughts, suggestions, links, or comments will be much appreciated. Anything will help. Thank you

Tok KQ Help pleases I would appreciate

I have my TOK Presentation next week and I need to have a knowledge question today. My topic and RLS is about euthanesia, any suggestion for the main knowledge question ? Thanks a lot to everyone for reading and helping <3

Mini TOK Exhibition

Hi y'all, I have a mini TOK exhibition for which I need to choose ONE object (from the attached list) that answers ONE of the 35 prompt questions (attached below). Any suggestions for which prompt or object I should choose or any advice for the same? Thanks in advance! TOK Exhibition Details.pdf 2.3 Creating the BQ2 exhibition (student handout 3) .pdf


I don't know how to answer my question for my ToK presentation

So my question is "to what extent are assumptions affected by intuition and language?". My RLS is Piliavin et al's subway study, and I was thinking of mention how our intuition can sometimes influence what we assume about others, as well that body language can also influence our first assumption as well. However, I feel like these things are too specific and I'm unsure how to continue. Please help!

I need HELP with my TOK presentation

I need help with my knowledge question on government censorship. My question is: "What role does authority play in shaping shared knowledge?" Is it good enough?I will use the real-life example of China censorship. I'm also having trouble coming up with goods developments, counter-arguments, and rebuttals. Can anyone help me please? It will be very meaningful for me.

TOK presentation KQ help :)

Hey guys, I'm working on my tok presentation with my partner but we are really struggling with coming up with a proper KQ that focuses on knowledge. our RLS is the Netflix series "Conversations with a Killer: the Ted Bundy tapes". The show revolves around audio recordings of interviews with serial killer Ted Bundy and interviews with people that were associated with him (family, friends, and surviving victims). our initial KQ was "To what extent are one’s decisions influenced by emotions and memory?" and then it was updated to "To what extent can psychological classifications be used to rationalize unethical behavior driven by emotion?" but we were told to change it …

TOK - Computational Creativity

I have to complete my final TOK presentations and I am interested in Artificial Intelligence. I have finalised my topic as Computational Creativity. But I am confused about my RQ. "To what extent can the art made by AI be considered creativity?" Is this doable?


Implications in TOK Essay

I'm writing a practice TOK essay and am struggling pretty badly with implications. Would someone be willing to explain how to draw implications or provide some sort of direction? Thanks in advance!

TK/PPD form

Hello, I am currently doing a practice TK/PPD form about stem cells. I have chosen a case study as an RLS, is this a valid rls even if it was a made up case study created by a university? here is a link to it https://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/files/stem_cells_therapy.pdf I want to focus on how ethical vs scientific reasonings are established and link it to religion/faith and the scientific method. I am aware I must link it to a model of knowledge such as pragmatism. Here are some possible claims; scientific progress must be aligned with social need the interface of science and society includes ethical focus the use of stem cells ha…


Veganism KQ ?

I wanted to do something about veganism , but can't figure out a proper KQ for the topic , can someone give me some rough ideas for good KQ's?



Hey guys! I am having trouble fitting my entire tok presentation in only 500 words in the tok form. Any recommendation on how to reduce word count or how to make it fit that little box they give us? And does the word count really matter? Thank you!

TOK Essay Cry For Help

Hey i was wondering if there is anyone out there to help me with my TOK essay. Mt draft sucks and i have no idea how to make it better. can anyone take pity on a fellow suffering IB student and read/review my essay? Thanks TOK Essay DRAFT.docx

ToK Presentation Help

Hi, So I got a knowledge question: How do emotions help or hinder our understanding of the correlation? But don't know for what to use for my rls!!! help!

Tok question help

Hello can anyone let me know if this would be a suitable question for TOK presentation? "To what extent are doctors responsible for patients becoming dependent on their Prescription medication?" I was thinking emotion, reason and natural sciences for WOK. And using Ant McPartlin as a RLS. Or maybe "to what extent does social media influence the way we exercise?" I think many WOK would apply here. I am so confused by the whole TOK presentation and worrying about so much. Once I get a question I am sure I will be ok, just really appreciate any help. I have no teacher as I am in lock down! Thank you all

TOK topic on Racism

Hey guys Me and my partner is doing a presentation on racism and was wondering if the knowledge issue of perception would be a good idea. What we were thinking of doing was first start off with showing the class 3 power point slides, each showing a yellow, white and black person. Then I will blind fold them and let them tell me which race I just showed onto the screen. This will first draw the attention of the class and raise the issue that racism would have not existed if we had no sight. Then me and my partner don't know how we can move on from there and was wondering if you guys would help us plan what we should bring up in our presentation. Thanks loads! noah and cl…


TOK Prsentation: What is a good KQ?

Hello Would someone be able to give me guidance if this a good TOK KQ: Should we trust international NGOs? Basically for my presentation, I'm interested in challenging the blind assumption that International NGOs are always doing good work (e.g. Amnesty International, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, etc.) Any guidance will be much appreciated!


Presentation Interesting Topics

Well its that time of year again, and TOK classes everywhere are working on the dreaded TOK presentation. The very purpose of the TOK presentation has been mocked by the long list of botched presentations (including but not limited to: poor raps, random video clips, insufficient, unprepared rambling, and interpretive dance... yes, it happens), but enough about those. I want to hear about the great TOK presentations that really just made you think about something in a way you haven't before. So far, my favorite TOK topic was one which compared Religiosity and the Gross Domestic Product of nations. They compared the cultures and how different cultures value different thin…


HI GUYS, i was wondering if someone could guide me about implications for the TOK prescribed tittle “Given that every theory has its limitations, we need to retain a multiplicity of theories to understand the world.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. THANKS!

For either TOK essay or presentation there's a sites that gives you a topic for the presentation, and a site which gives a full map for the Tok essay that includes claim, counter-claim, etc. The question is using these things in your work does it count as plagiarism even if it was created for you to use it?

Prescribed May 2021 IB ToK Essay Titles

Author photo

Vasy Kafidoff

January 25th, 2021

ib theory of knowledge essay questions 2021

When it comes to the ToK essay, it allows the students to engage themselves in a topic that entices reflection and thinking. And just like every year, this year begins with the prescribed topics for 2021 May ToK essays.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for assistance in writing a ToK essay, you are

always free to follow this link .

You can also find a list of titles for other years:

In case you have strongly decided to work on the paper, first of all, make sure to check the article that describes in detail how to write a TOK essay . Secondly, below you will find a list of topics for the IB Tok Essay in the year 2021.

In this article, we will talk about the six ToK titles that were recently released and discuss the possible questions, responses, suggestions and strategies on how to construct the essay.

IB ToK Essay Titles 2021

Title 1: “Accepting knowledge claims always involves an element of trust.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. + SAMPLE

With this title, one needs to clarify and reflect the words: element of trust, involves, always, knowledge claims and acceptance. For this topic for the ToK essay, we need to start by pondering ‘at’ and ‘to’ ourselves and then attempt a proposition which address ‘what’ and ‘who’.

Title 2: Within the areas of knowledge, how can we differentiate between change and progress? Answer with reference to two areas of knowledge.

For this title, the main concepts that one needs to keep in mind is to understand the difference between ‘progress’ and ‘change’. One needs to keep in mind that when talking about change, it is a motion which is linked with time. And when it comes to progress, it is when you progress towards something.

Title 3: “Labels are a necessity in the organization of knowledge, but they also constrain our understanding.” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

In this topic, you need to begin with understanding what a label is. To begin with, labels are a language which are attached to a certain property or an object which gives out information regarding the item. When you label something, you make an assertion that the thing is classified in a certain manner.

Title 4: “Statistics conceal as much as they reveal.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.

You might have heard, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”. This phrase signifies the power which numbers hold, especially in the study of Human Sciences and how statistics is applied during weak arguments or to ensure that the truth is being revealed.

Title 5: “Areas of knowledge are most useful in combination with each other.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. + SAMPLE

Taking its literal meaning, the word ‘technology’ is made from ‘techne’ and ‘logos’, two Greek words. The fusion of these two terms goes back to the 17 th century and literally, the word stands for, ‘knowing and making’. And thus, combining different things results in powerful elements.

Title 6: “Avoiding bias seems a commendable goal, but this fails to recognize the positive role that bias can play in the pursuit of knowledge.” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. + SAMPLE

The title holds the word ‘bias’ and then positively sheds light to its ‘pursuit of knowledge’. This topic reflects on the slanted view of how we look into things and how we tend to look on the other side.

Ready to handle any of the ToK essay May prescribed titles?

These are just a brief explanation of this year’s ToK essay titles. Of course, to succeed, you need to dig way deeper or ask for expert writing or editing assistance from a reliable company like Writing Metier. Our company has a separate team of professional IB ToK essay writers .

I have also written an article that explains the main advantages and disadvantages of International Baccalaureate that will be interesting for everyone who is searching for a good educational option.

Have a great one and I wish you all the best with your IB studies.

ib theory of knowledge essay questions 2021

Vasy Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at  Writing Metier , who has a keen interest in the academic world and technology. He is a cryptoromantic and blockchain enthusiast for more than 4 years now, and he is excited about the way technology shapes financial and educational systems. Check his personal blog to find more tips on writing.

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ToK Essay Titles November 2021 | Explained + SAMPLES

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ib theory of knowledge essay questions 2021

IB Mathematics HL SL AI/AA IA Extended Essay

Please contact us for further enquiry

IB ToK Essay

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

the word count is 1600 words. This includes quotations.

You have to write down the number of words when you submit the essay.

The examiner will not read past 1600 words.

references, maps/charts/illustrations and bibliographies are not included in the word count.

You can choose any standard referencing system, but be consistent with the one you chose

To avoid possible disappointment, there are three very important things to keep in mind. Firstly, you should answer the question as it is. If you change the nature of the essay question or go off into your own direction, you risk losing   a lot of   marks. The examiner will assess the essay against the prescribed title. So, if you write something completely different, you may even get a 0. Regularly (and explicitly) bring your essay back to the essay question. Secondly, you should make sure that your essay is about "how we know". This means that you should not write lots of facts and information in the style of an answer to an exam question of an IB DP subject. You should also avoid writing an essay in the style of your EE. Your TOK essay is a reflective, analytical essay about how we know. Finally, you should write clearly. You may think you can impress the examiner with difficult words and complex grammar, because you feel that TOK is an intellectual subject.  However, if what you write makes no sense, you won"t get many marks. Re-read your work or ask a friend to see whether they understand what you mean. Ultimately, the IB ToK course is assessed by two components; TOK essay and TOK exhibition.

- TOK essay is of 1200-1600 words, written on a title chosen from a list of six offered by the IB.  TOK essay carries 67% worth of your final TOK grade.

TOK topics for May 2023 are as follows:

1. Is replicability necessary in the production of knowledge? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

2. For artists and natural scientists, which is more important: what can be explained or what cannot be explained? Discuss with reference to the arts and the natural sciences.

3. Does it matter if our acquisition of knowledge happens in “bubbles” where some information and voices are excluded? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

4. Do you agree that it is “astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power” (Bertrand Russell)? Discuss with reference to the natural sciences and one other area of knowledge.

5. Are visual representations always helpful in the communication of knowledge? Discuss with reference to the human sciences and mathematics.

6. To what extent is the knowledge we produce determined by the methodologies we use? Discuss with reference to history and one other area of knowledge.

To create the exhibition you should follow three steps:

1) Choose the IA prompt and (images of) objects, 2) Prepare the documents for moderation 3) Showcase the exhibition.

1 a) Choose the IA prompts from the list of prescribed IA prompts (see below).

IB Written Task SL HL

Ib extended essay, ib economics ia commentary extended essay, ib historical investigation, physics lab writing, chemistry lab writing, biology lab reports, ib business and management ia extended essay, ess (environmental systems and society).


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